The Surrogacy (2023) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

- Come in, please.
- [Carlos] Thanks.
Good evening.
It was hard to calm her down.
She wanted medicine,
but you didn't leave any.
Marcela is the one who knew
what to give her, but
She better be lucid
as Carlos wants to talk to her.
I'd better go.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, can I ask you something?
I'm sorry, I have nothing to say.
I swear it'll only take you a minute.
At Irene's wake,
you and I made a truce.
And I wanted to tell you
that I'm really sorry
for your son.
You just wanted to buy time for the police
to place the gun in my house.
Of course not.
There have never been weapons in my house.
That will be cleared up
and your husband will be out of jail.
Now that my baby is gone?
Now that it doesn't matter anymore?
Because we'll no longer fight against you.
That's what Andres was doing.
Fighting! We didn't care about your money.
We wanted our baby to know
when he grew up that
we were fighting for him!
But you killed him!
And you sent me this to bury him!
[Beatriz crying]
[opening theme music playing]
[tense music playing]
What about Yeni's samples?
[Carlos] Hi, I can't pick up right now,
but leave me a message
and I'll get in touch with you. Thank you.
I'm in the office with Navarro.
- Carlos and Tessa too?
- No.
She's being discharged.
And it seems
that he is in a hurry to leave.
Today, I'll finish this Ochoa thing
and we'll definitely get rid of Marcela.
I hope so.
I want to forget that one day
my son thought of accepting
the stupid idea of renting a womb.
Hello. You have the face of a single,
first-time dad with a newborn baby.
[chuckles] Yeni is teaching me
how to sterilize baby bottles.
I hope you didn't give her her first bath.
That's my job.
Don't worry.
The more people we have to help him,
the better.
- Want some coffee?
- No, thanks. I've had a few already.
I got up early to see about the insurance.
Yesterday, I couldn't,
because Roberto asked me
to help him with Beatriz
while he went to check
why Marcela was arrested.
Do you know Roberto and Marcela?
We know her by name.
Marcela was the one who operated on Lucy
to save Francisco's daughter.
She told me something, but I didn't know
she was talking about your wife.
Navarro said
that she didn't work for them.
No, because she went to deliver my baby.
She implanted the embryo in me
and controlled my whole pregnancy.
She works with the Huizar family.
Roberto is her friend.
Well, we met Roberto
because he offered to take my case
when they arrested me,
because I hit Navarro.
It's just that he'd been behaving
very strangely since he saw us with you.
The next day, I saw him and Marcela
take Beatriz out of the hospital.
I didn't want to tell you,
didn't want to worry you.
[Yeni] Beatriz is another one of the women
whose baby was born with clubfoot.
Is that the condition that your son has?
Yes, they gave me the same medication
as the women in the protocol.
The police killed Beatriz's son.
I watched that on the news.
[Elvin] She's in Roberto's apartment.
I wasn't going to agree to help,
but the poor thing is in bad shape.
Roberto and Carlos showed up
and Beatriz accused him of being guilty
of her son's death
and of sending clothes for his burial.
I'm sure it was Nora.
It's a signal.
She tried to give me a robe.
And now I understand.
If I don't honor the deal
I made with her
my son will be in danger.
[nanny] Is there any medicine
we have to give her?
Just make sure
she drinks the whole bottle,
and if she has any reaction,
if you notice anything different,
let me know.
- To me. Always.
- Yes, sir.
Anything to do with my daughter.
If I don't answer
call my assistant
and have them find me anywhere,
but talk to me.
Yes, sir, I will. Excuse me.
I mean, they can talk to me too, right?
I'm the girl's mom.
I can look after her too.
I hope so.
- Why did you do that?
- What?
Why did you grab the girl and take her
without telling me
So? I wanted to bring her home
as soon as possible.
I have a meeting with Mom.
She called a meeting.
I know. She asked me to go too.
- Really?
- Mm.
By the way, Julia, I wanted
This is the first time I've done it
and the last, I promise.
But I saw your bag, it was open,
and what did I find inside?
The DNA samples you took from Yeni.
I saw them.
What did you do?
I threw them away.
Why would you do that?
Why not? We've already talked.
We agreed we'd be together for the sake
of the girl and make it work.
You'll not blackmail me anymore.
I'll forget that the child Yeni has
is my son.
And you'll forget
that Tessa is Yeni's daughter.
All I want is to see my son released.
I've lost one.
I don't want to lose the other.
Have you already forgotten
who got your children
out of jail all these years
when they were caught?
But stealing buses isn't the same
as murder.
I'll take care of Balo.
You take care of your new business.
Enjoy it.
You're welcome.
[door closes]
I guess the reason for this
is a family meeting.
What I don't understand is,
why do it here?
Because it is affecting us at work.
When you decided to rent a womb,
you excluded me, right?
That's not how I'd describe it.
You were always meddling.
That ends today, don't worry.
And what is all this about?
I mean, I already accepted
my responsibility, right?
I told you I'm going to try to fix it.
I already did.
And the best thing is that
Ochoa and Balo remain in jail.
- Are they going to accept it?
- No, but their lawyers will.
Arturo and Briseño
are taking care of that.
If the weapon found at Beatriz's is not
the one with which Irene was murdered
That proves Ochoa's innocence.
But not Marcela's or Balo's,
who were with her the day of the crime.
Especially Marcela, who has stated
that she saw her dead.
[Briseño] If she didn't kill her
why did she run away from the crime scene?
And she left with Yeni, to hide.
Why did she leave the country days later,
and now she's captured right after
doing a money transaction?
One involving those who participated
in a juicy surrogate affair.
Which apparently started very badly
with the death of Balo's brother
and ended with the murder of Irene.
If Marcela didn't kill her
she committed concealment,
and by supporting her,
you prevented the investigations
from being carried out.
I'll leave you alone to talk.
[door closes]
We were thinking that it isn't necessary
to go so far with all this.
Marcela can be released today.
As long as she does us the favor
of going away like Yeni. Okay?
You can't save everyone.
Yeni, Beatriz, Marcela
in exchange for Ochoa.
No. Tell her to come immediately
to the office when she's done.
Arturo called to say that Roberto
accepted the agreement.
[suspenseful music playing]
You really fixed yourself up.
Too bad Nora won't be here.
And that you will never be the lawyer
for Huizar Pharmaceuticals.
And that you are stupid
if you don't realize
if you go public
with the contract Yeni signed,
you will reopen the case
of the murder of Balo's brother.
And you killed him.
Before he died,
he said that the mock mugging became real
when you decided to use this gun.
And why all this? We had already agreed
to use the one we had that doesn't work.
Just to scare them.
Because if the old man doesn't hit you,
how are we going to charge him
with injuries?
At that moment you shoot him
and we take his daughter.
Okay, but
Balo and his mom
are waiting for me to help them
so he can get out of jail.
[Arturo] I'll take care of that.
You go to the notary
to whom you delivered the contract.
In the afternoon,
I'll go to your apartment to pick it up.
I'm really surprised
at how skillfully
you managed to handle
absolutely everything for us.
Actually, no one is innocent.
Not even your surrogate,
even if you want to see her as a victim.
She betrayed Marcela
and Roberto, who were protecting her.
Do you know why? For money.
- [Carlos] Mom.
- [Nora] Yes, laugh at it.
Come, look at this.
[keyboard clacking]
- [Nora] Look at this.
- [Carlos] What?
I think she accepted
so you'd stop harassing her.
- [Nora] She did?
- [Carlos] Yes.
The one who has to stop
harassing her is you.
She sent a message,
that she doesn't want you
to keep looking for her.
- [Carlos] Is that her message?
- [Nora] Mm-hmm.
It's perfect for me.
that's what is gonna happen.
Julia and I talked yesterday,
and we decided to stay together
for the sake of our daughter
and to fight for our marriage.
- Right, darling?
- Yes.
Look, Yeni.
This is a list of the risks covered
and the amounts.
I also attached a copy of the check here.
If you want to read everything, go ahead.
It's not necessary. I'll sign. Thanks.
Hey, I think the amount is wrong.
No, it's what they have to pay you.
That's why they wouldn't give it to me.
Even if it is certified in your name,
this is usually done
at the insurer's offices.
I will be able to give a part
to Cuca and Sonia.
I'm getting my dad's car
out of the pawnshop.
And I'll be able to pay
for Luciano's treatment.
Thank you.
I have to talk to Ochoa
about what you want to do
because I already decided what your family
and Briseño proposed to me.
Anyway, I intend to help those affected.
That's what they were looking for
from the beginning,
but I'm not sure
that's going to stop them.
Roberto, I'm not trying to shut them up.
I feel I have a moral commitment to them.
I hope so.
One of their demands
is that the damage be recognized
- so that it doesn't happen again.
- Okay.
I'll try to make it happen.
I'll call on my way out.
Hey, Roberto,
what did this Elvin tell you?
That you should forget about Yeni.
I need to ask you a personal favor.
I need to talk to her.
We both know that my family
is hiding many things from me.
I want to know if her baby is my son.
I was thinking that maybe
From this side,
you won't get any information.
Let me remind you
that we're all threatened.
If you want us to collaborate with you,
don't ask me to put Yeni on a platter
so that you can keep screwing her up.
[car engine starts]
[door unlocks]
[bright music plays]
[Sonia] Surprise.
Did you think
you'd get rid of us that easily?
[Keyus] Yeni.
Keyus told us you want
to give us money from the insurance.
No. Don't look at me.
They insisted on coming.
We won't accept anything else.
Forgive me for being so harsh.
I've already told you so.
You can't put anyone else at risk.
Much less your son.
I think Mrs. Cuca is right.
- They need us now.
- [Cuca] Hello.
- How are you? Come in.
- [Cuca] Thanks.
[Keyus] Thanks.
- Hello. Excuse me.
- [Elvin] Come in.
Did you really think we'd abandon you?
Actually we want to go with you.
[Cuca] If we are going to start
from scratch,
we are much safer in another city.
Besides, we're your family.
Listen, why don't you go to Puebla
instead of going to the mountains?
[Sonia] That's not a bad idea.
There are plenty of opportunities there.
I have friends and family there
who can help you get settled.
I promise to reach out before I arrive.
No, Francisco. You've already done a lot.
You have your daughter.
Yeni, I have to go anyway
to resolve some differences
with my in-laws.
Let people help you, please.
I knew I couldn't trust you.
But you trusted David who sold you
in exchange for him
becoming the company's lawyer.
That's why they busted you.
He tried but couldn't screw Nora over,
he got himself out,
and it was your turn to pay the piper.
It doesn't matter how long I'm in here.
Sooner or later,
I'll be out, bastard.
That's not up to you.
I'm here to drop you off
at the entrance area.
In the exclusive area
for privileged people,
fully protected.
With a monthly allowance
for personal expenses.
Look, it sounds so good,
you want to be here.
Would you rather be welcomed
with a beating?
Sleeping, standing up
in a cell smaller than this one
with 40 illustrious mates
with whom you'll share?
Eating rotten food
and washing the toilets?
I wouldn't think about it.
But if what I'm offering you isn't enough,
the icing on the cake is
meeting the officers
who were with your brother before he died.
So they can tell you what he told them
and you can get revenge
on the real culprit of his death.
It's too good to come
from a bastard like you.
If you were of no use to me,
I would have silenced you by now.
I can do it right now.
I'm sure no one will care about a thief
who was killed in jail.
But leave my mom alone.
Your mom
I asked for a special permit to let her in
so that you can tell her what we'll do.
They're going to send you
to the north prison where Ochoa is.
You should get close to him,
gain his trust, see who visits him,
and find out what they plan.
Nora wants to make sure
that they will stay true to their promise.
So I can't report the death of my son.
This is no longer about getting paid.
The rest of the women from the protocol
need the help that Carlos is offering.
And how do they plan to repair
the damage they did to us?
I would gladly stay in jail in exchange
for my child still being alive,
but this doesn't end here.
Someday, the agencies and the people
who support these people will have to fall
to do justice.
accept what Carlos is offering you.
If we want to have a good defense,
we have to invest to do
the investigative work for the police.
If you can't beat them,
join them.
- [cell phone ringing]
- [chuckles]
No, the emergency was yesterday.
Since you didn't answer my calls,
I had to call Arturo
to force him to help us.
And what was the point of doing that?
There was no point.
Nora had her own plan,
- she caught us off-guard.
- Well, just like you.
Like you!
Only, I'm not going to fold so easily.
And who told you that I am?
I have a long-term plan.
That's why I called you.
I wanted to tell you
not to count on me anymore.
Think wisely.
In the end, I am the mother
of Nora's only remaining heir.
And at some point,
she'll have to admit it.
I'm going to get him back.
That's why I can't lose sight of Yeni.
I need to know where she went.
Good luck.
[door buzzes]
Jeez, I was expecting Arturo.
[Sonia] Well, this was the last of it.
It just needs to be
I'll move it. No need, Sonia.
- You sure?
- Of course.
It's the least we can do after you opened
the doors of your home to us.
We didn't tell you in time
that we were leaving,
but we didn't know we'd go with Yeni.
Cuca. On the contrary,
I'm going to miss you a lot.
You really don't want me to take you?
No. I think Sonia
should practice highway driving.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Cuca. Drive carefully.
- See you soon.
- Careful.
Bye, little baby.
Bye, Keyus.
- Take care.
- You too. Drive carefully.
- Don't forget to visit us.
- Of course not.
Puebla is very close. I'll visit you soon.
See you outside.
- Be safe.
- [Cuca] Yes.
- Thanks, Keyus.
- Bye.
We'll see you around.
Between the transfer of the house
and Luciano's doctor.
- And to see you. Cheer up already.
- [chuckles]
It's okay.
Do you remember what I told you
when Cuca was kidnapped?
I like you. A lot.
I love you.
I love you too. Very much.
not in the same way.
That will never change.
There are many things
that are not clear in my life.
But as corny as this sounds
I always knew
that when I had love in front of me,
I would be 100% sure.
I see.
It's fine.
Take care.
- Thanks.
- Careful.
[door buzzes, locks]
[Arturo] The agreement.
Okay, done.
Invite me in. Don't be rude.
[tense music playing]
Everything seems to be in order.
I hope you didn't keep a copy.
[door closes]
What information does Arturo have
that made you give him that contract
and made him involve you
in what they did to Cuca?
Enough to kill me if he wanted to.
But I can sink him too.
I still have a card up my sleeve.
But I still don't know
if you're the right person to confide in.
David, you don't have many options.
Well, that's where Roberto comes in.
I don't think he'll help you
when he finds out that you,
along with Irene,
were part of the trap
that was set for Yeni.
I also have cards to play.
And the one who informed me of this
is named Hugo.
Thank you.
Roberto told me you'll go back to the US.
Tomorrow, yes.
After accompanying you.
We have to make Nora believe
that she beat us,
and if she stops thinking we're a problem,
she'll focus on something else.
We'll be able to prepare,
to come back stronger
once the children affected have received
the treatment paid by Carlos.
And once we have gathered evidence
to prove Andres's innocence.
[phone rings]
- Hello?
- [Carlos] Yeni.
It's me. Listen to me. It's just a minute.
You were right.
David confirmed they forced you to rent
your womb so we could have our babies.
I'm glad you believed him.
He also told me that you escaped
because Cuca was kidnapped
and the laundromat was taken.
I also ran away from you.
You harass everyone who tries to help me.
That's not true.
I am not harassing anyone.
I'm just asking.
Because the baby you had
is not Francisco's son.
Francisco had a girl.
And that baby
that was with you has clubfoot.
Look, Yeni,
if you confirm what I'm thinking,
that the baby is my son,
I'll come get you right now
and I guarantee
that no one will do anything to you.
You'll be safe with me.
Just tell me that he is my son.
you have a girl
and a wife to protect.
But I love you.
I don't.
The only thing I feel is disappointment.
Not even for you.
But for myself.
For having thought
that despite your family
you were different.
[Cuca] Yeni, you did what was best.
Why do I feel so bad, then?
Because sometimes,
what's best is not what's right.
You did what you could.
this will become a blessing in the future.
[dramatic music playing]
Did Julia come back to sleep with you?
Why did you wake up with that face?
- Will you have breakfast, sir?
- No, Lupita.
I'm not hungry anymore. I have to work.
- Excuse me.
- Thanks.
Excuse me.
Are you still going through the files
on the protocol women?
Yes, Mom.
We have to restructure the studies,
check all the contracts that were signed
so that this never happens to us again.
It had never happened before.
Since Julia started
having problems getting pregnant,
you were less focused on work.
Which proves the importance
of family stability in business
- and in life in general.
- Excuse me.
- [Julia] Carlos.
- [Nora] Let me remind you
that the priest offered to hold some talks
before Tessa's baptism.
- Yes.
- Mom, do you think that a priest
who is not married,
and therefore has no experience
in marriage,
can give us advice
that solves our problems?
Not with that attitude.
As you said, you wanted to stay together.
I thought that you'd fight
for your marriage.
Yes, but
I understand if you are like most couples,
who only stay together
because of their children.
I'm going to talk to the priest
to see if he can talk to us today.
[door opens]
Come in, please.
Thank you very much. How are you?
How's my girl?
she's your granddaughter.
If you want,
you can go to the kitchen with my girls.
[Francisco] No, she is Yeni.
My mistake. I thought you were Yeni.
No, I'm Sonia. This is Cuca, my granny.
Please, come to the living room.
I just thought you had hired a nanny.
- Sit down, Yeni.
- Thanks.
Actually, I'll have plenty of time
to take care of her.
I'll open an online marketing agency.
You won't earn enough with that.
But I'll work from home.
And I'll be able to be with her.
You focus on your work.
Bruna can take care of our granddaughter.
You can stay here. This house is big.
No. I had plenty of changes lately.
But I promise you
that we'll stay here today
so that you can be with the girl.
I'd also like you to come with me tomorrow
to start the paperwork for her baptism.
I'd like it to be in the same chapel
my Lucy was baptized.
By the way,
I'm taking my daughter tomorrow
to the baby Jesus raising ceremony.
- It will be in the mountains.
- What for? Those are pagan ceremonies.
What really matters is the baptism
for the forgiveness of sins.
We believe
that babies are born free of sins.
As a clean sheet of paper
where you can write a fresh story.
[Francisco] I'd like my daughter's story
to be as Lucy imagined it'd be.
With you, accompanying her,
in all the important moments
of your granddaughter.
[Carlos] Hey, I'm sorry. What's your name?
I was told
that I could find her around here.
The last time Yeni came
was to bury her father.
Chelo could tell you.
She was Mubu's friend.
Can you take me to her?
Tell me where she is, and I'll go.
It's just
a thank you for your favor and your time.
Are you the boy's father?
Is that what Yeni told you?
He's just like you.
[closing theme music playing]
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