The Streets of San Francisco (1972) s02e15 Episode Script


Thought the man was coming.
You thought wrong, cop.
What? What's the matter, Georgie? Where's your smile? Leave it down at headquarters? Hey, man, come on.
I mean, like, what's going on? You tell us, cop.
What are you talking about, "cop"? Me? Hey, you crazy? Maybe not even as dumb as you thought we were.
You guys are putting me on.
Sure we are.
That's good.
He's got a good left, huh? Those are pretty good moves too, don't you think? Yeah, he looks like he's got it all together, but that other guy sure isn't any Danny Ortega.
He's got a lot of patience.
That is without a right hand.
I haven't seen his right yet.
Don't worry about the right.
You'll see the right.
- One of you guys Inspector Keller? - Yeah, I am.
You're wanted on the phone, urgent.
- Follow me.
- Why me and not you? Because I probably don't know the lady.
Watch it, watch it.
I may be light, but I'm slow.
Hang in there, Ray.
Mind if I sit with you a minute? Yeah, I mind.
No questions? - Not curious? Nothing? - What do you want, Lyman? Now that's more like it.
That's better.
That's like the old Mike Stone we all know and love.
I wanna tell you about this traveling lady salesman.
- Who was it? - Hung up before I got there.
You got yourself a good workout anyway.
Hey, you know, I just passed Al Lyman.
Ten seconds sooner, you would've been sitting on his lap.
He was here? What did he want? I don't know.
Danced a little, told me if I didn't look out, he'd have my badge, smiling all the while.
Then he told me a joke that wasn't funny, got up and left.
You sure you don't wanna come in for a coffee? Jeannie said she's got the pot on.
No, I'm beat, Mike, but thank you for the offer.
See you in the morning.
Well, how's the coffee? Fine, just fine.
The kiss of death.
"Fine, just fine.
" Every time you say "fine," I know something's wrong.
- What's the matter? - Scrubbed the pot, didn't you? It didn't look like anybody cleaned it since the last time I'd been home.
That's because nobody had.
Scrubbing the coffee pot destroys its character.
The first thing I'm gonna do when I get back to school is find a Chem.
Major who'll test that theory and punch a hole in it.
Well, it won't help the coffee any.
Mike Stone.
Are you still looking to find Nate Baxter? Yeah, who is this? I got something you want and I need something from you.
- What do you got? - Baxter.
You want a deal? Depends on what you want.
Well, meet me, we'll talk.
When? Ten minutes.
I'll be at the east end of Pier 36.
What was it, Mike? Nothing, sweetheart.
I gotta go down and see someone.
- Now? - Well, I'm afraid so.
Don't wait up for me.
I might have to go downtown afterwards.
And leave the coffee on, will you? Maybe it'll develop a little character that way.
You get some sleep.
I'll see you at breakfast.
Oh, and lock the door.
I've got my key.
- Mike? - Yeah? Stone.
Officer Gino Carlino, working undercover for the Narcotics Division under the name George Casen? Correct.
Okay, you were his department contact.
What was he working on, specifically? Al Lyman.
Sooner or later, everybody in Narco ends up working on Al Lyman.
You want to take me through? Just give me a quick sketch.
Gino started working on that case about, oh, I'd say a year and a half ago.
He joined a bike club we knew had some users, started making buys.
Then he turned the pusher.
He worked his way up to the next rung, he turned that guy too.
His next contact he thought would be Al Lyman.
Up until last night.
Come in.
Oh, lieutenant.
Glen Decker.
- You know Milt Dedini from Narco? - Yep.
- No, we just met about 11 years ago.
- Hi, Milt.
I'm sorry about your boy.
I didn't know he was with us until they told me at emergency.
Yeah, well, whoever it was, we'll nail them.
How about the shot to the head? You okay? Not too hard, not too light.
I was hit by an expert.
Lucky again, huh? Sit down, lieutenant.
You understand Captain Martin has asked for a full investigation.
Yeah, I understand that.
I thought maybe he'd take on the whole show himself.
You know him.
Likes to have somebody to yell at.
All right.
Your report says you didn't know Carlino was there last night.
I didn't see him until I came to.
You got a phone call from someone who didn't identify himself? - That's right.
- Any idea who it was, Mike? Not by the voice.
You never saw him? What I saw was a figure in the shadows.
Then I got clobbered.
When he phoned you, what did he say? - He said he could give us Nate Baxter.
- Who's Baxter? - Lyman's number one man, right? - That's right.
About 12 years ago, a cop named Joe Morgan caught Lyman at a drop over in the Tenderloin.
Word was that Lyman lost his cool and pulled the trigger himself.
Twelve years.
I just haven't been able to nail him.
Nobody has.
Are you saying Baxter could? Well, if he was there like they said, makes him a witness.
But why would he turn on Lyman now? He already has.
He tried to take him out about two weeks ago and he missed him.
He's holed up somewhere, nobody knows where.
Except his ex-wife.
His ex-wife? Yep.
She called me right after it happened, wanted me to talk to him.
Wanted him to save himself by giving us Lyman.
Then she knows where he is.
Only I lost her.
No phone, address, nothing? Nothing.
I thought it was all dried up, until I got that phone call last night.
That's why I went out.
All right.
I think that does it for now.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Take care of that, Mike.
- Right.
Oh, lieutenant.
There is one more thing.
Yeah, what's that? Well, I hate to even ask it, but Officer Carlino was shot with a .
38-caliber weapon.
Do you have any objection to my running a ballistics check on your revolver? Get off it, Decker.
Who do you think you're talking to? - Twenty-three years on the force.
- Take it easy, relax.
Hasn't been fired.
We'll have a match-up on this in a few minutes.
- Charlie.
- Steve.
- You Decker? - That's right.
Steve Keller.
I work with Stone.
Oh, sure.
How are you? I'm all right.
I'd like to know what's going on here.
Just a routine ballistics check.
What is routine about saying Mike might have shot another officer? Hey, I'm not saying anything, Keller.
I'm asking.
That's my job.
- Been with Stone long? - Two years, yeah.
Finish this up for me, Eddie, and get it to me quick.
You know anything about Nate Baxter? From what Mike has told me, yes, I do.
How about what went off between him and Lyman? He didn't tell me that.
This is all according to Baxter's ex-wife.
Had something to do with a deal in Cleveland.
Baxter's kid brother got chopped and the word was Lyman set him up.
So Baxter went after Lyman.
Any way to verify all that? Not without Baxter, no.
And this whole thing goes back 12 years for Stone, huh? Twelve years, that's right.
That's a long time.
Never any way to make a collar? Well, if there was, I'm sure Mike would have found it.
Inspector Decker, wanna look at these? Stone's gun and the murder bullet.
Would you like to see these on overlay? Please.
What's your official evaluation, Charlie? They both came from the same gun.
No question.
Wait a minute.
Just wait a minute.
Mike was knocked out.
Anybody could've taken his gun and killed Carlino with it.
- Like? - The guy that hit him over the head, that's who like.
The same guy could've stood around, then cleaned it out, and then put it back in Stone's holster? I don't know what you're saying.
I mean, the cylinder was full.
The gun was clean.
Looked like it hadn't been shot.
Stone told me it hadn't.
Look, whatever's going down here-- Are you telling me it's never happened before, one cop killing another? Sure, it's happened before, but the cop was not Mike Stone.
Well, I hope you're right, Keller.
I really do.
I hope he's as clean as that gun was when he handed it to me.
But right now, that's what we've got.
So, what happened? So a bullet from my gun killed Carlino.
All right, you got framed.
What did the captain say? Stone.
I know this is a stupid question, but I feel like cooking tonight.
So if there's even the remotest chance you'll be home before 9 or 10, I'll gamble and make something super.
That's fine, sweetheart, just fine.
Mike, what is it? Nothing.
I'll be home soon.
You got grounded? That's where Carlino was found, shot at close range.
- How close? - About 3 feet.
According to the medical examiner, the angle of the bullet says he probably was already down when he took it.
That X, that where Stone went down? Right.
At least, that's what he said.
Oh, come on, Decker.
Now, do you think Mike Stone is stupid? If he was gonna kill Carlino, he wouldn't use his own gun.
No, not if he had a choice.
- What are you getting at? - Motive.
Why would a cop with a great record in the department like Mike Stone kill another cop? Well, you sound to me like you've got the answer.
All right, bright boy, let's have it.
Oh, I can think of a dozen, and so can you.
But they all come down to one thing, don't they? Survival.
Now, if a man gets desperate enough, gets too much pressure, he'll do anything to save himself.
And that includes doing something dumb like using his own gun.
Now, Carlino was killed when he was down.
Stone took a blow to the head.
That means they could have argued, fought.
And then because there was no other choice, Stone shot him.
Now you tell me that's not possible.
I guess I just wanted to be talked out of it.
Out of what? Thinking Mike and Lyman are wired in some way.
Hey, Dedini.
You got something says they are? Listen.
I think we'd better go downtown.
I wanna make a full statement.
Okay, pal, you got it, 49ers plus three.
- Lots of luck to you.
- Hey, Cappy.
Hey, Steve.
I didn't see you.
Relax, will you? Whatever went down, I didn't see it.
Went down? Hey, come on, you know I'm keeping clean.
You're staying very lucky.
Listen, Cappy, I've got a problem.
Yeah, so I hear.
- Mike, ain't it? - Yeah, what do you hear? He's in trouble with the department.
- Doesn't figure.
- So, what does? That you'd be stopping by.
Word is you're looking for somebody.
Guy named Baxter, Nate Baxter.
You know him? - What? - Sure, sure.
He's hot stuff.
Word is that they're offering five big ones for anyone who can finger him.
Well, I need him, for Mike.
Mike got me off the juice, you know that? I know, man, I know.
He cares.
So do I, so do I.
All right, I'll ask around.
- If I get anything, I'll let you know.
- All right, thank you.
I wouldn't do it for anyone else.
- Tell Mike to hang in there.
- Right.
- Mike? - Yeah? About a half a pound of salami cut thick for omelets.
You've got it.
Half pound thick for omelets.
You saw them both at the boxing ring, right? Correct.
Inspector Decker.
This is Stone.
Listen, do you have a tail on me? - What? - Give it to me straight.
You got somebody on me? No, why? I don't know, but I'm gonna find out.
Hello? Let me talk to Mike Stone.
I'm sorry.
He's not here now.
Well, you must be his daughter.
You know he's in trouble, right? - Who is this? - Oh, I'm a friend.
Listen, I can get him out of that trouble.
I have evidence.
Well, can he call you when he--? No, I can't wait.
Listen, maybe you can help.
You meet me at the corner of Hyde and Jefferson and I'll give it to you.
- But-- - Just be here, soon as you can.
Baby, is your name Stone? - Yes.
- You're sure? Listen, give this to your father and he'll understand.
So hold on to it.
How far you figure to go? Hey, look, Keller, we'd better get straight.
If I had enough evidence to nail Mike Stone, he wouldn't just be grounded, he'd be in the slammer and I'd be holding the key.
Yeah? Well, I don't think you're gonna see anything looking through his files.
Why don't you just talk to me? I've worked with the guy for two years.
He's not a killer.
He's the most honest, loyal, trustworthy guy you've ever known.
You're something else.
That's right.
I've been doing this kind of work for five years now.
You're not the first guy I've heard sing that song about his partner.
The whole thing's a frame and you know it! The only thing I know for sure is that all the evidence I have so far says Mike Stone could be on Al Lyman's-- Like what? Like 12 years ago, a cop named Morgan was killed because he got in Lyman's way.
So? So Stone headed the investigation.
The case was never solved.
That's one.
Now, number two.
Another cop named Carlino got too close to Lyman and he was killed by a bullet from Stone's gun.
So you're saying Lyman gave the order? Number three.
Last night, Dedini was tailing Lyman, and he saw him talking to Stone.
I know all about that one.
But you don't know that when Dedini got home, he got a call from Carlino.
Carlino said he thought he found a cop on Lyman's payroll.
He wouldn't give a name till he was sure, but he'd know that night.
Now, two hours later, Carlino was dead.
Now you tell me.
If it's all a frame, it's a damn tight one.
- What--? - Steve, she's here for questioning.
Hey, Keller, who's she? This is Mike's daughter.
Now, what's going on? Back there, Pauly Rutheford.
User, pusher, one of Lyman's punks.
We just picked him up.
Ten thousand in 10s and 20s.
The envelope's got Mike's name on it and she was there to pick it up.
You know what I'd like to do? I'd like to find Lyman and tear him apart, that's what I'd like to do.
I think you should do it.
You wouldn't even have to report it.
Just watch the late news, there it'll be in living color.
- I'm sorry.
- It wasn't your fault, sweetheart.
Don't blame yourself.
Another thing.
How did Narco just happen to be watching that bank? - A tip.
- A tip, huh? Nobody bothered to give a name, though, did they? Pauly's downtown right now swearing he's given you a lot of other envelopes over the years.
He's even willing to take the rap for it.
I gotta give Lyman credit for one thing.
He's doing a clean job on me.
But you're innocent.
I mean, they can't really believe you killed anyone.
Decker does.
You know he's got you nailed five ways? He's even tied in the connection between the payoffs and the mortgage on this house.
- How's that? - You paid it off in cash, $9,000, just two weeks after Morgan was murdered.
He did that with his savings.
No, he didn't, Jeannie.
Decker checked with the bank, and at that time, you had something like $700 in the account.
I told him it came from your wife's insurance policy, like you said.
Mike? Oh, well, it was so long ago, I guess I've forgotten.
You didn't forget anything.
I told you the money came from savings.
That was a lie.
I never lied to you before or after.
And what Decker said before is true.
I didn't save that.
I couldn't on the salary I was making then.
I had a little.
And after your mother got sick, it all went, pretty fast too.
Those hospitals can eat it up.
After she was gone, there you were, asking questions.
You were lonely, you were missing her.
And I tried to do everything I could to fill in for your mother.
She was the saver.
Could she save.
Every nickel and dime, she thought it was important to save.
And I thought it would be a good lesson for you too, so I lied to you about the house.
At the time, I thought it was the right thing to do, but now I just think it's plain dumb.
Not to me.
You're sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
I'm pretty lucky.
Come on, I'll walk you to the car.
Jeannie, thank you for the coffee.
- You liked it? - Yeah, it was good.
Had a lot of character.
Oh, listen, I checked on that car you chased.
The plates were stolen.
What about Baxter, any word? No, nothing yet, but I'm going back on the street now.
- I'll see you later.
- Yeah.
I see Decker's got a tail on me.
No, no, no, that's the good guys.
Williams and Jackson.
Bought you a little insurance myself.
Anything happens now-- I'll have half the department as witnesses.
The way Decker's going, that may not be enough.
I'll call you later.
What is this, a big party or something? - How many of you around here? - Where you get that kind of money? - You believe him? - Any reason why I shouldn't? - I'd like to think there was, yeah.
- Why? I've known Mike Stone a long time, that's why.
- Abel knew Cain his whole life.
- Yeah, love thy brother.
But in your case, I'll make an exception.
Look, I don't like this any more than you do.
So let's just get it over with, huh? You call Mrs.
Carlino? Oh, yeah.
She's waiting for you.
I'll take it, I'll take it.
I got a message for Keller.
He's not here.
So who is this? Look, if you have a message, leave it.
Otherwise, call back.
Okay, okay.
Tell him it's from Cappy.
You got that? Cappy, okay.
Tell him I couldn't find the man, but the man's wife is at the old Grey Briar Hotel, Room 204.
Is that it? Hello? Did you know him? No.
No, I never met him.
That's how he looked two years ago.
Not like what you saw in the morgue.
Carlino, I'm very sorry about what happened.
Gino didn't die last night.
He stopped living when he took that lousy job.
We both did.
They promised me they'd shave him.
I don't want him buried like that.
He'll have a full-dress ceremony.
He has the respect of every man on the force.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Is there anyone I can get for you? Family or friends? Friends? Our friends gave us up a long time ago.
They thought Gino lost his mind, that he was some kind of freak, a junkie, a pusher.
Who wants to be around somebody like that? Just the losers he had to spend his time with.
Did you ever meet any of them? Did he ever mention any names, like Al Lyman, Nate Baxter? He said he couldn't talk about the work.
He said he couldn't.
What about other officers? Yeah, I know a few.
A Lieutenant Stone? Mike Stone? Stone.
No, I don't think so.
Why? I'm just investigating all leads, that's all.
You're investigating a police officer? I'm just trying to find out who shot your husband, Mrs.
You think another cop killed Gino? Somebody that was leading a normal life while Gino was running around like some kind of dirty hairy animal? What anybody thinks isn't important.
Now all that matters is finding the truth.
That's why it's important for you to try to remember.
Anyone, anyone you might have met while he was working.
Yeah, I met someone.
A girl, a junkie.
Gino brought her into the hospital last July.
- The hospital? - Yeah, General Hospital.
I work as a nurse's aide on vacations.
It was 4th of July.
And he brought her in because she was sick, she was dying.
And because he said that she was a friend of his.
Now, can you remember her name? Pam, that's all he called her.
I hadn't seen him for two days, and he comes in with her.
But it wasn't what I thought at first.
It was just a friend.
He wanted to help her.
He didn't do anything wrong.
And you haven't done anything wrong in telling me.
Thank you.
- You see Mike? - Yeah.
- How's he doing? - He's okay.
When did this come in? Oh, about half an hour ago, maybe.
Dedini took it.
Pam Smith.
She was a heroin user.
Thank you.
Do you have an address on her? Josie, please take care of B14.
Thank you.
Apparently, it's changed.
She was supposed to come back for a post-op, but the notice we sent came back n/a.
Can I have that card, a pad and pencil also? - Here you are.
- Okay, thanks.
- What was her condition? - I never interviewed her.
Once her condition was stabilized, she disappeared.
Thanks anyway.
All right.
Hey, Keller.
Who's that? Baxter's ex-wife.
I came with her in the ambulance.
- Where's your car? - It's out back.
- What happened? - Somebody got to her.
She would've been dead if the super hadn't heard her screaming.
Guy got out through the window.
She say who it was? Said he had a badge.
And he got where Baxter is out of her? Yeah, but she told me too on the way in.
- Then he's ahead of us? - That's right.
Police! Hold it! Hurry up, man.
I hit one of them.
This one's dead.
Is it Baxter? Yeah.
- She say it was a cop? - Said he had a badge.
Well, it wasn't Stone.
Now, what makes you so sure of that all of a sudden? Because you've got him bottled and tagged by half the guys in Homicide.
If he opened the window to sneeze, they'd know about it.
Who do you think approved that surveillance team of yours? This is still my case, remember.
You know, you're a tough guy to figure out.
Yeah, so is this frame.
But maybe when Mrs.
Baxter comes to, she can give us a make on the guy we want.
- Okay, what leads have we got now? - None.
Wait a minute, what about that girl, Pam? The address she gave here is no good.
Well, let's talk to Dedini.
That's his beat.
I have her down as Pam Smith.
Not so.
Her name was Pam Greenfield.
She was a junkie before she was a hooker or vice versa.
He told us about taking her to the hospital too.
Said she was an old friend from high school.
He felt he had to help her.
Gino was a good boy.
- Do you have an address on her? - Yeah, I'm sure we do.
If she's still there, 1630 Mariposa.
1630 Mariposa.
Thank you, Milt.
You bet.
I'm busted, right? Pam Greenfield? Search.
Fifty-fifty split on anything you can find.
No, no, we're here to talk to you about a guy named Gino Carlino.
I don't know any Gino.
Well, I think you do.
Look, if you're just here to hassle me, you can-- Gino's dead, Miss Greenfield.
And we're trying to find the man who killed him.
How should I know anything about that? Well, now, you sound like you don't even care.
- Why should I? - Because he did.
Now, if I understand it right, he got you to the hospital when you almost OD'd.
Yeah? Well, you know so much about it, why don't you tell me what that's worth? I should owe somebody for that? You kidding? Now, nobody's kidding anybody but you, baby.
And we don't have time for it.
Now, maybe you're right.
Maybe your life's not worth 8 cents.
But somebody else's life is on the line here and you can help save it with the truth.
Now, what do you know that you're not telling us? - Nothing.
- You're lying.
Now, what is it? You knew he was dead.
Do you know who killed him? - Glen.
- She knows.
Don't you? You know who killed him? Yes.
Yes, I know.
I did it.
I sold him.
He was my friend, maybe my only friend, and I sold him for a fix.
For a stinking fix.
Who'd you give him to? Come on, Pam, let it out.
I knew he was a cop.
He was always gonna be a cop.
We'd gone to school together.
He was gonna be a cop and I was gonna be a lawyer.
I guess we made it halfway there, huh? I didn't mean to do it.
I was strung out.
I couldn't make any money like that.
He was all I had to sell.
Just tell us who you sold him to.
Mickey who? Mickey Sims.
I got it.
Hello? Mike, you ever hear of a guy named Sims, Mickey Sims? Yeah, works with Lyman.
Why? All right, he killed Carlino.
At least, we've got a witness who said he did.
Now, you know where we can find him? Yeah, maybe.
I busted him once.
Lives in the high-rental district on Pacific Heights.
Someplace on Green Street, I think.
Listen, what about Baxter? We lost, Mike.
Lyman got him? Looks that way, yeah.
We just missed.
Sims again? Not unless he's carrying a badge.
- What did you say? - That's right.
Lyman does have a cop.
Looks that way.
Maybe Sims can tell us who.
- I'll call you later.
- Wait a minute.
What about Mrs.
Baxter? She dead too? No, she's at General.
She was beaten up pretty bad, though.
She can tell us about the guy, can't she? Well, if she pulls through.
Right now it's fifty-fifty.
Talk to you later.
There's no way that car's gonna be around here.
Hey, you think he might have called a doctor? Hello.
You mind showing me your identification? No, of course not.
Holt, are you licensed to practice in this state? Yes, of course I am.
Look here, I don't know what's going on here-- Did you just make a house call in there? Did you make a house call in here? No, no, I was just looking in on a friend.
Would you show us, please? Give me that stuff.
No more.
This stuff will make you higher than a kite, man.
The doc said wait.
The doc ain't got the pain.
I do.
Now give it to me.
Break open a bottle too.
Take a look.
Hey, doc.
What's the matter? Forget something? - Come on, up.
- Okay, okay.
Come on, doc.
- Just take it easy.
- Up against the wall.
All right, all right, but take it easy.
- Drop it! - Give it up, Sims.
Put it down, Mickey.
They'll kill you.
Let's run a match on that one.
That should tie him to Baxter or his will.
No, I never shot anybody.
That's his bag.
I just drive.
You were there.
Yeah, yeah, but he pulled the trigger both times.
You just smashed up the old lady? No, that was the cop.
What cop? She's upstairs.
Mike, what's going on? It's all over, Milt.
She gave us a full description of the cop who beat her up.
What are you talking about? I got the word that Baxter's old lady was down here-- That's when I put it together, when you got word.
You took the message.
You and Steve were the only ones who knew where she was.
I didn't tell anyone about her but you and Decker.
Why? Why, Milt? Why you and Lyman? Why? Money.
- Money? - Money.
For Carlino? I gave up my right to choose a long time ago, Mike.
Lyman calls the shots.
Okay, get him out of here.
- Now, Milt-- - Mike, I'm sorry.
I really mean that.
But you and I are going out of here together.
You and me.
You were gonna waste my life before.
Come on, go ahead.
Waste it now.
You've made a lot of bad moves, Milt.
Come on.
But you've got one good one left.
Give me that gun and tell me all you know about Lyman.
You'll need these too.
Will we need them? No.
As much as I always wanted Lyman, I never wanted him that bad.
So how long had he been on the take? He said only about three years.
He didn't have anything to do with that murder 12 years ago, then? No.
No, I guess we'll never close that case.
But between that guy you busted and Milt's testimony, I guess we can close the book on Lyman.
You know, maybe we ought to get inside and see that Greenfield chick.
She thinks she sold Carlino and might wanna hear that Lyman knew about him all along anyway.
I don't think it's gonna help, though.
She's always gonna know what she did.
Mike, I think I owe you an apology.
For what, doing your job? You don't owe me anything, my friend.
No, sir, not one solitary thing.
Wait a minute.
Somebody does owe me for a busted fender and a headlight.
Listen, you gotta get this thing fixed.
Driving with one light, that's against the law.
Don't worry about it.
It's okay.
I've got friends in the department.