The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

Love Fest

Previously on
The Summer I Turned Pretty
You had no right to touch
anything in this house.
Those were her things.
Your mother could have warned
you that this was gonna happen.
[TAYLOR] Have you talked to Coach yet?
[BELLY] Taylor, volleyball
camp is in four days.
Bad bitches need their roses, too.
Milo would never wear a suit and tie.
[STEVEN] Yeah, well,
Milo's not your perfect guy.
I saw you and Jeremy.
There's something there.
Doesn't matter how far apart you sit.
Jere, I don't want you to hate us,
but I think about her all the time.
[JULIA] The buyers made an offer
on the house, and I've
officially accepted it.
The house is sold.

It's sold?
You-you sold this house
in the last 12 hours?
Yes. To a-a lovely
family with three children
and some kind of a poodle mix.
Well, it can't just be over.
It is. Uh, I'm gonna
need your keys, please.
[CONRAD] I'll bet you're
really enjoying this.
Mom, don't do this.
Skye, really?
I told you two that I
was selling the house.
You just refused to believe it.
And I'm not enjoying
it, but I will admit
that I'm relieved it's finally over.
Come on, Skye. Excuse me.
[SKYE] Mom
- I really don't want to fight with you.
- Mom.
Look, I know the past
few days have been hard.
I haven't forgot all the stories
about how there was
no place for you here.
That hasn't changed.
It's changed for me.
I-I like this town,
and I like the house,
and I like the I
like the stupid beach.
But you hate the water.
You hate the water.
I don't know. I'm kind of happy here,
and not in a
pharmaceutically induced way.
And I want you to be happy.
I want you to know them.
Do you? Because it kind of
feels like you've kept me away
and only told me all the bad stuff.
But, I don't know, I mean,
this place is kind of
like our last tie to them.
Well, it wasn't me.
I mean, they didn't want us around.
Yeah, but that-that's the thing.
I talked to Conrad and Jeremiah
Okay, okay, what's done is done, Skye.
I can't go back to the buyers
because you want more time
to play with your cousins.
If they want to see you
again, they'll reach out.
Just don't be surprised if the
phone doesn't ring, that's all.
I know you genuinely believe
that you're gonna get closure
by selling this house, but you're not.
You never will.
What makes you so sure?
Because you're not
selling it for closure
or for money or any
of the other reasons.
You're selling it for confirmation.
That you could that we
could never belong here.
That if you tried, it would
just be Shitmas all over again.
- [JULIA] How did I not get enough to fill this thing?
- Hmm.
Take some of mine. I
always buy way too much.
[CHUCKLES] Really?
- Yeah. Here.
- Thank you.
I'm so glad you're here, Jules.
- Me, too.
- Hmm.
Are you filling your own stocking?
Yeah, I always do it.
Adam, um, usually falls
asleep putting the kids
- to bed on Christmas Eve, so
Don't tell me you bought
your own Christmas gifts, too.
Hey, at least I'm guaranteed
to get exactly what I want.
Okay, don't take this the wrong
way, but you married our father.
Yes, they really do fly ♪
I kind of miss him today.
You know, it's weird having
Christmas without him.
I wouldn't know.
I was thinking maybe tomorrow
you and I could drive
out to the cousins' house.
It's ours now. We
should start figuring out
what updates it needs, who gets it when.
No, I told you, I have
no interest in that place.
It was a nightmare for me.
Oh, come on. It wasn't all bad.
Remember you used to take me on
those sunset shell beach walks?
Yeah, but you, Dad and Lillian
were like this perfect family,
and I was the outsider
that nobody wanted around.
I wanted you there.
And so did Dad and my mom.
Oh, please. Lillian could
barely stand to look at me.
Can you just quit with
the martyr mentality?
Jesus, you're making her
out to be like Meredith Blake
or whatever her name
is from The Parent Trap.
I literally overheard her ask Dad
how long I had to keep coming
because I was making everybody
miserable with my sour face.
Okay, if she said that
- She said that.
- it was a really shitty thing to say.
But come on.
As parents, we've all been fed up
with our kids and had a bad moment.
Don't hold it against her forever,
and don't hold it against me.
Merry Christmas ♪
That's why I never told you.
Because you don't get it.
Merry Christmas ♪
So you think I made it up?
Mom, obviously not.
I mean, your dad was an
emotionally withholding prick.
And Aunt Susannah was in denial
about her parents' shittiness.
But the moment Conrad
and Jeremiah came to you
with a version of their house
and their family that didn't fit,
you just shut down.
I mean, instead of hearing them out,
you got rid of all their stuff
and took the first offer on the table?
It was a very good offer.
You have the biggest heart,
and it really sucks
to see you close it off
because of the past.
So please back out of the deal.
It doesn't work like that.
Now get in the car.
We need to be in Boston by 10:00.
Mom, I love you, but
I can't go with you.
This isn't right.
I love you, too, Skye,
but you're wrong.
- I'll see you at the hotel
when I get back from Boston.
Okay. So, I know things aren't
going so great right now,
but it's always the darkest
before the dawn, right?
- Yeah, not this time.
Um I'm-I'm sorry. I-I tried
to get her to call off the deal.
It's not on you, Skye.
I know, but she's my mom,
so I would get if you guys
were angry with me, too.
I just can't deal with her right now.
Hey, no one's mad at you, Skye.
[STEVEN] So, what?
We're supposed to go home now?
- It's over.
- No.
Our-our last memory here can't be this.
Everyone miserable and defeated.
I mean, this place deserves
a better goodbye than that.
Like what?
My mom came to the
beach house with Susannah
for the first time after her dad died.
And it was supposed to
be just the two of them,
but Susannah hated how
empty the house felt,
so she decided to throw a huge party.
Everyone was dancing and drinking,
and they went swimming at midnight.
And Susannah said it was
like Gatsby or something.
So I say that we throw a party, too.
I'm in.
Me, too.
Me three.
Oh, I love this for us.
[STEVEN] You in?
I think it's exactly what
my mom would have wanted.
She'd love it.
[BELLY] Great. Okay.
Everybody, shower, power nap,
and then I'm putting you to work.
You good?
Oh. Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait.
For real, though.
Look, I know you've
got a lot on your plate.
All right, the house, Stanford
I already told you I'm
not going to Stanford, man.
I'm just saying,
I'm all for you embracing your zen.
- Embracing my zen?
- Yeah.
Where'd you get that?
Is that one of your
girl Taylor's mantras?
- Taylor's not my girl.
- That's not what it looked like last night.
Oh, well
I see what you're doing.
But, yes, Taylor does have some
good therapy in her back pocket,
despite her questionable sources.
Zen could be a good look for you.
Whatever you say.
to either live way up here,
where everything is
awesome, or way down here,
where everything's shit.
Right about there.
Be zen.
Come on. Man, throw a kick-ass
party for this glorious house.
Feel all the feels.
Relinquish control.
Okay, so if I agree to be zen,
will you let me out of the kitchen?
Fine. I will try and be zen.
Oh, oh, I'm sorry. What was that?
- I will try and be zen.
- Yeah. Whoa, whoa.
- Steven.
- One more time. I don't think I I caught you there.
I will try and be zen.
Hey, have you seen any towels?
- I need to shower.
- Um, I think
Steven found some drying by the pool.
You could ask him. Oh, hey, I told Marcy
that she's gonna have to bunk with Donna
now that you're coming
to camp. [CHUCKLES]
She's really happy about that.
Yeah. Uh, about that.
Coach got back to me.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Is she gonna let you start?
I mean, she'd be an idiot not to.
Uh, actually, she-she
told me not to come at all.
- I'm calling her.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Don't, don't, don't.
- I'm calling her right now.
No, no. I deserve it. I
deserve it. I don't know why
I was It was dumb to
think that she would just,
you know, let me come back.
It's just a bummer. [CHUCKLES]
I feel like I really
fucked up the whole year.
Dude, screw this. If you're
not on the team next year,
then I'm-I'm out.
I'm not gonna do it. I
mean, you're the only reason
- that I've, like, stayed this long anyway.
- Stop it. It's [LAUGHS]
- I'm serious.
- No. Stop it.
You're bringing the team
to state this year, okay?
Don't you dare let me down.
- No!
- Yeah.
No. It's really annoying,
uh, the drive sucks,
and I have to wake up at,
like, the crack of ass.
Yeah. I'm gonna go find a towel.
You know those places you
always end up in your dreams?
You know, your subconscious
brain takes you there
'cause it's a safe space in real life?
This house is that for me.
And after today,
I'll only ever get to swim
in this pool in my dreams.
It's weird.
Well [SIGHS]
I mean, if if time is running out
- Isn't it? ♪
Isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it? ♪
Isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it ♪
You did not just do that.
Sorry. You were going dark. I
had to save you from yourself.
- Sometimes I wonder ♪
- Hey!
- When you sleep ♪
Are you ever dreaming of me ♪
Is that all you got?
Yeah! No!
Into your eyes ♪
I pretend you're
mine, all the damn time ♪
'Cause I like you ♪
Is it cool that I said all that? ♪
Is it chill that you're in my head? ♪
'Cause I know that it's delicate ♪
You know, I never thought we
were gonna lose this place.
Did you?
No. Never.
I always thought I loved this place
as much as I possibly could.
Now I I can't help but
think I didn't love it enough.
Isn't it? Isn't it? ♪
Isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it? ♪
Isn't it? ♪
[TAYLOR] Belly? Uh, Conrad wants you
to go on a supply run with him.
Delicate, yeah, I want you ♪
Is it cool that I said all that ♪
Okay. Yeah.
Isn't it? Isn't it? ♪
'Cause I know that it's delicate ♪
I'll come, too.
- Delicate ♪
- Uh-huh.
Babe. Hi.
[MILO] Hey, beautiful.
I missed you.
I don't like being apart, babe.
I know.
It's messing with my head.
Tay-Tay, do you want to make
the IG invite public or private?
But you're the only person
that'll tell me if it sucks.
Okay, hello!
- The IG invite, public or private?
- Private.
- Hello?
- Obviously, we want to prescreen the randos.
- Babe?
- Yes, baby, I'm-I'm here.
When are you coming back?
I'm trying to write some new songs,
but I need my muse next to me.
Wait, how did your meeting go?
Eh, they were bullshit.
Bunch of scammers. Not worth our time.
Hey, man, you just can't trust
anybody these days, am I right?
- Come on, bro.
- It's the audacity, you know?
- Yeah.
- Whatever. Screw them then.
- Oh, my God. The audacity.
Babe, I should, I should really go.
We have to get these party details out
or no one's gonna show up tonight.
- It's, like, this whole thing.
- You guys having a party?
- Yeah.
- Hey, man, look, I'm really sorry.
We're just on a bit of
a time crunch right now.
I mean, she'll call you
right back, though, yeah?
- Okay.
- Stop!
- What?
Give me my phone.
- Give me my phone.
- What? I'm just trying to help.
Whatever you're trying to do, stop.
- [BELLY] All right.
So, beer, tequila, vodka.
Uh, gin for Skye.
Who drinks gin?
- Old people and Skye.
- Yeah.
All right.
I'll take care of this, guys.
With that?
Hey, man.
Dude, I know you're
not Fritz Herbertson.
And I know you're
definitely not from Guam.
Instead of going under? ♪
Oh, could you, could you ♪
Oh, no. What, your I.D.
didn't work, Mr. Herbertson?
- Fuck off. At least I have one.
- [JEREMIAH] What?
Listen, it's 'cause I
don't need one, all right?
Jumper and I are tight.
You know, we're, like, bros.
Come on, how hard could it be?
[WHISPERS] Watch and learn.
- Hey, Jeremiah!
- Hey, man.
What's going on?
And lost almost everything ♪
[CONRAD] Oh, look at that face.
[SIGHS] Okay.
So, what? Do you want to, like,
pay someone to go in
and buy it for us or ?
Try a different store?
- Yeah.
- Hop a few towns over,
where they don't know us as well?
Yeah, I just don't think that anyone
is gonna buy your Guam I.D.
- I would love to hear your plan, Isabel.
Why don't I just go in and ask?
That's not gonna work.
He's right, it's not gonna work.
Hey, Jumper.
I know why you're here.
You do?
You're gonna try to give me a fake I.D.
or tell me some story about how your mom
forgot to buy wine for a
dinner party or something.
No. No, no, I'm not.
I'm gonna tell you the truth,
and then you can decide
if you want to help me out.
Uh, so here's the deal.
It's been a really crappy six weeks.
Yeah, I, uh, I heard about their mom.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
And I'm sure, um, you heard
the house was for sale.
- Was?
It actually sold this morning.
So tonight is our last
night here, for, like, ever.
[EXHALES HEAVILY] Whoa. That blows.
Yeah, I know. It really, really blows.
Have you ever just had,
like, the shittiest day
and-and all you want to do is
just hang out with your friends
and have a beer?
- Just Blaze ♪
- Oh, baby ♪
- Oh, baby, uh ♪
- Killa ♪
All the girls see the ♪
- [CONRAD] You're kidding me.
- No freakin' way.
- Look at his car ♪
- Boy ♪
- All I say is ♪
- Oh, boy ♪
Look, mami, I'm no
good, I'm so hood ♪
Let's get this in the car quick.
And do not get pulled
over on the way home,
or I'll say you stole it
while I was on the john.
- Okay?
- [CONRAD] Thanks, man.
- Sure.
- See you tonight?
See you tonight. Thanks.
- I can't believe you just asked.
- I can't believe it worked.
Come on, you guys.
Not everything has to be so complicated.
- [JEREMIAH] For me?
- Yeah.
- What'd you get me?
- Drink it and see.
Homis and bodies ♪
Half cherry, half Coke.
- Your specialty. Nice.
- Yeah.
Where's mine?
You always say they're too sugary.
Yeah, well, I'm thirsty, so too bad.
Boys, boys ♪
Mm. It's too sugary.
And I thought cocoa was your specialty.
Boy, boy, boy, boy ♪
[CAM] I think
Lizzy's DJ stuff is in here somewhere.
You really love whales.
This is, like, a nerd room.
Yeah. I guess I have
always had kind of a
singular obsession with whales.
All right.
Got it.
[GRUNTS] Got it.
Was, uh was DJing,
like, your sister's "thing"?
Honestly, not really.
- Mm.
- Um, she, uh, just, like,
jumped from thing to thing.
She was the polar opposite of me.
Drove my mom crazy.
You and your mom seem
super close though.
[STAMMERS] When Lizzy died, my
dad couldn't handle it. He split.
So it was just, like,
the two of us, you know?
I'm sorry about that.
I identify though.
I'm, like, super mad
at my mom right now.
And I miss her like crazy.
Yeah. Yeah, I, like
I look forward to
seeing my mom every day.
Like, hanging out with her.
Uh, I don't really know
who's gonna be in worse shape
next year when I go to college.
Is that why you didn't take
the job on the whaling boat?
I-I guess so.
I'm kind of surprised she
doesn't want you, like,
living out your dreams.
Well, I didn't, um
I didn't actually tell
her about the boat.
Um, and it's coming to
dock here in town next week.
And I'm gonna have to
do everything in my power
to keep her from
running into Mr. Larois.
'Cause he's still, you know,
trying to get me to join them.
Dude, next week?
I mean, come on. You
got to go on the boat.
I know. But do I though?
- [LAUGHS] Okay, okay.
I will I'll think about it.
All right, so what's the plan here?
Uh, I mean, it's a rager, right?
- So, go big.
- Mm-hmm.
How big are we talking, Bells?
Right. I mean, are we talking, like
Dad's Amex big or ?
The sacred emergency Amex?
Wait, guys,
are-are you thinking what I'm thinking?
- [BELLY] What?
- Blow-up furniture,
strobe lights, bubble
machines the whole shebang.
- Yes, yes and yes.
- Yes?
- Yes.
- Okay. Last one to fill a cart
has to load it all in.
- Go!
- Wait.
Wait, wait. Stop!
- [STEVEN] You sure you want my advice?
- [TAYLOR] Yes.
- [STEVEN] Retro vibes?
- [TAYLOR] Yeah.
[STEVEN] That's sweet.
I-I would I would come to this.
I would at least stop by.
Oh, my God. Please. You wouldn't
even be on the guest list if
you weren't throwing the party.
- No, but, look, I tagged
Marisa and Dara.
I mean, who else?
Please. Look, they're the
biggest gossips in town.
Everybody in Cousins will know
about this party in no time.
- You think Shayla will come?
No, she's, uh, in Ibiza.
- Oh.
- And, yes,
she calls it "Ib-eeth-a."
No way.
Here, uh, take a look at the playlist.
- Oh! Okay!
- Mm-hmm.
- It's still a work in progress. Just
- Yeah, it's fine.
Let's see.
Yeah ♪
It's a party in the U.S.A. ♪
- No. No. No!
[LAUGHS] No! You do that one
more time, it's off the list.
Whatever. Like you didn't put
it on here specially for me.
Okay, yeah. Only because you
and Belly forced me and my mom
to watch your little
dance routine ad nauseam.
- It was good.
- "It was good"!
- Okay, that is an overexaggeration!
'Cause how I remember it is a little
- What?
- A flair with a leg kick.
- Oh.
It's a party in the U.S.A. ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Yeah ♪
- It's a party in the U.S.A. ♪
- It's a party ♪
Yeah, we were pretty unforgettable.
- [LAUGHS] Okay.
- Yo! We're back, guys.
Come check out the speakers we got.
Um, I am gonna go help Skye
set everything up inside.
But keep knocking yourself
out with the playlist.
It's, you know, pretty good.
Okay, hold on. No.
There is nothing fun in your cart.
This is a party.
These plates have glitter on 'em.
You need to get out more, Conrad.
Oh, hold on.
- Yup. Yeah, that's more like it.
This is
a hundred percent your look,
- Connie baby.
- Oh, is it?
It's funny, you know, my
mom used to call me "Connie"
whenever I was too in my head.
I'm sorry. I'm not trying
to bring everything down.
I know the order of the day is fun.
- Let's have some fun.
No, it-it's not that.
can we just talk about
the elephant in the room
that I feel like we
both are pretending isn't there?
Yeah. Of course.
I've been trying to figure out how to
say it.
How to apologize for that day.
Susannah's funeral.
- Belly, you don't have to apologize for that.
- Please.
Just let me say this. I
I never meant to make that day about me.
- I was awful to you. I mean, I'm I'm so
[SIGHS] ashamed of how I acted.
It's just not how I wanted
the day to go at all.
I wanted to be there for you.
That's why I went to go
find you in the rec room.
It's fine.
- It's really f
- No. No.
It's not fine. It wasn't fine.
And I
I saw Aubrey and
It's not like we were together anymore.
It's not like I
had any right.
Of course you did.
I was having a panic attack.
I just crumbled.
Felt like I couldn't breathe.
Aubrey was just the one who found me.
I really wish it was you.

We Almost done.
Cool. Uh, hurry up then.
Oh, we should grab some, uh, cameras.
Leave 'em around so everybody
can take pictures at the party.
We got to get one of all of us together.
Like Susannah made us do every summer.
That's a good idea.
So do I immediately put
my tongue in their mouth?
I mean, if the spirit moves you.
- What if I don't have the spirit?
[BELLY] Help. Please.
Oh, my God. Where are the boys
and why aren't they
helping you with this stuff?
Conrad's unloading the
rest of the party supplies.
And Jere's in the garage
looking for anything we can use
that the, uh, movers left behind.
Did you get me a halter top?
I looked for anything
remotely retro and grabbed it.
Okay, but so I part my teeth first
and then stick my tongue out?
What are you guys talking about?
Apparently Skye's never kissed anybody.
Which is completely normal and fine.
I know.
Externally imposed societal
expectations of "normal"
have no effect on me.
That being said,
I've decided that I am ready and willing
and would like to know what to do
with the various parts of my mouth
when it meets another mouth.
You want to take this one?
I mean, Belly's the expert.
- Cam, Jere, Conrad
- Taylor.
What was it like kissing all them?
Was it different? And in what ways?
And feel free to be as
technical as humanly possible.
Yeah, Belly, spare no detail.
What happened?
Um, my first kiss with Cam
was really, really sweet.
And with Conrad, I
wasn't even in my body.
I think I kind of blacked out.
Uh, and with
Jeremiah, um
I thought it would be really weird
'cause we've been friends
for so long, but
[GIGGLES] It was
surprisingly really hot.
- Like, really, really hot.
- Pretty hot.
Well, then,
out of all three, who
would you kiss again?
- Isn't it obvious?
- [EXHALES SHARPLY] No comment.
- Okay,
but is there ever a
situation in which it's, like,
all teeth and no tongue?
let yourself be in the moment
and everything else will come naturally.
Yeah. Just make sure they moisturize.
Milo is obsessed with lip balm.
It honestly changes the game.
[BELLY] Try not to overthink it.
Okay? I mean, your first kiss
is supposed to feel like a dream.
If there's any place where
dreams come true, it's here.

And Jeremiah's been
swallowed by the garage.
You know, I always hated when
Mom made us take these photos.
It's like she knew we'd
want them later though.
Oh, dude. No.
We're so young.
I can barely even remember
some of those summers.
What if it all fades?
All our memories of her.
It won't.
When the movers get
that stuff to Boston,
the first thing I'm gonna do
is I'm gonna find that picture
Mom painted of you last summer.
Because I never want
to forget that thing.
You suck.
I think a museum might take it.
- I'm being honest with you.
- All right. Get out of here.
- I think everyone
deserves to get to
see Greek god Jeremiah.

Hey, what's in there?
Oh, you know, bunch of stuff.
[GASPS] Oh, my God!
Susannah's roller skates.
I haven't seen these in forever.
- Right?
- Wow.
You think they fit?
Okay, just don't throw up on
anyone doing spins, all right?
That was one time.
- I had to throw that shirt away.
- Okay.
What else is in here? Let's see.
I actually have this one, uh,
taped on the mirror in my bedroom.
Yeah. Look at how you're
mooning over Conrad.
It was a long time ago.
Really? 'Cause it seemed
like you were looking
at him like that earlier.
No. I wasn't.
At the store.
Felt like I was
walking in on something.
Uh, it's it's kind
of hard to explain.
I mean, I think
sometimes you're
getting over your past and-and
moving on in-in the present
all at the same time.
I don't know. Does that make
any sense? [CHUCKLES]
[TAYLOR] You look hot.
Really? It's not too much?
No. Jeremy's gonna love it.
- What?
- Mm-mm.
You've been looking at him all day
like he's this ice cream cone
- you're dying to lick.
- Taylor!
- Shh! Please.
- Sorry.
That's so
- Mm, it's just
- It's complicated.
Yeah, no, that's, uh,
exactly what he said to me.
After he told me that he didn't
kiss me during truth or dare
because, if he started kissing
me, he wouldn't be able to stop.
Belly, that's, like, Wattpad-level hot.
- I know.
- You could sell that.
I know. [LAUGHS] But then
I don't know there was
there was, like, this weird
moment with Conrad today.
I don't want to talk about Conrad.
- He really hurt you.
- I know. It was probably just echoes.
You know?
It sounds messy.
You know, just be careful, okay?
Yeah. No, you're right.
Right. Uh, yeah. I will be.
You know, besides, like,
tonight is about something bigger.
It's party time. Yeah?
- You got this?
- Yeah.
- All right, get dressed quick.
- Okay.
[TAYLOR] They're here!

Summertime ♪
And the living's easy ♪
And Bradley's on the
microphone with Ras M.G ♪
- Hey!
- Hey!
Thank you.
Will agree that we're well qualified ♪
- To represent the LBC ♪
- Belly! Yeah!
- Hi, guys.
- Yes, yes, yes.
- My bad.
- Whoo!
Dance to the rhythm
it gets harder ♪
Oh, my God.
I am so glad you guys are here!
So good to see you.
Oh, my God, Marisa, I'm
so glad you were in town.
Oh, my God, me too. The
gang's back together.
- Yeah. I mean
- Kind of.
I heard about Gigi's dad. That sucks.
Okay, she's fine.
There's a documentary crew
following her, and she
thinks she's the next Kim K.
Dara, you signed an NDA.
You're not supposed to say anything.
Okay, who cares? She
told literally everyone.
Tell me you didn't miss this drama.
No, I actually I really did.
- We missed you.
- Thank you.
- Here you go.
- Oh, all right.
- I will be right back.
- Okay.
- Belly, Belly, Belly.
- [BELLY] Yeah? Okay.
- Come here.
- Steven's gonna take a picture.
- Ooh. Here.
- Let's do it.
- Belly, smile. Ready?
- Three, two, one, cheese.
- Oh!
- Okay.
- [STEVEN] That was a good one.
Hey, Skye, what are you doing?
- I've come to tell you that she's evil ♪
- Whoa!
- Oh, shit.
Evil, ornery, scandalous and evil ♪
[QUIETLY] You don't need to hurt
yourself to get my attention.
The tension, it's getting hotter ♪
Uh, I got to get another one.
So I'll BRB.
[STEVEN] No, I don't think so.

Right. O
Look, I'm rooting for you, bro,
just don't fucking
break her heart again.
[CONRAD] Says the guy
who's been following
- Taylor around all night.
- Oh, uh, no,
I fully cop to that. [CHUCKLES]
Come on, man,
who's she fooling, you know?
You know she has a
boyfriend, right? Just
Okay, but he's all wrong for her, so
All right, all right.
I'm not snitching. I'm just saying, bro.
- Be careful.
- Group shots!
If that's gin, I'm killing you.
Aw, it's tequila, come on.
Yes, yes.
Okay, cups up. Listen,
no matter how much time passes
or how far apart we are,
we're always gonna love you guys, okay?
- All right? All right.
- Aw, Jeremy, you cheeseball.
That's so cute.
All right, to the last night!
[OTHERS] To the last night!
- I wonder if she knows ♪
Oh, come on, Cam, just play
some German house music for me.
Just a little. One song.
Moved to the spot ♪
I'm one of a few, a
whole lot of everything ♪
But nothing to do, 'tilted
in a Tesla, pardon ♪
You're stone cold.
- Playlist's a playlist, man.
- Yeah. I agree with you.
[MILO] I'm looking for Taylor.
Wait, you're Milo.
This is making some things very clear.
So, is she here?
Yeah, I mean, she's around somewhere.
Sick. Do you want to
give me a direction?
Like, east, west, something?
We don't know where she is, dude.
- Sorry.
- Yeah, I mean,
she's probably wherever Steven is, so
Then that's where I'll be.
In this city wonder ♪
Yo, a desolate city
where it hurts to smile ♪
What was that?
Potentially toxic stew of masculinity
masquerading as burning love?
Right, and you just stirred it all up.
- We got to warn Taylor.
- We should find Taylor.
Excuse me, man.
[SKYE] Taylor? Taylor?
I feel like we fulfilled our duty.
- You know?
- Yeah.
Like, whatever happens next
is in the hands of fate and
Milo's creepily moisturized lips.
I cannot believe that
dude drove over 300 miles
to make, like, this grand
declaration of love for Taylor.
I mean, is that, like, a dude thing?
Acting on pure instinct and
bravado and giving no fucks.
It's definitely not a Cam thing.
I don't know, maybe it should be.
You know, life is short.
Cellular decline awaits us all.
These vessels are
fleeting and finite, no?
Yeah, I guess I kind of do have
a minor tendency to play it safe.
Major tendency.
- No judgments.
You ever been skinny dipping?
Is that an invitation?
Oh. No. I mean,
- I wasn't Uh, no.
I was just talking about this, um,
this one time last summer,
a bunch of my friends
went skinny dipping, and I, um,
I chickened out, and,
um, I still regret it.
- Like you're gonna regret not getting on that boat?
You know what?
I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna
get on that damn boat.
- Woo!
You know
if we are being bold, uh
I was wondering
maybe I could kiss you?
I mean,
totally feel free to say no.
[STAMMERS] My bad if I
was, like, misreading
- Yes.
- Yeah?
[TAYLOR] Steven, what is going on?
I'm so sorry. Excuse me.
Come on, I want to see
if you still got it.
Uh, this is, uh, Steven
traffic control. If everybody
- on the dance floor could move to the side
- What are you doing right now?
that would be awesome.
Thank you very much. Jumper!
- I got you.
- [STEVEN] Hit it, baby.
- Oh, you're not ready.
You're joking.
Oh, come on.
You're joking right now.
You're really gonna
make me do this alone?
I cannot believe that you're
making me do this right now.
Making you?
I hopped off the plane at LAX ♪
With a dream and my cardigan ♪
Welcome to the land
of fame excess ♪
- Am I gonna fit in? ♪
- Woo!
Jumped in the cab, here
I am for the first time ♪
Look to my right ♪
And I see the Hollywood sign ♪
This is all so crazy ♪
Everybody seems so famous ♪
My tummy's turnin' and I'm
feelin' kind of homesick ♪
Too much pressure, and I'm nervous ♪
That's when the taxi man ♪
Turned on the radio, and
a Jay-Z song was on ♪
- And a Jay-Z song was on ♪
And a Jay-Z song was on ♪
So I put my hands up,
they're playin' my song ♪
The butterflies fly away ♪
I'm noddin' my head like yeah ♪
Movin' my hips like yeah ♪
I got my hands up ♪
They're playin' my song ♪
They know I'm gonna be okay ♪
Yeah ♪
It's a party in the U.S.A. ♪
Yeah, it's a party in the U.S.A. ♪
Get to the club in my taxi cab ♪
You win.
I win what?
This. Whatever we're doing.
First person to admit they-they
caught feelings loses, right?
- So, I lose. You win.
- Okay, drama queen.
Stop, stop. I'm being
serious right now, okay?
I like you.
Even when you were
just my little sister's
annoying best friend.
Like, you were always just
this person who was around,
and now you're someone I
miss when they're not around.
I don't know how it happened,
or when it hap
when it happened, um
But now, you're my favorite person.
I know I'm gonna be okay ♪
Yeah ♪
Come on. Say something, please.
[MILO] Taylor!
It's a party in the U.S.A. ♪
Do it every night ♪
Show me a good time ♪
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
Hey, where is everyone?
I mean, we have to take
that, uh, group picture.
Oh, I can track them down if you want.
Uh, last time I saw Steven
he was with Tay-Tay, actually.
What's going on there?
Yeah, this house has seen
its fair share of make-outs.
Yeah. You know I had my
first kiss in this house?
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
And my second, on the same night.
- Wow. Scandalous.
- Yeah.
Whose hearts were you breaking?
You remember Christy Turnduck?
- Turducken?
- Yes.
The Turducken, yeah.
Uh, and then, um, our
neighbor at the time.
Uh, what was his name?
- Oh, Clay Bertolet.
- Um Yes.
- Yeah.
- No way.
You know, he once broke a window
in the garage and blamed me.
- Really?
- Yeah.
He was a good kisser, though.
Do it every night ♪
Show me a good time ♪
Not as good as you.
I'll let you try, try, try, try ♪
Oh! ♪
[PARTYGOER 2] They're fighting!
Bro, you need to go.
I don't think that's up to you.
Can we just go outside
and-and cool off a moment, please?
She doesn't even want you here.
- Shut up, Steven.
- Oh, trust me, she wants me.
Everywhere. All the time.
Can you not do that right now?
- [CROWD] Oh!
- [TAYLOR] Oh, my God.
- [JEREMIAH] Steven.
Babe, this is for you.
[TAYLOR] I literally
don't even want this.
- What is happening?
- No idea.
- [BELLY] Guys, stop!
Come on, man!

- Come on!
- Come on, Steven.
- Come on, man!
- Kick his ass, Steven.
- You got it, Steven.
- Oh, my God.
- Steven, Steven!
- All the small things ♪
- Get off the ground!
Come on! Get over here! Help!
- Truth brings, I'll take ♪
- Steven, get off of him.
Get off me, get off me!
Are you okay?
Come on.
Always, I know ♪
You'll be at my show ♪
Watching, waiting ♪
- Milo, stop!
You're embarrassing me right now.
Man, fuck this. Come
on, Taylor, let's go.
These people are too
pedestrian for us anyways.
These people are my friends.
Do you even know me? Like, at all?
Babe, what are you talking
about? You're my girl.
What's my middle name?
Yeah, I can't do this
anymore. It's over.
- Taylor
It's Madison. Her
middle name is Madison.
Bitch, I'm stylish ♪
Big T-shirt, Billie Eilish ♪
Watch on my wrist, but
I want that in diamonds ♪
Niggas talkin' crazy, when
I pull up, it's silent ♪
Yes! Yes!
Guys, so
I've been texting with my mom,
and she was able to put
a condition into the sale.
Since the buyers are only gonna use
this place as a vacation home,
they've agreed to let you rent the
place for one week every summer.
- Wait
- Wait, are you serious?
[JEREMIAH] We get to come
back? Oh, my God, Skye,
- this is amazing. Oh, my God!
No, it's not.
You can tell your mom thanks, but no.
Come on, Conrad, at least hear them out.
It's over.
Why are you the only one
that gets to make this decision?
Jere, we're not gonna pay
another family to rent our house.
This isn't our house anymore.
Exactly. Let it go.
Yeah, 'cause you're an expert at that.
- Jere.
- No, no, this is the shit he does.
When things aren't perfect,
instead of trying to fix it,
he just decides to throw it away.
And it-it's not just the house.
You did it to Belly, too.
You came to me, you fucking begged me
- for my blessing to be with her.
- Is that true?
Jere, that was between us.
Yeah, it's fucking true.
You know, when shit got tough,
he couldn't handle
it, and he dropped you.
- Shut up, Jere.
- Don't use me to get at him.
Belly, come on.
You know what? I don't want
to be a part of this, okay?
Belly [SIGHS]
Way to go, Jere. I mean, real classy.
- Yeah.
- You're a real fucking asshole, you know that?
- Grow up, Jere.
- I did grow up!
I watched Mom slip away a
little bit every single day,
while you were at college or with Belly
or moping around after
you screwed that up.
Jere, you know for a
fact that I came home
every second I could.
- But it wasn't every day.
- Okay, okay.
What do you want, a medal?
You know, I looked up to
you every day of my life.
And when people said that
you were better than me,
I wouldn't mind because
I believed them, too.
But you're not.
Now I finally see you
for who you really are.
What's that?
A coward.
You're not someone to look up to.
You're not even somebody I want to know.
Ooh, baby, baby,
you be talking tough ♪
But your boys ♪
Can't get enough ♪
- Hey.
Who says boys don't cry? ♪
Ooh, baby, baby,
you just out of touch ♪
'Cause you boys can't
get enough when the girls ♪
Don't need your love ♪
Who says boys don't cry? ♪
[CONRAD] Belly!
Belly, come back inside.
I'm not dragging your dead body
out of the ocean if you drown out there.
Come out of the water, Belly.
Leave me alone.
I can't.
No. What are you
No! Hey! Hey!
- Hey, put me down!
- You're drunk, Belly.
- Just put me down! Conrad!
- I'm not gonna put you down.
- Let go! Let go!
- Belly
Come on.
Let me help you. Come on.
J-Just go, okay?
I'm not leaving you, Belly.
But you already did.
Why didn't you tell me you
went to Jeremiah about us?
- Why? Why didn't
- I don't know.
If I had known
If I had known that you'd done that
that you cared that much about me,
and about us
If I had known, then I
would've fought for you.
What do you mean? What do you mean?
Fought for us. I would've fought for us.
I mean, at prom and at the funeral.
I mean, I [SOBBING]
I would've been there for
you, through everything.
- I would've been
- I thought you knew. I thought you knew.
From the moment we kissed on the beach,
- I thought you knew.
- Then why? Why?
Why did you throw it all away? Why?
I I th
I thought that we loved each other.
We did.
I guess not enough.

One night a few ♪
Moons ago ♪
I saw flecks ♪
Of what could've been lights ♪
But it might ♪
I'm-I'm really sorry
about what happened.
It's-it's okay.
He shouldn't have come all this way
and made a scene like that.
I mean, I feel kind of bad.
I mean, I don't know
So, uh, look, what I
was saying earlier
You take it all back?
What, do you want me to?
Thanks to you ♪
You have to say what you want, Taylor.
It's your move.
Weird but fucking beautiful ♪
Flying in a dream,
stars by the pocketful ♪
You remembered my middle name.
Taylor Madison Jewel.
Like snow on the beach ♪
Like snow on the beach ♪
Like snow on the beach ♪
Like snow, oh, oh, oh ♪
I can't speak ♪
Belly, come swim with us.
[NICOLE] Are you okay?
[BELLY] Everything is wrong.
I promised Susannah I
wouldn't lose the magic,
but it's gone.
Are we falling like
snow at the beach? ♪
Weird but fucking beautiful ♪
Flying in a dream ♪
Stars by the pocketful ♪
You wanting me tonight ♪
Feels impossible ♪
But it's coming down,
no sound, it's all around ♪
Like snow on the beach ♪
Snow on the beach ♪
- Like snow on the beach ♪
- Are we in a dream? ♪
Like snow on the beach ♪
You want me ♪
Like snow on the beach ♪
It's coming down, no
sound, it's all around ♪
- Like snow on the beach ♪
- It's coming down ♪
It's coming down, it's coming down ♪
Like snow on the beach ♪
It's coming down ♪
It's coming down, it's coming down ♪
It's coming down ♪
It's coming down ♪
It's coming down, it's coming down ♪
It's coming down ♪
It's coming down ♪
It's coming down, it's coming down ♪
It's coming down ♪
It's coming down ♪
It's coming down, it's coming down ♪
It's coming down ♪
[LAUREL] This is Laurel Park.
Please leave a message.
[CRYING] Mommy. I need you.
I'm at the summer house.
Susannah's house, except
it's not hers anymore,
and everything is going wrong,
and the boys may never
speak to each other again.
Just come, please, okay?
Just come and fix it.

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