The Stranded (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

The Attack

[footsteps approach.]
[door opens.]
Nahm What's wrong, honey? Mommy, Daddy is dead.
He was hit by a car.
[automatic lullaby playing.]
It was just a bad dream.
It's not real.
Hey, sweetie! Who said I'm dead? I'm totally fine.
I'm here, sweetie! MR.
KAITKAMOL PHISUTPONGPANI DECEMBER 9, 1964 - APRIL 23, 2006 Hey, sweetie Come on.
Let's go say goodbye to Dad together.
Jan It's been a week.
You can't lock him up forever.
Who says I can't? You? I'm trying to reason with you here.
We're not savages.
I'm gonna hold him responsible his actions.
But can we at least give him something to eat.
Oh, we've fed him.
[flies buzzing.]
Those are leftover scraps.
What are you doing? He needs to eat real food.
You're torturing him.
He killed my brother.
Yes He might have killed him or maybe not.
But you shouldn't torture a person like this.
If something happens to Krit you'll be held responsible.
Krit, are you hungry? Someone brought you food.
Bon appetit.
Lin, Krit has been locked up - for a while now - I'm aware of that.
How do you think you'll handle this? That's something you're going to have to figure out yourselves.
But you're the only adult here.
At the very least, you should tell us what to do.
You were never like this.
The teacher I know would've helped us.
Maybe this is a good lesson for you all to figure things out for yourselves on this island.
Are you done? No.
Can I borrow your tape player, please? I think you should mind your own business, Nahm.
We've been looking for you.
I thought you were dead.
Oh, sorry to disappoint you.
She doesn't sound very grateful to me.
Look, I'm so glad that you two found me.
All right, then.
Let's head back.
We can tell everyone we found Arisa dead in the jungle.
So that I'll get her seat on the boat.
When did they draw all the names? The other day they did.
You've been out here for quite a while.
What do you mean? It's only been two days, guys.
- [laughs.]
- Did you hit your head or something? You've been gone for two weeks already! If it's really been two weeks, then I would be dead by now.
Maybe you already are.
Thanks for the chitchat.
Can you help me out now? Come on, hurry up.
I hate you.
Yeah, I hate you, too.
Careful, Nat.
Can I help you? What were you thinking about? My mom I don't know how she's doing.
Ying I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean to be such an ass.
You didn't deserve that.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Not really.
You've always been good to me.
And look how I treat you.
And, well, if you hadn't come for my graduation, you would've been with your mom now.
Okay, take my spot on the boat.
You should go home.
You know that there's no one waiting for me at home.
But you still have your mother.
She needs you.
She's waiting for you.
If I get to go back, I'll have to face some of the things I've done.
We'll be apart for a while.
You're a sweet boy.
I'm trying.
KRAAM [Kraam.]
You're still up? How's the boat going? It's almost done.
Final check of the sail rig and we can set off to sea.
I heard what you said earlier to Krit.
It seems like you don't want us to leave the island.
I don't care about the others.
I don't care who goes.
Except for you.
Did you know that the name of the island, "Pintu" means gate or doorway.
It waits for you.
Your way out is here.
You just have to find it.
Come on.
[thunder rumbling.]
May What's wrong? I'm fine.
Really? What is it? It's nothing.
I just need to be alone, please.
May We shouldn't have secrets.
What is that? May You can tell me everything.
Did you just find out? May It's sooner than we expected, but this could be really good for us.
I need to be alone, Anan.
I won't leave you here on your own.
I'll find a way to get you on the boat.
But we already drew Don't worry, May.
I'll find way to get you on the boat.
Once we get to the mainland - I'll take you to a doctor - Anan, listen to me.
You have to leave me alone now.
I love you.
Don't worry.
I'll get you a seat on that boat.
[door opens.]
Jumjim, can we talk? What's up? I I want your place on the boat.
I really want May to go.
I know your family has a lot of money.
- But if there's anything you need - I think you already know my answer.
But if you really want a seat, there are only two kids on the island who aren't rich.
So close.
Ouch! Ouch! My head! My head! [grunts.]
How much do you weigh? This was your bright idea.
You're almost there.
Just a bit more.
Climb up! Climb up! Oh! Got you! She's safe! How'd you do that? Don't be bummed that I'm the better climber.
You're just taller.
And stronger.
An average guy.
Who rescued you! - Wait.
Hear that? - I would've totally figured it out myself.
- You've been there for two weeks.
- Two weeks, my ass! It's only been a night! - You're crazy.
- [Gun.]
Hey! - What? - What? Hear that sound? [chime in distance.]
That! It's coming from over there.
It stopped.
Are we going the wrong way? But this is the only way.
I think we should go check it out.
ICE - YING Ying.
- Can I talk to you? - Mm-hm.
I I wanna buy your seat on the boat.
Can you sell it to me? Whatever the price, just let me know.
But you already have a seat.
Ying I have more money than Ice.
- Whatever you want.
- Anan.
Don't insult me.
I don't give a shit about your money.
Especially now.
Who cares? How much do you think your family money is worth here? You can keep your cash.
I'd rather go back home.
- Ying - What? We need to talk about Professor Lin.
I don't think Ms.
Lin I really don't care at all, Nahm.
And all I care about is preparing the boat.
I want to see my mom.
I'm sorry.
Mommy I don't want to do it.
Why? I'm scared.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
When the ceremony is over, you won't have bad dreams anymore.
What you have is not a bad thing.
You just need to be conscious of it.
If you stay aware, then you will see the truth.
FAITH YING Nahm What are you doing here? Did Professor Lin come up here? No.
How would she come here now? Kraam Promise me you'll keep your distance from her.
Hello! Is someone in there? [chime.]
Somebody's gotta be making that sound.
Let's go help them.
Come on.
Huh? Who could it be? [scoffs.]
I'm, like, afraid of the dark.
Wow, I guess it looks like I'm the only one with balls here.
[upbeat electronic music playing in distance.]
Who'd be playing music in a cave? Exactly And there is no electricity anywhere on this island.
What is this place? [Gun.]
I'm scared.
We should turn back.
[knock on door.]
May It's me.
Can I come in? Sure, come on in.
So, what's up? I have a gift.
So I guess boys just don't give flowers anymore? When I'm gone, you can use it to catch fish.
May What is it? I'm I've got something on my mind.
But I'm not ready to tell you yet.
Right, so I'll come and see you tomorrow morning before the boat leaves.
KRIT - MAY [upbeat electronic music playing.]
[people cheering in the distance.]
Shit! What the fuck is this? [group cheering.]
It's impossible.
But it's not.
Can't you see, this force is fucked up.
Joey! - He's alive! - Huh? Joey! [Nat.]
Joey! - You're alive! - Joey! Joey! What's wrong with you two? This much alcohol isn't gonna kill me! Joey! I miss you so much! [door creaks open.]
[somebody singing with echo.]
[group chanting.]
What you have is greater than you've imagined.
[door opens.]
May May Are you still awake? It's almost morning.
May I came to tell you I got you a spot on the boat.
We need to talk, Anan.
What is it? The baby [sniffles.]
I'm sorry, Anan.
I It hasn't been just you So, wait, you're saying it might not be my child after all? I don't know.
How the fuck not? How can you not know? I'm sorry, Anan.
It's fucking Kraam? I'm sorry.
[May screams.]
Why him? Tell me, why him? Fucking tell me! Of all the guys why the hell him? Are you that desperate? [May screams.]
After you fucked him, did you fuck me? [May sobs.]
You're hurting me.
What you did to me hurts a lot more.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
You didn't mean to? You fucked him and got pregnant.
How can you say that? Anan, stop.
- Come here! - Oh, no! Oh, no! No! [May grunts, then shouts.]
[May screams.]
Anan, stop it! After everything I've done, this is how you treat me? Huh? - Come here.
- Let me go! Get in! - What are you doing.
Anan, let me go! - No! I won't leave you with him! You're coming with me! - [boy 1.]
That's Anan.
- [boy 2.]
Wait! What is he doing? [Jan.]
He has May! What's going on? Help me! Jan! Help! What are you doing, Anan? Anan, I thought you said we were sailing at 10 a.
? Hey, guys, don't you wanna go back? Then come on.
Let's get this boat in the water now! - [boy 3.]
I'm going with you! - [boy 4.]
Me, too.
You guys can't do this! This isn't fair! I had a seat! I'm the only one who knows how to sail.
If you don't want to die here, then join me.
Anan, don't do this! You didn't fix the boat! [girl 1.]
What are they doing? Are they leaving with the boat? - [Jan.]
Ant, come back here! - [boy2.]
Jan, be careful! Stay back! [grunting.]
Shit! How come it's so weak! Didn't make me drunk at all.
- [clanking.]
- Hey, do you guys hear that? [Nat.]
Huh? Hear what? - [Gun.]
- [Arisa.]
That sound.
What sound? I can't hear it.
- [clank.]
- There it is again! [Nat.]
Who turned off the music? [Nat.]
What the fuck is going on? Something's wrong.
Oh, fuck! [Gun.]
Where's the flashlight Where's the flashlight, Nat? [Nat.]
Just a second! [Gun.]
Turn it on! I'm scared of the dark.
Hurry! Where is Gun? I swear I'm not drunk.
What was all that about? I don't know.
That sound again! That knocking sound is from here.
Is anyone out there? [clank.]
It's coming from over there! [clank.]
There's someone there.
We need to help them out.
[girl 1.]
Stop it! [Anan.]
Ant! Come help me! Push it! [girl 2.]
Stop, where you guys going? Hey, you [grunts.]
None of you have a seat on the boat! [chattering.]
Stop! Don't hurt him! - Get off of him! - Stay back! [Kraam.]
Ant! Calm down! Kraam! [Ant.]
Fucking fish-boy.
[all clamoring.]
Come on! What the hell are you doing? Are you guys totally out of your minds? We're all friends.
Anan No! Shut the fuck up! This is all your fault.
You shouldn't have been such a slut! Ant! Let's go! Get this boat in the water! Push it! Push as hard as you can! What the fuck, Anan? Ant, get in! [group laughing.]
JAN 2.
MAY 5.
K 6.
GUN 10.
ARISA - Kraam! - Kraam! [Ice.]
Come back! Fucking Kraam! Kraam, watch out! [Ant.]
What is that? [boy 1.]
Watch out! [boy 2.]
Kraam! [boy 3.]
Fuck! [Gun.]
The knocking stopped.
Hope they're okay.
I don't know.
Who is it? [clank.]
Professor Lin?
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