The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Summer Tides


[JEREMIAH] Morning, Bells.
Jeremiah, what are you
Wait, Conrad, what are
It's okay.
You and I are meant to be.
[JEREMIAH] Belly, wait.
It's always been us.
How can you not see?
[BELLY] Even my dream
life is complicated.
The truth is, everything's
gotten more complicated
ever since that kiss.
A kiss I can't stop thinking about.
A kiss that's literally
invading my dreams.
It's invading everything.
Morning, hon. Hey, do you have a second?
Cleveland just called. I got to go
It'll just take a sec.
I want you to ask Belly to
be her escort to the deb ball.
Mom, I can't.
Why not?
Just tell Jeremiah to ask her.
Connie, you know how much
it'll mean to her if it's you.
You're her Prince Charming,
and we all know it.
No, that's not
You've always been so good to her.
Remember when you were the only one
who'd let her tag
after you and the boys?
I just, uh I want it
to go perfectly for her.
For me?
I'll think about it.
Okay, that's my Connie.
I didn't say I would do it.
Oh, and don't be late this
afternoon for the tournament
'cause we need help setting up.
- I know. I know.
- Play It Forward!
[CONRAD] Play It Forward.
Uh, you know, it's, uh,
not too late to sign up.
Mom, no.
- Oh.
- Oh, sorry, um
Uh, morning.
- Hi.
- How'd you sleep?
- Fine.
[CHUCKLES] No dreams.
[STEVEN] Excuse me.
Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.
[JEREMIAH] Hey, um,
you excited about the
volleyball tournament today?
[STEVEN] Belly!
Why do you keep leaving
your hair on the shower wall?
- Calm down.
- No. It is gross.
All right? If you do it again,
I'm leaving it on your pillow.
I, uh, I didn't want
to rush you or anything,
but I would like to eventually
talk about what
happened the other night.
Y uh, yeah, no, I mean
But, uh, you know, with-with
Taylor coming into town
and the tournament and everything
Gotcha. Yeah. Maybe
after everything's
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah. Sounds-sounds good.
- Okay.
- Great.
Uh, I'm gonna go get dressed.
I think your mom's waiting for me.
- Yeah, yeah. See ya.
Yeah, it's wood rot.
Yeah, see how brittle
it is on the inside?
God, this is bad, man.
We have to pry off bits
until we reach clean wood.
Fuck! Ow.
You're a little on edge, my friend.
It's been a bad week.
Is your dad back in town?
No, other stuff.
How are things looking with that girl?
Not good.
And this isn't looking good either, man.
I mean, it just keeps going and going.
The whole goddamn thing is
infected, and I didn't notice.
It's everywhere, and I didn't notice!
Conrad, whoa! Whoa.
- What is going on, man?
My heart's beating
really fast, and, um
[WHISPERS] It's really hard to breathe.
No, it's normal. You're
having a panic attack.
It's okay.
Okay, you look at me.
Deep breaths.
Let it out, man.
Conrad, what's going on?
It's my mom. She
Everything okay?
Yeah. It's just hot today.
Just a little longer.
Don't you just love
that dress? [CHUCKLES]
Yeah, I love it.
You excited for the
volleyball tournament?
Yeah, I can't wait.
I-I want to raise the
most money of anyone.
Mm, Steven's the only
one I'm worried about.
And which charity are you representing?
The one you help with.
The homeless women's shelter.
That's sweet.
Thank you, Belly.
Uh, sit still.
I just need a couple more
seconds with those frills.
There's a breathing
technique for anxiety attacks.
Four seconds inhale through your nose,
seven to hold, eight to exhale.
How do you know all this stuff?
It was when my second book came out.
That's when I had my first
full-blown panic attack.
I went to the E.R. thinking
I was having a heart attack.
[CHUCKLES] Learned
coping methods after that.
Maybe you should tell your mom you know.
Yeah, I know.
I want to. I swear.
But every time I try, I don't know how.
I mean, she doesn't want
me or my brother to know.
Finding out would crush her.
It would ruin everything.
I feel like maybe if-if I
I just keep it inside, you know
maybe that's what keeps her alive.
You're afraid to step on a crack.
You're afraid that you'll
be the one to make it real.
This isn't something you can control.
This is happening whether
you say it out loud or not.
Conrad, it's not on you.
It's not on me.
Hey, Belly.
Oh, hey.
What's that?
- My secret weapon.
- Hmm.
Feeling good about the tournament?
Yeah, I'm ready.
If you stay ready, you
won't have to get ready.
- That was cheesy.
- Yeah.
You try, you try coming up with
a motivational phrase with no cheese.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Hmm. I'm thinking.
- I'm thinking.
I'm sorry.
For being cheesy?
For being a jerk the other day
and pretending like I don't remember
when I remember everything.
I just keep replaying it over
and over again in my head.
I-I don't know what to say.
I know.
It's too little, too late. I get it.
Can I take you to the ball?
I mean, I already know all the dances.
It's no problem.
Uh, I'll-I'll think about it.
Think about it.
What have you gotten
yourself into, Cinderbelly?
- Oh, I'm so happy you're here.
- Where's my shirt, okay?
We're gonna kick all of their asses.
[WHISPERS] Yeah. Let's go.
- What's up, Taylor?
- Hey.
[QUIETLY] What's the
latest with you two?
There's so much to go over.
You are kidding me.
Dead serious.
Was he cool about it or was he nervous?
Or was he, like, begging?
Oh, my God, please
tell me he was begging.
He was not begging.
But he was kind of nervous, though.
This just makes things
all the more exciting
because you get to tell him no.
- I know you're waiting ♪
For the words that
you can't get from me ♪
Just treat me good and, baby
Belly, you are telling him no, okay?
Because need not I remind you
of the bullshit Conrad pulled last week.
- Yeah, I know, I know.
- Need not I also remind you
of the emotionally
available, fun, sweet,
better-looking brother
who is at your feet
right now waiting for you.
Are you girls ready?
I'm gonna take you over.
[GASPS] Oh, can I drive?
Look, we don't have to
talk about this right now.
- This is not why you came.
- This is exactly why I came.
I'm just glad you're here so
we can win this tournament.
No. You're glad I'm here because
I'm about to get you on Team Jeremiah,
which I'm the very
enthusiastic CEO of, so
Am I losing you for good
[SIGHS] Oh, yeah. We're ready.
I'm alone in my head
- Good job.
Can't get a read on myself ♪
Gotta change
I like your visors.
Oh, thanks. We got them this morning.
Steven insisted on the green
because he says it makes our eyes pop.
Yeah, they're really poppin'.
We cannot be friends
Uh, so how long you in town for, Taylor?
I don't know. I'm just
gonna play it by ear.
'Cause now I'm in it ♪
But I've been trying
to find my way back
Well, it was great to finally meet you.
I'm glad to put a face to the name.
I'm gonna go put on some sunscreen.
Uh, yeah, okay.
Find my way back for a minute
You guys look good together.
Oh, you think so?
It's cute. Okay.
See you on the court.
And the rain keeps coming down
[SUSANNAH] Good afternoon.
I'm Susannah Fisher
- chair of the club's
community service
board, and I am delighted
to welcome you to Play It Forward!
You know, as my mother used to say,
if you're lucky enough to be at
the beach, you're lucky enough.
And we are very fortunate indeed
- Hey.
- which is why, in the spirit of fun
- and friendly competition
it is time to open
our hearts and our wallets
and give back to those who
may not be as fortunate.
We have teams raising
money for homelessness,
women's shelters, environmental causes
and many more.
And Play It Forward will match pledges
for the winner of the tournament!
Pledge tables still open,
so please donate generously.
And with that, I say
let the games begin!
[MAN] Let's get started!
That trophy is going to be mine.
Watch out for those two.
Her spike is lethal.
Let's do this.
Looking good, Jeremy.
What's up, Taylor?
Oh, please. Don't even sweat it.
He's in the rearview.
You sure about that?
Yeah, I'm Team Jelly.
I've got your back.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, uh, just a heads-up.
My mom is kind of freaking out
because Belly doesn't have
an escort to this dance.
[NICOLE] She's right.
She needs to hurry up and decide.
The thing is, she kind of
My mom asked me to-to take Belly.
Why doesn't she just go with Jeremiah?
I mean you know Jere.
He, like, he hates this kind of a thing.
Um, and plus, I already know the dances.
Yeah. No, I remember.
You're very good at the dances.
Don't forget it.
[LAUGHS] I won't.
You want a drink?
- Sure.
- Gotcha.
- [M.I.A.: "BAD GIRLS"]
- Okay. Let's do it.
[CONRAD] Let's go, Belly! Come on!
[BOTH] Play sharp, play smart.
- Live fast, die young
- [CONRAD] Good job, Belly!
- Ready?
[CONRAD] You got it, you got it!
- Yeah!
- Nice.
- Live fast, die young ♪
Bad girls do it well ♪
Live fast, die young ♪
Bad girls do it well ♪
Get back, get down ♪
Go, Belly.
Pull me closer
[CONRAD] Nice!
- You guys got it!
- [TAYLOR] Nice!
[CONRAD] Nice!
Let's go, Team Belly!
You got it, Taylor.
- Oh, you okay?
- You okay?
- No, I just my ankle.
- [WOMAN] You okay?
[BELLY] Do you want me to help you?
- [JEREMIAH] You okay, Taylor?
- I just, like, twisted it.
- Okay.
- Can you walk?
Can you sub, please?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
- Do you need help?
- You okay?
No, yeah. Just fine.
You play.
[MAN] Here we go.
- You ready?
- Yeah. Let's do it.
- Got to be ready.
- Let's do it. Yeah, yeah.
Okay, ready? Down.
Here. Up.
- Down. Hip.
- Oh! Oh!
- Yeah!
- Yay!
- [BELLY] To you.
- [JEREMIAH] To you.
- Here you go.
- Oh. Thank you.
[NICOLE] You're welcome.
Nice! Oh! [GROANS]
- Come on, man.
- Yeah! Yeah.
Nice shot.
- [JEREMIAH] We did it.
[TAYLOR] Come on, Team Belly!

- Nice try.
You got to dive for those.
That's why we're on sand.
[CHUCKLES] All right.
Got to work on my dive, right?
Just focus, okay? These guys are good.
[BELLY] Okay.
- Don't look at me. Watch the ball.
- You got it.
- Jere, focus!
Here, here, here. Me.
[WOMAN] Ouch.
- Ref, can we get a time
I'm so sorry. I have to win this, okay?
- They'll match my pledges.
- Yeah. I get it.
Conrad, I need you to sub in.
- Now.
- [WHISPERS] Jeremiah.
Nice game, Jere-Bear!
- Where do you want me?
- You start up.
- All right, let's do this.
- Mm-hmm.
We were hanging in the morning ♪
- Feeling all different ♪
Kinds of things ♪
We were talking about everything ♪
From the past to the happening ♪
- [TAYLOR] Yes!
We started talking 'bout devotion ♪
The kind that goes on eternally ♪
[SIGHS] Nice.
And I tell her I'm in love with her ♪
But how can I know
that I'll always be? ♪
She just said, "Is it true? ♪
Is it true? Tell me now" ♪
It's a promise I can't
make and I won't validate ♪
Was I in some kind of mood? ♪
- I don't know, I don't care ♪
Now I'm sleeping in my room ♪
Here I am, back again ♪
She's in my
- Yes!
- Yes!
- [CONRAD] Yeah!
No intention to be mentioning ♪
We started talking 'bout the future ♪
'Bout the notion I was motioning ♪
I'm just so terrified to face her ♪
Like any moment I might wake up
- [CONRAD] Yes!
[BELLY] Yes!
- Oh, my God!
- If you wanna run away ♪
With me, I know a galaxy
and I can take you for a ride ♪
I had a premonition that
we fell into a rhythm ♪
Where the music don't stop for life ♪
Glitter in the sky,
glitter in my eyes ♪
- Shining just the way I like
[SHAYLA] Nice!
You met me at the perfect time ♪
- You want me, I want you, baby ♪
My sugar boo, I'm levitating ♪
The Milky Way, we're renegading ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
- [CONRAD] Yeah!
Moonlight, you're my starlight
Boom, baby! Let's go!
- Come on.
- Boom!
I'm levitating ♪
You, all night, come
on, dance with me ♪
- I'm levitating ♪
You can fly away with me tonight ♪
You can fly away with me tonight
- [CONRAD] Yo!
Ace! Yeah.
You can fly away with me tonight
That was it. You got it.
Tonight ♪

- Oh!
- Yeah! [WHOOPS]
- Yeah!
[SUSANNAH] And the winners
are Isabel Conklin
Good job, guys.
and Conrad Fisher! [WHOOPS]
- Oh, my gosh.
You guys were incredible.
Oh, you make such a great team.
- Did you ask her yet?
- Ask me what?
To be your escort.
I told him he had to
ask you since, you know,
it was taking you so long to decide.
[LAUREL] Congratulations!
- [SUSANNAH] I'm so proud.
- I'm so happy for you.
[BELLY] How's your ankle?
- [TAYLOR] It's better.
- [NICOLE] Belly.
- Hey. Belly.
- Hey, Nicole.
- Uh, you remember my friend Taylor?
- Yeah, hi.
Um, so my dad's boat just
came up from Anguilla.
Um, so what do you guys think about
a pizza and rosé in a few hours?
Just something fun to end the day.
And you're more than
welcome to come, too, Taylor.
Will Kayla be there?
You mean Shayla. [CHUCKLES]
And, no, she has plans with
Liam and all those people.
Yeah, we'll be there.
These look amazing.
Would you mind steaming
them just one more time?
Oh, my gosh, of course.
[SUSANNAH] I hate to be that person.
[CLARISSA] Oh, don't worry about it.
- Beck.
- What?
They were totally
wrinkled. There was no way.
Okay, whatever.
Got a little sun-kissed, by the way.
- Did I?
Okay, ladies, here we go.
Thank you so much.

It's the one thing I've
wanted my whole life,
for Conrad to ask me to go somewhere,
and to-to an actual ball.
And it was all because his mom asked.
Just proves my point why
Jelly thrives and Bonrad blows.
- "Bonrad" is a terrible couple name.
- Okay, precisely.
"Jelly" is, like, cute and catchy.
Look, I made a
Jelly finsta. [LAUGHS]
[LAUGHS] Oh, my God, Taylor.
- Oh, my God.
- I know.
What am I gonna do?
I mean, how am I supposed
to fully jump into something
with Jeremiah if [SIGHS]
if a piece of my heart
still beats for his brother.
A piece of my heart will,
like, always beat a little bit
for your brother, but that doesn't mean
that I won't allow myself to fall for
someone even more
incredible if he comes along.
- Taylor.
- What?

- Oh, my God.
- Fuck me.
[STEVEN] Jere, you have to
come to the party tonight, man.
- It's gonna be sick.
Shayla told me Liam ordered an ice luge.
Sounds cool.
What's wrong with you?
Nothing. I just don't really
feel like going out tonight.
No. No, no, no. Dude, I need you, man.
It's not gonna be fun without you.
Dude, Shayla will be there, all right?
And everyone's scared shitless of her.
Yes, man! See what happens
when you don't concentrate?
All right, I-I've got some stuff to do.
Have fun.
Wait, what?
What's with him?
I don't know, man. He's being weird.
But, uh, he's not coming tonight,
so it's just you and me.
Yeah, about that, bro.
- I might bail, too.
- No.
No. Bro, you haven't
hung out all summer.
- Bro, it's not gonna be
- Conrad, come on, man.
I'm gonna be so mad at you if you don't
- come to the party tonight.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- What, really?
- Yes, okay.
Fucking finally.
You know, you've really
neglected me, man.
- Oh, yes!
You saw that?
[LAUGHS] Yeah. Nice.
Put a finger down if
you've ever made out with
two people within 24
hours of each other.
Okay, put a finger down
if you've ever used
a stuffed animal to
you know.
His name was Harry Bear Styles.
- Like
You had a name for yours?
Okay, put a finger down
if you've ever had sex.
If you've ever been to third?
Put a finger down if
you've ever gone to second.
Put a finger down if you've ever
made out with Jeremiah Fisher.
- Oh, wow.
[DARA] Shut the fuck up!
- Wow.
- [NICOLE] Wait.
Belly, we want all the tea.
Um, sorry, Gigi.
No, it's fine.
Um, I mean, there's not much to tell.
He's-he's, like, my best friend.
And when did it start?
Um, about a week ago.
We kissed in the pool at our house.
I always had this weird feeling
there was something going on
between you and Conrad.
But I guess I just
had the wrong brother.
Uh, yeah, no. It's-it's, um
It's just, I
- I don't know. I
- Yeah, whatever.
Enough about Jeremiah.
Uh, put a finger down if
you've ever been skinny-dipping.
Put a finger down if you've ever
gone skinny-dipping at Hopper's Cove.
Is that a dare?
Well, there's nothing
wrong with you, Lisa.
You've got this town in
the palm of your hand.
Not quite, it seems.
Thought you left with, uh,
Connie and Steven, honey.
Uh, wasn't really in
the mood for a party.
Oh, that doesn't sound like you.
Yeah, I'm just tired from the tourney.
- You okay?
- Uh, yeah. I'm just, um
I'm just tired, too.
Hey, you want to watch a movie with me?
- Or we could merc some zombies.
Okay, how do I, uh, how
do I work this thing?
[LAUGHS] Okay, so, um, you want
to use this one to look around.
- This is to move.
- Mm-hmm.
- Aim. Shoot.
Okay, ready?
- All right, there they are.
- Oh. What? Where?
- [JEREMIAH] Right there on my left.
- Wait, wait.
- My left or your left?
- No, no, right there
- on-on my left. Oh.
- Ugh.
Just takes practice.
You know how much money you guys raised
for the homeless shelter today?
Five thousand dollars.
I was so proud of you.
And then Belly won.
She'll be the literal belle of the ball.
She mention who she's taking?
I, uh, I told Connie to take her.
I would've asked you, but I
know you hate formal events.
Yeah. Yeah.
So I-I guess they're
going, Conrad and Belly?
Yeah, fingers crossed.
Connie seemed like his
old self today, didn't he?
I mean, he was so happy.
Yeah, I guess.
That storm cloud over his head
didn't wander your way, did it?
- Hmm?
- [LAUGHS] No.
Maybe. I don't know.
Anything I can do to help?
Nah. Today's just been weird.
You sure? I mean, I'm-I'm right here.
You know, I-I think I
am gonna go to the party.
- You want to come?
Thanks. Um
[SIGHS] I'm ready for bed.
[SOFTLY] Okay.
- What's your name ♪
Girlfriend, what's your name? ♪
What's your name,
girlfriend, what's your name? ♪
Tell me ♪
What's your name,
girlfriend, what's your name? ♪
What's your name? ♪
What's your name,
girlfriend, what's your name? ♪
- Yo ♪
- Check it out ♪
- Baby ♪
- Oh, nah ♪
We don't do backpack ♪
My pickup line and shit ♪
I got your bitch movin' ♪
Call me when you get lost ♪
What's your name,
girlfriend, what's your name? ♪
- What's your name? ♪
- What's your name, girlfriend ♪
- What's your name? ♪
- Tell me ♪
What's your name,
girlfriend, what's your name? ♪
- What's your name? ♪
- What's your name, girlfriend ♪
Yo, did you see the
car in the garage, bro?
I think it's a Dino 246.
Liam's family loves to show off.
Dude, I can't imagine
growing up like this.
Yeah, it's pretty crazy, huh?
Whatever, man. You're rich, too.
Not like this. I mean
I mean, these kids grew up
going to boarding school.
They saw their families once a year.
That's why they're all such assholes.
None of them are happy.
Come on, man. You're such a buzzkill.
Oh, my God, I knew my boy'd rally!
Gimme some.
Yo, who's Jeremiah
hooking up with these days?
Uh, no one.
Oh, my No, actually, no, no, no.
Shayla has this crazy theory, bro.
She thinks he's hooking
up with my sister.
Yeah, I know, man. It sickens me, too.
That's Wow.
But, uh, Shayla has a lot of
crazy theories, and Jere knows
I would kill him if he ever
touched my little sister.
- So, you know
- Yo, boys! Hey, check it out!
It's an ice luge! Come
try it! Steven, come on!
Dude, I got to go. I
got to go. I got to go.
- My heart just dropped ♪
Thinking about you ♪
The world just stops
- All right, all right.
Here. Slowly. Slowly.
Oh, whoa!
- Geez.
- God, I can hear the debauchery
- from down the block.
You know what it is.
- Hey.
- Hey.
[LIAM] We've got a game
going down in the basement,
uh, if you think you can break away.
Uh, you mind?
Go for it.
Y-Yeah, I'm in. I'm in.
- Nice.
Have fun.
[GIGI] Hey, watch out for jellyfish.
I do not want to have to
pee on any of you guys.
The other two girls missed out.
I know. I figured Dara
wouldn't, but Marissa?
- Yeah, that's what I thought.
- [GIGI] Nicole.
- [NICOLE] Yeah?
Conrad's texting you.
Okay, coming.
This is so nice.
Have to admit, I like your friends.
I knew you would.
They all seem down
with you and Jeremiah.
Even Gigi, whose veins just about
- exploded when she heard.
- [GASPS] Oh, my God.
- What?
I just realized something.
Hashtag Team Jellyfish-er.
- Jellyfisher.
Taylor, that is so dumb.
No, I'm serious. It's so cute.
I knew they were bitches.
What's happening?
Taylor, what's going on?
They took everything.
Except for your phone,
which has a really
incriminating text from Conbad.
Wait, what does it say?
"My mom did ask me to
ask you to the ball,
but that's not why I did it.
I did it because I wanted to."
Oh, my God.
- Belly, concentrate.
- What?
- Belly.
What? [STAMMERS] Okay, okay, okay.
W-Well, wh-what do we do?
I mean, we cannot walk home naked.
It-it could be worse.
- Taylor. [CHUCKLES]
- We're going.
What could be worse than this?
Okay. Wh
- What about that?
- [GROANS] No.
What's up?
[SIGHS] Nothing.
So, hey, uh
have you noticed anything
weird about Mom lately?
What? What are you talking about?
Oh, she's just been sleeping more.
Yeah, it's the summertime, Jere.
Our mom sleeps more
when she's on vacation.
Okay, all right. Fuck you.
And congrats on your win today.
I know how much you hate to lose.
It's not about winning for me.
It's about doing things the right way.
Okay, sure.
- This is so bad. So bad.
- I knew those girls were shit.
Okay, enough.
Okay, I get it. You were right.
Why can't we just call Jeremiah?
We're gonna be, like, murdered.
No. Calling Jeremiah
would be too much drama.
I can't walk two more miles.
- Well, you're gonna have to.
- Oh, my God.
Shut up.
No, but this is why Conrad's a disaster.
Like, he's hot and mysterious.
You know. I get it.
I know.
But everything he touches
turns to total shit.
Yeah. I-I don't know why I
keep letting him suck me in.
It's just like, today,
he was like the old Conrad
and-and everything, it
felt just like it used to.
- You know?
- He's got you back under his spell.
And then the spell broke, and
I realized I literally just
kicked Jeremiah to the side for him.
Yeah, you kind of did do that.
I, um, I used to dream about Conrad
and imagine what it would
be like, and I felt safe.
Because, you know, it
was never gonna come true.
He would never feel for
me what I feel for him.
When Jeremiah and I kissed,
it was real.
And real is-is, like scary.
But isn't love supposed
to be a little scary?
Yeah, you're right.
I'm always right, like,
98% of the time at least.
[SIGHS] Okay.
- Thank God.
Conrad, I need to talk
to you. In private.
[CONRAD] Okay.
Duty calls.
Hey, Belly.
[CONRAD] What's up?
I was at Hopper's Cove, and
I saw your text to Belly.
You flat-out lied to me.
Like, actively and passively lied to me.
Using me like a backup,
letting me think that
this could actually be something,
making up a whole-ass story about
how your mom is forcing you
to take Belly to the ball.
Nicole, I swear, my
mom really did ask me
Just stop it already!
This whole summer, I've been
trying to figure this out.
Whatever this is.
But-but really, it's-it's always
been about Belly, hasn't it?
And I'm so annoyed with myself
for getting caught up in this
because I know better.
I never meant to hurt you. I didn't
Oh, please. You didn't hurt me.
You wasted my time.
There's a difference.
A lot of guys want
to be with me, Conrad.
I've got a hot-ass
college guy from Oxford
who's obsessed with me.
He actually knows what he wants.
I get it.
I led you on.
I fucked everything up.
There's a lot of shit
I've been dealing with,
and it's, uh That's not an excuse.
I'm sorry. Um
It wasn't fair to you.
I'm sorry.
Your girlfriend and her
friend are gonna need this.
- I'll raise 20.
- Hmm.
So, uh, how long you guys
been playing together?
Since freshman year at Choate.
Liam's president of the Poker Society.
- Okay.
- Are you ever gonna play a hand?
- Yeah. Uh, yeah.
All in.
- Oh!
Let's see if Steven from P.A.
can keep this lucky streak alive.
Oh, shit.
Fuck yeah! [LAUGHING]
It's all good, buddy. I mean,
we all hit a wall at some point,
- right? [LAUGHS]
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And then, afterwards, like,
raise the antes, like-like,
another 200, yeah? [LAUGHS]
- That's what them bands do ♪
Ooh, I been trying to keep my cool ♪
Late nights posted in the stu ♪
Moneymaking moves,
don't know what to choose ♪
Don't know what to do,
don't know what to do ♪

Oh, my God, Belly, are you okay?
What are you doing here?
Nicole she told me about, um
I hope you told her to watch her back.
- Okay, I
- Can you just
- Excuse me.
- Uh, do you want some help?
Are you okay if I go with Jeremiah?
Oh, my God, are you kidding me? Yes.
Thousand percent yes.
It's a crazy night.
Didn't have to be.
If you stopped playing all
these games and just let her go,
it would've been a great night.
I'm sorry about earlier.
With the tournament.
I-I just, I get into my
super competitive zone and
Are you mad?
Nah, nah, it's all good.
Conrad's the better player anyway.
So I heard he may be
taking you to the ball.
Who told you that?
My mom.
Well, he's not.
I still don't have a date.
Can you pull over?
Thank you for coming to get me.

Belly, I'll always come and get you.
Can you hear that?
Hear what?
My heart's pounding.
Yeah, it's beating really fast.

Are you sure?
[BELLY] I was always so scared
for when this moment would come,
but weirdly, I'm totally fine
because it's Jeremiah.
Will you go with me to the deb ball?
Don't you know ♪
I'm no good for you? ♪
I've learned to lose you
Stop texting me.
It's triggering.
Bad things happen when you text me.
I know. I know.
I'm sorry.
I feel like I keep doing the wrong thing
when it comes to you.
But nothing ever stops you
This is yours.
Quiet when I'm coming home
Uh, you don't have to
keep it or anything.
You could throw it in
the ocean, burn it. I
Like it like that ♪
I just
I could lie, say I like it
Like it like that ♪
I just
Don't you know
don't want to lose you.
Already? ♪
I'll only hurt you ♪
If you let me ♪
Call me friend ♪
But keep me closer ♪
It's too late.
And I'll call you ♪
When the party's over ♪
Quiet when I'm coming home ♪
And I'm on my own ♪
And I could lie, say
I like it like that ♪
Yeah, I could lie,
say I like it like that ♪
Like it like that ♪
But nothing is better sometimes ♪
Once we've both said our goodbyes ♪
Let's just let it go ♪
Let me let you go ♪
Quiet when I'm coming home ♪
And I'm on my own ♪
I could lie, say I like it like that ♪
Like it like that ♪
I could lie, say I like it like that ♪
Like it like that ♪
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