The Surrogacy (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I'm very excited about studying medicine.
[Hugo] Really? That's great.
- You're really good.
- You think so?
- Sure. You'll do great.
- I hope so.
- Thanks a lot, Hugo.
- You're welcome.
You can count on me.
I'll see you in the next class.
- [Yeni] Thanks. Bye.
- [Hugo] Bye.
[Hugo] Julia?
- Hi! How are you?
- Hi.
- I'm fine. And you?
- Fine.
- I'm glad you came.
- Thanks.
Do you know if there's
a parking lot around here?
A parking lot?
[Julia] Mm-hmm.
You're in one.
- Oh! All right.
- Right?
[Hugo] I haven't seen you
since you married Carlos.
Julia? If you want,
we can go somewhere else.
Are you sure?
- I'm fine, thanks.
- Okay.
You look as if you were about to run off.
- No, not at all.
- Hm.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Who's the girl you were with earlier?
Come again?
It's Yeni, as her friends call her.
I'm preparing her for the admission exams.
Good for her. So, she
Unlike you, I think she can get in.
No, I think so too. Hundred percent.
She's indigenous, isn't she?
Julia, I'm very happy to see you,
but I hate to see the way you've changed.
But I haven't changed.
I'm asking because
I wouldn't mind helping her
with money for her studies.
They are hardworking people.
Poor people.
And not all of them like handouts.
[opening theme music playing]
That was fast.
I was nearby, solving a problem.
You know,
human beings like to kill.
We're natural predators.
Our bodies kill bacteria
in order to survive.
We kill animals and plants for food.
Or we kill each other
when we want to win
or when we feel threatened.
I guess you're an expert when it comes
to hurting human beings.
That's why I understand
[whispers]why you killed Irene.
I didn't kill her.
No, of course not.
That's what I told the chief of police.
The fact that they found
your fingerprints in her apartment,
or that Irene was printing your letter
when she was killed,
or that neighbors
and security cameras saw you
going in and then leaving in a hurry
are nothing but random facts, right?
They may find anything they want
but a motive.
You, instead, have tried
to get rid of all of us
- who were involved in the surrogacy.
- No.
I never try.
I do it.
And that's what I'll do
if you keep being the link
between my son and that Indian.
She has a name. Yeni.
And Carlos and Julia asked me to find her.
I told you to stay out of it.
Yeni is my only weapon against you.
Be thankful I didn't arrange
for her to meet with Carlos.
But guess what?
She's going to meet with Julia.
That idiot will make matters worse.
Or if she sees her son,
maybe she'll want to keep him,
and everything will be all right.
As it should be.
[clicking on phone]
Nora, Carlos slept with her.
Please, tell me something I don't know.
It's different hearing the details
from his own voice.
Have you already talked to her?
- She's not here yet.
- Wait for me.
I'm on my way with Marcela.
On our way there,
think if you'll help me
or if you'd rather live
your whole life in jail.
[intense music playing]
Is this it?
Yes, this is it.
Be careful.
I'm coming with you.
No, you're not.
Yeni needs to see Carlos alone.
Marcela called us.
They're not going to be alone.
Besides, I'd rather make sure
there are no surprises.
Let's go.
Stay here, Cuca.
I'll go with you.
Don't worry, there's no need.
Be careful.
[door opens]
We're looking for Carlos.
This is Julia.
She's the baby's mother.
[emotional music playing]
Forgive me.
I'm sorry. It was all planned,
except for you to be born this way.
What do you mean it was all planned?
[baby coos]
Carlos did everything.
You were the one who sent the message
from Mubu's phone?
I don't know what message
you're talking about.
- I texted Marcela so she'd send you here.
- [car approaches]
So you'd know Carlos saw you
at Hugo's place.
[car door opens, closes]
Carlos hired people to follow you
and set you up
so you'd accept being our surrogate.
Where is he?
Why does he hide behind his wife?
Because he had
more important things to do.
I don't care.
We can also leave the child
with you, right?
No. I'll only discuss this with her.
[snorts] You know what? No.
Who do you think you are
to boss me around?
She's Nora Huizar.
- So?
- [Yeni] Sonia. Sonia.
Wait for me in the car.
- I won't leave you
- Please.
- Sonia.
- I can't leave her with these people.
Let's go inside.
[baby crying]
Go with her.
Are you aware that you signed a contract
accepting the terms
and taking full responsibility?
One of the clauses warned you
about the consequences
of you having sex
or taking any medication.
You didn't comply.
I just took what you gave me.
We have the means to prove in court
that you tried to miscarry
and got involved with Carlos.
I don't know what you were thinking,
but it didn't work
and the baby is malformed.
We're under no obligation
to take the child.
- Nora
- Leave us alone, Marcela.
Go with Julia.
[dramatic music playing]
[music stops]
[noise on TV]
[bell rings]
Shit! Who can it be at this hour?
[ringing continues]
[ringing continues]
[dramatic music playing]
[David] Fuck!
Sorry about that, bro.
You didn't answer,
and these guys get impatient.
[David breathing heavily]
- Nosebleeds are messy.
- [groans]
And painful.
That's why you don't stick your nose
where you shouldn't.
We want the police
to stop bugging good old Balo.
They already know he was at Irene's place
when she was killed.
What's that gotta do with me?
Maybe you can help us.
I'll help you if you tell me who sent you.
[man] Arturo Lemus.
Come on. Don't treat
Lawyer Arturo Lemus like that.
- Come on in.
- [Arturo] Hello.
Here's your backup in case you need me.
Take a seat.
No, thanks.
Thank you very much.
I'm not here for this. I'm here for this.
Here's a donation for your cause.
Mm! [chuckles]
You shouldn't have.
I'm not such a bad player.
I'd like to know if you have any news.
I have bad news. Here, sweetheart.
Take this.
It turns out someone warned the cripple.
Because his mama told us
he skipped town.
That's not my problem anymore.
That lawyer said Balo was coming here.
[dramatic music playing]
Find him.
Carlos wants to talk to him,
but I need to get to him first.
You left us stranded
and I thought you were a jerk,
but you know what?
You're just a coward.
I'm sorry. Something urgent came up.
Julia disappeared with my baby,
and I couldn't make it.
Marcela said you'd be here.
Where's "here"?
I haven't talked to Marcela.
Where are you?
In Avandaro,
where you locked Yeni up for nine months.
Can you put Yeni on, please?
[Sonia] That's not gonna happen.
She's inside with your mother and wife.
You're the only one missing.
Get in the car already.
- He hung up on me.
- Of course he did.
He'll listen to me
whether he likes it or not.
You're so stubborn.
[Cuca] What are you texting him?
what did you write?
It's done.
Mom, you said you were with Julia,
not that you'd meet Yeni.
I'm responsible
for everything that happened,
and I'm going to fix this.
Yes, that's correct.
You can't blame the Indian.
Don't call her that, Mom.
All right.
But if she wants trouble,
she came to the right place.
I said I'm the one responsible for this
and I'll fix it.
I'm on my way.
[Nora] Fine, son.
I'll handle this.
[baby cooing]
[Julia] I suppose you saw this same mole
on Yeni's belly
when you did the C-section.
I delivered the baby,
but she was covered in blood,
and Navarro took her
from me immediately.
If we intended to get rid of you
or the baby boy,
you wouldn't be here.
It takes two to make peace.
But only one to make war.
Think of it this way,
you improved your race.
You have a blond little boy.
However, we don't intend
to make ours worse with his deformity.
You're the one with a deformed heart
even if you look perfect on the outside.
I may be an indigenous woman
and all the things you find despicable
but the only defect of this baby
is that he was born
in a family like yours.
[door opens]
[emotional music playing]
[Yeni] From this day on,
you'll always be with me, my son.
I won't let anyone look down on you.
[music continues]
[music stops]
Carlos is on his way. Let's go.
I don't want him to find us here.
- Yeni?
- She left. For good, I hope.
- Let's go.
- That's my son.
Go get him,
but leave my granddaughter with me.
It's only fair, isn't it?
You should take responsibility
for that boy's deformity.
I didn't know what I was taking.
Fernanda did.
[knocking on door]
Fer, what is it like to be the new mom?
I don't know if I should say this,
but I just want to go back to work.
Maybe I'm not mom material, like you are.
Trust me, Julia.
Having a child is nothing special.
Oh, Fer.
[sighs] Don't give me that look.
Maybe the fact that Nora never was
a caring and loving mother
Looks like I inherited
her lack of motherly instinct.
I feel better now.
It's so strange to me.
Because I only think, all day,
about becoming a mom.
The drug we're trying might help you.
It's still in the experimental phase,
but maybe
Thank you and good night.
The cafeteria is closed for the night.
There are vending machines, though.
Don't worry.
I'd rather sleep than eat right now.
I don't want anything either.
- Maybe some water.
- Water, sure.
I have money for water.
- They told me the rooms were
- [Cuca] Yes. Good night.
Good night.
- Thanks.
- Sleep well.
[Sonia sighs]
Yeni, we'll do whatever you want us to do,
but Sonia's right.
That family tried to scare you
so you wouldn't sue them.
It's not fair for you or that poor kid.
You want to keep studying,
and that baby will need therapy
to be able to walk.
I know you can raise him on your own.
But that child has a family.
With plenty of money.
Forget about the money.
They should be accountable.
He didn't ask to be born.
I fell into their trap.
But I also made mistakes.
And no matter what I do,
I'll lose because
I got involved with Carlos.
The contract said I shouldn't have.
Oh, Yeni.
Contract or no contract,
that man is married.
He'd never stand by you.
[Carlos] Emilio, that will be all.
Can you roll up the sail, please?
Shall we?
She's very pretty.
When Marcela implanted the embryo,
she told me to stay on my back,
but I peeked and I saw you and your wife
on your way to the elevator.
We agreed that the less you know
about the family, the better.
You don't trust me.
Yet you entrust me with something
as important as your child.
[music playing]
I apologize if I said anything
that hurt you,
but that's what we agreed on.
You know,
my father and I don't have any cars,
or houses, or sailboats,
or any money like you do,
but he was free, and I owned my own body.
I've never been able to choose anything,
but I decided not to have children.
Yet here I am.
I've been rented for nine months.
I'll honor the contract.
I don't intend to cause any troubles.
[door closes]
[knocks on door]
May I?
Come in.
it's not you.
It's us. We've been afraid
since we lost our baby.
We've been paranoid ever since.
It's got nothing to do with you.
I promise.
What was the baby's name?
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked.
The last baby
was going to be called Carlos.
Like me.
Although, I was going to call him Junior.
No one has ever asked me
the name of the baby.
For everybody,
the baby was just Carlos' child.
Or Julia's child.
I'm sorry.
[emotional music playing]
You are?
I'm sorry, Yeni.
I got carried away.
I shouldn't have done it.
I'm sorry.
[music continues]
[music intensifies]
he always meant to have his way with you.
No, he didn't force me to do anything.
Marcela's the one who misled me.
She gave me a drug
that harmed the baby.
What I want to know
is why you lied to Yeni.
You arranged a meeting
with Mom and Julia,
making her believe
she was going to meet me?
Because Yeni asked me to.
- That's not true.
- It is.
She meant to tell Julia
that she slept with you.
Please, Marcela. Yeni is not like that.
You're a smart woman.
You'd never go along with that.
Tell me the truth.
Why is Yeni looking for me?
Because she has my son?
Sonia called me.
She said she was willing
to leave him on my doorstep.
What do you know about that?
- Why didn't they do it?
- Not a clue. I'm asking you.
You were with them.
if you know the truth, please tell me.
Is Yeni looking for me
because she has my son?
Is that so?
My baby is not dead.
What makes you think your mother
would give Yeni your son?
And what about Julia?
All those fertility treatments.
I prevented Yeni from going to jail
because someone overheard them
in a restaurant
talking about blackmailing you.
And they thought
he was that missing newborn.
That can't be true.
- You know Yeni.
- No, I don't.
Because you didn't give me the chance.
It's all the same.
You managed to do it anyway.
Look, Carlos
you told me I'd just implant the embryo.
Yet, I'm still here.
That's enough. Leave me alone.
[door opens, closes]
Carlos is
everything a woman like me can't have.
Don't say that.
It's not true.
Yes, it is!
imagine you have a moment
to be with a man
you know you can't have,
not even in your wildest dreams.
And to top it all, he seduces you.
What would you do?
the first time I slept with him
was because
I felt he needed me.
I'd never had sex before.
[emotional music playing]
He didn't even notice,
but I didn't care.
Because I was no longer
just his surrogate.
[both breathing heavily]
I always knew
it'd be something temporary.
You have no idea
It was the only thing
that made me feel I wasn't alone.
And you fell for him.
My feelings grew.
Like the baby I have now.
meant so much to me.
I know if we'd met
under different circumstances,
on the street
he would never have looked at me twice.
Neither would I have.
why yearn for something you can't have?
[Marcela] I saw the baby girl
when Julia changed her diaper, Roberto.
She has Yeni's mole.
[Roberto] If your suspicions are correct
and they find out
Yeni's the mother of both babies,
they are capable of leaving them.
Mm! Thanks.
I needed this.
Nora will never accept
that her grandchildren
came from "that Indian".
That's what she calls her,
"that Indian".
What they did to that woman is unfair.
But the only thing we can do
is report them.
Do you know that the contract
that Yeni signed is not valid?
They scared her into doing
what they wanted.
Yes. But they committed a crime, Marce.
A DNA test will prove
that Carlos is the babies' father.
I stand by Yeni because,
somehow, I'm standing by you.
I know you won't let it rest.
I'm very tired. I'm going to bed.
Hold on. I forgot to give you this card.
An insurance agent
went by the dry cleaner's.
- Call him.
- Elvin.
Maybe tomorrow. It's late.
No, do it now. He went looking for you.
It must be important.
You should call now.
All right.
I'll be right in.
[phone rings]
- Elvin?
- [Elvin] Yes.
This is Yeni.
You left your card at the dry cleaner's.
I'm sorry, I know it's late.
Don't worry. I'm with the person
who needs to talk to you.
Give me a second.
- What is it?
- It's Yeni.
- Who?
- Yeni.
Give me.
Hi. I'm Francisco.
My wife hit your father with the car.
It was an accident.
As a matter of fact, she also died.
I know it's an irreparable damage,
but you probably have expenses,
and we have an insurance policy
that might help you with that.
Thank you, sir, but
no amount of money
will bring my dad back.
If your wife died too,
you probably know what I'm talking about.
What happened?
The problem is that
you could also end up in jail.
You still have to prove
that you didn't kill Irene.
Yeni didn't trust me before that.
She probably trusts me even less now.
She won't accept our help.
Ochoa! A statement, Ochoa!
[anchor] A few minutes ago,
Irene Aviles' murderer was arrested.
Aviles represented
Huizar Pharmaceutical
- filed legal actions against them.
- I didn't do anything!
Mr. Ochoa was being dragged away
by the police.
He wasn't even allowed
to make a statement.
Nora kept her word.
This means I won't be implicated anymore.
For the time being.
[door closes]
[intense music playing]
I backed you up
because you once told me
that you'd do anything for Julia,
even getting a surrogate.
But I didn't know that the surrogate
would also become your whore.
I still don't get
how you could stand
sleeping with that woman.
[music continues]
[door closes]
[Tessa cooing]
[Carlos] Babe?
Forgive me.
Please, I beg you.
And forgive me if
That's why you went after her.
You love her.
I have a confession to make.
What is it?
For some time, I've been feeling
angry at the whole world.
For the first time, you make me feel
like someone sees me.
That someone asks me how I'm doing.
That someone gets me.
So you won't miss her either.
No, babe.
[door opens]
[closing theme music playing]
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