The Surrogacy (2023) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

[David] All right, come on now.
Why don't we all just behave ourselves?
There. Now, you gimme that.
That wasn't so hard.
[ominous music]
- [grunts]
- [groans]
Don't you dare, man!
You're just gonna take it
because you owe me one.
Now, go tell your boss man,
that he's gotta be much more careful
and don't be doing anything stupid now,
you got that?
All right, let's go.
Come on, move it.
Thanks so much, brother.
[tense music]
[door slams]
All right, there you go.
- She's all yours.
- No, don't hurt me.
[theme music playing]
[David] Hey, you know me, I don't like
to ask other people their business,
what do you want the baby for?
No idea.
All I know is Arturo told me
to get him, I'll find out.
Let's go.
Come on.
[ominous music]
Why don't I just take this for you?
[ominous music]
[footsteps departing]
[ominous music]
[baby cooing]
[Balo] Come on.
[suspenseful music]
Keep going.
[suspenseful music]
[door thuds]
Hey, the trunk. Open the trunk now.
Hey, hey, hey, you let her go.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
You move a muscle,
I'm gonna fuck you up asshole.
[indistinct chatter over PA]
[cell phone ringing]
What's up, Ma?
Where's Julia?
I'm sure you already know,
so, why bother to ask?
No, I don't know, that's why I'm asking.
She's getting clothes
because she's staying here.
I'll be at the office.
[cell phone ringing]
What is it?
[Nestor] Ma'am,
Balo attacked me and stole my camera.
I wanted to call Mr. Arturo,
but I figured you'd want to know.
Get out of there immediately.
[fast-paced tense music]
Oh, I forgot, the bottles.
Or maybe we already have some.
I think I saw them.
But, hold on, what about diapers?
Do we have diapers?
I don't have a clue,
what we're going to do?
There's We don't know her size.
What if we try a bunch of diapers
and none of them fit her?
And also the milk is a huge problem,
we don't have any.
I'm pretty sure that Lucia
didn't plan on giving her formula,
so we probably don't have that either.
I don't know.
And Lucy wanted to breastfeed,
what am I supposed to?
- Hey, Fran, calm down.
- What?
I bought enough diapers to
last you a couple of days,
- plenty of formula too, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay, okay.
- Go ahead.
[gentle music]
Wow, I hadn't seen it finished,
you two did a wonderful job.
Elvin, I, I can't, I can't do this.
I should I should call the hospital.
I have no idea
how I'm supposed to just
- It's okay, it's okay, just breathe
- Elvin, Elvin
Come on. She looks happy to me.
But, if you think it would help
then there's no harm
in calling someone like a pediatrician.
What, what, what?
There you go, my love.
[gentle music]
I told you to show up alone.
- Just go, please.
- Hey, no.
You stick your nose in my business, huh?
You stay right here.
- Move it.
- Calm down.
- Move it.
- It's all right.
- Don't worry, yeah?
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Yeah, okay?
Balo. Balo, Balo.
I'll do whatever you want.
Open the door.
Don't hurt him.
Please, just let him leave.
Get in.
Do your thing, move, fast.
[doctor] You're gonna take a test.
First, open the packet.
Take out the swab,
then put it in your mouth.
Rub the swab over
the inside of your cheek.
[tense music]
- Put it in here.
- [tense music]
That's it.
[tense music]
I have her sample.
Come here.
- [David] Let's move it, huh?
- Okay, okay, I'm here.
Get in the front seat.
- What?
- Get in the front seat.
No, no, wait, where are you taking us?
You're gonna show us
where you keep the kid.
My baby's in the car.
I'll check, just hold on a sec.
We'll see if they're telling the truth.
[gentle music]
Yeah, I see the baby.
Hey, if you're taking a sample from him,
I'm doing it myself.
Yeah, that's better.
We're taking you both.
Fine, but you have to let
Keyus leave with my son.
Please, let him go with my son.
You're in no position to give orders.
[Keyus] Please, stop.
You just stay here,
don't be a hero, dumbass,
or she's gonna get it, understand?
- [tense music]
- [Yeni gasps]
[car approaching]
Who the hell is that?
It's Julia. Julia Huizar.
What are you doing?
We're just following
Arturo's instructions.
What instructions from Arturo?
This wasn't complicated.
Yeni gets the laundromat money
and that's all.
Let me talk to her.
- You better hurry up.
- [woman laughing] Absolutely
Come on, David, we don't have
time for this. Hurry it up, go.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
[tense music]
You're here to obtain DNA samples?
I really can't say.
Julia, I've got no idea what's going on,
but, if that man's a doctor,
I'm a ballerina.
I've seen enough to know perfectly well
that the purpose of the tests
is to determine parentage.
Look, Yeni's swab we got already,
but we're missing the baby's.
She brought him?
He's in the car, yeah.
But this clown, Arturo's lackey,
he told Yeni she has to
take the sample herself.
Oh, it's just like what Fer tried to do,
by taking the umbilical cords
from the bank.
Yeah, okay, but why?
There's no time to explain.
Promise that you'll support me, won't you?
If that means
you're setting me up against Arturo,
no, Julia, no.
It's in your best interest, David.
So, you'd better take my side in this.
First of all, I doubt very much
that Nora knows about any of this,
and also because you're
about to torpedo the plan
in which you also benefit.
Oh, how is that?
I've got the resource under my thumb.
My daughter is the only heir
to their precious company.
You have a decision to make.
Are you choosing Arturo
and Fernanda and their son
that Nora tosses aside
like dirt or staying with me?
Okay, what do you want?
Apparently, Arturo's out for himself
just like we are.
- I'm gonna take the samples myself.
- Julia!
Arturo wouldn't like it, David.
From now on,
you do what I say, understood?
Yes, yeah.
No, no, no, no, no,
nobody touches my baby.
Once we get the DNA sample,
they'll let you leave.
Trust me.
Why should I believe you or any of them?
It's your only option.
And afterwards, you won't see us again.
Where's her money?
It's in the trunk of the car there.
Bring it here and put it in her car,
so she can take it
as soon as we're finished.
You got it, boss.
Please, say yes.
I can help you.
I'll do it alone.
[gentle music]
[box rattling]
[gentle music]
[gentle music]
[Julia gasps]
No, no, no. Julia, what are you doing?
Julia? Julia? Julia opened the door.
Julia, let us in.
Julia, just open the door.
Julia! Julia!
My baby!
[crying] Julia!
- Yeni, let's go!
- Julia!
Yeni, Yeni, hurry up. Come on. Get in.
[Marcela] Open the door.
[Keyus] We're losing her, we gotta go.
[Marcela] Wait, hey!
Shit the police are here.
[Yeni] Drive, Keyus.
There, there it is, that's her.
Come, come on. Hurry, hurry.
Keyus, go, go.
Julia, pull over please, Julia!
[tense music]
[David] Yeah, the police picked us up.
[Marcela] Balo and I were arrested.
I told them you were my lawyer,
so they let me call you.
[David] It's a mess.
What are they charging you with?
[Marcela] For being possible accessories
to Irene's murder.
[David] You bastard,
I told you not to pull
any shit on us, didn't I?
You better get ready asshole
because we're all going down now.
[ominous music]
[ominous music]
So, should we be starting
our meeting now, Arturo?
There's also the doctor you sent
to obtain samples from Yeni and her son.
Or would you prefer we wait for him
because he'll be here in a minute.
That's not necessary, Nora.
I think it's important
this stays between the two of us.
[Nora] As do I.
Leave us, will you? But stay nearby.
[ominous music]
Hey, hey, Yeni!
[suspenseful music]
I love you.
I love you so much.
Never forget that, please.
Mommy will always be here to protect you.
Okay, baby?
Wherever you are,
whatever you do, I'll protect you.
One day, it will just be
the two of us, me and you.
I hope you'll understand one day
I did all this to be able to protect you.
[gentle music]
[baby cooing]
[Julia gasps]
[gentle music]
[Julia crying]
Hey, hey, oh, my baby, it's okay.
Yeni, it's time you knew
that what Marcela said
about you
being the girl's mother is a lie.
The DNA test will explain
why one of my babies
was born with clubfoot
and the other one wasn't.
I wanted to be with him
even for just a moment,
so, I could hold him
because I never had the opportunity
to tell him how much
I love him or to say goodbye.
Look at you, I'm sick of this.
I just hate all these horrible lies.
All I want is to live
in peace with my son,
a son that you made me take in,
but who I decided to love anyway,
and that's real love, Julia.
We're going, Keyus. Let's go!
[somber music]
[door thuds]
[engine revving]
[cell phone ringing]
- [Julia] Hello?
- [Nora] Where are you?
On my way to the hospital.
[Nora] That's good,
because if the police had arrived
to capture that good for nothing Balo,
but it found you
in the middle of a meeting
with him and David, instead,
we would've had to explain to them
that you were his accomplice in the trap,
they had set for poor Yeni. Hmm?
You managed to get Briseno
to capture Balo and Marcela?
Oh, no, Marcela was a freebie.
The truth is I didn't think
she'd be there,
let alone with Julia.
Arturo, just because you know the odds
doesn't mean that there won't be
other variables.
It was a stroke of luck that
Julia left on time for once.
I'm sure that medical expert could tell us
when I ask him about it.
I suppose you've also got a plan
for how to silence Balo and David?
Think again, Arturo.
They'll have to talk,
and by stirring the pot,
I'm hoping to catch myself a bigger fish.
Even Carlos will have to
take the bait this time.
I already told you,
but I suppose your memory is so poor,
you might not remember.
I'm going to get rid of him.
He's my son.
That gives him an advantage
over other individuals
who are desperate for my approval,
and they would do well
to stay loyal to me.
- Thank you for coming.
- [Elvin] No, no, not at all.
Right when you called,
I was talking to Francisco about Navarro,
and how nothing happened after the punch.
Additionally, Navarro told us
that if we stay out of his business,
he'll stay out of ours.
That's not why I called you.
Though, if you need help,
I'll be happy to oblige.
[somber music]
Apologies for being unclear,
but I need to assist
Marcela who's been detained,
and I can't leave Beatriz alone.
I see.
Roberto, honestly, I don't want trouble.
I'm sorry, I heard
they took her from the hospital.
Only to ensure she didn't end up in jail
like her husband for a crime,
she didn't commit.
[both grunting]
Apparently, I'm not the only one
you're indebted to.
It was that bastard, David,
but I'll make him pay.
I recommend you choose
your enemies a bit better.
What about your allies?
Remember telling me
to record the transaction
and conveniently forgetting
to tell me about the doctor.
The doctor also works for Nora.
That was to protect myself.
Why didn't you call me?
I don't talk to clowns.
Just the owner of the circus.
This clown knows about you.
This clown knows about
how hot you were for Irene
until you discovered that
your lady friend was fucking Hugo.
Oh, no. [chuckles]
Oh, please tell me it wasn't love.
Now, could it have been
a crime of passion all this time?
- Well, could it?
- [groans]
If Nora didn't wanna
finish off Ochoa then perhaps.
I'd be careful.
Nora can betray anyone, even her children.
You gotta be careful then.
I didn't want to take
the insurance money from you
and I can't stop thinking
Balo somehow was involved
in my father's death.
Now it feels like
I'm placing a value on his life.
Like I'm taking advantage
of the worst thing
that's ever happened to me.
No, Yeni.
I'm certain your father
would've done whatever it took
to ensure you were taken care of.
Well, he did buy a car,
but I pawned it.
There, you see? The money
means you can buy back the car.
If you let me help you with this,
it'll make me really happy.
All I wanted was just to hold my son,
have him in my arms with me,
at least for once,
just once in my life.
I still smell like him.
He's, he's beautiful, Nora.
He's perfect.
And for a moment,
I wanted to run away with him
like maybe, just maybe, I could do it.
But when he was there with me in the car
and I looked at him
and he looked back at me,
I could see his hands and his eyes.
In that moment,
I knew I was going to leave it
for the second time in my life.
If we had only known,
we would certainly have agreed
to let you disappear
with the boy.
And it is preferable
to leaving him with Yeni.
I'd leave him with her again.
I do it a million more times
before I leave Tessa with you
because I know that one day,
I'll take back my son.
Don't you dare.
Because finally, all those people
who have caused us so much trouble
are vanishing from our lives.
And I'd hate for you to end up
in the same boat and Carlos,
having to defend you all.
You know Tessa needs me at home.
Because if you raise that girl yourself
and you make her more like you,
no one can bring her back from that.
On the contrary, if she ends up like me,
she'll never need to be saved,
not from anything.
I think she will.
Because I know you think
I'm the absolute worst choice
Carlos could have made to be his wife.
But I'm sure, Nora,
that when you lost your parents,
if someone like me had been there
to take care of you,
you could have been safe from yourself.
[intense suspenseful music]
[door opens, closes]
So what happened to the samples
from Yeni and the boy?
I don't know, Fer.
When David called, he was furious.
The police had both him and Balo.
So obviously, I wasn't gonna be
asking him for details.
Well, then I'm going to
find the doctor you hired.
No, don't even think about it.
I can bet your mother threatened him
like she threatened me
by telling him to drop the whole thing.
You and your ideas, Arturo.
So now what?
We can't get more samples?
The important thing now
is my agreement with Balo.
I have to rely on what Nora's planned
with Briseno.
[reporter] In the shocking turn of events,
a weapon has been found
in the home of Andres Ochoa.
The same weapon used
in the murder of Attorney Irene Aviles.
Discovered on the gun
were fingerprints belonging
to a criminal named Balo.
This evidence has led
the authorities to assume
that he's indeed her killer.
The victim's family
has not commented on this.
No, no, no, no, no. It's impossible.
No, hey, come back.
Can't you see?
Someone has to put a stop to this?
It's a circus.
Carlos, just sit for a minute.
What is this?
I need to track this guy down, this Balo.
We can negotiate.
We'll offer to get him a lawyer
who will represent him
and push for his release.
Look, I'll be happy to help him
if he tells us the truth.
I mean, you think he really knows Ochoa?
- But
- Obviously not.
Just wait.
Ma and Briseno are behind it all.
Carlos, I am here
because of a promise you made.
You said you'd be willing to give up
anything in the world for us.
"We're a family now," you said.
The three of us.
- Yeah.
- And?
- We will be one day.
- When though?
Julia, I need you to support me.
I need your support to be
able to do what's right.
The only thing to do is to leave
both Balo and Ochoa
in your mother's hands.
You focus on us, your family.
You don't push us away like pawns.
We have your legacy to think
of the pharmaceuticals too.
Then you're telling me
your conscience is clean
even with the death of a baby.
Think about poor Beatriz.
Think about the mother.
You really think it's the right thing?
I can only imagine what Beatriz
is going through right now.
I'm no mother, but I wanna be one.
I wanna be a mother to Tessa.
Do you wanna be part of a family
with us or don't you?
I have Yeni's DNA.
- [dramatic suspenseful music]
- But how?
You saw her?
No, I got it from Marcela.
We have two options, Carlos.
The first option is that
we throw the sample out.
Completely forget if Tessa's
Yeni's daughter or not.
Or I give the samples to Nora
and if it turns out
Tessa's Yeni's biologically,
you know what will happen.
Nora will reject her.
She will push me out.
I'll have to take my daughter
and go far from you, because legally,
I am Tessa's mother.
Put yourself in my shoes, Marcela.
I need to get out of here.
If I help you,
I could end up behind bars too
where I wouldn't be a help to anyone.
Roberto, you're only saying this
because you know I'm right, don't you?
That's the thing that's always united
the two of us.
Me and you, we have never
been able to stand idly by
in the face of injustice.
Yes, but there are rules to respect.
I broke them
because you made a deal with Nora
and now we're facing the consequences.
I'm sure that Julia
took you straight to Balo
because she wanted
the police to catch you both.
But I don't even know this Balo.
You'll have to tell them everything,
the entire truth.
Even if the truth
will end up implicating you?
And Yeni?
And even Beatriz.
Unfortunately, Yeni, her friends and I,
all of us knew about Irene's murder
and we didn't say anything.
As a lawyer, I covered for you,
but I also obstructed justice
in addition to civil liability
and legal consequences.
My entire career could be over
and I may be disbarred.
I'm useless to you now.
And to Ochoa.
[brooding music]
You know, I was thinking.
I'm not sure I believe in soulmates.
I think love, it isn't just something
that hits you in an instant.
Instead, it's something
that grows day by day.
Do you think you'll give yourself
another chance at love?
[suspenseful music]
Time for breakfast in bed.
You didn't have to come upstairs.
I could have gone downstairs.
- One second.
- What are you doing?
Yeah, you are way too formal.
What did we talk about?
I'm sorry.
I have my reasons.
I wanted to do something nice
because you shouldn't be exerting yourself
for a while and you need your rest.
That's what I'm here for.
To help where I can
with anything you need.
It's just that no one's ever
brought me breakfast in bed before.
Well, there's a first time
for everything, isn't there?
For me?
All of this is brand new.
So you should just get
used to the royal treatment.
I'm gonna take care of you
like the queen you are.
Just like how you're
taking care of my child.
How does that sound?
I'm still in love with him.
I don't know if I'll ever feels something
like that for someone else.
I feel the same way about Lucy.
But let's not think about it.
Besides, now I have a son
and I have to keep moving forward.
That's what's most important to me,
you know?
You may be right.
mmm, what would you say,
to us moving forward
together on this adventure?
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You assured Balo that you had protection.
It's clear now you were
only talking about yourself.
[David] Balo appeared
on the security footage
from Irene's building at the worst time.
Look, his presence is suspicious.
I'm sorry, but my hands are tied here.
Balo didn't murder her.
The only weapon he has
is at home and it doesn't work.
The gun jams when firing.
[brooding music]
Listen, I'm pretty sure
I heard your son bought
a new gun, Margarita.
Yes. Yes, he did.
When he saw Yeni in Valle de Bravo.
That weapon, I know Arturo had it too.
If he bought the gun
after Irene was killed,
the evidence you requested will prove
that it was planted to frame him.
And who are you?
Roberto Madrigal.
I'm Marcela Ortiz's lawyer.
You'd never find a kinder soul than Yeni.
I know, but it's so bizarre
that you just leave a meeting
with the Huizars
without resolving the laundromat deal.
Well, it's not necessary. I know, but. No.
Yeah. But that's our Yeni.
Just like her dad.
I remember Mubu would do anything
in the world to help the ones he left.
Fine, but I believe Yeni
needs a good talking too.
Something awful might have happened.
But they're all safe.
And that's the important thing.
How much do you think is in there?
Well, Keyus has already
taken his cut of the money.
- Of course.
- Hey.
I may be a broke boy,
but I'm an honest one.
Well, the scam was apparently orchestrated
by people who were poorer than us.
But that Balo and his mother,
- they don't know what honesty is.
- [Keyus] Hmm.
No That's sad.
The money goes a long way
towards making things right.
I just hope it's not counterfeit.
I just hope we never have to hear
from that family ever again.
Huh? I wouldn't count on it.
- What do you mean?
- I don't know.
I just thought that Julia
seemed a little strange.
Not surprising.
That woman's moods
have been all over the place.
She's not acting like a proper mother.
No, she was different this time.
She I'm not sure what it was,
but I felt bad.
She didn't wanna leave.
She wanted to take the boy
like she had a bond with him.
So weird.
[Yeni speaking Totonac]
Hey, there.
You're going to speak to him in Totonac?
Teach him the language.
It's the language my father grew up with.
I want to teach it to him
because even though my son
and I don't look alike,
his soul is Totonac.
And I'm going to teach him
the values my father taught me
about how people aren't defined
by the color of their skin
but by the measure
of their actions, their behavior,
the way they treat others.
And he's going to be
true Totonac, isn't he?
Hey, sweet pea.
Do you know what you'll name her yet?
No, not yet.
Lucy and I wanted to pick
a name that had some significance
for us, but, of course, we didn't know
if our baby would be
a boy or a girl before
so we never settled on one.
But you know what?
Right before Lucy's accident,
we just happened to be talking
on the phone and she,
well, she said if it was a girl,
we should name her Francisca.
And if it was a boy, Luciano.
Luciano for Lucia?
- [baby coos]
- Yeah.
I don't know if Francisca is really
that great of a name
for a cute little girl
like this one, you know?
So you know what?
I'm going to name this
little beauty Francisca
and I'll call her Kika.
Luciano sounds pretty too.
Mm-hmm. Yeah, the name means
bright and full of light.
And Francisca is bold and free.
My father used to say that
to help choose a person's
given name is important
because it's the name
you'll carry with you your whole life.
What are you going to name him?
Well, I never really
planned on having a son
so picking a name didn't cross my mind.
[cell phone buzzing and ringing]
[Margarita] I'm in court now.
I'm with my son's new lawyer.
He's the one who is defending Marcela.
In my testimony, I plan to declare
under oath that everything my son did,
he did under your orders.
[dramatic suspenseful music]
You You decided he's disposable.
You're letting him be tried
for something he didn't do.
Are you also going to declare
that you are now the owner
of Cuca's Laundromat and a kidnapper?
Yes. Yes.
Because that's another thing
you manipulated us into doing.
Give me that phone.
Listen, asshole.
I'm thinking it's time
you stick your neck out for us
because if you don't,
we'll be accepting the proposal suggested
to us by Roberto Madrigal.
And then the three of us
will join forces to get Balo
out of jail and we'll help Marcela
while we're at it.
I'll accompany you when they release him.
[David] What a capital idea.
Why don't we pick up
Ochoa for the hell of it?
Because something's telling me,
he's also gonna be found innocent.
You pick up Ochoa, I'll pick up Balo.
I'll bring Balo directly
to a certain policeman,
the same one that you ordered
to murder his brother.
[brooding music]
Do you mind if I call him Luciano,
like your wife wanted?
I was just thinking that
it's a nice way of honoring her.
Our loved ones live on
in our children after all.
We carry them with us on this adventure.
Well, in that case
Hello, Kika.
Hello, Luciano.
[elevator dings]
[Roberto] Carlos. Carlos Huizar?
I'm Roberto Madrigal.
I'm Andres Ochoa's lawyer.
Good to meet you.
You too.
I saw you once when I was
picking up Marcela and I, well,
apart from on the news,
I don't believe we've ever met.
Oh, okay. Well, it's a pleasure.
Um, so what can I do for you?
I imagine you're here
to talk to this Balo.
Do you have any information?
Yes, but I'm actually
only here for Marcela.
She's been arrested too.
What? I didn't know.
But I'm supposed to meet
Arturo tomorrow about that
with the head
of the police investigative force.
- Look, Roberto, you said?
- Yes.
I want to be honest with you.
I have absolutely no part in this.
I'm here on my own initiative.
Ochoa's wife, Beatriz.
I made a promise to her.
I'm reviewing all the files of the women
who participated in the drug trials.
I've been trying to get
in touch with Marcela
and I wondered why she wasn't
returning my phone calls.
Anyway, I might have
some questions for you.
Well, she never got your calls
because I would've heard it.
But listen, if you are
really trying to help
Yes, I want to help them.
You don't know me but when I make
a promise, I keep my word.
[Arturo] I think we can
still control David.
- There's a chance anyway.
- Mm-hmm.
But I don't know
what Marcela's lawyer said
to him or if he's already been flipped.
Just have them come tomorrow morning
and meet with Briseno.
And this is how we're going to proceed.
[theme music playing]
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