The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Summer House


[BELLY] My family's been
going to Susannah's beach house
in Cousins every summer
since I was a baby.
Since before I was even born.
All year long,
I count the days until
I'm in that house.
The dads come to visit,
but it's not their place.
They don't belong to it.
Not the way we do. The
mothers and us kids.
There ain't a cloud in sight ♪
It's stopped raining ♪
Everybody's in the play ♪
And don't you know ♪
It's a beautiful day
- One. Two.
- [BELLY] The summer house
- is made up of lots of things.
- Three.
- The beach.
- Come on!
See how the sun shines brightly ♪
- In the city ♪
- Come on!
On the streets where once was pity ♪
- Got it.
- Mr. Blue Sky ♪
- Okay.
- Is living here today ♪
- Like, drop your hand.
- Hey ♪
[BELLY] The swimming pool
late at night.
Please tell us why
Movie nights with the moms.
But the boys.
The boys most of all.
Mr. Blue Sky
It's the same every summer.
I've always loved that about it.
- Steven. Steven!
Stop it! Steven! Stop it!
For me, everything good,
everything magical
happens between the months
of June and August.
Thank you.
- You know that I caught it
[TAYLOR] Drew's bummed you're
missing the beach matchup
with the boys' team next weekend.
Um, make sure you tell Sophie
to square up for the block.
Drew Martinez is texting me about you,
and you're talking about volleyball?
[CHUCKLES] Like, are
you serious right now?
Drew doesn't care if I'm there or not.
He just wants an excuse to text you.
What doesn't kill me
And you better take this game
against the guys seriously.
I mean, team pride is
on the line, Taylor.
Please. You know me better than that.
I would never let a boy beat me
- at anything.
I thought you came here to help me pack.
Fine. I'll help.
Here's a tip. Don't bring that Speedo.
It doesn't do a thing
for your new boobs.
- It's not a Speedo.
- I'm just saying, babes.
Like, you need to pack cute things.
Well, I always buy a new
suit when I get there.
Okay. So, buy one that doesn't look
like you're trying
out for the swim team.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
In the glow of the vending machine
[LAUREL] Belly, we're leaving
- in the next ten minutes!
- I got to go.
- No, you don't.
- Yes.
We still have ten minutes.
Summer's a knife ♪
I'm always waiting for you
- Boop.
Okay, before I let you go,
you have to tell me your summer wish.
Like, the one thing you
want to happen this summer.
Oh, it's new
I don't know.
[CHUCKLES] You little liar. Yes, you do.
You want a hot make-out
with Conrad Fisher.
You want his tongue in your mouth,
- you dirty little slut.
- [CHUCKLES] Okay.
- Shut up, Taylor.
- [LAUGHS] I'm just saying.
Like, you've been in love
with him since we were 12.
You've got to shit or get off the pot.
(A) That's disgusting.
(And B) It doesn't matter what I do.
- He doesn't see me that way.
- Oh, he'll see you.
Whether he wants to or not.
You look a lot different
than last summer, Belly.
Just to keep you ♪♪
[BELLY] I love this drive, this moment.
It's like coming home
after you've been gone
- a long, long time.
Every time she goes through her hair ♪
the tension in the air ♪
No, I can't let you leave ♪
So I kill my insecurities ♪
Oh ♪
You can't do better ♪
Oh ♪
You can't do better
Uh, can you guys turn
it down a little, please?
Yes, please.
[LAUREL] Thank you. I want you
to be better about
helping out this summer.
Like, don't just leave
your dishes in the sink.
Load them into the dishwasher.
And not just your own
dish, either, Steven.
- What? But I
- I want you to be good houseguests.
Mom, Susannah has people
who clean, doesn't she?
- Steven.
- Ow!
All right. All right. Sorry.
[BELLY] My mom is weird about money.
The fact that Susannah
has a lot and we don't.
Just be considerate and
act like I raised you right.
Steven, that means
don't stay out too late.
Mom, I'm too old for a curfew!
Wait, what about me? I don't
have a curfew either, right?
[LAUGHS] What do you need a curfew for?
You don't go anywhere.
Don't be a jackass, Steven.
- What?
- Belly,
we'll talk about it
when something comes up.
Oh, and don't forget, you
promised you'd take me driving.
Belly, I told you I'd take you.
Yeah, but you're too judgy.
- Excuse me?
Yes, I'm sorry.
You can't do better ♪♪
[BELLY] Boys at school never look at me.
Taylor's the one they look at.
I guess you could say
I'm just kind of there.
Are you new this summer?
Uh, me? N-No. [CHUCKLES]
Really? Hmm.
Thought I knew every
pretty girl in Cousins.
Coming to the bonfire tonight?
First of the season.
Uh, maybe.
Come. I'll introduce you
to some of my friends.
- Maybe I will. Hmm.
- [LAUREL] After we get settled,
do you want to go to
Whale of a Tale with me
so I can pre-sign stock before
the signing tomorrow night?
- Uh
- Remember how you used to sit on my lap
when I did signings there?
You insisted on drawing a little whale
- on every book I signed.
- No,
I-I don't remember that. [CHUCKLES]
I'll take that. Thank you.
I'll make you a deal. I'll let
you pick out tonight's dessert
if you come with me and keep me company.
- I'll see you later.
- What's later?
[BELLY] Nothing.

[BELLY] It smells exactly the same.
Tastes the same.
Like it's been waiting
for me to get here.
They're here!
What's up?
Hi. Oh, my go
- Hello.
- [JEREMIAH] Long time no see.
- [LAUREL] Good to see you.
- Hi.
[SUSANNAH] Oh, my God.
[STEVEN] You've been
going to the gym, bro?
- Oh, my God.
- [LAUREL] I know. Oh, my God.
Look who came back all growed up.
- Oh, put me down.
[STEVEN] Jere, Jere, Jere
- Come over here. Come on.
- Yeah.
And there's a dazzling
haze, a mysterious way ♪
About you, dear ♪
Have I known you 20 seconds ♪
Or 20 years? ♪♪
I liked you better with glasses.
Too bad. I like me better without them.
- Yeah.
Hey, hey, guys, guys.
I mean, I-I don't know
about you, but I
Well, I-I think it's time
- for a
- For a
- No! No!
- She's quick!
- Let's go!
- Belly flop!
- Belly flop!
- Right here, right here.
Right here, right here.
All right, ready, ready?
[BOYS] One
- Three!
How's the water?
- Guys, I hurt my ankle.
- Come on.
- Yes. Got you.
- Belly!
Let go.
[STEVEN] Did your mom get that-that
fancy cheese or whatever?
Dude, don't worry.
She went out yesterday
and got all of that.
- Oh, my God, Laurel.
How many boxes did you bring?
I told you not to bother.
Your fancy little market
doesn't even carry Diet Coke, Beck.
[LAUREL] You're dripping
water all over the place.
[WHISPERS] She's gorgeous.
[WHISPERS] I know.
You have always been lovely, but,
- oh, honey, look at you.
I think I look pretty much the same.
You do not look the same at all.
You're growing up.
You're in bloom.
[BELLY] Susannah has
a way of saying things
that almost makes me believe her.
Laur, she's you all over.
- People always say I look like my dad.
No, when your mom and I first
met, she looked just like you.
Except I had no boobs at all.
- Gross, Mom.
You should call your father
and tell him we got in safely.
Uh, why don't you tell Steven to do it?
Because I'm telling you.
He misses you guys when you're gone.
Yeah, but he'll see us
at the end of the summer.
No, he'll be here for the Fourth.
Wait, he's coming here?
Of course. He always
comes for the Fourth.
He didn't come last summer.
[SIGHS] Because we'd
just gotten divorced.
We're good now.
Where's Mr. Fisher?
Oh, he's in London.
They got him going back and forth.
He'll join us later in the summer.
For now, it's just the
women and the children,
- just the way we like it.
Hi, Junior Mint.
I can't believe you
still have that bear.
Duh. I would never
throw away Junior Mint.
Come on, let's swim
before dinner, please.
I I can't.
I-I have to go with my
mom to Whale of a Tale.
Aw, man. I've been wanting
to go in the ocean all day,
but I've been waiting
for you to get here.
Pretty please. Pretty please!
Yeah, yeah, screw it.
Let's, let's go swim.
Yes. All right, I'll
meet you outside, okay?
Okay, I'll be right down.
I'll be right back.
You going into town?
Oh, Belly and I were
gonna go by Whale of a Tale
so I can sign stock,
but it seems she's
ditched me for the ocean.
Let her play. I'll go with you.
I, uh, just need to drop
by the country club first.
[LAUREL] The country club?
Oh, God, never mind. I'll go by myself.
I'm going to check on the
catering for your party.
I swear to God, Beck.
You said you were doing
a few bottles of wine
- and that's it.
It's just a few light appies.
Calm down.
You don't have to come in the club.
You can wait in the car.
Be quick. If you leave me too long,
I'll get "sunken placed."
Come on.
Okay, I'm ready.
Hey. Did you know my dad's
coming up for the Fourth?
Don't you think it's weird?
Not really. I love your dad.
Yeah, but they've only
been divorced for, like,
a year and a half.
Well, that's what's so cool
about your mom, you know?
- She just doesn't give a shit.
- [CHUCKLES] Exactly.
She doesn't give a shit
because she's the one
who wanted the divorce
in the first place.
I think if you don't want to be married,
you just shouldn't be married.
Well, tell that to my grandma.
She basically collapsed
when my mom told her.
Did you know my dad has
a new girlfriend already?
Well, what about your
mom? Is she dating anybody?
No. [LAUGHS] Oh, and he has a beard now.
- [LAUGHS] Your dad has a beard?
- Yeah.
Yeah, he thinks it makes him look cool.
Well, does it?
Kind of. [GIGGLES]
I've waited all year for this.
You want to race?
- No, no, I can't, you
- Oh, come on.
Your legs are too long
now. I can't do that.
- That was a bad start.
- You cheater.
I'm gonna get you.
When you don't say no ♪
And it's such a rollercoaster ♪
- Some killer queen you are ♪♪
We are all set for your
party tomorrow night.
- Thank you.
- How was tour?
Oh, my publishers didn't
send me on tour for this one.
It's been a pretty quiet release.
- Sorry.
Are you on social media?
You should really be on social media.
Ah, well, no, I'm not.
Are you working on something new?
How many copies did you guys
order for tomorrow night?
- I think 20.
- Oh, that's not nearly enough.
I've invited half the town.
What? You said this was just
going to be a small thing.
Mika, I am so sorry,
but you might have to run
to the Barnes & Noble in
Portsmouth and get some more.
Business has been slow. We haven't been
- keeping as much stock.
- It's fine.
What about this?
You must have a hundred
copies of this book.
[SCOFFS] Cleveland Castillo
is off-brand Jonathan Franzen.
Cleveland Castillo is such a phony name.
It's like, "Hi, I'm masculine,
but I'm an intellectual."
- I bet Hemingway is his hero.
- Mm-hmm.
I bet he wears horn-rimmed glasses.
Yeah, see?
Yeah, contacts irritate my eyes.
- Goodbye Cleveland.
[MIKA] Yeah, that was him.
He's renting the Burke house all summer.
Oh, that's a nice place.
[WINCES] Sorry.
Steven, I swear to God,
if you look at that phone
one more time, I'm putting
it in the screen basket.
It's just, we want to
see your beautiful faces.
Can dinner be a screen-free zone?
- You know, like the olden days.
- Dude, are you kidding me?
- Boom! Nailed it.
Okay, okay, okay, we get
it, you've been working out.
Oh, you're just jealous
because Jere has a better body than you.
Uh, no, actually, it's all
about the lean look now.
Otherwise, you can't
wear tailored suits.
- [JEREMIAH] Sure, sure.
Tailored suits.
When are you leaving
for training camp, man?
Uh, he quit football.
Wait, really? You quit?
Are you kidding me, man? I'd-I'd
kill to play college ball.
He can always change his mind.
I'm not gonna change my mind.
I was just gonna sit on the
bench all season anyways.
Well, if you're not
playing football anymore,
what are you gonna do all summer?
[STEVEN] Oh, dude, you
can work at the club.
- Yeah, with me and Jere.
- Yeah.
I'm not gonna work at the club.
Wait, you guys are working this summer?
Yeah, I'm lifeguarding,
and Steven's working at the snack shop.
Oh, Belly, I almost forgot.
I have a surprise for you.
So, this is why you had to stop by
- the country club.
- Mm.
What, uh, wh-wh-what is that?
I wrangled Belly an
invitation to be a debutante.
Is that the thing where the girls
wear white dresses and curtsy?
It's when a girl comes of age
and is presented to society.
I-I know it sounds silly,
but I swear it's fun.
Girls come from all over
New England to Cousins
just to be a part of it.
You'll make so many new friends.
I cannot believe you
are still holding on
to this archaic dream.
No, it used to be
about finding a husband,
but now it's about networking.
They teach you leadership skills,
like how to market yourself,
and it benefits charity.
It's, um, like a bat mitzvah.
[LAUGHS] It is not like a bat mitzvah.
There is nothing religious
about a debutante ball.
The whole deb scene is bullshit.
It's for sheep.
- Yeah.
- No, it's not.
It's when a girl has a coming out,
it's a formal recognition
she's reached maturity.
- Oh, sorry. I'm sorry. Mature?
- Yes.
- Belly?
- Mm-hmm.
[STEVEN] A-a couple months
ago you had a cat funeral.
You made us all wear black.
Shut up, Steven. I saw
you crying in your room.
Wait, Mochi died?
Dang. I'm sorry, Bells.
Don't you want to get all dressed up?
It's just not Belly's kind of thing.
She's our feral little alley cat.
Alley cat.
I'll think about it.
She'll think about it.
Girl ♪
It's you ♪
That I lie with ♪
As the atom bomb ♪
Locks in ♪
Oh, girl ♪
- It's you ♪
- [SPITS] You ♪
I watch TV
- Night swim?
- Yeah, night swim.
Hey, how many followers
is a lot of followers on Instagram?
Um, is it somebody who's
verified or not verified?
What's verified?
Oh, my God, Mom.
Oh, yeah, Taylor's dad was
reading this guy's book.
150,000 followers is a lot,
- especially for a writer.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
I thought you said smoking pot
changes the way your brain
processes information.
So does your cell phone.
You said marijuana
messes with white matter.
Do you even know what white matter is?
You said o-our brains are
still developing and that
God, do you memorize
every single thing that I've ever said?
Get over yourself.
I mean, Conrad, you're the one who said
that-that smoking's dumb
and that real athletes don't
put shit in their bodies.
I said a lot of stuff,
and I'm not an athlete anymore, so
Well, I still think you should quit.
What'll you give me if I do?
Nothing. I think you
should quit for yourself.
Hey, why are you considering
this debutante thing?
I don't know.
I mean,
it's not like I have
anything else going on.
But it's not you.
Don't let my mom make you
her little doll just because
she never had a daughter.
I don't mind it.
I mean, sometimes I
wish I was her daughter.
You're better off with Laurel. Trust me.
Why are you acting so different?
I'm not.
I know you.
I mean, something's going on. Just
just tell me.
- Belly
First bonfire of the summer!
[JEREMIAH] All right,
we're totally taking my car.
- You're not driving.
Come on, man, we're leaving. You ready?
Can I come, too?
Uh, no.
The moms are getting everything
set up for your movie night.
See you.
Let's go, slowpoke.
Have fun with the moms!
Brownies are going in.
Go put the DVD in.
Uh, do we have to watch
It Happened One Night?
Can't we do something different?
But we always watch It Happened
One Night on the first night.
Well, we could watch The
Philadelphia Story instead.
Everything okay?
Yeah, no, I-I'm just
I'm kind of tired,
so I think I might skip
the movie and go to bed.
Okay, hon, yeah, sure.
We can, uh we can do
the brownies another night.
Why am I hearing from you?
You never call me on the first night.
Um, where are you going?
To a show.
What's wrong?
Tonight, Conrad and I
were talking by the pool,
just the two of us, and it
felt different.
Good different? See, I told you.
I don't, I don't know.
I mean, Jeremiah and Steven came down,
and then they all just left and
went to this thing on the beach.
Oh, why didn't you go with them?
[SCOFFS] Like I care
about a beach bonfire.
And it's not like they
invited me either, so
They don't own the beach.
Well, I-I did talk to this one guy, um,
who asked me to come.
Come on, girl. Go have fun.
Yeah, but
I don't like that guy.
But that's not the point.
Conrad will be there.
Go to the bonfire, get in his eyeline,
let him see you all
dressed up and looking cute.
Look in your duffel bag.
I've gifted you my secret weapon.
Not to keep, obvs, just to borrow.
You see it?
No way in hell.
Belly, nothing's ever going to happen
if you're alone crying in your room
in your big T-shirt
waiting for the boys to come home.
Yeah, but
I mean, won't you be able to
see my underwear underneath it?
- So, wear a thong.
- No.
No. Thongs are unhygienic.
Wearing a thong is basically
like-like flossing your butthole.
Belly, thongs are mainstream.
Shut up. I'll go.
I'm somewhere else, it doesn't feel ♪♪
[ELLIE] [ON TV] Do you mind if I try?
[PETER] [ON TV] You?
[LAUGHS] Don't make me laugh.
[ELLIE] [LAUGHS] Oh, you're such
a smart aleck. Nobody
knows anything but you.
[ELLIE] I'll stop a car,
and I won't use my thumb.
[PETER] What are you going to do?
It's a system, all my own.
[ELLIE] Aren't you going
to give me a little credit?
[PETER] What for?
[ELLIE] Well, I've proved,
once and for all, that
- Up, hey, up, uh, up, look ♪
- This is fire ♪
Once upon a time, man,
I heard that I was ugly ♪
Came from a chick who ♪
Want touch on me,
I said my face bomb ♪
Ass tight, racks stack up ♪
Shaq height, jewelry
on me, flashlight ♪
I been lit since
last night, hit him
[BELLY] I'm gonna kill Taylor.
Broke boys don't deserve no kitty ♪
- I know that's right
- Yo, gas station girl.
Bentley Bentayga
Hey. Where you coming from?
Uh, a-another party. [CHUCKLES]
Sweet. Yeah. Hey. Here, take my beer.
No, no, no, thanks. I'm okay.
So, uh
you got a boyfriend back home?
- Steven!
What are you doing here?
And I-I'm sorry,
wh-what are you wearing?
I invited her. Who the fuck are you?
I'm her brother. She's 15, you pedo.
I'm-I'm almost 16.
My bad.
Jesus Christ.
- Belly, come on.
- What are you doing?
- Will you let go of me, please?
- What are you doing? No
- You're embarrassing me.
- I'm embarrassing?
- You're embarrassing.
- Why am I embarrassing?!
Quit embarrassing yourself.
Are you kidding me?
Stop it! Steven!
- [STEVEN] Are you okay?
- [CONRAD] Belly?
- [GIRL] [LAUGHS] Woof.
[BOY] She just ate it. Dude.
I thought you hated the Red Sox.
- Who are you?
- Who are you?
Nicole. Conrad and I
went to the deb ball
together last summer.
It was after you guys left to
take Steven to look at colleges.
I thought you said that
deb balls are bullshit,
and all debs are sheep.
I didn't
You're such a brat.
- Well, you're an asshole.
- [JEREMIAH] Belly.
You came! Great, we can
all hang out, you guys.
- I'm about to take her home.
- What?
Yeah, we're leaving. Are you kidding me?
Okay, Steven, chill out. Come on.
Go-go hang out with Shayla or something.
Let's go.
Come on.
But just stay right here
- and don't talk to anybody.
- Okay. All right. Chill.
- Fuck you!
- Wow.
for one, I'm really happy you're here.
[GIRL] Jeremiah.
Okay, I will be right back.
Bussin' out the Bentley Bentayga ♪
Man, Balenciaga Bardi
back, know how I give it up ♪
It's big bags bussin'
out the Bentley Bentayga ♪
Man, Birkin bag, Bardi back ♪
Know how I give it up ♪♪
When the boys threw
Belly in the pool today,
I swear I almost saw a
smile on Connie's face.
- Mm.
- [CHUCKLES] He was in
a better mood today
than I've seen him since
he and Aubrey broke up.
I didn't realize they were that serious.
- Neither did I.
[SIGHS] He's just in such a bad mood.
- Mm.
- So unlike himself.
Since when did he quit football?
A couple weeks ago.
He only ever played
football to please Adam.
I told you they weren't getting along.
I'm just gonna
let him have his space. You know?
Let him do his thing.
Don't you think maybe it's
time you talked to him?
There's nothing to talk about.
Can we just have a really great
summer like we said we would?
How's your writing coming?
Your office is all set up for you.
I put fresh flowers in it.
I just want to hang out with you.
I could give a shit
about my book right now.
Mm. Liar.
You give so many shits about your book.
- You give all the shits.
- It's a midlist book.
It's been out for a month
and it's barely selling.
Maybe if I'd written about the
Asian American experience
whatever that is it
would be selling better.
Well, it is gonna sell
a ton of copies tomorrow,
and I can't wait to read it.
You never read my books.
Yes, I do.
Read Cleveland Castillo's
book instead. He's got
150,000 followers on Instagram.
You know, it wouldn't hurt you
to put yourself out there more.
- Get on Tinder while you're at it.
- Oh, my God,
- please stop.
- Okay, okay.
Not Tinder. What's, uh, what's the app
for the 40 and up crowd?
Oh! I'm begging you,
- stop.
- It's OurTime.
- No, it's not.
- What?
Okay, don't get mad at me.
I just, I really think
you should let Belly
- have a deb season.
Please, debutante balls
- are just so problematic.
- Please.
I really want to see our
girl in a white dress.
- Fine.
- You win.
- I always do.
I still don't think
she'll go through with it.
[SIGHS] She might surprise you.
People can change, you know.
Not us, though.
You and I are immovable objects.
- Girl, he's, like, obsessed with you.
- I know. For sure.
[CAM] Flavia?
- It's me, Sextus.
- What did you say to me?
No, no, no, no, no, no. Sex-tus.
From seventh grade Latin convention.
You're Flavia, right? You placed second
- in the poem recitation.
- Oh, yeah. [LAUGHS]
You, uh, you-you dressed
up for the costume contest,
- right?
- Mm-hmm.
Weren't you a-a wizard or something?
Close. I was Charon,
ferryman of the dead.
Salve, Flavia.
Salve, Sextus.
My real name's not Sextus,
though. It's, uh, it's Cam.
I-I'm Belly, or Isabel.
- You can sit down, if you want.
- Oh. Okay.
Cool. Yeah. I would love to.
Caught me on my way out,
but, uh, I can, I can chill.
Are you new this summer?
No, no, I'm from here. Are you?
No, I've been coming to
Cousins ever since I was a baby.
What? How have we not met until now?
I totally would've remembered you.
- Your poem.
- It was a very memorable poem.
- Mm.
Yeah, no, I stick pretty
close to home when I'm here.
How come?
Guess because I-I don't
really know anybody,
other than my family.
Now you do.
- Are you cold?
- I'm okay. I'm-I'm fine.
- No, no.
I don't even like this hoodie. It's
- Really? [LAUGHS]
- Yeah, it's gross.
Great. I'll take it off your hands.
Hey, did [SIGHS]
Did everybody see me fall before?
Sort of. Yeah.
My brother is such a dick.
Your brother. So, like,
who are the other
the other guys you were
with? Was any of them, like,
your boyfriend?
They're, um, they're my
mom's best friend's sons.
Oh, cool.
We stay at their house every summer.
They're just mad that I'm here.
I'm really glad you came.
'Cause I did not want to come.
I knew it was just gonna
be a bunch of kids, like,
getting drunk, and I don't drink at all.
Me neither.
So, how do you know all these
summer people, if you're local?
Oh, my mom works at the country club,
so I grew up around them.
Hey, do you know anything
about that-that debutante thing?
It's-it's dumb, right?
I mean, it's definitely, like,
steeped in the patriarchy,
if that's what you're talking about.
- Yeah, no, yeah, totally.
- Yeah. [LAUGHS]
But it's actually,
like, not total garbage.
They do, like, a big
fundraiser every year.
- Last year, Elizabeth Warren
ended up showing up.
Oh, my God.
- Wow!
- I know.
- That's awesome.
- I know. Thank you.
It's pretty late. Um
I really don't want to leave
right now, but I have to be
up really early in the morning
because I'm interning
on a whale-watching boat.
And it would be really, really great
- if you want
What's your problem, man?
It's one beer. It's a party. Relax.
No, give me my beer
back. I paid for this.
Stop, stop.
You're drunk. Just give him the beer.
Maybe you should listen to your lady.
- Stop. You're drunk.
- No. I'm fine. I'm fine.
- Give me the beer back.
- He's fine. He's a real big man.
- Fuck you, bro.
- Oh, my gosh. Uh
[STAMMERS] I'll be right back.
- I'm sorry. Don't-don't go anywhere.
- No, yeah.
You're not taking my fucking beer, dude.
Relax, it's one beer!
Yeah, and it's my fucking beer.
You guys, you guys, you guys. [GRUNTS]
- Belly.
What the fuck is wrong
with you? [GRUNTS]
- Are you okay?
- [JUMPER] Come on, big man,
come on.
Hey, guys, guys, come on. Hey.
I wish I could disappear
Guys. Hey, hey, hey.
Break it up. Come on.
- [BOY] Cops!
- [GIRL] Cops!
- Get out of here.
Come on. Get in the
car. Watch your head.
Legs, legs.
Yes. I know how to get into a car.
Belly. Let's go. Get in.
Cam can give me a ride home. Right, Cam?
Yes. That's no problem.
No, you're not gonna get in a car
- with a guy you just met.
- I'm Cam. Cameron.
Your name is Cam Cameron?
No, it's ju-just Cam.
But we actually, we know each other.
Seventh grade. Latin
convention. So, like,
we're not total strangers.
Okay. No offense, but
no. Belly, get in the car.
Just get in the car.
Uh, you should probably go.
But, um, the whaling
boat that I intern on,
it leaves at dawn every
morning from the piers.
I was wondering if you
would, uh, want to come.
Uh, yeah, yes, sure. [LAUGHS] I mean,
how else will you get
your hoodie back, right?
That's true.
[BELLY] This could be my summer wish.
This night, this boy.
- I'll just
- Oh, yeah.
- [JEREMIAH] Fuck! Steven!
Watch Conrad. I'll be right back.
Your hair's like a little kid's,
the way it's always so messy.
- Belly
Have you kids been drinking?
Officers, thank you.
It won't happen again, I
can promise you that much.
[OFFICER] Tell Mr. Fisher the
chief wants to set up a tee time
- when he gets back in town.
- Absolutely.
Sorry again for all the trouble.
Have a good night, Officers.
How could you guys be so irresponsible?
Mom, it wasn't a big
deal. All right? Seriously.
The cops were just looking
to break up the bonfire.
- Not a big deal?
- Yes.
I would say getting picked up
by the cops for underage drinking
is a pretty big deal, Steven.
Were-were you guys,
- you guys smoking tonight?
- What?
Keep your voice down.
Susannah's asleep on the couch.
Well, I wasn't yelling.
Well, you-you-you were.
Just so you know, Laurel,
I-I didn't drink tonight.
- I was the DD, I swear.
- You're the oldest.
What the hell's gotten into you?
And when did you leave the
house without telling anybody?
And what in the world are you wearing?
It's Taylor's. And why am I the only one
who's not allowed to go out?
It's not that you're not allowed,
it's that you should have
told us you were going.
- How did you even get there?
- I walked.
You know better than to walk that far
down the beach alone late at night.
Can you stop treating me like a kid?
If you want to be treated like an adult,
you need to act like one.
Then maybe you guys should, too.
What does that mean?
I hope you realize
this night could have
ended a lot differently
if your family wasn't your family.
We're sorry, Laur.
[SIGHS] Just
go to bed, guys.
I don't understand what
is going on with you.
Nothing's going on.
What? Connie
'Cause it's always one step forward ♪
And three steps back ♪
I'm the love of your life ♪
Until I make you mad ♪
It's always one step forward ♪
And three steps back ♪
Do you love me, want me, hate me? ♪
Boy, I don't understand ♪
No, I don't understand ♪
And maybe in some masochistic way ♪
I kind of find it all exciting ♪
Like, which lover will I get today? ♪
Will you walk me to the door ♪
Or send me home crying? ♪
It's one step forward ♪
And three steps back ♪
I'm the love of your life ♪
- Until I make you mad ♪
It's always one step forward ♪
And three steps back ♪
Do you love me, want me, hate me? ♪
Boy, I don't understand ♪
No, it's back and forth ♪
Did I say something wrong? ♪
It's back and forth ♪
Going over everything I said ♪
It's back and forth ♪
Did I do something wrong? ♪
It's back and forth
[BELLY] Things change,
whether you want them to or not.
So maybe I'll change, too.
And I'd leave you, but
the roller coaster's ♪
All I've ever had ♪
Yeah, it's one step forward ♪
And three steps back ♪
Do you love me, want me, hate me? ♪
Boy, I don't understand ♪
- No, I don't understand ♪♪
- Hi.
Last night was amazing.
A shit show.
You know you're gonna have
a black eye tomorrow, right?
It's already tomorrow.
Hey, do you?
Do you remember anything
that happened last night?
I mean, you were pretty wasted.
I always remember
everything when I drink.
- Let me have a puff.
- No.
- Mm-hmm. - Yeah.
- No. No.
- Yes.
- No.
Laurel would actually kill me.
Okay, fine.
Then if I can't smoke,
then you can't smoke.
Same old Belly.
Hey, let's go pick up
some of the good muffins
before everybody else gets up.
[BELLY] I thought this
summer was gonna be like
all the other summers, but it's not.
Um, I actually have
somewhere that I need to be.
Because I won't let it be.
Wait. Where are you going?
To see about a whale.
What does that mean?
So I kill my insecurities ♪
Oh-oh ♪
You can't do better ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Do anything that it could take ♪
Convince myself I'm in first place ♪
And maybe you'll pick me ♪
In an alternate reality ♪
Am I not built to be the one? ♪
Tried to be sweet, tried to be fun ♪
No, I can't let you leave ♪
No, it's not a possibility ♪
Oh-oh ♪
You can't do better ♪
Oh-oh ♪
You can't do better ♪
Don't you know, oh, can't you see ♪
That there's no one else but me? ♪
Oh-oh ♪
You can't do better ♪
Don't you know that
you were meant for me? ♪
Don't you know that
this is killing me? ♪
- Killing me ♪
- Ooh ♪
And it's not a possibility ♪
Oh-oh ♪
You can't do better ♪
No, baby, no, baby, no ♪
Oh-oh ♪
You can't do better ♪
You can't, can't, can't do better ♪
Don't you know, oh, can't you see ♪
That there's no one else but me? ♪
Oh-oh ♪♪
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