The Surrogacy (2023) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

[Francisco] Honey, where are you?
I'm making dinner.
[Lucy, over phone] I had an idea.
If you're right and it's a girl,
we'll name her
Francisca, after you.
Although I don't like it
But if it's a boy, we'll name him Luciano.
After me.
So Paquita or Luciano.
It's the only name I could think of
similar to LucĂ­a.
[Francisco] It's all right, darling.
Stop talking on the phone while driving.
Why don't you hurry up and come home?
I'd like to hug you already.
We're just waiting
for dinner to be ready.
Don't you trust me? The pasta is ready!
Almost It'll be ready in ten minutes.
We love you!
- [Lucy gasps]
- [car horn blaring]
[tires screeching]
- [crashing]
- [glass shattering]
[siren wailing]
[man] She's alive!
We have to take her out!
[tires screeching]
Hold on, please!
- [Lucy groans]
- Hold on! I promise you'll be fine!
I promise, darling!
I'll be there. Please, don't hang up!
Don't hang up!
[opening theme music playing]
Your dad got in the way
and caused the accident?
It was the opposite
Lucy was distracted and she couldn't brake
because she was on the phone with me.
You never told us that!
Bruna, it was in the expert report
I wanted to introduce you to Yeni
because she'll be my daughter's godmother,
and I'll be Luciano's godfather.
Excuse me.
We have nothing against you,
but a godparent
has to take care of the baby
in case she loses her parents.
We have nothing in common with you.
And it'll be traumatic
for the kids to find out how you met.
No, well
Actually you're right.
We have nothing in common.
We don't think alike.
I'm sorry.
[Yeni] Francisco
we'd rather go so that you can talk.
Thanks for everything.
Yeni, take good care of him.
He's gorgeous.
I'm sorry for my confusion.
But he doesn't look like you.
If we meet again, Bruna,
I'll ask you
not to underestimate me next time.
I don't want my son
to think that people are judged
for their appearance.
The only difference between us
is how we treat people.
Did you see how she talked to me?
I'm sorry, she was respectful
despite the racist comments you made.
I'm not racist.
The only thing I'm saying
is what anyone is going to ask
when they see Yeni with that child.
I know the girls
who come down from the mountains
and none of them has a child like hers.
And our mother, the Virgin Mary,
was dark-skinned as well.
[baby coos]
- [door closes]
- [Yeni] Chelo has just called me.
[Cuca] What did she say?
Carlos was looking for me.
It can't be possible!
Doesn't he get it?
If he won't understand,
we'll do it the hard way.
[keypad beeping]
[receptionist] Excuse me, ma'am,
I have Yeni on the line.
I told you I won't take calls from her.
[receptionist] She insisted.
She said it was urgent
and that it's about Mr. Carlos.
Okay. Put her through.
[line beeps]
We agreed that you would disappear.
[Yeni] Yes, that was the agreement.
And I am true to my word.
But your son came looking for me.
And he also called me to tell me
that he loves me.
I turned him down.
But if he keeps insisting,
next time I'll consider it.
[keypad clacking]
[phone ringing]
Ah. It must be him.
Go ahead.
[Nora] No.
He's in that woman's town,
begging her to come back.
What? The priest and I
are waiting for him.
I went for the deed to David's apartment.
He looked suspicious.
I spied on him.
Carlos was there.
[David] What?
Did you think it was Carlos?
I knew it was you.
When you came, I didn't tell you
that your brother-in-law was here
because I didn't really know
what he wanted.
What did you tell him?
He asked for Yeni's phone number.
And he offered to help me
if I told him everything I know.
He's not the only one.
When he arrived,
I had finished talking to Julia.
[Arturo] We must take care of this.
[Julia] Did you find her?
Yeni. Did she go to her town?
I also want to know.
What for?
To know
where you're going to run next time.
[Carlos scoffs]
You promised
it wouldn't happen again. Remember?
And you make me wait
for you for hours with a priest,
when, clearly, you don't care
about saving our marriage.
Do you care about saving our marriage?
Of course.
Then you're going to tell me the truth.
Tell me how you and Irene planned
to put the father of a poor girl in jail
just so we could have our children.
I went looking for Hugo so that
he could help me find Yeni,
and he told me what I'd already heard.
That you were involved
in the trap set for her.
Irene told me it'd all be like a setup.
In which, absolutely no one
would get hurt.
I've asked myself a thousand times
why I accepted.
Why did I?
All I wanted was to save our marriage.
And all I did was destroy it.
And myself.
Because before all this happened,
I was just a woman
who wanted a child to give him
everything I never had.
Believe me, Carlos, I would love
to be able to tell Julia
not to believe Irene.
That it was all lies.
That many people would get hurt.
And does Mom know this?
When she found out,
she told Arturo and Fernanda.
we have time to keep this
from getting out of hand.
I beg you,
tell me all you know.
That's all I know.
- You didn't have to come today.
- [scoffs]
Today is when I needed you the most.
A part of me
left with him.
But another wanted to stay here with you.
[Andres chuckles]
[both crying]
I had to take care of him
before he was born.
I shouldn't have entered the trial.
I shouldn't have!
Please, Beatriz!
We did it wrong.
We should have kept silent
when we saw
that he was born with clubfoot.
We could have solved that.
But not death!
I don't regret anything.
You buried a part of me too.
if I give up
our son's death will go unpunished.
Carlos saw me in the video
that Nora asked us to make
of Yeni receiving the money.
So he asked Hugo for my address.
I didn't tell Carlos everything I know.
It's impossible to negotiate with him.
Neither with me, if that's what you want.
Let me remind you
that Nora has a good grip on us.
Well, that's not what the courts say.
I know you're still seeing Ochoa.
I'm passing the baton to his new lawyer.
Give me his information.
[both laugh]
I could help him find Irene's real killer.
This is getting good, right? [chuckles]
Here's a preview for you.
Irene was Nestor's lover.
And Hugo's.
Both are related to the Huizars.
[David] Yes, that's right.
Let's say she had more relationships.
Most importantly, with money.
Let's just say she was kind of
a social climber.
Just like Arturo.
The only difference
is that Irene had limits.
That's something Arturo
could never understand.
That's why he killed her?
Due to their irreconcilable differences?
Let's say it was more
a difference of work ethic.
I have evidence.
[keys jangle]
[door lock clicks, opens]
[Cuca] What happened?
You made me think.
If I don't tell Carlos his baby is alive,
I'm being Nora's accomplice.
Why are you doubting?
You think Carlos
will protect you from his mom?
I don't.
I'm sorry.
He did nothing to make you trust him.
She knows things we're not aware of.
Carlos is a careless man.
Apparently, he doesn't know what Julia
and his mother do behind his back
but Sonia is right.
He hasn't woken up.
You must wake up!
You keep defending him,
and he's not that innocent.
I've already made my decision.
I'm going to cancel
Luciano's ceremony.
I won't risk him appearing
all of a sudden.
Why don't you do it the same day
he baptizes his daughter?
So there's no way he can go.
They announced the date with fanfare
in all the newspapers.
[Cuca] That's a good idea.
And you can ask your people
to support you,
to cover for you.
Chelo told me that they're angry
because I didn't have a midwife with me
during pregnancy.
How can we explain
that you were a surrogate?
It's a tradition.
A midwife has to be taking care of me
during pregnancy, childbirth,
and even the lifting ceremony.
Traditions can change.
I think what's really going on is
they are annoyed
that Luciano doesn't look like them.
It was useless to raise your voice
to defend yourself with Bruna
if you aren't capable
of defending your son
from your own people.
[door closes]
Do you mind if Alicia picks me up?
I'm not ready for another goodbye.
We could have taken you
when going to the airport.
But it's okay. I feel better
because you'll be with her.
I think the support of a mother
from the group
will be of great help to you.
Considering that she's going to be
with her son all the time, I don't know.
That has to be better than going back
to the apartment and
and seeing my baby's crib empty.
- [Beatriz exhales]
- You'll come back when you feel ready.
Now, what Andres asked of you
that all this pain not be a roadblock,
but the drive to achieve justice.
From the United States,
I'll keep supporting you.
But you also have
your partners from the trial here,
and Roberto.
We won't leave you alone.
You'll be fine.
You won't be alone.
[knock on door]
I just stopped by to say hello.
[David scoffs]
[Balo chuckles] Easy!
Did you think it was a gun?
That's your guilty conscience, bastard.
Come in, please.
[Balo] I brought it so you can
have a drink to my health.
[door closes]
[exhales deeply]
Have you been released?
Not exactly.
One of the benefits Arturo gave me
was being able to go to the doctor
and get my leg treated.
[David] Oh.
It's new.
I'm going to use this to steal for real.
Just to steal.
I may be a thief, but a murderer
I'm not a murderer.
[Balo] Thanks.
But you better drink up
while you tell me what's been going on.
Go ahead.
- [Dr. Eloy] This is Alicia's son.
- [Carlos] Mm-hmm.
[Dr. Eloy] This is Lurdes' son.
And this is Beatriz's son who died,
as you know.
Roberto told me
that most of the women
who participated in the trial
have no means to pay for the treatment,
is that right?
They have no money.
They are making a great effort.
[Carlos] Could you please tell them
not to worry about it?
I'll pay for the treatment.
I also want you to know
that we're gathering
a group of researchers
to know what went wrong.
[Dr. Eloy] That's fair.
Those women believed in you.
They deserve an explanation
and your help.
I guarantee they'll get that.
Thank you very much
for the children's rehabilitation.
It'll be great if you could participate
in this research study.
You don't need to answer now,
but think about it.
It'll be a pleasure for us.
Count me in.
- Have a good day.
- Same to you.
[phone ringing]
Beatriz? This is Dr. Eloy's assistant.
How are you?
Fine, thanks.
[nurse] Mr. Huizar has just left.
The doctor asked me to call you
so you can let your partners know
that the pharmaceutical company
will pay for the treatment.
I'll be back to the group in a few days
and I'll tell them. Okay?
[nurse] I figured
you were taking your time,
but Yeni is missing from the list.
An indigenous girl
who comes with her son Luciano.
I don't remember anyone
with that description.
[nurse] How strange!
The first time the doctor saw her,
I heard she told her friend
that she had been given the same medicine
as the women from the trial.
Let me talk to Dr. Marcela
and I'll get back to you.
Okay. Thanks.
You don't have to stay locked up
to get your leg fixed.
It's not just that.
It's in my best interest now, Mom.
this laundromat isn't for me, son.
We can transfer it
and use the money, so
[whispering] The prison guards
are waiting for me.
Ditch the laundromat.
Use the money to get away.
Find somewhere they can't find you, Mom.
Please take these papers.
It's the only insurance policy we have.
I love you so much, Mom.
Take care.
[door closes]
- It's ready. Yes.
- Ready?
These are the instructions
to take care of Luciano
in this first phase.
But if you have any questions,
you can call me.
Don't worry,
I'm going to read it very carefully
so I don't have to bother you.
We're here to help you.
Remember the support group
I told you about?
[Yeni] Yes.
This is Ms. Beatriz,
and she came to talk about it.
[Beatriz] Hello, Yeni.
How sweet! He's Luciano, right?
- Yes.
- [Beatriz] He's beautiful.
Could you spare a minute?
I got off the phone with Sara. She told me
that Carlos had some DNA tests done
with the samples he has from Yeni
and the blood
from the twins' umbilical cords.
Who's Sara?
[Marcela] A researcher who collaborated
with me at Huizar Pharmaceuticals.
Now she works at the American
Association of Blood Banks.
He asked her to recommend a place here,
in the United States.
But she doesn't have
enough of a bond with him
to ask him if
if there were mistakes in the samples
they sent you from the biological mother.
Of course. But she trusted you
with something so confidential.
[Marcela] I consulted her when I had
my doubts about Yeni's superfetation.
She won't say anything, Roberto.
This is of medical interest
to both of us.
- Okay.
- [Marcela] What's going on?
I'm calling you to warn you
about what might happen
when Carlos gets the results.
And you're worried about Sara's identity.
I don't understand.
[Roberto] No, what really worries me
is Carlos following Yeni's footsteps.
Because it is enough for Dr. Eloy
or Beatriz to tell him.
[Marcela] Beatriz isn't going
to make that mistake.
She won't talk
because I told her what they did to Yeni.
Instead of speculating,
just tell me if David kept his word
and gave you information
about the alleged evidence
he has against Arturo.
No. He stopped answering his cell phone
and hasn't shown up at his apartment.
They told me
they would change the cast every week
until his feet reach the correct position.
And then they're going to put
a splint on it.
Poor thing! Isn't he too young for this?
On the contrary!
His tendons and ligaments
are very elastic right now.
And that makes the Ponseti method
very successful.
Besides, I prefer that
to having a surgery.
[knocking on door]
- [whispers] Come in.
- [Cuca] Thanks.
- Hello.
- [Francisco] Hello.
- Hello!
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
My beautiful little boy.
- [Keyus] This is for Luciano.
- [Yeni] What?
- For Luciano.
- Really?
I ordered it so that you can wear it
on the day of the ceremony.
- [Sonia] What is it?
- [Yeni] Keyus.
It's lovely!
I still don't know if I'm going to do it.
I haven't decided.
[Francisco] Yeni, you should do it
if you want him to learn
the traditions of your people.
[Cuca] You are now legally
the mother of your son.
You don't have to keep dragging him
through the shadows.
Your son
is light.
Just like his name.
That's how you have to carry him,
with heads held high.
Without hiding anything.
[Francisco] I understand
that you're afraid,
but you can't live in hiding.
The Huizars are the criminals, not you.
[siren wailing]
[indistinct chatter over radio]
[indistinct chatter]
[suspenseful music]
[Fernanda] David isn't answering
his cell phone. Aren't you worried?
[Arturo] No.
I showed Balo that the culprit
of all his misfortunes was David.
Surely, by now
he's been wiped off the map.
[breathing heavily]
He told me that Julia assured him
that she was the mother
of Nora's sole heir.
That it was convenient
to keep in touch with her
to find out what else
he could get out of her,
but he was causing so many problems.
- Your mom ordered
- My mom
doesn't use those methods
to get rid of people who get in her way.
You'll now forget about this.
You'll behave yourself.
It's a very important day today.
[door closes]
[instrumental music]
[birds chirping]
[Nora] Thank you so much for coming.
Thank you so much for inviting us.
- She's so beautiful. Congratulations.
- [baby cries]
- [baby fussing]
- Don't worry.
[priest] Your granddaughter
looks beautiful, Nora.
- Thanks.
- Congratulations.
Holy Virgin Mary.
God and the 12 grandmothers.
Thank you for the birth of these children.
Luciano and Francisca.
Lift them from the fields,
from the plains, from the rivers,
from the air,
from the mountains,
so that they grow up healthy and happy.
Free from any disease,
free from hate in their hearts,
and may mother Tonantzin
guide their passage
through this material world.
You're with me always.
- [baby crying]
- [Carlos] It's over, my love.
Calm down, my love.
There, sweetheart.
[phone ringing]
[baby crying]
- Calm down!
- [Carlos] Hello?
[Sarita] Only because it's about you,
but I can't give results over the phone.
Sarita, I know.
And believe me, I really appreciate
what you are doing for me.
I will never forget it.
[Sarita] The matches of Yeni's samples
as Tessa's mother
are 99.9%.
But they don't match the little boy's.
The boy's mother is Julia.
Are you sure?
[Sarita] Yes, Carlos.
I'm positive.
[footsteps approaching]
[Julia] Carlos.
What happened?
You can't leave me alone in there!
I need to know something
and I want you to answer truthfully.
Did you take that pill we were testing?
Where is this coming from?
[Carlos] That's not an answer.
Who gave it to you?
I don't know what you're talking about.
[Carlos] Don't you know, Julia?
Or are you lying?
And you're lying
because you know that my son
is not there.
He's alive.
What if he was alive?
That child, like Tessa, is Yeni's son.
- Right?
- Are you listening to yourself?
"What if he was alive?"
[Nora exclaims]
The pleasure of seeing you pretend
that you had fixed your problems
didn't last long.
I'm doing my best, Nora. Trust me.
But Carlos isn't helping.
- [chuckles]
- [Nora] Is this for real, Carlos?
Not even today,
this very special day for your daughter?
You're right, Mom.
We will pretend everything is great
for my daughter,
that nothing is wrong.
But if I find out
what I've been suspecting,
that my son isn't there,
and that the ashes
you put in there aren't his,
you'll regret it.
I mean it. Both of you.
You won't see the end of it.
Ready, darling?
Let's get back to the show.
Yes, my love.
[camera shutters clicking]
You're new, right?
- Freelancer.
- Mm.
I'm looking for a reporter
who wants to do something different.
Like scientific journalism,
medical journalism.
Are you interested?
- Yes.
- [Fernanda chuckles]
[Pascal] My photos will be
in the magazine's next issue.
It went so well
that Fernanda offered me a job.
It turns out that she'll give me
a weekly column.
All I have to do
is hide her identity
and publish what Huizar Pharmaceuticals
can't say publicly.
That's it.
Then we will have access
to first-hand information.
[clicks tongue]
[closing theme music playing]
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