The Stranger (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Lunch, Melissa.
- Parth, I just got your email.
- Mr.
Price, I need your No, I do not agree with this analysis of the situation.
- The developer has set a timetable.
- Well, that timetable isn't And we will be sticking to that timetable, come hell or high water.
Price, the schedule in our agreement Parth, you're wasting your breath, and my time.
There's been unexpected delays.
Redraft the email.
And a flat white, please, extra warm.
And a flat white, please, extra warm.
- Everything okay? - Sorry? Nothing.
Forget it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
May I? I'd rather you didn't.
- Okay, so, you know what? I'll just - I know all about you.
Meaning? You're what they used to call a "ladies man.
" - A shagger, likes to put it about.
- Christ.
Sit down, Mr.
You'll wanna hear this.
The affairs you've had over the years it's caused a lot of pain.
- A lot of unhappiness.
- Who are you? Just someone who knows.
- Who sent you? - No one.
No one? Oh, because I don't know you, you certainly don't know me.
I know enough.
What do you want? Nothing.
Then I think we're done here.
You have a child.
From one of your many affairs.
What? I have proof.
It's a baby.
- Could be anyone's.
- It's yours.
With whom? With which woman? So many, you can't remember.
If you're looking for money, you're gonna have to do better than that.
Who is it? Is it a boy or a girl? I'm gonna have to meet this child.
Wait! Johanna? Hi, this is Phillip.
Leave a message and I'll call you back.
Shit, shit, shit.
I'm fine! I'm fine! I need to be on this case.
- Don't tell them I know her.
- Okay.
Shit! Shit! Shit! I showed Katz a photograph of us on holiday.
It's okay.
I'll speak to him.
You won't say anything, all right? I'll get it! - Hey, mate.
- You lied to me.
- What? - Why did my wife call you? I'm just popping out! Glad to get out, actually.
Cat's been sick, vomiting everywhere.
Too much cheese.
Tell 'em over and over, - "Don't feed it gorgonzola.
" - Tripp? - She called me, yeah.
- Yeah, it lasted three minutes.
You've done your homework.
How'd you know? Funny response.
Checked the phone records.
So why did she call you? You know why she called me.
The stolen money thing.
Yeah, the stolen money thing.
Wait, no.
The last time we spoke, you looked me in the eye and you told me she would never do that.
I lied to protect you, as a mate.
So what did she say? She said she needed more time.
I told her that she'd done a lot of stalling.
Stalling? What do you mean? Well, people know and that she had to confront it.
Why didn't you come to me? You should've said something.
- Wanna know why I didn't tell you? - Yeah, I do wanna know! Because Corinne told me not to.
She didn't want you knowing.
I'm sorry, Adam.
She called me.
- She asked for more time.
- Did you give it to her? - No, I didn't.
- Why? Because it needed dealing with.
Adam, nobody wants this to be happening.
But let's face it, mate, she's got herself Tripp, just ask yourself, why would she do this? We don't need the cash.
Well, not so much that she'd risk everything.
- She begged me for another week.
- Okay.
She said that she had a way of proving she was innocent.
- Did you believe her? - No.
Why could you not just give her the extra fucking time? - Mom? - Oh, hello.
- Uh, Ryan? - Thomas.
It's Granddad.
Hi, Granddad.
How are you? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
How's tennis? Do you still play tennis? It's more more football, really.
Right, football.
Um I should come and watch you.
Which team is it? Can you tell by the blood splatter - how close the killer was stood? - Close.
Point blank, really.
Through the knee caps, forehead.
So it could've been someone known to her.
Or a robbery.
There's evidence to suggest a robbery.
Forced entry at the rear, the till's been cleared.
But in contradiction, she was still wearing her wedding ring, her phone was still here.
Too many high value items not taken.
We should find out where the husband was.
She's been shot.
So? I don't see a domestic dispute being settled with a gun.
Stranger things have happened.
It's not the husband.
It could be anyone.
But best guess is someone tried to make it look like a robbery.
So she was surprised.
Or she invited them in and then they produced a weapon.
But who brings a gun to a cake shop? We need to talk to people who were here that day, find out if there were any disagreements, any problems with anyone.
- Who's looking at CCTV? - I'll do it.
Phone me if it throws light on anything.
I need to go speak to the family.
And ask the husband if he did it.
Where's Mom? I've told you, she's away.
What do you mean, away? She's at a teacher thing.
Have you boys eaten? - This is crap.
- Hey.
Teacher thing? She was just at a teacher thing.
So why isn't she calling us back? - Are you two splitting up? - What? No.
- So why were you arguing? - When? - The other day, in the garden.
- We have a right to know.
Boys, your mom and I have lives.
Big surprise, we occasionally yell at one another.
So where is she? - I told you.
- You're fucking lying! Hey! Do not use that language in this house.
Teacher thing? Another city? So why is her phone two miles away? How do you know that? Tracker app from when you first gave me a phone.
Which you uninstalled.
Mom put it on her phone.
It was only fair I could see where she was.
So she didn't delete it? We put it back on my phone, - logged in - Show me.
So you gonna tell us what happened? Why she isn't here? Are you sure this is up to date? Yeah, I refreshed it.
Ah I really need to reach her.
Get yourselves some dinner.
- No chance.
We're coming.
- I'm gonna take your phone Dad, we're coming.
What are you doing here? Small matter of my house being knocked down.
- You're not answering your phone.
- Don't have time.
We're off to get Corinne.
- Right.
- Yeah, she's, uh just across town.
- Apparently.
- Right.
I'll come with you.
Left here, then half a mile.
I can't go left.
It's a no entry.
You got a girlfriend? No.
Nah, me neither.
They're nothing but trouble.
Last one gave me an ulcer.
By the way, Granddad rang.
Oh, yeah? What did he want? Says he wants to talk.
- Hang on.
- What? - It's moving, she's going somewhere.
- Where? - Well, how should I know? - Which direction? Wait, speed up, you might catch her.
It's away from us, towards town.
If she's going this fast, she must be in a car or a bike.
Whose car is she in? Uh Maybe she's getting a lift or something.
To where? Town.
She's going up the hill to Ryecroft.
- Ryecroft? - What about it? Well, that's a station.
- Yeah, that direction.
- Do you think she's getting a train? God, I hope not.
- Which platform? - I don't know.
- Let's each take one.
- Dad, there are five.
Me and Martin will do one and two.
You do three, you do four.
- Anything? - No.
She's not in the café.
Any joy? Nothing.
You? What does the app say? Uh - No movement.
- So she's here somewhere.
Okay, there's a train on my platform.
It looks like there's one on platform five.
On my way.
God! Sorry! Mom? Looks like she stopped at Harpurton.
What now? She's not moving.
Why would she get off at Harpurton? Does she know anyone in Harpurton? Where's Harpurton? What's the tracker say? She's not moving.
Look, it's not even streets.
What is that? Fields? Why would she be in fields? I'm sure there's some rational explanation.
Come on, let's go.
Is she still there? - Yeah.
- How close? Top of here, then right.
- Ryan.
- Ryan! Mom? Mom? She's not here.
It's just a bridge.
It's just a fucking bridge! Mom! Well, what's the app say? Here.
Ryan? Ryan? Ryan? Ryan? Ryan, stop! It's here.
Why's her phone here? Oh, God.
She hasn't Ryan, no.
No, no, no! Don't even think about it.
- Why is it there, Dad?! - Listen, there's no reason to think that.
Look, your mom would never ever do that.
She'd never leave you.
Thomas, tell him.
She wouldn't.
- Why there? - Somebody probably found the phone and just dumped it there, okay? - I don't get it.
- Look Look, your mom texted me to say that she just needed some time to herself.
- Just some time alone, but this - Dad, I don't get it.
No, she'd never do that.
Come here.
It's all right.
We'll find her.
We'll find her.
Think I should go to the police? And say what? "My wife just asked for some time to herself and now she hasn't come home.
" The phone on the bridge.
Adam, we were right behind.
We would have seen something.
There's no way.
Unless What? You think she might be trying to fake it? - Would she do that? - No.
- No.
- All right.
Well, the next question is who put it there? Hello.
Can I come in, Ian? How do I tell Kimberley? How do I do that? I can help if you like.
And say what? Murdered? I mean, it's not an accident, is it? Not something unavoidable.
Someone wanted to hurt her.
I could, uh I should go over.
She's at uni.
Maybe I should go over.
Why would anyone do this? That's that's what we've gotta find out.
Um Initial thoughts are some kind of robbery, but that might not be correct.
I'm so sorry, Ian.
All I can say is we'll find them, we will.
We'll get the bastard who did this.
Jo, I've just heard.
Come home.
There's tea in the pot.
And I made some scones earlier.
If you're in a scone-y kind of mood.
Oh, and fresh cream.
No point without the cream, is there? And jam.
Do you want the scone before or after the hug? You've lost your closest friend.
But I'm here.
Husband, mate, it doesn't matter.
You're home now.
Let it out.
It's okay.
Don't answer my next statement with "I can't.
" You're not gonna suggest sex, are you? Take some time off.
I can't.
I really can't.
Jo, you shouldn't be anywhere near this case.
You're emotionally invested.
Just go in and tell them and ask for a fortnight away.
Jo Grieve.
Stay at home.
And grieve.
I can't.
Trust me, there's nothing to this.
So where is she? I don't know.
She never does this, Dad.
Just goes.
Ignores us.
Look, I know you're worried, but Mom just needed some space.
From you.
Not us.
Why isn't she answering our calls? I don't know.
Come here.
It's here.
Why is her phone here? Shit.
It's been a long while.
It has.
How's things? Things are fine.
How's work? Busy.
Lots of clients.
You didn't come for small talk.
Beer? - Lunchtime? - That never used to stop you.
So So Look, Adam, you calling was I can't really handle a big thing here, so you wanna just tell me what you want? Did my wife ever call you? Yeah, she did.
When? When do you think? When we were A couple of years ago during the case.
You never told me.
I wonder why.
Look, what difference does it make? It's all way back.
What did she say? She knew you'd been to my house.
Uh, what else? She wanted to know why you were there.
What did you tell her? That it was work.
Did she believe you? What do you think? But you told her it was nothing.
It was nothing.
Professional people get close.
It was a tough case.
It happens.
Yeah, you tell yourself that.
- What's that supposed to mean? - For Christ's sake, - what am I doing here? - Sally.
You wanted it as much as I did.
You were standing right on the line.
We could be sitting here now as a fucking couple, Adam.
And we agreed to step back.
Oh, yes, we did.
You were married.
It was the right thing.
She contacted me again a couple of weeks later.
Warned me away, told me what it would do to her, to your family.
Made me feel like a piece of shit.
Do you have any idea what it feels like to have a woman, a mother, ring you and call you all kinds of homewrecker? I told her it was all rubbish, but she knew, Adam.
Women know.
I don't know why you're trawling all this up, but this was a mistake.
You're looking well.
Bye, Adam.
Come on, it'll be good.
Another baby.
Remember how happy we were when we had Tom and Ryan? It's gone.
I've lost it.
You didn't have to stay when she told you she was pregnant.
We all have our secrets, Adam.
Even you.
- Hi.
- Hello, sir.
How can I help? I need to report a missing person.
I just need to take a few details.
Are you okay to speak to me in Oh, Johanna.
Right, do you want the weird news or the really weird news? Weird news.
CCTV from the café, day she was murdered, completely wiped.
How do you know wiped, not just never recorded? Something to do with aggressive data.
You know how those tech guys talk.
Right, so the murderer wiped it, which means they have access to the office or they found her keys.
So we need to fingerprint the keys and the office and all of the machines up there.
- On it.
- Also, check if they've got any kind of backup system.
- Sometimes they save it to the cloud.
- Double on it.
And then check external cameras.
'Cause there must be some kind of CCTV nearby.
Hang on.
- What's the really weird news? - Oh.
I had a ham salad for lunch but my fingers smell like fish.
Wha ? Mom came to see me a few days ago.
On campus.
My dad didn't though.
She was anxious.
She was worried about me.
Worried how I was settling in.
My finances.
What was she worried about that for? Just Why was she planning to fly away with you? That's so weird.
Not really.
We talked about it for years.
Yeah, but why now? I'm planning on retiring and - I've left Phillip.
- Yeah, but Mom hadn't.
She had my dad, a business.
She wanted adventure.
Life can be same-y.
She just wanted What? - Are you a lesbian? - I'm sorry? - Were you and my mom - No.
You loved her, right? Yes.
As a friend, as She was special.
I wasn't trying to steal her.
I was unhappy and I needed a change, and for whatever reason, your mom wanted to take some time too.
You should look into her finances.
I think she might Someone was trying to blackmail her.
Blackmail? She said someone came to see her.
A woman.
I don't know any of the details.
Oh, you're not even up! Come on! Football! Cup game! I've gotta pick up Daisy! Oh, I can't find a clean kit! Have I got a clean kit? Mom usually sorts this stuff.
- Why don't you check the linen basket? - Get up! Hope they're not dirty.
All right, everybody out.
Thank you, Mr.
You okay? Yeah.
Go on.
I think my dad's keeping something from me.
He and Mom had a fight.
He's not telling me something.
Like what? Don't know.
It's like she abandoned her whole family.
Come on.
It's gonna be okay.
My mom and dad went through it all, and it works itself out.
Kind of.
Hey, Liv.
- Hey.
- You okay? Not really.
Got these terrible cramps, but hopefully the fresh air will help.
- I came to see Mike.
- Why? He got arrested.
Well, I know, but It's so weird, isn't it? That night.
What happened with Dante, the alpaca head.
Do you think it was all him? Something seriously strange has gone down.
How's Ella? Yep, she's good.
Poor girl.
Anyway, back on planet Earth.
I'm sure someone knows the truth about all this.
It'll come out.
It always does.
We need to talk to Mike.
Half time.
Come on! Well done, mate.
Going for glory.
There's no shame in that.
Hi, Ryan.
You might not remember him.
This is your granddad.
Hi, Grandpa.
I came to see the boy play.
The boy? Thomas.
He told me he had a match when I called.
I did ask for you to call me back.
Yeah, well, been a bit busy.
You're trying to keep insane old men in houses marked for demolition? - If you've come to my son's match to - I haven't.
Well, what have you come for then, really? Can I buy you a coffee? I'm watching the football.
In the interval.
The halftime.
Lose the baseball cap.
Ooh So, I don't want to be overly dramatic about this, Adam.
Uh I've had some something of a Damascene conversion.
Damascene? - From Saint Paul - I know what it is.
Something happened recently that made me reflect.
- Wow, reflect? - Mmm.
How did that make you feel, experiencing such a new emotion? What happened? Doesn't matter what.
Piss off, "Damascene conversion.
" What happened? There was this, um this encounter, and something from my Look.
The point is I was a poor father, and and an even worse grandfather.
I Driven by - other factors over the years.
- Your dick.
- Other factors.
- Your dick.
Look, Adam All right, sometimes my dick.
I can't turn things around, I can't turn back the clock.
Do I wish I'd treated your mother better? Yes.
Do I wish I'd been more paternal to you when you were younger? Emphatically, yes.
The only way I can change things is from this day forward, I I wanna make amends.
I wanna be a bigger part of your life, of the boys' lives.
I want You think I'm full of shit, don't you? - No.
- Well, then what? All this shit you create for yourself who you are I've had to fight against that against becoming you.
Passing it on to my boys.
I haven't always succeeded.
I'm sorry.
- Soon as you get that ball - What do they know? Nothing.
Did they ask who organized the rave? I told them Adam Pueman.
Huh? It's an anagram of "made up name.
" You serious? You lied to the police? They know there were dealers.
Tom all they give a shit about is Dante.
If he dies, it's a fucking murder inquiry.
So who organized the rave, and who were dealing, are not their main concern.
Thomas, second half! What are you three doing? I'm measuring their dicks to put an end to an argument.
Adam Pueman.
Fuck's sake.
Olivia! Shit, it's Olivia.
- You okay? - What's happened to her? Liv! - What's going on? - Liv? Can you hear me? - You okay? - Obviously she's not okay, is she? - Mike! - What? - You okay? - Livia! Ella, come on.
Just forget about those photos.
Try and eat something.
Hey, mate, how you doing? Olivia! Olivia I'm fine.
Honestly, Dad, I'm okay.
Case from nine months ago.
Blackmail of a woman committing adultery with her son's teacher.
The blackmailer was asking for 10,000 pounds.
No one charged? Nope.
The case went nowhere.
Get financial records, whatever we can find: personal and business.
And Heidi's recent phone history.
If someone was trying to blackmail her, there must be a traceable link.
Yo, Jojo.
What do you want, idiot? Interesting development.
The office at Heidi's café, we did some forensics, and we found something that could be significant.
Like what? Boys, dinner's ready.
- Mr.
Price? - Yeah.
I am DS Johanna Griffin.
This is DC Wesley Ross.
Is this about my wife? - Corinne? - Is she all right? Have you found her? No.
Can we come in? No.
What's happened? I've got kids inside.
Just tell me what's happened.
We need to speak to your wife immediately.
Why? We have reason to believe your wife was at the scene of a murder.

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