The Surrogacy (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[serene music]
It feels incredible just to
be here with you, incredible.
But to be honest, I love Julia.
The two of us
have been through so much.
[footsteps recede]
Yeni, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to upset you.
I was just being honest
about how I feel.
No, it's fine, we'll do
anything for the ones we love.
Yeni, I truly don't want
to hurt you, not you,
not not Julia, I really
don't wanna hurt anybody.
[dramatic music]
Nobody's gonna get hurt.
[opening theme music playing]
[sirens blaring]
[dramatic music]
Keyus, where are you going?
Don't worry about it,
I know a shortcut.
[phone ringing]
[Carlos] Sonia, please
tell him to stop the car.
No, you listen to me,
Carlos, if you want proof
we have your son,
you'll leave us alone.
Sonia, hang on,
listen, I promise you
that nothing will happen okay?
Okay, look Nestor called me
and Balo is fine.
He was hit pretty hard,
but they're taking good care of him.
They've got him at the hospital,
just stop.
Oh, that makes me feel
so much better knowing the guy
you're protecting is being
taken care of in the hospital.
Thanks, Carlos.
Sonia, what proof do you mean?
[slow music]
[Keyus] Hey. Carlos, he stopped.
[Sonia] Let's go.
[engine revving]
[dramatic music]
[breathes heavily]
- Where's all my stuff?
- Sir, you shouldn't be
- Where's my wallet?
- Here, let me take you back.
- Someone stole my things.
- Miss, don't worry,
- I'll handle this.
- Okay.
Your phone's at the bottom of a lake
and your wallet's with the police
but you're not gonna need it.
Ah, and the pistol you used
to try to murder Yeni,
that's in my possession
for evidence, yeah,
you watch yourself.
- Who are you?
- You know me.
I'm Arturo Lemus.
Hmm, yeah.
Nestor told me you were
very convincing, Balo,
- with Carlos.
- I don't know anything else.
- Oh, I wouldn't say that.
- Hey, if I go back to prison,
there's more I can spill.
Much, much more.
I also know some people
who can be convincing,
but I don't think
it has to come to that.
We can make an arrangement.
Hmm, like the compensation
we were supposed to get,
fucking bastards.
As far as I understand,
that money is gone.
They gave it to David and Irene.
When I was ordered to
take her from the hospital,
that included taking the newborn,
even though they didn't want it,
it was Irene
who told her she had to cooperate,
so they could help get her
out of the mess she's in.
I thought they were
lying about the kid
so they wouldn't
have to give her up.
But I saw her
at the lake with a child,
then I knew it was the truth.
[dramatic music]
Here, come in, come in, come in.
Sorry about the mess, it's been
I know it's not much
but we'll make it work.
Let me tidy up a bit, make some room.
Okay, sorry.
Keyus, it's all right, honey.
No, it's not all right,
we need to make some room.
It's really okay,
we'll be fine here.
Don't worry about it, Yeni,
I'll get these things out of your way.
Keyus, we won't be staying for long.
We'll just find someplace else
where we can stay for a while.
There's no rush,
you can stay as long as you need.
Honestly, it's a relief
having you all here.
Because that madman
isn't going to stop looking for you.
First, he loses his brother,
then his leg.
Look, Keyus, Sonia and I
will be able to set
everything else up, all right?
Yeni should really
be resting, okay?
Yeah, just make
yourselves at home.
I'll go and get another mattress.
And leave the heavy stuff
for me to do.
- See you soon.
- Keyus, wait for me.
- No, no, no, I insist on helping.
- [Keyus] Okay.
Ah. I'm sorry, ma'am,
I came to lock up
because I thought you had left.
I'm just about to leave.
Anything pressing?
Andres Ochoa's wife
is insisting on an appointment.
Tell her that tomorrow morning
I'll be at Irene's funeral service,
give her the itinerary
and the funeral home's address.
It's not a meeting.
And make it seem like
you're doing her a favor.
I'll do that, ma'am.
[dramatic music]
Hey, where you going?
You abandoned me
to chase after that woman yet again.
- Wait. Julia, Julia, Julia, listen to me.
- I'm leaving the city.
- What?
- I'm sorry, okay?
My head's so messed up right now.
I just got overwhelmed
and I wasn't thinking.
Yeah, it's abundantly clear
you were not thinking.
You know what?
When somebody stops thinking,
you know who they really are,
what they want.
No, Julia, you're only
seeing what you wanna see.
Well, you insist on being
blind to everything.
Didn't you hear that guy?
They are accomplices.
That's not true.
It's not true, I just talked to them.
Okay? I was just there.
He told me exactly
what happened, everything.
He planned the attack
with Irene's lawyer friend.
The two of them staged it,
the intention was to get us
involved with Yeni
but things spiraled
out of control.
Because Mubu, that's Yeni's dad,
ended up killing
that guy's brother.
That's the reason he's after her,
he wants to get revenge.
That's why he lied
to meet Yeni at the lake, to attack her.
- You believe that?
- I don't know, Julia,
I don't know.
I know that somebody
is lying to me
and they're treating
me like an idiot.
Oh, give me a break.
Treating you like an idiot?
- Hmm-mm.
- Carlos, you're the one
who slept with another woman.
How on earth
could you be so stupid.
Listen, just answer
one thing, that's all.
If Yeni never knew
she was pregnant with twins,
then why on earth
does she claim to have our son?
The very same son
that was supposedly lost.
The same son that my mother
supposedly had cremated.
We never saw anybody,
why is that?
[Cuca] If you decided to be
that boy's mother,
then I'm sorry, but you're
gonna need to make a plan right away.
You'll have to watch
every step you take from now on.
Sure, but they're
the ones that attacked
when Carlos' mom said
she didn't wanna fight.
And how can you be sure
that criminal wasn't acting alone?
Because Carlos saved him,
didn't he?
Maybe he was just hoping
to get him to keep quiet.
I don't think
what Nora told you is all that crazy.
If they wanted you
out of the picture,
they wouldn't have
left you in the park.
Maybe they changed their minds,
I don't know.
I don't think so.
All I know
is if we're not careful,
they will change their minds.
How do you explain this?
How is Carlos the mastermind
behind all this,
but also needs evidence of his son?
Assume the worst,
it will come to pass.
Maybe he's testing Yeni
to see if she'll speak up or not.
I have got something
important to tell you.
I just saw Balo.
- Carlos' son is alive.
- [dramatic music]
Nora gave him to Yeni
because of his deformed legs.
It worked.
It's strange that the pills
would have caused
only one baby to be deformed
since the embryo
was supposed to have divided, no?
Nothing you wanna say?
Aren't you the biologist?
You know more about it
than I do.
Hey, don't walk away from me.
I'm hoping you'll
tell me why you kept
this a secret from me, Fer.
Because either you would
have given them to Balo
or you would have gotten rid
of them both on your own.
And in my house,
we do not hurt a baby,
especially, if they're family.
You've got some pretty
flexible morals.
If that child
was born with a deformity,
then that is your fault.
Don't you dare pretend like
this wasn't all your idea.
Just once I figured
I would follow my mother's orders,
and I'm happy I did
because now I never have to
see that child again
and be reminded
of all the damage I've done.
[Sonia] Keyus won't let me help him
buy the air mattress.
You could have given it
to me to give to him.
Isn't it obvious
he's trying to impress you?
Of course not. I told him
we'll settle up later.
Hmm, okay, you mark my words.
What makes you so sure about it?
Honey, because with men
it's so much more obvious
when they're interested
in someone like he is.
Look at everything
he does for you.
And it's hardly new,
he's been doing that for a while.
But that's because
we're friends.
Hmm, I'm not convinced
that Keyus sees you as just a friend.
He would have said something.
Honey, he said
something already,
you just can't see it
with your head in the clouds.
You know what,
that's not it, please,
it's that I'm on the hunt
for a type of person.
- That's the problem.
- I'm sorry, what now?
Because it's not about the hunt,
and he won't just appear, like with Yeni.
Okay, cool, so we don't look,
he doesn't appear.
- Hmm-mm.
- So then what?
When someone interests you,
you build something together.
Who's my beautiful sunshine, hmm?
Who's my beautiful girl?
Hmm. Give her to me.
- But she's calm now.
- Well, I want to hold her.
Hello my little love, hmm.
Tomorrow, during Irene's funeral,
you are going to register her
with your last name alone.
And why in the world
would I do that, huh?
Not without at least
talking with Julia.
And besides, the two of us have
other things to worry about.
She and I need to decide
if our relationship has a future.
None of this changes
the fact that Julia
may try to run off
with her again.
We avoided it this once.
But look, if you won't protect
your own daughter,
I'll do it for you.
Sleep time, my love,
say bye-bye to Dad.
Say, "Bye-bye, Daddy, goodnight."
Bye-bye, goodnight, sweetie.
I wanna stay with her awhile,
could you close the door behind you?
[dramatic music]
- [Julia] Nora?
- [Nora] Hmm.
I'm not gonna run away
with your granddaughter again.
And I promise I won't ask
Yeni about the boy anymore either.
Glad you've had
a change of heart after all.
What I really hope
is that you consider
staying away from us.
[dramatic music]
What is that?
Is that what they paid you
to stay away from the girl?
No, Ma,
it's what they promised us
as compensation.
- Blood money, Balo.
- No, Mom.
[dramatic music]
Arturo promised to prove
that Yeni had nothing
to do with what happened to us.
We'll just wait.
What do you think?
Don't know.
They just packed her off with a kid
that isn't even hers.
But Arturo doesn't want me to
get into trouble, because he needs me.
He's got work for you?
Not exactly.
More like the little bastard's
got me by the balls now,
so I have to do what he wants,
I have no choice.
But don't worry about me, Ma.
I'm not just gonna sit around and wait.
And pretty soon I'll be able
to avenge my brother's death.
I have to take advantage
of this opportunity, Ma, okay?
They've got shit tons of money.
And they for sure know doctors.
I already told them
to get me one to fix my leg.
[gentle dramatic music]
[Yeni] It's too bad
you didn't get rid of me,
because I'm going to sue you.
The criminal you hired to scare me
into this killed my dad.
I got carried away.
I fell in love with the man
who loved me for nine whole months.
[slow music]
[Carlos] The girl isn't yours.
Yeni and I are the parents.
[Nora] What I really hope is that you
consider staying away from us.
[dramatic music]
[Julia] Our three hearts
are united in a way,
his, mine, and yours.
[intense music]
[slow music]
[gentle knock]
Yeni, are you all right?
Cuca, I'm so sorry.
I didn't wanna wake you up.
I brought him to the bathroom
because he was fussy and hungry.
You know
Sonia sleeps like a log.
And the truth is,
when you get to be my age,
you don't sleep all that well.
Come on, let's get some rest.
What if I'm unable to
be the mother he needs?
I wondered the very same thing
when I held my son
in my arms for the first time.
Yeah, but this
baby's been ignored
from the time he was in my womb.
Because, as far as
everyone else was concerned,
you were only gonna have a baby girl.
Whenever Carlos spoke
to my belly, he was just
he was only speaking
to his daughter.
I cannot imagine coming into
this life feeling so rejected.
I'm used to feeling rejected
by the world.
I won't let the same thing
happen to my baby.
And you're being a good mother.
We're all afraid,
at least at first.
You can't spend
your life wondering
if you'll be enough for them.
But there's no easy answer.
It just takes time.
It takes experience.
Don't worry about it.
I'm here to support you in this.
I'll teach you
everything I know.
[knock on door]
[door opens]
Julia, are you with the baby?
I was just thinking
it isn't fair to blame the baby
for the mess we're in.
Have you ever considered
the possibility
that someone just made an error?
The two of us didn't
lose our embryo?
What do you mean?
No, Julia, I spoke with
the doctor who treated Yeni.
He was very clear
that it was a miscarriage.
He just said that because
she was bleeding, you know.
I bled many times, remember?
And every time we would panic
and call Marcela,
who would reassure us
the bleeding was
a result of the implant.
Julia, it's different.
- It's not different.
- Yes.
I wanna do a DNA test to find out
if she's mine or not.
What? Why?
What's going on?
Why don't you want this?
We already know.
I told you, the baby was born
with the very same
birthmark as Yeni,
and her father had
it too, apparently.
And from what I understand,
it was a hereditary mark
across the whole family.
Well, at least you didn't send
your lackey along this time
to do your talking for you.
Ah, if you mean Nestor,
then you must know who I am.
Yeah, obviously I saw your photo
in the paper with Irene once.
Speaking of Irene,
you don't have to worry
about being involved
in the investigation.
[chuckles] It's okay.
I'm not worried at all.
I'm totally innocent.
'Course you are.
You were the one who paid off
the police involved
in the trap you set for Yeni.
They were kind enough to inform us
Mubu did not kill Balo's brother.
He was wounded, but it was you who gave
the order to have him killed.
We also met the butcher
pretending to be a doctor,
who you had paid
to botch Balo's leg.
You know, it wouldn't be
terribly convenient for me
to just start blabbing, would it?
The dead can't talk, bud.
And we wouldn't even have
to get our hands dirty
if we told Balo
everything that happened.
- What do you want?
- A coffee.
Now we're starting to
understand each other.
[intense music]
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
A little tired for sure,
but eating will help with that.
- [Yeni] Hey.
- You're back.
So, how did it go?
We picked up tamales
and sandwiches, all ready to eat.
Oh, is the little guy asleep?
He's fast asleep.
- Shh, I got you.
- [Keyus] Huh? Okay.
Shh, shh, shh, beautiful.
I pawned my dad's car, Cuca.
Oh, no, honey.
Your dad worked
so hard to afford it,
and it's the only thing he left you.
I know, Cuca, but it was
my father who taught me
that happiness can't be bought.
And besides, I wanna
help with the move
and I wanna take my son
to a specialist doctor
and learn what treatment options
are available for him.
I'll put him to bed.
Hey, thanks for everything.
Hey, Yeni.
Francisco wants to talk to you.
It's very important.
I've also gotta talk to him
about something important.
[ominous music]
[phone rings]
You knew that both babies were Yeni's,
didn't you, Marcela?
Julia, just leave me alone.
Is that why you were
looking at her birthmark?
You know what,
maybe if I go back to sleep,
I'll wake up from this
horrific nightmare
that plucked me out of my life
and took me away from home,
and all because
I tried to help you.
No, Marcela,
don't hang up, please.
I just need to know
one more thing.
Please, Marce.
You remember the day
that you told us that
that the baby could have
possibly inherited some
of the marks or moles
from the surrogate?
You remember that?
That's purely
hypothetical, Julia.
But it is possible, right?
I only said that because Nora
put a lot of pressure on me
to prevent Yeni
from having her grandson
because she's indigenous, okay?
And there was also the fact
that you had taken the pill
we were testing.
There may have been birth defects.
I need to be sure.
I need to take a DNA test.
I'm going to tell you now
you'll be disappointed,
because Nora intended
for Yeni to abort your embryo.
I don't see Francisco anywhere.
[indistinct announcement over PA]
That's fine, Doctor,
I understand.
Sonia, come with me.
What is it?
- I'll check-in tonight.
- Okay.
That's the doctor who helped me
during the delivery with Marcela.
[intense music]
[announcer on PA]
Dr. Oliver to recovery ward 8, please.
Nora, you said
there wouldn't be any problems
with the young woman
they brought in as a surrogate.
She came to the hospital.
Yeni, wait for me.
Hi, I'm Francisco.
I'm the one who called you.
We spoke on the phone and I
I wanted to meet you here
to keep an eye on my daughter.
- No, no. I'm not sure I should.
- No, wait, please.
What's wrong?
Yeni had a problem
with one of the doctors.
Well, I
How about this?
Come inside with me
and we'll see my daughter.
Look, if the doctor comes by,
I'll keep him away from you.
And after that, we'll go to
the cafe and just have a chat.
I'll come with you.
No, I'll be fine.
I'll be okay.
Well, at least take this.
You can call me on Keyus' phone
if you need to.
[sirens wailing]
What happened to your blouse?
Uh, it's just some
some milk.
She threw up on me.
Get cleaned up.
We're going to the service for Irene.
I think Carlos needs to know
that you wanted to give Yeni an abortion
to destroy our last embryo.
I'm telling.
Nora got you out
of this whole thing
and out of the country, Marcela.
But, Roberto, I know that.
I understand
but you have to listen.
I'm gonna try to explain
everything as best I can.
When Carlos confirmed that
Yeni was still pregnant,
I thought the abortion
pill had failed
but when I saw that the girl
had inherited the birthmark from Yeni,
I understood
Carlos got her pregnant.
And so then, it made sense.
The embryo didn't divide at all.
The embryo divided.
Fortunate that it did, because that meant
only one of the babies
was born with a deformity.
So then go ahead,
tell Carlos anything you want.
I assure you he'll be
much more likely to believe
I wanted the embryo gone
for the right reasons.
You've gone too far
this time, Nora.
His son's dead because of you.
I wanted to kill you, Julia.
Because you set the trap,
you didn't realize
that the bait was you.
[Marcela] When Yeni and Carlos
had sex that first time,
she was already pregnant
with the baby of Carlos and Julia,
and that's why
only the baby boy has a disability.
After a few days,
Carlos impregnated her again.
This time, it was
hers and Carlos'.
It makes sense.
It explains how the girl
inherited Yeni's birthmark.
Wait, you're gonna have to explain
this whole thing to me
as if I'm a five-year-old,
because I don't see
how this is possible.
Wait, gimme a minute.
I have the first
documented case right here.
This is from, let's see, 1932.
A big scientific publication
did a whole piece on it,
talking about other,
more recent, cases.
Some babies have different
rates of gestation.
So then, these are
exceptional cases.
Exactly, Roberto.
For the vast majority of women,
they stop releasing eggs
when they become pregnant.
But for some,
like in the case of Yeni
and a few other women,
one more egg gets released
and this ovum is
it's then fertilized
by the spermatozoa
of the man with whom she's
had sexual relations.
You're saying this like you're sure.
We should order DNA tests
for both children and prove it.
[Yeni giggles]
- We'll need another round of tests.
- Yes, doctor.
- This is no place for you.
- No, the nurse said I could stay here.
I don't know you.
And there's no record of you ever having
being registered at this hospital.
It's time to go.
Hey, how's the baby?
Doing better, right?
Soon you'll be cleared
to bring your daughter home
for your family
and friends to meet her.
Excuse me, please.
[intense music]
Has my granddaughter had
any reaction to the milk?
She isn't finishing
her bottle anymore.
Mrs. Julia was giving
her this bottle.
[intense music]
I never give her the same bottle
with the same milk.
I spoke with Marcela
about the birthmark.
And I told Nora.
You have no idea what you've done.
You've ensured that my mother
is going to hate the baby.
- No. Please spare me, Carlos.
- Yes, you have.
All I said is that
she has got a mole.
I didn't mention
anything about Yeni.
And what else did you say?
That you want her
to do a DNA test?
Why are you
why are you telling her all this?
What are you after?
You want her to support you?
- You want her on your side?
- Shh, just wait, hold on.
- I don't care, I don't care.
- Not right now, thanks.
- What do you
- Would you mind
- keeping your voice down, please?
- What do you want?
I didn't tell her
about the DNA test.
We talked about
the divided embryo
but if you don't support me,
I'll tell her.
You're threatening me right now?
I don't need to verify anything
because I know
exactly what happened.
Continuing down this road
is a pointless exercise.
Seriously, I don't
wanna hurt you anymore.
Great, then you should help me.
If you don't wanna hurt
me anymore, then help me.
You have the right to know
if your son is still alive.
As for me, I need this.
You let me investigate
every single possibility
that this girl is my daughter.
- She's yours.
- She's my daughter?
Yes. What does it matter
if she's your blood or not?
What does it matter?
You wanted to be
a mother, right, Julia?
You have a beautiful girl.
How could you say that?
I wanted to be a mother
but I don't wanna raise a girl
who's the product
of your infidelity.
[Yeni] The day my dad was killed,
he was on his way
to pick me up here at the hospital
because because I had
just given birth to my son.
- Yeni
- Please, Francisco.
There's no need for you
to give me the insurance money.
Your wife had nothing to do
with the death of my father.
Hold on a second.
Just just just wait, all right.
Take a step back, okay?
Let's not forget that
I'm always the one who swoops in
to save you whenever you
get into trouble, huh?
Relax, will you?
It isn't loaded.
How do I know for sure
that thing isn't full
of bullets right now?
How am I supposed
to know that, huh?
Because I thought
our guns weren't loaded
when we went to look
for Mubu and his daughter,
and then suddenly, boom.
The guy fired two shots just like that.
That's why I bought this,
to ensure that it's loaded
exactly when I need it to be.
Well, that moment's
coming up sooner than you think.
Because as soon as
these people suspect
that we're becoming a nuisance,
they'll do just
what they did to Irene.
Look, the medical examiner
told us your wife
was responsible for hitting my father,
but I'm almost positive
someone pushed him.
No, what makes you think that?
I don't know but that's really
all I can tell you right now.
All right, I get it.
That's fine, but if
this helps you at all,
the insurance doesn't pay
unless they receive
a completed report.
Okay, but they might still miss something,
don't you think?
You're being stubborn, Yeni.
Your father still died
by getting run over.
And when I last spoke
to Lucy in the car
before she lost
consciousness, she was
she was hurt, yes,
but she was also still lucid.
And she had told me she'd hit a man.
Don't you think
if she'd seen anyone else,
she would've told me?
I never really
got the impression
that Arturo was
such a terrible guy.
You know, he even
gave me compensation
for my brother's murder
caused by Irene and you.
You believe that, Balo?
Do you honestly think that Irene
would've risked everything to harm you?
Well, you can think that if you like
but that's a little naive.
That's why I've decided to investigate
what really happened myself.
And when I figure it out,
I'll pick 'em off one by one.
[closing theme music plays]
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