The Surrogacy (2023) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

[doorknob rattles]
[Nora] Yes, but
I'm busy, do not let anyone
come in until I say so.
[tense music]
[door thuds]
[breathing deeply]
Take her to the conference room.
Please, ma'am. This way.
[suspenseful music]
What's happening is
an utter disgrace, Mom.
First, we had Irene's death
and now a baby.
All thanks to you.
Excuse me?
Carlos, this is the consequence
of not having been able to stop Ochoa,
like you were supposed to.
You must always put out
the embers, even if they're tiny,
because otherwise, they become full fires.
What an incredible use of a metaphor, Mom.
But what's happening now is terrible.
Yeni opened my eyes to the situation
with the pharmaceuticals,
how it affected all those babies.
We have to fix the pain we cause.
[scoffs] Unbelievable.
Not only did you share a bed with her,
but you also shared our business'
most delicate secrets with that nobody.
You should have told me.
I would've made both of you
sign a letter of confidentiality.
By spending as much time
with her as I did,
it was inevitable.
And yes, she helped me see my life
from a different perspective.
And now I'm a father.
And somewhere deep down, you're a mother.
You're telling me that you feel no empathy
for a woman who lost her baby? None?
[nurse] This came for you, miss.
[gentle music]
[tense music]
[theme music plays]
I wanted you to hear from me
that I asked Beatriz for more time
to look over the lawsuit.
And that both of us will do
whatever the authorities need
to help find Irene's killer.
Well, I hope she doesn't obstruct them
because you know she used
her son as a human shield.
You don't really think
that's what happened, do you?
Dear, I simply pass out the cards
that our friend Briseno has access to.
Yeah, that much is abundantly clear
because while I'm trying to
handle things the right way,
be a good person,
you are making sure
they're spying on Beatriz.
How could I issue a warrant?
I'm no judge.
I'm not stupid, Ma.
You think I don't know
Briseno is helping you?
Why? What are you trying to do?
Divert attention away from Balo?
You are trying to keep people
looking the other way.
He could tell everybody the truth
about how he got Yeni to be our surrogate
and you wouldn't want that.
[Nora] You're shaming me
for trying to make amends
for all the stupidity that you
and Julia have done.
[Carlos] That guy is a murderer, Ma.
Can't you see that?
He killed Irene.
The security cameras
at her place caught him.
We have proof.
He intended to murder, Yeni.
What's next, huh?
We just set him free
while Ochoa is in prison
for a crime he didn't even commit, Ma.
How much more can we do to that man?
They've already killed his son.
What are you proposing exactly?
If I need to tell the whole world
what happened with Yeni,
all about how we found her,
how she became our surrogate,
I'll do it.
[suspenseful music]
[nurse] Ma'am, please try to calm down
- [Marcela] Beatriz. Beatriz, it's okay.
- [nurse] Rest.
It's all right. I've got this.
You can go.
[Beatriz crying]
Beatriz! Beatriz, I'm Marcela.
I'm Marcella, we're here to help you,
but you need to calm down.
They mailed me these clothes
for my son's burial.
Carlos Huizar.
[tense music]
You suddenly growing
a conscience will bring nothing,
but struggle and catastrophe
and that I cannot permit.
And I don't mean just how this will affect
the business side,
but the impact it will have
on the whole family.
And just how much are we planning, Ma?
Because people are dying.
Or maybe this is just
collateral damage to you?
The pain your daughter will suffer now
because she was gestated
in the belly of some Indian girl
is not collateral damage
Ma, I've told you and I repeat
for the love of all that's holy.
Please do not call her that again.
That's what she is!
It's impossible to change that reality.
You'll have to spend
your whole life fighting
the assumptions of people
who think like I do.
You're a father now, Carlos.
You must handle this like a man
and defend your daughter
from what will be said of her
unfortunate background.
What do I have to defend, Ma?
What do they say?
My daughter is somehow wrong.
There are so many more opinions
that are important to me,
like my daughters in the future
when she hears all about
the horrific murder
of somebody's baby and that I'm to blame
that I didn't try to make it right.
That's important to me.
You're right.
There are much worse things
in this life, Carlos.
Well, since you've threatened
to investigate everything
that Yeni's told you, go right ahead,
but don't miss a thing
and I assure you you'll
change your opinion.
I'll do it,
the best that I can, that I promise.
[door opens]
[man] Of course, we're on our way.
Come with me, please.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
[suspenseful music]
[tense music]
[breathing deeply]
[tense music continues]
You move a muscle, I'll kill you!
[suspenseful music]
[knock on door]
All right.
Come in.
[Nora] Hmm.
What prompts this sudden meeting?
I wish I didn't need to be here, ma'am.
What do you want to free Cuca?
No idea what you're referring to.
Sit down, would you?
[gentle music]
You had Balo kidnap her. I know it.
The man you employed to
come after all of us.
If I cared to get rid of something
quite so insignificant,
- you wouldn't be here.
- I'm not afraid of you.
I stopped being afraid
when I remembered everything
that you've put me through.
[laughs] Oh, you're scared.
It's obvious.
If not for you,
then at least for your friend.
- What's her name?
- Cuca.
Well, I have nothing to do
with this, but I'll help you.
That man Balo is blaming Carlos,
but I know he's not responsible
because at the end of the day, ma'am,
you were the one who tricked him.
You told him that
his son died in childbirth
and that's not true.
Well, he may not have gotten
rid of the child immediately.
It's true, but he he would have
in the end. Like mother, like son.
He hates what is abnormal.
- My son is normal.
- Oh!
Good for you.
I'm amazed you're able to say that.
My son. Very nice.
Of course, yes, I'm sure
he appears normal to you
because I doubt you'd know
the difference, would you?
Go ahead and mock me?
Call me names if you want.
It doesn't bother me to hear
all your lies because I know
that you were planning
to get rid of the child
because he's living proof
that your medication is harmful to women.
[tense music]
What notary did you go to?
[car engine revving]
I don't know him.
But I bet Nora's pulling strings.
Yeah, there's no way, they'll let
the family notary get involved
in something like this.
The transfer of the dry cleaner
is gonna be very irregular.
There's no freaking way she'll risk
leaving any evidence behind there.
Much less be involved
in anything like this.
I suggested someone
that I trust implicitly
that notary has my complete confidence.
But they don't have mine. [laughs]
Hey, sorry to break it to you, Julia,
but this magical protection
that you promised us.
Well, I haven't seen
any proof of it at all.
Arturo just spends his time toying with us
like we're nothing, like we're his cats.
Yes, because he believes
he has power over us, which he does.
But one day we'll be able to convince Nora
that you are the man to succeed Irene.
Be that as it may, I still gotta ask.
Why the hell
are you doing this turning on your family?
I need to pay them back
for what they've done.
[upbeat music]
[door closes]
- [Roberto] How is she?
- Emotionally bad.
But at least physically,
she's gonna be fine.
- If you want I can make another.
- No.
You have to get back to the US.
Hmm. I know.
So you'll have to help. I don't think
Beatriz is gonna wanna go back home.
She can't.
Her home has been secured
for the investigation.
It's no problem for me.
I'll take care of it.
No, she's likely to have
several nervous breakdowns
given the extent of the trauma
she's endured recently.
And she'll need sedatives.
Navarro's gonna tell Nora
we were at the hospital.
They'll associate me with you
exactly what we didn't want.
I implanted the embryo in Yeni.
They promised me that I'd be let go.
They lied to me and they even
forced me to care for her.
Observe her pregnancy,
oversee the delivery
then flee the country.
When will this all be done?
You say I violated
the contract, but I didn't.
I never wanted to take that medication.
The one we know that caused deformity.
You know what else I didn't want?
To sleep with Carlos.
He was the one who came to me.
Look, I imagine he would do anything
to make sure
that you couldn't emotionally
affect his children.
My son will grow up happy and healthy.
Wonderful! It's why I got you this gift.
The only gift I want to receive
from you today
is for Cuca to get home safely
and in one piece.
But you are to never return
to the hospital or Navarro.
You will not contact my family,
and you must never tell a soul
about our agreement.
If you honor this,
I'll disappear from your life.
It's the last opportunity
you're going to get.
- [door creaking]
- As a token of my goodwill,
please accept this
little gift for your son.
She'll be leaving now.
They'll accompany you to the exit.
[tense music]
Hey, get off of me. I can carry it myself.
[elevator bell dings]
She's taking elevator R5.
Please confirm. Over.
[suspenseful music]
[elevator bell dings]
Come with me.
Surrender your badge.
[tense music]
[gentle music]
- [siren blaring]
- [gentle music]
[Yeni exhales sharply]
[gentle music]
[suspenseful music]
- [Keyus] Mubu's phone is ready.
- This is so stressful.
I know, but there's nothing we can do.
I've been calling my grandma nonstop,
but it goes to voicemail
and now Yeni's gone.
Sonia, Sonia, Sonia, it's okay.
Hey, hey, hey. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's okay.
[phone ringing and buzzing]
Look, Sonia.
- It must be him.
- [phone ringing]
I've been given the go-ahead
to release your grandma.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Where?
- Where do we meet?
- It'll be okay.
We're bringing her to the laundromat.
[Arturo] What are you doing?
Just erasing Irene's evidence,
but this thing is broken.
Look, don't bother. Calm down.
You won't find anything.
The contract she signed is with David.
And what's the problem?
[sighs] He didn't never gave it to me.
What's eating you? You look stressed.
It's bad. The blood bank where
we're keeping Nico's umbilical cord,
I called and they've got blood
from Carlos' twins.
For samples, Arturo.
They'll be able to perform a DNA test.
Wait samples of my children's blood.
- Are you sure?
- [doctor] Yes, exactly.
She wanted samples from both to be tested
for traces of a drug
that had been provided to you.
That's the explanation
they received from Mrs. Huizar.
But I told her in known
certain terms that only you
or your husband can authorize the delivery
of blood from the umbilical cord.
I appreciate you taking
the time to tell me.
Of course's, it's the least we could do.
Maybe my sister-in-law spoke to Carlos.
I reached out to Mr. Huizar,
but he never returned my call,
so I decided to call you directly, ma'am.
If we wanna do this right,
if we wanna prove who the mother is,
we need DNA samples
from both Yeni and Julia.
Well, that's easy enough.
I mean, I can get Julia's hair
from my mom's.
And Yeni, we could check the cabin.
Probably just as easy to get
saliva samples from the kids.
We could do that.
Because thanks to your brilliant idea,
you can bet the clinic's
already called you brother
and Julia to tell them about this.
I believe I've got a plan.
I'm going to remind Julia of our talk
about her umbilical cord
when I convinced her to keep it.
- [bird chirping]
- [gentle music]
Did you see the news about Ochoa?
Sure did.
I'm trying to keep a handle
on the story in the media,
but Carlos really should be here
to give me a hand with this mess.
But that means, it's true
about those women's children.
It's true that they were born
with deformities.
Right, it's clubfoot.
That's what this problem is called.
Fernanda, I took those pills,
they prescribed them to me.
And you can't tell anybody that.
Don't worry.
The medication probably
didn't affect your embryos.
How do you know this?
We can't be certain these children
were negatively impacted by our trial.
I need to have her examined
before she's born.
See if she's progressing well or not.
I have to know.
You know what? So many awful diseases
can be cured using cells
from the umbilical cord.
You should make sure to keep it.
Arturo and I did that with Nicholas'.
[gentle music]
Relax, you're getting
worked up over nothing.
And if you ask me,
there's a way bigger cause for concern.
Don't you find it strange
that my brother spends so much of his time
with the surrogate?
Carlos would never fall
for someone like her.
[bright music]
- [car engine revving]
- [bird chirping]
- [gentle music]
- [bird chirping]
- [phone ringing]
- [tense music]
[automated voice]
Leave a message after the beep.
[Julia] Marcela, answer me, please.
The boy was born with clubfoot.
That proves he's my son, right?
I took the protocol pill
and it had an effect on him.
[knocking at door]
Yes. You can come in.
[assistant] Excuse me, sir.
Come in.
[assistant] Here is Mrs. Beatriz's file.
Inside you can find all her personal data
- in case of emergencies.
- Okay.
- Much appreciated. Thanks.
- My pleasure.
[door thuds]
[tense music]
[baby cooing]
[tense music]
[phone ringing]
She's in a meeting at the moment.
You'll have to call back.
[woman] Could you tell her it's the baby?
I don't know what's happening to her
but something's definitely wrong.
I left a message for Mr. Carlos,
- but he didn't answer.
- I'll tell her.
And make sure that woman
abides by our agreement.
Will you?
Because she didn't tell Carlos
that she has his son
but she does have a friend,
a friend who hit Navarro yesterday,
by the way,
and who is aware that this Yeni woman
was paid to be a surrogate for them.
In that case, I'm gonna make sure that
she won't be a problem.
[Nora] I hope not.
Because it also sounds like Carlos
told her about the pill's effects.
[knocking at door]
I'm very sorry to interrupt, ma'am,
but there's an urgent message from home.
Excuse me.
[tense music]
[door thuds]
[siren blaring]
Elvin, how are you?
- Hey.
- I'm sorry, I fell asleep, and I
Don't worry about it.
Ever since Lucy's accident,
you've been living here.
You heard anything from my in-laws?
No. I thought they were coming with you.
No, I haven't heard from them
and they never called back.
And they're probably just still mad
about what you did to Dr. Navarro.
But anyway, let's go
ask about your daughter.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, let's go.
- [receptionist] Just take a seat, sir.
- All right, I will. Thanks.
- [receptionist] Thank you.
- Hello. Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
I'd like to see my girl.
She's in the nursery.
Your in-laws took her home yesterday, sir.
- No. What?
- No.
No. I don't understand.
Excuse me. What do you mean?
- Hello, sir.
- Sorry, miss.
Someone brought in my girl.
She's Tessa Huizar.
Mr. Huizar. Don't be worried, sir.
Your daughter had hypoglycemia
but we got it under control in time.
- Okay.
- Mr. Huizar?
- Yes?
- Just so you know,
Dr. Navarro is personally
overseeing your daughter.
- Right.
- I'll let him know that you've arrived.
- Thanks.
- Excuse me, sir.
Hey. Hey.
Uh, excuse me.
- Sir?
- [tense music]
Excuse me, sir.
We've met before at the laundromat, right?
Yeah, we met.
You had a baby, a little boy?
No, no. Sorry. You're confused.
I have a little, a little girl.
No, I remember
what happened perfectly well.
They said he was your son, a little boy.
But I just heard that you
actually have a daughter.
Was she born with any deformities?
Your girl was she born with clubfoot?
She wasn't, right?
Sir? Your payment is still pending.
Yes. I'll be there in a moment.
- All right.
- [Nora] Carlos!
Carlos, how is my granddaughter?
What's wrong with her?
Ma, she's okay.
They said she's stable.
That's what they told me anyway.
What happened? What is it?
That guy over there,
the one in the pink shirt,
when I went to look for Yeni,
he had a baby too.
A little boy?
They said it was his son,
but now I heard that he actually
only has a little girl.
So, do you know what that's all about?
Bruna. I'm at the hospital.
They told me that
you left with my daughter.
Can you please answer the damn phone?
I'm really worried.
Let's get outta here.
If he talks to me again,
I won't know what to say.
All right. You wait in the car.
I'll see about the payment.
- Sure.
- Okay.
It has come to my attention
that Julia stopped feeding Tessa
last night.
Yes, and that's a problem.
Had I only known,
this wouldn't have occurred.
Doctor, is this actually an issue?
When should she have been fed?
I saw her in the morning and she was calm.
She was asleep. She was fine.
Well, it would've been better
to wake her for feeding,
at least to give her some formula.
Newborn infants should not go
so long without sustenance.
Her caregiver tried to feed her,
but she didn't want the bottle.
What she needs is her mother.
She's with her now.
[tense music]
[Keyus] No, no, no. Wait for me.
Stop! Hang on!
- Sonia!
- [car door slams]
Hold up, calm down. Hey! Let me.
[tense music]
Cuca! Cuca!
[Sonia sobbing]
I thought I'd never see you again.
[Cuca] Oh, Sonia.
Where is Yeni? And the boy?
She went to see Nora,
so they'd release you.
But she's all right. We left her
at the apartment with the baby.
We didn't want we didn't wanna risk it.
[Sonia sobbing]
Elvin, I just spoke to Bruna,
and they took her to Puebla.
Wait for me and we'll go together. Okay?
All right, but you won't be long
because I,
- [tense music]
- well, I want to be back
with my daughter as soon as possible.
No, go. I'll catch up
just as soon as I can.
Take my car and I'll take the bus there.
But your in-laws,
I bet they took your car, didn't they?
Yeah, yeah. They must have.
But let's do that.
- Good idea. Thanks.
- Hey, Fran.
Do me a favor and talk to them.
Try to make things right
as best you can. Okay?
[Francisco] Okay. Thanks again.
[car engine revving]
- [tires screeching]
- Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't see you.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm the one
who got in front of your car
to try to get your attention.
I was just waiting for you to finish
your call with your in-laws, right?
Everything good?
I'm sorry, but do I know you
from somewhere?
- I don't
- Arturo Huizar. Good to meet you.
Sorry, I should, I better be on my way.
- No, no.
- I shouldn't talk to
I wanted to take
the opportunity to thank you
for doing such a great job
making Carlos believe
you're Yeni's baby's father.
I hope you can keep it up.
It'd be a shame if any more problems
came your way,
what would your in-law troubles.
Sorry, but I really have to get going now.
- [car engine revving]
- [tense music]
It was supposed to be a surprise.
I had been planning it for months
ever since Marcela told us
about the importance of
of building a strong bond with the baby.
- [Keyus] Thanks.
- [door creaking]
[Sonia] Come.
Come and sit down.
Yeni made you some soup.
[Cuca sighs]
You feeling better?
What I needed was a shower.
Those two [sighs]
well, they did feed me a bit at least,
but they never let me take a bath.
If I were kidnapped, food would be
the last thing on my mind.
You're fighting as hard
as you can to go on living
so that you can see your loved ones again.
[Yeni] Cuca, I'm so sorry.
It was all my fault.
Carlos's mother made it very clear
that I was to stay out of their lives
and I doubt that'll be a problem
because I don't want to see them either.
[Sonia] I think you should all stay here
while I see
about the laundromat transfer, okay?
Our neighbor already told
me she won't help out again.
And with very good reason.
Who would want the risk of helping us?
And besides, we already know
who's keeping the place.
- Balo and his mother.
- [Sonia] What?
They didn't give back your papers?
[suspenseful music]
- [receptionist] Doctor, you have a call.
- Ah.
I have no idea when this man,
Francisco, got involved
- in the Yeni affair, do you, doctor?
- [Navarro sighs]
What I haven't figured out
is what he stands to gain
by pretending to be the baby's father.
Perhaps that can be answered
by knowing who's helping him.
It seems that the lawyer
who got Francisco out of prison
is the same man
who apparently picked up Beatriz
- from the hospital.
- [suspenseful music]
I'm so sorry.
I have Beatriz in my apartment now.
Marcela is helping me take care of her.
I know you don't trust her,
but you have to understand
she left her security behind
in order to get your
wife from the hospital.
I couldn't do it alone.
They wouldn't have let me see her.
She was under supervision
by the authorities.
You know what that means for her?
It means you're trying to
pin the blame on Beatriz
for the death of your son.
They're accusing her of
trying to hide the weapon
they supposedly found there.
Everything was planned.
They didn't even need
a discharge to be sent home.
Beatriz requested to leave the hospital.
And they just let her go?
That's it? Just like that?
Nora, it's impossible
to hold a patient against their will.
- You know that.
- She was supposed to be sedated.
Marcela. She could have done this.
She's back, isn't she?
I just know it.
[phone ringing]
[Julia] Hi, you've reached Julia.
Leave a message
and I'll call you back as soon as I can.
[phone beeps]
Hi, Julia.
I got your message.
And yes, the boy is your son
and the girl is Yeni's daughter.
You're right.
Explaining your son's situation
is complicated.
Let me do it in person
if we can find a time.
I'm back in Mexico.
Tell me when and where you wanna meet up.
But we have to be careful.
If Nora manages to find out,
that'll be bad.
But you have much more to lose than me.
[Navarro] Marcela has the ability,
that's for sure.
And not only that, she's able to just
come and go from the hospital
as if the whole place was hers.
The staff at the hospital recognize her.
But only as the doctor overseeing
Julia's pregnancy. You idiot.
She was also involved in the operation
on Francisco's wife.
Nora, it's not every day
that we deliver twins,
much less deliver a child
safely into the world
from the womb of a woman suffering a coma.
At any rate, we're reviewing
the security camera footage to confirm,
- so we just need some more time.
- [sighs] Don't even bother.
I'm sure it was her.
And I have
more efficient methods to find out.
[phone ringing]
[sighs] On my way now.
[phone beeps]
It's Elvin, a friend of Francisco's.
He's having a meeting
with the admissions executive now.
I pray we can at least
find a way to get those two
off our backs sometime soon.
- [sighs]
- [tense music]
[door clicks]
Well, they forced me to sign the contract.
I signed over the rights.
We won't let you lose your property.
The papers were already
sent on to the notary.
They told me since everything is in order
they'll be able to pay us in full.
Those criminals aren't
gonna give us anything,
but that's no problem.
That's nothing compared
to having you back.
[Cuca] I don't know why I'm so upset.
The things we own in life,
they come and go or so they say.
That's just the way it is.
[Yeni] Well, I don't care
if I have to beg.
- I'm talking to Carlos.
- We won't do anything yet.
But we can't trust 'em
to keep their words.
Why are you insisting
on talking to Carlos then?
That's exactly
what you have to stop doing, Yeni!
Putting yourself
and putting all of us at risk,
I won't let you do it anymore.
[machine beeping]
You have no idea
how many nights I went sleepless.
I was desperate trying to figure out
a way I could be present
in the life of a child who was growing
inside another woman.
[phone ringing, vibrating]
Did I wake you?
Yeah, but it's okay.
It's fine. Something wrong?
No, nothing's wrong.
I just keep thinking,
what if I record some voice notes?
That way you could spend
a little more time with our baby.
Play at some of the notes from me
so that when it arrives,
it'll know my voice.
You'll have an entire lifetime
to bond with the baby.
And I know that Marcela says
that people have subconscious memories
including their pregnancy,
but to me the most important thing
is to be there
for the ones you love.
It's to provide for them and care for them
for the rest of your life.
Isn't that more important?
I suppose.
- Are you feeling better now?
- [gentle brooding music]
- Yeah.
- We going back to sleep then?
You need to get some rest.
Come home, please.
No, don't listen to me.
No, it's fine. Don't worry.
Okay, well, let's get some sleep. Okay?
I love you.
I was terrified at first.
So much self-doubt.
But my drive and desire
to breastfeed grew stronger
when I realized that Tessa just like you
didn't wanna be with me.
Of course by then I was barely producing
even a couple of drops of milk.
Practicing with her has helped a lot.
Julia, I completely understand
that you felt excluded
while the babies were gestating.
I get it.
And I understand
you're trying to find a way
to connect with them. I do.
But inducing lactation?
Don't you think that's a massive decision
for you to make alone?
For months, Carlos, that's what I've been.
When were you planning on telling me?
When you decided to look at us.
But you were too busy looking
at another woman and her baby
and making decisions on your own.
Didn't we talk yesterday?
That would've been a great
time for you to tell me.
I guess.
And if I had, you would've
asked me to stay, right?
This is no longer about
just the two of us, Julia.
That's right. It's about your daughter.
And I think you understand, Carlos,
that I am incredibly angry,
but I won't take it out on her.
You know, I am really tired.
Ever since you came back,
you've done nothing but break my heart,
and I'm through with letting you.
You're right.
I have hurt you a lot and that hurts me.
I don't want to do it anymore, Julia.
But there's something I need to tell you
about the baby boy with Yeni.
[suspenseful music]
Nestor will bring them money.
Then we'll leave
and Balo will take care of Yeni.
I want to know about the day she was born.
I want to know exactly
what happened that day.
There seems to be a whole
network around Yeni.
Marcela called me. She said she had
something important to tell you and Julia.
I need you to explain it.
I'm at a total loss
about who I should believe.
[Marcela] I think that Yeni
was gestating your embryo.
Then when she had sex with Carlos,
she became pregnant with Tessa.
[theme music playing]
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