The Stranger (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Thanks for covering for me last Friday.
Date went [PUFFS.]
poorly though, so I'm still yours.
See ya.
- [MEOWS.]
I have a bad feeling about this one.
You worry too much.
Yes! [WOMAN.]
It's amazing.
You must be so proud, Dan.
You bet I am.
- Do I know you? - No.
- How do you know my name? - I know a lot of things.
What's this? Oh, come on, you know.
Don't you? I dunno who the hell you think you're talking to.
It's hard to believe that no one's ever raised this with you before.
Raised what? Dan Look at your son.
His weight was what last year? It's called puberty, asshole.
It's called working out hard.
No, Dan.
It's called a PED, "performance enhancing drug.
" Better known to the layman as "steroids.
" What did you just say? Well, all the proof is in that envelope.
It shows how often he bought it, the methods of payment, even the IP address on your home computer.
What will they think when they hear your son's a cheat? Are you threatening me? No.
I'm asking you for 10,000 pounds, one-time payment.
I could demand a lot more.
Look, you see Alex Thompson down there? He used to take first place before Kenny started using.
Your son wins and your son beats him and then kids like that, they miss out on sponsorships, international events.
You know, he's even starting to think of taking that shit just to keep up.
You think your son's actions are a victimless crime? It creates a ripple effect.
And then innocent people get hurt, Dan.
Come on.
"You worry too much.
This monster's back in town Danger knocking at my door Don't come 'round here no more I check the locks Shut the windows down This monster's back in town [VOCALIZING.]
This monster's back in town [DOCTOR.]
We don't know yet what's wrong with Olivia, but she's stable.
We're gonna run some blood tests, and expect your daughter to be discharged later today.
Daddy's got your back.
And you're gonna get better.
And it all will have been worth it.
Oh, God, Dad, stop crying, you weirdo.
I'm not crying.
While you were sleeping, you let off a massive fart.
It made my eyes water.
But I still love you.
So do you know where Corinne is? She's missing.
I filed a report here two days ago.
How have you not seen that? It can sometimes take a few days for a missing persons report Are you saying that nobody from here has been looking for her? I can promise you now I'm involved, we will get this sorted immediately.
I just need you to answer a few questions for me, okay? Could you tell me what you're looking at? It's Corinne's school key fob.
And do you recognize the woman in the photo? No.
I've never seen her before.
This is a photo of Heidi Doyle, the proprietor of the Brown Sugar Café, which is also the place she was found murdered.
Your wife's key fob was found at the scene.
This doesn't make any sense.
You say your wife's gone missing.
How long? Since Monday.
We had a row.
What about? A few days before she went missing, I was approached by a woman, a stranger.
She told me something about Corinne that I didn't know.
A secret.
And I confronted Corinne about it.
- That's what the row was about? - Right.
We were gonna meet, but she just didn't turn up.
And then I got this text saying that she needed time and [SIGHS.]
I know what you're gonna say, but it's just not like Corinne at all.
We've got two boys.
She would never abandon them like this.
So What was the secret this stranger told you about your wife? She told me that a few years back, Corinne faked a pregnancy.
A fake belly, everything.
And eventually, she faked a miscarriage.
The stranger told me to check the bank account, which I did, and it was all there.
But how did this stranger know all of this? I don't know.
She wouldn't tell me, but That's the thing, right? She turns up all mysterious and drops bombs on people, fucking with their lives, and then [STAMMERS.]
People? So there are others? Yeah, there was a um a woman I forget her name.
She Her fiancé put out some revenge porn and then another woman, Suzanne Hobbs, she was being blackmailed.
Can you describe this stranger to me? [ADAM.]
She was a young woman.
Mid-to late 20s, average height.
She wore a baseball cap and a bomber jacket.
And she got into a gray car with a blond woman.
It's really hard for me to feel sorry for you right now.
I'm too angry.
Told you how stupid this was.
Now you look like shit.
Thanks so much.
Don't try and be clever right now.
You're just pissing me off even more.
What the hell was that back there? Huh? Come on.
There are risks in what we do, you know that.
That man was full-on ready to kill you.
- What did you say to him? - Just the truth.
You went too far again, didn't you? Teased him? Do you get off on this crap? [CAT MEOWS.]
This isn't you.
What the hell's been going on lately? Hello? I'm going out.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Any word on Corinne? Nothing.
All right, let's go get the kids.
Good goal.
Good start, boys, come on.
Pick a corner, Ryan.
Pick a corner.
Yes! Ryan! - Mom? - Well done, mate.
Nothing yet.
We'll find her.
Hey! We're in the middle of practice here.
Ryan, do you wanna be on the bench all of next week? - Go on, mate.
I'll talk to you later.
- No, sir.
- No more distractions at my practice.
- Yeah, all right.
Piss off, Bob.
What? Oh, yeah, we're two good-looking blokes.
We know.
- Why don't you - Come on.
Why don't you focus on your kids? [BOB.]
Bit more effort, boys, bit more effort.
What's up? They called me to the police station because they found Corinne's key fob at a murder scene.
- Holy shit.
- Yeah.
None of this makes any sense.
What with that, and the the money and Corinne disappearing What am I missing? Please, this isn't what you think.
There's more to this.
I have to find her.
What are you doing here? There's a court case going on, you know? You're breaking the law! This house isn't supposed to be demolished! Piss off, ya fucking ! Just vandals! Parasites! Daisy was supposed to be here, like, 20 minutes ago.
I'm sure she'll be here in a few minutes.
Ah, she can't make it.
She's in trouble with her mom.
All right.
So you tell me what the hell's going on.
- Come on, mate, just - Shut up, Thomas! Give her a second, she'll be here.
Boys, what was all that about? Oh, hello, Mrs.
We're aware that Daisy's in a bit of trouble with you, and I am completely confident in your abilities to parent, but could we just talk to her about something kind of important? But not important enough for you to worry about anything thing.
Real quick.
Daisy's not in any trouble.
Mom, it's fine.
Come up to my room, guys.
Okay, thanks so much, Mrs.
It's nice talking to you.
You look great.
- You think I'm some kind of pedo? - Shh! You think I'm some kind of pedo? - What the fuck? - Don't "what the fuck" him! - He's my best friend! - He's my best friend.
I didn't tell him everything.
What do you mean, "Haven't told him everything"? I asked you not to! I begged you.
Why are you lying about being grounded? This is so unfair Thomas, I can't handle any of this! It's too much! You think I sent baby vagina pictures from your baby sister's phone to her entire contact list full of stupid babies? I only told him that, and I didn't say it like that.
Only that.
What else is there to know? He didn't do it, Dais.
He wasn't even in school that day.
I was at home sick, with stomach problems.
Look at this.
Here's my doctor's note.
Here's an email I sent to all the teachers saying I was sick and to send me the homework.
Here's a time and date stamped text I sent my mom.
"Mom, please pick up some more antacid and several more rolls of toilet paper.
" Here's a selfie of me looking sick but low-key adorable that I sent to all the girls on my Snapchat, including you, might I add.
Oh, and here's a pic of the massive dump I took to show my doctor to make sure I wasn't dying! Okay, Mike, okay! Just shut up for two seconds and I'll tell you, okay? I heard from someone that you sent those photos from Ella's phone.
- Who and why? - I heard that.
And I wanna cry every time I see Ella.
Do you understand how much this has fucked with her? She's completely scarred.
Yeah, that's super sad and all that, but also not my fault, even a little bit, because I didn't do it.
Okay, I believe you.
I believe you now, but I believed it when I heard it and I was completely blind with rage.
So I spiked your joint with PCP.
I have a present for you.
I just wanted you to humiliate yourself even a fraction of the amount that I thought you humiliated Ella.
So that's why you went crazy and beheaded that alpaca.
You were out of your mind, and I'm worried that you might have had something to do with Dante, and it's all my fault.
PCP? What the hell, Daisy? Why the hell would your first thought be, "Oh, let's give Mike the most deadliest and unpredictable drug I know"? I've never been so angry.
Why the hell wouldn't you just, like, give me a laxative or something? Make me shit my pants? Wouldn't me be shitting myself be enough for you? - You have every reason to be angry.
- Daisy I turned up at Thomas's house with the head of an alpaca.
Not to mention, that same night, Dante Gunnarsson was left ass-naked and unconscious.
If he dies, it turns into a murder investigation.
And what if I'm the one who did that to him? Olivia.
She told me you sent the photos.
Who the hell's Olivia? Olivia Katz? Sick Olivia? Oh, that psycho.
She's in love with me.
- God, I hate men.
- No, for real.
Olivia Katz, she's absolute batshit.
I passed her a tissue in maths a few weeks ago because she kept sniffing and it was really annoying.
And she just thought it was a declaration of love or something.
We need to go talk to Olivia.
Look at her.
Brushing her hair like some sort of sociopath.
Maybe we should wait till school.
Sorry, Dais, but you've proven yourself to be absolute trash when it comes to decision making.
Maybe I should get the door this time, yeah? [KNOCKING.]
- Hi.
- Hello.
Are you Olivia's mom? Yes.
Uh, we just wanted to come by and ask her some questions about physics.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Olivia's in the hospital at the moment.
I'm not sure whether you've heard, but her illness is acting up.
- We just - I'm going to see her now - but I'll tell her you stopped by.
- Well, maybe Um I mean, why don't we come with you? I'm sure it would be nice for her to see some familiar faces, yeah? What is it with you and your mother sticking your noses into our business? Olivia is a sick child.
Whatever you have to say to her can and will wait.
Where have you been? Ah, I take it you're still mad at me.
It's 'cause I care about you.
You said we'd get out of this game once we had enough money to buy the beach bar, which was months ago.
It's always, "Just another target, just a little bit longer.
" We're gonna get that bar, but you know this isn't about the money for me.
Christ's sake! Not this philosophical bullshit again.
It's not bullshit.
We're doing good.
A secret revealed is a secret destroyed.
That's pretty hypocritical, seeing as how you've been keeping secrets from me.
We normally talk about everything.
I know there's things you're not telling me.
I just need a little bit more time, okay? Maybe if we have enough money we'll put in one of those retro karaoke machines that you love so much.
No more clearly aggressive targets.
Believe it or not, I'm not actually a fan of Tasering middle-aged dads.
Have we heard anything from Heidi Doyle yet? Not a peep.
That's weird.
You were there.
You saw how she was.
There's no way that she wasn't gonna pay.
I'll look her up.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Go to the office, close it down.
I'm sure this is just a coincidence.
Get rid of everything, anything that ties us to her, and I'll take care of here.
This is the emergency we prepared for.
You know what to do.
Go, now.
Turns up all mysterious and drops bombs on people, fucking with their lives and then just gone.
Look into her finances.
Someone was trying to blackmail her.
- [WES.]
Johanna? Johanna? - Hmm? Your fancy man's here to see you.
My what? Right.
One for you.
One for me.
This is a surprise.
But it's good, yeah? Kind of romantic? Sorry, sorry.
I meant I meant "friendly.
" Not "romantic.
" Old habits.
Actually, no.
No, I'm not sorry.
Jo, look at me.
Do you still wanna ? Do you still wanna do the whole separation thing? Phillip, we've we've been over this, and you and I both know it's the right thing to do.
With everything going on with Heidi Well, hasn't that just made you more sure that we've made the right call? We've been together forever and our marriage has not been a failure, but we are in a rut, Phillip, and life's too short for that.
If anything, it's made me more sure you're making a big mistake by ending this.
I've been a crap wife to you, and you know it.
You're just used to me.
It's like when you gave up Diet Coke a few years back.
I'm just a habit you've got to break.
You're not crap, Jo.
Hey, I said I'm a crap wife.
I'm great besides that.
Jo, I'm not joking around here.
I'm not gonna make you do anything you don't wanna do.
But I know you.
I know you better than anyone.
You good, Johanna? Yep.
Yeah, I'm all good.
Hey, where the hell is the Corinne Price file? And does anyone know why she's not on the missing person database? That woman isn't missing.
The husband said they had a row.
And she texted to say she needed some time away.
Wha ? I didn't think a, um marital spat was a priority, what with the murder investigation going on.
I didn't think it was important.
Hey, that's the woman from the Dante Gunnarsson video.
Do you think he saw something and she tried to off him? We need to speak to someone at Corinne's school and try and figure out how this all fits.
- Hey, sorry, I've gotta take this.
They're trying to intimidate me.
The road is full of demolition equipment.
What? They can't.
They said the appeal didn't go through.
Planning on demolishing today.
Um Let me put in a call to Parth.
- There must be some mistake.
- Okay, thanks.
Now, um, I have some good news as well, though.
I found the elusive Ingrid Prisby, one of the women you're looking for.
Really? One name she goes by is Gabrielle Dunbar.
And get this, Gabrielle Dunbar owns or works at a detective agency just a few towns over from you.
She knows how they found out all those secrets.
Makes sense.
It looks like this company is known for digging up dirt on people.
- I've got an address.
- Gotta go.
Thanks, Martin.
Polly, can you get the kids back for us? Cheers, mate.
What's going on? I think I found someone who knows where Corinne is.
- All right.
- I'll drive.
There it is.
Yeah, she's here.
Oh, you're fucking kidding me.
Pick up.
Why do you think she said that about my mum? [DAISY.]
Can we just go home? What if Mrs.
Katz sees us again? That woman's gonna haunt my nightmares.
I'll literally pay you if you shut up.
Daisy, it's okay.
But no one can see us from here.
What's up with you? I want everything settled with Olivia, and it'd be better to do that at school rather than waiting outside of her house like creeps.
Shut up, she's coming.
Shit, she's seen us.
Stay down.
That was weird.
Why did she do that? Did she just put that in the neighbor's bin? We need to look through the rubbish.
Mike, she could see you! [DAISY.]
Oh, my God, hurry! [DAISY.]
Medicine, syringes [TOM.]
What the hell is going on? [MAN.]
Hello, security.
Bobby, it's Gabbi.
Don't react to this.
I just saw my abusive ex-boyfriend walk in.
He's tall, dark hair.
Whatever you do, don't let him know I'm here.
I'll take care of it.
I'm here to see Gabrielle Dunbar.
All right, just [CHUCKLING.]
Made a new friend? He won't let me in.
They're hiding something.
What do you wanna do? I can't go.
What if she leaves? This could be my only chance.
She knows where Corinne is, I'm sure.
Well, we can wait here all day and all bloody night if that's what you need, mate.
Okay? If I'd known we were doing a proper stakeout, would've made you buy me snacks beforehand.
Thank you for meeting us here at such short notice.
I'm just so worried about Corinne.
We all are.
Do you know what this is? [VICKY.]
Yes, it's a key fob for the school.
This one's expired though.
They changed the design about a year ago.
Have you ever seen Corinne with this woman, or heard the name Heidi Doyle? I don't think so, no.
Can you tell me about Corinne? Amazing teacher.
Loved by students, teachers parents.
So her not turning up for work, going off the grid Is completely out of character.
I think in the whole time I've known her, she's missed one day of class.
Makes the rest of us look bad.
Corinne's husband, Adam can you describe their relationship? If you asked a few weeks ago, I would have said everything seemed perfect.
But Corinne's been acting strangely these last few weeks.
Not, "I'm gonna run off and disappear," but - different.
- How do you mean? She seemed stressed.
She wouldn't tell me what was going on.
I just figured that there was something going on at home.
Like what? Well the day she disappeared, Adam came to me asking about her.
He said that she'd sent him a text saying that she needed some space and that they'd had a row.
How did he seem when you were talking? Agitated.
Never seen him like that before.
And did anything else come up in the conversation? I don't think so.
I remember him saying that he didn't wanna go to the police just yet.
But I think that's all.
When we searched Dante Gunnarsson's bedroom, we found footage of Corinne on his laptop.
Now, it looks like it was secretly filmed.
Can you think of any connections between Dante and Corinne? Just her being his teacher.
He films some of the Cedarfield football practices.
I'd talk to Bob Baime about it.
He's the head coach of the football club.
Just think it's a bit tedious to clean 'em when they're just gonna get dirty again tomorrow, no? It's all about that success mentality, about preparing oneself for victory for all aspects of life.
It's like people that don't make their beds in the morning.
Why should I bother making it when I'm gonna get back into it later tonight? But the studies have shown, time and time again, that the most successful people in this world, CEOs, politicians, them guys, they grew up making their bed every goddamn morning.
All right, yeah.
I'm DC Ross.
This is DS Griffin.
I presume you're here about the stolen money.
Stolen money? Oh, well, a certain treasurer of ours who may happen to be missing is likely responsible for large sums of money stolen from the club's account.
And Corinne Price would be this treasurer.
- Yes? - [BOB.]
So why didn't you come straight to the police if you suspected Corinne Price was stealing money from the club? We watched our kids grow up together.
Been at the games here together for years.
So I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.
Wouldn't want to completely embarrass the woman and her family.
I'm not that kind of guy, you know? So if you're not here about the money, what are you here for? We'll get to that.
The Prices seem quite well-off, what with Adam being a partner of a law firm.
Is that not the case? Hey people steal for the thrill of it sometimes.
Or maybe they're hiding something from their spouse.
Rich people steal as well, you know? Fair enough.
Dante Gunnarsson, he used to film your football practices, yeah? Ah, Dante.
Poor kid.
I hope he's okay.
Yeah, he used to film our matches but I mean, I'm obviously hoping for the best for him.
But Dante's a weird kid.
You know, kind of lurky.
So have you got any idea why he'd have secretly filmed footage of Corinne Price on his computer? No, like I said, weird kid.
Doesn't surprise me.
If you don't mind, I've gotta run.
Got a job interview.
Actually, a pretty important one.
Hope you get the job.
Sure I will.
- What? - She's leaving.
Oh, shit.
A car chase? Seriously? Watch me chips! Which way did she go? Uh, that way, that way.
- Fuck.
Hold on.
Adam, watch the car! Adam! Seriously! Shit.
Watch out for this.
- She's turned right! - Shit.
Jeez! Adam, you're not gonna make it.
Adam! Jeez! [ADAM.]
She's getting away.
Gonna get us killed, driving like a maniac.
Tripp, please, I have to stop her.
Adam! Whoa! [HORN BLARING.]
- Trying to get us both killed? - I nearly had her! What are you gonna do? Ram into her and kill us both? Right, I'm driving! We've got families to think of! [QUIETLY.]
Fuck's sake.
- Mind if I come in? - Yes.
We're not really gonna have this conversation on the doorstep, are we? Just just hear me out, okay? Humor me.
So this place I I know what it means to you, what this whole neighborhood means to both of us.
But look at it.
I mean, this place is decrepit.
It's moldy.
I mean, by letting it rot, you're disrespecting the beautiful memories that it held.
Anyway, just look at this.
This place is paradise.
There's this heated salt water pools, tennis courts, 24-hour security.
They even have a maid service that will come and clean for you twice a week.
Looks like that might be handy.
But one two-bedroom home will go for £300,000.
Now, you can't turn that down, Martin.
Accept the offer.
Come on.
Not interested.
Really now? You say you understand? Hmm? We both know that's not true.
You haven't the slightest clue what's important.
- You gave up on this neighborhood.
- Oh, please, don't.
You expect me to just discard my home and my life for something new and shiny just like how you discarded your wife for a newer, - shinier model.
- Don't you overstep the mark.
You left her! You left Adam to take care of her when she was sick! You let him watch her die alone! And now you come in here and think you can get me to change my mind? There's nothing noble about staying here Killane.
You are a selfish, little man.
By staying here in this dump you are denying new, young families the chance of somewhere to live.
Get out.
Fucker, get out! You know, I thought I'd give you one last chance, just for old time's sake, but it doesn't really matter.
'Cause this place will be a pile of rubble in two hours 'cause we got the demolition order through.
Hello? Thomas? [PHONE RINGS.]
Hello, Parth? [MAN.]
Adam Killane's house.
It's happening.
Now? [MARTIN.]
What the ? Get out of here! You shouldn't be here! There's a court case going on, you know! You vandals! Stop it! I'm telling you to stop whatever you're doing up there! You, stop it! If this house is going down, then I'm going down with it! I'm his lawyer.
- You have to leave - Fuck off! Martin, Martin, we've gotta go.
- No! - Look, we did everything we could.
But it's just bricks and mortar, yeah? [MARTIN MOANS.]
- It's over.
- I'm so sorry.
Come on.
You don't have to apologize to me.
You've fought harder than anyone else could've.
I was stupid to think that this could be stopped.
[MAN 1.]
It's a body! [MAN 2.]
Let us through! I'm so sorry.

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