The Streets of San Francisco (1972) s02e16 Episode Script

Chapel of the Damned

- Morning, Tom.
- How's it going today, Jesse? Just great, thanks.
Hit it.
It didn't go dead until after she got in the elevator.
I seen her go in, I seen the elevator go up.
I figured she was in there, you know.
Okay, sir, thank you very much for your help.
If you'd just give the officer a description of the car.
Dick, when you call in, tell Communications I want two units to check the vicinity.
That car's gonna get dumped quick.
It was a maroon Thunderbird.
She's not dead.
That I would know.
- You're sure? - Yes.
Well, then, what? Where is she? Now, listen to me, Adele.
Listen to me.
You must have faith.
She will come back.
According to the doorman, your daughter came in a little before 6 this morning.
She in the habit of staying out that late? Recently.
She'd been seeing this boy.
Having an affair if they still call it that.
What's his name? Dillon.
Mark Dillon.
He has long hair and no manners and no prospects and no education.
And Julie just happened to mention that he's been to jail.
The perfect son-in-law.
She was with him last night? I assume so.
Where else would she be until that hour? Mike.
Oh, excuse me.
Got anything? Yeah, the cable of the TV monitor was gimmicked.
And all the leads were cut and taped.
- This guy knew what he was doing.
- There were two.
One guy cut the cable, the other one went across the garage hid in the elevator then taped it up to look normal.
- What do you got? - Over here.
Came in the morning mail.
The recorder was in the case.
Do you know where your children are? Yes, indeed.
- If you wanna get her back-- - Just sit down, relax.
- Take it easy.
- Say nothing at all.
- No cops.
- No cops.
- We want a lot of-- - Money.
- We'll be in touch.
- Sit tight.
Say nothing.
We'll call when At the tone, the time will be 12 p.
The splicing tape.
Could be prints on that.
- Run it through the lab.
- Okay.
Case too.
- Who's the other lady? - Friend of the family.
Bob, how you doing? Phone is here.
And the junction box is in the other room, let me show you.
What is that man doing? Well, we would like to monitor the phone.
You see, the people who have your daughter will try to contact you.
And when they do, he'll be able to trace the call if the phone is monitored.
And then there will be more police? And the FBI? Yeah, we can request the Bureau to come in after 24 hours if we really need them.
But I feel we could really use the monitor on the phone.
All right.
But please be careful.
He said no police.
If they find out They might Look, I don't care about catching them.
I just want my daughter back.
I understand how you feel, Mrs.
We'll do the best we can.
Ma'am, ma'am, please don't touch that, will you? - There might be fingerprints.
- You won't find any.
How do you know that? Madame Vasiliev has special powers.
She can sense things.
I conduct a circle of students who are interested in psychic phenomena.
Sloane is a member of my group.
I've seen her do some incredible things.
She can help us.
I know she can.
- May I? - Yes, yes.
Now, what do you wanna do? You want to hold the recorder? Yes, you see, when people touch material objects, they leave traces of their aura.
Yes, go ahead.
Thank you.
I I sense a Visuddhi.
Hindu word.
Remember, Adele, we spoke about the different chakras? Yes.
A man with With some trouble in his mouth.
Nothing more is coming through.
I'm sorry, that's all.
I can't tell anything else.
I'm sorry.
That's all.
Well, this case is as good as solved.
All we got to do is find someone with a Visuddhi in his chakra.
- Yeah, you like that Visuddhi, huh? - What are you, a skeptic? No, I'm just more interested in this part of him than I am in this part of him.
We start with the boyfriend, right? Right, got his phone number from the girl's address book.
Also where he works.
You wanna take him? No.
You go by yourself.
I'll grab a cab and go downtown and check out his record.
- Okay.
- And Steve? - Take it easy with him, will you? - You got another idea? No, but he's done time and it won't hurt him to think somebody wants to send him back.
- Why don't I go downtown? - What for? I don't know, slip into a white suit, get into a white car.
Oh, come on, now.
Get it started and get out, will you? I know, you and your Visuddhi, huh? - Hey, Dillon? - Yeah? Guy here wants to talk to you.
Hi, my name is Keller.
Is there anywhere we can talk without catching pneumonia? How cold does it get in there, anyway? - Twenty degrees.
- Twenty degrees? Must take you a while to get used to it, huh? Yeah, well, it's work.
- You said you want a few minutes? - Yeah.
You know a girl named Julie Sloane? - Why? - Were you with her last night? Look, what's this all about? - She was kidnapped.
- What? About quarter to 6 this morning.
Somebody got her.
- Kidnapped.
- Were you with her last night? Yeah.
Yeah, we caught a flick and then we went back to my pad.
She left sometime this morning.
Went home.
- You took her home? - No, no, like I told him.
I was asleep, I don't even know what time she-- - You were asleep.
- That's right.
That's great, just great.
- And who did you call after she left? - Nobody.
Look, I know what you're trying to do.
- I'm asking you, who did you call? - I didn't call anybody, I'm telling you.
- I don't know anything about it.
- You know the family's loaded, right? And we know that you like a good rip-off every now and then.
- That was a long time ago.
- Two years.
Just long enough to build up a good appetite.
Yeah, grand theft auto.
A Ferrari.
All right, so I got high with a bunch of guys and I stole a car once, so what? So don't try to con me! You set up that Sloane girl, didn't you? - I didn't have anything to do with it.
- Sonny.
Your friends ran over a newsboy when they came out of that garage.
He's dead and we're talking about murder.
If we don't get that girl back, you haven't got a prayer.
- Now, do you understand me? - All right, Mike, Mike.
Why don't you get a cup of coffee.
I don't need a cup of coffee.
I know his type, I've seen them on the streets for 20 years.
They're all alike.
They gotta make it big and they gotta make it fast.
Well, I'm gonna tell you something, sonny.
If you don't spit out the truth, you and I are gonna have a talk.
And it's gonna be soon.
Your partner's crazy.
No, he's not.
He just thinks he's right.
They say when you've been around long enough, you know.
You don't believe it, do you? Keller, I'm telling you the truth and you've gotta believe me.
You have to.
All right, let's go through it again.
Hey, Mike.
Just got a call.
They found the car.
- Where? - The Embarcadero.
- Tow truck just brought it in.
- Good.
What do you say, Charlie? Anything? Yeah, the paint looks like it matches the flakes on the hit-and-run.
- Any prints? - It's clean so far.
But we got a good heel mark on the right front floor.
It's a man's shoe, narrow.
Probably an Italian-made or a copy.
- What's this? - That's sawdust.
This was down there too.
- Broken glass? - Plastic.
- Contact lens.
- Can you trace it? Well, it depends on how much we have here.
Possible to run a prescription down on it if we can reconstruct it.
- But that's a long shot.
- Keep shooting, will you? Okay.
- Did you get anything? - Maybe.
- How about the boyfriend? - I let him go.
- Why did you do that? - Because I believed him.
I believed you for a moment there.
I thought you were going right down his throat.
You gotta yell at somebody once in a while.
- Otherwise, you'll get an ulcer.
- Yeah, so I've noticed.
What do you mean? Come on, we've got exactly 20 minutes till the next phone call at the Sloanes'.
Is everything all right? Yes.
Lieutenant, come on in.
- The call come? - No.
No, but Madame Vasiliev has been trying to overlook the people who took Julia.
Oh, that's good.
Now we've got two minutes left.
- Are you ready? - Yes, sir.
She has seen something.
I want you to listen to her.
I appreciate your faith in that woman, Mrs.
Sloane, but I think you'd better let us do this our way.
Well, just what have you done? Put a policeman in my living room.
What good does that do? Look, I want you to listen to her.
She knows.
- Adele.
- Olga, will you tell them, please? It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't share our beliefs.
Look, if you feel something, you should tell us.
It's how the lieutenant feels that's important.
If he's as skeptical as he looks, I'm sure he doesn't want to hear.
It's my business to be skeptical.
And I don't mean to offend you.
Oh, you haven't, you haven't, not at all.
No, you're good at what you do.
Very good.
As a matter of fact, I have great faith in you.
- Even if you have none in me.
- Thank you, you're very kind.
All set? Just keep calm.
And agree to everything they say.
Try to keep them talking.
Adele, trust him.
Sloane? Yes, this is Mrs.
Then you know who this is.
Where's my daughter? - Where's Julie? - She's fine.
You just pay attention, you hear? Pay real good attention.
You go to the bank and get $ 100,000.
Old bills, you understand? Then you go home and wait.
We'll tell you what to do after you get the money.
You've got two hours.
Wait, wait, please.
You heard his voice? Yeah.
I heard.
- Not enough time for a trace.
- You just stay with it.
Lieutenant, please, you heard his voice.
Won't you listen to Olga now? I heard him say $100,000.
Can you get that much? - Yes.
- Then go out, get it and bring it here.
Madame Vasiliev, before the call, you said you saw something? No, I didn't see anything.
I received a sense.
An aura of a certain place.
Where Julie is? - I can't say that for certain, Adele.
- Well, where is this place? Well, I can't tell you an exact location, but the aura was blue.
A blue aura.
Meaning what? That's open to interpretation.
But for me it would be sky, water, something cool.
Very cold.
- Is that it? - Yes.
Things appear differently on the astral plane than they do on the material plane.
Well, I wish I could understand that.
But I'm afraid I'm going to have to stick to my own plane.
Man, you must be something else with a jigsaw puzzle.
No contest.
I don't think I ever finished one in my life.
- Don't let Mike hear you say that.
- Don't let Mike hear you say what? - Easy, lieutenant, easy.
- Okay, okay.
- How you doing? - Doing it.
Hey, why don't you two dudes back off a little bit, okay? - What's the matter, we troubling you? - Yeah.
You're bugging me.
- Did you get the money? - No, she's still at the bank.
- They didn't have enough old bills.
- We got time still.
Yeah, this is a smooth operation.
I don't think they'll go for a stall.
And we still have to mark the money when we get it together.
Mike? - Finally made it, huh? - Yeah, just don't anybody sneeze.
"Central Optical Supply.
" We know that's the company that made the blank.
I wish the prescription was more complete.
Some sort of astigmatism.
It was smashed into a million pieces.
It was the best the lab could do.
The company said it was a special lens.
They also said that you were one of a half a dozen people who ordered it from them within the last year.
Yes, according to this information, it's a sports lens.
Designed for strenuous activity.
Has a groove around the edge to hold it in place.
Now, I've only fitted one patient with it recently that I can recall.
Here we go.
Rubiro, Carlos Rubiro.
- Got an address? - Yeah.
92 Seven Street, Hotel Atlanta.
- You know this address is a year old? - Yeah, residential hotel.
Probably still lives here.
Well, thank you.
We can manage.
Search warrant.
This guy's been around.
Never mind where he's been.
I wanna know where he is.
He's got Mrs.
Sloane's number in his book.
Yeah, could be him.
- Fits with the sports lens, all right.
- Here's the trophy.
Hey, here's some other trophies too.
Look at this.
This guy really does get around.
At least we know what he looks like.
Skeet shooter.
- Think he's got the other one? - Maybe.
Looks like a 12 gauge.
Over and under.
Fancy too.
" - 7371 ? - Yeah.
- Cal Pacific Airlines.
- How did you know that? Now, you're not gonna pull those parlor tricks on me too are you? - I called it yesterday.
- Why is that? I had a little time saved up.
- I thought I'd take a little-- - A vacation.
- Maybe.
- Behind my back.
It wouldn't be a vacation if I was with you.
Go ahead.
You wanna go on a vacation, go on a vacation.
Who is this, Andy? Keller, yeah, how you doing? Good.
Listen, could you run an APB for us? Rubiro, R-U-B-l-R-O.
Carlos, male Caucasian.
About 5-foot-10, 170 pounds.
Dark eyes, dark hair.
No make on the clothes.
Also, check with Cal Pacific Airlines.
See if his name's on their passenger list, will you? Good, thanks a lot.
Read this.
"Waited till 9:30.
Where were you? Mark.
" As in Mark Dillon, right? The guy that you let go.
- A blue aura.
- What? Madame Vasiliev, remember? Says it could have something to do with being cool.
That's calling the shots.
- You'll ask what sign I was born under.
- All right, forget about her.
What about the sawdust? They got sawdust in an icehouse.
They sure do.
And I'll bet Dillon left some on the squad room floor.
When you let him walk out.
That's right.
Hey, Mr.
- Hey, how you doing? - Good, good.
Listen, is Dillon around? You're not gonna be seeing him around here anymore.
Why is that? - Look, you're a couple of cops, right? - Yeah.
You got to deal with that element.
- Me, I don't need the aggravation.
- You fired him? Yeah, soon as he came back from seeing you.
- You got an address? - Sure, it's in the office.
Listen, would you mind if we took a look around here first? What's the matter? You don't believe me? No, it's not that, it's just that we're here.
We're here, Mike, we're here.
Is there any place he ever hung out by himself? Was alone? Away from everybody else? Storage room, I guess.
He was icing it up for a big order we got coming in next week.
- Mind if we took a look? - Sure, but he's not hiding in there.
Unless he's part polar bear.
It's awful cold in that room.
Here, you better take this parka.
Hey, come on, buddy boy.
I get frostbite easy.
Buddy boy, huh? Where do all these blocks come from? They come from a shoot over here.
Need a new batch anyway.
Stand back.
Keep your feet out of the way.
- Take the back.
- Right.
Time for another talk, Dillon.
- Hold it.
- Mike.
- Where did he go? - Nobody came out here.
He must have doubled back.
- I'm sorry, Mike.
- You didn't spook him, I did.
I let him go.
I didn't think he was the type.
That's all right.
Let's put out an APB on him.
Inspectors A-1.
- You got the money? - Yes.
Is she all right? - Let me talk to her, please.
- Shut up and listen.
Put the money in the case.
You get one more call to tell you where to take it.
Five o'clock.
- When did this come in? - About ten minutes ago.
- Oh, dear God.
- Mrs.
- You don't-- I'm all right.
- It's all right, sit down.
I'm all right.
She's still alive, isn't she? They won't hurt her? - Not if I do everything they say.
- We'll never know that for sure.
We just have to keep working.
Now, listen carefully.
Please, get some water.
Listen to me, Mrs.
Did you know a Carlos Rubiro? Yes, why? We found your name in his address book.
It would help us if you told us everything you know about him.
Well We were involved with each other for a while.
My husband has been dead for six years.
- Then he knew Julie.
- Naturally.
But I haven't seen him recently.
Well, I became aware after a while that his motives were not what I thought they were.
He wanted money? Yes.
Looks like he found another way to get it.
- Do you think he's one of them? - Not anymore.
He's dead.
He could have been one of them, but somebody dealt him out.
- Did he know Mark Dillon? - No.
Yes, they met here one night when Julie came home late.
That boy did it, didn't he? With Carlos.
- And now he's got Julie.
- Maybe, maybe.
- Where did you meet Rubiro? - The chapel.
At the chapel? Yes, The Chapel of the Mind.
Well, you've really got to give her credit.
She knows how to put a scene together.
Maybe you could get her to decorate your apartment.
Lieutenant Stone, what a pleasant surprise.
You mean to say you didn't see us coming in that little crystal ball of yours? I see you have your information about psychic matters from the comic strips.
- I don't use a crystal.
- Well, that's too bad.
I thought you could look into it and tell us something about Carlos Rubiro.
Would you sit down, please? Over here, please.
Carlos Rubiro.
Yes, please.
Now, what about him? Well, I'd rather hear it on your plane first if you don't mind.
Not at all.
He was a member of our group for a while.
Very interested in psychic phenomena, but he had no ability, a dilettante, really.
So eventually, I asked him to leave the congregation.
When was this? About six months ago.
Now, you haven't seen him in six months? No.
Why? Does he have anything to do with what's happening? Well, not anymore.
He's dead.
- He's dead? - Murdered.
In a place that had a very cold aura.
An ice house.
Oh, no.
Then apparently he was involved in what's happening.
Are you implying that I am too? I'm not going to imply anything.
I'm gonna just lay it right flat out.
I don't think anybody could come up with two long shots like you did.
First, the guy on the phone and then Rubiro's body.
Well, I suppose I should be offended by what you're saying, lieutenant.
But I'm used to it.
You're not the first person who does not believe that there are hidden mysteries because you can't see them or hold them in your hands.
Less than two centuries ago, people were denying the existence of electricity for the same reasons.
All right, getting back to Mr.
Rubiro, excuse me, can you tell us anything else about him? Only that he existed in this world by playing on the emotions of wealthy women.
And you don't approve of that? Lieutenant, I have been as patient as I feel I can be with you.
I've told you I'll do nothing to interfere with your work.
I've told Adele Sloane to put herself entirely in your hands.
In fact, it was I who advised her to bring you people in regardless of the message on the tape recorder.
- You asked her to call us? - Yes, she wasn't going to.
She was frightened because of what the message said.
I see.
Well, then, I guess I owe you an apology.
You owe me nothing, lieutenant, but your reassurance that you'll do everything in your power to keep Julie alive, please.
She's gotta have a record as long as my arm.
I'm telling you, Bunko says she's clean.
- What about aliases? - None that show up, no.
Look, they checked that chapel out the first day it opened - like any other hustle.
It all scans legit.
- I don't believe it.
Well I must say I don't believe what I see coming through that door either.
Dillon, what the? - Keller, I need help.
- Okay, good, good.
- You gotta keep him away from me.
- No problem, sit down.
Over there.
Look, Keller, what do I have to do to convince you guys that I haven't done anything? Dillon, you ran.
I was scared.
I got the phone call.
And then your partner there kicked in my front door.
- Now, wait a minute, what call? - Some guy.
He said you were coming to bust me.
Did you notice anything funny about the way the guy talked? Yeah, yeah, he stuttered.
How'd you know about that? Mike? I came here to talk to you, not him.
That's all right, son.
- Why did you come here? - Where could I go? How far could I get? Look, whatever it is that's happening, I need help.
I got no place else to go for it.
Did you write this? - Where you get that? - Did you write it? - Yeah.
- To whom? Julie, who else? Homicide, Stone.
Yeah, where? Got it.
- Steve.
- Yeah.
Put somebody on him.
Sloane got her call.
- Where are we going? - Telephone booth, airport.
- Hello.
- You brought cops with you.
No, no, I came by myself as you said.
You're a liar.
There are cops all over the place.
You think we don't know what's going on? No, please, look, I brought the money.
Just tell me what to do with it.
All right, lady, just shut up and listen.
You do exactly what I say.
Put the case on the ledge next to the phone.
It's there.
Now, count to five and then knock it over.
Make it look like an accident.
- Yes.
- Under the seat, there's another case.
Exchange them.
Then go down to the helicopter waiting area and sit tight.
All right.
They told her to go someplace else.
Figures, they know we're around.
They're gonna try to shake us.
Something's wrong.
I'll sit next to her and see what they said.
- No, they'd spot you.
- We got to do something.
Well, let's give it another ten minutes.
- Hey, Olga, you got it? - Yes, I've got it.
And then he said he knew that the police were there and that he would kill her and that there was this case at the bottom of the phone booth and that I should switch them and then just come here and wait.
A matching case.
We should've figured that.
Well, you can't figure them all.
It's all right, Mrs.
Come on, we'll drive you home.
- You think they'll let her go? - We'll just have to wait.
Check out that body.
I'll call an ambulance and notify Homicide.
- Baby.
- I'm fine.
- Are you all right? - Yes, Mother, I'm all right.
- Honestly, Mother, I'm all right.
- Julie.
I'm Lieutenant Stone of the police department.
Are you strong enough to answer a couple of questions? Yes, I think so.
Now, I know this is unpleasant, but the man that was killed, was he one of them? Yes, he's the one I had to stay with.
Was there anybody else involved? Carlos Rubiro.
Anybody else? No, just the two of them.
No, there's gotta be a third somewhere.
- Mark Dillon.
- Mark? He's one of them, I know he is.
- If you find him-- - Mrs.
Sloane, we know where he is.
At least for the last couple of hours.
Julie, the man that was killed, did you hear the shot? - Yes.
- Now, this is very important, Julie.
Do you know how much time it took between the time you heard the shot and the time the policemen found you? I'm not sure.
But I think it was just a few minutes.
He couldn't have pulled the trigger.
He could have set it up.
Gave himself a perfect alibi.
How could I set up anything? I was here all the time.
Could be the truth, son.
Or it could be a pretty smart move.
Print report they found on the shotgun, Mike.
They belong to Dillon.
Well, that's beautiful.
What, he shoot the guy by ESP? Dillon, you heard the man.
Now, let's hear it from you.
How did your prints happen to get on Rubiro's shotgun? Rubiro set me up.
I was the real pigeon.
Rubiro, my friend.
That's why he offered me a ride home that day.
He had the guns in the car.
"Here, Dillon, look at the pretty little gun.
" My fingerprints all over the place.
Well, we've only got one suspect left.
Preserve me With the sword Destroy me With the pentacle Redeem me All right, party's over, madame.
Don't be disturbed, anyone.
I'll be back in a moment.
This way, please.
Will you hold this for me? Thank you.
This time I think you do owe me an apology, lieutenant.
There's a sucker born every minute, isn't there? I beg your pardon? All these years, it's been nickels and dimes, hasn't it? Nickels and dimes.
Until you met Mrs.
And then she was big money.
She was worthy of your best effort.
Only it had to be a perfect con job.
No witnesses.
That's why you killed those two stooges who did the kidnapping for you, isn't it? That left you $100,000 in unshared profit.
We never have communicated very well, lieutenant.
But this time, I'm not following you at all.
Oh, it's not a matter of you following me.
It's always been me following you right down the path that you laid out.
First, it was the broken lens that led us right to Rubiro.
And then it was the sawdust, the note, that led us right to Dillon and he was the best one, wasn't he? He was the perfect suspect.
Because once we found his fingerprints on that shotgun, he could cry innocent all he wanted to but we wouldn't believe him because he was a perfect ex-con.
The perfect criminal type.
Really, lieutenant? It would have worked.
It really would have.
Except he didn't react like a criminal.
Do you know where he was when you pulled that trigger? Headquarters.
He's been there since 5:00 this afternoon.
Are you finished? No.
You are.
You're under arrest for kidnapping and murder.
Arrest? You can't arrest me.
What are you going to use for evidence? Your fantasies? No.
No fantasies.
We figured you'd object knowing the law the way you do.
So we brought along a search warrant.
Mike, I got it.
You never should have looked.
Book her.
Well, the doctor wants to keep her here overnight.
- But I can take her home tomorrow.
- Well, that's good.
I don't know if you can stand any more good news, but we recovered your money for you.
Oh, that's good.
I'd have gladly given it up though, you know.
The important thing is to get Julie back.
Look, Mrs.
I realize that it's none of my business, but Dillon, he's-- - What about him? - Well, he just isn't all that bad.
He was very concerned about what happened to Julie.
Yes, I suppose he was.
Well, that's really Julie's decision now, isn't it? And after all, she's old enough to live her own life now.
Would you excuse me a minute? I must call Madame Vasiliev and tell her what's happened.
Oh, no, I don't think I'd call her.
I'll bet she already knows what happened.
Of course.
Of course she does.