The Surrogacy (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[siren blaring]
[emotional music]
[man] Miss, shall I proceed?
[siren blaring]
[Marcela] Yeni!
You two better stay away
from us or I'm gonna scream.
Just take it easy,
we're here to help you.
Is that so? You're just trying to
cover your ass cause you killed Irene.
I didn't kill anyone.
My grandmother heard you two,
which is why we left.
Irene was murdered the day
she was supposed
to give me a letter releasing
me from working for Nora.
But you're still working
for those criminals.
And you were asking
about the baby and Yeni.
And you may not believe this,
but I was referring to
Andrea Ochoa's child,
his wife, and many other
women participated
in a clinical trial I conducted
where we provided a medication
which we later found out
resulted in certain deformities.
[Roberto] It's all documented online.
He organized a support group
for the victims
and they're holding
Huizar Pharmaceuticals accountable.
She wouldn't let me leave without
doing something for her in return,
so I agreed to help her with the embryo.
So when are you gonna stop?
The day we thought
you had escaped,
when you went to the hospital
because you didn't feel well.
The day before that
I gave you an abortion pill
on Nora's orders.
[opening theme music playing]
[Sonia] You don't have to accept
Marcela's help, you know.
[Yeni] Everything's so confusing.
I'm not sure who to believe.
Well, at least you know that
me and Grandma are your friends, right?
We'll spend a few nights at a hotel
and then decide what to do.
I don't understand
why Carlos lied to Marcela,
when I was bleeding
and had to go to the clinic that day.
They never gave me
a pregnancy test.
The next day,
Carlos took me
to the Valle de Bravo house to relax.
[Carlos] So, Yeni, if you feel
sick at all or scared
just let me know
and we'll head right back.
No pressure, all right.
We can do this anytime.
We can come back later. Yeah?
Yeni, it's this one.
Can we take this boat instead?
I was thinking we'd hear
the water better from this one.
Okay, sure, perfect.
Emilio, change of plans.
I'm taking the sailboat.
[bright music]
[Yeni] Do you ever feel like,
when you see a new place
for the first time,
that you want to share the experience
with the person you love the most?
And who is that person for you?
My father.
One day, I'm gonna
bring him here.
You would do anything
for your father, wouldn't you?
Who is your person?
- Mine?
- Mm-hm.
I think I would also say my dad,
but he's no longer with us.
In fact, I bought this boat
because he liked to sail.
Sadly, it doesn't see a lot of use.
I believe that if you used it more often,
you'd feel closer to your dad,
don't you think?
He passed away when I was young.
I barely remember him.
In fact, I think I've forgotten him.
Some things are never forgotten.
Are you gonna tell me
what you and Yeni discussed?
Were you planning on telling me
you were still seeing her?
Okay. I wanted to thank her for
for what she did for our family.
For what she did for us.
Oh, you wanted to thank her?
How exactly did you
wanna thank her?
She didn't do it for free.
She signed a contract.
So you won't tell me what she said?
All right, good night.
[door opens, closes]
Who's squishy little tummy is this?
Who's got a cute
little tummy, huh?
And this little belly button.
Who's is it, baby?
Hey, what's this?
What is that?
What is this, my love?
Hmm? What is this, sweetie?
[baby crying lightly]
[tense music]
[Yeni] My father always told me
that the souls of the dead
rise up into the stars.
They become eternal and they
watch over us from above.
[Mubu] "My dear,
your sacrifice won't have been in vain.
When this is all over,
I'm going to pick you up at the hospital
and we'll start a new life together
and follow our dreams.
I promise that I'm different now.
I'm going to devote
all my energy to making you happy."
- [siren blaring]
- What's happening?
- Yes?
- [officer] Sir, please stop the car.
No idea.
- Yes, officer.
- Hello.
Can I see your documents, please?
Documents are
Oh, yeah, sure, of course.
I'll see what this is about.
Here you go, officer. Everything should be
in order if you want to have a look.
The death certificate,
the hygiene certificate.
We've got all the permits here
and we have the hearse.
Here you go, it's all good.
- That's it?
- Yeah, you can be on your way.
- Thank you.
- Safe travels.
They just wanted to do
a routine check, apparently.
Well, now that we've stopped,
maybe we should find a bathroom
somewhere and get breakfast.
- You want to? Are you hungry?
- [Keyus] Yeah.
[Yeni] I'm not.
Sweetheart, you should try to eat.
You're breastfeeding
and recovering from surgery.
You need your strength.
[Keyus] Come on, let's eat.
I'll tell the others
that we'll meet them there.
[baby crying]
[knock on door]
[woman] Hang on a sec.
Wait, there's no water in there.
Oh, dear, this bathroom isn't very clean.
No, it doesn't look it.
Let me see
how the little one's doing.
[toilet flushing]
Oh, he's a little wet,
he's getting chafed.
[Cuca] We've got to change him,
but not here.
I think we should go back
to the car and change him there.
That's a sweet little fireplace,
kind of romantic, huh?
I'm gonna wash my hands.
I'm going to the bathroom.
No, no, there's no
water in there, honey.
I'll get you some wipes
so you can clean your hands.
- There you are.
- [Yeni] Thanks
- Keyus
- Yeah?
Mind giving me the car keys
so I can go change him?
Of course.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Also, I forgot to give you
this business card.
Some guy dropped it off
at the dry cleaners.
Sonia, give it to Yeni.
It's for me?
Well, I'm pretty sure
it must be from Carlos.
He was looking for you.
Why did you tell her?
- Thanks.
- Because maybe she'll finally call him
and tell him that she has the boy.
Cuca, I'm sorry,
but you're wrong.
It wasn't Carlos or anything to do
with him. It was some insurance guy.
His name was Elvis
Eluis something like that.
Oh, my goodness, really?
[Keyus] Mm-hm.
Carlos would never
leave a business card,
and I'm sure Yeni knows
his number by heart anyway.
[Carlos] Morning.
- Morning, darling.
- [Julia] Morning.
Coffee for you, sir?
Yes, please. Little. Thanks.
Thank you.
[cellphone vibrating, ringing]
[Yeni] Carlos, It's Yeni.
I'm sorry, I don't wanna call you
at your personal number
but I've been trying to get in touch
with you on the other phone.
The one we were using and
and Julia answered it.
Hi there. How are you?
Yes, I know. I found it odd
that you called because
because the contract clearly states that
we'd have no more contact, right?
I've got your son.
I was pretty sure
they didn't tell you about him.
Where are you?
We're on our way to Puebla.
We're at a restaurant.
Erika's Cabins.
I'm on my way.
- Where are you going.
- [Julia] Carlos?
That was Yeni, Mom.
She says she has my son.
Carlos, your son
is as dead as Irene is.
She was found in her apartment
with a bullet in her head.
I just hope she wasn't murdered
for anything to do with us,
because as soon as they
start their investigation,
they're going to find
all sorts of things,
which means that the two of you
might be implicated.
I'm going to suggest
that you focus
on what is absolutely important,
which certainly doesn't include
the surrogate or her little games.
Bon appétit.
Julia, where are you going?
[door slams]
What's happening?
I'm not sure.
Carlos is coming.
Hey, you guys, they keep
reheating your coffees.
That's all right, sweetheart.
There's no need to rush out.
Yeni spoke to Carlos
and now he's on his way.
- [Sonia] No way.
- [Cuca] Yes.
[indistinct chatter]
Excuse me.
Come on, we gotta get
outta here, hurry!
Keyus, what's wrong?
[Keyus] The keys, the keys.
- Here. What's the matter?
- [Sonia] Okay, okay.
Someone at the restaurant
called the cops on us
because they think we stole
the baby. We gotta go.
Wait, no, Keyus, wait a second.
- What?
- Carlos is on his way here
and he can explain that
this is a misunderstanding.
How do we know he's not
the one who reported it?
We don't need to run away,
we haven't done anything wrong.
- And how are we supposed to prove that?
- Enough!
We're staying here
because we haven't done anything wrong
and we shouldn't
run away like criminals.
Good morning.
[phone rings]
What's up, Mom?
Get back here immediately.
Julia is gone.
What do you mean gone?
Where is she?
[Nora] I don't know.
If she'd left on her own,
she'd have done us a favor,
but she took my granddaughter.
If you'd rather spend your time
searching for that surrogate
instead of concentrating
on where Julia is,
I'll find her myself.
But you're not gonna
like how this turns out.
- [line disconnects]
- Hello?
- [phone ringing]
- [baby crying]
Honey, please call me.
Look, I just need to see
if Yeni is telling the truth.
I have a plan, honey, okay.
Head back to the house
and I'll meet you there
and we can look for her together.
How about that?
Just please call me back, sweetheart.
[Cuca] Sir, sir, would you please
tell us where you're taking us?
We're following up
on a phone call we received.
[Cuca] But who called? Can you please
give us more information?
I can't believe this,
so, let me just get this straight.
- If I had told you I stole that baby
- Sonia.
but then you see that I'm White,
that would be okay.
- Sonia.
- Is that it? That would be fine?
Well, I'm not a racist
but it's like they say
"dark with light,
something's not right".
That's the most
racist thing ever.
- Can you hear yourself?
- Please sit down.
- That's literally the most racist thing.
- Sonia!
- Please sit.
- Yes, officer.
Well, luckily the father
is on his way here
and he'll clear this up.
We've been waiting
for him to arrive
but he's not answering his phone.
We can't get in touch.
And that means
you're gonna have to sit here
until you're proven innocent.
- This is crazy.
- Sonia, that's enough, stop.
We can't just sit here and let him
get away with this. I can't believe it.
Sonia. Sonia, give me your cell phone.
[phone rings]
Sonia, where are you?
No, this isn't Sonia. It's Yeni.
I'm missing my father's funeral today
because we're being detained at a jail.
What? Why?
[Yeni] Because the police think
I stole the baby.
And if Carlos doesn't
get here immediately
to clear all of this up,
I'm gonna tell the police about
everything that you've done.
I don't think it's wise
to meet Briseño in public, Nora.
Why not go to his house?
No, he should come here.
Invite him over to Valle.
If anyone happens to see him,
it's hardly strange for us
to host our neighbors.
And why do you need
to play hostess
to the chief of police, Mom?
Fer, call him, I want us
all to be on the same page,
and avoid the press
getting wind of this.
Of course, Mom.
Should I come with you to Valle?
No, just Arturo.
You stay here. Thank you.
Oh, where's Julia?
She won't answer me.
I'm hoping
she comes to her senses.
They've started investigating
Irene's suspicious death,
and they said
that when she was killed,
her computer was printing
a release letter from Marcela.
- And?
- They have a suspect too.
Who, very curiously,
happens to be one of the men
who attacked what's-her-name,
and her father.
[Balo] You know I didn't kill Irene.
No, so some other cripple
went and paid her a visit, right?
I only wanted to scare
her a little bit.
And you went too far, didn't you?
Someone beat me to the punch,
killed the dad.
Well then, I certainly
hope that, for your sake,
the cameras at Irene's place
will corroborate that.
Because if not,
not even the Holy Father
will be able to save you.
God's not gonna save me
but you will.
Because if they get
me, I'll spill it all.
That's what happened the day
we attacked Yeni and her dad.
[Balo panting]
[horn honking]
[Balo groaning]
What happened?
What the hell did you do?
[Balo grunting]
It all went to hell, man.
That fucking Indian shit
shot my brother!
We gotta get outta here,
come on, let's go!
[Balo] We have to go
back for my brother!
We gotta get him to
a hospital, please!
No, we can't go back,
the cops are coming.
I already told you.
Then get the cops
to call an ambulance, man.
Balo, they know what they're doing,
just calm down.
And what do I do?
My leg hurts so much, I
I'll take you to see
a guy I know, okay?
[Balo] Take me to the hospital!
[David] You know I can't.
They'd call the police,
Balo, don't be an idiot.
I know for a fact
there's a lot less jail time for assault
than for murdering someone.
[tense music]
[David] Let's go.
You know when I was back
at the dry cleaners yesterday,
and it was all messed up?
I was being followed,
he had a limp,
and then Marcela was saying
that after the lawyer
was killed, she saw a guy with a limp.
The point is,
I don't know if he might be
part of their family,
or he might be a friend of Carlos.
You assume it's all their fault,
just like when Marcela swore to us
that that family murdered Mubu.
When in fact, it was
just a terrible accident.
That's true.
But the one who's really
acting suspicious?
Is Marcela, isn't it?
Here she is.
[people chattering]
Right now, the person
who's most useful to you
is Roberto, not Carlos.
Yeni, you need a lawyer.
I'll go see what charges
they're pressing.
I'm sure that there
must be irregularities.
I went to the hospital, and brought you
the birth certificate.
We can use this to prove
you gave birth to him.
I don't want this
horrific crime going unpunished.
One of my closest collaborators
has been killed,
and therefore, it's imperative
that proper actions be taken.
- What do you suggest that we do?
- [Nora] Nothing.
No, I'm simply recommending
that my family's private affairs
not come to light.
Two of the people picked up
on the security footage
have worked with me before,
and I'm absolutely certain
neither of them would be involved.
Just the wrong place
at the wrong time.
Bad luck, is that it?
[Nora] My business with her aside,
Irene was also preparing
legal action against Ochoa.
If the investigation continues,
that would be unfortunate for you.
It's not my place to tell you
how to do your job.
Thank you so much for coming.
You'll be hearing
from me very soon.
Of course, thank you.
I want you to send him
a most generous thank you.
I will deliver the cash personally
very soon.
My nerves are so shaken
after losing Irene.
But you know, life has
taught me that no good deed
will ever go unpunished, will it?
It's clear that I must kill not two,
but three birds
with just one stone.
Right after the birth,
when you were recovering
and I gave you
my cellphone number,
I requested
all of your documents.
I managed to recover
the identification tag from your baby.
I got his birth certificate, too.
You thought of everything, didn't you?
But it's not mine,
not really, anyway.
Of course, I understand.
But I'll make sure
that when everything's sorted out,
you can give this back
to Carlos, all right?
- We going?
- Please.
Hey, thanks.
[eerie music]
[woman in native language] The dead people
always return to their place of origin.
They always return to their village,
where they were born.
[in English] Come in, please.
Children aren't allowed inside.
[baby crying]
Oh, my baby. Oh, shh,
shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Sh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
[emotional music]
[Yeni, in native language] Father
begin your journey
without being cold
and with your most precious belongings.
Light the path of this new journey.
I'm going to miss you very much, Dad.
[in English] You and me, forever.
To the best years
of our lives, Yeni.
Cheers, honey.
When this is all over,
I'll come pick you
up at the hospital,
and we'll be together again,
and make all our dreams come true.
[lid thuds]
[emotional music continues]
[Carlos] I always go to help her,
because I know her,
and I know that
she'd never lie to me
about something like this.
Obviously, that's why
you take her word over our mom's?
Okay, Fer.
What's going on?
We're not children anymore.
We're not competing for the love
and attention of our mother.
It's not a competition
to see who gets the company,
or who's bequeathed more.
Relax, we're not enemies.
No, it's not a competition
because you've always been
way out in front,
the favorite, the firstborn!
Okay, just believe
whatever you want.
I don't care.
I'm only gonna
ask for one thing,
and that's if you happen to know
the guy who hurt Yeni,
who attacked her dad,
who's possibly involved
in the murder of Irene,
that you please let me know.
No idea.
But even if I did,
I would never tell you.
But if you wanna
know my opinion,
Mom would never lie about
the death of your son,
and you know she doesn't
leave loose ends.
[somber music]
[singing in native language]
[firework whooshes]
[firework bursts]
[singing in native language]
- [horn honks]
- [tires squeal]
Hey, watch the road!
Get outta here,
you fuckin' asshole!
[Julia] David, what's going on?
So, Balo confirmed
what your mother-in-law told you.
He went to see Irene,
but he never said a word to her.
Well, he better not run his mouth
if he has to testify.
He thinks Irene and I
came up with this plan.
If he implicates himself,
he's taking me down too.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
Nora will handle it,
don't worry about it, all right?
Relax, you won't be involved.
[line disconnects]
[gentle guitar music]
[birds chirping]
You will always be with me.
[phone rings]
[ominous music]
[rooster crows]
So instead of just
answering the text,
you threw away your phone?
Wouldn't you be scared, too?
I dropped it.
Just imagine what would've happened
if I had called Mubu
at his own funeral.
Sonia, Sonia.
- There's no way that's Mubu.
- It's obviously not.
But I bet this person has
some information about him.
I'm calling them back.
- [ominous music]
- [phone rings]
They're not answering.
It's possible somebody
found Mubu's phone
before he was robbed.
That text could be a prank.
[Cuca] No, whoever this is,
they have information.
[Keyus] Well, maybe Mubu
wrote the message,
and he didn't get
a chance to send it,
so whoever found his phone
is trying to mess with us.
It's possible this person
was involved in the accident.
- No, hold on.
- That's right.
You need to keep calling back
until someone answers.
Look, I have to get my
father's phone back.
I don't know, I'm not sure
that pursuing this path
is a good idea.
Well, I want his phone back.
[phone rings]
[tense music]
Mubu's hand was still warm
when I took his phone out of it.
I've never been that close
to death before, Mom.
I could see it in his eyes.
They start to get dry,
then they darken.
Then the light goes out.
Well, at least you were with him
when he took his last breath.
[tense music]
Unlike your brother,
who died alone.
[matchstick hisses]
Just like a dog.
[phone rings]
[phone beeps]
[baby crying]
Hey, honey.
Calm down, it's okay.
I'm here, sweetie.
Please, please calm down.
Let's see.
[baby crying]
Hey, hey, hey,
don't cry, honey, okay?
[baby crying]
- YES.
Let me just Okay.
Fucking hell!
It's okay.
Why are you always crying?
Why are you always
crying so much, huh?
Hey, hey, it's okay.
[baby crying]
It's okay, it's okay.
[baby cooing]
That better?
Stop, please, baby, yeah.
Yeah, shh.
[baby cooing]
[ominous music]
Everything Yeni experiences
during the pregnancy
will have an effect
on the child.
But, nobody can really remember
their time in the womb, or can they?
Well, not consciously, no.
But the memories and sensations
from that time never leave us.
That's why, as soon
as a baby is born,
it begs for the breast.
The colostrum, the first milk,
gives off an odor much
like amniotic fluid,
and the baby craves
that familiarity.
No, I don't.
I don't want her to have
any connection to my child.
Do you think there's a way
we can avoid that?
Are there any tricks?
I don't know, like
regulating what she does,
or what she eats, or maybe
there's something we can do.
Wait a minute. I mean, I understand
what you're saying,
except it's not realistic.
I mean, how would we be able
to control what Yeni is feeling?
That's impossible.
- [Julia] What if
- Actually, what I'd really like to propose
is that we make her feel protected.
You know, that way
she'll feel cared for,
and she'll relax a bit.
So it feels right.
That would help a lot, I believe.
It would certainly help
the baby's development.
[somber music]
[pills rattling]
[Yeni on TV] Your dad never really told me
much about the person
for whom he would do
anything in the world,
but I knew that it was Julia.
And that's why I wanted
to meet her, but
I guess I lost myself,
and I fell in love.
[tense music]
[closing theme music plays]
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