The Stranded (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

The Mutiny

1 Hi, everyone.
It's so nice to see you.
Today is very special.
I'm at the exclusive 30th-anniversary event for Carlo Beratti.
This is an amazing view.
We're in the heart of Bangkok.
Look at all these beautiful people.
[dance music playing.]
Oh, my God, look at this.
I really love this pair.
[shutter clicks.]
I'll be posting more pics on my Instagram page tonight.
Don't forget to check them out, okay? Bye-bye.
Thank you.
Hi, May? - Can I take a photo with you? - Yeah.
No problem.
[shutter clicks.]
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
My car's parked out front in the VIP section.
If you wouldn't mind, may I offer you a ride? I already have my own driver waiting out front.
Thanks anyway.
Okay, then.
This is for you.
Thank you.
About what happened last night It really is how I feel about you.
Do you feel the same? You do know that I'm still with Anan, right? Does that mean that you and I can never really be more than friends? The relationship I have with him is more complicated than you think.
Will you give me some time? Okay.
Jan? What's wrong? In just a few days, we could've taken him to a doctor.
He didn't wanna wait.
[Jan crying.]
[students crying.]
May? Why did you leave before? I don't know.
I just felt sorry for Jan and Krit.
So where were you yesterday? You didn't say anything.
I went to the lab and couldn't find you.
You know I I can't call you like I once did.
I felt sick, so I came back here to take a nap.
May take care of yourself.
You always work yourself to the bone.
[shutter clicking.]
[footsteps approaching.]
[knocking on door.]
May, you have to return the dress now.
You can come collect your fee, too.
Sure, I'll be out in a minute.
Thank you.
[wistful music playing.]
It'll be okay.
We're here for you.
[students laughing.]
I'm stuck now.
I'll float with the boat! Float.
Whoo, yeah! Why'd you drench me? It's Songkran Day! We're sailing here on Songkran Day Brand-new year every day We're sailing here on Songkran Day [Ant.]
What the fuck? I'll show you Songkran! - [boys.]
Run, run.
- [Ant.]
Come here.
Hey, let me go! [all chattering.]
[playing wistful tune.]
Give me.
- It's stuck.
- Hey, it won't go down.
[students chattering.]
Come on, we got this.
We got this.
[thunder crashing.]
Professor Lin? [chair creaks.]
Nat said you wanted to see me? I asked you here so I could stop your plan to leave the island.
How come? I can tell that there's something here that doesn't seem quite right to you.
Professor what do you mean? There is a storm brewing.
Getting on the boat is nothing short of suicide.
Staying here is safer.
But I disagree.
We should get out of here as soon as we can.
So many strange things have happened.
The tsunami, the earthquake Are you concerned for your friends or just for yourself? Let's say I'm prepared to take the risk.
Next week, the boat will be ready.
Then we'll draw the rest of the names.
Then you and everyone will see who's prepared to take the risk with me.
Our boat is almost ready.
We'll attach the sail and we will be ready to depart.
[students cheering.]
I warned you.
If you continued to be stubborn, something bad would happen.
I'm sure you don't want to be responsible for their deaths.
Am I right? [boy.]
I'm leaving.
As we already agreed, I have a reserved place for me on the boat.
And the other person was Jack.
But sadly Jack is no longer with us.
I'd like to propose that Jan take Jack's place on the boat.
So that she can deliver the bad news to her family in person.
- Is everyone okay with that? - [students.]
Thank you, everyone.
But I wanna give my place to Krit.
Why, Jan? I wanna repay you for taking good care of Jack.
No, Jan.
I really don't deserve it.
You keep it.
Let's continue the draw.
- The next place goes to - [Ant.]
Ant, Ant, Ant.
- You got it, bro.
- You got it, bro.
Congrats, yeah.
[crying softly.]
Death is painful for those left behind.
I feel sorry for Jan for having to go through this.
But for you it's different.
What do you mean? MIDAZOLAM Do you think no one's going to find this? [heavy breathing.]
I understand why you had to kill him.
It must hurt a lot.
But I don't think the others would understand.
Please don't tell anyone.
I wouldn't.
But if we make it all the way back to the mainland there would be an investigation.
And unlike you, I'm not a very good liar.
K 6.
JUMJIM [students cheering and applauding.]
All right.
ICE The ninth person is Gun.
- Hey.
- That's me! Oh, my God, that's me.
[students cheering.]
I'm gonna write it down.
That's awesome.
This is the last spot on the boat.
But don't worry, the group on the boat will go and find help for the rest of us.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
The last draw is It's gonna be me, y'all.
Wait, Anan.
What was Arisa's name even doing in there? This sucks.
None of us who fixed the boat got a place.
All these people who did nothing get to go.
It's not fair.
[boy 1.]
It's not fair.
No way! The lots have been drawn.
We can't.
We all agreed to this.
[girl 2.]
Where the heck is Arisa? She isn't even here.
Arisa left camp to find a radio tower.
A radio tower? Yeah.
She wanted to help all of us.
[girl 3.]
She doesn't give a shit about anyone.
How about this? I'll put Arisa on the board.
On the day of the departure, if she still hasn't come back, we can choose again.
What the fuck? [Ant.]
There's no point in helping.
Let's go.
[door opens.]
May, do you have any pads? Yeah.
I've got one left.
You can have it.
Do you need it yourself? No, I don't need it yet.
All yours.
Thanks so much.
For you.
Jelly's not really my thing.
Thank you.
Good night.
May, don't forget to pack your things for this week.
But, Mom, I was able to make 30,000 baht yesterday.
Can I keep 3,000 of it? You can use the rest to pay off our debts.
Honey you shouldn't have to be responsible for any of this.
No, Mom.
It's okay.
Let me help.
Okay? Mom, don't forget we can get through all this together.
You don't have to worry about me.
I can handle it.
I love you.
[door opens.]
May? Kraam.
What are you doing here? Anan will see us.
You should go.
I know.
But we need to talk.
What are you doing? [May.]
By the way, congratulations on getting a spot on the boat.
You can finally get the hell out of here.
- I want you to take my place.
- Hmm? How come? Don't you wanna get out of here? I'd rather that you get to go home.
That's sweet of you.
But you should go.
You'd be more useful than me.
But Anan can sail the boat himself.
Yeah, but you know the sea better than him.
Everyone would be safer that way.
I'm not gonna leave you behind.
Then come back for me.
Even if I have to swim back.
I promise you.
They'll see us.
Then let them.
[boys chattering and laughing.]
Stop fooling around.
I need your guys' help to mount the mast.
It's just the mast.
The three of you can handle it.
Stop acting like such an idiot.
I already told you You have to redo the draw, man.
You know that.
We're more useful than the girls.
- Guys, I've found the boobs and penis! - Stick them on Ant! - Let's do this.
- All right.
Yeah, yeah.
- [boy.]
Okay, let's put them here.
- [Ant.]
Damn it! My penis is too small.
Hey, Anan, can I talk to you? Why? About Arisa.
I have a proposition.
Somebody should go look for her in the jungle, don't you think? So what? Why? And that someone would be making a sacrifice for her, right? So, he should take Arisa's place instead.
Fine, then you go find her.
Well, if we can't find her, what then? Idiot, that's the point.
We're not gonna find her.
We won't find her? Duh, if we find her, I won't get a place on the boat.
So, we go in the jungle for a couple days, then come back and tell Anan that we can't find her.
Okay? What if we do find her? If we do, then we find her, and she's found.
If we don't find her, it's good for us.
We can leave together.
Happy ending.
Sounds great.
So, go pack some supplies.
- So, why don't we? - Just pack.
[flies buzzing.]
She hasn't eaten any of the food.
That's weird.
I just realized I've never seen her eat at the canteen either.
She must be eating something, otherwise, how can she live? GONE WITH THE WIND Ying, she's coming back.
Oh, shit.
[door opens, then closes.]
[water splashing.]
- [whispering.]
Your sunglasses.
- [whispering.]
What? You left them.
[door opens.]
[door opens, then closes.]
Where on earth did she go? Not sure.
How was she moving so quickly? [May.]
My mother can't afford the tuition.
I don't wanna criticize your dad but why would he do this to you? He's so selfish.
My dad told me he's expanding his clinic into a franchise.
So what? He got into trouble and left you and your mom? Left you responsible for every penny of his debt? [Anan.]
I knew you'd be here.
I have a gift for you.
Thank you.
Is something wrong? I feel like you've changed somehow.
Did something happen? I haven't changed.
Neither have you.
What is it? I just think maybe we're not made for each other Stop before you say that.
You say it and things will never be the same again.
You're confused right now.
Everyone's out of it.
Don't be impulsive.
I'm not.
I've been feeling this way for a while.
Are you serious about me? Yes, I am.
Is this what you meant when you said you were serious? Did you forget all the things I've done for you? I have some savings.
I'll pay for your tuition.
You can't do that.
It's too much.
The money it's just sitting there.
I've never forgotten.
Well then, please stay with me.
At least until we can get off this island.
Then you might feel differently.
I refuse to study here without you.
Please, May.
I beg you.
What are you doing? Why are you doing this? If we leave this island I'll be arrested.
But why? I killed Jack.
I gave him pills so he could kill himself.
Krit calm down.
Look, no one can charge you.
Where would they find the evidence? Jack's body was cremated, Krit.
Professor Lin knows.
If we leave this island, she'll tell the police.
[Krit crying.]
Since we were kids, Jack and I have always been inseperable.
Back then he liked to joke that he would wanna die first.
So he wouldn't have to cry at my funeral.
I guess he got his wish.
At least I'm happy that That I'm gonna be leaving this place with you.
If Jack knew that he would be so happy for the two of us.
I can't wait to take you to meet my parents.
I'm sure they'll love you as much as they loved Jack.
What's this? Jack took these pills, too? What are they, and why didn't I know? Jan you need to know.
What? The entrance to the jungle is a giant termite hill? I have never seen that.
It's been here.
Never mentioned it.
Hey, check it out! Arisa must have marked it.
She must've gone that way.
- Let's go.
- Hey.
Wait a sec.
Aren't we supposed to not find her? We should go that way.
Come on, let's go and check it out.
We won't find her.
Come on.
She must have gone this way.
Come on.
Ah, you like May, huh? - No.
- Wow, look at fish boy.
He's in love! Let me help.
Here, pass it over.
Hand me that? [squealing.]
[all groaning.]
Kraam! Kraam! [squealing continues.]
Kraam! [May.]
Kraam! Kraam! - Kraam.
- May.
Just breathe.
Is he okay? [May.]
You're okay.
Breathe slowly.
Deep breaths.
- Did you guys hear that sound? - We did.
[all chattering.]
It was so loud I felt like my ears were exploding.
Hey! Everyone! What's going on? Did you know Jack didn't die on his own? He killed him! [guy.]
He killed Jack? [Jan.]
He killed Jack! He made my brother overdose on pills.
Krit, is that true? Jack begged me to do it.
He was suffering so much he couldn't take it.
You're lying! He was about to get off this island.
Why the hell would he do that? You're a liar, Krit.
You're a selfish jerk! I gave you everything.
You wanted Jack, so, I gave him up for you.
The least you could do is not take away the most important thing in my life.
Jan, calm down.
Calm down? What if it was you, May? If he killed one of your family, could you be calm? Jan What do you want us to do? I want him punished! - [Anan.]
- Punish him now! He's a murderer! Don't we still have laws on this island? Huh? You guys said you loved Jack.
You wanted him to survive.
Is there no fucking rule of law? So, I guess I can do what I want.
- Right? - No, no, no.
Right? [boy.]
Jan! Jan, let go of him! - Jan, don't! Jan, stop! - Jan, calm down! [boy.]
Get her off him! Jan, calm down.
Don't do this.
Calm down, Jan.
Let me go.
You know if the tsunami didn't happen, I'd be in L.
attending college.
And you? I'd be [Nat snoring.]
Did you just fall asleep? Nat I love you.
Do you agree with me? A murderer should be punished, right? What do you propose? I wanna lock him up until the police find us.
You're lucky.
You're on the boat.
But I'm not lucky.
Not like you are.
You wanna take my place? [door opens.]
I was upset that I didn't see you at dinner.
May said to bring this.
That sound is causing your visions again, isn't it? How do you know? I don't know if it's coincidence Last time, when you woke up, the sound disappeared.
Is this cloth the same as your sketch? Where did you get it from? What is that picture? [Kraam.]
I don't know.
Who's that in the picture? My mother.
Who's this man? He has a knife like yours.
He He might be my dad.
"Might be"? Uh The person who raised me was my adoptive father.
You don't know what your real father looks like? THE PROMISE I GAVE YOU IS STILL CLEAR IN MY MEMORIES.
[pounding on door.]
- [Ant.]
Come with me.
- No! Where are you taking me? Jan? Shit.
Need to pee.
Huh? What the hell? Shit.
Look at this.
What the hell? How did we get here? [Arisa.]
Hey, over here.
Help me, please! Help me! - Someone help me! Please! - [Ant.]
Get up.
- [Krit.]
Please, please, let me go! - [Ant.]
Shut up! [Krit.]
Help me! Please, let me go! Help me! [Nat.]
Arisa! [Krit.]
Help me! [May.]
Jan, what are you doing? You have no right to do this.
I have no right? What right did he have to kill my brother? [Krit shouting indistinctly.]
You stay back.
Help me.
Or I'll cut your throat.

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