The Surrogacy (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

[mellow music]
No, no, no, no!
[Yeni] What's this?
You were supposed to warn me
when you were coming down,
because this was a surprise.
Five months.
- Five months pregnant.
- Five months.
And we've also known
each other for five months, too.
So, this is just a small thing.
And these are just a little gift.
They're very pretty.
Like you, and your lovely belly.
[Yeni chuckles]
We're over halfway through at this point.
Exciting, right?
A path that we're taking together,
and enjoying together.
- Really?
- What?
You're enjoying this,
or are you saying that
to make me feel good?
What do you think?
I don't know, that's why I'm asking you.
Why don't I let you guess,
because I have another gift.
- Another one?
- Yes.
Well, five.
One kiss for each month.
- I've got an idea.
- All right.
How about one for every day?
How many is that?
[theme music playing]
Sure, there are always
things to consider, but
[phone beeps]
[Yeni sighs]
I'm sorry, but I've got to go.
No, wait, please.
I need a couple more minutes of your time.
I've gotta tell you something
important, it's about Carlos.
I don't know anyone named Carlos.
No, Yeni, wait please, wait, Yeni!
Your sweater!
Hey, hey, hey, wait, please, Yeni?
Your sweater.
Look, I don't know
this Carlos guy at all, but
I do know that his wife had twins,
at this hospital,
on the same day that your son was born,
and my daughter.
But only his daughter survived the birth.
I know that because we were both sitting
in the same waiting room
when Dr. Navarro came to give us the news.
The next day, Navarro came by
to give me an update
on how my daughter was doing,
and that's when I saw Carlos,
and he was asking for you,
for someone named Yeni,
and I found it strange,
because I remembered
that Elvin had mentioned
that Mubu had a daughter named Yeni.
And then I figured, it might be better
to keep my mouth shut, and not pry.
[tense music]
[dramatic music]
[Julia] You promised me
I wouldn't regret this,
and now I know that was
just an empty promise.
[Fernanda] Are you thanking her
for what she did for you?
I'm sure she did a lot more
for you than she did for me.
[Fernanda sighs]
Carlos isn't with us at the moment,
because I didn't want him to know
what's about to happen here.
My son isn't responsible for this.
Irene, along with her
reprehensible lawyer friend
and a pair of delinquents
were planning to kidnap Yeni.
And you planned all of it,
behind my son's back.
And then, you helped this
wretch rescue Yeni from Balo,
and now two people are dead,
and three others are
trying to cover it up.
No, that's not true, Nora.
Yes, Arturo, I'm sure
you had nothing to do with this.
I'm talking about David,
Balo, and that native.
She even tried to show Carlos
that she had his son.
She was going to file a report
against the three of you,
and she even had the audacity
to show up at Navarro's hospital.
But no, Arturo, I'm sure you didn't want
to get your hands too dirty.
But you were blinded by hubris.
You actually thought you could lie to me
without me noticing,
but you misjudged the risks, didn't you?
And now you have to face
the consequences, but
it's just the beginning.
This isn't even close to being done.
[dramatic music]
[Francisco] Please promise me that
you'll think about my offer,
and maybe decide soon?
Most insurance payouts, unfortunately,
have a time limit attached.
Listen, this isn't just for me,
it's also for Lucy.
Will you do it for her, promise?
Thanks for everything.
I'll call you when I have news.
Okay, please do.
- [Yeni] Bye.
- [Francisco] Bye.
What is it, what's wrong?
Carlos sent you a lot of messages.
Because I sent him a photo,
but not of your son, Yeni.
I sent him the photo of the
missing baby from Chalco.
I also told him that everything
Marcela said was true,
and we never had his son with us.
Why would you say that to him?
Because otherwise, he wouldn't have
stopped looking for you.
But did you think to ask me
if I agreed to that?
No, everyone is lying to Carlos.
He still thinks his son is dead.
[dramatic music]
[cameras clicking]
[Fernanda] That's Irene's
mother and brother.
My sincerest condolences.
Our whole family shares your sorrow.
[cameras clicking]
In order to represent our family,
my son Carlos will accompany you
to the service.
- I'm sorry.
- Please excuse me.
Excuse me.
- Yes?
- You're leaving?
It's for the best.
I'm leaving before the press
can start hurling accusations at us.
Yeah, but maybe
you should've thought of that.
This isn't the kind of event
that the press should even be at.
Who invited them?
The press came here today
because they've got a job to do,
and we invited them here as
a courtesy, nothing more.
Come on, Mom, let's go.
Arturo will distract them all.
Nora, I had no other option
but to come here.
I tried making an appointment
at the pharmaceutical office,
and when I showed up,
they wouldn't even let me in.
Maybe that's because
I don't usually see strangers.
I'm Beatriz, I'm Andres Ochoa's wife.
He was sentenced to prison,
but we all know my husband is innocent.
I'm not about to argue
with the authorities.
Sure, because you're
the one buying them off.
Now hang on, that is
an accusation without any basis.
Well, I don't have any proof yet,
but I know he was a thorn in your side.
No, at the moment,
the only thorn in my side is you.
You've left me no choice,
but to talk to the press!
Let me go.
Beatriz, Beatriz, please wait, Beatriz.
Andres Ochoa is innocent.
He didn't kill Irene.
If you want the truth,
do a deeper investigation.
Andres Ochoa is a scapegoat
in all of this, he's innocent.
[press clamoring]
[Beatriz] They're accusing him
because he's defending
the victims of Huizar Pharmaceuticals.
[Cuca] Even though Carlos was
honest about telling you
he thinks his son is dead,
he's also lied to you a lot, Yeni.
Well sure, Cuca,
but it doesn't negate the fact
that he deserves to know
if his son is alive,
and that his own mother rejected the baby
because he has a problem with his legs.
And what about your son's rights, huh?
What about him?
Don't you see that I'm doing this
for him too, Cuca?
Because as soon as he grows up,
and is able to look me in the eyes,
I want to say that
I did everything I could
to be able to return him to his family.
A family that rejected him,
which you'll also have to tell him.
- Grandma, you don't know.
- Of course I do!
That's how it's been since he was born.
What makes you think
anything would change?
Tell me.
Do you think that Nora will turn around
and accept him, just like that?
That he'll be happy living with the people
who just abandoned you both in a park,
and let you fend for yourselves?
[somber music]
[door slams]
[Yeni crying]
- Hi.
- [baby cooing]
[people murmuring]
Hugo, why is that guy sniffing around?
What a surprise, how are you?
It's been a little while.
Yeah, but I've been keeping up
with you guys, a bit.
Irene was telling me
you guys became parents.
Thanks, I didn't know
you and Irene knew each other.
Julia introduced us.
We went for lunch one day,
and Irene happened to be there too.
After that, we exchanged numbers,
and we started seeing each other
for almost a year.
Yeah, I met her family and everything.
So you guys were a couple?
No, we just had a good time together,
- but what happened to her is awful.
- Oh, okay.
I hope the authorities do their job,
and she gets some justice.
That's what we're all hoping for.
If you have any information
that might help us,
we'd appreciate it.
Of course, but no one
from the police department
has asked me anything.
But I do know one thing,
Irene never mentioned
feeling threatened by Ochoa in any way.
Okay, okay.
I'll keep that in mind.
If you wanna say hi,
her family is over there.
Thank you.
Where are you going?
I'm saying hi to Hugo. Hello, Hugo.
- How are you?
- Fine.
[tense music]
Oh, hey.
- I
- What's going on?
It's better if you go.
You've gotta go, now, please.
- It's better this way.
- But why?
Just don't say anything to anyone.
Nothing to
Don't say anything about seeing me before,
before I got pregnant.
Please, you've gotta trust me.
What's happening? You can tell me.
It's okay, I'll tell you
everything another time.
Please, believe me,
the less you know, the better.
I've gotta go.
- Can I come in?
- Mm.
I'm sorry, I just needed a bit of time
to be by myself since
I was looking for medical resources
specializing in clubfoot.
- Did you find anyone?
- Yep.
And I was just about
to make an appointment.
Here you go.
No, don't worry about it.
I was going to use the phone here.
That way, they won't charge you any money.
You know, the only reason we interfere
is that we consider you
part of our family, right?
Well, I consider both of you as my family.
Cuca is like a second mother to me.
And you're kind of like
the little sister that I never had,
but always wanted.
Speaking of Cuca,
I talked to her.
And, we agreed to respect your decisions,
and that we'd ask before doing
anything that would affect you.
I'm not sure why people look at me
and assume that I can't make
any decisions for myself.
But when we were at the cabin,
I couldn't figure out what I was feeling,
or even what I wanted.
Well, luckily that's over.
The most difficult part of everything
was trying not to feel,
trying not to suffer.
Because I didn't want the baby
to feel the way I did.
You're still in love with Carlos, right?
It is so obvious when you talk about him.
The way you always wanna believe him.
But, I'm a realist.
There's no chance
that I could ever be with Carlos,
and you know what? Cuca is right.
They'll never accept my son,
but if Carlos keeps insisting,
despite you having sent that email,
then I'm going to tell him the truth.
Ma'am, I have the results
from the study that you had requested.
[Julia] How did you know
what we did to Yeni?
Irene and I were the only two people
who were aware of that, so?
I don't know how you came
across that information.
What I do now is that you were
the one who silenced Irene,
but you won't do the same with me,
because the only thing that I'm guilty of
is falling for your lies.
The only intelligent thing
about you is this apparatus.
But don't worry about it, Julia,
because I'll make things simple for you,
and give you a little perspective.
I know everything that's going on,
but that doesn't mean
that I had anything to do
with killing Irene.
There are many other ways
to get what you want,
but I won't go into the details of that.
Because you won't understand.
The point is that David was a witness
to all of your orders,
so quit playing innocent
with me, all right?
And don't think your little threats
to tell Carlos everything will work.
Do you know why they won't?
Nobody loves you,
not even your own parents.
And if my son finds out
what you're hiding,
he'll never forgive you.
You know, that's true.
I'm not ready to give up
whatever affection
Carlos may still have for me.
But I'm also not ready to lose
the one chance that I have
to see your face
when you realize your plan didn't work.
But I'll tell you one thing
you don't know about Carlos,
he's in love with Yeni.
[tense music]
[cutlery shattering]
[phone ringing]
[Marcela] Did you get
the documents I sent you?
Yeah, just fell asleep.
Even had a nightmare.
I was behaving just like you.
I told Yeni the truth.
Well, that sounds like your subconscious
is trying to tell you
it's actually a good idea.
No, no, no. I'll tell you
what's a good idea.
That would be honoring
our agreement, especially you.
- Oh, Roberto.
- I don't get it.
I mean, what's even the
point of going to the US
if you're going to keep trying
to control Nora's business?
Either way, all we can do now
is make her think she's won,
then we collect evidence.
How else are we going
to be able to help Yeni
and everyone else
who's wrapped up in this?
- You listening?
- Mm.
Yeah, I am.
This is the only way we can guarantee
you'll make it back safely,
unless you really want
a call from the Huizars.
Actually, you know what?
You should change
your phone number anyway.
Make sure the last thing
Nora gets from you is a postcard.
See ya.
Beatriz Padron,
the spouse of Andres Ochoa,
interrupted the funeral proceedings
of Huizar Pharmaceuticals
lawyer Irene Aviles
in order to demand that justice be served.
Hey, just clean it up later.
[reporter] Here is a clip
from that powerful moment.
[Ana] Of course.
[Beatriz] If you want the truth,
investigate these people,
because Andres Ochoa is
being used as scapegoat.
He's innocent.
[suspenseful music]
[Roberto] Just what I needed.
The last time I saw you,
something was going on.
It'd had been a long time,
and we only talked about Yeni,
and then you left.
Yeah, well, I, um,
she told me that
she was going to be nearby
and I wanted to meet her.
That's about it.
[somber music]
Why are you here now?
I'm not sure.
I think Nora might be right.
I have nowhere to go. I don't have
I don't have anybody.
Carlos was the roof over my head.
He's my life, my home, my
my friend.
Now he doesn't love me.
You have someone.
Your daughter.
But she's not mine either.
[suspenseful music]
No, Julia.
I can't do it.
Why can't you?
He cheated on me,
so why am I not supposed to do it?
Why not?
Because I don't want to
have you just out of spite.
I've always loved you.
You know that.
But you got married.
You distanced yourself from me
so that there'd be no issues with Carlos,
and I respect that,
so please try to respect the decision
that I've made, too.
Look, I'm sorry.
I didn't know how else
to get the media's attention.
Apparently, every single one of them
has forgotten
about the injustices being
committed against Andres.
What did you find out?
What did you find out?
I don't know.
I told them that pretty soon
they'll have a taste
of their own medicine
because there's a group
of women out there
who are ready to take them on.
But I couldn't say anything, could I?
Carlos beat me to it,
promised them everything they want.
And we'll be able to use that
in our favor.
You are acting like the world
was going to end.
It would've been enough
to force their hand
and make them withdraw voluntarily,
then the press would realize our company
didn't need to negotiate with her.
This could have been
handled cleanly, understand?
We really tried our best, Mom.
What you did was what you were able to do.
Well, look, nobody knew she'd be there.
I did.
I had her come to discredit her.
In this country,
it's an unforgivable sin if your cause
affects the lives of others.
You've seen what they're
saying in the media.
No one approves of her
disrespecting Irene's mother like that,
screaming at a wake about
her husband's plight.
The same thing happened
to me as Carlos and Julia
because I made fun of Carlos
for all Julia was doing.
Fernanda managed to trick me,
telling me Nestor
was needed at the hospital.
"He'd get the surrogate," she said,
but what she kept from me
is that she wanted to save Yeni
and the baby from Balo.
It's very difficult to rebuild lost trust.
I couldn't agree more.
Built up over years
and lost in the blink of an eye.
How will you regain my trust?
A few things come to mind,
but to fix our mistake,
I can take care of Yeni.
Seems like a good idea.
Why don't you tell me what your plans are
and then we'll talk about
dealing with Carlos.
[suspenseful music]
[Elvin] Fran, dinner's ready.
Come on, get down here
before it gets cold.
I can't hear you.
What did you say, Elvin?
I was saying I made pasta.
You need to eat before
you go to the hospital.
It smells like pretty good pasta.
Hey, wait a sec.
I haven't finished the sauce.
I'll finish up while you get dressed.
- [doorbell ringing]
- Yeah.
We expecting anyone?
I don't think so, but I'll get it.
Oh, good evening. Please come in.
- Good evening.
- Nice to see you.
[Elvin] Francisco will be right down.
[dramatic music]
Can we talk, please?
Uh, at this hour?
It could be tomorrow,
but I want you to hear it from me
before you hear about it on the news.
If this is about what you
promised to Beatriz Ochoa,
Arturo mentioned something, but I'll
- What?
- Listen to you.
No, no, no, no. I didn't promise
anything to that woman.
I'm so glad to hear that,
because you do not have the authority
to make arrangements on the company
or the family's behalf.
We can't do this, Ma.
We can't let Ochoa take the fall.
What are you doing?
Are you accepting responsibility?
Because everything that's going on
is happening because of you.
[Carlos] Mm-hmm.
It was you, Carlos,
who took the initiative
to produce the medication
that's responsible
for all the birth defects.
You hit the nail on the head,
and so who should find the solution?
Should be me. Perfect.
I'll do it, Ma, but I'll do it my way.
Please, we both know your way is not so
Well, it's not the most effective, is it?
Oh, no, no, no, no. Hold on a minute.
If we had worked to reach an agreement
with these women as I had proposed,
we wouldn't be in this mess.
Carlos, you're singing
a completely different tune a year ago.
Because things looked totally
different last year, Ma.
We've gone too far.
Then you tell me how far
we should be going, Son,
you who not only went
to bed with that native,
but you fell in love with her.
Listen, Ma,
with every ounce of respect
that I have for you,
you'll never speak like that
about her again.
I am in love with her.
Her name is Yeni.
You're right. I was gonna give it all up,
everything that I have for her.
[dramatic music]
Looking at you now,
it's clear your soul is not Huizar.
Thank God for that.
No, it's a pity.
[dramatic music]
You heard all that?
I didn't know you were there.
I don't want to hurt you.
Why do you have to tell my mother
everything about us?
Oh, poor you,
always thinking about yourself.
If you cared,
you'd realize you're not
the only one who's suffering now.
I can't believe how quickly it happened,
but I've lost you completely,
and not only you but any hope
I had being a mother,
and don't you dare ask me to
take it easy or to calm down.
I just can't bear it.
[dramatic music]
Here, come in. Take a seat.
Can I get you a drink, something to eat?
We're fine, thanks.
Good to see you.
- What a surprise.
- Yes.
- We weren't expecting you.
- Hello.
We decided to stay in the city tonight
so we'll be able to pick up the girl
nice and early.
But Navarro told me they're
putting her in the nursery today.
Maybe they already did.
No, I spent all day at the hospital,
and I only got home just now
to eat and shower.
- I
- Sorry to interrupt,
but dinner's ready if you're interested,
or I can give you all some privacy.
That would be best.
The two of us aren't staying anyway.
Um, I'll speak with Navarro.
It's good that he's notified you,
but I am her father.
You may be the girl's father,
but we have rights.
You can't hurt us like
you hurt my daughter.
[suspenseful music]
It's just horrific
that your mother's business
has to be down in this dump.
You deserve to be running
your own laundromat.
Not this place.
The only thing I want is
revenge for the death of my boy.
And we'll get it for you.
We'll make Yeni hurt,
make her pay for what she did.
I don't think it'll be so easy
to take over their laundromat.
David's a lawyer.
He'll be able to handle it, I'm sure.
I'm sure he'll know.
You try to convince them
to transfer ownership, hm?
Excuse me.
[suspenseful music]
If we take their business by force,
that will be proof that
you set everything up from the start.
And that's why it'll backfire on them.
The media will protect us.
But I thought you said
you don't trust them.
No, I don't trust anyone,
but I'd be a fool not to
have a backup plan, right?
[sports reporter] World Cup hopefuls
gather today in a ceremony
to bring luck to Team Mexico.
He's just telling us what we already know,
that basically the insurer
will cover some of the goods in the store
plus the store itself, obviously,
but they won't cover the clothing.
They're coming by the cleaner's tomorrow.
How will they know Balo came in?
Mm, I'll get there first
and I'll take the policy out for him.
That way he'll be able to look it over.
Any excuse to see that guy again.
- What guy?
- Well, Francisco.
Who else, Sonia?
[Fernanda] Beatriz, wait, please.
[Beatriz] If you want the truth,
investigate these people,
because Andres Ochoa is
being used as a scapegoat.
He's innocent.
[reporter] That was Mrs. Beatriz Padron
- interrupting a wake for Irene Aviles.
- [Cuca] Sweetheart.
She accused Huizar Pharmaceuticals
of colluding with
- Don't watch this.
- authorities in order to frame her.
Carlos must have seen me
leaving Hugo's home.
Julia wasn't wrong.
He made sure I would
be the perfect victim,
that I'd fall right into this trap,
that I'd be forced to be his surrogate.
[suspenseful music]
I waited up all night for you.
I had to talk to Balo and David.
It was late when I got in,
so I slept downstairs.
So, now you're hanging out
with that crowd, are you?
[Arturo] This is about
taking care of Julia,
and I don't trust them to do it right.
Now that you mention it,
I probably shouldn't trust you either,
not after you threw me
under the bus with my mother.
I told her the truth.
You went and acted behind my back,
and your guilt is not my issue.
But it doesn't matter.
Your mother doesn't trust you,
much less Carlos.
You've only got me,
and that's good for us.
Well, then, you just make sure
that you do everything she asks you to do
down to the letter.
It's very easy to disappoint her.
[suspenseful music]
[door slams]
[knocking on door]
[baby whining]
Some of the staff just informed me
that you and Carlos are now
sleeping apart in separate rooms.
As you wanted.
But you've got to admit,
it sure is ironic.
You must consider the woman
keeping us apart inferior to me.
Hm. There's more to it than that.
I'm not worried about
sleeping arrangements.
In fact, there are many experts
who recommend separate beds.
I'm sorry. What's going on?
What, now you actually want
our marriage to work, Nora?
- [Nora] Of course.
- Oh.
But we'll have to talk about that later,
because right now your daughter
shouldn't have to suffer the consequences
of the separation of her parents.
She's hungry.
What do you mean, hungry?
I asked the nanny to feed her.
You did, but she couldn't get her to eat.
I thought that maybe
it was a case of acid reflux
because she threw up all over you,
but no, the nanny told me it wasn't that.
You feed her.
Right, I'll go get her bottle.
Not necessary.
[suspenseful music]
[baby whining]
So, since the Huizars
are making me stick around here,
I decided to take advantage
of the downtime
and do a little bit of research for you,
and I realized there's
a really simple solution
that will help you bond quickly
with the baby after it's delivered.
You have no idea
what a relief it is to hear that.
Tell me what to do.
You'll be breastfeeding.
What do you mean, Marcela?
You're serious?
I'm going to do lactation induction
which allows you to produce breast milk.
But I thought that only women
who have given birth could breastfeed.
No, it can be done with breast stimulation
and certain kinds of medication.
This isn't something new, Julia.
This is a technique
that's been used for years,
especially with orphans.
Oh, please, Julia.
Hey, don't you dare give me that look.
I will not have my granddaughter
inheriting your weakness.
Nora, all that I was trying to do
Have you forgotten that
I was a mother, too?
I may have never breasted,
but I've always been
aware of the difference
between powdered milk
and milk from the mother herself.
Besides, I've seen the test results.
They concluded that
you are producing milk,
so now I want to know exactly
how you accomplished this
and what you are planning to do.
I have someone here who's interested
in buying the cleaner's.
[Carlos] Haven't we already done enough
by forcing her to get pregnant?
You've known all this time
my baby was alive?
Why would he do something
like that to his very own son?
I don't enjoy the same kinds of privilege
that Carlos and his family all have.
No one is going to hurt my son.
[Marcela] Whatever they say,
don't open the door.
You'll do what I say if you want
to see your daughter again.
I was his experiment.
[Beatriz gasps]
[theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Gabriela Gebl
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