The Surrogacy (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[dramatic music]
I'm gonna be a dad.
[chuckles softly]
Yeni, we're gonna be parents.
- That's good, right?
- Yes.
I'm gonna be a dad.
It's amazing.
I'm gonna be a dad.
Thanks to you.
Thank you.
I'd better call Julia.
She's gonna loose it,
she's won't believe any of this.
[Julia] I can be
there soon, what is it?
[Carlos] I asked Yeni
to take a test just now.
[Julia] And?
[Julia] I can't believe it.
It's finally happening,
I can't believe it.
[Carlos] I know, finally.
You're gonna be a mom.
[opening theme music playing]
[cellphone rings]
You smell so good.
Look at how handsome
you are, so beautiful.
- Here you are.
- So precious.
Good morning.
I didn't wanna wake you up,
so we came out here.
No, you didn't wake me up, Yeni.
What did wake me up was the guy
who had your dad's cellphone
They told me that
just before Mubu died,
your dad told him to give it to you,
that it was important.
Well, tell him
we're in Valle for now,
but we can meet him up
Mexico City in a bit.
No, they want to meet,
they're asking where.
- That's pretty weird though.
- Yeah, I guess.
But I need some
answers to the questions
that are running
through my head.
All right, then why don't we say
that we'll meet him in public.
Somewhere crowded.
Let's meet at the pier.
I've been wanting to
go down and see it.
I've just been waiting for
the right moment to visit.
Fine, so I'll tell him
we'll be there in two hours,
that would give you time
to have a shower
and Grandma can
have one too. Good?
[phone beeps]
It's done.
I'm meeting Yeni in Valle.
Why go out there?
Because outside city limits,
police don't do anything
about missing woman.
Why not wait a little longer?
Rest your leg.
Let it cool off.
No, now.
She looked up.
[Elvin] That's great.
Look at her.
Isn't she beautiful?
So now you can go back to Puebla
with your in-laws to bury Lucia.
- I don't know.
- Don't worry about her,
I'm gonna stay here
and make sure she's okay.
No, no, Elvin, I would rather
stay here with my daughter.
I don't wanna to be away
from her right now, okay.
It's what Lucy would have wanted,
I'm sure of it.
I'm going to honor
my promise to her.
I'm gonna keep my child
safe from harm forever
and I'll take responsibility
for the man Lucy hit as well.
Okay, in that case,
you might have to
go searching for Yeni
a little bit harder.
Yes. Yeah, I wanna tell
her about something
that happened here
at the hospital.
[phone ringing]
[David] Julia, it's me, David.
Yes, I've been calling you.
You know your brother-in-law sent along
some goons to break my nose.
Honey, and my face
is all messed up.
Hey, and I've been taking
all these pills for the pain
but this guys were nuts, they practically
broke my freaking neck.
- Why'd he send them?
- They were looking for Balo.
Look, if this is your
family's idea of protection
then no thanks No, thank you,
I don't need this.
Well, I'm pretty sure that
Nora must have asked Arturo
to make sure that Balo
keeps his mouth shut.
Well, whatever the reason,
they made it clear
that if the cops get Balo,
then it better be for
something really big.
Balo's mom told me he was gonna
meet with Yeni by the pier
over in Valle.
I don't wanna get
mixed up in this.
They can do whatever
they want with Yeni.
[ominous music]
[Cuca] What is it, sweetie?
Where are you?
I went down to breakfast
and they told me you left
in a hurry, what's happening?
- Yeni went down to the pier on her own.
- [Cuca] What?
She took the baby
and went out to meet a stranger alone?
Yes, I'm looking for her now,
I'll call soon.
Hey, be careful.
[suspenseful music]
- Yeni.
- [Keyus] Where are you going?
I know you.
Nice to see you again
Mayan princess.
Hey, where are you going?
You leaving without this?
They say better late
than never, don't they?
I wanted you to be able
to hear the final message
your dad had for you.
When I took his phone,
your father's hand was still so warm.
This face was the last thing he ever saw.
[Sonia] Yeni.
- Don't move a muscle.
- No!
- Just stay put.
- Please don't hurt my son.
- Yeni.
- Hey.
- No don't hurt my son, please.
- Easy.
Hey, hang on, you're the guy
from the laundromat.
- Move it.
- Okay.
- Move it. Move.
- Okay, okay, I'm going.
Who is this?
What do you want from us?
What I want is a new leg.
And to bring back my brother.
He's one of the guys
that attacked me and my dad, Sonia.
Mr. Carlos, you should know
I'm following Julia,
and she's gone to the pier.
She's behaving erratically,
I'm not sure what she'll do.
[Carlos] She took my daughter,
and isn't answering my calls.
Nestor, as soon as you
get to her call me,
and put her on the phone.
Yes. sir.
My baby.
- Ma'am, come on let's go.
- Why are you here?
- Miss, please come with me.
- Get off me. Don't touch me.
You need to call your husband
right now, he insisted.
- [line rings]
- [Carlos] Julia, please, come back.
You think forcing me,
is gonna get me to come back
with my daughter.
Wait, no look, just listen
to me for a second, please.
If you wanna leave,
or do something else,
I'm not gonna stop you,
but don't bring my girl into this.
So now, you're interested
in doing what's right.
Oh, but only now that you
screwed up our marriage.
After you cheated on me, huh?
After sleeping with Yeni.
Do you love her?
You love her.
Take it easy, okay. Just relax.
Yeni was forced
into having a baby.
They said it's an exchange
to get her dad out of jail
and also pay you.
All this time I believed you were
different from your family, Carlos.
But you've always
been as bad as Nora.
Listen to me, I will never
let you have my daughter
just so you can turn her
into another Huizar. Never.
Let him go, get off him.
Someone help.
Keyus! Keyus, do something,
she can't swim.
Keyus, come on.
Here, ma'am.
Ma'am, please just calm down.
[Carlos] Julia, listen to me.
The girl is not yours.
Yeni and I are her
biological parents.
[officer on radio] We got 10-13 downtown,
repeat 10-13.
Andres Ochoa, listen up,
your lawyer is here for you.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[gate closes]
Counselor, they won't
let me talk to my wife.
I'm a lawyer,
but not public counselor.
Now we only have a few minutes,
so let's make the most of them.
If you accept that I'll defend you,
you'll serve a little time.
If you wanna help me,
wouldn't it be better if you did your job
and kept me out of prison.
I'm aware what we're up against
and I'll hate to give you
false hope, Andres.
What're you talking about?
What's it to you?
I'm a friend of Marcela's.
You should have lead with that.
She no longer works
for the Huizars.
Except she's been spending her free time
running errands from Nora.
And worse, she was
responsible for the horrific
clinical trials that brought
on our children's birth defect.
- She did that.
- She really wants to make amends now.
She wants the Huizars to pay
the compensation you all deserve.
She might say that,
but she never supported us publicly.
Because she was bound
to a confidentiality with the Huizars.
It's impossible to publicly
share about her work there.
Counselor, I did not murder Irene.
I'm aware,
because Marcela was with her
when she was killed.
She saw a man with a limp
leaving the building,
but that's why I'm here.
We're here to help,
because alone you won't be
able to fight the Huizars,
trust me.
They'll give you
the maximin sentence.
So if you change
your mind, call me.
- [Yeni coughs]
- Yeni, Yeni, Yeni breath.
Come on, breath, come on.
Hey, easy, it's okay.
She's okay.
- Keyus, she's fine.
- Where's my son.
- My son.
- Hey, take it easy.
- I've got him. Yeah, he's fine.
- Yeah, he's here, lie down.
- Just lie back. Breathe.
- Try to be calm.
The ambulance would be here soon.
Okay, just breath, Yeni.
Where did you park
your van, ma'am?
- There.
- [phone rings]
My girl, my girl, my girl.
[Fernanda] Oh, just a little article,
right, in this small-scale newspaper,
you know, the one who loves
to speak up about lost causes.
Well, it's not on television, is it?
No. Well, they had to show
Ochoa's capture, of course.
But I I managed to distract them
with the press release,
from you with your
condolences about Irene.
And that you're demanding that
the investigation
reach its conclusion soon.
Without mentioning his name, of course.
Once this guy goes to jail,
all of this would be in the past, Mom.
What's wrong?
[Nora] This.
The smallest detail
can make all the difference, hmm?
Like when you told me that our Julia
had been taking the medication
that we've been working on.
But the insignificant detail,
you didn't tell me
was that you gave it to her.
We believe that that
the medication was safe, Mom.
You more than anybody know that,
no medication is safe.
The kind of damage it could do
wasn't something we had a handle on.
And Julia was a mess,
I wasn't able to do anything.
Look, you did what I taught
you to do in order to win,
but don't you dare
insult my intelligence
by shirking your responsibilities.
You think I believe you
when you say you wanted to help her?
[car horn honks]
[Nestor] Yes, sir.
Thanks very much.
Where's the girl, huh?
Apparently, there are a few men
who took the van, sir.
And my daughter, where is she?
I don't know. I don't know.
Was she inside?
Julia, did you leave
my daughter inside?
Carlos, I couldn't
take her with me.
I would have been too dangerous.
Are you serious?
[Julia] What are you gonna do?
- Hello.
- [Carlos] Arturo,
is the police chief
still in Valle?
They took Julia's van
while my daughter was still inside.
Julia was behaving erratically,
so they kept your daughter safe.
See, I assumed that you would be home
so that's where they're taking her.
I figured once you got there,
you would call me
and I would explain everything.
Okay, when she's back
with me safe and sound,
I'll call and let you know.
Thanks, Arturo.
What'd he say? What?
I can't believe you.
Carlos, listen to me.
Just listen to me, please.
In the moment I couldn't
think of anything else to do.
What were you thinking
just abandoning her like that?
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music continues]
Why don't I drive you back
to your place, all right?
- I'll tell you
- No.
- what happened with Ochoa.
- No, no, I'm not leaving.
That family can't make me leave.
Marce, I'm begging you.
I'm supposed to just accept
that I'm nothing more
than a pawn for Nora
to move about on a board?
You can think of it like that
or you're the piece that'll push
the rest of the dominoes
and bring Nora to her knees.
- I
- Be the spark that'll bring her down.
It will come to pass.
It's no longer just about you, Yeni,
or even the protocol women.
That man who deserves justice
is part of our fight now, too.
Pieces. We're just pawns to her.
She's manipulating
us like marionettes.
You're the only one who can get us
the evidence we need, Marce.
We need them
to think they're ahead,
that you've run away and that
they've imprisoned Ochoa.
How is she?
She's fine, sir.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
She just had a diaper change,
and she seemed hungry, so I fed her.
- Was she upset?
- No, sir.
She was perfectly calm,
especially after feeding.
Oh, my beautiful baby girl.
How are you?
How's the most beautiful
girl in the world?
What's that?
Ah, yes, Sweetie.
- Can we talk, please?
- It's your papa.
[baby whimpers]
Yeah. Naya,
would you give us a minute?
- Of course.
- I'll see you really soon.
Come on, sweet little girl. Let's go.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Thanks.
- Make sure she stays warm.
- Yes, ma'am. Excuse me.
Let's talk.
Why do you believe
that girl is Yeni's daughter?
That birthmark she has on her belly
Yeni has the same one.
It runs in her family.
They're identical.
[phone ringing]
May I?
- Hello?
- Are you with your daughter?
Yes, thank you.
How 'bout explaining
why those men were following Julia,
and what you were
gonna do with my baby?
Arturo, I'm onto you.
Cut the bullshit.
[dramatic music]
[line ringing]
- [Julia's mother] Hello?
- Ma?
- Hello, hi, hello?
- Can you hear me?
Julia, there's
a snowstorm here, my love.
Oh, my goodness, it's beautiful.
- Julia, you have to come up.
- Would you listen to me?
I really need to come back home
for a while, Mom.
What? Hello?
Would you stop it
and listen to me?
The children from the surrogate,
they're not mine.
What? Hello?
I can't hear you.
The signal's terrible, Julia. Hello?
[line disconnects]
I think that'll do it for you.
Come on.
Let's get up. Nice and easy.
You should have waited.
Well, yes, but I had
to clean her up a bit.
I mean, her belly.
They haven't even removed
the C-section suture yet,
- poor girl.
- Did Keyus hurt her?
A little bit, but he had to.
He saved her life, Sonia.
[Sonia] I Yeni, seriously.
You should have waited.
They could have taken
you to the hospital.
No, all I want is to go home,
go back to the city and protect my son.
Balo isn't out there.
While they were booking him, Keyus
talked to the police, but never mind,
he'll tell you more.
I'll go and get him.
[door closes]
Did you
did you manage to get it?
Yeah, I did.
[suspenseful music]
It's a good thing my mom
sent Nestor to help.
Who knows what would've
happened to you?
Was he helping or spying on me?
This is the second time
you've run away with my girl.
[scoffs] Oh, "my girl."
Don't worry about it.
Your girl will be
perfectly safe, I promise.
[suspenseful music]
Why did you
leave her in the van?
What was so dangerous
you had to leave her?
Just be glad I was
able to protect her.
Isn't that what you want?
You really mean that?
Let me make something clear, Julia.
My daughter has absolutely
nothing to do with this.
I'm the one who made a mistake.
I'm responsible for this,
so if you need to get even with anyone,
get even with me.
I did it for us.
[Julia laughing]
You think that's funny?
I find it hilarious.
Thanks so much. I should be grateful,
shouldn't I?
If you had slept
with her just for me,
so that we could have a child,
then I'd know you did it for us,
that you loved me,
but you not only
made the decision to sleep with Yeni,
you went and fell in love, too?
You went and fell in love, and you didn't
care who got hurt because of it.
You shattered something inside of me.
I will never be a mother now.
Do you get that?
I'm sorry.
I didn't think I had
any other choice.
I left you with no other choice
because I don't have
a working uterus, right?
No. No, no, no.
I didn't mean it like that.
I just mean that I would've wanted
to keep this secret
between us forever, but you
but then you threatened
to take my daughter away.
I got scared. It was the only thing left
that I could do.
What should I have done?
Look, Carlos, your actions
speak volumes in a way
your silence never could.
You take every
opportunity you get
to run after her
to win her back.
It's not what you think, Julia.
I'm trying to figure out if there's
any truth to their claim.
If my son's alive,
I have to know.
Stop making excuses. Carlos, why can't you
just admit you're looking
for a reason to see her again?
Julia, go ahead and believe
what you want, okay?
But I never saw his body, did you?
[emotional music]
I I saw her arriving
at the cabin without him.
See, none of this
makes any sense.
I just want to understand it.
Is that so wrong?
Right, so I'm just supposed
to look the other way
while you treat me like shit?
Have you considered
my feelings at all?
But I suppose
nothing else matters,
that others are implicated.
Have you thought about
someone other than yourself?
- Hey
- No, no, no, no.
I want you to think about this.
There was a man who supposedly
loved me more than anyone else,
and this man who swore he only
wanted a family with me is leaving me
- for the woman who can give him children.
- I'm not leaving.
I was clear to her
I'd never do that.
I told Carlos that BriseƱo and I
could arrange a time
for him to talk to Balo.
We just have to give
Balo some instruction
on what he needs to say.
And Carlos didn't
ask you anything
about why Julia was
so close to the pier
where the attack happened?
He wasn't curious?
He was so preoccupied with his girl
that he didn't connect the dots.
Nestor followed her to the pier
and sent me a message.
I could have called
Carlos first, you know,
distracted him, but
Well, then he called me,
and I told him
where his daughter was.
The cops and ambulance
were already there,
so I rushed him out.
Don't worry. It's all under control,
unless Julia decides to make a move.
[scoffs] She might call Yeni
or go to meet Balo.
You assume you have
everything under control.
Arrogance is a sin.
Remember that, hmm?
Julia is my problem now.
I can't shake
the feeling that Yeni's
trying to tell me
something important.
She's looking for me for a reason.
And no, I don't always
go running after her,
because you've always
been my priority.
[emotional music]
We're gonna get through
this soon, I promise.
We'll find a way out. Hmm?
I got a call from Sonia.
She told me she had
important evidence.
I've got a good
feeling about it.
[suspenseful music]
Everything's ready
for the funeral.
We just need
the family's authorization.
Let me talk to her family.
The body will be released before
the investigation is done,
all thanks to us.
Yes, ma'am. I'll have them
get in contact with you then.
[Fernanda] Mm-hmm.
What's your mom
have planned this time?
She wants to organize
a private service for Irene's family
and then give them the body
to bury or something.
I really don't care.
[Arturo] Is that
why you're so moody?
My mother found out
that the two of us
gave the protocol pill to Julia.
The two of us? [chuckles]
[Fernanda] It's not funny, Arturo.
We knew the risk.
Think about the big picture.
Now, Nora knows Julia is a liar.
She orchestrated that whole attack
on Yeni and her father
to make the woman
be their surrogate.
I had to tell your mother that
so she'd agreed to let
Balo meet with Carlos.
I'm not sure I'd buy it, though.
Are we expected to believe
that Julia played Carlos that badly?
Oh, come on.
You know him as well as I do.
I hate to say it, but Carlos
isn't like the rest of us.
Well, he was the one
so desperate to get her pregnant.
I'll see what else I can find
out at the meeting with Balo.
[suspenseful music]
They told me over at
the Public Ministry
that since that Balo guy
was caught trying to kill you,
you don't need to
report anything.
It's already taken care of over there.
If he was hired by that family,
I'm sure they'll find
some way to get him out.
Close the door, please.
Mark my words.
Hold on, Cuca.
Maybe we should
go report 'em all together.
Oh, please. You know
they've got money caves.
Well, that's what
they told me yesterday,
that here in the States,
they do things differently.
The fact is, Yeni,
if you report 'em,
you'll have to come back over
and over again to keep
checking on it, you know?
And you'll have to give up
all your secrets.
- The whole truth, every last bit.
- [Sonia] Mm.
I hoped I could keep it quiet.
But he's responsible
for my dad's death.
I can't keep quiet about that.
He never said that
he murdered your father.
No, but he didn't have to.
He saw him die.
He was there.
He was avenging his brother's death,
and that's why
I have to report him.
And we don't know
any more than that?
No, no, no, no, no.
It's fine. Okay.
I'm on my way.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna talk to the criminal
who attacked Yeni
and her father.
I need to know
what he was doing at Irene's place
the day she was murdered.
No, no, no.
Ochoa's already behind bars.
Seriously, honey?
Do you honestly believe
Ochoa killed her?
No. I'm not sure.
I have no idea.
But how is that more important
than what we're dealing with?
Because this is our problem, too,
and it's just as important.
This guy could know something
about what we did to Yeni.
Just think about it.
He has Irene's address.
He probably knows
more than he's letting on,
and Arturo didn't
give me details,
but isn't it weird that the guy
was detained near here?
What was he doing?
Something's off, right?
[Nestor] Don't go to sleep on me now.
We've got so much to talk about.
And with your limp,
it would be a shame to make you stand.
On the bright side,
if you cooperate,
we'll have you home
by the end of the day.
[Balo groans]
[dramatic music]
Well, what do we have here?
She's here to meet
with her accomplice, isn't she?
Too bad for you,
you failed to get rid of me,
because now I'm going to talk.
The criminal you hired
to fake the assault,
I know he murdered my dad.
I had absolutely nothing to do
with your father's death.
I'd never do
anything to hurt you.
I don't believe you.
What is all this?
Let's just go.
- Carlos, what are you doing?
- Stop, we're already here.
Let's just do it.
[dramatic music]
[Balo grunts]
Sir, he's ready
to tell you what he knows.
[Yeni] No, you aren't going anywhere.
- You're a killer.
- Yeni.
- Yeni.
- You murdered my father.
Take it easy. Hey.
- No!
- Yeni!
- [grunts]
- No!
- Yeni, stop. Yeni
- Let go of me.
She almost drowned.
Because you forced my brother
and me to attack these people.
What happened to your dad
killed my brother
and destroyed my whole life.
- You're a liar.
- Sonia!
[Balo thuds]
Sonia, come on. Run.
Come on, run.
We got to go now.
- [tires squealing]
- [dramatic music]
[Julia] Carlos,
what are you doing?
[dramatic music]
[closing theme music plays]
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