The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022) s02e07 Episode Script

Love Affair

Previously on
The Summer I Turned Pretty
We're supposed to go home now?
I mean, this place deserves
a better goodbye than that.
I think we should throw a huge party.
[ALL] To the last night!
First person to admit they-they
caught feelings loses, right?
- So I lose. You win.
- Yeah, this house has seen
its fair share of make-outs.
[JEREMIAH] You came to me.
You fucking begged me for
my blessing to be with her.
I thought that we loved each other.
We did.
[BELLY] I promised Susannah
I wouldn't lose the
magic. But it's gone.
- [CRYING] Mommy, I need you.

[LAUREL] Belly, wake up.
Wake up!
What are you what are you doing here?
[LAUREL] You don't remember?
You asked me to come.
No, actually, you left me a
message begging me to come.
And then you didn't
answer when I called back.
I kept trying you all night.
I'm sorry. I I fell asleep.
Get up, Belly. We're leaving.
No, no, no, no, we can't.
You don't understand.
No. I don't understand.
You've been lying to me for days.
Well, Jeremiah and Conrad,
they-they needed my help,
and I didn't know how to tell you.
There is no excuse. None.
I really hope last night was worth it,
because I am so done with you.
Mom, we didn't come here
to party. It just happened.
We-we came here we
came here for Susannah
Stop it! I can't stand
to hear you use her as
an excuse one more time.
You can't stand me period!
Ever since her funeral, you
have been so angry with me!
What do you want me to say?
That you embarrassed me?
That you made that day all
about you when it was supposed
- to be about Susannah?
- Yes! Yes!
I know you hate me for it, okay?
But you will never hate me
as much as I hate myself.
Come on!
We are not doing this here. Let's go.
I'm not going anywhere.
No! No! The only mistake I made
was thinking that you could help.
Susannah would never forgive
you for abandoning her boys.
She would never even believe
[LAUREL] Belly.

You want some company?
I'm sorry about what
happened with Laurel.
Everything's a mess.
I knew that you and Conrad had
talked, in the fall, about me.
But I had no idea
that he came to you
begging for your blessing.
Can you not, actually?
I'm sorry.
I-I keep trying to
make everything right,
and I just keep fucking it up.
It's-it's not just about you, Belly.
Conrad and I are mad at each
other about all kinds of stuff.
I mean, I'm sure that Conrad
was just only trying to, you know
Okay, don't
Don't-don't defend him to me,
just this once, please.
I'm not defending him.
Whatever you think you saw last night,
you're wrong.
There is nothing left
between me and Conrad.
There will always be something
between you and Conrad.
Maybe my mom was right.
Maybe it's time we all went home.
Wha ?
Steven, what the hell?
- Mom.
- Belly drunk-dials me,
and I drive all night to find this?!
I'm just glad your mom isn't here
to see what you guys did to her house.
I want this place spotless
and for every single thing
of Susannah's to be put back
exactly where it belongs.
If even one thing is broken
or missing, I swear to God!
Mom, we weren't the
ones who moved her stuff.
It was Aunt Julia.
She's the one who emptied it, not us.
To sell it.
But I thought Susannah
talked to her lawyers.
She told me she reached out to Julia
right before things got bad.
Wait. Then why didn't you say anything?
Conrad had to find out from a
"for sale" sign in the front yard!
I just assumed they resolved
it before Susannah
Connie, does your dad know?
Of course he knows!
And of course he's done
nothing at all to help us!
Yeah, that's why the
guys and Belly came here.
They were trying to work something out
with Aunt Julia themselves.
And we failed.
Aunt Julia's already sold
the house to another family.
They finalized the deal yesterday.
But like you said, at least
my mom's not here to see it.
[STEVEN] I know I fucked up.
All right? And Belly, too.
But at least she was here.
The second they needed
her, she stepped up.
You didn't even tell
anyone this was coming.
Steven, I've been trying to just
Mm. Try harder then.

Belly, can we talk?
I'll-I'll start cleaning.
I'm sorry.
So sorry.
I shouldn't have hit you.
never did that before.
Everything you said before
You were right.
I have been angry.
I've been so fucking
angry at how unfair it is
that Beck's not here anymore.
But I didn't let myself feel it.
Because if I let it out
Then all the other
stuff will come up, too.
I thought I was doing the right thing
being strong for you guys.
But I was wrong.
I should have been there for you.
Or let somebody be there for me.
Do you forgive me?
[CRYING] Do you forgive me?
It just doesn't feel
the same without her.
I know.
I owe you all an apology.
You guys have been there for
each other, and I haven't,
and I'm deeply sorry for that.
We've all made mistakes, Mom.
Well, my biggest one is trusting
that Beck and Julia
had come to an agreement
about the beach house before she passed.
It's probably too late to change
things, but I'd like to try.
I'll talk to Julia, see
if I can't change her mind.
- Thank you, Mom.
- Thank you, Laurel.
[LAUREL] You're welcome.
[SKYE] Before my mom gets here, though,
we should probably
try and make this place
- look less shitty.
- [BELLY] Yup.
- [STEVEN] Yes. Yes.
- [TAYLOR] Yup.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Let's get started.
- I got this one.
- Right out of my hand.
I don't want you to leave.
Like, you know that, right?
We're-we're clear on that?
Crystal, babe. Yeah.
Well, I-I want you to stay, too.
And I adore you for it.
I just I think
it's better if I leave.
I think this is feeling more
and more like a family thing.
You're sure you're not just
trying to get out of cleaning up?
Babe, I mean, you're not wrong.
- This place looks disgusting.
- Yeah.
Um, do you want to drive
a girl to the bus station?
Bus station? What? No.
Look, if you're gonna
go, use my car, okay?
Let me get the keys.
Okay, so I clearly missed something.
[LAUGHS] Like, a lot of something.
But is this happening?
We'll see. I mean,
he's obsessed with me,
if that's what you're asking.
Um, is there any way I can
convince you to come to camp?
I mean, even if you just show up,
it's not like she can
kick you out. Just come.
Wait. You're not going to camp?
No. It's fine, Taylor.
I mean, besides, you
know, there's so much stuff
we still have to figure
out here with the house.
Hey, don't worry about the house.
Okay? You've done enough.
We'll figure all this out.
It's okay. I want to see it through.
You gonna be okay here, babe?
Yeah. My mom and I are are good.
No, we both know I'm not
talking about your mom.
No, I want to make
sure that you're looking
after your own heart, and
not just theirs, you know?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Bye.
- Be safe, okay?
Remember to fill the tank
with gas when it's half empty.
It's like Road Trip 101.
But it'll still be half full then.
- Regular unleaded, right?
- Right. That a joke.
High octane premium!
The good stuff!
Oh, my God.
Oh, we have a visitor.
- Is that blood?
- It's, uh
It's Cherry Kool-Aid and
Goldschläger I think.
Um, you're early.
[SCOFFS] I'm also in breach
of my sales agreement.
What happened to this
place? It's a disaster!
Oh, my God, you kids are exhausting!
Hey, Julia. Thanks for coming.
Uh, Skye didn't give me
much of a choice, so
Can we have a chat
while the kids clean up?
My father used to try to
get me to swim out here.
Even though he knew I was
terrified of the water.
Julia I know you and
Beck had your issues.
And that the kids have made
an already difficult situation
for you even harder.
Also correct.
But the fact is,
Susannah loved this house,
and the boys desperately
miss their mother.
And those two things are pretty
tangled up in one another.
I'm hoping you'd consider
backing out of the sale.
I know she wanted to
talk to you, before
If Susannah really wanted to talk to me,
she would have called.
Instead, she sent a letter
about the trust.
That's where I found out
that her cancer had come back
and that she wasn't going to make it.
- There wasn't a lot of time.
- She could've called.
It's not a conversation
she wanted to have.
With anyone.
In the letter, she said she
trusted I'd "do the right thing"
and keep the beach house in the family.
How could she possibly expect that
when this family's
never done right by me?
Your parents' divorce
couldn't have been easy on you.
It was a war.
And I was always in the middle.
My dad married my stepmother
six months after he left my mom,
and all but abandoned us.
And every summer, before
shipping me off to Cousins,
my mom would tell me it
was my job to get my dad
to give enough of a shit about me
to keep paying child support.
That really sucks.
I tried to tell Susannah about it,
but she didn't want to accept it.
Beck never liked to dig into the messy.
Hmm. Our little Daisy Buchanan.
But you have to know
how much she loved you.
Oh, come on, Laurel.
There was no room for
me in Susannah's life.
And not a literal free
room in this house.
Not with you and your family
here for months at a time.
It was your place, wasn't it?
Yours and Susannah's and the kids'?
You belonged to it.
Isn't that what you
said in your memoir?
When I said Beck and
I were like sisters,
I wasn't trying to imply that
she didn't already have one.
And I never meant to make you
feel unwelcome in your own house.
I don't think Beck did, either.
That's not on you.
And to be perfectly fucking honest,
it's not on Susannah, either.
It's just, um,
being here in this house, and
just stirred up a lot of shit
I thought I'd gotten over.
I never wrote her back.
And I never said goodbye.
I tried to get on the
plane for the funeral.
I had a ticket, but
I just couldn't do it.
God, I wish I'd tried harder
to fix things with her.
It's not too late for that.
I've decided to pull out of the sale.
- Yes!
- What?
- Yes!
[LAUREL] Let's not celebrate yet.
We still need to convince your
dad to buy the house from Julia.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
- After you.
- Thank you.
You know, I'm almost
afraid to say it out loud,
but I'm feeling hopeful.
I mean, my mom's always been
pretty good at schooling your dad.
Thank you for calling Laurel.
I meant to say something
earlier, but then
It feels good to have
her here, helping us out.
Can we talk about last night?
Honestly, last night
was, uh, kind of a blur.
Whatever whatever I said
You were right.
I never should have
ended things like that.
And the fucked-up thing is, I thought
I was doing the right thing by you.
You you were going through a lot.
But that is no excuse.
And I hate the thought
of you looking back on the
night that we spent here together
and regretting what we did.
Of course it hurts to
think about that night.
But I don't regret it.
I don't regret any of the
times we were together.
Thinkin' about us, I've come undone ♪
I loved you.
Looking back I don't
know who lost or won ♪
And I know you loved me, too.
Tell me now ♪
If I could go back, if I could
do things differently, I would.
Conrad, it's okay.
I mean, we both hurt each other a lot.
And I don't ever want to hurt you again.
I don't want to hurt you again, either.
I mean, I don't know if it's something
we can control, but, um
we can try.
Tell me how
Friends? [LAUGHS]
What am I supposed to do ♪
When most of me
still belongs to you? ♪
What am I supposed to do ♪
When most of me
still belongs to you? ♪
It's getting close ♪
[JULIA] Yes. Yeah, I'll keep an eye out.
Uh, thank you.
Oh, my God, what am I doing?
Am I crazy to give this deal up?
You are totally and completely sane.
So you're not gonna disown me after all?
Consider my plans scrapped.
I'm proud of you.
You felt how you felt, without apology.
You even risked my wrath. [LAUGHS]
But don't make a habit
of disagreeing with me.
I won't stand for it.
Well, don't do things that
make me disagree with you.
It's weird.
It's been a weird week.
A fun one, though.
- Tell me everything.
- Well, there was dancing.
- Uh-huh.
- And I made an apple bong.
And, uh, oh, I had my first kiss.
[GASPS] Really?
Whatever. [LAUGHS]
Oh, my gosh! Who?
I can't kiss and tell, Mom.
I'll keep it a secret. Promise.
He's super nerdy, and he loves whales.
- Whales?!
- Yeah.
- What?
What's this? You don't cook.
Figured you'd be hungry after your ride
so I made you breakfast for lunch.
Eat. I made the bacon
just how you like it.
- Where are the kids?
- I think they're giving us space
so you and I can have an adult
conversation about the house.
[ADAM] Okay.
Yeah. Thanks for coming
all this way to back me up.
They haven't been making it easy on me.
Oh, I'm not here to back you up.
I'm here to back up the boys.
You can't let them
lose this house, Adam.
[ADAM] Well, it's done.
Julia sold it.
Actually, I, um, changed my mind.
[LAUGHS] Okay, well,
let's get something straight here.
I'm not letting them lose anything.
This has been out of my
hands since the start.
So don't go making me the bad guy here.
[LAUREL] I'm not making
you out to be anything.
I'm trying to help you.
Let someone else try to
solve a problem for once.
So, what? You're just
gonna dissolve the trust
and gift the boys the beach house?
No, she can't do that.
She has a child of her own to consider.
Yeah, well, I'm not
gonna squander their trust
to buy this house, and
frankly, I'm surprised
that you would support that.
[LAUREL] When did I ever say that?
I just want you to move some
money around to buy it for them.
- What?
- Fair market value, terms negotiable, of course.
I think, um, I'm gonna
go now, because that's
That's not happening, end of story.
Uh, you know what? I
have a question for you.
Why is it that those boys
have been trying harder
for the last three
days to save this house
than you have in the last several weeks?
- Adam.
- No, shut up, Laurel.
- Listen to me.
- You don't have a vote, okay?
I know Suze made you feel like
this house is part yours, but it's not.
Where do you get off
saying shit like that?
Con It's for the best.
Did you really think railroading
me would change my mind?
Excuse me, but fuck you!
Okay, all right, all right, let's
Suze wouldn't want
us fighting like this.
You have no idea what she would want!
You lost her a long time ago.
Can't you get past your own grief
and see what it means to the boys?
Look, I thought it
would be better this way.
Easier for everyone if
we let this place go.
Easier for you.
Being here is hard.
It's hard. Uh
She's everywhere here.
She loved you.
I tried to talk some sense into her.
It's no secret I've never
been your biggest fan.
But she wouldn't listen,
because when Beck set her
mind on something, that's it.
She set her mind on you, Adam.
And on making this house a
special place for our kids.
Do this one last thing for her.
Look, I'm not gonna let
them use their trusts.
But if I sell the Boston house,
that could give us enough.
You'd both be at school mostly anyway,
but we can't afford both houses.
Is this really what you want?
Okay, then.

I know you're still pissed
at me about last night.
I've been going
through my head all day,
trying to think of what to say to you.
[SIGHS] I should've told you how I felt,
or how I've been feeling,
for most of our lives,
about everything.
Well, Jere, I j I just assumed.
I mean, everything seems
to come so easily to you.
The way it just rolls off your back.
But I should've paid more attention.
I should've looked harder.
I'm sorry.
I-I don't want to be that guy anymore.
You know, like, always smiling,
whether he's happy or not.
It's hard.
You don't have to.
It was wild, dude,
you and Belly laying
into me on the same night.
It was almost, like,
really funny, but, um
I deserved it. I deserved it all.
We talked this morning.
I guess
we're friends now.
But I'm being serious.
I don't want to keep fighting with you.
We can't keep going like this.
We're all we have.
All right, so we talk.
You know, something comes
to mind, we say it, and-and,
whether it hurts or
pisses each other off.
We talk.
I got into Stanford.
Yeah, I applied to transfer
a while back, with Mom.
And I didn't want I didn't
want to tell you 'cause
I didn't want to tell you
'cause I didn't want you to think
I was deserting you, or something.
But, look, I'm not gonna
go. I'm gonna stay at Brown.
I'm not going.
Let's go back.
Hey, I just, uh, wanted
to let you guys know
I'm-I'm going up to Boston.
I'm gonna start getting things in order.
Thanks, Dad.
And, uh, I just want to say, um,
to both of you, I'm sorry.
I know I haven't been the best, uh, dad,
and, uh, best husband to your mom.
Well, thank you for
helping us save Mom's house.
Bye, Dad.
- Stanford is your dream school.
- Jere.
I'm not gonna let you
give up on your dream
and stay at Brown because
you're trying to do right by me.
- I'll be fucking pissed.
- That's not
[SIGHS] There's more to it.
Like the fact they'll
probably pull my acceptance
for missing my final tomorrow.
- Cool. Then you won't miss it.
- Jere,
there's no way I would pass it.
Escobar's exams are nearly impossible
when I'm up-to-speed, let alone now
Then it's possible.
Come on. We'll pull an
all-night study session,
and we'll get you ready for it.
It's no problem. You've got this.
Don't look at me like that.
[CONRAD] Look at you like what?
[SKYE] Well, I may not have much
to compare the kiss to as of yet,
but, uh, consider me Team Cam Cameron.
[LAUGHS] Duly noted.
- [SKYE] Whatever.
- The kids have gotten close.
- [SKYE] Stop it.
- Yeah, Skye's really blossomed here.
I'm sure the boys would
love if you both visit often.
You wouldn't have to worry
about me. I'd steer clear.
Oh, no, no, no. I need your
help keeping them in line.
- Hmm.
- They're so impossible.
- Stubborn as Susannah could be.
- [LAUGHS] Through and through.
All right, don't look too happy.
You're not getting rid of me forever.
Your wicked Aunt Julia is
still just a phone call away.
Thank you for everything.
I'm glad it worked out.
We should get going, too.
- Oh.
- Uh, a-actually,
I was wondering can-can you
stay for, like, one more night?
Come on. We have to help Con
study for his final. It's tomorrow.
Dude, you know I'm 18, right? Like,
- I don't need my mom's permission to
- Hmm?
I need my mom's permission to study.
- Laurel, please. They're not gonna let me
transfer to Stanford
if I don't pass this.
You better do more than just pass.
- [CONRAD] Yes, ma'am.
- You really got in?
- Yeah.
- [LAUREL] Does this mean I have to sleep
on a sleeping bag tonight?
Oh, we've got the motel room
for one more night. You want it?
- Oh, heck yes. Thank you.
- Perfect.
- Oh, Skye, parting gift.
Thank you, Conrad, my dear sir.
- My pleasure.
- Mm-hmm.
You really don't have to do this.
Oh, yeah, no, I know, but, uh, I
I also know how much
Stanford means to you.
I mean, you made me proof
your essay five times.
- No, I didn't. No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.
- Five times.
- I did.
[LAUGHS] I want to help.
[BELLY] This will be the last
thing I do for Conrad Fisher.
Get him to Stanford.
Once he's there,
maybe we can finally let each other go.
Do you know how long
it's been sitting out?
I'm too exhausted to eat.
I could pass out on
this counter right now.
- Me, too.
- [BELLY] All right.
Come on. It's time to start
studying, you lazy bums.
No, I'm too tired to
study. I need a power nap.
- Mm.
- [BELLY] Okay, I'm tired too,
but it's-it's already afternoon.
I mean, we have to work all night
and leave really early tomorrow.
Who invited her again?
I work best under pressure.
Please, Belly? Just one hour?
Fine. One hour, and that is it.
- You're an angel.
- Go before I change my mind.
- Okay.
- Not you.
- Oh, come on.
- I need your help. Let's go.
- Come on!
- Rise and shine.
- Oh, no.
Jere could sleep through a tidal wave.
Oh. Good morning, Bells.
Morning. It's almost
5:00. I let you sleep
for an extra half hour
so you better be grateful.
I'm grateful.
All right. Let's go.
All right.
Let's go study for Mr. Stanford.
All right.
Gonna have fun!
Yes! Mickey D's cheeseburgers?
No, no, no. No.
These are a crucial part
of the reward system.
Well, why does he get to have one?
All right, okay, this
is how it's gonna work.
Conrad studies, he gets a burger.
What about me?
Conrad studies, you get a burger.
It's a reward system, huh?
What else do I get?
Just the cheeseburgers.
- Oh.
- All right.
- Let's get to it.
So, let's see. I have a practice test.
Thank you. Seriously.
Thank you.
I wanna sleep good at night ♪
I want a temple that's right ♪
Can I get it, man? ♪
Okay, this one's not too bad.
All right, where's the
Golgi apparatus located?
- Right near the nucleus.
- [BELLY] That's correct!
- Bravo! Ready?
- [JEREMIAH] Oh, yeah.
- Oh, oh.
Good job, everyone.
- Shut up.
- Mmm. Thank you.
All right, next question.
- [YAWNS] All right, you guys.
- [CONRAD] Six with me.
- One.
- Okay, enough to boost your energy,
but not to tire you out.
- Okay?
- No promises.
All right, come on, Jere!
- Hmm?
- Time to get up. All right.
- Let's get back it. Let's go.
- Hmm.
Gonna give you some energy.
- Open up. There we go.
- Mm. What is that?
All right, let's go, let's go, let's go!
Come on here, let's go ♪
Life's fast with high hopes ♪
Story of a kid who was feelin' low ♪
To the life of me,
let me set the scene ♪
On my grind, I work hard ♪
Come on, you guys. We still
have miles to go before we sleep.
All right.
Fine. You know what?
My mom loved this song.
Duh. Come on!
- Where?
- Dance breaks are essential
- I don't dance.
- for all-nighters.
- [CONRAD] I don't do that.
- [BELLY] Yes, you do!
[CONRAD] I don't dance. I don't dance.
- [JEREMIAH] Okay, okay.
- [BELLY] Let's go.
- [BELLY] Come on. Come on.
- [CONRAD] I'm not gonna do it.
[STEVEN] Yeah!
- Last night ♪
- Yeah!
She said ♪
- Oh, baby, I feel so down ♪
- Yeah!
[BELLY] I never would've pictured this.
It's different than if
Susannah was still here.
But I think she'd approve.
This feels pretty magical to me.
I'm walking out that door ♪
Are you thinking about tomorrow?
Venus is still an evening star.
Gives me some kind of hope or something.
Yeah, I think
you should feel optimistic.
It's just hard knowing
how much I fucked up.
What if
they kick me out of
Brown and I-I don't
you know, they don't
want me at Stanford and
Then you'll figure it out.
if you're lucky enough
to get another chance
you'll do everything you
can not to fuck it up again.
Conrad, I need to
I need to tell you something.
I've been having feelings for
[SIGHS] Oh, boy.
Summer's end's around the bend ♪
Just flying ♪
Swimming suits are on the line ♪
Just drying ♪
I'll meet you there ♪
Per our conversation ♪
I hope I didn't ♪
Ruin your whole vacation ♪
[LAUREL] Quit it.
My editor's hounding me for pages
and I'm not letting her
read anything yet, either.
Okay, but I am your muse.
[CHUCKLES] You'll read
it when it's ready.
[SIGHS] Better hurry up then.
Not sure how much longer I have left.
Did you really just say that to me?
Ticktock, lady.
I know what you're doing.
Do tell.
You're trying to draw it out.
But no amount of magical thinking
can change what's happening.
If you take forever to finish that book,
you're gonna be destitute
and I'll be long gone.
If your sales don't
skyrocket when I die
I am gonna be so pissed.
Wherever I am.
I hate you so much sometimes.
I love you, too.
Summer's end came faster ♪
Than we wanted ♪
Come on home ♪
Come on home ♪
No, you don't have to ♪
Be alone ♪
Just come on home ♪
Are you ready to go?
We just need to do one more thing.
Say cheese.
[ALL] Cheese!
Love it. Okay.
- Here, you want to see?
- Yeah.
- Oh, oh, no.
- Oh, that's so cute!
- [STEVEN] Okay.
Hey, thank you for being here, man.
- Seriously, it means a lot.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I mean, I was pretty clutch.
- You were pretty clutch, man.
- Yeah.
[STEVEN] You gonna tell her?
I mean, I want to.
I just
don't know if I should.
Look, a couple days ago,
I would've begged you
to stay away from her, all right?
And I would've probably
threatened physical violence
if you ever hurt her again.
That doesn't mean I'd actually do it
- I just want to put the thought out there.
- No, no.
- I'd deserve it.
- Yeah, no shit.
But today
I just can't wait to go
home and see Taylor again.
That's all to say that people change.
If you love her, man
tell her how you feel.
Thought you guys could use some caffeine
for your drive to Brown.
Are you serious?
You should finish what you started.
That doesn't mean you're off the
hook for lying to me repeatedly.
There will still be consequences.
But I'm proud of you.
I know Beck would be, too.
Thanks, Mom.
Jere, Conrad, I'm coming with you!
- [JEREMIAH] Yeah!
- [BELLY] I call shotgun.
[LAUREL] Bring her straight
home after your exam.
You'll still be coming back here, right?
You couldn't get rid of me if you tried.
All right, I gotta go
say bye to your mom.
- Yeah.
- [GROANS] You did good.
You don't give me many
opportunities to say it,
so I figured I wouldn't
let it pass us by.
Steven. [LAUGHS]
[LAUGHS] Just trust your gut is
all I'm saying, in every regard.
Okay, thanks, I think.
How soon can we get back here?
I'm free any time, bro.
Yeah, uh, and volleyball
camp's not happening,
so I'm I'm good, too.
[CONRAD] I have to go to
Stanford for orientation,
but I could probably
get back here for, like,
the Fourth maybe?
- The Fourth? Cool.
- Yeah.
No, no, no!
- We don't have time, no, no.
- Can we?
- Please?
- Come on, for old times' sake.
- Fine.
- [OTHERS] Yeah!
- Come on.
- I'll get a leg.
- Oh, whoa!
- Okay, let's go.
[ALL] Belly flop! Belly flop!
- Come on, come on.
All right, here we go.
Two three!

I've been away, but
I haven't changed ♪
Can't say the same ♪
- After you!
- You've gone your way ♪
You think too much, your time is up ♪
I'll be a friend ♪
Just tell me when ♪
If you're feeling okay ♪
Meet me underwater ♪
Meet me underwater ♪
- [BELLY] Bye!
- [STEVEN] Bye, you guys!
- [JEREMIAH] I love you guys!
- [CONRAD] Drive safe!
- [LAUREL] Text me when you get home.
- [STEVEN] Good luck, Connie!
You're not gonna put down ? Whatever.
You have to live with the
consequences of your actions.
I'm just saying
a towel wouldn't kill you.
Okay ♪
If you're feeling okay ♪
Meet me underwater,
meet me underwater ♪
- You cold?
- No. I'm okay.
I like it chilly.
I just need like
Oh, thank you.
All right.
I'm gonna play something
to bring up the mood.
I'm trying to study.
She's a good girl ♪
Loves her mama ♪
Loves Jesus ♪
And America, too ♪
- She's a good girl ♪
- Oh, oh, oh!
Crazy about Elvis ♪
Loves horses ♪
And her boyfriend, too ♪
Now I'm free ♪
Free fallin' ♪
Free fallin' ♪
- Free fallin' ♪
- Fuckin' idiots.
- Free fallin' ♪
- Free fallin' ♪
Free fallin', now I'm free fallin' ♪
You got this, bro.
Yeah, it's cool if you
don't, but I think you do.
Thanks, you guys.
I'll see you after.
So, what do you want to do?
I can show you around Finch.
It's, like, 15 minutes away from here.
Didn't your guidance counselor
say it was a possibility for you?
Yeah, yeah. I
can't believe you remembered.
- [BELLY] Wow.
- All right, so these are my these are the dorms.
And I still dream about you ♪
You ♪
All right, three
You, I still wonder if you're ♪
Coming, coming through ♪
- That was pretty good.
- Pretty good.
- And you'll always know ♪
- That way. That way.
To see you go ♪
I can totally do it.
I came by to see you ♪
All right, you ready?
[BELLY] Come on, there's one
thing I really want to see.
You, you, you ♪
Picturing one with your name on it?
Come on.
[JEREMIAH] Belly, I don't
know if we're supposed to
[BELLY] Oh, come on, live a little.
[JEREMIAH] Yeah, you got it.
Look at all those championships.
You really miss playing, don't you?
Well, kind of.
I really do.
I'm never gonna be this
super genius like Steven.
But I just feel like
volleyball was something
I was really good at.
You are really good at.
And if you really wanted to,
you could play here.
You know what?
I'm gonna ask my coach
if there's any way
that I can get back on
the team when I get home.
Throw myself at her mercy.
Well, you're pretty hard to resist.
And selfishly,
I'd like to see you play here, too.
Honestly, I
I could see myself here.
Two of us running around campus.
You coming to all my games.
Late-night study sessions.
Two a.m. pizza.
We should head back.
Yeah. Okay.

Are you ever
gonna give me a second chance?
Belly, if I fall for you again
I-I don't think I can take it if
you change your mind like last time.
I wouldn't do that.
It's different now.
You and I, I mean
We're not the same people we were.
We grew up.
I spent so much of my
life dreaming about
what it would be like to be with Conrad.
dreams aren't real, and
And now I want I want something real.
I want
I want you.
History keeps repeating ♪
Took me so long ♪
Do you still
Yes, I still.
I can't believe ♪
I almost went my whole life ♪
Without you in it ♪
Without you in it ♪
And you're missing
out, I'm missing you ♪
Without you in it ♪
Without you in it ♪
- And you're missing out, I'm missing you ♪
I can't believe I
almost went my whole life ♪
Without you in it ♪
Without you in it ♪
And you're missing
out, I'm missing you ♪
I can't believe ♪
I almost went my whole life ♪
Without you in it ♪
Without you in it ♪
And you're missing
out, I'm missing you ♪
Lean into the light,
come out of the dark ♪
Your life's not over, it's starting ♪
Lean into the light,
come out of the dark ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Lean into the light,
come out of the dark ♪
Forget what they say,
it's all in your heart ♪
Lean into the light,
come out of the dark ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
I can't believe ♪
I almost went my whole life ♪
Without you in it ♪
Without you in it ♪
And you're missing
out, I'm missing you ♪
I can't believe ♪
I almost went my whole life ♪
Without you in it ♪
Without you in it ♪
And you're missing
out, I'm missing you ♪
I can't believe ♪
I almost went my whole life ♪
Without you in it ♪
Without you in it ♪
And you're missing
out, I'm missing you ♪
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