The Stranger (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- [WOMAN.]
She's gonna love it.
You all right with that? Yeah.
The police station's just around the corner.
See you tomorrow.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Oh, shall I add a balloon? [INHALES.]
Yes, a helium one, please.
You know where to tie it.
Bye, love! See ya.
- Oh.
- Sorry.
- No, it was my fault, 'cause I was - Hi.
How are you? It's "Heidi," right? Heidi Doyle? Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.
What is this? FindYourSugarBaby.
What? Well, it's a site for men with disposable income, and they're set up with sugar babies.
I'm sorry.
What is this? Who are you? How'd you know my name? The men are usually in their 40s to 60s.
They make a selection, and if the young women are interested, they, uh open negotiations.
Let's say the man wants to spend time with a woman five times in a month on particular days away from home when he's free, as it were.
He may offer her a thousand pounds a month, she asks for two, they settle on 1,300 and draw up an agreement.
It's all in there.
You can read all their correspondence.
It covers everything, - even non-insistence on condom use - All right, stop this.
Why are you telling me this? What do you want? Well, I want you to know what's going on.
If someone you love is lying to you, we think you deserve to know the truth.
After all those years of devotion, you've earned it.
It's your right to know.
I'll kill him.
- Sorry? - Ian.
My husband.
Twenty-three years I've been with that bastard.
We're not talking about your husband, Heidi.
What? We're talking about your daughter.
She's got three men on the go at the moment.
But listen.
Pay us 10,000 pounds in the next three days and no one ever hears of this, not even your husband, Ian.
Know what? I'm going to the police.
Yeah, you can do that.
Yeah, watch me.
I'm going to.
Yeah, of course you can.
But if you fail to pay, your daughter's FindYourSugarBaby pages, her pictures, her video clips, her name, everything, goes viral.
Her career is over before it's even begun.
And if she's vetted by an employer this'll pop up.
She won't even get interviews.
Ten thousand pounds.
It's all in there.
This monster's back in town Danger knocking at my door Don't come 'round here no more I check the locks Shut the windows down This monster's back in town [VOCALIZING.]
This monster's back in town [BIRDS CHIRPING.]
Hi, this is Corinne.
Leave a message.
- [BEEP.]
- Hey, it's me.
Come on, Corinne, we don't do this, do we? We talk.
This is so unlike you.
Just, um Just ring me.
Ring me so that I know you're okay.
Whatever this is, we can sort it out together.
Just call me.
- [RYAN.]
Oh, cheers.
- Oi! Ahh! Come on.
- Oh, Dad! - Ryan, grow up.
- [TOM.]
Dad, where's Mom? - Uh I don't know.
Maybe she went into school early.
- Are you going into work today? - Uh, yeah.
D-Day on the Killane case.
Meeting at the council offices.
Why? Just wondered.
See ya.
Yeah, bye.
Hey, um, maybe Mom's doing breakfast club this morning.
Uh Yep, she is.
She's probably in the school cafeteria right now.
Well, see you later, Dad.
Hey, Ryan, do you want a lift? - To school? - Yeah.
Okay, Dad's out all day so we'll come back later and get rid of the head.
Hang on.
He's leaving.
We can do it now.
No, no, can't.
I'm not giving my dad a lift.
Hey, wait! I want a lift! Oh, come on! Come on, you have to have seen me! 'Course he did.
Darling, who's gonna wanna give you a lift, dressed like that? Dressed like what? Usain Bolt wears these.
On Usain Bolt, fine.
On you just hope those in-built briefs are intact.
Not that you'd frighten the horses if they're not.
Oh, hang on.
Adam? Adam, is, uh, is Corinne still here? Only I'm looking for a lift.
Uh uh, no, she's not.
- No worries, I'll get a cab.
- I'm going that way.
- Really? - Yeah.
Oh, mate, I owe you one.
Farewell, my love.
Can I throw this in the boot? - Footballs? - Lunch.
Last night's chicken jalfrezi.
Best sandwich ever.
- Do you want one? - You're okay, mate.
- That stinks.
Stinks like heaven.
Oh, what time did Corinne go in this morning? - I didn't see her car.
- Yeah, I know, she Early bird.
She's doing the breakfast club.
I heartily approve, but 8:30 till 3:00 is enough for me.
That's what gets you "Teacher of the Year" award.
Eh? Where was she last night? What happened? Pupils give you the top prize and you don't show.
Watch me miss that.
Watch me get that.
Not prying or anything, you know, if I'm sticking my nose in just tell me to No, no, it's, you know, she's Stomach cramps.
Oh, mate.
Put me off my sandwich, why don't you? Right.
Let's see what you're listening to.
Wanna change my clothes My hair, my face Man, I ain't getting nowhere I'm just living in a dump like this There's something happening somewhere Baby, I just know that there is You can't start a fire You can't start a fire without a spark This gun's for hire Even if we're just dancing in the dark I need to talk to you.
This town Why do we have to know each other's business? Who told you? Told me what? What do you mean? Do you know where she is? Did she stay at yours? Who? Corinne.
She didn't come home last night.
I'm just covering her breakfast club.
Vicky, what is it? Not here.
I I don't know what to do, and I should, 'cause I'm her mom, and if I don't know Whoa, wait.
What are we talking about here? It's Ella.
- Ella? - The photos from Ella's phone have been posted online by someone.
Close-up photos of her privates.
- Whoa, okay, hey.
What do I do, though? You know, I've taken the photos down but if they've been shared, then they're out there, so how do I protect her? You say someone else posted these? Yeah, but they were sent from her phone.
Right, well, Ella's 14, so this would be considered child abuse.
You're gonna have to go to the police.
Ella says the photos aren't of her.
Someone's claiming they are, someone's done this to her.
Uh All right, look This is a family lawyer.
Why don't you give her a call first? Thanks.
And Corinne's where, sorry? She's not missed school since since she lost the baby.
I know that's not something I should just casually refer to.
It's fine.
Where is she? Uh That's it, I, uh I have no idea.
I don't know.
All I've got is this text saying that she needs time.
She texted me as well last night.
What, she texted you? What did she say? That she won't be in today.
Show me.
Show me.
I don't have my phone on me.
But it was just that.
That's what staff do when they need cover.
- I know you two have been having issues.
- What? I don't wanna get in the middle.
She said we've been having issues? Sorry, Vicky, Olivia's being sick, like, constantly and everywhere.
- [VICKY.]
I'll be right with you.
- Okay.
I have to go.
Vicky do you know something that I don't? No.
I don't.
It's okay.
Come, Olivia.
I'll call your mom.
Can you help out Dante? You guys helping out Dante? [PHONE RINGS.]
Good morning.
Definitely could be for you, yeah.
You've, um, had a gift-wrapped delivery.
Could be something edible.
Should I have a look? Thank you, no, leave it.
It's got a balloon attached.
Leave it, all right? Is this why you called? Oh, no, no.
Katz has just handed me the hospital toxicology report on Dante Gunnarsson.
I'm looking at him.
Okay, well, he must've been partying that night, because aside from the nine units of alcohol and cannabis in his system, he's also tested positive for MDMA.
Oh, has he? So much for the parental, "He only smokes home-grown weed in moderation.
" Maybe they're cooking up Mandy as well.
We need to find out what Dante was up to that night.
I'm heading to see how the tech team are doing with his phone.
Good, yeah, anything that lets us know where he was and who he was with.
We'll have to be quick so they don't miss us at school.
We could just take it down to the dump.
They've got CCTV all over that place.
What the fuck are you doing? [SIGHS.]
Oh, it stinks.
- [TOM.]
What the ? - That's a fucking llama! Alpaca.
Why have you got a llama head in here? Alpaca, actually.
Because after the rave the other night, this clown starts throwing stones at my window.
When I look out [LAUGHS.]
he's off his face more than you can believe, holding that up.
But why is it here? 'Cause he couldn't go home.
Really, you have no idea how bad he was.
- He had to stay here.
- Okay.
Why is it still here? That's what we're trying to sort, how to get rid of it.
Mike? What? What is it? [DISTORTED.]
What are you doing? [SHUDDERS.]
Bloody hell.
You both looked weird.
That was That was like the other night, like whatever I took is still in my system.
Like, someone must've spiked my drink or something.
No, I was in Crazyville.
Yes, from mixing weed and vodka.
I've seen you like that.
- No, never, not like that.
- Yeah.
I saw you have a go at Dante.
And I saw you going off with him.
Okay, can we deal with what we're gonna do with this head? - Oh no! - What? My dad.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! [DAISY.]
What is your mum doing? It's just some yoga gardening thing.
Well, my dad's gonna see us if we stay here.
Gotta get rid of that head today.
Hello, you've reached the Prices' family phone.
- If you'd like to leave a message for - Ryan! - Ow! - Oh, come on, please.
- Why do I have to be last anyway? - Because you're the little one.
But why have a landline anyway? [CORINNE.]
Boys! Boys! Very ! Ow! Hey! What are you doing?! Because it hurts, doesn't it? Exactly.
Now stop, please.
Come on, it's one little thing I ask you to do.
You've reached the Prices' family phone, if you'd like to leave a message for - Adam.
- Corinne.
- Thomas.
- Or Ryan.
you can do so after the beep.
- Beep! - [BEEP.]
- See? - Easy.
Now this, this is a family phone.
Because whether you like it or not, we are a family! That was great.
- Oh, stop it! - [LAUGHING.]
Oh, my God! [WOMAN.]
If I were you I'd run DNA checks on your two boys.
Sure, sure.
One moment.
Do you sell - DNA kits, testing kits? - We do, yeah.
What about the boys? - The boys? - Are they mine? - Are they mine? - Yes! How can you even ask me that? [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
There was this woman.
Suzanne Hope.
So she faked a pregnancy? - Hey.
- Hey.
What's up? Nothing.
I've just got a meeting with the developers at the town hall.
It's, you know, procedural, legal stuff.
Yeah, you told me.
This is the big one with the council.
Well, everything's in order.
So what's on your mind? I mean, it's nice to see you, but you didn't come here just to tell me nothing, did you? No.
Can you track down a woman for me? Suzanne Hope.
She's mid-to late 20s, probably lives within a 30-mile radius of here.
Who do you think I am? An ex-copper who'll do a better job of it than I will.
And not for nothing.
I'll knock today's meeting off the bill.
Nah, feed your kids.
Charge me.
Uh Suzanne Hope? What else do you know about her? She sometimes goes around pretending to be pregnant.
Like, eight months pregnant.
She wears a fake bump.
It's a friend of my wife.
So ask your wife where she is.
Okay, I'll see what I can do.
And you go and save my home.
- Hey - [JOHANNA.]
Just the person.
You know that little thing you sent to me? Does it come with a balloon? Oh.
What is it? 'Cause I haven't seen it yet.
You might wanna open that when you're on your own.
Why? No, never mind.
What are you doing tonight? 'Cause I want to see you.
I can drop in.
Well, not before 6:00, 'cause I'm on my way up to town.
Oh, you going to see Kimberley? Hoping to.
Well, great, listen, I just need to pick your brains later about something.
- Dante's phone.
- Oh, Heidi, I'm gonna have to go.
Where am I coming to tonight? House or café? Café.
Come to the café.
Okay, love, I'll see you about 8:00.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Have a look at this.
He's got this weird app.
It's a map without place names.
There's nothing, no road numbers, nothing.
But if you know the area That's around here.
Have a look at this.
Middle of nowhere.
There's a pin drop.
And less than a mile from where that alpaca was found.
There's a list of anonymous messages indicating there was something happening three nights ago.
"On our way.
" "Hunting you down.
" "I can see you.
" But nothing specific.
Yeah, so people like us don't know what they're on about.
Right, take us to the pin drop.
Do you wanna open that box with the balloon on it first? No thanks.
Why? Have you had a look? Of course not.
Ten years ago, cross-party councilors deemed this street as fit for slum clearance.
And now here we are, offering 240 highly desirable one, two and three bedroom apartments, twenty-five percent of which are for affordable housing, and yet, one one man his client, wants to derail a better life for 500 people for no better reason than his derelict home is his castle.
My client has rights.
The council issued a compulsory purchase order against him.
We will fight them and you and your company every inch of the way.
Because you have no intention of providing affordable housing.
Once construction starts, you'll claim that costs are rising and that this 25 percent will shrink to 20 percent and then ten percent This project is properly costed.
Well, thankfully, we may never find out if that's true.
Thankfully? What do you mean, "Thankfully"? The council needs this.
The country needs this.
More housing is everything.
A man without a home ceases to be a man.
You're just trying to make a killing.
I'm offering to empower 500 people for your single, solitary one.
Please, are you doing this pro bono? I don't think so.
So how much do you charge? Your annual income for the past three years, what's that? This is not about my salary Are we looking at a charity here or a successful lawyer? Think I can guess.
Adam, you got a moment? Why didn't you warn me? Why didn't you phone or text? I had no idea you owned that company.
- I'm a silent partner.
- Or not so silent.
Dad That street is where I grew up, - you know.
- It was a shithole then.
But some of my earliest memories are of that shithole.
Okay, look, I have I have feelings about the place too.
So don't just make a profit out of it, give something back.
Come on, Adam, you're being sentimental.
Who in their right mind would wanna live there now? Martin Killane.
I said, "In their right mind.
" Oh, come on.
I'm offering to improve the area.
How are Thomas and Ryan? If you ever called them, you'd know.
Yes, well, you may never experience this, but having a second family is very time-consuming.
They're your grandsons.
And my two boys are your brothers.
Half brothers.
When do you ever call them? - [EXHALES.]
- Mr.
Price, car's here.
Well, when all this is done, let's try and see more of each other.
All of us: Wendy, Corinne, the boys.
How is Corinne, by the way? What's she up to? Is she well? Yeah, yeah, she's fine.
Good, good.
I like Corinne.
She updates me about Thomas and Ryan every month, of course.
Hey, Mom.
Oh, are you all right? - Nice surprise.
- Yeah.
- How come you're here? - Thought you might have lectures.
Oh, yeah, I have one first thing.
Multicellularity and cell communication.
- Oh.
- How come you're here? Nice bag, isn't it? Yeah.
Is this a shopping expedition, then? - I suppose.
- Great.
Well, I won four numbers on the lottery last night, so lunch is on me.
Yeah, I'm taking you out.
Four out of six.
So I was thinking hundreds of pounds at least, maybe a thousand, but 62.
It still buys us lunch.
No arguments What if I told you I know exactly why you can afford it? And this, as in I know everything.
Mom, that's Listen.
That's literally just old men wanting to take young women out to dinner.
Nothing beyond that happens.
Oh, plenty happens.
And you've got three on the go at the moment.
What does that make you? - Who showed you? - Doesn't matter.
- It does matter.
- All right.
Never seen them before.
They stopped me in the street.
Why? Wanting what? Ten thousand pounds.
- What? - Or all this - [GROANS.]
- goes online for everyone to see, Kimberley.
I mean, it's hidden for now, but they've hacked the site.
And if I don't pay, where's your glorious future then? You wanna be a research scientist, forget it.
You wanna teach, you wanna get kids excited about science Employers screen everyone nowadays.
They're all over your social media, and this will be all over yours.
Oh, God, what have I done? Why? It just [STAMMERS.]
It got out of hand.
Why'd you have to do it in the first place? Because three years of uni gets you 60 grand in debt.
- Oh, go on.
- No, Mom, it's true, 60 grand.
Which you don't have to pay until you're earning enough.
And then it's nothing.
Nothing to you.
It's not nothing to me.
Oh, darling.
Mom, I'm so sorry.
Okay, it'll be all right.
I'll pay them, they'll get their money today.
From where, Mom? Oh, from the café, from the trip fund with Johanna.
No, you saved so long for that.
What, you think I'm gonna wanna do anything if this isn't fixed? Look, Mom, I will pay you back.
- Mom, I will.
- No, no.
No, no, no.
You promise me that this stops now.
I promise, it will never happen again.
- Just - Okay? Just please, please don't tell Dad.
All right, Dad will never know.
This never happened.
Okay? Oh, God.
Here, we wanna head this way.
Oh, party time.
Bonfire too.
This is the place.
The pin drop's here.
The alpaca was where from here? [SIGHS.]
A mile that way.
And we found Dante Gunnarsson ? That-a-way, quarter of a mile, so bonfire, alpaca Dante.
Looks like there were a lot of people here.
How come we got no complaints? [PHONE BUZZES.]
Dante's come round.
Right, we're gonna need a search team here while we go and speak to him.
I didn't know my dad was involved.
This is my home! He owns a lot of companies.
I didn't know he owned this one.
- Why, that piece of shit! - I know.
He used to be my neighbor! It doesn't make a difference.
The law is still on your side.
Him and his company are not gonna win this.
I certainly hope that's true.
Come on up here.
I found you your Suzanne Hope.
Well, found three of them, but only one of them was in her 20s.
I've never been up here.
Oh, what's all this? Oh, my wife.
Before she ran off, I couldn't stand them.
Then when she left, I kind of grew to like them.
Come on in here.
I still work on an odd cold case, missing persons.
Well If there's nobody to help you find a loved one, it's a pretty cold world out there not knowing why they've gone, where they are.
It's the worst.
So it's good to at least be able to give some of them a little hope.
Speaking of which, here you go.
Suzanne Hope.
An address, anyway.
- Thanks.
My youngest.
Hello, mate.
Has your mom called? No.
And I'm locked out, Dad.
I can't get in.
Where is she? I'm starving.
- What do you mean, you can't get in? - I don't have a key.
Mate, it's under the plant pot.
It's not there.
Okay, why don't you go over to Tripp's? Dad, I've got homework.
Three lots.
And my books are inside, and I'm hungry and I wanna go to the loo.
That's Tom's girl.
Excuse me.
- Dante? - Dante? Nurse?! - What's wrong with him? - Okay, don't panic.
What ? Don't What do you mean? I think it's best if [JOHANNA.]
Excuse me.
Excuse me, guys.
Can I have a word? Hi, I'm DS Griffin, this is DC Ross.
You're Dante's friends, right? You all go to the same school? - Yeah - We're not really friends.
I mean, we're not best friends.
We're his friends, he's our friend.
What are you talking about? It's okay.
It's okay.
He's in the right place now though.
While we've got you, do any of you know about a gathering the other night in the woods? Three nights ago, the night Dante was hurt.
- No.
- Sorry.
Dante took a fall.
He fell quite a way, which for us begs questions.
You know, was he on his own, or were others around maybe involved? 'Cause if there were, this could get serious.
Especially if he doesn't pull through.
What else can I tell you? - Toxicology? - Oh, yeah.
Dante had cannabis and MDMA in his system, so any of you know, does he do ecstasy regularly? I don't know.
Have you left your names? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Earlier.
- Yeah, earlier.
'Cause if we don't make enough progress, you ought to know we'll do a blanket drug test on Dante's friends, probably do it through school.
Okay, cheers.
You can't drug test the whole year.
I don't need to.
I've got what I want.
Did you see their faces? They're hiding something.
Where've you been? Hurry up, I'm starving.
- [ADAM.]
All right.
- What's for tea? Uh I don't know.
Should we get a pizza? Yeah, okay.
- Card.
Dad, card.
- What? - Card for pizza.
Oh, yeah.
No anchovies, right? Get one for Thomas as well.
- Hey.
- Hey, has she called? No.
No, nothing.
Well, look.
In case you thought I wasn't telling you something earlier That's her text.
"Won't be in.
" That was it.
You said you knew that Corinne and I have been having issues for a while.
- Well, something's been getting to her.
- What makes you say that? She's been tense these last few weeks, you know? Looking like, I don't know like you, now.
Have you called the police? And tell them what? She sent a message saying that she needed a few days.
You don't know why she said that? - Sorry.
- No, it's Did you call that lawyer about Ella? I'm worried that once I start the process, it'll run away with itself and make things even worse for Ella.
So, still thinking it over.
Hey, though, if you wanna come over anytime to talk or whatever, just come.
Oi, oi.
- Your secret's safe with me.
- [ADAM.]
Cheers, Vicky.
Daisy, want a lift home? - No thanks.
- What time will you be back? I don't know, Mom.
Not now, not soon, not late.
Oi! Hey, Mike, I was expecting a lift from you this morning.
Yeah, and I was expecting my dad to wear trousers.
Okay, I think I might have found a way to get rid of that alpaca head.
Yeah, no, shh.
"Urine tests show cannabis for 13 days.
" What about what it was I was spiked with? - At least you'll find out what it was.
- We know: weed and vodka.
Oh, f Daisy, why are you even here? I might have found a way to get the police off your back.
But if you're not interested Okay, so I'm thinking, we link it to this, which was five miles away, two months ago.
So We bury the head in the woods surrounded by satanic symbols.
Like this.
God's sake.
Look at this.
It's an erect penis, in case you haven't seen one before.
I'm on Dante's anonymous app, and these have just started moving.
It's like GeoZilla or Glympse.
It shows locations of friends, except this one doesn't show who you're looking at.
Maybe the colors tell you who they are.
Where was it from here? So we're close enough for the police to make a connection.
Further on.
Listen, babe, I'm here.
Yeah, I've gotta go.
I'll call you later.
I love you.
You, home, come on.
- I can finish this.
- Are you sure? Yeah, go home.
I'll do the accounts.
I like to do it.
- Hi.
- Yeah.
Sorry, I'm looking for Suzanne Hope.
You're looking for my wife? Yeah, but, um - She's not in.
- No, you don't understand.
Your wife knew my wife.
Corinne Price.
They met maybe - You fuck! - Fuck are you doing? - You fucking ! - [GLASS SHATTERING.]
Stop it! Stop! Stop! - Stop! - [ADAM GROANING.]
Stay away from my family! Do you hear me?! Get inside.
Get inside.
Suzanne! [KNOCKING.]
I just wanna talk to you about my wife.
- [MAN.]
Oi, I'm calling the police.
Call the fucking police.
- Hello, mate.
- Dad? Dad, come home now.
- Why? What's happened? - The police are here! [SIGHS.]
Uh, no, we're not open tonight.
Is this about Kimberley? Has something happened? - Your daughter's absolutely fine.
- Oh.
But we do need to talk about Kimberley.
Um I'm sorry, I didn't really see your ID.
I'm with the CCU, the Cyber Crime Unit.
- Cyber crime? - Yeah.
We're looking into a website called FindYourSugarBaby.
Oh, no.
Look, I don't think I should speak to you without a solicitor.
Doyle, we're not interested in your daughter.
As far as we're concerned, Kimberley's a victim in all of this.
Yeah, well, people won't understand that.
The second this goes public, her life is ruined.
Yes, but we will guarantee her anonymity.
You have my word on that.
I'm interested in finding the people that put this site out there, okay? People that are using young women like Kimberley, as bait for blackmail.
Which is something you know all about, of course.
Can you tell me how they first made contact with you? I was leaving here and two women approached me in the car park.
Two women? Yeah.
- How would you describe them? - Uh, they were young, 20s, pretty.
One had a baseball cap, one had blond hair.
It was just a setup.
Look, they gave me this.
Thank you.
How'd you know I'd been blackmailed? Oh, we spoke with Kimberley.
When? This morning.
Yeah, I'm gonna call my husband because I said I'd ring.
Can you not make phone calls until we've finished? Well, no, he'll think that's really odd.
If I don't call him now - Yeah.
- Would you give that back? - When we're finished.
- Give it back! [LOW MOANING.]
Think this will work? [DAISY.]
You bury the head, I'll make it look satanic.
Can you be quiet? Okay, tip it in.
What's actually wrong with you? I don't like the dark.
All right.
Close your eyes.
- It's still gonna be dark.
- Just breathe.
There you go.
Perks of having a small brain.
He's always been able to do that.
So the other night with Dante I mean - did anything happen? Did you ? - Shh! Turn the torch off.
What? [TOM.]
We spoke earlier.
No sign of your friends? Do you want Wes to take that? What's going on? You're gonna sit down, we're gonna continue our conversation.
- In your own time.
- Who are you? What do you want? You're gonna tell me everything about the two women who gave you that.
- No.
- No? You know why? Because I know you never spoke to Kimberley.
So get the fuck out of my café.
Be quiet.
Shut the fuck up or I will finish you off and then I'll go start with your Kimberley.
Thank you.
Now, tell me about the lady with the baseball cap.
Jason? What is it? What's wrong? [MAN.]
We need to know where Corinne is.
No one wants to take this further.
Go to your room, mate.
It's okay.
I'll be up in a minute.
Take what further? A substantial sum of money's been stolen from the football club.
We need to talk to her about it.
Just the man we need.

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