The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

Love Sick

Previously on
The Summer I Turned Pretty
I just have, there's just
so much shit going on.
If we started something,
I feel like I could fuck it up.
- I need to talk to my sister.
- She's with Jeremiah.
[TAYLOR] Conrad was
MIA, but they figured out
that he's in Cousins,
so they're on their way
to go get him right now.
I'm pissed about last summer.
Belly, you were my best friend.
We hooked up.
And then you hooked up
with my brother, and then
everyone expected me
to act like I was fine.
And I wasn't!
I hate that I let you down.
[CONRAD] Jere, the house
has been put up for sale.
What do you mean, the house is for sale?
What is she doing here?

[JEREMIAH] So this is why you haven't
answered any of my phone calls
- and texts?
- Jere. Jere.
Did you not hear what I just said?
We're going to lose
this house. Mom's house.
- Why would your dad sell this house?
- He's not.
- Our Aunt Julia is.
- Susannah's sister?
Half sister. Apparently,
the house belonged to the both
of them. And then when Mom
Now Aunt Julia owns
the whole thing, so
Okay, we'll just call Dad
and figure something out.
- That's it.
- You think I haven't already done that?
He says legally the house is hers.
Okay, then he'll buy it.
He doesn't have the money to buy it.
Between Brown and the
medical bills and the
Yeah, I know how much
the medical bills cost
because I was there.
How long did you know
about this and not tell me?
Jere, this was all happening so fast.
I was going to tell you
after I'd taken care of it.
[CHUCKLES] And this is
you taking care of it?
Going AWOL, ditching school,
- not talking to us.
- Fuck school!
- I don't care!
- Connie, you have to go back
- or you'll fail your class.
- How are you going to become
a doctor if you fail
out of college, Conrad?
You have no idea what
you're talking about.
We went to Brown to check on your ass.
You know what? I didn't think
you'd pull this shit again.
But you don't give a shit
about anyone but yourself.
[BELLY] He won't even look at me.
Sorry if me being here is weird.
So, the-the house
It's for sale. And
Jere doesn't even care.
Of course he cares. But
he cares about you more.
After everything that happened
you go missing?
I mean, he thought something
really bad happened to you.
We both did.
I got a call two days ago.
From Liam.
He was asking me about a "for
sale" sign in our front yard.
I thought it was a misunderstanding,
so I drove straight here.
I pulled the stupid sign
out of the ground, and I
threw it in the garbage.
Seeing that sign was like
losing her all over again,
and I didn't want that for Jere.
I'm going to use my trust as
down payment for the house.
Talking to my mom's
financial guys in the morning.
I didn't mean to worry anybody.
I'm handling things. You guys can go.
You're not the only one
who cares about this house.
If Jere wants to stay here
and help figure things out,
that is his decision.
And you don't get to make it for him.

[BELLY] There is nothing
more beautiful than this.
This particular sunset.
It can match the beauty of anything
in this world ten times over.
No matter what's happened,
you can feel the tension
of the day drifting away and out to sea.
I want to memorize it all, because
you never know the last
time you'll see a place,
a person.
You'd think someone would have invented
an easier system by now.
If I wasn't so fucking tired,
I'd probably leave tonight.
My mom would always fix everything up
before we got here.
Yeah. The house feels
different without her in it.
I'm still so pissed at
Conrad. I mean, what is he even
talking about with
this whole house thing?
I think it's for real.
You're just going to sleep
on it like that, aren't you?
- Yep.
- Yeah.
Hey, Belly.
Um, thank you for coming with me.
I don't know what went
down between you and Conrad,
but I know it couldn't
be easy to be here.
I'm glad I don't have to do this alone.
Yeah, I'm glad I came, too.
- Good night.
- Good night.
[BELLY] The truth is, the
hardest part about being here
isn't Conrad.
Back home, I can almost believe
Susannah isn't really gone.
But here at the beach house,
she's everywhere
and nowhere.

Do you still pretend
you're in the Olympics?
Uh, no. Not-not anymore.
When you swim,
I don't think you'd notice
if the house was on fire.
You're so into what you're doing.
It's like you're someplace else.
That's what I like about it.
[CONRAD] I know. But you're
sure there's no way to access
my trust without him?
No, I haven't talked
to him about it just yet.
But, um, it won't be a problem.
He's calling soon and
I'll get him to sign off.
Okay. Yeah. Thank you.
You want to talk about a plan B?
There's no time for a plan B, Jere.
There's no time? Come on, dude.
Is your ego really that big or is ?
Aunt Julia is already here.
- What?
- Yeah, she got in yesterday.
- She's at Ocean Harbor.
- You saw her?
I mean, we talked on the
phone for about five seconds.
She couldn't be bothered
to come to Mom's funeral,
but she'll hop on the first flight
to come sell this place.
I don't get it. Why?
- What's the big rush?
- It doesn't matter why.
This isn't a game, okay?
This is serious shit.
So just go back to bed
and let me deal with it.
- That went well.
You know, he keeps saying he's
going to figure things out.
He hasn't figured out shit.
Can-can you talk some sense into him?
You are the only person that
can get through to Conrad.
[BELLY] Did you get your tux yet?
Oh, n
I still have time, right?
Prom's not until, like, the 2nd.
Uh, the 1st.
The fir
- Hey, Connie.
- Hey, Laurel.
Belly, you might study
better in an actual chair.
No, I-I think better from up here.
Oh, um, we have to pitch in
our share if we want to get
- that hotel suite with Taylor and her date.
- Mm-hmm.
Wow. Talking about getting a
hotel room right in front of me.
- I must be a cool mom now.
- No. Ew! Mom.
It's just so we can hang out after.
- Okay.
- Yeah. No, you know that.
Do you want me to order your tux?
No. No, I got it.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, I just forgot the date.
My mom's doctors are considering
putting her on new meds.
Which must mean that the
current ones stopped working.
- Oh, okay.
- Sorry.
- I'm not trying to worry you.
- No, no, no, no, stop it.
You can talk to me about anything.
Especially Susannah.
My mom always gets really down
when Susannah's going through it.
And she's clearly in a
good enough mood today
to think that she's funny.
I'm sure the new meds just
means she's doing better
and she needs a smaller
dose or something.
Yeah, I'm sure you're right.
[BELLY] I didn't know it then,
but I was already losing him.
Uh, Conrad may have
listened to me at one point,
but I don't think he
cares what I think anymore.
I'm hungry. Are you you hungry?
Man, Susannah used to
have this place filled
to the brim before we got here.
I can get something.
Can make some frittatas.
The grocery store is
right next to Ocean Harbor.
We're going to go find Aunt Julia.
We're going to go find Aunt Julia.
All right.

[LAUREL] I'm headed
to the train station.
Uh, kick ass.
Or, I mean, you know,
whatever you're supposed to do
- at these things.
- [CHUCKLES] Your guess is as good as mine.
Hey, have you heard from Belly today?
I'm only getting one-word texts.
Uh, yeah. Yes, me, too.
You think I should call her?
No, no, no, she's fine, Mom.
I actually got her up to
three-word answers this morning,
so she's coming around.
Like, she'll probably be
back from Taylor's soon. Yeah?
Well, I'll only be gone a few days,
but remember, trash goes out Wednesday
and the grass needs cutting.
And honestly, Steven,
it would be nice if
you could put your clothes away.
I love you, Mom.
Yeah, I love you, too.
- Bye.
- Mwah. Safe travels. Okay?
Thank you.
- Don't forget.
- I won't.
[GROANS] What do you want, Steven?
I'm going to Cousins.
Wait. I-I thought you said
that you were going to let Belly
handle this on her own.
Yes, uh, I was, but, you know,
Conrad called and asked me to come.
Look, this is their first
summer without their mom, okay?
They need me.
- And, you know,
with Belly still being sad over Conrad,
I mean, the two of them there together,
that's, you know [EXHALES]
It's actually kind of sweet of you.
Well, what are you going to tell Laurel?
Okay? Because I can't
cover for both of you.
I'm stressed out about this.
Yeah, I wasn't asking you to.
Okay? She's going out
of town for a couple days
for some book thing.
Anyways, um, I just,
I just wanted to let you know.
Well, I-I'm coming with you,
[CHUCKLES] Uh, why?
I thought you hated Cousins.
No, I don't hate Cousins.
I hate annoying rich people
who leave me naked in the woods.
But, I mean, there's no way
that I'm just going to stay here
while you guys are all
together in Cousins.
[EXHALES] I mean, I guess
splitting the driving time
with someone wouldn't be
the worst thing in the world.
Okay, okay, but, but
I am leaving, like, right now.
Okay? Seriously.
Yeah, no, I-I swear I'll be packed
and ready by the time you get here.
Um, also, one more thing.
I'm-I'm going to send you a list
of things to pack for Belly, okay?
Because I'm sure that she's been in,
like, the same big T-shirt
this entire time.
Yeah. Okay. Bye.
- Bye.
- Yeah.
So what's our game plan with Julia, huh?
- Hmm.
- Sneak attack? Bribery?
Wow. Um,
I was thinking that we
just play to my strengths.
So charm offensive.
Hence the flowers.
- Exactly.
- Okay.
You know, I wish I had more to go on,
but she and my mom
weren't exactly close.
I mean, the last time
I saw her and Skye,
I was probably, like,
seven, eight years old.
- Wow, that's a long time.
- Yeah.
You know, I remember Susannah
telling me that it was
her big sister who convinced
her that she could be an artist.
You know, honestly, I
don't really remember much
about her, so I'll-I'll just wing it.
And knowing Conrad, he probably took
the righteous anger route
when he talked with her.
And I'm sure that went
over like gangbusters.
Yeah, Conrad's never
been good at putting on
a happy face when he's not feeling it.
[LAUREL] Okay, let's get
the boys in here, too.
[CONRAD] About time.
Oh, don't look so excited.
- I know.
Prom poses?
Laurel, you-you got, you
got a full-body shot, right?
And-and I want, I want the back
of Belly's hair, not just the front.
- Beck.
- I'm sorry, Laurel,
but you suck at taking pictures.
- You do.
- [LAUREL] Love it.
- [SUSANNAH] Let me see their corsages.
- Yeah.
Do you, do you ?
- Shit.
- What's wrong?
I don't have your corsage.
I must have left it in my dorm fridge.
[QUIETLY] It's okay.
Okay, we got to go.
- Yes.
- Right.
[LAUREL] Beck, it's time
for them to head out.
I'm gonna get a couple last pics, okay?
And I'm heading up to
you tomorrow, first thing.
- You okay?
- I'm so sorry I forgot.
I should've remembered it.
Don't worry about the corsage.
Seriously, it's
You'll just have to get me two corsages
next year to make up for it.
Wear one on each wrist.
Whatever you want.
- ♪♪
- Shall we? Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
- Gentleman.
You gonna ask my sister
to dance or what, Fisher?
Do you want to dance?
Uh, we don't have to,
if you don't want to.
Fool enough to almost be it ♪
Cool enough to not quite see it ♪
I'm glad you're here.
Me, too.
Pick your pocket, full of sorrow ♪
Run away with me tomorrow ♪
June ♪
Do you want to go somewhere?
Well, um, well, the after-prom
doesn't start till midnight.
Right, no, I mean, just you and me.
Do you want to go somewhere we can talk?
Somehow ♪
No, let's not go anywhere.
Let's just, let's, let's
stay here for a while.
All right.
I just might go back to school tonight.
I have an exam on Monday and everything.
- Oh.
- Is it all right
if I don't go to the after-prom?
I'll still drop you off.
I-I thought you were, um,
I thought you were spending the night.
Belly, if I stay, I'm just
gonna ruin the rest of the night
for you. I don't want to do that.
Did I, did I do something?
To the straight and narrow ♪
While the harlots of my perils ♪
Belly, can we please
just go outside and talk?
Scream ♪
And I ♪
I'm sorry.
I know this is hard
with everything going on.
Please don't shut me out.
I feel like I just
keep disappointing you.
You haven't.
- And you aren't.
- I have, I have.
All I've done today is disappoint you.
You don't deserve that.
Then just stop acting like this
and come back inside with me.
I can't.
I just can't.
[BELLY] Fine. Then
Then if you won't say it, I will.
Say what?
That we're over.
I mean, we are, aren't we?
don't. Don't say anything.
Belly, don't leave it like this.
[CRYING] You you are the
one that made it like this.
No. No.
- Belly, wait.
- [CRYING] Stop.
I'll always feel
this, no more promise ♪
No longer will I follow ♪
Can anybody hear me? ♪
I just want to be me ♪
And when I can ♪
- Okay, come on.
You know, Conrad just pushes people away
when he needs them most.
There's only so many times
I can take being pushed.
It's fucking exhausting.
[SOFTLY] Yeah.
- All right.
- All right.
You ready?
- We got this.
- Yeah.
[SIGHS] Okay.
Can I help you?
Aunt Julia. Oh, my God!
- Uh, um, Conrad told me you were here.
It's-it's been so long.
Just wanted to say hi.
- Jeremiah.
- Yeah.
And ?
Um, Belly Conklin. Isabel.
I'm Laurel Park's daughter,
Susannah's best friend.
- Right. Sorry. Wow.
- [BELLY] Yeah.
- It's been so long.
- [JEREMIAH] Yeah.
You've really got my dad's eyes.
Uh, I got these hydrangeas
for you from my mom's garden.
- Oh.
- I was just wondering
if we could have a second to talk.
Is this about the house?
- Yeah. [CHUCKLES]
- I'm sorry,
but I've decided to
move ahead with the sale.
Actually, we're-we're gonna
have an open house tomorrow.
- Oh.
- Um, uh, you have to know
how-how much the house
means to Jeremiah and Conrad
and me and my family.
I mean, you spent summers
there as a kid, right?
- A few, yeah.
- [BELLY] Yeah.
I mean, then, you
know, why would you want
to let go of such a-a magical place?
I remember Susannah calling it that.
You know, I-I don't
understand how you can just
get rid of something
your sister loved so much.
- I mean, it's kind of a
- It's not personal.
Yeah, I bet.
Are you suggesting that
I gift the house to you?
- I mean, it is our
- No, no, of course not.
Then I-I think you and your brother
should sort this out with your dad.
I'm certain that you have the resources,
but I can't put off a sale
while I wait for you to
get your ducks in a row.
I have to be back at work in a week.
I barely got the time off as it is.
So that's why you didn't
make it to the funeral?
Something like that.
- [SKYE] Mom?
- Yeah. Hi.
- Jeremiah?
Skye? I-I didn't know you were here.
This is Belly.
Um, her mom and mine were best friends.
I thought you were working on
the virtual tour for the open house?
- Oh, I-I just finished that, so
- Okay.
Let's eat.
- Thanks for stopping by.
- [JEREMIAH] Of course.
- Yeah.
- Uh, don't forget your flowers.
- Oh. Thanks.
- Yeah, you should get those.
- [BELLY] Thank you.
- Bye-bye.
- Have a, have a good rest of your day.
- Nice to see you.
what are you thinking about now?
That I'm an idiot for thinking
I could change Aunt Julia's mind.
Hey, you had to try.
It's all up to Conrad
now and whether or not
he can convince Dad
to dip into his trust.
That's gonna go over well.
It's still bad between them?
You know, you and Conrad should
talk to your dad together.
No, he's gonna try to do it alone,
and I'm sick of fighting with him.
All right, then don't.
I mean, you know, with Adam here,
you two need to be on the same team.
Yeah, I'll give it a shot.
- Oh.
Bad news?
No, it's just, uh [SIGHS]
volleyball girls group chat.
All the stuff we have to
bring to camp next week.
You don't seem like you're
looking forward to it.
Yeah, I just I
haven't had the best year.
Um, I got demoted from team captain.
I kind of lost my shit
on everybody at regionals.
Yeah, you do get kind of
mean when you play volleyball.
Yeah, I like to win.
Oh, believe me, I'm aware.
[LAUGHS] Isn't that kind of, like,
fiery, competitive, a
little bit sassy spirit
kind of what they're looking
for in a volleyball captain?
Normally, yeah, yes.
But we were six points
down to a garbage team,
and it was insanely hot in their gym,
and all of my spikes
kept going into the net.
I just I couldn't focus. I mean
All I could think about was Susannah.
I just
I just lost it.
I get it.
Yeah, so I kind of promised Taylor
that I would do this volleyball camp.
But who knows? Maybe it was a bad idea.
No, you're doing the camp, okay?
If I have to deal with Conrad,
then you are gonna show
up for your team. Deal?
- Deal. Mm-hmm.
- Yes.
I really missed you, Jere.
- Eyes on the road.
- Oh, come on.
- I saw you look at my phone.
- Don't flatter yourself.
Yeah, whatever. Don't look at my phone.
That's the way every day goes ♪
You sure Milo's cool
with you coming with me?
Of course. Why wouldn't he be?
[CHUCKLES] Because of, uh
la-last summer.
Nod my head, don't close my eyes ♪
Last summer?
Because we kissed for like two seconds?
No. He's fine.
- He says hi.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, sure.
What do you mean, "Yeah,
sure"? "Tell Steve-o what's up."
Okay. Okay, okay. You
- You're the one who told me eyes on the road.
- Okay.
Okay, can you not yell
at me right now, please?
It's the same way you showed me ♪
Showed me ♪
And you showed me love ♪
- And the glory from above ♪
Regard, my dear ♪
Everything cool?
What? Is Mr. I Don't Believe In College
having an existential crisis?
[SCOFFS] God, does he even
know what "existential" means?
[LAUGHS] I bet you he thinks "SAT"
- stands for "stupid-ass test."
- Can I tell you something?
Not everyone measures people's
worth by what Ivy they go to.
Like, you know that, right?
Those schools are just full of assholes
who think that they run the world.
Then again, you are the guy
who berated his grieving sister
in front of an entire party, so
I don't know.
Maybe you'll fit right in.
I didn't berate her.
- Yeah, you kind of did.
That birthed you ♪
Gave you tools just to stay alive ♪
And make it out when
the sun is ruined ♪
That's the same way you showed me ♪
Showed me ♪
You guys went to the store?
Uh, we actually thought about leaving,
but then we decided
not to listen to you.
We didn't just get groceries.
We actually went to see Aunt Julia.
How did that go?
Not great.
Talk to Dad yet?
Um, I'm-I'm gonna take these inside.
How were the waves?
Uh break's a little choppy.
Maybe we should go out later
when it's, uh, smooth out.
All right.
Hey, listen, um
I want to be there when you talk to Dad.
I'm-I'm better with him
lately, and once he sees
how passionate we are
about keeping the house,
he'll have to let us use our trusts.
Our trusts?
No more doing everything alone.
All right.
I can drive the last leg if you want.
- Look
- Wha Are you ?
I don't actually think that
you're a shitty brother.
Oh, wow. Thanks a lot.
No, I think it's really cool
that you're going to Princeton.
I know you worked really hard for it.
It's just
sometimes it feels like
you think that you're better
and smarter than everyone.
Uh, including me.
Taylor, I don't think that at all.
You're one of the
smartest people I know.
Whatever. I mean, I definitely am.
Can you tell me what has
you all in your feelings
so that it can stop being weird?
Does Belly really think I don't
care about Susannah's death?
Steven, of course she
doesn't think that.
Belly was having a really shitty night.
Yeah, I know.
I mean, like, I
I miss Susannah.
You know? But I'm also,
like, really excited for Princeton now.
Am I an asshole?
Probably, but that's not why.
Steven, everyone processes
things differently, you know?
I mean, my therapist says
that happiness and grief can coexist.
And that's completely fine.
I'll, uh
I'll talk to Belly when we get there.
Um, and since we're
well, you know, since
we're sharing, uh
I guess I should mention, um
They don't exactly know we're coming.
Yeah, Conrad didn't
actually ask me to c
uh, come to Cousins,
but, you know, that's
So we just drove all day to
show up somewhere uninvited?
Look, I wanted to be
there for them, all right?
So I invited myself. I'm sorry.
I get it. I get it.
It's like, whatever happens, just
please don't take it personally.
Like, even I can tell
that the Fisher boys
love you to death, Steven.
Let's go.
Also, gate crashing 101 says
we can't show up empty-handed,
so keep an eye out
for somewhere to stop.
Just don't change my seat setting.
- No, the car is, like
- No, it's not the car.
It's you.
- Don't blame my car.
- It's not me.
Dad should be calling soon.
Do you guys want to talk to him alone?
- I can wait upstairs.
- No, stay. Stay.
You helped me and J get this far.
Plus, it's your house
as much as it is ours.
- Dad, hey.
- [ADAM] Hey, Con.
I only got about a few minutes here.
- Hey, Dad.
- Jere?
You're in Cousins, too?
Yeah, just got here last night.
All right, look, I got
a heads-up from the bank
telling me you're trying
to access your trust.
That's not gonna happen.
So you've already made up your mind?
Yeah. I mean, that
money is for your future.
I'm not gonna let you
blow it on a beach house.
- It's not just a house, Dad.
- You want me to beg, Dad?
'Cause I will. I will.
I'll do whatever you want
[BELLY] The call came
early in the morning.
[PASTOR] "There is a time for everything
and a season for every
activity under the heavens."
[BELLY] I should have
known it was bad news.
Bad news is the only kind
that really can't wait.
[PASTOR] " and a time to die.
- A time to plant
and a time to uproot."

The funeral was what I thought it'd be.
A eulogy from a pastor
who never met her.
People sobbing who barely knew her.
It was exactly what I expected.
This was the song that she
always asked me to play for her.
Oh, where, oh, where can my baby be? ♪
The Lord took her away from me ♪
She's gone to heaven,
so I got to be good ♪
So I can see my baby
when I leave this world ♪
Excuse me.
[BELLY] I made a promise
to myself at that moment.
I would not leave his side
for the rest of the day.
He would need me.
[LAUREL] Thank you for coming.
[STEVEN] Ah, geez.
I wonder how Mr. Fisher's doing.
Did Conrad ride over here with him?
Uh, I don't know.
Thank you for coming.
You could be my silver spring ♪
Hey, Jere, um, sorry to interrupt.
- Can I talk to you for a second?
- Yeah.
[MAN] Oh, go ahead.
- I would be your only dream ♪
Um, if you want to head upstairs,
I can bring up a plate of food to you.
No, it's okay.
No, it's-it's no problem.
Thank you.
And did you say that she loved you? ♪
Baby, I don't wanna know ♪
That dress is too small for you.
Why didn't you wear the
one I left out on your bed?
Um, this was Susannah's favorite.
I wore it for her.
So I begin not to love you ♪
Turn around, see me running ♪
Uh, one of those is for Jere, right?
I'll-I'll just go up and take it to him.
Okay. Yeah, um, tell
him I'll be up in a sec.
Tell myself you never loved me ♪
Hey, Belly. How you holding up?
Um, have you seen Conrad anywhere?
Yeah. Yeah, I think I saw
him go to the rec room.
Oh, yeah? Yeah? Um, okay. Thank you.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Baby, I don't wanna know ♪
- Oh, no ♪
And can you tell me,
was it worth it ♪
[AUBREY] Oh, hey.
That for us?
- Belly
- Time cast a spell on you ♪
[CONRAD] Belly, wait.
But you won't forget me ♪
Belly, wait.
What do you want? Let go of me.
I know I could have loved you ♪
Belly, that was just Aubrey.
Sorry to interrupt your little moment.
She was helping me.
So you'll accept her help but not mine?
Got it.
Glad to know where I fall
in the ranking of ex-girlfriends.
- Grow up.
- Go to hell.
I should have known you'd be like this.
What do you mean?
Forget it.
No, say it. Tell me.
I knew it was a bad idea,
starting something with you.
I don't believe you.
It was a huge mistake.
I hate you.
I never want to see you again.
You'll never get away ♪
- Stop.
- From the sound ♪
Of the woman that loved you ♪
Was I just a fool? ♪
I follow you down ♪
Till the sound of my
voice will haunt you ♪
Give me just a chance ♪
[BELLY] I'll never let
myself be affected by him
like that again.
I can't.
If I did, it would destroy me.
[ADAM] Guys, I had my lawyers
look into any possible loopholes
right after the funeral,
but there's none.
Okay? The house is legally Julia's.
Wait, so you've known
we're losing the house
- since the funeral?
- Jere, I'm not
your evil father trying
to ruin your life.
And believe it or not, I'm just
as upset as you are about it.
That's such bullshit.
That's such bullshit.
You never cared about this house, Dad.
You never cared about it 'cause
you never cared about Mom.
[EXHALES] You know that's not true.
Jere, come on. You get it, don't you?
[SIGHS] Dad, I-I don't, I don't get why
we can't just use our trust to buy it,
and then we can sell it
later if we need the money.
No. Julia's gonna go ahead
with the open house tomorrow.
I really appreciate the attempt here,
but this is the end of the conversation.
You just make sure that Julia
gets everything that she needs.
- You got it?
- Conrad was right.
Talking to you is pointless.

Oh, shit.
I-I knew we should have
told them we were coming.
No, it's not that. It's
We're losing the house.
- They put it up for sale.
- Oh, Cinderbelly
- They're selling the house?
- Yeah.
Um, I-I brought you blueberry.
I'm glad you're here.
Well ♪
This is what it look like ♪
Right before you fall ♪
Stumblin' around, you've
been guessing your direction ♪
Next step, you can't see at all ♪
And I don't have a name ♪
I don't have a name ♪
Figured you'd be out here.
Who am I to blame? ♪
Who am I to blame, though? ♪
And I cannot be changed ♪
I cannot be changed, no ♪
Trust me, I've tried ♪
I just end up right at
the start of the line ♪
I'm sorry about this morning.
I think I was scared that
you guys were gonna see
me fuck everything up.
Well, I drink my whiskey ♪
I'm glad you were there to
talk to Dad with me, though.
We're doin' well ♪
Aunt Julia was a stretch,
but I really thought
I could convince Dad.
You kept me from completely
tearing into him, so
It's no easy feat.
Do not be afraid, do not be afraid ♪
You know, I just feel
everyone's slipping away,
and-and the house is the
last thing tying us together.
We're not giving up.
We're not giving up.
We're gonna figure something else out.
[SNIFFLES] You got a plan?
Not yet.
Goes around like the hands
that keep counting the time ♪
We'll figure it out together.
Look, I don't know, but
I feel like us all hanging
around the open house tomorrow
and being pains in the asses
is a pretty good place to start.
I'm sure Aunt Julia would love that.
Let's fuck some shit up.
Let's fuck some shit up.
- Oof.
So, how's Jere?
You know, I think he's okay.
I told him we're not giving up.
- [JEREMIAH] Do I need to separate you two?
- [TAYLOR] No.
'Cause we're not.
[TAYLOR] There's a whole
other couch right there.
- Thank you, Belly.
- [JEREMIAH] Everybody knows that's the bad couch.
- [STEVEN] Thank you.
- [TAYLOR] Okay, but
[STEVEN] I can't really,
like, vouch for
Steven, you're in my spot.
Oh, well, you snooze, you lose.
- You can sit on the floor now.
- Don't No, just let her have it.
- What? Are you
- Get off the couch. Just let her have it.
- Oh, my God. Fine.
- Oh, my God.
Sorry, Steve-o. Oh, uh, I ordered pizza.
It should be like 30
minutes, but I only ordered
one with pineapple, so I call
dibs on two slices, all right?
Jeremiah, I think that's all you.
[BELLY] Maybe Julia was right.
Susannah did believe
Cousins was a fantasy world.
But she made me believe, too.
So maybe I can make
sure it stays that way.
Uh, so what do you guys want to watch?
I was thinking It Happened One Night.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Throwback.
- [STEVEN] You can move more
Hunger striking?
How long has this been going on?
She hasn't had a thing
yesterday or today.
- Sending meals up to her regularly?
- Yes, sir.
[ANDREWS] Well, why don't
you jam it down her throat?
[CAPTAIN] Well, it's not as
simple as all that, Mr. Andrews.
[ANDREWS] Ah, I'll talk to her myself.
Have some food brought up to her.
- [CAPTAIN] Yes, sir.
[ELLIE] I'm not going to eat a thing
until you let me off this boat.
[ANDREWS] Oh, come now, Ellie.
You know I'll have my way.
[ELLIE] Not this time, you won't.
I'm already married to him.
[ANDREWS] But you're never
gonna live out of the same rooms.
- Now, I'll see to that.
- [ELLIE] Can't you get
[STEVEN] Conrad!
Conrad, what's going on, man?
- Conrad?
Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes ♪
Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes ♪
Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes ♪
Uh, I wanna be by my lonely ♪
I pop these Perc by my lonely ♪
I put in work by my lonely ♪
Forty on me, you know it's my homie ♪
I wanna be by my lonely ♪
I take these Perc by my lonely ♪
I put in work by my lonely ♪
Forty on me, you
know that's my homie ♪
My mind sometimes ♪
Gets dark and wild ♪
My mind sometimes ♪
I don't wanna be bothered ♪
Inhale, exhale ♪
Breathing just got a little harder ♪
I mean well, I mean well ♪
All's well, it ends well ♪
Inhale, exhale ♪
Losing my sanity, probably ♪
I'll see you in hell ♪
Yeah, I'm-a meet you there ♪
As of lately, my
demons, they bother me ♪
When I'm sleeping, they
sitting on top of me ♪
And wherever I go, they'll follow me ♪
I fell into the pit,
and it's bottomless ♪
They want my soul, but
it isn't my property ♪
Try to take it from
me, demonic robbery ♪
Crazy the way that the
devil will lie to me ♪
I don't want to ball anymore ♪
Pick up the rock, score ♪
I pill pop some more ♪
Why? It numbs me inside ♪
I know it ain't right ♪
But it's part of the ride ♪
There ain't no place like home ♪
I want to go back home ♪
I hate the world we know ♪
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