The Surrogacy (2023) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

[Fernanda sighs]
- [babies crying and babbling]
- [footsteps approaching]
What happened?
Why don't you see for yourself?
This is what Nora was talking about.
[Fernanda] Yes.
I don't know how she did it.
She probably did some kind of
medical treatment simulating pregnancy.
And then she abandons the baby at home.
Which means that she's actually
endangering the heiress.
When she spent all that
time convincing you
she'd reach the throne.
[Fernanda] I don't buy it.
I think this is more than
just a classic attempt
to proving that she's still
relevant to the family.
[phone ringing]
It's Nora.
[dramatic music]
So apparently there's nothing legitimate
about that child, is there?
I mean, she comes from the womb
of someone who isn't her mother
and she's being breastfed by someone else
who's never even been pregnant.
[sighs] Yeah.
Let's just say this whole process
has been a bit weird.
You could say our life experience
has been different.
I suppose yours will be too
since you'll never really understand
the feeling of growing
a life inside your body.
[exhales sharply]
You know what I think?
That even though Nico
came from inside of you,
you've never actually possessed
a real instinct for mothering.
Did you know I abhor
the idea of breastfeeding?
And yet here you are
artificially lactating.
Yeah, I know.
I'm a bit worried.
I wonder if I've been hurting Tessa
with all the medicine
I've been taking to get my milk going.
It's kind of like when I messed up
with my embryos
with all the different medicine
you were recommending that I take.
Do you remember that?
[dramatic music]
But I guess I'm not that worried
because at least we've got
the umbilical cord cells
which will tell us the truth.
Well, that's why I sent Tessa
out for some more testing
because I wanted to make sure
there were no complications in the future.
Thank you so much, Fer.
But that's a decision that only
Carlos and I should make.
But this timing couldn't be better
because your brother just informed me
that he finds it very strange
that Yeni's son
was born with clubfoot.
[dramatic music]
[theme music playing]
There seems to be
a whole network around Yeni
which we're going to dismantle.
But if we separate Yeni
and Marcela as well
from the equations
since they're of the strongest links,
then Yeni will be all alone, right?
Don't take anything
for granted, Arturo. Hmm?
You should always be prepared
for new surprises.
Maybe you convinced yourself
that Marcela would keep quiet
and stay in the US,
but I didn't.
Except that now it's too late
for me to threaten
to implicate her in Irene's death.
To be honest, I never
seriously considered that.
Ultimately, she did end up collaborating.
In the meantime,
I've got no idea what to do
with this lawyer friend of hers
who's so confident
with the info on Marcela
he feels he can start making waves
in the investigation against Ochoa.
Yes, Briseno told me all about it.
He says they've been disrupting his work.
Because of that, he couldn't capitalize
on the fact that we have
Beatriz here in the hospital.
The idea was that we would get a statement
where she admits to hiding
the murder weapon
and that we then link her husband
and that weapon
back to the one that killed Irene.
You know, contrary to what you think,
I'm not convinced that, mm,
that Marcela is
the most important part of all this.
I think it's Roberto,
the wall behind which
she can protect herself.
If we can manage to break him
that'll bring everything tumbling down.
[dramatic music]
[Julia] I got your message, Marcela.
I wanna meet up.
We could do it later
but it'll have to be
near Navarro's Hospital.
Julia, don't play games with me.
Nobody can see me around that hospital.
I'm not playing games with you.
My daughter's been in Medicare
and I don't know when
they're gonna release her.
If you don't believe me,
call and ask them yourself.
Then let me know
when you're out of the hospital
and we can meet up somewhere else.
[dramatic music]
I came here today to
check out our balance,
not to get some new invoice
that definitely won't be covered
by the insurance.
I know it won't be.
Most insurers don't cover
third-party damage.
Well, you certainly seem like
you're fully recovered.
I mean, at least physically.
Which is fortunate for you, surely.
But I was forced to do
several rounds of testing
to make sure there wasn't internal damage.
If Francisco had known
how much he owed you
he never would've come back here
since they already
handed over his daughter,
which was before he hit you.
The release would've had to be authorized
which is normal protocol for newborns.
Just be honest.
You did all this on purpose, didn't you?
So tell me, Doctor,
is this what your lawyer is
trying to get us to agree to?
[dramatic music]
I don't wanna see you in my hospital again
or much less get involved
in any more of your problems.
'Cause if I do see you,
then I'll be sure that you get charged,
but with interest.
- Is that clear?
- All clear.
[dramatic music]
My grandma's in shock
because of what happened, Yeni.
But if she said we're with you
then that means we always will be.
No, you've already done so much for me.
This whole time you've looked after me
the same way my father would have.
Without you, I wouldn't have been able
to grieve for him
especially with all of this.
How will you manage alone?
I'm not alone.
My father taught me that
I can always rely on myself
and now I have a son
that I've got to protect.
I'd rather get far away from here
for his sake and for yours.
I don't want to hurt you and Cuca anymore.
Marcela called me.
I was gonna hang up, but she
Wait, you didn't hang up?
Well, she told me
she had gone to the States
but then she had
to come back here.
She said she had something important to
tell you and Julia about the kids.
[dramatic music]
- [Fernanda sighs]
- [footsteps plodding]
[phone ringing]
I got you coffee.
Is Mom busy right now?
She doesn't want to be interrupted.
She's with Julia.
Julia found out that I asked
for her umbilical cord samples.
Now they'll be useless.
[dramatic music]
Yes, but we knew that already.
I know, but now she's gonna wanna use them
to figure out
who the twin's real mother is.
I mean, we all wanna know the answer.
We'll have to find out before she does.
[dramatic music]
I'm gonna need you to deliver
the laundromat money
to Yeni personally.
Hey, you're making it sound like
I'm already in the same boat as Irene.
Oh, would you just relax.
Nora just wants to make sure
that you can be of use to her, that's all.
[David] Don't act like
you're doing me any favors, buddy.
This is a favor.
Do you honestly think
corporate would consider
someone like you for such
an important spot in the company?
Take my advice and handle
this little task properly
and then we can talk.
Nestor will bring the money.
Then we'll leave and Balo
will take care of Yeni.
Arturo, what are you
planning to do about Yeni?
We're going to need a doctor
who's very discreet.
I'll explain later.
[Nora] If you think that being
Tessa's glorified wet nurse
is going to give you leverage,
you should know that you're expendable.
I can find someone else
who most certainly
would have better quality milk,
a woman who is naturally lactating
on her own.
Well, I'm glad
you've got a plan worked out
because frankly I can't stand the idea
of staying with a man
who keeps shoving his love
for another woman in my face.
You know tonight,
Yeni will no longer be a problem.
So instead of throwing
your little tantrums,
you're going to convince Carlos
to drop all this nonsense
about looking for his son
or you will divorce him
and take his daughter with you.
[dramatic music]
When Nora called me because they were
going to bring your daughter in,
I called the babysitter
to get some more info.
Which is when she told me that you said
that Julia had decided to leave the house.
So I called Julia to explain
that sometimes babies
can resent the absence of their mother.
Maybe that's why
your daughter's not eating much.
- Mm-hmm.
- Then when Julia came here
she explained what she had to do
to breastfeed.
So I've been in the dark same as you.
Carlos, I don't know
what kind of problems you're having
but even if you plan on separating
it's much better for Tessa
to stay with her mother
at least until she's been weaned.
You know what, Navarro?
Your concern is appreciated.
And I guarantee that
when it comes to my daughter,
we're doing what's best.
- Good.
- So don't worry.
But I want to know
about the day she was born.
I want to know
exactly what happened that day
and about the supposed death of my son,
and about Yeni,
how she was transported
out of your hospital.
[Marcela] I believe that
while you were gestating Julia's embryo
you then had sex with Carlos
and became pregnant with your daughter.
It's called superfetation.
I know it's difficult to believe,
and most cases are very rare,
but there's research on it.
[Yeni] Why are you doing this, Marcela?
[Marcela] Yeni, you have
a right to know this.
No, I've got a right to be left alone
after everything they've done
to me and my son.
Yeni, listen you've got to trust me
when I say I can prove it.
I just need a few samples
from you and the baby.
We could do it this afternoon
when you go see Julia.
I'll send you the time and the address.
[phone beeps]
What happened? What'd she say?
That I'm the mother of Carlos' girl.
Oh. [chuckles]
Does that mean now they're gonna
try to leave her with you, huh?
No. You believe her?
Yeni, if I had known she'd say that,
I would've never let you two speak.
What she's saying is totally nuts.
If anyone else had said that to you
I might have given them
the benefit of the doubt.
Sonia, I don't know who's lying or not.
I'm at a total loss
about who I should believe.
I wanna leave here.
I feel like I'm in a maze
and there's no way out.
[somber music]
My dear, Doctor, I'm sure
I don't have to remind you
that maternity test results
don't happen overnight.
I know.
And I've still gotta wait to see
if they even wanna do it.
Yeni especially,
because she'll have to agree to working
with people who've treated her terribly.
And the best-case scenario
is that she'll end up
with a baby she didn't plan on having
but at least the girl's actually hers.
And at least she won't need
specialized treatments
for clubfoot like Julia's son will.
Main problem is the Huizars
have already rejected the child once
so why would they change
their mind this time?
Mm, they wouldn't.
But Yeni has the right
to claim her daughter.
And if Nora finds out that
she's got indigenous blood
That is not gonna work in our favor.
[dramatic music]
[Arturo] The notary got in touch
to say that the laundromat
transfer papers are ready.
We can give the money to Yeni
and then Balo can take possession
anytime after that.
I want Nestor to record the meeting.
I want evidence that the money
has been delivered.
I just hope that once this is all over
they'll decide to go far away
and I don't see that woman
or those criminals ever again.
[Arturo] Right.
We won't have to worry about Balo.
But David's different.
He still has a copy of the contract.
The surrogacy one that we gave to Yeni.
He gave it to a notary
and now he's saying he'll show it
to the press if we threaten him.
And he also mentioned
that he wants to become
Huizars Pharmaceutical's new lawyer.
Ugh, tell that social-climbing loser
that our company would
never hire such an imbecile.
The man is threatening to disclose
a confidential contract
meant to set a trap
that he participated in,
which resulted in a death,
which is still being openly investigated.
He can't be that stupid.
[dramatic music]
- [Francisco] Hello.
- Hello.
- How's my little girl?
- She's good.
We brought her to church to present her
to the congregation.
What? Why didn't you tell me that?
I would've come with you to the church.
I've been waiting here
for you for a while.
Would you like to come in
or are you leaving?
Well, yes. I'll come in.
Here. Let me help you.
[Bruna] Thank you.
Uh, excuse me. Just a second, please.
I'd like to apologize to you both.
I, I was short with you
because I was worried about my daughter.
Francisco, we're her grandparents.
Yes, but she'd just been
released from the hospital.
- She was delicate.
- Yes and at the hospital
they gave us detailed instructions
on her care.
I also raised a girl.
Yes, and for that,
I cannot thank you enough.
I'm also grateful that
you were able to get her.
There was no other option.
They had detained you.
My intention was never to hurt anyone.
You know that. You know
that I'm not violent.
We are under that impression.
May I hold my daughter?
[dramatic music]
And let me make this very clear.
I have to insist that neither of you
take her anywhere again
without my knowledge or my consent.
It feels bad having someone make decisions
on behalf of your child.
Now you understand
how we felt when you unplugged Lucia.
What happened to Lucia was irreversible.
She was never going to come out
of that coma because she was brain-dead.
Navarro told us you rushed the decision.
The only thing I did
was to comply with Lucy's final wishes.
Lucia would've never given up like that.
She would've accepted
whatever God willed for her.
She and I discussed it
and she told me otherwise.
She told me that
if she ever wound up in a coma
that she wanted to be disconnected
and to have her organs donated to science.
Would you hand me the diaper bag?
[dramatic music]
Come on, sweetheart.
Francisco, here are your car keys.
Very sorry that we brought it back for you
without your explicit consent.
[dramatic music]
- Elvin.
- [Elvin] You ready?
What happened?
Help me with this.
I'll tell you in the car.
[intense music]
[Roberto] I left money
for food and extra protection.
- [Marcela] Hmm.
- [Roberto] Otherwise, they'll keep at him.
- [Marcela] You know what they say?
- [coughs]
The most expensive hotel
in Mexico is jail.
I have a bit of savings too
in case we need extra coverage.
It's the least I can do.
[Roberto] You know that guilt
cloud's clarity, Marcela.
Sure you made mistakes,
but Ochoa isn't in jail because of you.
But that thing about his son is just
- That was an accident.
- [Beatriz groans]
- No!
- Hey!
Those policeman murdered my son.
[Roberto] I've got you. Beatriz.
Beatriz, those policemen
were simply trying to do their jobs,
but we are going after the people
who are actually trying to
take down your husband and you.
[dramatic music]
They've accused you
of causing your son's death.
They're saying you put
that gun in his crib.
[dramatic music]
Is Grandma still asleep?
I don't know. Want me to check?
No, no, it's fine.
I need your help.
I need to find a job
and you need to find an apartment.
Sonia, I'm serious, you know, I'm leaving.
My mind is made up.
That's fine. But you've still gotta
find a place for him
to get treatments
and you've gotta get him registered.
You can't keep traveling with him
until you've got his papers.
Don't you remember how hard it was for us
when they thought that we stole him?
Yes. But I'll only be
three hours away from here.
And besides, I've got to prove to Nora
that I'm trustworthy
and won't be your problem.
What makes you think that
she'll go along with this plan?
And this isn't because of the cleaners?
[phone ringing]
- [phone beeps]
- Hello?
Did everyone get together today
and decide to screw us over all at once?
Who is it?
- It's David.
- Give it to me.
Delete this number because
this is the last time
I'm ever going to answer you.
Do you really think you're that important?
I don't wanna see
your face again either, okay?
Listen, if you don't want
the laundromat money anymore,
we can forget about it all.
All right, fine. What do I do?
You get yourself over to my apartment
and I'll give you the money here.
Oh, and bring the kid too.
- Why?
- Don't ask me, sweetheart.
I don't know and I don't care.
I'm just following orders here
and nobody needs you butting in.
He wants the same thing that Marcela does.
This stuff is beginning to worry me.
Yeah, I'm worried too.
Whatever he is planning,
Nora and Carlos aren't involved
because I know they don't want my son.
Nora keeps saying he's deformed
and she said that Carlos
doesn't like anything
strange or different.
I believe it.
I remember the way he looked
at me when I first met him.
What will you do?
I'm going to leave.
And when I'm far away I'll say
that I'm no longer interested.
I don't think
they're gonna forget about this.
I'll make sure they do
because I'm also going to do
something else.
It would help me a lot
if you could be
a little bit more empathetic.
If we want to help
Beatriz with her husband
so he's not trapped behind bars
for involuntary manslaughter,
we have to be more honest
with her and stop placating her.
Losing a child isn't something
you get over in a year,
- much less a few hours.
- Marcela.
Marcela, I need to know
whether they're hiding the gun or not.
Weren't you the one who told me
that they buried it underground?
Well, that's what I thought,
but when I requested
the file for analysis,
Ochoa got very angry.
I need to know if it's the same gun
that killed Irene.
Roberto is doing
such a good job investigating
that I decided I wanted to make things
a little bit easier for him
where Irene is concerned.
[Briseno] That's fine by me,
but remember that the fingerprints
on the gun lead directly to Balo.
Sure. But then when Roberto
reviews the security footage
from Irene's apartment that day,
he'll see Balo in action.
He'll also see his dear friend Marcela.
But I thought that
we were going to protect
both her and Balo.
[Nora] I'm certainly not someone
who would ever tell a police
chief how to do their job.
You haven't exactly given me
a hell of a lot of options,
but now that you mention it,
I do recall it.
We talked about images
showing people that work for you.
And don't forget that I'm prepared
to see things through to the very end,
which means that everyone is fair game.
[Margarita] What's going on?
Who's texting you?
Arturo came through.
The laundromat is yours, Ma.
In exchange for what though?
Why are you bringing
a weapon to sign the papers?
Arturo asked me to take care
of something with Yeni.
There's so many things I took
for granted in our marriage.
The plans that we were making
and then suddenly everything is taken away
and all those wishes and dreams disappear.
You did what Lucy would've wanted,
- right until her last breath.
- [scoffs]
You did right by her, Fran.
You know how much
she wanted to be a mother.
It was her dream.
I shouldn't have fought
with Bruna and Renato.
But they're set in there.
Their ways of thinking, their beliefs.
I know, but they're also
my daughter's grandparents
and I still want her to have a connection
with her mother's family.
It's the only thing of her mother
she'll have.
Am I interrupting?
Navarro is giving us
an update on Tessa's progress.
Even though she's doing well
he'd like to observe her until tomorrow.
- Okay.
- [Nora] Now is the time to ask the doctor
about your daughter's health
or any other questions you might have.
He'll give you any information you want
but he's not going to talk to you
about that woman and your so-called son.
I'm sorry, Carlos.
But as I told you earlier
this is something you've got
to resolve amongst yourselves.
If you'll excuse me,
I don't feel the need to stay.
Now, of course, you don't.
I suppose since my granddaughter
will no longer
have her parents taking care of her,
I'll have to be the one to do it
since you're abandoning her.
No, Mom, you don't have
to worry about that.
Julia and I have talked about it
and we've agreed not to let
our marital issues
get in the way of what's
best for the child.
- [Nora] Ah, very good.
- Right?
I think the children are intuitive.
They can feel their parents' emotions.
And as long as you're
still obsessed with Yeni
there's no point in me staying with you.
Julia, wait, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Don't go, please.
Our daughter needs you, Julia.
What do you want?
You want to do the DNA test?
Is that what you want?
Why don't you tell me
what you'd like me to do?
Should I pump my breast milk
and send it to you?
Or pretend that I'm her mother
and show up every four hours to nurse her?
I want your forgiveness.
I want you to stay with us.
You'll have to forgive me
because it's too much of a sacrifice
to stay with a man who's lied to me
and doesn't even love me
to breastfeed a child who's not mine.
No, Julia, Julia. You're right.
It's over.
You and my daughter
are the only real things I have.
I don't wanna lose you.
I think that's it.
[Yeni] Cuca!
Oh, I don't want you to leave us.
But I won't be gone for very long.
What would you do in that little village?
You and Mubu left that place
so that you could have
a better life and now
And we did have that.
Even with all the hardships
we both stuck together.
And that's what's important.
Anyway, I'll still come visit you
when I bring my son to therapy.
- Yeni!
- Hey, don't worry.
I'll be fine.
[Sonia] I'll help you
with your stuff okay?
Oh, Cuca.
I'm gonna miss
this sweet little bundle of joy.
I invited Yeni too.
She's probably on her way.
Julia, what is it?
You know perfectly well
that if I'd known you also invited Yeni,
I never would've come.
She has to be here.
I need to talk to both of you.
She's Tessa's mother.
Yes, but she's also the woman
who stole my husband from me
and she's the woman who has my son.
Do you expect me to
give her Tessa now too?
No. No. I don't want that at all.
But you are the one who wanted to know
if the child was yours or not.
Because I need to know the truth.
I need you to explain it.
Marcela, just tell me what's going on.
I think that initially Yeni
was gestating your embryo
and when she had sex with Carlos
she became pregnant with Tessa.
[Keyus] Bye, you two.
[somber music]
What's up?
I'm going to need you
to do me a huge favor.
Sure. Whatever you need, Yeni.
We've got to make a stop
at David's apartment.
I've got to get the money
for the laundromat transfer.
Going to David's apartment
is a dangerous move, Yeni.
We've got your son with us.
I already thought about that.
Listen, he'll stay in the car with you
then I'll go get the money
and if it takes too long,
you can go get help.
Yeni, are you doing this
because Cuca's really upset
about losing her business or what?
No. That place is more than
just a business for her.
It took them years of hard work
and sacrifice to build it.
I know, and I agree
with you about that, Yeni.
but what you're doing is
more than just a little sacrifice.
How can you even be sure that
they'll give you the cash
and that Balo guy still
I mean, he tried to kill you
and have you forgotten
that he kidnapped Cuca.
Yeni, be reasonable.
But David will be there
to protect me from Balo.
I'm begging you, Keyus.
They'll have nothing if I don't try.
They're not going to have nothing.
I'm always gonna be there
to make sure they're okay.
I know that and I'm grateful,
but I don't think I can live with myself
if I don't even try to
get the money for them.
Okay, fine.
I've got your back, as always.
Honestly, I was already sure
that they both belonged to Yeni,
and believe me, it broke my heart.
And now I'm not even sure
if I wanna know who's mine
or who's not mine. I don't know anything.
It's your decision to make.
She's better at being a mother.
That's what it is.
What do you mean?
She was able to give birth.
She'll be a better mother.
Turns out that her daughter
is perfect according to Nora.
She's perfect.
She's a perfectly healthy child
and the only thing that's wrong with her
is that birthmark on her belly.
That's all that's wrong.
And then I look at my son.
The most important thing here
is how you see your son
and not what Nora thinks about him.
You know, I do think
it's better that he stays with Yeni.
He's gonna have a better life.
No, no, no, no, wait.
Let's do the tests and we won't need Yeni.
I've still got the umbilical cords.
Well, it is a very good source of DNA
but I would still need
to get a sample from Yeni
to prove that she's the
girl's biological mother.
But it looks like she isn't coming.
Call her.
Call her. And if I've gotta
convince her to come here, I will.
I don't mind.
I've called her three times
and she knows she's the girl's mother
the same way she knows
we're here waiting for her.
The laundromat.
Today's the day
they're transferring ownership of it
and they're transferring the money too.
[recorder beeps]
Why is it all in cash?
What do you mean why?
There's no way you could
deposit a check for that much.
And why not?
[David] Because they think
you were stealing from your boss.
- Classy thing to say.
- There are levels, old man.
- [Nestor] Yeah, and you're at the bottom.
- [smacks lips]
[David] You should be grateful
that we're helping you out like this.
And you still got the nerve to count it.
Please forgive me if I can't just
take people at their word.
I mean, you know what they say, right?
That there are a lot of
white-collar rats out there.
Well, I'm gonna hit the bathroom
while you count that.
[David] What do you want, Julia?
Tell me, what time is Yeni
supposed to go over there
for the money transfer?
We're doing it right now.
Is anybody else there with you?
Nestor is here filming everything.
Then Yeni's leaving.
Listen to me. Keep Yeni there with you
as long as possible, okay?
- Wait, why?
- I don't have time to explain. Just do it.
Yeni is with David. We gotta go.
[Cuca exhales sharply]
The house feels very empty
without Yeni and the baby.
Yeah, it really does,
but it's for the best.
Marcela has called me several times
and that lawyer has been calling Yeni
over and over again.
It seems like they all
really wanted to harass her
and on top of that,
she was just with Nora.
Yeah, she left because of all of them
but also to protect us.
I made a promise to Mubu
that I would take care of it, but
Oh my, sweetie.
The truth is I'm fighting for
When they kidnapped me,
I thought they were gonna kill me
Then Yeni's right you know.
The best thing for us is
to get far away from them.
[electronic buzz]
Why don't you guys relax?
It's just a friend.
I invited a friend to stop by for a sec.
Hey, come on in.
Everyone just relax.
There's been a change of plans.
You give me that recording
and Balo and I will take care of the rest.
You're really gonna risk everything
for something as stupid as this.
All those people who have caused us so
much trouble will vanish from our lives.
- [David] She's all yours.
- No, don't hurt me.
[doctor] You're gonna take a test.
- I have her sample.
- My baby's in the car.
Please say yes.
You'll have to tell them everything.
The entire truth.
Do you wanna be a part
of the family with us or don't you?
He's my son. That gives him an advantage
over other individuals.
So what happened to the samples
from Yeni and the boy?
[muffled chatter]
- Let us in. Julia!
- Julia, open the door.
[Yeni] Julia!
[theme music playing]
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