The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

Love Fool

Previously on
The Summer I Turned Pretty
Today's open house has been cancelled.
So I need you all out of the house.
- The boardwalk. That's a great idea.
- You should come with us, Skye.
You know, once they get
to see more of Cousins,
and hang out with you guys,
they'll see why we
love this place so much.
- You sure Milo's cool with you coming with me?
- Why wouldn't he be?
Because we kissed
for, like, two seconds?
Don't worry. I'm right
here with you, okay?
- You know, I just feel
everyone's slipping away,
and-and the house is the
last thing tying us together.
[JEREMIAH] Everything's gone.

- All my life ♪
I read between the lines ♪
Held on too tight, you know I tried ♪
But in the end it left me paralyzed, ♪
It's all right, goodbye, goodbye ♪
Seems like yesterday I was a child ♪
Just a ripple in the folds of time ♪
[JEREMIAH] It's like she
was never here at all.
It's all right, goodbye ♪
Goodbye ♪
I didn't think it was possible
for things to get worse.
I was wrong.
- This is worse.
- Goodbye, goodbye ♪
- Goodbye ♪
- This is fucked.
Won't cry, won't cry, won't cry ♪
Everything's gone.
Lord knows how hard we tried ♪
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye ♪
What the fuck, Julia?
[JULIA] I'm sorry.
This must be such a shock.
I-I spoke to your father this afternoon,
and-and he and I decided
that it would be best
not to drag this out any
longer than necessary.
I don't give a shit what
the two of you decided on.
You had no right to touch
anything in this house.
- Those were her things.
- Breathe, man. Okay?
- [CONRAD] Stop.
- [JULIA] Everything's in storage.
I made sure that everyone
was very careful with
every single thing.
I'm just doing what I have to do
- to sell this house.
- [CONRAD] Bullshit.
You could have said something.
You could have warned us.
All you want to do is fight our mom,
- constantly.
- Okay, enough.
You're not the only
one that's hurting here.
And I'm not the one you
should be angry with.
Your mother could have warned you
that this was gonna happen.
She just wanted to make
me the bad guy, as usual.
I'm so sorry that she was too busy dying
to make your life a little easier.
You know, it sucks that our grandfather
loved her more than you,
but I'm not surprised.
[JEREMIAH] Conrad could
have chosen his words better.
But he's not wrong.
The truth hurts.
All of it hurts.
What did you say to them, anyway?
I told them about Shitmas.
I mean, I just wanted them to understand
why you're selling the house.
You shouldn't have done that.
That was private.
Listen, I'm not going to defend
what Conrad just said, okay?
That wasn't right.
B I-I can't defend this either, Mom.
I mean, can you?
[STEVEN] Connie, come on No.
Of course, Dad did nothing to stop her.
Connie, what can he do?
Jere! He doesn't care about us!
[JEREMIAH] Our dad
was never going to win
a Father of the Year award.
He was flawed, that's for sure.
But when it counted,
he was there at the end.
Conrad just couldn't see it.
He didn't want to.
And this asshole won't
even pick up my calls.
- Did you know about this?
- Easy, Connie.
I'm, no, I'm serious. I'm serious.
- Did you know about this?
- [SKYE] I-I didn't know
anything, okay? I swear
I would have told you.
[CONRAD] Would you have? Really?
Because we haven't seen
each other in ten years.
Would a day at the
boardwalk have been enough
- to make you betray your mom?
- Listen,
I know we don't know
each other very well,
but I-I wouldn't have
sideswiped you like this.
Connie, come on.
What are we going to do?
I don't know.
[JEREMIAH] My whole life,
I've looked up to Conrad.
He's always been smarter,
faster, just better.
Maybe part of me even needed
that: someone to look up to.
But a lot's happened this year.
I don't feel that way anymore.
Okay, we can't just leave.
All right? The house isn't sold yet.
- We still have a chance.
- [SKYE] A slim one.
I mean, full disclosure,
Mom's realtor is expecting
multiple cash offers, all over asking,
no contingencies.
Thank you, Skye, for that
bleak as fuck assessment.
Also, where are we
going to sleep tonight?
I think there are some
sleeping bags in the garage.
I'm not sleeping this house.
Okay, I We don't have to. All right?
Okay, well, hotels are
usually all booked up
around this time of year.
I feel like I should go.
And I'd totally invite you
guys to come stay with me,
but it's a pretty small place, so
Yeah, maybe maybe we should go, too.
[JEREMIAH] They're
this close to giving up.
Don't go yet.
I know a place we can
crash for the night.
- Was always the loser ♪
You thought it was cool ♪
What's the move? What's the move? ♪
Love me or leave me ♪
- I never could choose ♪
- Thanks to you ♪
- [STEVEN] You sure about this, bro?
- Thanks to you ♪
- Yeah, sure.
- Quit whining.
- It's over ♪
We should go home.
I'm out, yeah ♪
All right.
Here we go.
What, you kept that?
Perks of not cleaning out your wallet.
What if there's someone in there?
[JEREMIAH] It's been closed for hours
and-and there's never any
night guards. We're good.
- Shit.
Not a great plan.
It's from Avengers. RDJ.
"I understood that reference."
Can you guys, like, not?
For just two seconds?
Okay, there's got to
be another way, right?
We can try the pool gate.
Uh, we could also use my mom's key code.
Wait, are you sure? Your mom?
Yeah, it's fine. She's the manager
- at the restaurant here, so
- I mean,
wouldn't she get in trouble, though,
if, like, someone checked the logs?
No, no. She works the randomest hours,
so that alone shouldn't
raise any red flags.
So long as we don't make
a mess, like, at all,
should be good.
[JEREMIAH] They won't
even know we're here.
Thank you for not being on
that whale boat, Cam Cameron.
[BELLY] Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Thank you, Cam.
- Thank you, Cam.
- Thanks.
So what do we do now?
Ugh. Could we scavenge for food?
I need something in my
system other than sugar.
Allow me to escort you to the kitchen.
Actually, wait. Can I come with you?
I have really specific
snack requirements.
[STEVEN] Uh-uh, Taylor.
No, you're coming with me.
We'll fashion, like,
blankets out of, like,
- curtains and some shit.
- [TAYLOR] No, I'm on snack patrol right now.
Okay. So? I need your loudest voice
to scare away all the murderers.
- Yeah, I'm Team Murderers.
Okay, fine. No, I mean,
as long as you're cool
with, like, sleeping on,
like, dusty polyester sheets.
- I hate you so much.
Why do you need help with this?
- [TAYLOR] What do you need me for?
All right, I think I know
a place we could sleep.
Uh, you want to come?
Think I'm gonna go with
Cam and Skye, actually.
[BELLY] I'll catch up with you later.
Are you okay?
I never should have
gone to the boardwalk.
[BELLY] This is not your fault, Conrad.
There was no way you could have
known what Julia was planning.
Maybe, but she never would
have done it if I'd stayed back.
They fucking took everything.
And you heard Skye.
The house is going to sell fast.
No, it's not over. I mean
We're gonna figure something out.
[JEREMIAH] Sometimes I hate myself
for how long it took me to notice it.
That invisible force
between the two of them.
I wanted to tell Conrad
that he had no right,
that he'd ignored Belly
for all these years.
But it wasn't just up to Conrad.
It was Belly's choice, too.
So I forced myself to let it go.
There were more important things
to worry about then, anyway.
What are you doing here?
Don't you have class?
Yeah, class got canceled.
Thought I'd come see you and Mom.
Did Mom get the full-size
Snickers for Halloween?
[JEREMIAH] Mm-hmm.
You think Mom's insurance
is going to accept
a sandwich bag full of receipts?
'Cause that's about all I got.
[CONRAD] I'm sure it'll be fine.
If not, we'll figure something out.
So, how's
you know, senior year?
It's fine, I guess.
Mom said you got homecoming king.
Yeah. I mean, the
coronation was basically
preordained since freshman year.
- Right.
- Yeah. So
You take a date?
I went with Blake.
Oh, yeah. That's cool.
Are you seeing anyone?
You and I never really talked
about what happened with Belly.
Jere, what happened last
summer was fucked up.
I didn't even know that-that
you two had kissed until after
I was just hoping that you could
Give you my blessing?
I can't believe you came here like this.
You know what? Just do what you want.
You always do anyways.
Jere, I want to be with her.
And I I really think
that's what she wants, too.
But she's afraid of hurting you, Jere.
- Oh, is that right?
- Yeah.
And it's tearing her up
that you haven't responded
to her texts since last summer.
Yeah. Well, I've been busy.
Jere, I don't want you to hate us,
but I think about her all the time.
And it hurts, like, my
chest physically hurts,
to not be able to tell her
that I'm in love with her.
[JEREMIAH] When your brother
tells you something like that,
there's only one right answer.
Even if it doesn't feel right at all.
I'm not going to be the
one to keep you guys apart.
So go for it.
Thank you.

[JEREMIAH] Being around Belly this week
has made me remember all over again.
And my genius plan to stay pissed at her
and keep her at arm's
length is a failure.
So I just keep telling
myself over and over,
it'll never be me. It's
always going to be Conrad.
Hey, Jere, wait up.
I thought you were heading
to the kitchen with Conrad.
Oh, no, they have plenty
of hands. [CHUCKLES]
Besides, I'd rather roam with you.
I mean, I'm just going
to the screening room.
It's nothing special or anything.
Sounds like an adventure to me.
I mean, we never know what
we'll find behind these doors.
country club, not Narnia.
Mm, still.
Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

[TAYLOR] So much good stuff in here.
What is this, like Turkish bath towels
and Egyptian cotton robes?
- This is ridiculous.
- All right. All right, all right.
Go check the Lost and Found,
see if there's any extra sweaters.
Um Wait
Oh, my God.
I could legit be a Hadid sister in this.
- Gotta take a photo.
Stop laughing.
This is so cute.
What, huh? New profile pic?
No, it's for Milo.
[TAYLOR] Can you get out of it?
- [STEVEN] Yes, I'm out of it.
Who doesn't bother to come
back for this stuff, anyway?
People who tip really well.
I mean, for them, losing
something is just another excuse
to get a better something.
I don't know how your mind didn't get
all warped working here.
Careful. That's almost a compliment.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
I guess, uh, rich people don't come back
for their drugs, either.
Oh, this is cool.
- Oh, wow. This is perfect.
- Ah.
It's the most glorious
sleeping arrangement
one could ask for while
spending exactly zero dollars.
You do have a flair for the epic.
Oh, they left the projection door open.
I wonder if I can remember
how to work this thing.
Almost got it.
[JEREMIAH] Perfect. There we go.
- Ooh. All right.
You ready for some shadow puppets?
- Uh, yeah.
- Let's do it. All right.
- Oh, the bird. A classic.
- Yes.
- It's a classic.
- All right, but now
- Snail.
Wait, that's Okay, that's impressive.
- Okay.
- Let me see if I can do, like a
maybe like a wolf.
- Ooh, all right.
Bunny rabbit.
[JEREMIAH] Boop, boop.
- Wolf eats the bunny rabbit!
- Hey!
No, that is not how
you play shadow puppets.
That's how I play shadow
puppets. [CHUCKLES]
[JEREMIAH] When she
looks at me like this,
I can almost let myself
believe she sees me the way
she used to see Conrad.
Oh, the [EXHALES]
The Apartment. That's
Your mom, uh, wanted me to
watch that with her last summer.
She said, um, Billy Wilder
was way ahead of his time.
She did say that a lot.
Yeah, we watched a lot
of movies last year.
She'd go all out.
I mean, she'd pick a theme
and watch, like, three movies in a row.
She'd get a million different snacks.
She'd drink the green
juice that I made her
with a, um
- A Twizzler straw? Yes.
- Yes.
- I taught her that.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, wait, hold on. Hold on.
[BELLY GIGGLES] Sharesies?
- Sharesies.
- Yeah.
- [POPS OPEN SODA] - Oh-ho.
He don't care for me ♪
But he cares for me ♪
And that's good enough ♪
We don't talk much or nothin' ♪
But when we talkin' 'bout somethin' ♪
We have good ♪
Discussion ♪
Movie nights would always
make me think of you.
I'd miss you so much.
And I'd just think I
should call you, but
I wish you had.
And I would have answered.
I met his friends last week ♪
I would have come.
Feels like they're
up to somethin' ♪
It would have just made things harder.
Uh, I should text Conrad and Steven,
say we found a spot.
All right, you guys, you can throw
those canapés on this cart.
And I don't think
anybody's gonna notice,
'cause they always
prep way too much food
- for deb season anyway. So
[SKYE] Sounds good to me.
[CAM] I heard something crazy today.
You know that guy Liam Meyer?
That rich kid from the East Side?
I heard he bought a Maserati
and then crashed it two days later.
Okay, so I know the answer
is likely "daddy's money,"
but, um, how did a
kid afford a Maserati?
Yeah, well, that was
a whole other thing,
because, uh, his grandparents had, like,
this trust fund for him.
He got a judge to let him access it
a couple of years early. Boom. Maserati.
- He got a judge involved?
Yeah, his parents were pissed.
Cam Cameron, fountain of gossip.
I did not expect that side of you.
You know, I have layers.
Okay. Uh, you go grab some tablecloths.
- I'll grab some cushions.
- Okay.
Is all this for the debs?
- Yeah.
- It's like [SCOFFS]
I can't believe we're
still doing something
that was basically
started as, like, a
a giant party to present
- a bunch of hot virgins to society.
- It's like [LAUGHS]
- I don't know, Taylor.
I think you would
have liked being a deb.
I'm sorry, have you met me?
I know you, Taylor.
Actually, I've known
you a long-ass time.
Yeah, you and Bella used to
play princess together for years.
So? You ran around asking
everyone to play doctor.
That doesn't mean you grew
up to be a complete perv.
- Moon ♪
- What are you doing?
- River ♪
Wider ♪
Okay, just imagine this. Yeah?
I'm crossing you ♪
[STEVEN] The perfect song playing.
Perfect guy. I mean, not me, obviously.
Dream maker ♪
But your perfect man meets
you on the dance floor,
wearing um
Wearing a suit and a tie.
- That way ♪
Milo would never wear a suit and tie.
Yeah, well, Milo's not
your perfect man, either.
Now, this, um [GRUNTS]
this guy
We're all chasin' ♪
sees you in your dress.
And he tells you how beautiful you are.
Chasin' after our ends ♪
And then
Um, he
Moon ♪
- River ♪
You're so corny.
Wider than a mile ♪
Crossin' in style ♪
He really, really
wants to dance with you.
My dream maker ♪
Heartbreaker ♪
- Wherever you're goin' ♪
- I'm goin' the same ♪
[TAYLOR] I know how to do this.
- Two ♪
- [STEVEN] Look at you.
- Drifters ♪
Off to see the world ♪
It's such a crazy world, you'll see ♪
It's not so horrible.
We're all chasin' after our ends ♪
Chasin' after our ends ♪
Life's just around the bend ♪
My friend ♪
Moon river ♪
And me ♪
You guys weren't messing around.
- Yeah, well, just be careful.
- Oh, I will.
I got it. Don't worry.
Hey, have you heard
from Taylor and Steven?
No. I can go look for him.
[CAM] Are these the
canapés you had in mind?
Yeah, I'll-I'll come with you.
- [CAM] I can't get it open.
- [SKYE] Oh, no.
- [SKYE] That's okay.
I'll get it. I'll clean it.
- I promise.
- [CAM] Thank you.
[SKYE] Sorry.
[JEREMIAH] Steve-oh!
Did you know Liam Meyer
got a judge involved
to help him access his trust?
Boy, I bet that turned out well.
Yeah, but
if a guy like that can do it
so could we.
Do what, Connie?
You really want to, like,
sue Dad or something?
I don't know.
- Maybe.
He refuses to fight Aunt Julia on this.
And I already told him I'm not giving up
until I save this house.
Hey, at least, you
know, we're not alone.
It's kind of nice having
everyone around.
You know, kind of feels like old times.
[CONRAD] I know.
It's good seeing you and
Belly get along again.
I know she missed
having you as a friend.

[BELLY] Wow, I feel like
I'm in a holiday movie.
[JEREMIAH] You know
Mom. She loves a theme.
[BELLY] I'm glad we all get to
celebrate together this year.
You know?
Yeah, for sure.
- [STEVEN] Wow.
Look at this amazing table.
Martha Stewart can kiss my ass.
[LAUGHS] I love it when you swear.
Uh, uh, "ass" is not swearing.
- Susannah, say "motherfucker."
- Steven.
- What? You said you loved it.
- She motherfucking loves it.
Everybody sit down, please.
The food's getting cold.
[SUSANNAH] So let's go around the table
and everyone say one
thing they're thankful for.
Uh, I'll go last.
How about that?
No, he caught me, he caught me
putting sugar in his green juice.
Okay, Mom, you're ruining
my healthy recipes.
It is culinary blasphemy.
Not ruining. Enhancing.
- Yeah, like the moussaka?
Hey, I still say it tastes better
with little pieces of hot dog in it.
Ooh, Beck, no. If you're
going to ruin a recipe,
ruin it with steak.
[JEREMIAH] Does he know how badly
I've wanted to take
Belly's hand like that?
Would he care?
[SUSANNAH] When Jere was little,
he made these amazing sandwiches.
- And Conrad
- [CONRAD] Mom, no.
Conrad, whose sandwich-making skills
were PB and J at best,
he convinced Jere that, uh,
- crust made your hair curly.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, dude, that's right. Because
you wanted straight hair.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah.
So Jere never touched his sandwiches
- [SUSANNAH] Never.
- and Conrad finished them off.
Oh. Devious.
You got me back, though.
Remember when you peed in my lunchbox?
Yeah, let's not talk
about that. [CHUCKLES]
- Okay.
- [ADAM] Let's talk about it.

Uh, are you ready for board games?
I'm I'm too full.
Come here. Belly, come up here.
Beck found a bunch of 90s
clothes she wants you to try on.
I still haven't gotten through
the last batch of Susanna's baby tees.
I really don't know how I feel about
you wearing my mom's
baby tees from college.
[LAUREL] There's a lot of
plaid. And ratty Oasis T-shirts
- she stole from me!
- [SUSANNAH] Don't listen to her.
This stuff is gold.
Yeah, Steven's setting up
the Wii in the other room
- if you want to play some games.
- Nah, I'm going to call it a night.
Uh, actually
can I talk to you for a sec?
Yeah, what's up?
Next time Belly is coming over,
can you give me a heads-up or something?
What do you mean?
I thought you knew
everybody was coming over.
Yeah, I did. But if you guys
are going to be here together,
then I don't want to be around.
Jere, come on. It's Thanksgiving.
- Of course we're
- No, it's better for everyone
if we just keep some distance, okay?
You do your thing and I'll do mine.
If that's what you want.
[JEREMIAH] Good night.
You hear music?
- Yeah.
But I gotta know ♪
Do you really like me?
Do you really like me ♪
Low on time, I'd like to ♪
- Oh, my God.
- Ow.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I hope we didn't interrupt anything.
No, you didn't interrupt anything.
Do you really like me ♪
Yeah, uh, we were
just talking about, um,
you know, the-the deb ball,
and, um, I figured I would just
show Taylor some moves.
I mean, they drilled them
so deep into our head,
they're pretty hard to forget, right?
[BOTH] Yeah.
- [TAYLOR] Were you guys looking for something specific?
We were specifically looking for you.
We found a place to sleep.
I-I've been texting you, but
That's-that's-that's my fault. Just
- Shoddy reception.
- Oh.
set in here?
- You play gin rummy?
- This is her favorite part.
[FRAN] I'm not very good at it.
[BAXTER] I am. Let me get the cards.
[FRAN] You don't have to
entertain me, Mr. Baxter.
[BAXTER] There's
nothing I'd like better.
You know, uh, togetherness.
- Guess what I did last Christmas?
- Whoa, whoa.
There's extra napkins if you need them.
Thank you.
I'll take one.
[BAXTER] then I came home and
cleaned up after Mr. Eichelberger.
He had a little eggnog party here.
So I'm way ahead this year.
Ah, three across, spades double,
high deals.
Six, eight.
Taylor, that's gross.
No, I saw a TikTok about this.
You just poke a couple holes
so that the smoke is,
uh, able to pass through
and then you just
Yeah, but you can't just
you can't just smoke random weed.
Belly, it's not random weed.
It's Lost and Found rich people weed.
It's probably really good.
- Can you hand me another one?
- [BELLY] Yeah.
Well, you need any help, Tay Tay?
Could you just give me a minute? Damn.
Okay, c
can you just be a
little more neat, please?
Also, you can't smoke in here.
- The upholstery
I'm not going to smoke in here.
[FRAN] What do you
call it when somebody
[JEREMIAH] All right, uh, well,
why don't we take this outside
before Cam Cameron has a stroke?
- [CAM] I'm hitting the gas!
- [STEVEN] Oh, yeah!
- [JEREMIAH] Oh, come on.
[CAM] Doesn't really It's
not supposed to go that fast.

[CAM] Can you try and be a little quiet?
'Cause we're actually not
even supposed to be out here.
- Come on, hit the gas!
- I'm hitting the gas.
Wait, guys, guys, guys.
I think I know what the problem is, man.
- What?
- I think there's too many of us on here.
- Oh!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That makes sense.
- Oh! Comin' for you.
- You are so gonna pay for that.
- Go, go, go!
- All right, all right.
All right, all right.
- Should've stayed inside.
- Need some help?
This is so annoying.
Weed is not supposed
to be this difficult.
I mean, it's like
Can I give it a shot?
- Yeah. Have at it.
- Thanks.
[CAM] Be gentle.
- [CAM] Come on.
- [JEREMIAH] Oh, you want help?
[TAYLOR] What?
- What was that look?
- Mm.
You and Steven. It just
seems like there's kind of a vibe.
No, there's no vibe.
I save all my all my vibing for Milo.
Steven really hurt me last year.
It's just It's not the kind of hurt
that just goes away easily.
You know?
- [BELLY] Yeah.
- Or, like, ever, maybe.
Yeah, I get it.
I know you do.
I think I I loved Conrad
longer and truer than
anyone in my whole life.
And I'll probably never
love anyone like that again.
To be honest, it's kind of a relief.
'Cause I don't know, I don't
know if I could survive that.
[TAYLOR] Can we make a pact?
Can we just leave
first love in the past?
Like, where it belongs?
Yeah. Yes. Yes.
I saw you and Jeremy on the boardwalk.
And tonight on the couch.
There's something there.
Doesn't matter how far
apart you sit, you know?
It's there.
Yeah, I feel like there
there could be something, you know?
- Mm-hmm.
- Like this charge building between us.
But, you know, then he reminds me
how much I hurt him before.
I don't know. I'm like
I shouldn't even be
thinking about him like that.
[SKYE] Mm-hmm. Almost got it.
Push, push!
- Put your back into it!
- Oh, God!
All right. All right, this
thing is officially dead.
Why don't we crash up
there for the night?
Well, that would be perfect timing,
because I have discovered
the secret of the apple bong.
Good job, Skye.
You know, that's surprising.
I have layers.
Start unpacking.
Taylor, volleyball camp is in four days.
It's not like they're
going to drug test us.
Coach would have had to put
that in her email, right?
What email?
The one that we got
yesterday about camp.
Have you talked to Coach yet?
- No, not yet.
- Belly, wait. Why?
I swear to God, if
you bail on us again
No, no, no. I'm not
bailing. I want to go.
Okay, well, don't tell
me. Tell Coach that.
Okay, yeah. I'll text her right now.
- Yeah. Great. Here.
- [BELLY] All right.
You know, I-I I really
just don't want to
I don't want to have to
have a big conversation
with her about last season,
and, I don't know, I feel like
I just want to show up ready to play
- and prove myself on the court.
- Okay.
I love that. It's very Killa B.
- [BELLY] Right?
- Yeah.
So I don't have to text her, right?
Give me your phone.
[TAYLOR] This is ridiculous.
"Hey, Coach, I'm planning
to come to camp next weekend.
I already talked to
the rest of the squad
and they are cool with me coming.
Can't wait to see you on the court."
[BELLY] Yeah, that's good. Yeah.
What's happening over here? Hmm?
We playing Truth or Dare or what?
All right. Yeah. You in?
I dare you to eat the apple bong.
- [TAYLOR] Ew.
- I'm not scared. I've done worse.
Yeah, we know.
We worked so hard on this.
[STEVEN] I am so sorry, Skye.
- I'm so sorry.
- [SKYE] And now it's
What does it taste like?
It tastes so
Oh, my God!
- [STEVEN] Oh, my God.
- Gross.
- Goddamn it!
Wait, wait. He knows he's going
to have to clean that up, right?
We'll make him clean it up.
We'll make him clean it up.
Apple all over my leg.
- You guys trying to keep playing Truth or Dare?
- I'm not playing.
- Come on, dude.
- [CONRAD] No.
- [JEREMIAH] What, you scared?
- Come on, man.
Where do you, uh, see yourself
- in the next ten years?
Here, honestly.
Coming back to Cousins.
Fourth of July barbecues,
digging for clams, serving with Jere
- Making pomegranate margaritas.
- [CONRAD] Right, right.
I don't know, I just feel like
whatever kind of shit you got going on,
you just come back here,
you forget about it.
Come on, man. Nobody's
playing Truth or Dare right.
It's either you go big or you go home.
Agreed. This needs to
get way more Euphoria.
Okay. Um I'll give it a whirl.
- Hey.
- [TAYLOR] Yay.
- Uh
- What you got?
Belly. I dare you to, uh,
kiss Jeremiah.
remember the exact moment
when everything changed.
- Strange light revolves ♪
- Around you ♪
- [STEVEN] Oh, my God.
You float across the room ♪
[JEREMIAH] From the first
moment I saw her last summer,
I was done for.
Heaven can't hold ♪
She'd always been just Belly.
A girl I've known my
whole life, my friend.
Except what I was feeling in
that moment was so much stronger.
- How was the drive?
- Good.
- Great.
- Awesome. Hey
I wanted to grab her and hold her
and kiss the shit out of her.
- And the feeling never went away.
- Uh
Jere! Jere, Jere, Jere,
Jere! Come over here. Come on.
[JEREMIAH] But I wasn't the only one.
God only knows ♪
Where this could go ♪
And even if our love
starts to grow ♪
I tried to convince
myself for a long time
that they weren't inevitable.
[BELLY] Too bad. I like
me better without them.
[JEREMIAH] That I had a chance.
Heaven won't be the same ♪
But it's pretty clear to me
now that I never actually did.
exactly like I thought it would.
You know, aren't we too
old for that kind of shit?
Right? [SCOFFS]
[TAYLOR] Yeah.
Cam, you know the drill.
Yes. Truth, please.
What's your biggest regret?
I'd probably say, um,
not spending enough time
with my sister before she died.
- Whoa, I'm sorry. I didn't know.
- It's okay.
- You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.
- [CAM] It's okay.
It was ten years ago.
She was 16. Um,
I was just a kid.
I really looked up to her.
Mm, I still look up to her.
Does it get any easier?
It's always there, you know.
But, um
the pain starts to, uh
you know, feel more like
a scar than it does a scab.
Like, sometimes something
totally random will set you off.
Like, um
a song she used to
play for you or, um
little yellow tree air fresheners
she had in her car and the
pain just feels brand-new again.
But, um
everything goes back to normal.
Eventually. Whatever
the hell that means.
Yeah, the fuck if I know.
[CONRAD] I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry about your mom.
She was really cool.
Sorry, Taylor, where
did we lose you there?
Oh, my God. No, you
didn't lose me at all.
All right, just, like
No, I really love talking
about mental health.
Like, you should look at my TikTok.
It's, like, 70% therapists.
I'm just, like, really
fucking tired right now.
Yeah, I guess it is
getting kind of late.
I'll, uh, I'll go get you some blankets.
- [JEREMIAH] Yeah, let's do it.
- [CAM] Yep.
[TAYLOR] Is this camping? 'Cause I got
a badge for that shit in Girl Scouts.
[JEREMIAH] Gonna take my leave.
[TAYLOR] Did anyone find
an air mattress, by chance?
Hey, um
I'm, uh, I'm sorry if the
dancing thing was weird.
It wasn't weird.
I mean, it was, but I didn't hate it.
Bad bitches need their roses, too.
You know?
I'll take your word for it.
- [TAYLOR] You know what I mean.
- Yeah, sure.

[BELLY] You want to go finish the movie?
It's kind of late.
Do I have BO or something?
I mean, I've never seen you turn down
a Truth or Dare kiss before.
Don't-don't do that.
Do what? I'm just trying to talk to you.
I mean, before, on
the, on the boardwalk
Just stop.
[BELLY] Why?
Why don't you want to kiss me?
Because if I kiss you, I don't
know that I can ever stop.
[SUSANNAH] I'm sorry,
Laurel, but you suck
- at taking pictures.
I just wish I could be
with you guys. [LAUGHS]
[BELLY] I'll make sure she
gets some good ones, Susannah.
[WHISPERS] Don't let it sit too long.
[WHISPERS] Thank you.
Okay, now I-I want one
with-with all the girls together.
- [JEREMIAH] I was annoyed
with Conrad that day,
with everything about him.
He'd gotten to take Belly to her prom,
and he'd acted like
it was some big chore.
[CONRAD] I don't have your corsage.
I must have left it in my dorm fridge.
[BELLY] It's okay.
[TAYLOR] We got to go.
[STEVEN] Yes. Yes.
[LAUREL] Beck, it's time
for them to head out.
I'm just going to get a
couple last pictures, okay?
I'm heading up to you
tomorrow, first thing.
- [SUSANNAH] Have fun, everyone.
[JEREMIAH] If it had been me,
I would have done it right.
I wouldn't have forgotten the corsage.
I'd have given her the perfect night.
I'm ready for a little Marilyn.
You want to go a little
cowboy with The Misfits,
or drag with Some Like It Hot?
Are you okay?
Conrad forgot Belly's corsage?
That's shitty of him.
[SUSANNAH] He left
it in his dorm fridge.
It was so beautiful, too.
He sent over pictures. Orchids.
- Drink up.
I'm sorry. They ran out of
vanilla at the store, so
I hope you still like it.
It's okay. The little cocktail umbrella
kind of makes me feel like I'm having
a strawberry daiquiri or something.
It was Belly's favorite.
The virgin strawberry
daiquiri at the club?
It's 'cause it always came
with those little umbrellas.
I totally forgot that about her.
You always remember
what makes Belly happy.
Oh, honey.
You still have feelings for her.
No, Mom. I-I got over
that crush a long time ago.
You never let anyone see you hurting.
I'm fine, Mom. Seriously.
Yeah, well, sometimes I think
you're a little too good at being fine.
Well, isn't that what
everyone wants me to be?
Not me.
[SIGHS] This is all my fault.
I got so excited at the prospect
of Belly being with one of my boys.
It must have been so hard for you,
seeing her with your brother.
I don't want you have
to worry about that, Mom.
Promise me.
You and Conrad will never
let anything come between you.
You will always put each other first.
Mom, Con and I are fine. I promise.
You don't have to worry about
that, okay? She chose him.
They-they chose each other and I'm
I'm, I'm
Her best friend.
This is just the beginning
of your story, Jere.
And I-I can't guarantee
anyone's feelings.
Or promise that no one
will get hurt. But
the fun in life is figuring out
where the rest of the story goes.
Do you know what my
graduation quote was?
Amelia Earhart.
"Adventure is worthwhile in itself."
Remember that.
I adore you, sunshine boy.
[JEREMIAH] My dad always
loved Conrad better.
Love you, too.
But I had my mom.
She was the only person
who ever really saw me.
Her and Belly.
So, um
What are you saying?
I don't know, Bells, it's complicated.
That thing you said earlier?
About "adventure is worthwhile"?
Did my mom tell you about that?
No, I
I saw it on your graduation cap.
When my mom went, she, uh,
recorded the whole ceremony.
I saw you get your diploma.
Strut up to the stage.
I wanted to be there for your day,
even if it was, you know
just through my mom's phone.
Swear I couldn't sleep
a wink last night ♪
Shall we?
Not the same without your head ♪
On my shoulders ♪
Growing pains, but I
don't want to get older ♪
I heard that you're happy without me ♪
And I hope it's true ♪
Good night, Bells.
Good night.
It kills me a little ♪
[JEREMIAH] My whole life, it's
always been Conrad for Belly.
But maybe
..maybe, for the rest of
the story, it could be me.
I'd still die for you ♪
- Get off of me.
- [STEVEN] Ow.
[TAYLOR] What time is it?
- [DENISE] What's going on out here?
- [CAM] Hmm?
Mom. Hi. I'm so sorry. Um
They they needed a place to stay
because they lost their house.
- Cam
- Um I'll clean everything up, I swear.
- No, we'll-we'll all clean.
- Good.
- And don't forget to return the cart.
- [CAM] Yeah, yeah.

Still thinking about
the whole Liam thing?
Texted him last night.
Figured you might.
He told me how the
whole thing went down,
um, and he gave me the
contacts for his estate lawyers.
You gonna call?
- Jere, you don't have to be a part of this.
- What did I say?
Just no more doing
everything alone. Okay?
[CONRAD] Well, I sent him an email
and told him the situation's urgent.
I'm hoping that since I
got the connect from Liam,
that they'll respond by tomorrow.
Okay. Well, as soon as they do,
we'll let Julia know that we
have an offer she can't refuse.
[JULIA] Okay.
So we'll lock up.
Head to, um
Wow. Look who it is.
- Hi.
- It's okay. I'll handle it.
- Thank you very much.
- I'll be in touch?
Yes, thank you.
Excuse me.
Oh, I wish you boys had gone
home when I asked you to.
You're not getting us to
abandon our house, Julia.
It's not your house, Conrad.
And, um
it won't be mine for long, either.
Julia, please. We have an idea, okay?
[JULIA] A buyer has made an offer
on the house and I've
officially accepted it.
I have to go to Boston to
finalize the details, but, um,
it's done.
The house is sold.
I'm still trippin',
wishin' that I could go back ♪
I broke bones and I shed some blood ♪
And time took a few friends I love ♪
No matter which way I run ♪
I can't go back to
the way it was, no ♪
And I can't go back
to the way it was ♪
And I can't go back
to the way it was ♪
I reminisce ♪
On the last Christmas I
spent with my mom and my dad ♪
I'm still trippin' ♪
Wishin' that I could go back ♪
To know what I'm missin' ♪
It's a mystery, oh, how'd I forget? ♪
I'm not a magician ♪
I try fixin' shit that I can't ♪
Memories make me sick ♪
I hope the past the
hardest that it gets ♪
Mama said she drinkin' to forget ♪
I told my mama,
"Save your son a sip" ♪
Tryna slow my breath and get a grip ♪
I think life is harder than in death ♪
They're in Heaven,
I'm the one that's left ♪
They left ♪
I did things that I knew were wrong ♪
But time just keeps movin' on ♪
And no matter which way I run ♪
I can't go back to the way it was ♪
I broke bones and I shed some blood ♪
And time took a few friends I love ♪
And no matter which way I run ♪
I can't go back to
the way it was, no ♪
And I can't go back
to the way it was ♪
And I can't go back
to the way it was ♪
And I can't go back
to the way it was ♪
Hold this moment while you can ♪
Tell your people that you care ♪
Do it now while you still can ♪
I can't go back to
the way it was, no ♪
- Can't go back to the ♪
- I said ♪
I can't go back to the way it was ♪
- Now, oh ♪
- No, no ♪
I can't go back to
the way it was, no ♪
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