The Surrogacy (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[camera beeps]
That's what I call you while
you're growing inside me.
Your father reprimanded me
when he found out about it.
He said I shouldn't
be giving you a name.
But then I explained that
Totonac is my language
and it has meaning.
It means three hearts.
Our three hearts
are united in a way.
Him, me, and you.
And one day, you two will
be together without me.
That's why it's important to me
that you know this part
of the story,
that you hear it from me.
I'm like a
or they tell me [chuckles]
that I'm like a sort of incubator.
I'm not supposed to have
any bond with you.
But let me tell you, true love,
you don't have to think about it.
[opening theme music plays]
[man on radio] We almost made
it to the end of the year
and we're all a little emotional
and ready for the start
Hey, Dad, what if we take
a shortcut behind the factory?
I think we'll avoid
a bit of traffic that way.
All right?
[car thrumming]
- [Yeni] Watch out.
- [tires screeching]
[door clicking]
[Yeni] No, no, hey.
- No, stop.
- [Mubu] Please.
[Yeni] Leave him alone.
[Mubu] Don't do
anything to my daughter.
- Please. Please.
- Shut your mouth.
That little Mayan princess
is coming with us.
- Let go. No.
Come on, let's go.
Stop. Leave him alone. No!
[Balo screaming]
[siren wailing]
[phone ringing]
- [Julia] What's happening, Irene?
- [Irene] We've got Yeni.
Although things didn't go
quite as we planned
because Balo got shot and then
his brother ended up dying.
But they were supposed to
bring a gun that fired blanks.
Yeah, that was the idea.
But then David said
that Balo's brother
switched the weapon
at the last minute.
- So what are we gonna do?
- We're gonna stick to the plan. Or what?
Are you gonna back out
and wait until surrogacy
becomes legal in Mexico?
Listen, Yeni is the perfect candidate.
People like her
are easy to manipulate.
[line disconnects]
[tense music]
[water splashing]
[Carlos] Coming in, my love?
- [Julia] No.
- It's divine.
[Julia] Really?
What's that look?
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Irene called.
What'd she say?
Well, Irene thinks
she might have found someone
to be her surrogate.
[David] You've seen
how things are.
You should have fled the scene.
I mean, I'm sorry to say it,
but it's one less criminal now.
So what am I supposed to do?
Well, basically from
this point forward,
we have about 72 hours max.
We gotta start greasing palms.
You know how it is.
Nobody works for free,
especially not here.
We're gonna have to pay
everybody a little something
and we'll have to pay
the dead guy's family.
If we take care of this now,
your dad won't have
to stay locked up,
because otherwise
he might have to sit there
while he waits
for his case to be heard,
on top of whatever
his sentence might be.
I do know some people
who might be able to help you out,
but that might not be a given.
They're gonna wanna know exactly
what you're willing to do.
I'll do whatever they ask.
I just wanna help my father.
What crime did this
woman's father commit?
[Irene] All I really know is that there
was a carjacking that went sideways.
They both moved to the city
a few years ago.
Mubu worked hard
to give his daughter better opportunities.
So remarkably, Yeni managed
to finish high school
and wanted to continue on to university.
- Anything else?
- Oh, she didn't get in.
Girls with a background like hers,
don't get degrees.
She works at a dry cleaners.
The owner is a woman named Cuca
and there's a granddaughter, Sonia.
They're like her family.
[Carlos] And how do we know
that she's being honest?
Because David showed me
a copy of her police statement.
[Carlos] David? Who's David?
Hold on.
Are you implying that I'm going around
telling everyone
about your fertility issues?
Carlos, David's an old friend,
and I trust him to be discreet.
[Carlos] Have you warned
him that if he lies
Look. Look. You don't have to
say yes to this girl, okay?
I only mentioned it to Julia
as something to consider.
[calm music]
Is he dead?
I murdered him.
No, but it wasn't murder.
Listen, you were defending me.
It was his life
against both of ours.
Now, you'll be all
alone because of me.
[Yeni] I'll make sure
that never happens.
I'll make sure a lawyer helps you.
But how How are you
gonna pay for that?
It's a kind of lawyer
that's provided to you by the court.
We won't have to pay for it.
[Julia] So, what
did you tell Irene?
The truth. That we aren't quite sure yet.
- Carlos.
- Sweetheart.
It's way too risky.
My sister tried that
and she lost it immediately.
Baby, you know that
we've only got one embryo left.
One. Think about it.
Are we really gonna
entrust that precious egg
to someone we know
nothing about?
I mean, we know one thing.
That she's willing to give up
nine months of her life
'cause she suddenly finds herself
in a very difficult situation.
Yeah, someone willing
to do this is probably
desperate for money
and we can give her that.
I guess. But maybe
if we leave the country,
we might find another option.
- It's illegal in this country.
- Carlos, listen to me.
I'd rather be here
so we can deal with anything
that comes up
and we'll have a lot more
control over someone here.
We can also keep it
more of a secret if we stay local.
You know how harshly people would judge us
if they were to find out.
And what if they find out
we're doing something illegal?
You think about that?
The kind of scandal
that would mean for the family?
That'd be even worse.
But all the tests have been done
and she fits all the criteria
to be our surrogate.
Hey. Look who it is, honey.
Your favorite aunt and uncle.
- We'll talk about this later.
- [Fernanda] Say hi.
- Hello there.
- What a handsome boy.
[Julia] Hello, Nico. Come here.
- Let me see you.
- How are you, champ?
- So Mom will be here any minute.
- Yeah?
Marcella called a meeting,
said it was urgent.
What about?
No clue.
[tense music]
- [door closes]
- [Marcela] Nora. Good afternoon.
I would like to resign.
Why is that?
We've always had a good relationship.
Huizar Pharmaceutical Industries has been
financing your research for years.
You chose not to compensate
any of the women
who participated in the studies.
You know, I wish it were as simple
as throwing money at them
to keep them quiet.
It isn't.
Although, I understand
that wasn't very fair.
We know that testing
medications on humans
is always a risky ordeal.
Those women knew about the risks
and still decided to participate.
[tense music]
My letter of resignation.
Helping them would
make things right,
and then no one would
judge your company
for the side effects
their children are being born with.
[Nora] Mm-hmm.
[tense music]
[tense music]
[Yeni panting]
[soft upbeat music]
[Cuca] Yeni, I ordered
a bowl of soup for you.
But I'm not hungry.
That's okay. But try to have just a bit.
Sonia and I have been
crunching some numbers
to see if we can help
get your dad out somehow.
Yeah, we've been looking
at our savings account.
If we pawned some of our
dry cleaning machines,
I think that we could
get 10,000 pesos.
That's so generous of you,
but I don't think that's enough.
The lawyer made it seem like
it was gonna be a lot.
Well, otherwise we could try
putting the dry cleaning shop up for sale.
Yeah, sure.
Thank you, Cuca.
I'm really grateful
to the both of you, but
I've got to give them
an answer before tomorrow.
[Carlos] How are you, Mom?
- [Nora] Hello, darling.
- [Carlos] Was there traffic?
[Nora] A bit?
Hey, what did Marcela want?
To resign from the company?
[Fernanda] Well, wouldn't that
be better for us?
It wouldn't be good
for the company
if she doesn't wanna
be there anymore.
[scoffs] I wish it were that simple.
She's not necessarily
going to stay quiet.
But she knows she can't
fight our legal department.
Our medical research is protected
- by confidentiality clauses.
- Wait, Mom, listen.
The contracts those women
signed were very clear
about any criminal proceedings.
We're totally protected.
No prosecutor would
ever come near us.
- [Carlos] Mom.
- [Nora] I don't want any scandals.
- [door opens]
- What?
- Enjoy.
- [door closes]
[man] I'll be in touch with you very soon.
Thank you.
And what about the girl?
She's out having some lunch.
You can't let her
slip away from us.
What are you talking about?
Are we going ahead with this deal?
No, they're not quite on board yet.
We're close.
I've got a bit more negotiating
to do with them
but I have the contract with me
so we can sign this afternoon.
Well, maybe you need to
spell it out for this asshole
and remind him that a precious,
stupid little surrogate like her
Put a smile on your face
and start handling this
and figure something out so the old man
doesn't go to prison, hmm?
Yeah, but I need cash for the judge,
- for the head of police.
- [shushing]
You'll get your cash.
Don't worry about it.
- Fine. Keep me posted.
- No, no, no, no, no.
That is not how this works.
Do it today. Hmm?
Take this and start doing
some actual work. You got it?
Thanks a lot.
Don't mention it.
[David] I've got a solution
to our problem, my friend.
Okay, I don't mean
to worry this much, but
I can't stop thinking
about all the things
that could go wrong
with this, you know?
All right. If we're sharing,
then I can't stop thinking
about how I might lose you
if we don't have a child soon.
Why are you worried about that?
That won't How could
you even say that?
You do know that
your mother desperately
wants a grandchild
no matter what, right?
- Mm.
- Even if you don't have one with me.
Well, I don't want to be a father
if it's not with you.
But I understand.
It's always best to avoid
making waves with my mother.
And what do you think will happen
when we tell her
we're hiring a surrogate mother?
I'm not sure, but I guess
we just have to make it clear
that we have control
over the situation
and there are no risks.
Fine. But I want you to tell her tonight.
- Tonight?
- Carlos, this girl is going
to ensure that we finally create
the family we've always wanted.
So it only seems fair that we help her
get her dad out of jail in return.
What's the problem?
So when are they
releasing my father?
Listen, sweetie.
[Irene] I'm taking a huge risk
with you. Hmm.
And there's a possibility
that Carlos might see you,
and he might change
his mind and back out.
We have to consider that.
But you're not gonna
change your mind, right?
[Irene] Once you sign this,
you can't back out.
When will my father be released?
[David] My God. You're like
a broken record.
- Give it a rest, will you?
- [Irene] Hey. Hey, listen. Listen.
Here's what we're gonna do.
The plan is you come
with us tomorrow. Hmm.
And then your dad
will be able to get out.
Wait, why does it say
I have to be confined
during the entire pregnancy?
That's because they intend to make sure
you get the best
medical observation possible.
Is it 'cause they're worried
that I'll steal the baby
once I give birth to it?
Absolutely not.
Did you not hear
what my colleague just said?
I know that you're worried
about making a risky decision,
but think of how much
more we stand to gain.
[dramatic music]
[Yeni] I don't want any children.
I'm not going to run away
with one that isn't even mine.
These are the conditions.
It's up to you.
[somber music]
[Nora] No, no, no, no, no. I'm fine.
You're very kind.
Thank you. No, no, no, no. Later.
You're too kind.
- I hope you like it.
- I can't get enough of them.
[man laughs]
- Hello there. How are you?
- Very nice to meet you.
Why don't we all take a seat
now that everyone's here.
- No?
- [man] Thank you for inviting us.
[Nora] Oh, please.
On the contrary, thank you for coming.
It's just a small
- Sorry. Would you excuse me?
- Of course. By all means.
[line ringing]
Carlos, what happened?
No wonder you can't get pregnant.
I thought that Carlos told you,
you shouldn't be drinking alcohol
while you're on fertility treatments.
We finally found a surrogate
and I need you to implant the embryo.
If you help me out,
I'll be able to release you
from the company.
[somber music]
What do you say?
[people cheering]
[inaudible conversations]
- fish sandwich.
- [Cuca] Thanks.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
Thank you very much.
The detainees will be
getting a New Year's dinner,
and I pulled some strings
for you to eat with your dad.
- Oh, go on honey.
- [Sonia] We'll be here.
[dramatic music]
[Yeni] Tomorrow, I'm getting you
out of here.
How, sweetheart?
That isn't important.
But what does matter
promise me that no matter
what happens, we'll be okay.
We're gonna be just fine, my love.
That's a promise.
Let's both make sure
we accomplish all of our big dreams.
[somber music]
You and me forever.
[people] Six, five, four, three
- [Mubu] Cheers, honey.
- [people] two, one.
[all] Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, my love.
Come here, my love.
I would like you all to join me
in raising your glasses
so we can make a little toast.
We have some exciting news to share.
Don't tell me
you're finally pregnant?
We've decided to hire
a surrogate mother,
so we can finally have a child.
[ominous music]
Good luck with that.
You're going to need it.
[somber music]
[door opens]
[door shuts]
[water sloshes]
Hang on a minute,
I'll come with you.
No, Sonia.
He rented a lawyer
to come to get me,
and she wanted me to be alone.
Yeni, are you sure
about all this?
I hope this isn't something bad.
There are lots of gangs out there.
Some of them kidnap women for trafficking,
or steal their organs.
No, come on, Sonia.
Don't put these thoughts in my head now,
and I mean, I've already signed a contract
with these people.
Can I ask you for a favor?
Will you give my dad
this letter for me?
You're not going to say goodbye?
I don't think so.
But I promise I'll keep you posted, okay?
I have to go.
[soft dramatic music]
[Marcela] I won't always be
at your beck and call, you know?
[Carlos scoffs]
Marcela, honestly,
my mother should never
have forced you to work for us,
and to be frank,
I think you'd be much happier
if you had your own practice.
Will you consider it?
There's nothing to think about.
You're taking full advantage
of a poor girl's misfortune.
Taking advantage?
I don't see it from that perspective
because if surrogacy were legal,
which it is in many other countries,
would you feel the same way?
It'll be legal eventually.
There'll be contracts,
and surrogates will be paid
a living wage for their time,
and they'll be able to do
whatever they want with their cash.
Pay for school,
start a business, pay off their debts,
or help their families,
go traveling, anything.
I just hope
if and when that time comes,
that there will be enough studies
about this process
to ensure that the surrogate and the baby
don't suffer psychologically.
Mm, that's bound to happen.
It's the same thing
with the company's medications.
You can't cure an illness
without a few side effects,
and sometimes they're damaging.
[door creaks]
Come in.
Is this where I'm gonna be staying?
That's not my decision.
Look, Carlos is here.
Now you can ask him
all the questions that you want, hmm?
[soft gentle music]
[Irene] How are you?
- Fine, you?
- I'm good.
Carlos, this is Yeni.
I pictured her differently.
What do you mean?
Well, why don't we sit down?
I've brought some water and sodas.
It's in the fridge
along with the rest of the stuff
that you asked me to bring.
I'll probably have a little bit of soda.
- What would you like?
- Would you like something to drink?
I'll have some water.
- Water. You, some water?
- Yeah, I'll have some too.
[Fernanda] Hey.
[Julia] Hey.
We're gonna head back early
with my mom.
Okay, that's fine.
I'll let Carlos know.
He left early this morning.
Mom will just well,
she'll just have to accept
that you've made your decision.
Are you sure you don't wanna
wait a bit more,
or maybe even try again later?
No, Fer, thanks.
To be honest, this will be
our very last chance
to have a child because
we've only got one embryo left.
Unless we get someone else's ovaries,
or we just give up.
I only say that because
I think I should have waited.
I don't know.
If it's because I just had Nico
and maybe it was just too soon
for the implant to take.
Let us know
when you get home safe, okay?
Yeni is well aware
that she cannot develop
any kind of bond with the baby
because she is, obviously,
not the mother.
Yeni, did they also explain
that we're going to be
taking you to see a doctor
in order to implant the embryo?
Yes, I understand all of that,
but I'd mostly like to know
when you think you'll be getting
my father out of prison.
Well, I don't have that info
just yet, I'm sorry to say.
But I promise that it will be
as soon as possible.
So listen, Yeni, I can promise you
we'll do everything we can
to make your pregnancy smooth,
but you also have to promise us
that you'll follow all the rules
so that everything goes well.
Yes, sir.
Will you excuse us?
Tell me, Irene.
You're going to get her father
out as soon as possible, right?
[Yeni] I've always told you
that I don't think
I could handle being a mom,
that I never felt ready,
that I didn't want to bring a child
into such a hard world just to suffer,
that everything I ever learned
from working
and from finishing up college
would be so that you and I
could finally have a life
where we didn't have to worry
about money or anything else.
But it turns out
that life has other plans.
[Nora] Is everything all right?
The embryo has divided.
She's going to have two babies.
Hmm, I can't wait to tell Carlos.
Now he's got two opportunities
in case one of them fails.
I'm going to let Yeni know.
What for?
It's better if she thinks
she's only having the one.
Nora, she's going to notice.
Being pregnant with twins
is a completely different experience.
- Her stomach will be absolutely
- It's her first pregnancy.
She's ignorant,
she's inexperienced,
she is merely a walking incubator
for my grandchildren.
Nothing more.
[Yeni] I'd like to believe
that I'm helping
two people have a child
that they want desperately.
I don't know.
The only thing I know for sure
is that I'll be temporarily
lending my body's capacity
to provide a service
so we can be happy.
[tense music]
I feel like I should have
gone with him to pick her up.
[Nora] Absolutely not.
Carlos should be here
taking you to the hospital.
We've got employees to take care
of the likes of her.
Your tea.
- [door closes]
- I don't know, maybe it's because
we're pregnant with twins
so Carlos thought that maybe
if there were
complications or something,
the employees wouldn't be
able to take care of things.
Well, either way, you shouldn't ever have
gotten involved with that woman.
But at least this nightmare
will be ending today.
- [ominous suspenseful music]
- [door opens, closes]
[keypad clicking]
Your dad's been pretty
private about things,
although I do know that
there is a special lady
that he'd do anything
in the world for.
I knew it had to be Julia,
and that's why I wanted to meet her.
But I got carried away.
[cellphone buzzes]
I fell in love with the person
who stayed with me,
looked after me,
and loved me for nine months.
Are you okay?
Yeah, it's just
It's Julia reminding me
what time the C-section's at.
She's really nervous.
Well, if it was a natural birth-
It isn't gonna be
a natural birth.
Julia and I have already decided,
and you already agreed,
and you've signed a contract.
- Or did you forget that?
- Oh, right. That's true.
Thanks a lot.
I almost managed to forget
that I'm just a walking womb
that you and your wife
have been renting out.
Look, Yeni, all I can say
is that all of us,
and that includes you,
agreed to what's happening today,
and after today,
it's going to end.
Finally, I'll be able
to get some sleep again.
But not you.
You'll be waking up all the time,
getting food and changing diapers.
I just want you to think about the fact
that in a few short hours,
you'll be with your father again.
[ominous suspenseful music]
[car horn blaring]
[ominous music intensifies]
[baby cries]
[Marcela] It's the boy.
[Dr. Navarro] Look at his legs.
[baby cries]
Haven't seen you in a while, old man.
- [gunshot]
- [Balo screams]
I was trying to protect my daughter
from being kidnapped.
We just wanted to get you
into jail for a few nights
so we could get your daughter
to agree to the pregnancy.
Why her?
Just how it goes.
[ominous dramatic music]
Calm down.
[Marcela] Here's the girl.
[Dr. Navarro] Give her to me.
[Marcela] She seems to be
perfectly healthy.
Kill me.
'Cause if you don't
I'm going to kill you before you can do
any more harm to my daughter.
The pediatrician has examined him
and he's healthy,
but unfortunately,
he was born with club foot.
As you know, there are a variety
of surgeries and treatments we can
But he'll never be a perfect boy.
If you monitor the treatments carefully,
and are fastidious with therapy
He'll never be able to
walk or run properly.
He'll never be normal.
In my family,
everyone is normal, Navarro.
[Julia] I can finally stop
wearing this fake belly.
Honey, should I go see
if there's any news?
Yes, would you please?
I can't leave this room
and I can't ask anyone anything.
Your mom doesn't want anybody to see me
because I'm supposed to be giving birth.
Okay, sweetie, I'll come back soon.
Yes, please do.
[ominous music]
[woman] I'm making good time
for this dinner of yours.
- [car tires screech]
- [car crashes]
[ominous music]
[cellphone rings]
Nora, what is it?
[Nora] Irene has got
your release form.
I'm only dealing with Carlos.
Well, you're no longer working for us.
Isn't that what you wanted?
You should tell me now
because if you don't do
exactly what I tell you to, I assure you
that you'll never be rid of me.
I trust that you know
what you need to do with that woman?
How'd it go?
I'm so sorry, but we lost the boy.
It was a stillbirth,
and there was nothing we could do.
His umbilical cord
had wrapped around his neck.
Little girl is perfectly healthy.
[Carlos sighs]
[melancholic piano music]
And Yeni? How is she?
She's fine. She's young.
We'll send her home
tomorrow morning.
Your mother wanted to handle
all of the paperwork
for your son's funeral
so you can be with Julia.
No, he's my son,
I should handle that.
Carlos, your daughter
and Julia need you right now.
I know how much you've gone through
to have those children,
and I'm gonna tell you something
that may not be comforting but might help.
You see that man sitting there?
He just lost his wife,
and she was also pregnant.
Can I see the baby?
Of course you can.
[somber music]
- Yeni?
- [door opens]
- Were you looking for me?
- Yes, I'm glad you're here.
I need to see all of the documentation
for the patient and the baby.
I wanna see what treatments
they're giving them.
Of course.
And, nurse, may I borrow your pen?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- [door opens]
- Yeni, how are you feeling?
[door closes]
I feel, um, pretty nauseous.
That's a normal effect of the anesthetic.
I can give you some medication
to help with the nausea,
and you can have something
light for dinner.
You have to try and eat
even if you're not hungry.
- Hmm.
- We won't see each other again.
You can call me
if you need anything at all.
[dramatic music]
[nurse] Are you ready?
- Yes.
- [nurse] You can go ahead.
[man] Yeah, yeah, man.
Yeah, no, I've got her
here in the car with me.
Yep, don't worry. Yes, I've got her.
Don't worry about it.
Hospital handed her
over to me really fast.
[man] What's going on?
Maybe she's lost?
[woman] Is that a baby? It's really tiny.
Can I help you?
- [man 1] Miss, wake up.
- [woman 1] Miss, is that your baby?
[woman 3] Hey, miss, is that your child?
Do you need some help?
Are you sick?
It's a baby.
It's really tiny, isn't it?
[man 3] Excuse me, miss.
Are you all right?
[baby cries]
[tense music]
- It's a baby!
- [man 3] Wake up, miss.
[woman 3] It's so tiny and pale.
But look at her skin, she's so dark.
- [woman 4] Miss? Miss?
- Who did you steal it from?
[woman 4] Someone call
the police right away.
[woman 3] Good idea.
- Call them.
- [woman 3] We should definitely call them.
That's not her baby.
[tense ominous music]
[closing theme music plays]
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