The Surrogacy (2023) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

- Cheers.
- [glasses clink]
I'd sleep here.
But I don't know
if my belly will let me rest. [chuckles]
That's not a problem. It can be solved.
I'm a little bit chubby.
Let's put this cushion here
to make a special bed for this lady.
Come here.
Make yourself comfortable.
Let's see.
- A five-star bed.
- Not bad.
Let's cuddle the baby a little bit
so that it can rest too.
Hush-a-bye, my baby ♪
Hush-a-bye, my sun ♪
Don't look at me like that.
Like that.
Have you realized
that your eyes shine when you're happy?
I like it.
Me too.
But it's not only that.
No? What else?
There're plenty of things
I'll miss from you.
Let's not think about the future,
let's not think about goodbyes,
because right now
and right here
we're together.
[opening theme music playing]
[Cuca's voice] I'm busy.
- Leave your message.
- [line beeps]
Call me back, Grandma, please.
Why don't you call that woman
that she was selling the laundromat to?
We don't have her number.
The sale sign said
that they should ask the neighbors.
Maybe the neighbor has her number.
I asked her,
but she just knows they left together.
- [phone ringing]
- It's her.
Where are you, Grandma?
[smacks lips]
She just fell asleep.
We made her sleep
so that we could talk to you.
Who is this?
A friend
as long as you don't make me angry.
I'm more Carlos's friend than yours.
What do you want?
I like that attitude.
Mrs. Cuca said that you should leave
the title deeds at your neighbor's
and all the documents necessary
to transfer the laundromat.
Taxes, water and electricity services,
all of that.
I'll have it in a while,
but please let her go.
We'll see.
Hey. Hey.
What happened?
Who was it? What did they say?
Carlos sent someone
to kidnap my grandma.
Something happened.
The police officers who entered
Ochoa's house
inadvertently killed his son.
Beatriz locked herself in the room
and didn't let them in.
They warned her
that they'd knock the door down,
but she didn't push aside.
Beatriz is now the victim.
We cannot allow it to happen.
The press and the people love sad stories.
It'll get their interest.
Mom, please, don't tell me
you'll send her this gown.
Yes, sure.
With a condolence note that you'll write.
I'll also ask the priest to hold a mass
for the eternal rest of that poor baby.
[Fernanda scoffs]
That's too much, Mom. I won't do that.
But you did send Julia
two onesies knowing that her son
had presumably died.
What's the difference?
Besides, you told her
you had aborted her embryo.
[chuckles] She took revenge on you
for giving her away.
She also said that
you made her to have an abortion.
We won't issue any statement
nor will we respond to the press.
I won't make things easy for Beatriz.
let's talk about what's important.
Carlos talked to Yeni.
Yes, I talked to Balo.
His mother saw him arguing with Yeni.
He looked upset.
Does he know if he saw the boy?
Yes, but some guy named Francisco
took him away.
That's the man Navarro saw
with her at hospital.
I'm sure it was him who gathered them.
Yeni didn't give the boy to Carlos.
No, she kept her word.
But she did tell him things
that were not convenient for us.
Who knows what her plan is?
My plan is to avoid her
from getting near Carlos.
We need her to disappear without a trace.
I need you to check Irene's office.
And, Arturo, Briseño will give you
access to her apartment
so you can look for the contract
we made with that woman.
Hey, Mom
what will you do with that second gown?
It'll be used
to bury Carlos's son forever.
Yes, I told Yeni you planned it all.
So it's true that Hugo and you
set her a trap, right?
[scoffs] If it were, what?
- What are you asking?
- What?
That'd make me as bad as you,
who cheated on both of us.
No, this is different.
We've already discussed this.
I made a mistake.
Stop telling me
that you never meant to hurt us.
- But it's the whole truth!
- Ah.
And that makes
a whole world of difference.
I didn't mean to do that.
I didn't mean to hurt anybody.
Your actions matter,
not your good intentions.
I don't go around
saying I'm a good person.
I told Yeni that
because I wanted her to feel a bit
of the pain I'm feeling now.
She's not a victim either.
She's not.
If she were, she wouldn't have lied
saying that she has your son.
What? She's not a victim?
We stuck our nose in her life
and cheated her.
Look, if she's lying
about my son, don't worry.
I'll look into it.
I'll get to the bottom of it.
Good. That's great.
Get to the bottom of it.
Maybe open your eyes.
Stop it, Julia, please.
This is escalating too much.
I don't want to keep arguing.
What are you doing?
Where are you going? To your parents'?
You know I can't count on them.
I just want to be far away
from your mean family
who look at me as if I were scum.
Come on, Julia. When we got married,
I promised I'd take care of you.
You don't have to go anywhere.
I won't leave you alone.
I wish you had kept
at least the promise of loving me.
- And Tessa
- Let's see.
Don't even start with that.
The girl stays with me. Say no more.
It's for the best.
Hey. Come here.
I wanted to thank you
because you registered Tessa
as our daughter.
Don't thank me.
If not, your mother would have
registered her as her daughter.
I wish that girl helps you
prevent Nora from manipulating you
as she always does.
Come here.
[door shuts]
[Marcela over phone]
What did they say?
Why did they take Beatriz
to the hospital?
I don't know, Marcela.
I just followed the ambulance.
This is Nora's idea, you see?
I'm sure.
[Dr. Navarro] This is getting worse.
I don't get rid of Yeni
and you're getting me involved
with Ochoa's wife.
I'll keep requesting your services
as long as I need them.
You have your own hospital, thanks to me.
It won't be of any use
if they know what we're doing.
That won't happen.
Nora, we're always under the scrutiny
of users and authorities.
I don't take it for granted.
[exhales sharply]
[sighs deeply]
- Hello. Just one question.
- [Francisco] Where's my daughter?
I was told
you gave the baby to my in-laws.
- That's right.
- Why?
You had no right to do that!
- I won't talk to you until you calm down.
- Francisco.
I won't let him go
until he gives my daughter to me
and she's away from this scum.
I told you that
she was going to be released,
but you questioned my decision.
I don't understand you.
- What game are you playing?
- No, sir.
What game are you playing?
You gave her to my in-laws
without my consent!
I'll sue you.
Do as you want.
Get out of my hospital.
I won't leave without my daughter.
Do what you have to do,
but give me my daughter today.
I won't leave her
with a corrupt doctor like you
who's involved in illegal things,
like what you did to Yeni.
[Dr. Navarro]
You'll have to prove it first.
Francisco! What did you do?
Calm down! What did you do?
He's lost consciousness.
Nurse, send a stretcher right now!
Francisco, for God's sake!
What did you do?
he told me you had taken my baby.
Of course not!
We just took her out of the nursery
for a while!
[door closes]
I'd like to believe
there's a reason why you told Julia
you aborted her baby.
I couldn't control myself.
That's all.
But I didn't tell Mom
that you made me do it.
Was it Julia?
The result is the same.
You made me feel bad.
As you always say
I don't have to carry your sins.
Just another thing, we'll have to see
if Mom really trusts you fully.
She assured me
that she would never allow me
to leave the company
to a climber like you.
It's not you
or me.
Or Carlos or Nico.
[sighs] Mom's new star is that girl,
- [indistinct police chatter]
- [siren wailing]
Can you please give me a minute, officer?
- [officer] Of course.
- Thanks.
Don't worry. I'll get a lawyer.
It's not necessary.
I just need you to stay
with my daughter.
I don't trust Navarro.
What can he do? He's hurt.
I'm a lawyer.
- I think I can help you.
- Hey!
- We have to take him.
- I don't know
what happened, but
Elvin, can you tell the lawyer
Thank you.
Um, he argued with
the hospital's director
and he went too far.
Yes. I hope the doctor
isn't seriously injured
so that he can pay a fine
or ask for a pardon.
My telephone number.
I'll ask how he's doing.
I can wait for you
and we'll go to the police together.
Okay. I'll be back.
[Elvin] Thanks.
[Arturo] Luckily, she wasn't registered
as her daughter.
She didn't go that far.
But now Julia is the one
who has all the power.
I know. She told me so.
We have a long way to go
before the girl
takes control of the company.
So many things can happen.
Julia told me something that stunned me.
She accused Mom and me
of destroying her embryos.
Supposedly, Tessa and Yeni's boy
are one of the embryos.
A divided embryo.
We discussed this.
But the boy was the only one
with clubfoot.
And the kids of all these women
who took the medicine we were trying.
But she accused us
of destroying her possibility
of being a mother.
As if those children weren't hers.
She didn't mean that.
I know what I heard, Arturo.
Knowing her, don't you think
she would've fought to keep the boy?
We have nothing to lose
if we keep investigating.
If we destroyed her embryos
Where did Tessa and that boy come from?
What happened?
Everybody is silent
regarding Dr. Navarro's health.
But I could get through
the hospital's legal representative.
He told me
that they won't tolerate violent actions.
They will file a suit.
But they are open to an agreement.
What does it mean?
That it may be solved with a compensation
or an apology. We'll have to wait.
Francisco didn't mean to hit him,
but the doctor made him believe
his daughter had been taken
without his consent.
But before the authorities,
that's not a justification.
They will surely support the hospital
because the staff is at risk.
Look, we'll think about it
if it goes any further.
Now, let's take care of Francisco.
- [Elvin] Okay. Let's go.
- Let's go.
[Cuca] Is he your son?
It happened to me.
I'm still suffering.
I live my life missing my son
every single day.
Only a mother who has lost a child
can understand another one
who saw him die.
It can't be faked.
It's a struggle accepting
that you're not going to see him again.
I'll never give up.
He was taken away from me.
[distant dog barking]
[Sonia] There's a car coming.
[Keyus] It's a taxi.
The disabled man.
- I'll get off.
- No. No, Sonia!
Of course not!
We can't risk Cuca.
[door lock clicks]
- [Balo] Good evening.
- Good evening.
[Balo] I'm here for the documents.
[woman] Here you go.
[Keyus whispers] Hide.
[Balo groans]
Let's go.
They left. Let's go.
[doorbell rings]
[sighs] God bless you.
I thought it was that man again.
- Did he mention my granny?
- No, I just gave him the documents.
We knew this could happen.
Call him. Easy.
[Sonia] I did what you asked me.
Give me my grandma.
[line disconnects]
You understand this is a revenge, right?
No, I don't.
It was your son
who hurt Yeni and her father.
Then that pain
must have had a reason.
And it'll grow.
As long as you don't attack the pain
and you keep attacking
those who you think are guilty.
Trust me.
I've been through that.
When we have a son,
we automatically become mothers.
And when we lose our son,
we keep being mothers,
although they are no longer with us.
[groans softly]
My son.
[Roberto over phone] Sorry for the hour.
I was in prison helping a man
named Francisco.
Navarro's other victim, like Yeni.
Tell me.
What do you know
about Beatriz and her son?
They didn't give me any information
because I'm not family.
But I found out that the baby is dead.
[thunder rumbling]
[nurse] Leave that, please. Be quiet.
Where's my baby?
I'll go get the doctor.
I'll hold her head.
One, two, three.
[paramedic] The baby?
He's dead.
My son.
[gasps, crying]
My baby!
My baby!
My baby!
- [nurse] Easy.
- [yelling] My baby!
[nurse] Easy, please. It'll be okay.
Where's my baby?
[nurse] Take it easy, please.
Easy. Lie back. It'll be okay.
[Roberto over phone]
Are you still there, Marcela?
I'm here.
It was my fault.
Of course not, Marcela.
[exhales deeply]
the baby was born with problems
because of the protocol.
I was responsible for it.
And now that baby is dead
because I pushed Beatriz
to not open the door.
[sobbing continues]
[Roberto sighs]
[objects clatter]
What happened?
[whispering] I'm sorry. Turn it off.
Is everything okay?
I don't know if Yeni is asleep.
I don't want to wake her up.
I'm alert in case someone calls me
to pick up my grandma.
[Keyus] I still believe it was better
to call the police.
I don't want
to put her in danger. [sniffles]
We know that Carlos's family
is behind that.
- Sonia.
- [Sonia crying]
Take it easy.
- Easy.
- [Sonia sobbing]
- I'm sorry.
- No.
Everything will be okay.
It'll be okay.
Thank you, Keyus.
- I don't know what I'd do without you.
- No.
I'm the one who doesn't know
what I'd do without you.
Trust me.
I wish they would take me instead of her.
- No, please. Don't say that.
- I mean it.
I really mean it.
I know this is not the time
for me to say this, but
- let me say something
- No, Keyus.
Please, Sonia.
After all that's happened
I was thinking
what I would do
if you weren't here.
If I didn't have you.
You know what?
I don't want a life without you.
I don't want to be without you.
I don't want to.
[baby cooing]
- Hello, Nora.
- [Nora] How are you?
I'm fine.
Last night, I had a terrible headache.
I told them I was worse
to place the blame on Francisco.
Well, that's more than enough.
Hey. [laughs]
If we had planned it,
it wouldn't have gone so well.
You have the perfect excuse
to get rid of him.
And his in-laws.
But it still worries me
that he knows about Yeni.
That woman keeps bringing trouble.
But it won't last long.
What about Beatriz?
Mm, don't worry.
Keep her sedated for her sake and ours.
They told me someone was asking for her.
A guy named
You're under no obligation
to answer to him.
if someone knows we brought her here
Nobody will look into that. Trust me.
The attention is on something
much more interesting.
Francisco and Beatriz
will have to serve our interests.
Of course they will.
The victims suffered the accident
because the woman was trying to conceal
the weapon that was hidden
inside the baby's crib.
The expert's report will determine
if that was the weapon used to kill
Irene Aviles Nieto.
- [reporter 1] Officer!
- Thank you.
- [reporter 2] Please, officer!
- [Briseño] I'll answer one question.
[reporter 3] What do you think
about police brutality?
We think it was an overreaction.
That's why all those officers
will be excluded.
I cannot allow such behavior
in the agency under my command.
Keyus, wake up.
Wake up.
What happened?
Did you have any news from Cuca?
No, but Yeni isn't here
and she left the baby there.
The baby? Maybe she went to buy something.
She was in bad shape yesterday.
She felt guilty because of my grandma.
She promised she'd solve it.
[Nora] I didn't even have to look for you.
You ventured yourself into the lion's den.
If you came to apply
for a maintenance job,
there's another door behind.
I didn't come for that.
The clinical trials are this way.
I didn't come for that either.
I'm here to see the owner.
Introduce yourself at the reception desk.
Good morning. How can I help you?
I came to see Nora Huizar.
Tell her that Yeni Santillan is here.
I'm sure she'll receive me.
[knock on door]
They're requesting authorization
to let that woman
come in.
Send her in.
Call Fer.
Tell her she's here.
Yes, ma'am.
If she hasn't sent the present yet,
tell her to bring it here
so that we can give it to her.
Yes, ma'am.
[door opens, closes]
[Arturo over phone] Yes, Nora?
It was just a question
of using the proper bait
to make her come.
And disarmed.
She has no evidence
to threaten you with a suit.
She didn't get a copy
of the contract she signed.
Did you find it in Irene's apartment?
No, but David has just confirmed it.
Why don't you also finish
the issue of the laundromat?
Before talking to her?
I'm sure she came to beg me
to set her friend free,
that Cuca.
But I won't negotiate.
She'll have to do as I say.
And disappear
with that monster once and for all.
This way, follow me.
[Arturo] Did Balo give you
the laundromat's documents?
No, he received them yesterday,
late in the evening.
When you arrived, I thought it was him.
He was going to bring them.
Take them to this notary public.
Can you please tell me
who has the contract?
I do.
Give it to me.
- What for? It has no legal value.
- I know. I want to destroy all evidence.
I'd give it to you.
But after that beating your men gave me,
I had the brilliant idea
to protect myself.
I deposited the contract
with a notary public
who will open it
and publish it
should anything happen to me.
I think she went to look for Carlos
to solve your grandma's problem.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
No, don't call her.
Maybe she's not with him.
I'll call my grandma
to see if she picks up.
I need to go to the bathroom.
I'll go with you.
Careful. Don't you fall.
[ringing continues]
[door closes]
Cuca! Open up!
Why did you close it?
Don't do stupid things.
Whatever you do,
you won't get out of here.
Open up, Cuca!
If you can't help me,
I'll wait for the doctor.
He's not authorized
to give the patient's information
to people who are not family.
Andres Ochoa, her husband, is in prison.
I'm not an outsider. I'm his lawyer.
I'm sorry.
As a lawyer,
you should know the rules of any hospital.
Ask if I can visit her.
It's not possible.
- Is she unconscious?
- I can't give you that information.
I want to talk to your supervisor.
To the manager, the person in charge.
I won't leave until I know something
about Beatriz. Please.
I'll see what I can do.
- Thanks.
- Excuse me.
- Follow me.
- What are you doing here?
[door opens]
Have you heard?
Beatriz's son was killed.
I read it in the newspaper.
Come in.
[phone ringing]
- Hello?
- [Nora] I'm busy.
Don't let anybody in until I tell you.
[Carlos] How far
are we willing to go, Mom?
I'm getting you out,
but you have to help.
Was waiting for you to finish the call.
Move and I'll kill you!
- What do you want for Cuca's freedom?
- I don't understand.
I'm going to make them pay.
If you comply,
I'll disappear from your life.
[Nora] This is your last chance.
[Julia] It was a surprise.
[Carlos] I need to tell you
something about Yeni.
I don't want you near my family.
It's what you need to do.
Stop putting all of us at risk!
[closing theme music playing]
Translation By: Bettina Suizo
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