The Surrogacy (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

It's better if you abort now
as they are only cells.
It's more than that.
It's my brother's embryo.
We offered them to transplant it on you
to make sure that it's lost.
- Yes, but
- Have you changed your mind?
Maybe you want to help him
have the baby who will steal
our opportunity to control the company.
We must think what we'll do
with their second embryo.
Because I
I don't know if I want to live this again.
If our estimations are correct,
even if they use it,
that baby won't be able to handle
his own body.
Let alone a corporation.
[theme music playing]
[elevator dings]
Good morning, sir.
Where are you going?
We have an appointment.
- With whom?
- Dr. Pimentel.
- Go ahead.
- Thanks.
Good morning.
Do you have an appointment?
Hello, yes.
We have an appointment with Dr. Pimentel.
Excuse me, please.
Let me see.
What is the name of the patient?
I took the appointment on my name.
Yeni Santillan.
- An appointment with Dr. Pimentel.
- Okay.
I'm his assistant.
- Good morning.
- [assistant] Good morning.
The baby's mother has to come.
Yeah, I'm his mother.
Take a seat. They'll call you soon.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Good morning.
Oh. What a beautiful girl.
Mrs. Rodriguez?
Come with me, please.
I'll ask.
[Cuca] I'm sorry.
How long will it take?
It doesn't depend on us,
but on the assistant.
Please wait.
We have to wait.
Your girl has fallen asleep.
Mrs. Velazquez?
Come on in, please.
I'll help you.
This way, please.
- See you later.
- See you.
It was a pleasure.
The doctor won't be able to see you.
Excuse me?
I'm sorry, he had an emergency.
An emergency?
We've been waiting for hours.
He had to leave.
Can I make another appointment?
I need him to treat my boy.
He's a specialist.
He wanted me to let you know
that treatments cost a fortune.
We don't accept deferred payments.
How do you know
we'll make a deferred payment?
- Yes, sweetie.
- I have cash in here.
If it's necessary, I'll get more.
But he has to treat my son.
I suggest you to go to the hospital
or some medical center.
We won't go anywhere else.
We made an appointment.
Please, calm down.
Can you tell me what's going on here?
Did we make an appointment?
I'm talking to you.
Cuca, it's not worth it. Let's go.
You're so rude. And racist.
They saw you have money.
They just didn't want to treat us.
That's all.
I'll find another one.
- My cell phone is ringing.
- [phone ringing]
The laundromat's neighbor.
I have one person interested in the shop.
I told her to speak with you.
I'm sorry for being late.
Please, take a seat.
I was with a patient.
That's okay.
I just wanted to tell you
that I'm solely responsible
for my daughter.
Of course.
If this is because I called your in-laws
You told them first
that my daughter would be released.
I told you so yesterday
in the nursery room.
It was really odd to me that
after spending so many days in the ICU,
she'd recover all of a sudden.
It was the decision
of the pediatrician who treated her.
As far as I know, everything's fine.
I'm interested in the laundromat.
I'd like to take a look at the premises.
[Cuca] Of course.
It won't be a problem.
I'm not nearby right now,
but we can meet later.
Yes, thank you.
See you later.
I'm so glad I found you.
Why? Is the doctor going to see us?
No. But some time ago, I worked
with a much better doctor. His card.
We'll call to make an appointment.
It's not necessary.
I called him to know if he'd see you now,
and he agreed.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
I don't want you to leave like this.
My workmates aren't mean,
but it's a cycle.
Many of the people
who come here treat us bad.
And maybe we do the same thing. I'm sorry.
- It's all right. Thanks.
- Thank you.
[Nora] "It's a shame
that Mrs. Beatriz Padrón de Ochoa
takes advantage of a sensitive
and intimate event,
such as the funeral
of our dearest Irene Avilés"
"to obtain indulgence.
Huizar Pharmaceuticals deeply rejects
the desperate action
of a person who lies."
They succeeded.
Yes, but it was my mistake.
I fell for the provocation.
I can't go out because
people are aggressive to me.
It's better that you keep silent
for a couple of days.
[knocking on door]
Give me a second.
There are noises outside.
Someone's at the door.
Who is it?
It's the police.
[police officer]
We have a court order to fulfill.
It's a search order.
Don't let them in without a warrant.
I'm on my way.
Don't let them in.
My lawyer is on his way.
We don't need a lawyer.
No, but you can't come in.
It's a court order.
You can't come in!
He also had clubfoot.
Look at him now.
He's a great football player.
Can you please fill this form out?
- Of course.
- Thanks.
We've already left. Yes. See you later.
Sonia is upset because of what they did.
She wants us to complain.
That's not important.
I think it is.
You can't be treated like that.
what matters to me now
is that they are asking me
for the name of the baby.
And the vaccination card.
Just tell them
you have not registered him yet.
Besides, you have a certificate
from the hospital.
What if it's false?
Navarro said there were no records
of my admission in the hospital.
Let us do our job, please.
We have a court order.
Whatever they say, do not open the door.
- Don't open the door.
- Not until my lawyer comes!
[Marcela] He's arriving anytime now.
Yes, Mom. I did everything you asked me.
[bell rings]
As you can tell
from the terrible sensor in the store,
I'm here.
Is Julia there?
Yes, she's here with the girl. I saw her.
Wait for me. I'm on my way.
It was under the car seat.
I ordered to buy more
so they are available
whenever you need them.
Has Carlos called a meeting
or has he met his staff?
I only know Rosales and Bustamante
welcomed him.
But then he requested some files
and went into his office.
Have you found anything for her?
What are you doing here?
My mom asked me to come.
No, I haven't found anything.
I don't know what event we're going to.
My mom asked me to get a priest
to organize the baptism.
But with my mom,
you never know what will happen.
Anything you like?
Please put the pink one on.
due to hygiene,
babies don't try on clothes.
Put it on.
Of course.
Mom said she had to look beautiful
for some photos.
- Carefully, please.
- Yes.
How cute.
I was thinking about buying
a pink and a blue onesie.
What do you think?
Thanks, but Nico
doesn't use onesies anymore.
But I appreciate it.
What is your true intention then, Fer?
In gifting me two onesies?
My subconscious.
I knew your son wasn't dead.
You knew all this time my son was alive?
Yes, Julia, but please don't
Very good. Let's check on this champ
whose name is
- Didn't you give him a name yet?
- We couldn't register him.
Don't worry. He's just one week old.
Tell me something. Was it a natural birth?
It was a C-section.
What are you doing here?
That's what I tell her.
She hasn't got her stitches out.
Oh, sweetheart.
What I can tell you
is that your little boy
has a good chance of recovering.
Can he get better?
Of course he can.
I use a treatment called "Ponseti."
It consists of bandages and casts.
That way, we can avoid surgery.
he'll walk normally.
Is it possible to know why this happened?
No, we can't.
It is supposed to be a genetic issue.
[doctor] Or a side effect.
[Carlos] No, no, no, no.
The fewer people involved, the better.
[Nora] A nurse that Navarro
relies on will be present.
She is even willing
to sign a confidentiality agreement.
Néstor and his people
will also be there to keep an eye on her.
No, Mom.
I don't want to cause her more stress.
I don't want her to feel imprisoned.
It was enough to force her
to get pregnant. Don't you think?
Do we have to pause
all projects for six more months?
Mother, for me,
this is the most important one.
Please understand me. Help me.
You left a pending project in the company
that requires your presence.
People are asking,
thanks to Ochoa who's making noise.
I know.
Are they saying I ran away?
That I don't want to face the claims?
Is that it?
So, tell me what to tell the people
involved in the protocol.
Nothing, Mom.
There's nothing to tell them
because I'll keep working. From here.
Let's talk later, okay? Bye.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hear.
It's okay.
What do they think you're running from?
One of the trials we make
to test the medicines
is causing birth defects in the babies
of the women who participated.
Are you feeling bad?
What's going on?
You've received good news.
The treatment will surely last long,
but it's not that expensive.
The doctor said
it's good that we've started now,
when he's a little boy.
That's better.
I was given the pill.
The one they were testing.
The one Marcela told us about?
The one they were using on women?
Oh, Yeni.
why would they do that?
With their own son?
I don't know.
Are you sure?
How did you realize that?
Carlos told me
that the babies had birth defects.
He told me about the clubfoot.
He also told me about the trial.
Yeni, but
do you think Carlos
Yes, Cuca.
I was his experiment.
Oh, Yeni.
His project, as I heard him saying once.
I'll tell you something.
This ends here.
Even if I have to fight till the end,
nobody will hurt my baby.
Nobody will hurt us again.
[Fernanda] Julia!
Congratulations. You've succeeded
in being just like your mother.
I'm no worse than you.
You worry about these things?
You don't demand my mother
to help you recover your son!
- Where are you going?
- Off! What is your problem?
What's the matter with you?
You should thank me!
I was the one who saved your son.
I aborted your embryo to avoid
another child to be born deformed
and abandoned by you.
That's it.
She knew they'd knock
the door down, but
she didn't move back.
- Welcome. We were waiting for you.
- Thank you.
Beatriz lost consciousness
due to the blow.
Shut up!
- Don't meddle again
- Don't mention my son again!
You're so stupid! How do you dare!
Her son received the blow.
It's not my job
nor my responsibility
to get involved in this matter.
But thank you for letting me know.
I can just say
that it's a shame the baby died
due to his mother's negligence.
what clothes would you recommend me
to bury a baby?
[tense music playing]
Someone arrived.
We'll have to wait.
She came with the baby.
The man and her friend are inside.
- Hide! Hide, Mom!
- What?
What did the doctor say?
Didn't he want to treat him?
On the contrary.
Not only is he great at what he does,
but he also explained everything.
[Sonia] Good news?
[Cuca] Yes. Everything was great.
[Elvin] May I?
Come on in.
I could take Francisco out of the hospital
to get distracted.
She's Cuca, my grandmother.
- Pleased to meet you.
- A pleasure.
- Elvin.
- A pleasure.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- My pleasure.
- How are you?
How's your daughter?
She seems to be very well.
I'll be able to get her home soon.
I can check on the insurance policy.
- [Sonia] Okay.
- Is this your boy?
Yes. He was asleep, but he's woken up.
Can I hold him?
Of course.
- Easy.
- Like this?
Hold his head. That's it. Very good.
Such a beautiful boy.
Did you call him?
[baby whimpering]
Is he my son?
It's Francisco's son.
We'll be waiting outside.
Let us know if you need something.
It's not necessary. Carlos is leaving.
[Francisco] Excuse me.
[Elvin] Excuse me.
Why did you lie to me
about something so important?
Carlos has just arrived.
Did he see you?
That's what you wanted, isn't it?
What are you saying?
I don't know why he went.
Are you still there?
With my mother.
If you wanna play with me,
I won't let you.
Don't you dare threaten me.
We're losing time.
Who's Carlos with?
Yeni and her friends.
Do you need anything else?
Anything you need
Thank you.
Are you aware of the show
you've just made?
It's the least you deserve.
Thanks to you, we lost our embryos.
You gave an abortion pill to Yeni.
And you gave yourself an abortion.
It was too kind of you
to offer your brother to carry his son.
Arturo pushed me, Mom.
I wish you had the courage
to do it for yourself.
That's one of the reasons
why you'll never have
the power you want to have in the company.
It'd end up
in that unprincipled husband of yours.
And you, stop being so naive.
Be smarter.
You have your daughter.
That's what you wanted.
Or was your alleged desire
to become a mother
just something to meet the requirement
of Carlos having descendants?
Think whatever you want.
I shouldn't even worry
about what happens with that baby,
let alone with your family.
Very well.
I'll then register her as my daughter.
[Fernanda] Mom
that's illegal.
And very difficult to do.
Everything is arranged.
Navarro gave me a birth certificate
stating that the girl is mine.
I had the idea of going now
and registering the girl as your daughter.
To make Carlos stay with you and
keep him from seeing that woman again.
As if children tied men
to their marriages.
Carlos will never abandon his daughter.
And I won't let that woman have him.
Come back, Mom!
Yeni will explain everything.
Let's wait for her in the apartment.
No, I'll stay here.
I won't leave her alone.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
- I'm Margarita Pérez.
- My pleasure.
I'm Cuca.
You have plenty of customers.
No, they are just some friends.
But they're leaving.
If you want, you can show me the premises.
There are people inside right now.
Can you wait till they're gone?
Excuse me. Hello?
We won't do anything, Mom. Come back.
I'll let you know when you may come.
I'm sorry. It was my son.
He was wondering if it'd take me too long.
I don't think so.
But if you'd rather,
we can meet some other day.
No. I must decide right now
between this and another laundromat.
We can go.
Yes, excuse me.
See you later. Have a good time.
You told me that after the C-section,
I'd wake up and feel
like everything had been a dream.
But it was a nightmare.
You didn't tell me I was expecting twins.
I'm sorry.
I did it because I was afraid
you wouldn't want to go on
Marcela and you capitalized
on my inexperience with pregnancy.
You didn't care about abandoning your son.
You know what? That's why he died.
What do you care?
He never existed for you.
What do I care?
You have no idea what you're saying.
I was expecting that baby
with hope and love.
I came through that door
with the hope of seeing him
alive, because my mother
cremated him and I didn't say goodbye.
Do you know why?
Because I trusted you.
Despite everything
they all said about you,
I trusted you.
Carlos, you chose me.
- Yes.
- You chose me
when you saw me at Hugo's place.
I don't know what you mean.
- He is not my friend.
- You don't have to pretend.
Neither do you.
Why did you talk to me?
Why did you call me?
Why did you say my son was alive?
What do you want?
I want you to feel
what I felt when I left the hospital,
hoping to see my dad.
Only to find out that he was dead
because of you.
Why didn't you answer the phone?
I couldn't. I was with Mom and Julia.
Your brother went to look for Yeni.
Do you think that's serious?
Wait for the news I've got.
Mom will register Carlos' daughter
as her own.
[Arturo] No. Nora is smart.
Let's take the risk.
Do you know what it'd mean?
Call Carlos
so that we can get him away from Yeni.
We'll see about your mom.
Yeni, I had nothing to do
with your dad's death.
I didn't even know him.
You always made it clear to me
how important he was to you
and how much you loved him.
I'm incapable of hurting the father
of the woman I love.
I admit
the mistakes I made.
I'm sorry for that.
I also admit
that I didn't do some things.
I planned to do them
but I didn't dare.
I thought of leaving everything,
having a fresh start with you
and living far away together.
- That's not true.
- I thought of that.
- That's not true.
- It's true.
You reminded me that our relationship
had the same expiration date
as my surrogate agreement.
You're right.
I did that because
I didn't want to hurt Julia.
You're doing fine. Go with her.
Leave me alone.
Don't look for me. Don't hurt me.
You'll never hear from me again.
[Keyus] You heard her.
Get off.
[in English] Okay.
[in Spanish]
We don't want to return to Puebla tonight.
I can drive you home tomorrow.
We'll see.
It depends on when you come.
As I was telling you,
the girl is under the responsibility
of the hospital until she's released.
In this case, to her father.
I guarantee you won't have any problem.
I'm trying to help you
Francisco didn't take us into account
when he asked to unplug my daughter.
we received a mutilated body.
That's why we don't want him
to have our granddaughter.
[phone ringing]
- Where are you?
- Why? Anything you need?
Yes. Call Julia and avoid Mom
to make a nonsense.
She'll register your daughter as hers.
- Where are they?
- She didn't tell me.
Please, call her and let me know
so that I can go too.
- Thanks for letting me know.
- Okay.
Julia, call me back, please.
They're here.
We don't need to talk right now.
That's what I told Keyus, but
I'm sorry, I
I asked you to wait for me
because I want to apologize to you
because of what I said.
Why don't you take a seat?
I'll feed the baby.
Can you bring me the bottle
in the kitchen? Thank you.
- [Nora] Isn't she gorgeous?
- [priest] Beautiful.
Come here!
I'm glad you're here.
What's going on?
Congratulations. Tessa is bigger
and more beautiful each day.
It was a surprise, Father.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
No. Can you explain this to me?
Wait, please.
Granny is coming back.
She's coming back soon. Come with me.
Behave yourself
until this is over.
Then we'll talk.
I won't wait. I want you to explain
what's going on here.
Do as I say
if you want to see your daughter again.
I know you're capable of many things,
but you wouldn't dare register my daughter
as yours, right?
That's why I'm telling you.
First of all, my granddaughter
and me alone, please. Go over there.
- May I?
- Yes.
Such a beautiful thing.
She's so cute.
We never imagined
they'd do that to you.
It's very delicate.
I couldn't openly talk about it.
I'm sorry, Francisco.
I thought you had arranged to meet Carlos.
They are making everybody believe
that it was Julia who gave birth
and had a child who died.
I think Carlos was fooled too.
Even though he was part of the plan,
he doesn't know his son is alive.
I saw when Navarro told him
that his son had been born dead.
And I realized
that Carlos is suffering.
A lot.
I can overlook the mistakes he made,
but not my father's death
or the fact that it's his fault
that my son has a defect in his legs.
That's a different story.
That made me decide to keep the baby
and take care of him.
But if you don't file a report
and you keep silent,
you will allow that family
to keep stepping on anybody
who stands in their way
in order to do what they want.
Before the baptismal talks,
I want you to come see me
to renew your matrimonial vows before God
now that He has given you the grace
- of a daughter.
- That's it.
I'll go with you, Father.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- Thanks. See you soon.
- See you.
Fer, check if there's enough material
to be published tomorrow.
May I know why you lied to me, Julia?
You'd never allow
my daughter to be registered
without my consent, right?
Let alone as my mother's daughter.
Am I right?
Imagine your mom
registering the girl as hers.
The daughter of the woman
she hates so much.
But no.
She's registered as mine.
Tessa's baptism has to be a great event.
- We have to organize it
- [Carlos] Can we talk?
You were leaving, right?
Thanks for coming.
- Carlos
- It was a pleasure.
Thanks, Father.
Thank you so much. See you soon.
Of course.
How rude.
Can you explain to me why my daughter
has been registered without my consent?
I told you to do it
before your crazy wife
runs away with my granddaughter.
- No. Let's be clear.
- Remember?
Whatever happens with my daughter
is my decision.
- Is it clear?
- It was a way to pressure Julia.
And to let you be free to go,
if you wish, with your surrogate.
But my granddaughter
and Julia stays with me.
Do whatever you want.
- She is my daughter!
- I don't care.
It's been decided.
Even though the Huizars
bribed Navarro and the whole hospital,
- with the contract you had to sign
- What contract?
I don't have one.
Marcela only showed me
the baby's birth certificate.
That's evidence.
And if you file a report,
the authorities will have to investigate.
There must be witnesses
who saw you pregnant and with Carlos.
Who will believe me?
Why wouldn't they?
I don't have Carlos'
and his family's privileges.
No, let's see.
It's not about privileges.
It's about rights.
You can't let them step on those rights.
It's easy to say.
But not when you're under duress.
I'm not afraid for me,
but for the people around me.
For my son. I'm supposed to love
and take care of him.
Look, Yeni
our paths crossed
due to a sad coincidence.
It's up to us
to make something positive out of it.
I understand the injustice
you're going through,
but you can count on us.
You shouldn't have told your brother
what Nora meant to do.
I had already made the decision
to give my surname to the girl.
As it should be.
It's the only way I can assure
that Tessa, my daughter, is the only heir
of Huizar Pharmaceuticals.
I went to see Yeni.
Look at you. You have your priorities.
Me too.
One of them is Tessa.
She told me
that she doesn't want to see me.
I'll have to give her some credit.
She seems to know what's convenient,
better than you.
She also said you set her up.
And some other awful things
I have trouble believing.
Where are you?
What happened?
Carlos had my grandmother kidnapped.
You do understand
this is a revenge, right?
I didn't mean to hurt anyone.
My baby!
All this was Nora's idea.
You do realize that, don't you?
No, no. I'm not letting him go
until he gives my daughter to me.
Get away from my hospital.
Don't worry. I'm getting a lawyer.
It was only a matter of using the bait
to allure that woman.
[theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Gabriela Gebl
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