The Stranded (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The Fall

1 After the tsunami only 36 of us were left.
No one else survived.
Later, we also lost Joey.
Where were you when it all happened? I just ran into the jungle.
And then I got lost.
May! - Ice needs help! - Get the door.
I'll be right back.
Okay, what happened? Ugh, he reeks of alcohol.
Where was he? I don't know.
Ice was drunk.
He just He started picking a fight with everyone.
- Then he grabbed his chest and passed out.
- And that was it? Yeah, I swear.
Do you feel better now? - You have to help him, please.
- Why is he bleeding? How long was I gone? Find something to wipe off the blood.
Uh No one's seen you since Well, since finals.
I thought you had left the island.
It's all your fault, Ant! That was way too much.
Why are you blaming me? He's the one who started it.
- I didn't do anything.
- He's wasted.
Would you like to move back to your villa? - Stop it! - I didn't do anything.
Luckily, the waves didn't reach the four villas up here.
For the most part, they made it through untouched.
Our villas down below, however, were destroyed.
So, we talked it over and decided to move into the classrooms.
Um, sorry, Professor Lin, the room's a mess.
I'll go tell the guys to come and clean it up.
Do you, uh Wait.
Ugh! What the fuck? Shit.
- Arisa! - Mint? Wow.
It's really you.
I thought you were dead.
I thought you'd left the island.
I had.
I came back for the party.
Then the tsunami hit.
Fortunately some locals took me in.
Did you know? There's an old British army camp not too far from here.
They built it during WWII.
No way.
And there's tons of stuff there.
Food, batteries, even a radio tower.
A radio tower? So, were you able to contact anyone? Yeah.
The coast guard is sending a rescue ship.
It'll be here in three days.
A ship is coming? Mm-hm.
Oh, fuck.
You're awake? How do you feel? You have a cigarette? Could use one.
Ice Do you even realize you almost died? How long have you had the pacemaker? Hmm? Since I was 8.
And how long do the batteries last before you have to replace them? Ten years.
When was the last time you changed them? Nine years ago.
- You have one year left.
- Yeah.
- Ice, this is serious.
- I know.
You need to take better care of yourself.
- What if? - Hey! I said I know.
Just drop it, okay? I'm in great fucking shape.
Are you feeling any better? Yes, I am.
I'm glad that you're safe now.
It'll be better to have an adult around.
You draw really well.
Can I take a look? Yeah.
Who is this woman? Why have you drawn her so many times? I've seen her in a dream.
Over and over again.
Did you know that once we see or hear something, anything, it's a part of us forever.
Sometimes it's buried so deep in our memory that we forget it exists.
Maybe you've seen these images someplace before.
- Nahm, can you grab that for me? - Sure.
There's a beach around here that only us islanders know about.
I might go there tomorrow.
Cool, enjoy.
- Uh, May.
- Hmm? I was wondering, um, if you would be interested in coming along with me.
You don't have to tell me right now.
If you want to go meet me at the western lookout point tomorrow, okay? So why didn't you come back to the school to check on us? Why didn't you look for us in the jungle? It doesn't matter now because we found each other.
You're looking for the radio tower, aren't you? Do you wanna check it out? Yeah, sure.
Nahm, I know I've been a total jerk to you.
I'm sorry.
So? Um I need your help.
With what? The other day when you said you saw something in me.
It's not "something.
" I saw your karma.
Can you, um maybe get rid of it? Like Like an exorcism? Seriously? Who do you think I am, some kind of witch? There has to be something you can do.
Come on.
Like some kind of ritual? Yeah? Hey, Ice, look, if you think you're possessed, you'll have to deal with it yourself.
I can't help you.
Jack has a high fever and he's passed out a few times.
I'm gonna skip sewing tonight.
I wanna take care of him.
But the sooner the sail is ready, the sooner we can get Jack to a doctor.
You should go.
I'll stay with him.
Stay strong, okay? I love you, Jan.
I love you, too, Jack.
Do it, Krit.
Are you done yet? Almost.
You said that an hour ago.
I swear, I am never dating a writer ever again.
It's almost finished.
What's it about? It's a story about a man whose partner won't let him finish his work.
And then what? He stops working.
They have sex.
And live happily ever after? I'm stuck at the ending.
Maybe it doesn't need an ending.
Every story needs an ending.
Maybe not.
Ever heard of Enso? Uh What's that? It's a Japanese belief.
That the beginning and the end are the same.
Like a circle.
A perfect circle.
- Damn it.
- What? I I think your plan really worked.
What plan? To make me stop working.
Take a break, and make love, and live happily ever after.
If you love me please You're doing good with that.
Break time.
How about some water? Of course.
Have some of this.
Wow, an angel.
Heard my prayers.
Here you go.
Where's Arisa? Are there any batteries around here? She's still out there in the jungle.
Batteries are in the box on the desk over there.
Knock yourself out.
The jungle? - All by herself? - Mm-hm.
We should send her a text, huh? Let's video call her so we can see her face.
I think you're pretty brave, you know? You're the only one with guts to talk about the weird stuff on this island.
Thank you.
I saw Ice talking to you this morning.
Was there a problem? Is he bothering you? Not exactly.
He asked me to perform an exorcism.
What? He thinks a spirit's following him.
And he wants me to get rid of it.
So, are you gonna do it or what? I wouldn't even know how to do it.
Ice doesn't know that.
Just relax and let your chakra energy flow.
Don't you need to use, like, holy water and sacred rice? You watch too many movies.
Now let's begin.
Start by clearing your mind.
What now? I don't know either, just keep doing what you're doing.
Hmm? Tell me where you are now.
At a party.
I didn't mean to Didn't mean to what? It was an accident.
What happened? If I had stopped and helped, things might have been different.
I just kept telling myself that it never happened.
Ice, we can stop if you want to.
I only asked one thing of you.
One thing: Stay out of trouble.
I'll turn myself in.
You want to go to jail? I'll try to fix this, make some calls.
Clean it up! Is it gone? Please.
Tell me it's gone.
It's gone now.
Kraam! Sorry I'm late.
Had a bunch of work to finish at the clinic.
So, were is this beach of yours? Not far.
But it's not time yet.
What? We really have to wait? Mm-hm.
All right then.
Draw me a picture.
What kind of picture? Well, what about one of you and me? Uh Just kidding.
No, but seriously.
Can you stop being so formal? I don't know why, but it kind of creeps me out.
Very well, milady.
- I'm out of here.
- I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
AWAY, WILL BE BACK LATER MAY Hey, Anan, what's going on? Nothing.
I just needed something for my headache.
Hey, May isn't here? No, she's probably having lunch.
What's that? It's the seventh day, and I'm in the middle of a cave.
I've lost my light, but I'm nearing the gate, so In the dark and I press forward Wait a minute.
What was that? The cave, and I think I've found another corridor.
Professor? Who's been using this? I have.
Well, I don't know what your school taught you.
But it obviously wasn't manners, or else you would know not to mess around with other people's property.
Did you listen to this tape? I did.
It was poem.
I didn't get it.
I guess since I didn't study at your school, I'm not smart enough to understand it.
That's your professor? Yeah, but she seems different.
Did you hear that? "I don't know what your school taught you.
" Screw her.
Why did she flip out over a tape player? Look at this.
This is the poem on that tape.
It's a coded message for the location of a radio tower in the jungle.
Then what was that voice on the tape talking about? No idea.
Arisa and I didn't listen to it, just the poem.
That man said something about trying to make his way through a cave.
What cave? The only way to find out is to go and get the tape player back.
Hey! You shouldn't be doing that.
The spray paint is bad for the trees.
I know.
But I have to leave markers so that I can tell the others where I've been.
If you tell anyone, I'll kill you.
I'm messing with you.
Of course you have to tell the others.
I just don't want all the trees to end up painted orange.
This way, we can find each other if we get lost.
Are you still mad at me for hacking your account? No, not at all.
That's all in the past.
However, since you botched it and ended up hacking everyone else, too, there's plenty of Arisa hate to go around.
But seriously if you hadn't have stolen James from me, none of that would have happened.
Let's get something straight.
James dumped you for me, okay? Sure.
- So, you've lived here your whole life? - Mm-hm.
Do you have family anywhere else? I don't.
It was just me and my dad.
My mom died when I was little.
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's okay.
My dad, he scattered her ashes into the ocean so that she'd always be with us.
All right, let's go.
- You're done? - Mm-hm.
Can I see it? Whoa, what are you doing? - It's low tide.
We have to hurry up.
- What? - Follow me.
- Where? What are you doing? Come on, jump! You never said anything about having to jump off a cliff! If I had, it wouldn't have been a surprise! I can't do this! Yes, you can.
You got this.
Don't think, just jump.
You okay? So, where are we going? That cave.
You can only get inside during low tide.
Then I guess it's a race.
Oh, you're on.
Hold on a second.
Just We've been walking for hours.
Are we lost? Seriously.
From the school to the middle of the jungle is half a day's walk, tops.
It seems like we've been going around in circles.
The jungle does that to you.
It messes with your head.
Hey, why are you doing that? It's bad to spray-paint the trees.
I told you t hat.
And I told you that I need them.
Hey! Oh.
My poor little Arisa.
Afraid you'll get stuck out here? Hmm? To be honest, being left alone in the jungle totally suits you.
Look, I get it.
You're still mad at me.
I apologize, okay, Mint? Not good enough.
What the fuck is wrong with you? I'm sorry, Arisa.
Will you forgive me? I'll find you! Where are you going? What about the radio tower? Fuck your radio tower! And fuck you! You're pretty close.
- I'll guide you there.
- Fuck off! Come on, it'll be fun.
Oh, you definitely don't wanna go that way.
- Trust me.
- Go fuck yourself, you psycho! Do you really think that if you find the tower, your friends will look at you as a hero? No one's ever gonna forgive you.
Especially me.
You hacked my photos.
You made me kill myself.
You know that? I'm sorry.
Jack, here's your favorite shirt.
Remember? You wore it on our first date.
Damn, it's too heavy.
Help, come on.
Here, like this.
Do a zigzag stitch all the way down, okay? When you sew it, you need to do it in the same direction.
Put this one in first.
- If it's too hard, then - Jan.
Can I help out? Right now, all of us here are cutting up our clothes.
We need to make them into squares so they'll be easier to sew together.
So, we cut the sleeves off? So at the end of the play the man decides to leave the woman.
What would he say to her? She would say: "I love you so much, and if you're gone how would I go on living?" And then he would tell her: "Even if I'm gone I'll always be with you.
Because the ending and the beginning are one and the same.
" Maybe you've seen these images someplace before.
Think harder.
What's wrong? Nothing.
I was just thinking of someplace else.
I'm jealous of you.
You got to grow up here.
You think so? This island is just another small piece of land that no one seems to care about.
Sure, if you only look at it on a map all you'll see is a tiny rock in the middle of the ocean.
But then you'll miss out on the details.
If you don't come see it for yourself you'd never know about this gorgeous hidden beach, now, would you? You think those people actually care? A small island? This is the most beautiful place I've ever been to.
Miss May.
Can you sing a song for me? No.
- Just one song.
- No.
No means no.
The black sea at night Without any light This has to be the most expensive sail.
You can't see the way Are you scared? Help me! I can hear you So I'm not scared Hold onto my hand I feel warm inside You may feel cold with every wave You touch me with your warmth I may not see the horizon But the stars will lead the way for us To move forward May? The black sea May.
Soon it will be light In the cold night Please hold my hand The black sea We shouldn't worry About what to do Please hug me tight
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