The Surrogacy (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[doorbell ringing]
Who is it?
[Marcela] Marcela.
[door opens]
Do you need your letter that bad?
I could've sent it to you.
What did you do to Yeni?
- You gotta be kidding me.
- Irene.
[Irene groans]
You know what?
It's not your problem.
You're one of the few people
who've been able
to get Nora off their back.
Don't bother me.
What are you doing?
Waiting for my letter.
I'm printing it. Be patient, okay?
[doorbell ringing]
- Are you expecting someone?
- No.
[Irene] Why the hell am I so popular now?
[gun shot]
[dramatic music playing]
[tense music playing]
[elevator bell dings]
What happened?
I don't know. Some noise all the way up.
[elevator bell dings]
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
[paramedic] Hello. I'm a paramedic.
We have a woman who asked us
to call this number.
[theme music playing]
We checked her C-section stiches.
The baby is a bit hypothermic
and needs to be fed, but
the girl doesn't want to.
You must nurse him.
It's dangerous for a newborn
not to be nursed in the first few hours.
You said I shouldn't bond with the baby.
You've always had one.
I need you to help me
get her into my car.
We could help by
- taking her to the hospital.
- There's no need.
I'm taking her home.
The hospital had already discharged her.
She just
had some problems
with her husband and left.
[dial tone]
[Cuca] Hello.
[Yeni] Cuca?
I need you to get money, documents,
anything important.
Be ready. We're on our way to pick you up.
[line drops]
What happened?
[knocking on door, door opens]
- [door closes]
- I'm so sorry.
And the baby girl?
They're bathing her.
I bought a beautiful onesie
for her to wear when you're discharged.
Thanks, Fer.
[Julia snivels]
I'm so sorry!
I'm sorry.
I told them to wrap up the girl's.
Don't worry.
We can use this one
to bury the body.
- Don't you worry.
- Where do they have him?
I don't know. Your mom's seeing to that.
I'm in no shape to
Carlos went to take a shower.
He said he'd be back
for the funeral.
[baby whines]
What's this?
Oh, no.
We won't run away
because you decided to keep the baby.
You saved your father
from going to prison.
Now you wanna get us into trouble?
You don't get it.
Someone ditched me
in the park with the baby.
You didn't do anything wrong, then.
It's not that easy.
You say we're in danger and we can't ask?
Someone killed Irene.
[Sonia] The lawyer?
She got Yeni out of the hospital
and handed her over to David.
I only remember
him driving me somewhere.
After that, I don't know.
Who knows what they meant to do
or how she got there.
Let me drive you
somewhere safe
and I'll answer all your questions.
- [Marcela] Please!
- [Sonia scoffs]
Cuca, where's my dad?
Last night,
he went to the hospital
where you said you'd give birth.
We haven't heard from him since then.
What do you mean?
He's not answering his phone.
We're not leaving without my father.
[Marcela] Yeni, stop.
If you want to see firsthand
who you've been dealing with,
be my guest.
[door opens]
[engine starts]
- [baby crying]
- [door closes]
[bell chimes]
[choir sings]
May God give you comfort, Nora.
At least this grandchild lived longer
than all the ones Julia miscarried.
He deserves a proper farewell
because of that.
- God rest his soul.
- Amen.
[baby crying]
where's my son?
Was he cremated?
Julia didn't tell you?
Did you know?
You didn't even ask me?
I wanted to hold him and say goodbye.
What's wrong with you?
[priest] In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Did you know?
Of course not.
[phone ringing]
Let me put Sonia on. She'll tell you
about Mubu's disappearance.
- Sonia?
- Thanks.
- Roberto is a lawyer.
- Hello?
Sonia, tell me anything that
might help to locate Yeni's father.
[Sonia] He left around 7:00
to go to the hospital.
I called him several times after nine,
but he didn't answer.
Take as much time as you need.
There you go.
Will you tell us what's going on, Marcela?
Yeni gave birth to twins.
The embryo split.
They wouldn't let me tell her
that she was carrying two babies.
They kept just the girl because the boy
was born with a deformity in his legs.
[Sonia] They are the ones who didn't honor
the surrogacy contract.
She is right.
We shouldn't be on the run.
We're not criminals.
Just the opposite.
We should report them
for abandoning their baby.
That's probably
what they're trying to avoid.
And to do that,
they must get rid of everyone involved.
What if they hurt my father?
I don't think it's related to this, Yeni.
We're not certain the Huizars
are the ones who killed Irene,
but we must keep you safe
until we can prove that.
I trust Roberto fully. He will help us.
Yeni, we must wait 72 hours
before we report
that your father is missing.
That's too long.
I could go to the hospital
and ask if anyone saw him or
- No.
- You're in no condition to do that.
Thank you, Father.
We're leaving too, Mom.
Yes, that's fine. See you later.
Please forgive my son, Father.
It's been very hard for him.
Don't worry. I understand.
Let me know
when you decide to baptize
your granddaughter.
Of course.
Thank you, Father.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Julia, you're supposed
to have undergone a C-section.
What's with the high heels?
You never said you'd cremate my son.
You should be thanking me.
Don't fall off those heels.
If Marcela was helping them,
how do we know she's telling the truth?
She also lied
to the paramedics at the park.
What if she was with them,
but then she changed her mind?
We'll have to think of something.
Let me borrow your phone, Sonia.
Who are you going to call?
[Sonia] Do it fast.
I wanna call a friend to pick us up.
[phone vibrating, ringing]
It's not your That's your other phone.
Weren't you going to cancel this number?
I have so many things in my head
that I didn't
- Why would she keep calling you?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean, you don't know?
- I don't. What are you doing?
Hold on! Julia!
Let me go!
[phone rings]
Listen to me.
Your contract expired, got it?
Yes, but I can prove to the authorities
that you left your son with me.
[Carlos] Julia!
Don't touch me!
- [cars honking]
- All right!
Let's go, Julia.
Please, let's go. Get in the car.
- I'm going!
- [man] Isn't that Ms. Julia?
No! I can do it myself!
[man] What are you doing?
[continuous honking]
All right! I'm going!
Go ahead.
I'm going to call Nora.
Don't do it.
If there are cameras,
the police will know
I was in Irene's house,
and I'll be next.
If you'd fixed the mistake you made
by legal means,
we wouldn't be involved in a murder.
[Cuca] How long will it take
for Keyus to arrive?
We have to go. These people are dangerous.
I don't know how I'd react
if I were in Carlos' shoes,
but I'd never make a scandal in church.
This isn't about your brother.
I can't believe Nora cremated his son
without telling him.
She did tell them.
She told Julia and Carlos
that she'd see to the arrangements.
She just did things her way, that's all.
Come on. We know your mom.
She's hiding something.
- You know something, don't you?
- No!
- Why do you get upset?
- Because you won't let it go.
Anyway, Nora did us a favor.
We don't have that double problem anymore.
There's still the girl, though.
- She's just a baby.
- But she'll grow up.
There's plenty of time for us
to think about our son's future
in the company,
as Nora's firstborn grandchild.
I told Yeni
her baby would live a normal life.
In fact, he's gonna need
years of medical treatments.
We don't know if Yeni will keep him.
We need to think about what to do now.
[Roberto] They could go to the States
and see which way things go.
We don't know if she'll want to go,
and if she does,
we wouldn't be able to stay long.
If we can prove
their lives are in danger
- Hey.
- or they're being harassed,
they can get asylum.
[phone rings]
I'll leave this.
Marce, wait.
[door closes]
They found Mubu.
[door opens]
What is it?
- He's dead.
- [ominous music playing]
I'm glad you're here, Keyus.
Give her a hand.
Sonia told me all about you.
We're going to help you.
You can count on us.
Thank you, Keyus.
I know I'm putting you at risk.
I'm really sorry.
We're here to help you. Get in.
No, I got it!
- Keyus.
- Get in.
We need to stop by the shop
for some money.
I'll lend you some money.
Let's go to my apartment.
No, we're going to hide in a hotel.
We don't know if the people
who hired Yeni are after us.
Marcela is involved.
The lawyer has been killed, Keyus.
And she's also responsible
for the baby's deformity.
They're really dangerous people.
All right. Get in and let's go.
I got it.
- Hurry up.
- Yes.
- [knocking on door]
- [Roberto] Yeni?
What is it?
- She's gone.
- It can't be possible.
She ran away and took the baby with her.
It's not the first time.
She escaped once before from the cabin.
She's not here.
She left the phone I gave her.
She ran away.
And she took my child.
Carlos, it's only been two weeks
since the implant.
We don't even know if she's pregnant.
Are you aware that was our last embryo?
It's our last chance to become a family.
We need to find her, no matter what.
[phone ringing]
What's up, Carlos?
Yeni is not in the cabin. She ran away.
She knows she'll get into trouble.
Trouble? Come on.
We're the ones doing something illegal.
We just made her think
that the contract was binding.
There are other forms of pressuring her.
No, no.
Listen to me.
Be very careful with what you do.
At this point,
Yeni might be carrying my child.
That's why we need to find her, Carlos.
I'll call you back.
- Hello.
- Hi. I'm your neighbor.
- Nice to meet you. How are you?
- Fine, thanks.
I just dropped your maid
at the rural clinic.
She was suffering from terrible cramps.
That's the one
at the edge of town, right?
- Thanks a lot.
- You're welcome.
Talk to me, Carlos.
Marce? I found Yeni.
I'll explain it to you later.
[car engine starts]
I had to go out and ask for help.
I was in terrible pain.
Why didn't you call me?
That's why I gave you the phone.
I tried, but the signal was weak.
You never got my calls.
You paid for my womb,
but I'm not your slave.
Do I also have to bear the pain?
No, of course not.
Let's do this, Yeni.
Learn my number by heart
in case something like this happens,
or if you need to find me.
I'll always be there.
If there's no signal
or if you've run out of battery,
call me from a landline.
- All right?
- Yes.
I'll go talk to the doctor
who checked on you.
You just rest. You'll be fine.
[Mubu whimpers]
Hold him.
Listen, you fucking Indian.
Why don't you tell us
where your daughter is
so we can all go home?
I swear I haven't seen her
since you took her.
Are you sure?
She's talking to you.
[phone vibrates]
[Carlos] Irene, I found Yeni.
I'll call you later.
Enough! Stop! Let him go.
She showed up.
What are you doing?
I told you not to leave any marks.
I'm sorry.
He's so dark-skinned, no one will notice.
Give me a sec.
Good afternoon.
Carlos Huizar. Pleased to meet you.
I was waiting for you.
The nurse told me she was with
the patient, so I took my lunch break.
When you say patient,
are you talking about Yeni?
That's correct.
Would you tell me what's wrong with her?
She hemorrhaged.
I thought it was her period,
but she said she was probably pregnant.
- Was?
- Yes.
It was probably a miscarriage.
She lost the embryo.
It's not uncommon.
It usually happens during the first weeks.
Are you certain?
Yes. Just as well. [chuckles]
You won't have to fire her.
Many people don't like it when their maids
get knocked up.
Yeni doesn't work for me.
She's not my maid, as you said.
Thank you.
[phone ringing]
What happened, Carlos?
You were also missing.
We came to the clinic
because Yeni had pains in her belly.
Is everything all right?
Yes, everything is fine.
I'll just wait for her to recover,
and we'll go home.
I'll wait for you here
so I can do a pregnancy test.
Marce, I just talked to the doctor.
He did the test, and it was positive.
Why don't we wait a bit to confirm it?
That way, we can tell Julia
and everybody else.
What do you think?
Sure, so that we don't get their hopes up.
All right.
Can I call you later?
Yes, sure. We'll talk later.
[in English] Bye.
[in Spanish] Nora, we found Yeni.
She's at the clinic in Avandaro.
She wasn't feeling well.
So the pill you gave her yesterday worked?
Perfect. It won't be long
before she miscarries.
No, they must be the symptoms
of the pregnancy
because the doctor tested her
and she was positive.
Yeni's pregnant.
[Marcela] She's not answering.
Where could she have gone?
Listen to me.
I can't tell her over the phone
that her father is dead.
Do it. Sonia will listen to the message.
It's the only way they will answer.
It's Marcela again.
- I'm coming with you.
- No.
- I'll get the money and be right back.
- Don't worry. We'll be out here.
The lock's been opened!
[goon 1] Get out of the car!
Where's the girl?
[goon 2] She was in the car! Hurry!
Hurry! We'll lose them!
- [suspenseful music]
- [sighs]
[Balo] Where's Yeni?
[phone rings]
Are you okay, honey?
Yes, I'm fine. I got out from the back.
We'll go around and pick you up.
[Sonia] No. You know what?
Tell Keyus to meet me
at the Cuatro Soles Hotel.
I was able to stop
the authorization for the drugs.
Now we need to stop Ochoa.
He's become an activist,
defending women from the protocol.
I'm on top of the journalists.
They've only published
a couple of minor articles.
For how long?
I don't know.
That's why I called this meeting.
To proceed legally, but Irene isn't here.
[door opens]
She's not answering.
Try to locate her.
- Let's give her 15 minutes
- [phone chimes]
Let me take this.
[Julia] Carlos still had the phone
he used with her,
- and she was the one who called.
- I hope you didn't tell her anything.
I need to know.
What did you do with my son?
The baby died, Julia.
[Nora] And he spared us a life of shame.
It's your fault he was born deformed.
A group of women
is giving birth to deformed children.
They took part on a drug trial
by Huizar Pharmaceutical Industries.
Here's Andres Ochoa.
His wife is one of the women affected.
They have formed a victim network.
Thank you for talking to us.
Good afternoon.
First of all, thank you
for giving us the chance
to speak about such a terrible thing.
What does the pill do?
Our children are being born
with deformed legs,
something called clubfoot.
What are your demands
to repair the damage?
First, we expect them
to acknowledge what they did to us.
To show their faces.
They haven't even agreed to meet with us.
What will you do
if you're unable to reach a settlement?
If the Huizar family
keeps ignoring us,
we'll air all their wrongdoings.
Francisco, why don't you go get some rest?
Eat something.
I'll stay here.
You've been here since last night.
I'm not going anywhere until they tell me
- my daughter is out of danger.
- Okay.
You'll be able to take her home soon.
Have you talked to Lucy's parents?
I don't even know what to tell them.
I can't get the image of Lucy
out of my head
arriving at the hospital in an ambulance.
[siren blaring]
No! Hold on!
That's my wife!
It's my baby! Lucy!
I shouldn't have called her
while she was driving.
It was an accident, Francisco.
That's what you have to tell her parents.
Her parents
Did you find anything out
about the man she hit?
Yes, he was an indigenous man called Mubu.
No one has come to claim his body.
Do me a favor.
Find out everything you can.
See if his relatives
need our help. Anything.
Apparently, they don't have much money.
I'll look them up and tell them
you had insurance.
Don't you worry about that.
Any news?
If Yeni doesn't claim the body,
we won't know if he's actually her father.
Carlos texted me,
saying he needs to talk to Yeni.
How does he know you're with her?
They never let you get too close,
not even to have
a doctor-patient relationship.
He doesn't know.
I guess that as they couldn't find Irene,
they think I know where Yeni went
after she was discharged.
Carlos is worried because Yeni called him.
[Cuca] Sonia, get me some gauze.
And some alcohol?
No, Cuca, easy.
It's just some blood.
I don't think it's the stiches.
I'm terribly sorry.
I didn't think I'd put you at risk.
If I knew, I wouldn't
There, there.
You rented your womb
to get your father out of jail.
We'd do anything for family.
I'm feeling better.
You don't need to drive me.
You heard the doctor, Yeni.
No heavy lifting.
Rest a lot for a few days.
I was so scared when I saw I was bleeding.
I don't know why it happened.
I do everything Marcela says.
I just take what she gives me.
I know that, Yeni. Don't you worry.
Easy now.
One foot first.
I got you, lean on me.
- Are you all right there?
- Yes.
Sit back.
It's not only that.
What is it?
I had a nightmare.
I dreamed your child
slipped through my hands
and there was nothing I could do.
Look, Yeni,
nightmares are normal.
You are, we all are,
under a lot of stress about the baby.
It's because
this pregnancy is very important.
For me and for
for Julia. And for the entire family.
I know.
I want you to know
I'm willing to do anything
to take care of your embryo.
[man] It was only a miscarriage.
She lost the embryo.
[Yeni] All this is yours?
The house? Yes.
But not the lake. They refused to sell it.
See there where the dock is?
That's where the property ends.
Why do you have a pool
when you can swim in the lake?
Let's say that water
is not clean enough to swim in.
Besides, the lake is more
to go out on a boat,
or to jet-ski, or to go kayaking.
- Would you?
- What?
Go for a ride.
- Is it allowed?
- Sure.
You can do whatever you want here.
You need to relax.
Remember what Marcela said?
You need to be free of stress.
Act as if this was your home,
and I'll treat you like a queen.
We'll do whatever you want.
What would you like? Something to eat?
Go for a walk? Go for a swim?
What shall we do?
I can't swim.
There's always a first time.
Sit back. I'll go get you a bathing suit.
Wait here.
- No, but
- Be right back.
What are you looking at?
What do you have there?
It's a birthmark.
Like a mole?
Would you like some?
[Carlos] One step.
One more.
Almost there.
Are you scared?
I'll teach you.
- No!
- Here.
Relax. I got you. You'll be fine.
Don't worry.
I got you.
Let your head go.
Let it go.
Let it go.
I'm holding you. You're too tense.
I'm here. Nothing's gonna happen.
One, two
- No!
- [laughs]
What happened?
But I'm
You can touch the bottom here.
Why are you afraid?
[Yeni] It's not that. It's my first time.
I'm looking at the difference.
Your skin color is beautiful.
You liar.
I mean it.
Look, your skin is golden
as if you'd been under the sun for hours.
I like it.
- You do?
- Yes.
Some people don't like being dark-skinned,
but I love it.
So do I.
I mean it.
See this?
This is pale,
as if it were the color of milk,
and this is
as if you'd been sunbathing for hours
without having to make any effort.
- Wanna trade?
- No.
I like the color of your skin, too.
You do?
[Sonia] Yeni.
the truth is,
we knew how these people work.
When you disappeared,
they went after your dad.
He tried to warn you
that you were in the hands
of heartless people.
But we stopped him.
We thought that when you gave them
their daughter, it'd be over.
But now, we don't know what they're up to.
And Marcela too.
Where can I go that you won't find me?
You know everything about me.
I know nothing about you.
It's the first time
you've missed a meeting.
Sorry, Mom. I'm not in the mood.
A son doesn't die every day.
You should be used by now
after all of Julia's miscarriages.
That was so out of line, Mother.
I won't even answer it.
I'm not sure you're mourning your son.
I heard you went to the hospital
to see
if you could still find the surrogate.
[tense music playing]
[baby crying]
[Mubu] You have each other now.
You won't be alone anymore.
My dad is dead, isn't he?
[man] What they did is unfair.
I felt forced to give you
an abortion pill.
[Marcela] When were you planning
to tell me you were looking for her?
[Yeni] Imagine you have a moment
to be with the man
you know you can't have
even in your wildest dreams.
And on top of that, he seduces you.
For now, be happy to know that
Carlos fell in love with Yeni.
The only thing I want is
to avenge my son's death.
I don't want anyone to get hurt.
You killed my father!
I'll kill one by one.
[theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Gabriela Gebl
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