The Stranger (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 I need your help.
Martin Killane has asked to see you.
In fact he will only talk to you.
I did a terrible thing a long time ago.
And before what has to happen begins I wanted to tell you about it.
Because you're the only person I trust.
Does that make sense? Thank you.
You've seen photos of my wife, Natasha.
I thought I was the luckiest man alive when she came along.
She was so gorgeous and challenging and demanding.
She turned my world upside down.
I adored her, I completely adored her.
But, uh, she needs attention, and I'm a cop working all hours.
So she meets other men.
And I can't handle it.
And I say, "That's it, that's it.
" And she says, "No.
They're nothing.
You're one, the only one.
It's you and me.
Let's have a baby.
" And we do.
And when Chris comes along this baby changes everything.
I'm besotted.
I'm in a constant state of amazement.
Raising this child that's the meaning of life.
But Natasha can't handle it.
She finds it hard.
So I'm important.
And to have this adorable toddler running towards me, arms out every time I come home Then one time, one day, I come home early and Natasha has all these bags packed.
She's standing there.
I've caught her, right? And she tells me that she's leaving me, she's going, and she's taking Chris with her.
Oh, the things she said to me.
And I'm lost for words, I'm speechless.
And then she grabs Chris and starts to go, is actually going, and I lash out.
And Natasha goes down.
She goes down, and I pick up Chris and go into the other room and close the door.
And I I really thought I was going back to reason with her.
But as soon as she spits out at me that she's taking Chris I land a second, a third, fourth, a fifth blow and And And it's over.
It was over.
Would you do the like of that to save the one you loved? Like Corinne, say? Because the terrible thing is I never thought I'd be capable of such a thing.
I But I know now that I would do the same again to keep that child.
And what followed wasn't hard.
I've been on so many murder cases, I I know how to hide a body.
Wrap it up, seal it so it's airtight, open up a wall, put the body in the wall, patch it up so it's good as new.
Did nobody miss her? Yeah, well, she bought train tickets.
She had withdrawn cash.
She'd even told people that she was going.
Leaving the child behind, that that really shocked people.
What kind of mother does the like of that? But I pulled people over to my side, so I was never suspected.
I gave up the force and threw myself into being a full-time dad, which I loved.
You know what young kids are like.
They can never have enough.
And I gave everything.
I gave everything.
I wanted to.
And the irony is that child I raised all on my own hasn't spoken to me for years.
What about Corinne? What? Where is she? When the body was found, you looked at me and you said, "I'm sorry.
" For using you.
Why else would I say that? This is about me and what I did to Natasha.
It's about me and Natasha and and and Chris.
I thought you'd understand that.
I'll tell you what I understand.
You raised your child in a house with the corpse of their mother buried in the walls.
That's what I understand.
- Adam - No.
Adam! Able to share anything? Um I need to speak to DS Griffin.
Get Killane back to his cell.
DS Griffin wants to know where Katz is.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you so much.
Good to meet you.
Good to meet you.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
Those two bishops are church commissioners.
And I think they're gonna endorse the app in time for the launch.
- Well, that's wonderful.
- Oh, huge.
Ethical investing within everyone's reach.
Imagine, local churches as collection points so the poorest parishioner can share in wealth creation.
It's the parable of the widow's might, but where the widow receives as well as gives.
Couldn't be better.
Katz? - Hello.
- Oh, Mrs.
Can I get you a tea or anything? Uh, no, sweetheart.
No, Patrick isn't staying.
It's just a flying visit.
But thank you.
- I'll be right in.
- Oh, right.
See you next time, Mr.
Good to see you, Mrs.
And is my head of security also the bearer of good news? Is everything resolved? I'm working on it.
What do you mean? Patrick, Ethical Share isn't only a company, it's my life.
We're launching my life Mr.
Powers, your company's gonna be paying for my daughter's medical care, so I know how much this matters.
Then please tell me you've done your job and shut these blackmailers down.
I've bought us some time.
What? How? I got a key fob from a missing teacher's classroom and planted it for my colleagues to find, which they did.
It's been the perfect diversion.
But you didn't tell me the whole story, did you? This details every communication and liaison with that girl whose mother was blackmailed.
Thank you.
You didn't just see her once or twice.
You saw her 34 times.
Can they identify me through this? Not if I get to her first, which I will.
But for that, I need two grand.
For what? Nothing traceable.
We can't have any scandal.
No, it's to pay a banking contact who can track the Heidi Doyle blackmail money for us.
Then, as soon as I know who to call on, the problem is over.
Why? What will you do? I'm a policeman.
They're blackmailers.
They'll simply melt away.
What did Killane say? It's his wife, Natasha.
Killed way back.
By Killane? She was gonna leave him.
When I saw the body in the wall, I thought it was Corinne.
Your wife's car has been found up by the airport.
We're watching it, seeing if anyone returns to it, but - Come with me.
Let's take a look.
- You sure about this? Yeah.
You take over here.
Come with me.
So back to Olivia's then, yeah? I think we should.
I mean, her mom's saying she's in hospital when she's not.
- Chucking out all those medicines.
- And rat poison.
Don't forget the rat poison.
We can just slip it in casually, you know? Medicines, yeah.
And do you have a rodent problem at the moment? Look, I just want you to hear Olivia admit that she's the one who told me you posted the Ella photos, so then you know why I spiked your joint, okay? Mom, back in an hour or so, okay? Okay.
Oh, Thomas, your dad's asked me to feed Ryan, - so if you wanna come back for dinner? - Uh Yeah, okay, thanks.
Remind me to never get in your car.
You all right? You know, before Corinne faked her pregnancy I had taken on a case with another lawyer, a woman.
And we spent a lot of time together you know got pretty close.
It didn't occur to me at the time, but maybe Corinne thought that my attention was elsewhere and that's why she did what she did.
Maybe, maybe not.
Who knows? Look, we all mess up relationships.
We're not trying to hurt the ones we love.
But we do.
It's up there, that's where it's parked.
Yeah, that's that's her car.
Did your wife take her passport with her? I wouldn't have thought so, no.
And did you or she ever park here when using the airport? Never.
Maybe she ran out of charge.
We need to look in the boot first.
Oh, um I've got a key.
Hang on.
I'm sorry, you need to stay there.
It's the neatest boot I've ever seen.
Eh? - Oh, it's just lovely.
- All yours.
- She loves it.
- It's so clean.
Anything unusual? What's that on the back seat? Yeah, that's Corinne's earring.
Ones that I bought her.
What's it doing there? Why would it be there? First things first, would she be wearing them? Yes, she never takes them off.
She loves them.
- Adam, look, I'm sorry.
I know - Please, just find her for me.
Right, Olivia I need you to tell Mike what you told me at the rave.
'Cause he doesn't believe me.
That's a problem for us.
I don't think this is the way to go about this.
It's the only way.
Olivia you were looking for me, right? You came and found me, yes? Daisy? Daisy? What? - Those Ella photos posted online - Yeah, they're not of Ella.
No, I know.
But it was Mike.
At school, by the lockers, everyone's getting their stuff.
And he's to the side, looking at these gross close-up porn shots.
Then he slips it in Ella's bag, walks off.
And now he gets his own phone out of his pocket.
It was Mike.
I saw him.
Why would you say that? Okay, that's it.
Get in the car.
We didn't come for this.
I did.
We're sorting things.
This doesn't sort anything! Get in the car.
Come on.
Daisy! Look, nothing bad's gonna happen, okay? I promise, I give you my word.
But that is what I said to Daisy that night.
And it was such a terrible thing to say and do because I took Ella's phone and sent those pictures.
It was me.
I did it.
All of it.
But why? I saw Mike talking to Ella.
Well, even so I like Mike.
I like him and I thought, "Oh, he's gone off with Ella.
" Ella Ella's 14.
But I wanted him to look at me.
He doesn't know what I feel.
Okay, listen No, I've hurt so many people.
And it can't be put right, how can it? The time My mom will be back.
And if you're here - You can't be.
- Okay.
You can't be here.
- Okay, I'm going.
- You have to go.
But we need to talk.
And I didn't come here for this.
I came to see if you were all right.
'Cause I know you were here this morning when your mom said you were in hospital.
I'm going, okay? But I mean that.
I just wanna help.
There's something else I can tell you.
Look, um Do you remember, I told you there was a blond woman with the stranger? She was driving the car? Right.
Well, her name's Ingrid Prisby.
Ingrid Prisby or Gabrielle Dunbar.
Killane tracked her to Windsor Lock Business Park.
She's a private investigator.
And I saw her there, but she she drove off and I lost her.
That's all I know.
Martin Killane helped you? He's the only one that's been helping me until now.
So how will getting to the stranger help find your wife? All of this started with her.
I think she knows more.
She has to.
I'll look into it.
- Hello? - Wes.
Hello, Jo.
Can I take it? The Corinne Price key fob found at the Heidi Doyle crime scene who found it? And why isn't it logged? Hello?! Adam Price's wife didn't take her passport.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's happened? We found Corinne's car.
And one of her earrings was in the back seat.
Thanks for having Ryan.
It's a full house.
Thomas is here too.
Come inside.
Come inside.
I think that Mike is gonna be pretty Hey.
Ryan's been brilliant.
We're about to eat.
How's that? Uh Yeah, sounds great, actually.
What I was wondering is if either of you have seen this before.
It was found on the floor in this area.
I swept up in here.
I'd have seen that.
No, no worries.
What about the days leading up to her murder? Did you notice anything unusual? Mm.
How was Heidi that last night? In great spirits.
I think she was on the phone to her husband and, you know, she was laughing.
And you know And the night before? We were making your cake.
Cake, of course.
She didn't seem concerned about anything? No mention of money worries? Did she say she was gonna see her daughter the next day? Kimberley? No.
She spent the whole evening laughing and joking.
Even in the car park with those two women.
- Yeah, that's right.
- Yeah.
What women? What car park? When? She was parked here.
And the two women were here.
We were over there.
And - Hello, boss.
- Wes, Renton Street car park.
So Renton Street car park? I need the footage from their CCTV cameras.
- When? - The night before Heidi Doyle's murder.
Between 1900 hours and midnight.
Looking for what? Two women meeting Heidi Doyle.
Okay, I'm on it.
It's a council car park, isn't it? Uh, yeah.
Weren't you just clocking off? Oh, you're okay.
I wanna help.
Hello, Cedarfield Council.
All right, Ryan, straight to bed, it's half eleven.
- I haven't done my homework.
- It's all right, I'll write a note.
Dad, I've got loads of homework.
I've got loads of notes.
Here you go.
Bloody hell.
Listen, we can do this in shifts, if you like.
Hour on, hour off.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I'm all caffeined up anyway so go, get your head down.
I'll wake you up in an hour, yeah? Legend.
Come on, mate, it's bedtime.
It's late.
I know.
But can I talk you about something? Yeah, of course, anything.
- Has Mom gone off with someone? - What? What are you talking about? No.
But isn't that why most marriages break up? I know it's lots of other things as well, but that's what happens in the end, right? People have affairs and then it gets serious.
Your mom is not having an affair.
People often don't know, do they? Maybe it was someone at that teachers' conference.
Your mom would never do that, ever.
- As in ever.
- Dad.
It happens all the time.
Why do you think Daisy's mom and dad split up? He went off with someone and I just think that's what's happening here.
I think Mom's gone off with someone else.
Where are you right now? It's really crap quality.
Let's try some facial recognition then.
To recognize what? Can't make out their faces.
It's It's too grainy.
We went through everything.
We can read the body language though.
What is it? What did they just tell you? Right, we need to find these two women.
One of them could be Ingrid Prisby.
All right, I'll go follow up at Windsor Lock Business Park.
Okay, but then you get some sleep.
What can I do? Go and get some sleep.
I feel fine.
This is the night before your mom died.
After work, she goes to her car and she meets these two women.
Do you recognize them? Then this happens.
They hand her something and it's like her knees go.
Like a reaction to something she's been shown.
Um, that's for my dad, 'cause he hasn't been sleeping.
Oh, my God.
Mom came to see me that day because some people Uh, those people, I guess they stopped her and gave her proof that I was I've been working for this Sugar Baby site.
It's an online thing for businessmen.
Um, sometimes it's just going out for dinner with them, but usually yeah, it's for sex.
And these these people that spoke to Mom, they knew everything.
They knew I was seeing three men on a regular basis, they had all our texts, they knew when and where we met, and And they were blackmailing Heidi? For £10,000.
But I think I think she paid it.
So whatever happened later that night, that's separate, isn't it? These three men you were seeing Uh, I contacted them as soon as I'd seen Mom to say I was stopping.
I'm gonna need their details.
We only messaged via the app.
I don't have names or phone numbers.
We just have tags.
Taz, Gander, Malbec40.
I'm Kitty.
And when you contacted them? Two replied, really concerned, offering help if I needed it.
And the third one? He didn't reply.
I messaged him twice because we were meeting that night and I went, thinking he hasn't got the message, but he didn't show.
All right, listen, I'm gonna need you to come in with me.
- Sorry, Ian, did we wake you? - No, no, no.
Is there news? No, nothing yet.
We are working day and night though.
I know.
- What have you got? - So this lead from Adam Price at Windsor Lock Business Park The detective agency - Ingrid - Ingrid Prisby.
Alias, Gabrielle Dunbar.
So her office has been cleared out.
I've checked into the agency, but it was set up with an offshore account so the ID used isn't attached to any sort of bank account or National Insurance number.
So it's as if it never existed.
- Right.
- See you later.
You know the three men you were seeing? How would you feel about contacting them again? One of them might be able to lead us to the two women who met your mom.
You think the blackmail's linked to Mom's death? Almost certainly.
Contact them and say what? Ask to meet.
Starting with the one who didn't reply.
- Malbec40.
- Yeah.
Do you think he'll show up? Um There was this thing he he always pesters me to do with him.
Which I don't give in to.
I could offer him that.
You'll be protected at all times.
Yes, do it.
- Have a good day, darling.
- Yes.
See you later.
This is Patrick Katz, I'll call you straight back.
Mike? Mike Mike, can you hear me? Has it stopped? I think so.
It's happening less.
But every so often I'm back in PCP land.
Remembering things from that night, things I'd forgotten.
Like killing the alpaca.
I was off my face.
To begin with, me and the alpaca, we were friends.
Big pals, amigos, we're going on an adventure.
But then I suddenly think it's going to eat me.
I mean, really eat me.
It's looming over me with these teeth.
And it's the end.
And I just swing the shovel as hard as I can.
You don't remember anything else? No.
But what's freaking me out is Dante was hurt that night as well.
He's in a coma and I have zero recall for anything to do with him.
The last Dante memory I have is you and him going off into the woods.
What happened after that? Where did you go? When was the last time you saw him? - Daisy? - Oh, great.
I know you're still angry with Olivia, but she's asked to see me.
And I thought I should talk to her, - before anyone says anything.
- Yeah, sure.
Do it.
Did she just agree to that? Yeah.
I think she did.
Wakey! Wakey! Come on, we're wanted.
- What for? - We've been called back in.
Oh, God.
- My phone's out of charge.
- Yeah.
Fuck! Have my charger.
- Thanks.
- Get a move on.
Fucking hell.
Okay, can everyone settle down, please? And our sleeping beauties, can you speed it up? Okay, FindYourSugarBaby.
com is a sex site matching businessman with young women.
It's essentially prostitution.
And in connection with the Heidi Doyle murder, we are after an unknown man who has arranged to meet this woman at the Bolitar Hotel.
Straightforward op.
Main priority: protect our source.
Connected to Heidi Doyle how? Heidi Doyle was blackmailed to the tune of £10,000 in connection with this FindYourSugarBaby site.
And this is Heidi's daughter.
Now, the Bolitar Hotel is very popular with businessmen.
So our target, early 40s, medium build, smart dark hair, is hardly gonna stick out.
He probably won't be identified until he reaches our source.
Know this about him though: he uses the tag Malbec40, a tag that the cyber team have been tracking for two years over investment scams.
Right, your start positions in the hotel This is bullshit.
So table one, I've got Ben and Neil.
It's like her going off with Adam Price, husband of our main suspect, on her own.
It's un-fucking-believable.
Katz and Wes, you're at table three.
This is why you don't investigate the murder of friends.
Table five, Tim and Sal, Table six, Charlotte and Ted.
Right, we all know what we're doing? Great.
Thanks very much, everybody.
Hi, this is Larry Powers.
Leave a message and I'll call you back.
Get off your phone, will you? I'm fitting in.
What are you doing? Get us another drink, will you? - Proper one this time.
- We're on duty.
Yeah, in a bar.
When is the target due? Five minutes.
I'll get one.
Two double vodkas.
- Ice and lemon? - No.
Knife! Knife! Do not resist! Shut up! Get off me! What is this?! Get off me! What are you doing? Get off of me! Get off! - No.
No, isn't him.
- No? I thought I saw a knife.
There's nothing! - I thought he had a knife.
- Just get out of my sight! No, no, actually no.
Stand down.
I'm sending you home, don't come in tomorrow.
- Jo - Don't call me Jo! You need to step back from this, seriously.
He's just done what any of us would've done.
This is too personal for you.
Don't you ever, ever have your phone turned off to me.
- Who do you think you're talking to? - Shut up.
Shut up and listen.
The blackmailers I was trying to track through the bank My contact couldn't trace them.
So what do we do now? I'll find another way.
Let's wrap this up.
Dante Gunnarsson's just come round.
- Let me go.
I can - I'm fine.
All right! All right! All right! Leaving Killane's house, I understand.
The surrounding houses, okay, but the whole fucking site?! Stopping any demolition?! This is costing me a fortune.
They have no idea.
It's not like I'm some kind of an outsider or something.
This was my street.
The Killanes were friends.
They were good friends once.
So, due respect, I understand better than anyone here, but you don't close down the whole operation! I need to talk to you.
Vindictive! It was arbitrary! That police woman in charge There's an attitude.
I've seen it so many times before! I kid you not, they will take any opportunity - to kick you where it hurts.
- Corinne's missing.
- What? - I said Corinne's missing.
She's gone.
She She's been gone for about six days.
I don't know where she is.
- Why didn't you say? - I'm saying it now.
- Okay.
- Look, I need to ask you something.
I didn't know you owned the company behind this, - but you think Killane did? - Yeah, I said so.
Do you think that's why he hired me, because he thought it might stop you? Yeah, it's feasible.
What would that have to do with Corinne? Maybe he got to her too.
He was helping me look for her.
Kept spouting all this bullshit about sometimes women leave and they don't come back, and all the time his own wife was What else has he been lying to me about? I think he knows something about Corinne that he's not telling me.
We have to talk to him.
I know.
Why? What's happened? Which hospital? What ? What's happened? Martin Killane just tried to commit suicide.
I've gotta go.
Sir, you're not allowed here.
I need to talk to him about my wife.
He was helping me.
He's sedated.
Mom does evening classes.
Maths and biology.
She wants to be a nurse.
I waited till she went.
You're like your mom.
Aren't you? She's been worried about me being ill so often, and you're kind like her.
She even asked if I wanted to see another doctor for a second opinion.
I mean, my mom didn't like that.
So we didn't, but it was nice of her.
Why are you ill so often? They don't know.
But what medication are you on? My mom does that.
It's not much.
Antibiotics and stuff for nausea.
Right, so who takes all the medicine around here? Your mom? My mom? No.
No, look, I wanted to talk about Ella and Mike.
We will, but listen After your mom said you were in hospital and you weren't, we saw her throwing out these boxes of prescription drugs, and even boxes of rat poison.
And not in your own bin.
What do you mean? That's my mom.
She does this to check on me.
Hide in there, go.
Dad, what are you doing here? Hi, darling.
How are you? Listen, I'm not stopping, okay? - Uh, where are you going? - I need to get my car.
- Dad, um - Sweetheart, listen to me.
Very soon I'm gonna come into some money, okay? I'm gonna be around a lot more for you, I promise.
And you and me are gonna do such great things together.
I promise you.
I'm trying to get through No, sorry, this area is currently closed to visitors.
You'll need to go back down to security at the front desk and get authorization.
Sorry, love.
I'm telling you to leave now, sir.

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