The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Love Scene

Previously on
The Summer I Turned Pretty
No matter what happens,
we'll still be infinite.
I wasn't in Cousins. Conrad
and I weren't together.
And Susannah was dead.
You screwed up
and now everything is weird
- with Conrad and Jeremiah.
- I was in in love, Steven.
What was I supposed to do?!
Your guidance counselor emailed me.
I didn't know you lost
your volleyball captaincy or
- that your grades were so bad.
- You were barely here.
Belly? A-Are you with Conrad?
He's not answering my texts
or picking up my calls.
I think I'm gonna go
to Brown in the morning.
But I'm coming with you.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I can't believe you're here.
Yeah, me neither.
You didn't bring a coat?
Uh, I forgot, but I'm not cold.
Put this on.
- Want to go to the beach?
- Yeah!
Maybe I should just tell her the truth.
It was my mom who took
Conrad to the emergency room
the time he broke his arm skateboarding.
Susannah was shaking so
hard she couldn't drive.
My mom has always been steady, solid.
She always knows what to do.
Or at least she used to.
Now I'm not so sure.
Hey, Aubrey.
Uh, yeah, I'm good.
Hey, listen, have you talked to Conrad
at all lately or seen him?
No? All right.
All right, talk to you later.
Hey, what up, McIntyre?
Hey. By any chance, um,
are you with my brother right now?
Oh, okay. Uh, no, man, I'm sorry.
I thought, I thought you guys
were still hanging out. My bad.
Hey, Brian.
Um, it's Jeremiah, Conrad's brother.
Um, hey, listen, this
is kind of a long shot,
but have you talked to him lately?
No? All right. Yeah. Yeah, no worries.
You're up early.
Well, yeah, no. I can
never sleep in when I drink.
What was that?
Um, well, I mean, not
that I ever really drink.
W-Where's Belly?
I'm gonna, I'm gonna
wake her ass up, too.
With Taylor. Apparently
she and Milo broke up.
You can give her a call
if you need something.
No, no, it's nothing. I-I'll
catch up with her later.
Hey, so I'm going to
go to that bookseller's
meet and greet in New York tomorrow.
What? Wait. Good for you.
You'll be okay on your
own for a couple nights?
Or do you want to stay with your dad?
Mom, I'm going off to college.
- I'll be fine.
- Okay.
Then let me at least feed you breakfast.
Mm, no, I'm good.
We have no food.
It was Belly's turn to go to the store.
I can make you eggs. Nice and runny.
Great for a hangover.
Mm. No. No, thank you.
Let's just go get
something to eat, yeah?
Come on.
All right.
Hey, um, I'm here.
Uh, on campus somewhere.
- Are you not ?
- I am.
I'm heading to Conrad's dorm now.
All right? Meet me there.
Hey, Jeremiah.
Belly, hey.
I got you this.
Um, I'm good. Thanks.
Thanks for coming all this way.
Have you heard anything from Conrad?
He hasn't answered my calls or my texts.
It's a good thing you're here
though, because I don't know
what floor he's on or what room he's in.
I don't either.
I mean, I know he's on the
top floor, but that's it.
You never visited him at Brown?
Yeah, my mom wasn't thrilled
about the idea of me
driving four and a half hours
to go see, you know, my, uh
This is it.
Hey, look, his bed is made.
I mean, things can't be so
dire if his bed is made, right?
Whoa. Excuse me. This is my room
that you guys are rifling through.
Hey, man. I'm Conrad's brother.
We talked on the phone earlier.
- It's nice to finally meet you.
- Okay. Jeremiah, right?
- Yeah.
- Cool.
Um, hey, Connie's not back, is he?
Uh, I haven't seen him
since Thursday afternoon.
Did anything else happen before he left?
He got into it with
somebody on the phone.
Like, he was yelling and shit.
And then he just took
off? Do you have any idea
who he was yelling at?
I don't know, bro. The government
who's surveilling us through
our devices as we speak.
Is that the last time
you heard from him?
No. He texted me this
morning saying that he was
gonna miss bio lab and
asked if I could take notes.
I'd be annoyed, but I
spent this whole year
copying off of his shit,
so I can't really complain.
Y'all feel?
Mm. Would you mind just,
like, trying to call him
from your phone and
seeing if he answers?
Yeah, for sure.
Trusky, did I leave my sweater in here?
Uh, I don't
One sec. I don't know. Maybe
Hey, it's Conrad. Leave a message.
Straight to voice mail.
But Sophie might know where Conrad went.
- They're tight.
- Hey.
Hey, Sophie, um, you wouldn't
happen to have any idea where
- my brother disappeared to?
- Um
I think he said he was going to hang out
with his cousin by the beach.
All right, Belly, let's go.
Oh, yeah, you're Belly. Yo
when you guys broke up, my
man fell into a depression.
Uh, I-I don't think
that was because of me.
No, yeah, it definitely was.
Like, he was always looking
at your picture on his phone.
Anyways, when you guys find
him, tell him that he has to
be back for this bio final on Thursday
or he doesn't pass the class.
- Wait, seriously?
- Yeah.
Okay. Um, I'll grab his computer.
You grab his books and
stuff so he can study. Okay?
Come on.
Are these Conrad's?
So I can just take all these?
Yeah, all that stuff
is his. You can take it.
Let's go, Belly.
Good luck.
Um, the next bus leaves
in half an hour, so
Why would he take off
like that to Cousins?
I don't think he's missed
a day of class in his life.
Not even when Mom was sick.
I'm not sure.
Who was he yelling at on the phone?
I mean, it had to have been Dad, right?
What could they possibly
be arguing about?
Yeah, no, no, it was probably
Adam. I mean, he and Conrad
are always disagreeing on something.
I really don't want to
get dragged in the middle
of whatever bullshit
Conrad's in right now,
but if something were to
happen to him, I wouldn't be
- able to forgive myself.
- Hey. No, no, no.
Nothing has happened to Conrad, okay?
I mean, I'm sure he's just
spending the day surfing
and he has his phone off.
But it's only been a month since
You know how he is. He just
bottles up all that shit
until at some point it explodes.
I don't think he has anyone.
He definitely hasn't been talking to me.
All right. Do you want me
to come with you to Cousins?
I didn't need you to come here.
I think I can handle
things fine on my own.
No, I know you can.
But you don't have to.
I mean, if you need me to come
I don't.
Maybe Conrad does. He still
cares what you think about him.
I know that even though he won't say it,
Jeremiah wants me to
come because he's afraid.
I still know this boy better
than I know almost anyone.
So I'll go for him.
Um, I'm coming with you.
Since we're at the mall, I guess
I should get something to wear
- for this book thing.
- Mm-hmm.
Want to come clothes shopping with me?
Yeah, no offense,
but that kind of sounds
like my worst nightmare.
Oh Mm-mm.
Breakfast is my treat.
That's very sweet,
but save your money for textbooks.
No, I've got that covered already.
My Cultural Celebration
scholarship money
came through. And, if I get the one
that Big Dairy sponsors, my
meal plan money's set, too.
You applied for a dairy scholarship?
Oh, yeah. No, I, like,
totally gamed the system.
I built an entire database
and then categorized
and cross-referenced
by type of essay. I thought I told you.
Yeah, no, you did.
Do you know your sister got a D in trig?
She was doing okay at
the beginning of the year,
and then she just dropped the ball.
Well, Belly's grades
have always been mediocre.
We've known this.
But she was always a
solid B student, not D's.
Well, not everyone
can be a Princeton man.
Can you please try talking to her?
Yeah, I'm not sure she wants
to hear from me right now.
We got into a fight at
the party last night.
I feel kind of bad.
Yeah? We got into it last night, too.
According to her, I'm
a neglectful mother
and everything wrong
in her life is my fault.
And I know Taylor got dumped,
but I'm sure she's also
staying over there to punish me.
Yeah, probably the both of us.
Do you think I'm a bad mom?
I can cancel this thing in
New York if you guys need me
Mom, stop trying to get out of it.
You should go and promote your book.
Let's just give Belly some space, okay?
And I will keep an eye on her on my end.
You really are grown up.
Yeah, yeah, I am the best.
Now, go try on some
boring pantsuit, okay?
I'm gonna hit the B&N.
Woke up in ♪
Your new apartment in your ♪
Did, uh Were you about
Were you gonna say something?
All I know is that
you talk too much ♪
Was that Steven?
Why didn't you pick up?
I'll call him later.
You've got those big blue eyes ♪
Drive me crazy ♪
Hey, how, uh how have you been?
- Since
- I'm okay.
Because you know I'm here.
If you ever need to talk.
Call me Dahmer 'cause ♪
Your heart's so tasty ♪
Ba-ba-dum ♪
Ba-ba-dum-badumba ♪
Da-ba-dum ♪
Ba-ba-dum ♪
You know, I
went to Cousins with my
mom for the Spring once.
Said it's my mistake ♪
It's kind of weird being
there when it's not summer.
So I tried my best ♪
Yeah, I bet.
I've been ♪
On a scale of one to
ten, how much trouble
do you think we'll be in
when they find out we're gone?
Oh, I'm not getting into any trouble.
I'm telling everyone you kidnapped me.
What? Please.
You jumped at the chance.
Yeah, only because I've
never seen a snowy beach.
Me either.
Last time I checked the
weather out, there was only
a 30% chance of flurries,
but hopefully we'll get lucky.
Hey, did Susannah like the
bike you got her for Christmas?
You got the one with the basket, right?
- Yeah. Yeah, she loved it.
- Yeah.
Thanks to you. I was just
gonna get her a bathrobe.
I know, that is what
Steven got my mom this year.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Why do boys suck so
bad at giving presents?
Honestly I don't think she
would have cared what I got her.
You have no idea how happy she
is that you're my girlfriend.
Hey, I haven't told anyone
yet, but I think I'm gonna
switch my major to biology.
- Really? Wow.
- Yeah. I want to go premed.
- Wow.
- And for a while,
I thought I wanted to go
into the research end of it,
but no, I think I'd rather
be working with actual people.
Because of your mom?
She's getting better, you know.
Will you try, uh, Conrad again?
No answer.
We actually haven't
talked since the funeral.
What the hell happened with you guys?
He never said anything?
We don't talk about you.
Oh, shit.
Great. Great.
Thank you. Thank you.
What are you doing at a bookstore?
I'm just grabbing Starbucks.
Where's, uh, where's my sister?
Isn't she supposed to be with you?
Uh, yeah, she is. She's just
She's just grabbing Auntie Anne's.
Oh. I-I'm sorry, by the way.
About what?
About you and Milo breaking up.
Yeah, I'm really
pretty devastated, you know.
Okay, not to be, like,
a dick or anything,
but you seem less
devastated than I expected.
I mean, considering you
were practically swallowing
- his tongue last night.
- Leave it to you
to make kissing sound disgusting.
No, no, no, no, the
two of you kissing is.
No, no, "was."
I-I'm sorry.
Anyways, you could
do better.
Milo is the best guy I've ever dated.
I mean I mean, he was.
I'm just Yeah, I don't know.
Like, maybe we'll get back together.
Yeah, awesome. No, I
mean, he's just so
great, you know?
Isn't my sister waiting for you or ?
- Yeah.
- Actually, I kind of,
- I kind of need to talk to her for a sec if you
- No. Steven,
she is still mad at you
about the party, okay?
And if you talk to her
now, you'll spin her out.
Right now I'm the one
who gets to spin out.
Yeah, because of the breakup. So, ciao.
Shopping for a special occasion?
Just a work thing.
So something conservative, then?
I'm a writer and I have a new book out,
but I have to promote in New York.
I'm a huge reader. What's your name?
Laurel Park.
You wrote Party's Over.
My divorcée book club
read it last summer.
So, what's your new book about?
It's a memoir about
me and my best friend.
What's it called?
It's called It's Not Summer Without You.
- Can I try this on?
- Of course.
And I'll grab you a
few more options, too.
Thank you.
My God, Steven will not leave me alone.
Who are you calling?
AAA, because in case you didn't
realize, the tire's done for.
Well, we can just change it ourselves.
It's not that hard.
My mom taught me before
I took my driver's test.
Can we just leave it
to the experts, please?
Uh, I am an expert.
All we got to do is take the jack out
and then take the spare off the back.
That's that is not for decoration?
Okay, yeah, sure. Let's do it.
- You need help?
- Nope. This it?
Yeah. Okay. You got to put that
behind the wheel so
the car doesn't move.
- Okay. Like here?
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- Um, yeah, is that right?
- Okay. Yep.
Now we have to lift the car.
- Lift the car?
- Lift the car.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- You got it.
- It's not as straightforward
as you're making it sound.
- It's working
- Don't lift it too high, okay?
I'm not lifting it too high.
Move a little bit closer to the wheel.
- What? I
- Move closer to the wheel, okay?
- Just a little bit closer.
- I can't. You need me to move
You need to move closer to the wheel.
I feel like it can't get
any more self-explan
Shit! Fuck!
Great idea with this, Belly.
It's not my fault.
This was your fucking idea.
Now I'm covered in dirt.
It's 100 degrees outside. And
if you would have just let me
call AAA, they'd
probably be here already.
I'm sorry! Okay?
Thanks. So helpful.
No, Jere, not about this, okay?
I'm sorry. I'm really
sorry about everything.
About what happened at the funeral.
You think I'm pissed about the funeral?
The funeral was fucked.
Everyone was messed up.
I'm pissed about last summer.
Belly, you were my best friend.
We hooked up, and then you
hooked up with my brother.
And then everyone expected me to act
like I was fine, and I wasn't!
Okay, well, the last thing
that we wanted, that
that I wanted, was to hurt you.
And that's why Conrad and I didn't
get together at the end of the summer.
Yeah, Belly, for what?
All of five minutes?
That was just so you
guys wouldn't look bad.
I mean, you were seeing other
people. We thought you were
- over it.
- Because otherwise, I was that
pathetic loser that was
keeping you guys apart.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
For Conrad dumping you?
Did you really not
see that coming, Belly?
Because I sure did.
I'm sorry because I miss you.
I've missed you for months.
That's why I called you last night.
Yeah, because Conrad wasn't picking up.
Jere, you are the one I called, not him.
Look, when Susannah was sick, I was
I was so focused on Conrad
and on being there for him,
and I should have been
there for you, too, okay?
And I forgot about you. And
I hate myself for that. I
I hate that I let you down.
It happened so fast.
Belly, it was really, really bad.
I had Dad and Conrad sort of,
but I needed you, and
you just weren't there.
You left me.
I'm here now.
I'm not going anywhere.
Can I see?
It's fine.
But it's not good enough
for an event in New York
with a bunch of other famous writers.
I'm about as unfamous
as a writer can be.
You can't be unfamous
if I've heard of you.
Try this on.
It's got the wow factor.
That sounds like
something Beck would say.
- Who's Beck?
- Uh, she's my
She was my best friend.
- I didn't
- You know what?
I think I will try this on.
I need to talk to my sister. Now.
She's not here right now.
She just went to the store. For Twix.
So, earlier, she was
getting Auntie Anne's
and now she's getting Twix?
And? We're on our periods.
- Get over it, you baby.
- Okay.
So then why did she send
me a text earlier saying
you guys were cry-watching Titanic
at the very same moment
I saw you at the mall?
- Because
- "Becau-Because "
I'll tell you. We just
You can't freak out.
Yeah. Okay. Yeah.
She's with Jeremiah.
Conrad was MIA, but they
figured out that he's
in Cousins, so they're on their
way to go get him right now.
Wait, wait, wait. But
they're not even talking.
Why-why would Jere call her and not me?
I don't know. Maybe 'cause you're such
a pain in the ass all the time.
No. Okay, I need to talk to Jere.
Wait. No, no. Please wait. No, no, no.
Can you please just let
Belly handle this by herself?
She feels so shitty about how things are
with the boys right now.
Like, she knows she screwed up.
Yeah, she did.
And you made her feel
like crap about it.
So, please, just let
her fix this by herself.
Fine, fine, fine, fine.
Okay? I'll let her try
and clean up her mess.
But you need to tell me
anything you hear, okay?
Okay, stalker.
Like, bye.
I do not want to fight this ♪
Oh, my God, was that your stomach?
Shut up. I'm starving.
All I had to eat today was an Icee.
And even I know that
doesn't count as a meal.
Well, lucky for you,
we are almost to pie.
So you want to stop or
And it hits me ♪
I don't want anybody else
touching you like I do ♪
Like I do ♪
Like me ♪
Is it okay? ♪
That I don't want anybody
else touching you like I do ♪
Okay. Um
I think I'm gonna get
- Blueberry?
- blueberry.
Yeah? Weird.
Yeah. You always could read my mind.
Mostly. I mean
I'm glad it's back anyway, our ESP.
- Yeah, me, too. Okay.
- Mm.
- Oh.
- I know that you're not eating
any pie because
mm, you're worried
about ruining your abs.
I mean, they are a service to mankind,
- so
- Mm.
Maybe not. Maybe. You never know.
- Mm.
- Belly?
- Hi!
- Hi!
Jere, I was so sorry
to hear about your mom.
She was so lovely.
Yeah. She was.
Thank you.
Hey, I think, uh, our order's ready.
- Yeah. Yeah. Uh, me, too.
- If you want to go grab it.
How are he and Conrad doing?
I reached out after the
funeral, but I never heard back,
and I figured things were intense, so
Yeah, you know, they're
hanging in there.
Um, how-how have you been?
Have you seen any of
the-the debs yet this summer?
Uh, I saw Marisa last week, but, uh,
Gigi's dad got caught in
some insider trading thing
and they had to sell their house.
- Oh, wow.
- Yeah. Really awful.
And supposedly they're
making a documentary about it.
And Shayla's in Europe
with her parents all summer.
And so the gang's broken up.
But I guess that was bound
to happen at some point.
Yeah. That's so It's too bad.
What about you? I didn't even know
you guys were coming this year.
Yeah, we weren't. It, um
It just It kind of came up.
Well, we should definitely hang.
- You still have my number?
- Mm-hmm.
- Awesome. All right, bye.
- Bye.
We both know I won't call.
It doesn't feel the same as last summer.
I don't think I'll
ever be ready for this.
Should we go inside?
I don't think we came all this way
just to sit in the car.
Oh, wow.
It's so weird being here in the winter.
I know.
So cold.
Oh, I'm gonna see if
we have anything to eat.
Maybe we left some Oreos or something.
Yeah, good luck.
Hot cocoa.
I don't know why I can't
get this fire started.
Yeah, weren't you supposedly,
uh, an Eagle Scout?
Shut up.
They're gonna be really chocolatey.
Do you want your cocoa?
Oh, yeah, yeah. Sure.
What? Why are you sitting so far?
- Wow, that tastes
- Amazing?
Really dusty.
Okay, for your information,
cocoa is my specialty.
- And you're welcome.
- Thanks.
Do Cocoa powder on my face?
No. No, just
a little dirt.
I mean, um
Oh, my God. It's snowing.
Wait. Let's go to the beach. Come on!
It's kind of cold.
Come on. It's so beautiful.
- This is crazy.
- Come on.
Here, take this. Take this.
Wait. Hold on.
Okay. I got it. Okay.
Connie, you here, man?
Oh, wow.
- Okay, hey.
- What?
Come on. Okay.
Okay, look out!
- Oh, it's cold. It's cold.
- It's snowing.
- Uh
- Hey! Hey!
I totally got you! I got you!
Can you help me up?
Why does he still have this pull on me?
I don't want to see him.
And I can't wait for
it all at the same time.
That feels good.
Yeah, that's 'cause you're cold-hearted.
For everyone else, maybe.
Not for you.
- we-we should probably
- No, no, no, no.
Don't stop.
Connie, you can't just
disappear like that.
When I call you, pick
up your fucking phone.
I've been dealing with
a lot of shit, Jere.
- Dude, you have to go back for your bio finals.
- I'm not leaving.
- Are my hands too cold?
- No, no.
It's just, um
It feels nice.
What do you mean, you're not leaving?
What's more important than
that right now, Connie?
School doesn't matter!
I hope you know I didn't
bring you here just for this.
- Oh, I know.
- We don't have to do anything
- if you
- No, no, no, I want to.
I want it to be with you.
I mean, unless
unless you don't want to.
No. No.
No, I do.
I really do.
There's only you.
There's only ever been you.
Jere, the house has
been put up for sale.
What do you mean, the house is for sale?
What is she doing here?
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