The Stranded (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

The Gate

1 Jan, I'm afraid.
We'll be okay.
Oh, my God! Ying, can you grab the gauze for me? Okay.
- Okay.
- Hold it here for five minutes.
Like this? - Will Ant be okay? - Does it hurt? He's out cold, he's probably dead.
He deserved to fucking fall.
Fuck you, Ice! - Can you take care of this for me? - Why are you worried about him? - He kicked you off the boat.
- May - Whatever, man.
- I can't stand the pain.
It hurts so much.
Please treat me first.
Hold on.
May, teach me how.
I'll help Ice.
Okay, thank you.
- Clean his wound - Fuck! Fire! Fire! Fire! - Fire! - Ant, calm down! Calm down.
- Our boat is wrecked! It's gone! - Look at me! - We're stuck here.
- Ant.
- We're stranded.
- You're okay.
We can't leave.
I want to go home.
I want to go home.
Are you okay? Careful.
This is the cloth we tied earlier.
We're walking in circles.
Twice at most.
At least three times.
Arisa, you really don't know the way out? You're a little late asking now.
Can't go left.
Can't go right.
Let's go straight then.
Wait, Nat! Hey.
Wait up.
Nat! Oh my God! Ants are biting me.
- Oh! Oh my God! - Wait up! Where are you going? - Ants! - Stop! Oh, my God! Ants! - Oh, my God.
- Hey.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I'm okay.
Huh? Hey, the fog is lifting.
Look! That's the termite hill! We're almost there! I heard that there isn't enough food left? That's right.
I have something to say to you.
Everyone! This is all Professor Lin's fault! She threatened us not to leave.
Or something bad would happen.
And now it has.
What the fuck? We almost died because of you! - Right.
- Yeah.
You were trying to steal the boat! Didn't you see her? She just stood there.
Watching the fireballs.
Get out of here.
All of you guys! So what were you doing there? Waiting for us all to burn? What's your fucking problem? Why are you blaming her? Back off! Let's calm down, guys.
- Everyone, listen! - We need to stick together.
- Hey! - We need to find a way out together.
Somebody give us a hand.
Everybody! Everyone! We found Professor Lin in the cave.
She's barely awake.
Get her some water! Huh? Hey, catch her! - She destroyed our boat! Hey, hurry! - Yeah! She's getting away! - Gun, put her down.
- Okay.
Quickly! Gently.
Kraam, don't let them hurt Professor Lin.
Why not? What about what you said? Where did you find her? In the cave.
I misunderstood.
She didn't do it.
If you want to understand your visions, you have to save her.
She disappeared.
So, what now? Ant, go that way.
All right.
Guys, this way! Follow me! Where'd she go? Let's go.
Let's go.
Go, go, go.
Lin Who the hell are you? And those fireballs Were you responsible? Before asking about me have you asked yourself who you are? What happened that night in your father's truck.
I'm sorry.
Your adoptive father.
What do you know? I know you survived, where your father died.
I know you've been asking yourself why.
But you still don't know the answer.
There she is! They're on the cliff! We found her! To the cliff! Let's go.
Calm down.
It's just a misunderstanding.
Misunderstanding, my ass.
If you keep defending her, - then you're on her side.
- That's right.
This is your last chance, Kraam.
Professor your lecture on psychogenic illness? Do you remember any of that? Of course you don't.
Because you're not her! Hey, stop it! Mom? Kraam Kraam! Jump down with me.
You must jump.
Then you will know the truth.
Or maybe you're not ready.
She's getting away! Get her! Stop her.
Stop her.
- Where is she? - Where is she? Kraam Kraam, are you okay? What they said outside is it the truth? That Professor Lin is I can't believe it.
Someone we thought we knew so well And then one day like we never knew them at all.
Dad, did Mom love me? Yeah.
If she didn't, why would she name you Kraam? What's that mean? Hm.
Well, Kraam is indigo.
The color of the sea.
She gave you this name because she loved you so much.
As much as all the water in the sea.
Grab a weapon.
Get that one.
Let's go! From now on, we can't let our guard down.
That's right! It pretended to be Professor Lin.
That's why we're also stuck here.
- Yeah! - Right! What has gotten into everyone? They're all acting like barbarian savages.
Aren't you afraid of the fake Ms.
Lin? Don't you think it could be a monster? She's not a monster.
If she was one, she would've killed all of us by now.
I agree with Nahm.
We shouldn't speculate or jump to conclusions.
We don't know if it can be killed or not.
We must stand united.
Work as a team.
Arm and defend ourselves.
And find a way to kill it before it kills us! - We must kill it! - Let's do this! She is still alive.
How do you know? Let's just say I do.
The person we should all be worried about is Anan.
Starting today, we have guard shifts to keep us safe.
Anyone who disobeys will be punished.
You guys, take whatever you want.
And burn the rest.
My father paid for this place.
So I'm moving in here.
What about Kraam's weird behavior when he was with Ms.
Lin? - I don't know either.
- You know? But I trust Kraam.
What? What kind of psycho would draw these? Something's really wrong with him.
Who is this woman? Must be the one disguised as Professor Lin.
They really are working together.
How can we rescue Kraam? They've got a guard stationed in front of the jail every second of the day.
Then we have to lure them away.
I know who might be able to help.
Rescuing him won't be hard.
But where are we going to hide him after? Wait, I know.
Yeah, I'll take this one.
Where did he hide his speargun? I'll look for it.
Everything that's happening is real, right? Trust me, I really wish it wasn't.
- Hey, wait, what if this is all a dream? - Huh? Why did you slap me? So that you would know that this isn't a dream? Who is it? It's just me.
Out of my way.
Hey Did you have fun out there? So much that I wanna cry.
Does your generator still work? This is a bad idea.
This plan won't work.
- It's not gonna work.
- It won't because you won't shut up.
Keep quiet or they'll hear you.
So do you think Professor Lin is dead or what? Oh, my God.
It's working! Jump on.
- What are you doing? - I'm biking.
You have a weak heart.
Let me do it.
- Go help May! - Let's go.
Anything? The bulb is on! Faster, faster! Hey.
Who the hell is playing a porno? Oh, wow.
- Hm? - It's dangerous there.
We'll go take a look.
You wait here.
- All right, - Come on, let's go.
- See you later.
- Let's go.
- I'm going, too.
- Hey! Kay is still on guard.
What are you afraid of? He's a wimp.
Where's May? May! Kay, please, just let me talk to Kraam? No, you can't.
Look, they're coming over.
Who set this up? Who the hell cares? I'm freakin' horny.
Don't watch me.
You have to leave.
It's really important.
Ju give me a second.
May, please go away.
What? Hey! Shit! Did I break his neck? Maybe Sorry.
I'm almost there.
I can't keep it up much longer.
Let me take over.
Get off the bike! Here.
Hold this.
I can't open it.
Damn it.
Let me! Hey! Shit You are so fucked! Come on! Run! Hey! You're not fucking leaving! Go away, bastards! They're getting away! Hey! Shit! Fuck! I've packed some supplies for you to take.
There's a raft for you down at the beach.
You have to hide on one of the deserted islands.
We'll send help as soon as we can.
Where are you, May! Where are they? Search that side.
You look surprised to find little old me here.
Forgive me for destroying your escape plan.
Anan, don't.
Let me ask again.
What the fuck do you see in this loser? I can't make you happy anymore? Fine.
Then I won't feel bad if he dies.
Because what you did is so much worse! Let's check the beach.
Hey! They're over here! Anan, don't! Ow! Come with me.
I'm really sorry.
Anan Let her go.
Then come and get her.
You already took her from me once.
It wasn't that hard, was it? Do you know how it feels when your girl fucks someone else? It hurts like hell.
It makes me feel worthless.
Like some worthless piece of shit! Anan just calm down.
You got her pregnant and now you want me to calm down? She didn't tell you, did she? She's carrying your baby.
So congrats! You're gonna be a dead father! Come on! You okay, Anan? Go catch them! Let's go! Over here! Come on! Kraam, this way! May! May! Can you hear me? May! Can you hear me? May! May! May can take care of herself.
She'll be all right.
The vision you showed me Is it really true? About my mother If you want to know the truth, follow me.
Traitor! The generator belongs to Arisa.
She helped Kraam escape.
She's in on it too, right? Pathetic! What are we gonna do with her guys? Come on, get her! As for May Let me handle this.
- No! You'll be too soft.
- Yeah! Put her in jail! She's a traitor.
And we're gonna deal with her.
Yeah, that's right.
She needs to pay for this.
I can't let that happen.
And why? - 'Cause you're siding with her? - No! May is carrying my child.
And so what's your plan? We'll send Ant's gang to track down those fucking traitors.
They will be punished.
Especially Kraam! Right! He's gonna pay for this.
We're gonna get him.
Let's go, then! Those who betrayed us must be punished! - Yes! - Agreed! Follow me! Did you know in this world there are secret underground gates.
These gates are all connected.
One of the gates is inside this cave.
My mother was here, right? Tell me, why did my mom kill herself? How can you be so certain of that? Your mom was trying to get you to that gate.
Do you want to know the truth? You must go and find it all by yourself.
Did he teach you how to shoot? You're a good shot.
Why are you doing this to me, Anan? You're gonna have to stitch my wound.
You You disgust me.
Would you rather I tell everyone that you're a slut who got knocked up.
Perfect, little May is just a lie.
How does that sound? Don't forget you're caring my child.
If one day I find out it's not mine I won't keep it around.
Don't be afraid.
Everything is gonna be okay.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Don't be afraid.
I will love you just like you're my own child until my very last breath.
Where are Nat and Gun? They went back to get their stuff.
They're not here? Should we wait for them, or not? I don't think we can't take the risk.
We have to regroup and then come back for May.
Come on.
Follow me.
Let's go, traitor.
You're gonna pay for this.
What do you want us to do, Anan? Now is the time for us to accept the truth.
We are ready to abandon all hope of being rescued.
So that means, we must also abandon all hope of leaving this place.
We all want to go home.
But right now, this is our home.
Help me build our new world.
A world that really belongs to us.
THE HIGHEST POINT IN THAILAND 2,565 METERS ABOVE SEA LEVEL Kraam? Joey? The deeper you go, the darker it is The more you search, the less you know What's deep down in their hearts Who really knows? The sea is vast, but who would know That at the horizon Where the water shimmers Who knows what you'll find Deep down below So many things are hidden In the distant sea The sea is vast without an end Indigo like the human heart It's deeper than we know Will you stay or go? Every day, everyone you trusted In the end, nothing as you imagined There's no beauty left Deep inside your heart Where no one has ever reached It's a dangerous place there Will anyone understand What's left inside my heart? The indigo secrets inside me Can anyone understand who I am? The sea and sky, a dark cruel beauty I only want someone Who can understand me Know who I am And is ready to move past The cruel truth
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