The Stranded (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

The Return

1 Kraam.
Kraam! Kraam! Hey! Hey! Kraam! What happened? I don't know, there was a deafening noise all of a sudden.
And the ground was shaking.
I looked over and you were choking or something.
Are you okay? I don't know.
It was like a dream.
Dream? What kind of dream? Forget it.
Maybe it was an SOS.
From where? And from who? I don't know.
- Why do you think it was so loud? - Maybe it was a jet! A fucking jet? They call you "Ant" because that's the size of your brain.
- It's "Giant," dumbass! - Stop it! That's enough! We're talking in circles.
It's a waste of time.
Maybe something's trapped beneath the earth's crust.
- A monster! - A monster, my ass.
- The earth split into two.
- No, it didn't! The monster is coming to get us! Stop trying to guess.
We obviously don't know.
It's nothing that we as human beings are capable of understanding.
Are you serious? I mean, didn't you notice at all? Nothing on this island feels like it's supposed to.
Nahm, please collect your meds at Counter 3.
What's wrong with Nahm? Well, she thinks she's fucking psychic and knows everything.
That's why she's acting so weird.
Just ignore her.
This island isn't safe.
Our best option is to fix the boat - Man, he's full of shit.
- and leave the island as soon as possible.
We've been stranded here for too long.
We all want to go home.
Correct? Hey.
Little Anan - Yoo-hoo.
- Stop.
Quit using us as an excuse.
I think what you wanna do is go back and suck on your mommy's titties.
That was funny.
Anan! Break a leg! Come on, it's just a rehearsal.
No reason to get so excited.
- Why are his parents so weird? - His parents are here? - Man, that's so embarrassing.
- Oh, Mommy.
Your first violin isn't following your directions.
You can't let that go on.
I've tried telling him many times before, but he doesn't agree with my interpretation of the music.
When you were a little kid, you saw how I how to deal with my orchestra.
Musicians are like your arms and legs.
The conductor is the brain.
They have to listen to you.
- But I - No "buts.
" You must take charge.
If you can't even control your own people you will perish.
This is your secret spot? Mm-hm.
You're so lucky.
- This school is like a dream.
- More like a nightmare.
Look at us now.
We're trapped on this stupid island.
It's like a prison.
Is it that horrible? Stop staring.
Join me.
Hey, come here.
Hey, you're playing hard to get, huh? Your pacemaker I find it kind of sexy.
When I look at it I see where your heart is.
Is the water getting hotter? That's just us.
We're hot and horny.
- Oh, my God! Ow! Oh, my God, it's boiling! - Fuck, it's scalding! Ow, it hurts! Hey! We're here! - Let's go.
- Sorry we're late.
Hey, guys! Come here! Hurry! It'd take an insane amount of heat to make a lagoon boil like this.
Am I right? Hold on.
Is this island going to explode? We have to hurry up and fix the boat.
So we can get out of here! What? Hey, can I borrow some of your lotion? - May says you've got some.
- It's in the top drawer.
The lagoon has a hot spring beneath it.
The tsunami and earthquake caused a rupture.
More heat could rise.
This still works? I used to have one of these.
It broke, though.
Nowhere to fix it.
That's why I learned how to repair it.
You can fix it? Analog machines are simple, more so of anything.
This reel to reel is the same.
What are you listening to? You wouldn't know it.
Wow! How come a kid like you listens to Dark Synth? - You're into it, too? - Of course.
Whose song is this? Never heard of it.
I dig it.
What's it called? I haven't thought of a title yet.
Hold up.
You wrote this? Yeah.
I used an app and recorded it to tape.
That's pretty cool.
- Mm-hm.
- Mm.
What the fuck is this? I was expecting a speedboat.
How are we all supposed to fit in this? It's so small.
The answer is we can't.
- This wouldn't fit more than ten people.
- I told you.
Okay, guys, this is our only option.
This is the only boat that we have any chance of repairing.
The first group of ten will bring back help.
Who will be in the first group of ten then? There are more than that just here.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
To be fair we'll draw straws.
- What? - Are you fucking insane? - Makes no sense.
- Yeah.
What if I work my ass off to fix it, but then I don't win the draw? - Yeah.
- Who would wanna fix it then? It's gonna take all of us to bring that boat down.
Shut up.
You have a better idea? I'm all ears.
- You got an idea? Anything? - I'm not sure.
Hey, you guys! Can we sort this out later? Let's find a way to go up there and get that boat down first, - or none of us is going anywhere.
- Kraam is right.
But how can we get it down though? Usually, when fishermen have to repair their boats, they use a pulley to lift them up.
I got it! Let's use a pulley! Remember Physics class? Don't fucking lecture us.
Just tell us what to do.
We're doers, not thinkers.
Where do we find a pulley? Most fishing boats have one or two pulleys.
They're mounted on top of them.
We can try searching the boat wrecks.
Yeah? Okay.
Nat, Gun, Peng and Jay, search the wrecked boats.
You guys, go back to the school and find some rope.
- The longer the better.
- Sure.
Let's get going.
- Let's go.
- Let's go, Ice.
Hey, what about me? Just do what you're good at.
Catching fish.
I guess Joey has gone to a better place.
You don't have to try so hard, you know? What do you mean? Pretending you're okay.
If I just knew more or if I was any braver than I am Joey would still be alive.
Don't blame yourself.
Remember you're just a teenager yourself.
You can't know it all.
And eventually every single one of us is going to die.
But he went too soon.
It's like us and this island.
Just one night and everything changed.
You're right.
Well, none of us know what'll happen tomorrow anyway.
- How are things with you and Anan? - Hm? Why do you ask? There's no reason.
We're good.
You did it again.
- What? - Pretended that things were okay.
Just accepting that everything's not okay can be okay.
You've taken the antibiotics.
Why do you still have a fever? The wound's gotten worse, too.
Maybe the pills aren't working.
You've only taken two so far.
They're not magic pills.
Rest more.
That'll do it.
I'm sure you'll get better.
You know the last time we went home Jack kept talking about you.
So much so, that our parents asked when they could meet you, Krit.
Jan One day, the three of us we'll all go see them together.
Also have you told your parents about Jack? Not yet.
My mom thinks I'm still dating you.
Why don't you tell her you used me to get close to Jack? You know that isn't true.
I know.
I'm just kidding.
We have all the tools.
What next? We take that pulley up and hang it from up there.
Ah How do we do that? Yeah, how? Don't tell us you don't know.
Go find some big branches.
Three of them or so, about this thick.
You follow me? - Then we tie them together - Uh-huh.
- and make a tripod.
- Uh-huh.
- Then we can hang the pulley from there.
- Oh I'll climb up to the boat with the rope.
Once I get up there, I'll throw it down to you, and then we can hang the pulley.
- You understand me? - Totally.
Kraam is actually kind of cool.
Hey, we don't have to wait for him.
Who else here can climb? We can go in one trip.
What? No way! I'm scared, man.
There's no safety rope.
I'm afraid of heights.
- Out of the way, pussies.
I'll go.
- Ice, are you sure? Don't you have heart problems? Yeah, Ice got it.
Come on, let's go, Ice.
Whoo! - Are you sure you can do this? - Fuck you.
- Come on, let's go.
- All right.
Yeah, let's go, Ice! Get up there.
Whoo! - Keep going! - Let's go, Kraam! You're almost there! Yeah, let's go, Ice.
Why aren't you stopping him, Nahm? If something happens, what do we do? Kraam! The pulley! Hey, Kraam, you all right? - Kraam! - I'm okay.
Kraam is okay? Ice! Someone should help him.
Attention to those leaving the island, the last boat will depart You shouldn't feel bad.
You did your best.
No, Mom.
I know I'm too weak.
It looks like a contusion.
- Did that hurt? - Yeah, yeah.
I I think it would be better if I drain out the blood.
I want you to do what you think is best.
You sure? It's better than letting it fester, right? Don't you think so? I can't do it.
May, I know you can.
Don't you remember back in science class? You dissected that frog so easily.
But that's totally different.
It's just the same.
Believe me, it's nothing like that.
Well, all you have to do is picture me as a frog.
I can't do that.
You're not a frog.
Listen to me, May.
You can do it.
Trust me.
Are you ready? Please tell me that you got some sleep.
What'd you say? - Tell me that you got some sleep.
- Eh - What's this? - A bicycle generator.
I built one as a science project last year.
You're very smart.
And resourceful.
I'm glad you're here.
It's a shame, I dropped out in 9th grade, or I'd probably be done with college by now.
- How come? - A lot of reasons.
Mainly I wasn't born with a silver spoon.
- Mm Anything easy I could do? - Hm? Mm Hm? Just imagine yourself working out at a nice gym somewhere far away, all right? Could you at least pump me up with some tracks from DJ Arisa? Sure thing.
You go, girl.
I've drained the blood.
Now I'm gonna apply pressure for five minutes.
You know what? I used to think that you didn't even know what my name was.
Why wouldn't I know? - Same class for three years.
- Sure, we were in the same class, - but we never even talked.
- I knew your name was Kraam.
- Anything else? - And that you're the son of a fisherman.
But I didn't mean to look down on you.
I meant that only you really comes from this island.
It's fine.
After all - you could be an islander yourself.
- What do you mean? Well, the Maldives.
Oh - Got it? - Yeah.
You follow me on Instagram? Yup.
To me, you live such a glamorous life.
It's just like I'm discovering a new world.
You know, I've never left this island once in my life.
When you graduate, you should be a tour guide.
You can travel and make money.
I think I'd rather be an underwater photographer.
Fun fact: Did you know that we know a lot more about outer space than we do about under the ocean? Under the sea it's like another world full of mystery.
Sometimes, it's so beautiful that I can't put it into words.
- Okay, the bleeding's stopped.
- Cool.
Let me apply the bandage.
- May.
- Hm? You haven't told me what you wanna be.
- It's a secret.
- Tell me.
I wanna know.
- I told you mine, it's only fair.
- Oh But yours is cool.
Mine is just Please? A singer.
What? Really? I know.
- It's silly, right? - No, no.
It's awesome.
It's so cool.
Is it charged yet? I can't anymore.
Arisa! Yeah, yeah, that should be enough.
Let's see if this works.
The earth is not in sight All hope is lost Life comes to an end What is this? It's spooky.
Prachaisuriya - Why is it saying all that? - Shh.
- And his lovely queen - Huh? Prachaisuriya? That sounds familiar.
Maybe it's the Prachaisuriya poem.
What's that? It's a classic Thai poem written 150 years ago.
So, why is it recorded on this tape? And in the Gone with the Wind box? What's the connection? Don't you think something is off with this recording? I'm glad Anan kicked Ice off the boat crew.
Yeah, he likes to stir up shit.
Damn, I'm starving.
Let's get changed and go eat.
Mm? Yeah.
What the heck? You're gross! - Hey! - Hey! - Why don't you knock first? - Sorry.
- We didn't know you were in here.
- Well, it's our room.
What do you want in here anyway? - I need a book.
- A book? Why so studious? The admission exams are over.
Oh, by the way where did you find that tape player? In Professor Lin's room.
It fell from the ceiling and almost hit his head.
You should have seen it.
I thought I was gonna die.
I found it.
Yes! What are you whispering about? PHRACHAISURIYA POEM Did you fix it yet? What's on the tape? Any music? Mm Just a lame poem.
Mm? That's it? I hate poetry.
- It's boring.
- Sorry to disappoint.
Gotta go.
My book has pictures.
This is it! - It really is the Prachaisuriya poem.
- Can you tell me what's it about? Mm It's a legend about a kingdom rotten with debauchery.
One day, a great flood came and wiped out everything.
A great flood that destroyed everything.
Pull! Pull harder! Pull harder! Ooh Whoa Whoa Whoa - Everybody! Pull! - Pull hard! Whoa Whoa Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Oh, my God, let's go home! I was right.
The order of the verses on that tape recording just isn't right.
How so? The poet wrote Prachaisuriya in three different meters.
- Hm.
- Sixteen syllables.
- Okay.
- Eleven syllables.
- And 28.
- Mm-hm.
When you compare it to the book, the verses on the tape are not in the same order.
They're shuffled around.
That means whoever made it shuffled the verses on purpose.
But why do that? I can do this on my own.
Hey, everyone! Listen up.
Now we fix the boat.
Once it's ready, ten people get a spot.
They'll set out to get help.
To determine who gets into the boat, I suggest we draw straws.
I propose that Jack be one of the first ten.
- He needs a doctor as soon as possible.
- That's a good idea.
Yeah, right.
- He does.
- Yeah, Jack needs help.
- Yeah! - I agree.
- Yeah.
- Right.
JACK - Yeah! - Thanks, everyone.
Okay, now let's delegate the rest of the tasks - Dinner's here! - Here we are! Wait! I'm not done! - Anan, are you all packed? - Hm? Mm-hm.
Smile for me.
Enough, Mom.
You're going to the new school on the island.
I need to stock up on kisses while you're here.
Where's Dad? Video conference.
It'll take a long time.
I haven't heard you play in so long.
Play one song for me before you go? Come on.
I thought I told you I don't play music anymore.
Do you think they make a good couple? They look pretty happy.
You never really know.
Kraam, I've been thinking about your dream that night.
Not now.
Trust me.
You are truly special.
It's just you're the only one on this island who didn't come to the party that night.
You're still alive today.
If you have that dream again don't fight against it, you hear me? I never knew you could play the piano.
Hey, Anan.
Know any pop songs? - Ah - Yeah.
Yeah! - Please! Come on! - Let's hear it! - I wanna dance.
- Come on.
- Hey.
- What is it? Been traveling so long on my own - Wait, I love this song! - Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- He's good.
Being sharply stabbed Until I nearly can't take it During the nights without stars In the sky I'll still move forward With true love as my guiding light During the nights I get lost Everybody, come on! Put your hands up! With my dream as my best friend On this path I still have a goal As long as there's a faint light On the horizon I'll keep going until the last light Party people, let's sing it together! Hey! Is that?
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