The Stranger (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 Finally, I'd like to toast the man himself.
The man who made my best friend smile again.
Aww! To Marcus Brookner.
Cheers! Michaela and Marcus! - Cheers.
- Woo! - Ha! - Uh! - I thought you were giving up.
- It's the '50s, Tina.
Everyone smokes.
Love you! That's a beautiful ring.
Marcus has taste.
Sorry, do I know you? I have to ask.
Did you and David break up before or after the video went viral? - What? - David Thornton.
Your boyfriend before Marcus, right? Is this some kind of joke? No.
- You've seen it? - Just for a few seconds.
I didn't watch it all.
I wouldn't.
I just had to make sure.
Yeah, it's me.
And had you and David broken up when ? When he put that video online.
It's called revenge porn.
Yeah, I know what it is.
But David didn't do it.
Did he send you? Look, I don't know the guy.
I've never had any contact with him.
- Michaela! - Do you think this is funny?! Everyone saw it, you know, everyone, not just a few perverts online.
My friends, colleagues, my parents.
No, I don't find this funny at all.
- Then why are you defending him? - He didn't do it.
Then who did? Your fiancé, Marcus.
He did it to break you and David up.
The porn site he used claims to keep the user's IP address anonymous.
But it's the Internet, Michaela.
Everyone leaves a trace.
It's all in there.
I know it'll take time to come to terms with it, but you'll thank me eventually.
Do you plan on telling anyone else? No.
Take the envelope.
The proof is all in there.
Now you can expose his secret.
You didn't reveal a secret.
You just created another one.
When Corinne does return home, can you ask her to come see me at the police station? What exactly is she accused of? Like I said, money's been stolen from the football team.
When? She wouldn't steal from anyone.
You know that.
She needs to answer that for herself.
Jason, Corinne's been handling that account for ten years.
There's never been an issue.
What makes you think she'd try something now? - An allegation's been made.
- Don't look good though, does it? Thousands missing from the pot, your missus goes AWOL.
- That money was for the boys.
- My son is one of those boys.
Lads, hey, we know that.
No one would accuse her of anything without knowing exactly what's going on.
Would they, Bob? No.
Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
So are you Are you gonna arrest her? That's not up to me.
I'm not here as a police officer.
Just a member of the football club, offering you some advice.
It'd be better all around if Corinne came down to the station.
So you're not gonna arrest her? Well, then, you and I both know that she's not obliged to go anywhere or do anything.
I'll let her know you came by.
Good night.
Don't know about you, but I could murder a beer.
There you go.
Do you wanna tell me what's going on? Corinne and I had a row.
Trouble in the bedroom? She's gone, mate.
What do you mean? She said she needed more space, which I'm happy to give, but she's killed all contact.
And now they're saying this money's been stolen.
Did she say anything? Something that might help you find out where she is or why she went? She said "Maybe we need some time apart.
You take care of the kids.
Don't try to contact me.
We'll be okay.
Just give me a few days.
" Listen.
You know Corinne better than anyone.
She's not capable of stealing any money.
Is she? Sorry, mate.
I've gotta go.
Daisy? Everything okay? No, not really.
Who was that guy? Why did he chase us? Have you heard from Mike? I've been calling him.
I've got no idea where he is.
When did you two sneak in? What's that? I fell over.
Do you think that policeman will come back? What? Mr.
From football.
He came looking for Dad.
Do you think he'll be back? I don't know, mate.
It's not about us, is it? I don't know.
I think you should go.
Let me handle this.
All right.
Corinne, I've just had the police here.
They're saying that money's been stolen from the team.
Love, please.
I can't help you if you keep shutting me out, okay? Just call me.
Come on, sit down.
Look, I know the last couple of days has been a bit confusing, but there is nothing to worry about, I promise.
The police just wanna talk to Mom, and it makes sense, doesn't it, if if money's been stolen, then they have to consult with her.
- She's the treasurer.
- Where is she? She's um gone to another teacher's conference.
- Again? - Why? Look, I'm just telling you what she told me.
Maybe something to do with the new exam criteria, I dunno.
What do we do in the meantime? Come on, mate.
We can muddle through for a couple of days.
I'm not completely useless, am I? Not completely.
Oh, thanks.
I'm honored.
How about a bit of my famous spag bol? What makes it so famous? Heidi, call when you get this.
I'm about to send you a link to a 17-day spice trail through southern India.
There's bike riding, hill station trek, and daily cookery demonstration.
So we can have a proper look at it tonight.
India? Oh.
Thinking about it, yeah.
With Phillip? Phillip and I have separated recently, actually.
I didn't know that.
I'm sorry.
No, it's fine.
Honestly, don't worry about it.
So who are you going with? Just a friend.
Good friend, I hope.
Sorry? Well, you know, you gotta have the right travel buddy.
You'll be kicking yourself, you take the wrong person.
All that annual leave up the spout.
Blow that.
I'm retiring soon so I can do what I like.
Besides, we did a week of torrential rain in a caravan in Llandudno.
That was the best holiday I've ever had, so I think we'll manage.
Fair play.
Thank you.
Johanna, Mike Tripp's booked in.
The dad's here.
All right.
We're all set.
So, how did a bag covered in blood come to be in your possession, Mike? You should be thanking him.
People use those woods like a fly tip.
It's a disgrace.
Once again, Mr.
Tripp, your role is not to answer questions on Mike's behalf, but to assist if he doesn't understand the question.
Do you understand the question, Mike? - Yeah.
- Good.
So the bag was carrying a significant amount of blood.
Now, we've sent that off for forensic examination, but you'd be saving us a lot of time if you told us where it's from.
For the benefit of the tape, I'm presenting Mike with photographs from the crime scene.
This alpaca was taken from a local breeder three days ago, before being decapitated.
Take a look.
I don't think either of us believe that you were strolling through the woods at night, doing a bit of selfless litter collection.
Oh, come off it.
Look at him.
He's not capable of ripping that thing apart.
What about these? Looks like there was a party.
There's evidence of drug misuse.
Both of these were taken less than a mile from where Dante Gunnarsson was found.
He's now on life support in Cedarfield Royal Infirmary.
And if he dies tomorrow this becomes a murder investigation.
And right now, you are the link in all of this.
Or we could just press on and take some DNA samples.
Okay, fine.
I was there.
I scored some hash.
Everyone did.
I lost a baggy and I just thought someone might've dropped it in an empty bin or whatever.
So I just wanted to take the bag home to have a proper look.
That all makes sense.
- We'll get going.
- Oh, sit down, Mr.
What about Dante Gunnarsson? Do you remember seeing him that night? Saw him about, yeah.
Notice anything strange about him, about his behavior? No more than normal.
Well, what does that mean? I don't wanna badmouth him, he's ill.
Go on, it's okay.
Well, he's a twat.
Sorry, but he is.
He's always filming people and he gets on everyone's nerves.
It's not just me.
That's enough.
He's a minor.
We're done here.
He's not under arrest.
All right.
Interview terminated at 22:33.
He's no different from his old man.
I used to be into acid house.
Spent the best part of the '90s with eyes like dinner plates.
- Stories I could tell you.
- Right.
Withholding information is a serious crime which could lead to a custodial sentence.
DC Ross will see you out.
Good night, Mr.
Follow me.
That kid was shook.
He's what? Shook.
- Shitting bricks.
- Good, he should be.
Get one of the boys to update the file.
- Where are you going? - Um I'm going home.
You can stay if you want.
And we'll drop by the Gunnarssons' first thing.
You bring the coffee.
Hi, Heidi.
Sorry, I know we were supposed to meet, but work's gone mental.
I could pop around tomorrow night if you want.
You're not pissed off at me, are you? Anyway, hope you're all right.
Give us a call when you get this message.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Oh, gross.
Mom, halls of residence for uni, I need to pick one by tomorrow.
Thanks for tidying up.
Where's Mike? Shouldn't you two have left already? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, he's probably ill or something.
- Was this you? - Someone had to.
Did you do the laundry as well? I wouldn't touch your crusty pants for a million quid.
We'd like to see if there's anything in Dante's room that can help us figure out what's happened.
I haven't been in this room since.
It's okay.
There's no rush.
How is Dante doing? They wanna take him in for surgery after the seizure.
He's in an induced coma for now.
Well, we won't take up too much of your time.
Come this way.
We wanted to ask, how was Dante before the incident? Did he talk about being unhappy at school or No.
He's popular, well-liked.
He's got a channel on YouTube, three thousand subscribers.
He didn't seem to have any problems.
No, if there was something wrong, he would have told us, I'm sure of it.
Sorry, I have to go to the hospital.
You're more than welcome to look around while I pack things.
Thank you.
Oh, um, I don't suppose we can access his computer.
Go ahead.
We all have the same password: Shamanicsoundbath97.
Look here.
She was at the hospital.
- What do you think? Girlfriend? - Hmm.
That'd be creepy.
Go on, son! Well done, mate! Take a look at this.
He's got a lot of videos of her.
All right? Did you get a lift off Mike? No.
I've been texting him all night.
He hasn't answered.
Have you heard from him? If he's not answering you, he's not about to call me, is he? You sure he wasn't at assembly? No.
Listen, I I need to tell you something.
Are you guys talking about Mike? - Why? - Haven't you heard? He's been arrested.
What? Think it was something to do with the party? Come on.
In here.
Don't get angry.
I spiked him.
You what? At the party, I I laced Mike's drink with some dust.
Dust? What, like PCP? - I didn't think he'd hurt anyone.
- That stuff's lethal, you know.
- He deserved it.
- Why? He put nudes on the Internet and said they were of my 14-year-old sister.
That was Mike? How'd you know it was him? Trust me, I know.
Makes you wonder what else he could be capable of, doesn't it? No.
No way.
Look, I've been friends with Mike since I was, like, two.
He's done some pretty dumb shit, but he's not a bad guy.
The alpaca head, okay, yeah, maybe, if he was really out of it.
But attacking Dante He's been arrested, Thomas.
And if Dante dies does that make me, like an accessory to murder? - What are you doing? - Sorry, Miss.
The bell rang ten minutes ago.
- What is going on with you two? - Nothing, Mom.
You stay away from my family! You hear me? Corinne? Hello, Adam.
What do you want? I just got off the phone to my man Parth.
Poor you.
We're a step closer to finalizing the compulsory purchase order.
Oh, you made a really impressive case yesterday, but this contract now has full council endorsement.
We are benefiting an entire community here.
You do know we're in the throes of a national housing crisis? Those apartments start at half a million for a studio.
Oh, come on, Adam.
Have you seen the kind of comp we're offering him? Killane could afford to buy up an entire floor.
I know this is hard for you to get your head around, but not everyone can be bought.
Can we get past this? Past what? Oh, your wounded animal act.
- What? - I get it.
I didn't teach you to ride a bike when you were six.
You think I'm a terrible father.
I get it.
Let's move on.
This has got nothing to do with that.
Well, why do you think Killane hired you? He knows I'm on the board.
That's why he picked you.
What? I've gotta go.
Hey! Hi.
Sorry I'm late.
Oh, it's lovely to see you.
- Nice to see you too.
- You feeling better? I'm good.
I am tired though.
Hey, guys.
There was this woman, Suzanne Hope.
So she faked a pregnancy? You on a stakeout? Sorry? The baby group.
Don't worry, they do have the odd man drop in.
First time dad, right? Is it that obvious? - Yeah.
- Can I get a flat white, please? Coming up.
Sorry, can I get a honey lemon, please? - Be right with you.
- Thanks.
Suzanne? - Excuse me.
Get off! - Wait.
- What are you doing?! - I didn't mean to hurt you.
My wife, Corinne, Corinne Price, she's missing.
So was that your husband that I met the other day? Yeah.
Why did he react like that when I mentioned Corinne? Corinne thought I should leave him.
Well, maybe she had a point.
Look, I haven't seen Corinne in a long time.
How long? Oh, two, three years.
So you haven't seen her since ? Since she figured out I was lying about my pregnancy? No.
But see, she was always nice to me.
Like, she understood.
Yeah, I'm sure she did.
What do you mean? Corinne faked a pregnancy.
I see.
How many times have you done this? I've lost count, to be honest.
I can't have kids.
Initially, I just wanted to know how it would feel.
You know, I was actually planning on sending it straight back.
But I thought, "I'll just go for a little walk.
Try it out.
" And straightaway, like, as soon as I opened the door, it was like people were seeing me for the first time.
I mean, they held open doors, offered me their seats, asked me how I was feeling.
I had friends.
And yes, I know how mad that must sound, but Do you see what I'm saying? Hey, it's not easy for me to form attachments to other To anyone, actually.
You've met my husband.
Does he know about this? No.
You know, I actually had to pay someone off once, just so he wouldn't find out.
Yeah, she threatened to tell my husband unless I gave her five grand.
I mean, it was all my savings, but I couldn't risk it.
You were blackmailed? Yeah.
But it wasn't just about the money.
This woman was weird.
- What woman? - It's like I had personally offended her.
What did she look like? Shit.
I'm sorry, I have to go.
- Wait.
- He knows I'm not at work.
Suzanne? Don't you ever go to work? I need you to help me find someone.
Again? It's my wife.
This woman finds out intimate, personal secrets and then threatens to go public.
Suzanne Hope said she blackmailed her, five grand.
So you think this woman blackmailed Corinne and she stole the football money to pay her off? I know it looks that way, but no She wouldn't, no way.
And, um, this text she sent you, what exactly did it say? Uh, that she needs some time away and not to contact her.
I know, I know.
Women leave, Adam, and sometimes they don't come back.
Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to pick at old scars.
Your wife Just right now, I I just don't know anybody else that can help me.
Never mind that.
It's too late for me, my ship has sailed.
But that doesn't mean we can't help you, does it? So where did this woman first approach you? At the football club.
Hello, Max.
Don't shake.
Oh, right.
There's no matches today.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
Actually, um I was wondering if you could help me with something else.
I was here the other night.
Saturday, 18:15 till 20:53.
Uh, there was a woman in a gray Honda.
I remember.
With the blonde lady.
Yeah, yeah.
Um Anyway, she scratched my car as she left, and I didn't get her insurance details, so I don't suppose you took down her number plate? Oh, yeah, I've got record of it.
Can I have it? Two hundred quid.
What? She scratched your car? - Yeah.
- What, that one? Uh-huh.
I've been working here 14 years, pal.
Nothing gets past me.
If she scratched it, I would've twigged.
Max You want that number plate for a different reason.
All right, 150.
Look, that's that's all I've got.
That will do.
- N-C - Wait, wait, wait, hang on.
Go on.
Cheers, Max.
How's that lovely wife of yours? Haven't seen her in a while.
- She's been away.
- Oh.
I like her.
It's a rental car currently hired by one Ingrid Prisby.
Not easy to trace a rental car, you know? Hey.
- Yeah, her, it was her.
- Get off.
Well She's in admin at an Internet startup.
Uh What is it? This page hasn't been updated in over two years.
My guess is that she doesn't work there anymore.
Calm down.
I know a guy who owes me a favor.
I could ask him to run a check on her, see if she's got any form.
It'll take a couple of days.
Can't you tell him it's an emergency? Your wife getting the hump is not an emergency.
The reason I can ask for favors is because I don't take the piss.
Can I ask you a question? Will you be honest? Sure, go ahead.
Did you know my dad was on the development board when you hired me? Is that why you hired me? What are you talking about? 'Course not.
And you're absolutely sure you wanna fight this? Because there's a lot to like about the offer.
- Big money.
- I don't care.
That's not what it's about for me.
I raised my child here.
I know it's a shit heap, but after my wife leaving this is all I've got.
Besides what am I gonna do with a wine fridge or 24-hour gym? Fair enough.
Sat nav.
You what? Her car.
Some of these rental cars have a black box system.
Which means you can trace it, right? Are you suggesting that I hack a private tele-monitoring system? How long? Put on the kettle.
You don't fancy a drink later, do you? Heidi's been ignoring me all day.
God, scraping the barrel.
No, I didn't mean it like that.
Sorry, can't.
Second date.
Second? Blimey, that's bordering on stable.
It's just a drink.
Can cancel if you want.
No, don't be daft.
Should get on it, you know.
- What? - Tinder.
- Oh! - Why not? You're a good-looking woman.
- I'm far too old for that.
- Bollocks.
Everyone's on it, even weirdos like me.
- Right, I'm on lunch.
- After that? That was just a mere appetizer.
- Bye, love.
- Mmm.
- Hello? - Hi, Ian.
It's Johanna.
Is Heidi around or ? Oh, I'm not home, I'm afraid.
I'm in Paris.
Oh, I'm sorry, love.
I've forgotten you're away with work.
How's Paris? Far too hot.
I'm back later this afternoon.
Do you want me to ? No, no, I'll catch her later at the café.
- Okay.
- Okay, love.
- All right, then.
- Take care, bye.
Speak to you later.
- Brickfield Cottage, South Moorcroft.
- What? I couldn't hack the system but I found the car.
Ingrid Prisby is in South Moorcroft right now.
- Get out! Get out of my house! - Shit! - Okay Who are you?! - Who are you?! - Okay, look, stop! I'm not gonna hurt you! - What do you want?! I'm trying to find my wife, Corinne! - I'll call the police! - There was, um a car here earlier, a gray Honda.
Did she send you? - Who? Who's she? - That woman.
No, nobody sent me, okay? I'm just trying to find the driver of that car - and her friend.
- Why? Because I thought that she might be able to help me.
She had access to, to personal information about my family.
- So I'm not the only one? - Wait, what do you mean? Uh Well, I take it this personal information wasn't particularly welcome.
What did she do to you? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, okay? Okay, uh Last year, yeah my ex-boyfriend, David, he leaked a very graphic, private video of us online.
It went viral.
It was categorically the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
But I left him, I moved on, and I got engaged to his friend Marcus.
Uh, everything was fine until that woman crashed my hen do and told me it was Marcus that leaked the tape.
And he let David take the blame.
So, why did she come to you? Was she blackmailing him? What? The woman, did she blackmail Marcus? He refused to pay and so she told you everything? No, it wasn't about money.
Uh She never asked for a penny off him.
No, just hear me out.
Are you thick or what? I'm not interested in anything you have to say.
You should be, 'cause you have no idea! You have no idea how many lives I've seen destroyed by selfish, evil people like him.
Are you really gonna marry this man? Look, I don't usually do this.
But I'm speaking from experience.
My mother married the wrong man and it cost me my entire life.
Is that what you want for your children? Do you know where they went? No idea.
She left after I told her I'm not leaving Marcus.
You're still gonna marry him? Well, you don't think I'm doing this shit for fun, do you? I wanna look good for my wedding day.
No offense, but he sounds like a psycho to me.
Well, there's a fine line between love and madness.
I don't expect everyone to get it.
Get what? Marcus did what he did because he wanted me for himself.
He was desperate to be with me.
Who doesn't wanna be loved that much? So madly, so passionately, that they'll risk everything.
Does your wife love you that way? I love you so much.
Anything from Mom? No.
Just, um It's a phone bill.
If you knew where she went, you would tell us? Thomas, I have told you.
Look, mate I was gonna order something for dinner.
What do you fancy? Why can't you just be honest with me? Has Mom called you? No.
You? No.
I don't get it.
She always wants to know where we are.
- Give me your phone.
- Piss off.
I'm being serious.
Remember last year when you bunked off school to go to that charity football game? Yeah.
Mom knew where you were 'cause of that messaging location app.
You took it off your phone, but if we downloaded it again, we could find out where she is.
Well? What the ? She's two miles away.
In town.
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