The Stranded (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The Ruins

1 [seagulls cawing.]
[woman on PA.]
Attention, students leaving the island: The last boat will depart at 6 p.
We wish you a safe journey home.
I have to leave.
This is my last day at this school.
I'm really gonna miss it.
- Take a picture, babe.
- Okay.
- Everybody, ready? - [girl.]
Come on.
Come on, get in here, guys.
- All right! - Hey, don't fucking block me, man.
BITCH Sorry.
If I ever come back here, I'll go to your restaurant.
I'm gonna head to Bangkok.
What? Island boy's gonna be a city boy? Are you going for work? School.
Really? Another scholarship? Lucky jerk.
- I aced my - Look, May! Oh, Anan.
I thought you were upstairs already.
Nope, right here.
Where's your robe? [May.]
Oh, I took it off.
Way too hot.
Just ignore him.
By tomorrow, we'll all have gone our separate ways.
Oh, you going to the Lunar Eclipse party that's happening tonight? I thought everyone had to leave the island by 6.
However, I asked my dad to pull some strings.
Tonight, the island is ours.
Booyah! I can't.
I have the late shift at the restaurant tonight.
We're partying till dawn.
Come after.
See ya then.
See ya.
[dance music playing over speakers.]
Listen to the, listen to the [boy whooping.]
So, that's it, then.
You're really leaving tomorrow.
Hey, Dad I know, I know I knew you'd have to leave one day.
It's just that it came sooner than I expected.
Come on.
- What's this for? - Open it up.
Where did you get this dagger, Dad? It, uh belonged to your real father.
He left it for you.
But But you told me that you never actually met him.
You still haven't listened to my voice message, after all this time? See the eclipse! Kraam! We gotta go! [engine sputtering.]
Dad! Wake up! Please! Dad! [boy.]
Why hasn't anyone come to rescue us? Are we the only people left in the world? It's making me crazy, the more I think about it.
- Why does everyone else seem okay? - [Kraam.]
No one is okay.
We're all scared.
I'm scared, too.
Just remember, you're not alone here.
Kraam can I ask you something? That night, how'd you survive the tsunami? I don't know.
Arisa! Pick up a signal yet? We should let everyone know that these phones are totally useless.
We still don't know how damaged the mainland is.
I mean, maybe they're trying to bring the network back online.
You want to tell him, Joey? What? We all agreed that we'd follow your plan, but I think it's time to admit Admit what? Admit that your plan isn't working.
Everyone is pissed that we took away their phones.
They're the ones who agreed to it in the first place.
I know, but that was right after the tsunami hit the island, and we were all in shock, dude.
If we give everyone their phones back, we can forget about being rescued.
And you know it.
If help was coming, they'd be here by now.
Jack, are you in pain? [Jack.]
Yeah, a little.
Thirty-eight point three degrees.
And how's your leg feeling? It's okay.
Doesn't really hurt anymore.
Can I take a look? I think you should rest here for a while.
So I can treat the wound.
And make sure it doesn't get any worse than that.
Don't worry about that.
Jack has been taking care of Krit every day.
My brother is so lucky to have such a caring boyfriend.
Let me give you something for the fever.
You're amazing.
I just know a little about medicine.
At a time like this, that knowledge is really important.
Without you, May, we wouldn't be able to survive.
Thank you.
Thanks, Jan.
It's nothing.
Hm? Listen, I'm really worried about Jack.
His wound is infected.
Just disinfecting it won't be enough.
He needs antibiotics.
And soon.
Do you think you could help me find some? [Joey.]
I'm not sure.
But Kraam and I will go take a look.
KRAAM Why am I not on this list of yours? You haven't been sick, so why would you? [Kraam.]
You seem stressed.
Do you need some help? Nope.
I'm fine.
Thank you.
Everyone, listen up! I have something important to tell you.
We've explored the whole island, looking for reception but there isn't any.
Hey, everyone! Look at what we found! I think it's an old video game console.
What? Really? Tomorrow we [excited chatter.]
[everybody wows in astonishment.]
How does it work though? [girl.]
What is it? I bet you can play games on it.
No, you idiot! It's a reel-to-reel tape deck.
How do you know? I'm smart.
It's a vintage tape player.
It's from the Second World War.
So, it can totally play music.
Ah! Music? Seriously? [boy.]
You guys want music? There.
It's all on the phones he took from us.
Let's get them back.
[indistinct chatter.]
You haven't found shit this entire time.
Just give them back.
Can't even find a signal.
Exactly! So, why do you need them? Hold on.
Searching for cell reception is our only hope to let the people on land know that we need to be rescued.
That they need to send help.
And for that to happen, we have to keep trying.
But we can't do that if you waste all the batteries listening to dumb songs.
You're so full of it.
Why don't you do something that might actually help everyone? You've had our phones for weeks and nothing's changed.
We want them back.
Right, guys? [girl.]
You made us give you our phones that you said you'd only use one at a time to save the batteries.
[all clamoring.]
Hey! Hey, guys! Everyone! Please, calm down.
I know you're all upset.
I want to get my phone back as well.
I miss my parents, too.
I want to look at their pictures.
But think about it.
Wouldn't it be so much better if we could actually see them and talk to them and hold them again in our arms? Here's the deal: give us five more days.
That'll be a month.
If by that time we haven't made contact, then we will return your phones.
I give you my word.
Okay? [boy.]
All right.
That's all.
[indistinct chatter.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
Hey, do you mind? If you're that horny, get a room.
Sorry, didn't know this was yours.
Don't apologize.
That bitch has done much worse.
How about this? We're not going anywhere till we're done.
Okay? - Hey.
- Feel free to watch if you want.
- That's kind of hot.
- [girl.]
Don't rush it.
Just know, this thing could come flying your way.
Don't worry though.
If it cracks your skull, May can sew it up.
Do you think the Village Chief's house was swept away by the waves? [Kraam.]
I don't think so.
It's up on the hill.
Is that your knife? It's awesome.
Can I check it out? Careful.
It looks ancient to me.
Where'd you get it? My dad.
Hey, I'm sorry.
On the bright side, at least you know what happened to him.
The rest of us don't even know where our families might be.
For all we know, everyone on earth is dead.
Your dad gave you a very cool gift.
It's useful, too.
Do you know what my dad got me for my birthday? - What? - PS4, man.
There's not much I can do with it out here.
Not until we get power.
I do use it as a doorstop though.
[Joey chuckles.]
Arisa! Arisa, my dear.
I think you might need this.
It says "Gone with the Wind.
" Is it a movie? You're a dumbass.
It's an audio recording.
So, does it still work? I'm sorry.
What? Stop.
Have you brushed your teeth recently? Your breath, mmm, smells like shit.
So, do you think you can fix it? [sighs.]
You stink even worse than your wife.
Hey, you know what? You have the nastiest mouth of all.
It's my default reaction to morons like you.
This is exactly why everyone talks shit about you.
Don't you ever wonder why everyone hates you? Think I give a shit? [Joey.]
Too bad they weren't home that night.
We wouldn't be the only ones left alive on the island.
There's a bunch of good stuff left in here.
Grab everything you think might be of use.
Ying, Arisa, May.
Oh, come on.
It's Fuck-Marry-Kill.
You pick who you want to fuck, who you'll marry and who you want to kill.
You gotta choose! I won't tell anyone.
Oh, I mean I guess I'd have sex with Ying.
She's pretty sexy.
Oh, yeah.
Ice, lucky fuck.
We're all stranded her, but he's the only one getting any.
I'm so dumb.
I should have invited more girls to the eclipse party.
What medicine did May want? Cloxac, or something like that.
That's it! Did May study medicine? Wait.
Nice try.
You still haven't told me who'd you marry and kill.
So? I'll kill Arisa.
And marry May.
See, I always knew you had a crush on May.
Hey, you said it was just a game.
Just a game.
Why are you blushing, then? - What? I - Huh? I'm not.
[Joey chuckles.]
I won't tell anyone you're gonna marry May.
Kraam! Take a look at this.
Is the doctor in? How's Jack? Still the same.
You're doing great.
May We haven't been together for so long.
I miss you so much.
Anan, this isn't the place for that.
What do I have to do, to be with you? Don't forget who you should be taking care of the most.
Unless you're cheating with Jack? [grunting.]
Come on.
There's a smile.
Hey, got you something.
What is that? Hey, Ant, stop playing around.
Holy shit.
We walked by here a bunch of times, looking for a signal.
But I never saw this boat before.
What if we bring it down? And use it to find help.
Wouldn't that be better than just waiting for someone to save us? What about the phone signal? The signal is hopeless.
It's always been.
I never thought we'd actually be able to pick up anything.
This boat may be our last hope.
You're an islander.
Can you fix it? There's a hole in the hull.
I'm not sure if I can get it up and running.
It's okay.
Let's take a closer look.
Joey! [panting.]
Joey! Joey! Hey! Are you okay? - [girl.]
May! - [door opens.]
Joey's hurt.
He needs help.
- [May.]
What happened? - He fell from a cliff and can't breathe.
Put him down on the bed.
Give me that.
- Please, step aside.
I need some room.
- [Kraam.]
Get his legs up.
- Where does it hurt? - My ribs [Joey groans.]
My ribs [all gasp.]
Stay still, Joey, okay? [Joey groaning.]
- May? - I I can't hear his left lung.
May! What do we do? I don't know.
I don't know, okay? Hey, everyone! Let's give May some space.
Let's go.
May, you can do this.
Broken rib.
Broken ribs.
Broken ribs.
Blue lips.
I think his lung collapsed.
What? Collapsed? Is that bad? "Insert a large needle in the chest cavity to release air from the lungs.
" Is he still breathing? [Kraam.]
Just a sec.
Hang in there.
Just hold on.
You'll be okay.
- [softly.]
Kraam - Yeah? I would choose to marry her, too, man.
[footsteps approaching.]
What? May, what are you doing? He has pneumothorax.
I have to puncture his lung.
Do? Do you know how to do that? I think I can do this.
Hang in there, okay? I can't! Okay.
What, Joey? [Joey.]
It's okay.
Joey? [May crying.]
Joey, I'm so sorry.
If I'd just reacted faster, he wouldn't have fallen so hard and he wouldn't have Is anyone coming to help us? - How should I know? - You have to.
Joey told me there's no hope of finding a signal.
After the funeral I'm gonna tell them all.
And after I do that, we're gonna get that boat.
So we can go find help.
Are you crazy, Kraam? The nearest coastline is almost 100 kilometers away.
If we don't try, then Joey will have died for nothing.
I don't like it.
And I won't put anyone at risk.
It's time for us to accept that no one is coming to save us.
Any hope we had of that happening died with Joey today.
But luck is with us.
There is a cliff where I found a boat.
We're going to get it down and then we're gonna get help from the mainland.
We have to trust each other.
We have to work together.
We have to move together as a team.
That's how we'll get through this.
We will get off this island alive and we will do it with our own hands! We will survive! [all clamoring.]
I am stopping the search for a signal.
There is still some power left on your phones.
Feel free to use them for the last time.
It's up to you.
[pop music playing over phone.]
SOLITARY LIFE Surprise! I wish you happiness and joy.
And success in everything you wish for.
[dogs barking over phone.]
When will the loneliness disappear? When will tomorrow be meaningful? On an empty path, how much longer Until I reach my destination? Loneliness still hurts me I only hope that tomorrow Will be the last day Is there someone who will come And make my solitary life disappear? Is there someone who will come And make my solitary life disappear? Let's take a group photo, everyone! Come on, come on, come on.
[excited chatter.]
- Whose phone still has power? - [boy.]
Mine! [Anan.]
Ant, put the phone over there.
I'm gonna set the timer to ten seconds.
Okay, okay, nine, eight, seven, six, five - [boy.]
- [Ant.]
You're a dumbass.
[Kraam's dad on recording.]
Hello? Kraam.
I couldn't reach you, so I'm leaving this voice message instead.
Tomorrow, you're leaving this island for a better future.
I wish you the best of luck.
If you have time tonight, I'd like to see you.
I have something important to tell you.
It's about who you are.
The truth is you're the [high-pitched roaring.]
[all screaming.]

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