The Stranded (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

The Code

[school bell ringing.]
[students chattering.]
Anyone here interested in throwing a rock through the window? Nahm.
Would you like to have a go? Nobody wants to try at all? Ice, what the hell, man? All right.
Psychogenic illness, Chapter 4.
Should have all read the section last night.
[video game beeping.]
Nat? - Yes.
- [Lin.]
Please define - psychogenic illness to the class.
- [Mint.]
I would normally be able to answer - [Mint.]
- I had really bad diarrhea last night.
- Ice.
- [Nat.]
Literally coming out nonstop.
I looked down and saw the veggies I ate - Okay.
That's enough! We get the picture.
- [students laughing.]
Sit down.
Can anyone explain the meaning? It's a mental disorder that causes mass delusion.
For example, thinking you're sick when you're not because there are no physical symptoms, or doing something crazy because everyone else is doing it.
Very good, sit down.
How is this related to throwing rocks? - All right, I'll explain it to you.
- Don't.
When psychogenic illness spreads FUCK YOU, HACKER! a new social norm is established.
Hey! I wasn't the one! [Lin.]
Anan! Come up here.
Demonstrate an example of what I just taught you.
Throw this through the window.
You're hesitating.
Why? Because you know deep down that you're not supposed to.
The first to throw the rock is the first to break the social norm.
But let's imagine what if the first person was followed by a second? Then 30, 40, 50 people also threw a rock? A new social norm would be established.
And everyone would be convinced that it's an acceptable behavior.
And you? Would you be the first To break the law? [ominous music playing.]
How did she survive? The island is so small.
Where could she have been? [Nat.]
Right We've searched all over this island and found no one.
She's burning up.
Nahm, can you please wipe her with a wet cloth? I'm really glad that she's back.
Just seeing her face makes me feel better.
Here [bed rattling.]
[Anan moaning.]
[Anan grunts.]
You know what I haven't felt this good in a long time.
What's wrong? Still worried about Professor Lin? Maybe that's good.
Because when we're worried we're more careful than we normally would be.
Right? I had no idea you knew how to play the piano.
I practiced for a while but stopped years ago.
I always wanted to be a singer.
Really? Well It doesn't really seem like you.
Just when I was little.
Not anymore.
I'll go check on Professor Lin.
Why now? Stay with me.
She's still not conscious.
I left her with Jan all night.
- She'll wake up.
You know that.
- But she hasn't yet.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
Don't you think it's weird that she showed up out of nowhere? She could've been lost in the jungle trying to find a way out.
Don't read too much into it.
Is this what you keep seeing? Who's that woman? [Kraam.]
That's what I wanna know, too.
[engine sputtering.]
[all cheering.]
Oh, shit.
What do we do now? I need you to keep an eye on how much the infected area spreads.
May can I take Jack back to his dorm? Why? It's easier for May to take care of him here.
I want Jack to be comfortable in his room.
Maybe he'll heal faster there.
That's a good idea.
You can move him there, just don't spoil him.
[boy 1.]
It's busted.
[boy 2.]
What do we do now? [boy 3.]
Exactly! - What if we made a sailboat? - [Nat.]
Are you crazy? The boat is tiny.
It would never survive a storm.
I think it might actually work.
But we need to attach some buoys on both sides to keep it afloat.
I guess you're right.
Smart idea.
Please tell me you know how to sail.
I've never done it before.
We don't use sailboats for fishing out here.
Bro, I'll do it.
- [Nat.]
I don't think you should, Ant.
- [Giant.]
We can take turns.
I know how to sail.
Really? I used to sail all the time with my dad.
Why didn't he say that in the first place? [Nat.]
If Anan's the only one who knows how to sail, then he should get a spot on the boat.
- You guys agree? - [Gun.]
Makes sense.
ANAN (CAPTAIN) HARUETHAI SAMUTR Why don't you stop and take a break.
Everybody needs a day off.
I'm okay.
It's better if I'm here.
Jack is back in his room.
And Professor Lin is still out.
I can look after her for you.
We can use this as a buoy.
This is glass, bro! Find something big, sturdy and plastic! - What's wrong with glass? - It'll break, man! People use glass bottles to send messages.
Hey, Anan.
What's up? I need you to teach the girls how to sew.
We need a sail.
It can't be hard, can it? [scoffs.]
You have a funny way of asking.
Sounds like you're ordering me.
Think what you want.
Without a sail, we don't have a boat to take Jack to a hospital.
When do we start? Right now.
Kraam, pass me the boat caulk.
I will teach you how to seal the boat.
Remember you have to mix them well.
Not too much of any ingredient.
Try it out.
- Hey! - Ow! What, Dad? You're making a mess.
If you screw this up, there's a chance I might drown.
But you know how to swim better than anyone.
You'll never die because of water.
Yeah, right.
[metal clanging.]
What are you looking at? Get out of my face! What did you do? That thing hasn't gone away.
The fuck do you mean? I can sense it all around you, Ice.
- There's - Shut the fuck up! Nobody cares what you think! Stay out of my business, understand? [thud.]
Ice Ice? Wait, are you high again? - It's nothing.
- Nothing, my ass.
You almost had a heart attack last time, remember? You told me that you'd stop! It wasn't a promise.
Leave me alone.
I will once you stop smoking weed.
Hey! What the fuck are you doing? - I'm doing it for you, you idiot! - Don't bother! Get out of my room! [ominous music playing.]
- Don't bother coming back.
- Don't worry, I won't.
The reason I called you here today is because Anan told me the boat motor is busted.
So we're going to turn it into a sailboat.
The clothes I asked you to bring today will be cut up and sewn into a large sail.
No way! My clothes cost thousands.
And you want me to cut them up? Yeah! This is Versace.
He's dead, honey.
I'm sure he wouldn't mind.
But we're still alive.
And these cost a lot.
Quiet, everyone.
I don't care what brand your clothes are or how much they cost you, none of that matters anymore.
Don't you want to go home? If we can leave the island, our parents will restock our closets.
Right? But this is a limited edition.
[all chattering.]
You kidding me? I'm not gonna cut up my shirt.
You can't buy these anymore.
Jan, calm down.
That is really expensive! - Jan! - What are you doing? [all shouting.]
I can't believe I'm about to do this! [crowd.]
Neoy! - That's a freaking Versace.
- Neoy, don't.
Neoy! Make sure the middle of the sail belongs to Versace.
No way! it has to be my Gucci or Givenchy! Absolutely not.
It's gotta be Balenciaga.
A second ago you didn't wanna contribute.
Now all of you care about the design? [both.]
Yes! - [Neoy.]
I actually like Balenciaga, too.
- [Cher.]
And I like your Versace.
Leave it for my Balenciaga.
My Balenciaga ends up on the rim.
[upbeat music playing.]
Very good! How are you doing? I think we can cut it from below.
Something like this? The sail needs to be at least six meters high.
What century are we living in? - The boys fix the boat? And the girls sew? - Calm down, Arisa.
You guys are so old-fashioned.
Why don't we get the guys to sew, while we fix the boat.
Then go.
No one wants you here, Arisa.
Yeah, go hack somebody's computer.
Oh, I forgot.
there isn't any Internet anymore.
- [Jumjim.]
Go away! - [K.]
Leave us alone! You know what have fun in your fucking knitting circle.
And best of luck with the boat! [Neoy.]
Get lost! [K.]
Bye! [Lin humming.]
[ominous music playing.]
[clock ticking.]
Hey there, troublemaker.
[pop music playing over headphones.]
The girls at this school are all stuck-up bitches.
I'm sorry You're fine.
It's not like I'm from this school.
And what did you do? Something bad.
But I didn't mean to.
And the tape reel? Any progress? I can't seem to figure it out yet.
But the person who recorded the tape shuffled the verses on purpose.
Like those secret codes that detectives stay up all night to crack? Yes, maybe Maybe it's a phone number? It can't be a phone number.
It's missing two digits.
- Do you have another marker? - I'll get one for you.
Why do these numbers look familiar? You've seen them before? Hey Where are you going? - Arisa! Wait for me! - Come on, follow me.
[radio tuning.]
[pop music playing on radio.]
[man snoring.]
I really miss you, Dad.
[ominous music playing.]
- What are we looking for? - The school brochure! What are you doing? Is this it? Yeah! Look at the latitude: 8.
It's the same set of numbers from the poem on the tape, but in reverse! - Oh, really? - Mm-hm.
Or maybe this island has a treasure.
I doubt it.
This reel is nearly 100 years old.
Our school is only 20.
The longitude doesn't look right either.
What could possibly be the right combination, then? Who knows Wait What if the film Gone With the Wind is also another clue? - Well, it was a book first.
- Really? Yeah.
There has to be a copy in this library.
What numbers could they be? The heroine's birthday? Or the hero's home address? Gosh, do I have to read the entire book? Give me.
Hey, look Published on June 30th, 2479 on the Buddhist calendar.
Let's try to rearrange these numbers then.
30 06 2479? Give me your hand.
Don't forget to write them backwards.
May! What are you doing here alone? Well, it's my day off.
- Day off? - Mm-hm.
Then why are you still studying? [both chuckling.]
I don't know.
Oh, by the way There is a small raft over there.
Do you think we can fix it and paddle to the mainland? No.
I don't think we'd get anywhere in that raft.
A storm would wash it away.
I don't think we'd get past those tiny islands.
Well, I'm gonna go out.
- Huh? - Spearfishing.
Wanna join? It's gotta be better than studying on your day off.
Don't you think? Careful, it's fully loaded.
[both shouting.]
Oh! I'm sorry! - You almost shot me in the - I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
You go any higher and no kids for me.
I told you, I didn't mean to! Just kidding! Here.
Let me.
Hold it like this.
You have to keep the string down so it doesn't catch your finger.
Where are you aiming? Um - That fish over there.
- That's too far.
No way you're gonna hit that.
[May laughing.]
Lucky shot.
- It wasn't! - Beginner's luck.
It's all it is.
All right, all right.
Catch it! Yay! [inaudible dialogue.]
I can't believe we caught all these ourselves.
If you think this is cool next time, I'll teach you how to go dive fishing.
After the tsunami, the sea is very clear.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
It's beautiful.
Anan doesn't like when I do adventurous things like this.
He'd prefer if I stayed in the infirmary.
I mean it's not like I don't want to help out.
- It's just - You feel pressured? Mm.
I know what it's like.
Carrying the weight of everyone's expectations.
But then again you don't have to carry it all by yourself.
If you ask me you should consider your own feelings before worrying about everyone else.
[upbeat music playing.]
Here! The numbers are recorded on the map.
What could be in the middle of the jungle? Joey told me that an old radio tower still exists on the island.
Wanna go find it? Hm.
Why not? Let's go.
I wanna know what's out there, too.
- Deal? - Deal! Forgive me I thought you felt the same way.
Because I It's okay.
Arisa! So What about the radio tower? Are we still gonna try to find it? Sure thing.
See you tomorrow? [ominous music playing.]
How long has it been since the tsunami? Thirty-two days.
Hang in there.
Everyone's fixing the boat.
You really think people are still looking for us? During WWII, some English soldiers came to this island to build a camp.
If we could find their radio tower and send out some kind of signal, we'd be the heroes.
If everything was normal out there, your dad would have sent a helicopter by now.
I can't keep living like this anymore.
I can't bear the pain.
You have to help me.
Hey! The sun's still up and you're already wasted? What the fuck is wrong with you? Fuck you! Why did you hit me, bro? Fuck you, bitch! [all shouting.]
[Lin humming.]
[ominous music playing.]
Shit! Look at him.
We gotta take him to May now! Hurry! [closing theme playing.]

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