The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Summer Catch

Rock, roll ♪
Rock, roll ♪
You take some music
One of my favorite
memories of summer in Cousins
started with a song
and ended with a boy.
- Two.
- Some movin' ♪
- And groovin'
- Stevie, I need a partner.
Yeah, right.
Will stand ♪
- Take some heart beats
- Here, I'll show you.
What about the game?
Give me one second.
And stompin' feet ♪
Little dances that look so neat ♪
You see why it ♪
- Will stand ♪
- Copy me.
Some folks don't
One, two-three. One, two-three.
Rock step.
One, two, three.
One, two, three. Rock step.
Belly, you're not even on the beat.
How'd you learn to shag?
My mom.
Don't nickname it ♪
You might as well claim it ♪
It swept this whole
- One, two-three.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. Easy.
- Cool.
And one, two, three, rock step.
One, two, three. One,
two, three. Rock step.
- Hear those sax blowin'
- Hmm?
- Sorry.
- It's okay. It's fine.
Let's try again. Come on.
- Okay.
- Give me your hand.
My hand's kind of sweaty.
That's okay. Mine, too.
- Thunder
- Seven, eight.
Some folks don't understand it ♪
Quarter picked.
No. Too serious.
"Hey, exclamation mark"?
Or what about "good morning"?
"Good morning, smiley face"?
Or "good morning, shy smile"?
Okay, wait.
"Good morning, sunshine emoji."
This is good.
Is this good?
Hey, Belly.
I'm so sorry I was
such a mess yesterday.
I I really hope I didn't
screw things up that bad.
It's okay.
We're good.
Yeah. But you were a
Tasmanian devil, though.
Be nice.
We've all been there.
The first time I got drunk,
I FaceTimed each one
of my exes, one by one,
and made them tell me why we broke up.
- Whoa.
- Exes?
Can I get, like, a ballpark figure?
Attention, everyone.
Please welcome our debutante
waltz instructor, Ms. Covington,
all the way from
Ms. Covington's School of
Ballroom Dance in Newton.
Thank you, Paige.
As you all know, the waltz
is the most highly anticipated
part of the ball. So,
please join your partners now
Come on.
and we will begin with fundamentals,
starting with the box step.
When the music starts, you do not
Hey. Where's your escort?
Weren't you gonna ask Cam?
Um, six margaritas kind
of ruined that plan.
I actually counted seven.
- Oh.
- That's okay. Uh,
I-I'll be your partner for today.
- Really?
- Sure, I'm your deb sister.
But you need an escort
for the big night.
Paige is gonna have, like, an
aneurysm if you wait too long.
Yeah, so will Susannah.
All right. Take a step, go back.
You're-you're doing really good.
What, in these shoes?
It's a simple step.
Forward with the left,
slide to the right,
and then the feet close together.
Um, did you do all this
last year with Conrad?
Well, Conrad was spared Ms. Covington.
I was originally supposed
to go with this guy James,
but he dropped out last-minute.
So Conrad stepped in to save me.
Yeah, Susannah taught
him a lot of dances.
Conrad actually, um
he-he left me on-on read last night.
And I was wondering if
you've seen him at all today.
No, he was he was
still asleep when I left.
- So
- Oh. Okay.
- Morning.
- Morning.
You can have it.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, where's Belly? And everyone else?
Uh, Belly and Steven are at the club,
doing the whole deb thing.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
Want some eggs? I'll make some.
- Uh, I gotta get to the club.
- Right.
So, uh
what's with the good mood?
I don't know, maybe I'm
just happy to be alive,
after you almost blew me up last night.
I said I was sorry. I didn't
know you guys were out there.
What were you guys
doing out there, anyway?
I don't know. Just talking.
Don't you have a pool to vacuum?
Shit. I'm already late.
If you wait a minute, I'll take you.
I'm heading over there.
- There's no time.
- And seriously,
you gotta stop with the milk thing.
It's disgusting.
- Good morning, Laurel.
- Morning.
Uh, had a cup.
But I could
take a refill.
- I don't like fighting with you.
- Oh, me, neither.
I'm not trying to manage your life.
I'm just worried about you and the boys.
I know that you're just trying to help.
But I need to be the one who decides
how things go right now.
And I'm trying to honor that.
- Just a few more weeks.
- Beck
That's all I need.
All right.
Thank you for being my friend.
Now let's talk about something else.
I had sex with Cleveland
Castillo last night.
In my car.
Oh. My.
- God.
- Yeah.
Now that we have the steps,
let's pick up the pace.
- It's okay.
- Okay.
It's okay.
Mm. Mm.
- Ow.
- I'm so sorry.
No, it's okay.
Okay. Are you sure you're okay?
- I'm fine.
- I'm so sorry.
It's cool. It's all right.
It's okay. Yeah. Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, ladies.
Mind if I have this dance?
Yes. Actually, she's all yours.
- Belly
- Jeremiah,
you're gonna get me
in trouble with Paige.
Okay, Harry Styles.
How's this? This better?
- Okay.
- One, two. One, two
Does Jere every take anything seriously?
Yeah, food and flirting.
He told me he doesn't do deb balls.
I asked him to escort me twice.
Hey, Alexa. Play "So Pretty."
"So Pretty" by Reyanna Maria. Sure.
I'm so shy ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Oh, my God.
Come on!
All right.
Go, Jeremiah!
I'm so pretty and he like that ♪
When he beat it up ♪
He deep inside that kitty cat ♪
Kitty cat, losing focus ♪
Like it's Fetty Wap ♪
Oh, oh.
He don't like it when I talk back ♪
Run my mouth like Forrest Gump ♪
Come on, let's go!
Make my pussy throb ♪
When he shut me up ♪
Beat it up, then beat it up ♪
Neighbors yellin' while we pipe it
The straps on the bed,
told you get a good grip ♪
Cat emoji in the text,
you know what's coming next ♪
Yeah, you better come correct ♪
'Cause you with the best ♪
Kitty purr, make that kitty purr ♪
Yeah, he do, make it purr ♪
Make that kitty purr ♪
What is going on here?
- He like that ♪
- Alexa, stop.
Jeremiah Fisher, why
aren't you at the pool?
- We had a "code brown."
- Ew.
Yeah, we lost the keys
to the chemical closet.
There you go.
Catch ya later, Bells.
Get going, Jeremiah.
All right, everyone,
let's try that again
this time, without the theatrics.
Uh, sorry. One sec.
Okay. Ready?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
So keep it in the wind?
We should be good.
The anchor's gonna hold.
So, what are we trying to catch?
Because I don't want
a great white in here.
No, the outer bays are
great for, uh, stripers,
blues, sea bass, that sort of a thing.
It's one of my dad's favorite spots.
Speaking of your dad, how was yesterday?
a shitshow.
Yet you seem happy.
Why does everyone keep saying that?
Is it, um
you know, the girl
that you blew me off for
during my Good Morning
Massachusetts show interview?
- Nicole?
- Yeah, yeah.
No, no. Um
Another girl.
Oh, really?
Do tell.
I don't know. I don't know.
Well I give good love advice.
No charge.
What do you know?
You're, like, a hundred, right?
I'll have you know I do just fine.
In fact, I am debating
whether to text a woman
that I had a very memorable
liaison with just last night.
Look at you, man. Who is she?
I can play your game.
Okay. All right.
Let me guess, let me guess.
She's, uh, she's half your age,
- she's
- No, not at all.
She's a mature,
divorced, talented writer
that I met recently
and I'd like to see her again.
Definitely text her.
She's probably hanging
out with my mom right now,
drinking coffee and gossiping.
He dated Michelle Williams?
Go, Laurel!
How am I supposed to compete
with Michelle Williams?
- That's his type?
- Shut up.
Do you think I was a pity fuck?
You're hotter than he is.
- It's from Cleveland.
- Oh, my God, what does it say?
- "When can I see you again?"
- See?
This is exciting.
I'm too old to be someone's booty call.
- He hasn't even really seen me naked.
- Laurel.
What? I've had kids. I chafe.
Who cares? It's summer.
You know what?
- Edibles before noon?
- Mm-hmm.
We're celebrating.
Let the journey begin.
- Oh, God.
- Uh
- Hey, Belly.
- Hey.
Have you guys seen Conrad?
Um I think he's out sailing.
But come! Join us.
my guess is she has other plans.
Hi. Hi.
- Oh, hey, Cam.
- Hi. Hi.
Just thought I'd drop by. Um
I'm sorry
for, uh, taking off
like I did yesterday.
No, I don't blame you. I was a wreck.
Oh, it's fine.
do you want to maybe go for a bike ride?
I know this really cool spot.
Sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Let me, um, let me go change.
Okay. Cool.
Oh That's all breast meat
with the special pesto
aioli sauce, right?
I'm not your personal
chef, all right? But yes.
I walked all the way to
the kitchen to get it.
Mmm. Mmm.
- You know it's all love.
- Mm-hmm.
Enjoy this, man.
Can we please get two Slushies?
Mm. Yeah, yeah, coming up, ladies.
Thank you. Um, that was the
most fun waltz rehearsal,
like, in the history
of waltz rehearsals.
You came just in time. Your
girl Belly's a disaster in heels.
You know what? Belly's
actually a good dancer.
The waltz is just dumb.
- Here you go, ladies.
- Perfect,
- thank you.
- Always.
There you go.
- What was that about?
- What's their deal?
Well, uh, Gigi wants a boyfriend
and, uh, Dara bit me once.
Yeah, it's a long story.
- You want to get out of here?
- I can't.
You're no fun.
Not-not all of us have a
trust fund, Jere, all right?
Some of us need to work.
Bullshit. If Shayla
called you right now,
- your ass would be out the door.
- Yeah.
- I mean, it's Shayla.
- Steven.
Someone important must like you,
because you've been
promoted to the card room.
- Whoa.
- The club has a card room?
- Come on.
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I can't believe
I've never been here before.
I've been coming here since I was a kid.
My mom used to bring me, and, um
it's actually where I
spotted my first whale.
Um brought us
some avocado and sprout sandwiches.
Thank you.
I made them.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
He's so nice.
I could hang out with
him like this all summer
and be really happy.
But I can't help thinking that
I wish I was here with Conrad.
Hey, Billy! Stop running. All right?
It's bad enough we had to shut
down the pool because of you.
It wasn't me, jerk face.
Watching Jeremiah fight
with his child nemesis
literally never gets old.
God! That kid is demonic, I swear.
Where's your brother been all day?
He's not texting me back.
Conrad is too much drama, Nicole.
Oh, my God.
Frank Ocean is playing the
Yarmouth Music Festival.
Stop. My dad's firm reps him.
I can totally get us tickets.
- For real?
- Yes.
- Oh, my God.
- Well, you know, actually,
uh, Conrad's been
wanting to go to Yarmouth.
- Does he like Frank Ocean?
- Loves him.
Yeah, yeah. He's just been dealing
with a lot of stuff with our dad,
- you know.
- Oh.
But you should take him.
- Yes.
- And I could bring Steven.
- Yes.
- Let's be cheesy
- and rent a limo.
- Let's. I'll text my dad.
Jere, you're an amazing brother.
Whoa, he's a big one.
That's definitely a keeper.
Uh-huh. In here.
- All right.
- You ready to head back?
Eh not until you tell
me about your mystery girl.
There it is again. Huh?
Uh, it's just You know, I mean
We grew up together, so
I've always thought of her
as this little kid.
But now
- And you like her.
- No.
Well, I don't know. I mean, uh
I just have there's
just so much shit going on.
If we started something,
I feel like I could fuck it up.
if there's one thing I learned from
years of overpriced therapy,
it's that you can't be
good with someone else
until you're good with yourself.
That's how I tanked
my last relationship.
Is that a whale?
Oh! Nice spot.
That is a young, female humpback.
- You see it?
- Mm.
She's a beauty. You know what?
Think this calls for some dessert.
Fruit Roll-Ups.
Cam, I-I can't.
I-I thought you said
these were your favorite.
No, they're I-I love
them. They're awesome.
And-and you're awesome.
But, um
Kind of saw this coming.
When you, um, didn't
ask me to be your escort.
I'm sorry. I was, I was planning to
It's okay. You don't have to
do the whole speech, that's all.
The why or the who
doesn't really matter.
I obviously know the who.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I know.
I'm bummed.
But, um
I'll be fine.
Carpe diem, Flavia.
You should be with the person
you really want to be with.
And I hope he treats you right.
Steve-O! You get my extra jalapeños?
Yes, sir. I told the chef
- to drown it in green.
- Good man.
You know, you look like a
smart kid. You know poker?
Well, I've dabbled.
You got a theory on pocket twos?
Well, I generally play them.
- All in.
- Big mistake. I'll call.
You better be right, kid.
Uh, well, I didn't mean
for you to bet it all.
Oh, that better be a two, or
I just lost a Tesla payment.
Come on. Come to Papa.
Come on, baby.
- Ah.
- Boom! I told you,
I like this kid. Ah.
Yeah, that's beautiful.
Thank you. Here you go.
Thanks for the assist.
Uh, thank you.
Appreciate it.
Well, that was exciting.
Hey. What's with the crown?
My mom's out to paint me as
Hermes, messenger of the gods.
Who you looking for?
Um, I thought maybe Conrad
would be back by now.
Where have you been?
I, uh, had a picnic with Cam.
Oh, cute. How is Cam Cameron?
I don't think we're
gonna hang out anymore.
Well, poor Cam Cameron.
You guys were never gonna let that go.
For the record, I liked him.
And you don't look that upset.
But, if you are,
this little nugget will cheer you up.
Our moms high-key stoned right now.
- No way!
- Yeah.
All my favorite snacks are gone.
Courtney did not kill Kurt.
Oh, come on. Did you
see that documentary?
Everybody knew he wanted to divorce her,
and with him dead, she got
all his music, everything.
You know, Dave Grohl says he
still can't listen to Nirvana,
it's too painful.
I still don't feel anything.
I'm hungry. We should make lasagna!
I love lasagna.
Shoot! I need to go shopping. Mm.
- Look.
- What's that?
- Yum.
- Oh.
Good. Mm-hmm, yummy.
Not bad at all.
- Holy cow.
- I told you.
- Oh. Hey.
- Oh!
- Our beautiful babies!
- Oh, look at them! Mmm.
Ooh, they're so cute!
Mm, you, come with me.
I got to get you while
the light's still good.
Okay, well, let's do that.
Oh, what have you guys been doing?
Oh, just talking, snacking.
Hey, what do you think of this text?
Oh, my God. The guy you hooked up with
last night was Cleveland Castillo?
It wasn't planned. One
thing led to another,
and we ended up having sex in my car.
La-la-la-la-la ♪
I am not listening.
What did I say?
Oh. Oh.
My boy. Look at you!
Oh, this light is
beautiful. Can you feel it?
Can you feel the softness?
I can feel it.
Oh, my God.
I just want to dance with you.
Dance with me?
Oh, my little boy.
Have a seat.
Ah, how is your summer,
my love? You happy?
Yeah, yeah.
It feels a little bit
different this summer, though.
Mm. Summer's the same.
We're the ones who are changing.
Well, except you.
I don't want you to ever change.
Jeremiah, please save me!
My mom wants to braid my hair!
Oh, God.
Oh, you're such a good friend to Belly.
Like a brother.
All right, enough with
the commentary, Mom.
Let's see the art.
What do you think?
I think it might be my best work.
Ah, it's, um
Picasso and Jackson Pollock had a baby.
Oh, my God, it's terrible!
It's so bad!
See, this is why old
people should not do drugs.
- How dare you! Outraged!
- Such
Such blatant ageism.
Let's leave these brats
and go walk on the beach.
I need my sweater.
- Have fun, Mom!
- Bye.
- Bye, brats.
- Bye.
Louis XIII, a lousy French king,
one hell of a cognac.
Buddy, you are a lifesaver.
Uh-oh. Are you old
enough to serve booze?
Oh, please.
I thought this was a private club.
Hello? Are we playing cards, or what?
Sorry, my wife's blowing me up.
My daughter's SAT tutor is late again.
Oh, man, my SAT tutor was a monster.
I'm so glad those days are over.
Yeah, well, I'm sure
you got a perfect score.
One of the partners at
my firm, Chinese guy,
all his kids got into the Ivys.
I think those people
were born with textbooks.
- You in?
- Why not?
Hey, kid, ashtray.
Uh, yes. Sorry. Sorry.
Whose bet is it? My bet to you? 50.
Hey, come on. Let's go swim.
Oh, um, my mom's been on
me about cleaning my room.
Especially since yesterday.
How come nobody ever
wants to play with me?
I mean, really.
How dare they call us "old people"?
- We're not old.
- I know.
At least I'm not gonna get really old.
You're gonna get jowls
and saggy boobs, gray hair.
- No, thank you.
- Beck.
I'm joking. You've
got those Asian genes.
What is it you always say?
Oh, "an Asian 50 is a white 40."
Remember when we first met?
You thought I was a stuck-up rich girl.
Your bedroom was Laura
Ashley everything.
You had a pony, for Chrissakes.
You only hung out with me
because you thought I was funny.
I never thought you were funny.
Oh, my God, the Fat Pelican!
That dive is still here.
Spring break
- Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh!
- We ain't done yet.
Come on.
I'm coming.
Spending your break on TikTok?
Uh, no, just figuring out plans
with my girlfriend tonight.
Uh, hey, do they always talk like that?
You gotta let it roll off your back.
Well, it's like we're invisible.
It comes with the territory
in a place like this.
Get used to it.
I don't want to get used to it.
Well, maybe this will help.
What is this?
- Wait, this is, like, over $300.
- Morning tips.
You get another envelope
for the afternoon game.
No. No, I-I don't know, man.
Maybe I'm not right for this.
Oh, man, fuck those guys.
Don't waste your time
trying to earn their respect.
You never will. Take their money.
Listen, when I'm on my
boat, smoking my cigar,
I don't give these
guys a second thought.
You're the only
boy I've ever thought about.
My whole life, it's always been you.
You're back.
Let me help you.
How's you and your mom?
Uh, my
My mo We, uh, we're-we're good.
I-I broke up with Cam.
Last night, you and I almost kissed.
Did we?
I was pretty wasted.
I don't really remember much.
Um, are you serious?
Okay, we almost kissed.
What do you want me to say, I'm sorry?
Are you sorry?
I don't know.
I don't
Belly, I think about you.
I do, and you know I do.
I just
I'm not waiting for you anymore.
What happened to the
boy I loved since I was ten?
What's up?
- Where are you?
- At a party.
I can hardly hear you. Just hang on.
Go away, Noah!
God, this boy keeps following me around
like a puppy dog.
- He's cute.
- I know.
Hey, so, um,
I'm sorry about what happened.
I overreacted.
I'm sorry, too.
Hooking up with your brother
on your birthday was
a lot.
It's okay.
What's wrong?
Fighting for a lost cause ♪
Someone has a fan.
That's the gas station
guy who hit on Belly.
Maybe we should get out of here.
Oh, my God, he wants our IDs.
Sir, do we, um
Do you really think we look 20?
See, I told you we still look young.
I have to ask everybody.
Oh, um
well, we don't have IDs.
We left them in our purses.
Please. Please let us stay.
- Come on, tell him. Tell him, Laurel.
- Please, sir,
we are mothers.
We are homeowners.
Fine, fine. What do you want?
Two Long Island iced teas, please.
Coming right up.
Do you remember our fake IDs?
I was Raven Kirk.
And I was Sloaney Janks.
To Raven and Sloaney, freshman year.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Want to start a tab?
- Mm.
'Cause we don't have any money.
We have no fucking money.
Let's do this the old-fashioned way.
- Catch and release, baby.
- Ooh!
We're gonna catch and release.
We're gonna catch and release.
Sloaney and Raven ride again.
Ooh, baby ♪
Don't cha wish your girlfriend ♪
Was hot like me? ♪
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was ♪
A freak like me? ♪
Don't cha? ♪
Don't cha? ♪
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was ♪
Raw like me? ♪
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was ♪
Fun like me? ♪
Don't cha? ♪
Don't cha? ♪
Fight the feeling ♪
Fight the feeling ♪
Leave it alone ♪
Leave it alone ♪
'Cause if it ain't love ♪
It just ain't enough ♪
To leave my happy home ♪
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Really?
- What?
Wouldn't kill you to clean that.
Ooh, what happened to the good
mood Conrad from this morning?
Look, we all just need to
be helping Mom and Laurel
right now, okay?
They made this mess.
- Who's blowing up your phone?
- Nicole.
She wants me to go to Yarmouth
Music Fest next weekend.
You gonna go?
Yeah. Why not?
You should.
- Can you please put that away?
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
I want you ♪
Closer ♪
These are the days that I prayed for ♪
Ones that I wish that you'd stay for ♪
Oh-oh-oh ♪
These are the days that I prayed for ♪
Oh-oh-oh ♪
The ones that I wish
that you'd stay for ♪
I just want you ♪
Closer ♪
I just want you ♪
Closer ♪
I need, I need you closer ♪
Can we dance in the dark ♪
Till it all falls apart? ♪
I want you ♪
Closer ♪
Oh, I want you ♪
Closer ♪
I just want you ♪
Closer ♪
Can we dance in the dark ♪
Till it all falls apart? ♪
I want you ♪
Closer ♪
There's a keg at willow Creek.
Or Marissa's having a party.
Oh, thank you.
No, Willow Creek's a mosquitoes' nest.
Marissa's, then.
It's a full bar.
My hard-working man.
- Hey, Shayla.
- Hey, Liam, Trevor.
- You hitting Marissa's?
- Uh, maybe.
You guys, this is Steven.
I know you.
Oh, snack bar at the club.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And he's running this fancy
poker game in the clubhouse.
My dad's in that game.
He was talking about some
busboy being a poker expert.
Is that you?
- Apparently, yeah.
- Dude.
Me and my boys, we got a regular game.
It's totally chill, so,
maybe not your level,
but anytime you want to jump in
Word, word. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
- All right. Let's go.
Are you sure you don't want
to come back to my houseboat?
I'm good. Really.
All right.
Catch you later, Raven.
- Delicious.
- Right?
- Hi, Cleveland.
- Hi.
Hey. There you go. You got it?
Thank you. Yeah.
- All right.
- Okay.
- You set?
- Yep.
- Have fun.
- Love you.
Thank you.
Actually, I thought
we could go for a swim.
You have a pool?
Follow me.
Wow, this is beautiful.
It's all so
Oh, I love nights like this.
It's warm and humid.
And this lake.
It's as warm as bathwater.
Oh, I-I didn't bring, uh
Come in.
It's wonderful.
Big day today, huh?
Come on, let's get you upstairs.
Go on. No falling today.
Not gonna fall.
Is this one of your solo
night swims, or can I join?
Oh, Bells.
Are you sad you broke up with Cam?
No, it, um it was the right thing.
What is it?
It's nothing.
You're my best friend.
There were times I wanted it to be more.
Really? Uh
Why didn't you say anything?
Well, there was always Conrad.
Then, this summer, it was Cam.
And I guess I was just waiting.
For me?
Do you think you could ever
Yes. Yes.
Susannah told me
that when I was born, she knew
I was destined for one of her boys.
I always hoped it would be Conrad.
But here I am,
about to kiss Jeremiah Fisher.
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