The Surrogacy (2023) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

[distant siren wailing]
[distant car horn honks]
She has what we call a café-au-lait spot.
Can it be removed?
[doctor] They tend to reappear.
What about something more drastic?
I don't know
like surgery, perhaps.
Maybe in some years.
But she would end up with a scar,
which will surely look
less aesthetically pleasing.
Thank you. I'll be outside.
I know "impossible"
is not in Nora's vocabulary,
but in this case,
the girl is still too young to undergo
any surgery beyond the strictly necessary.
Of course.
Maybe accept that Tessa is as imperfect
as the grandson you rejected.
You can't compare them.
And I'm sure there is a solution.
we'll just come up with it.
That's our business.
[opening theme music playing]
[doctor] Come on, Luciano.
All right. How does it feel?
- Good!
- Very well.
- Go with Mommy.
- [Yeni] Let's go, honey.
Watch your step.
- Watch your step. Lift your feet.
- [Yeni] Well done!
- Good job!
- [doctor] Well done.
What do we say to the doctor?
- Thank you!
- [doctor] You're welcome.
Leave them on for some hours
while he gets used to them.
Then, have him wear them
before taking naps
- and before going to sleep.
- All right.
You have to be on the lookout.
Kids have growth spurts at his age.
So be on the lookout
to prevent his legs from twisting again.
Don't worry, doctor.
I'll be monitoring him more than ever.
- Very well.
- Even more now that Luciano told me
- that he wants to play soccer.
- Yes, I like it.
That's awesome!
I'll give you a ball next time we meet.
[Yeni chuckles]
[exclaims, giggles]
- Ready!
- Ready? He already fell asleep?
- Hey there!
- [Julia] It's over.
You seem to have invaded my office!
Yes. We're actually waiting for Carlos,
but Tessa just loves it here.
She knows she can drop by anytime
she wants to play. Right, princess?
Well, we need to work.
We're almost done.
- What are you doing?
- Nico's hospital for the healthy.
How very stupid.
Hospitals are for the ill.
And we make drugs to cure them.
I guess Nico doesn't care for that,
for becoming a chemist
or anything related.
- Look at what he's doing.
- [Julia] What is he doing?
We're leaving. We have a meeting.
Let's go.
[Julia] Look. Look.
- Want to eat burgers at home?
- Sure.
You could hide your preference
toward Tessa.
Nico's not a baby. He notices.
This is a family business.
You should teach him
to care about our company.
What for? He won't be the heir
of the family or the company.
You already chose Tessa.
My son can be whatever he wants to be.
He'll be the first
to stand up against you.
[women laughing]
Here they come! Everyone get ready!
- We'll scream, "Surprise!"
- Here they come!
- Are you ready?
- [women] Yes.
- Hello?
- [excited exclaims]
Congratulations, champ!
- [Yeni] What are you doing here?
- Look at him!
If it wasn't for Luciano's treatment,
- you would never come to Mexico City.
- Hi, how are you?
Nice to see you!
We threw a small party to celebrate
the end of Luciano's treatment.
[Yeni] Thank you.
Check what the doctor sent you
for your courage.
That is for you. Do you like it?
You do?
Thank you all for doing this.
It means a lot.
It's great to be here.
When Luciano came into my life,
I thought it was my chance
to do things right.
But I have met
more than half of you thanks to him.
So the one who actually did things right
was Luciano. Is that so?
- [doorbell buzzes]
- [Yeni laughs]
[Beatriz] How have you been?
- Hi, how are you?
- Fine.
- [Elvin] Hi!
- Let me introduce you.
They are from the women's group
I have told you about.
You must already know I'm Lourdes.
- [laughs]
- It's a pleasure.
Alicia. It's a pleasure.
- Elvin.
- We already met each other.
Yes, I think you did tell me
that you met her at Roberto's.
- Yes.
- Yes, your face also rang a bell
until you told me you were part
of the laboratory's sample group.
I remembered seeing you
at Irene's funeral.
I only hid from you that I kept in touch
with Roberto and Marcela
so you wouldn't go away.
I would have,
but Luciano needed his treatment.
Yeni, you have always been
a part of our group.
We would never hurt you.
We are not the enemy.
But if you told Carlos where I was
Marcela and Roberto asked us not to do it.
"The committee concludes that nicotine
might be the cause of clubfoot."
- There it is.
- Oh.
So after three years,
"might" is the best we have.
There's nothing definite.
At least you provided redress
to the children from the sample group.
Exactly, Mother. Soon enough,
those kids will walk normally, right?
Perfect! We can finally close this topic.
- [Carlos] No.
- [Nora] Why not?
I want to know why Briseño and you
agreed to release Balo.
In return for his silence
about what he knows.
Now you tell me what you are up to
with Roberto and Marcela.
[Carlos] Okay.
Beatriz is willing to make it public
that Balo comes in and out
as if he owned the place
while Ochoa is stuck in jail
for a crime he didn't commit.
[Fer] Wait a minute.
What did I miss?
So I know what to tell the press
once this blows up.
- [Carlos] Fer, are you serious?
- What?
Who cares about the press?
- Stop it!
- Mom.
If I settled with these people,
I can do the same with Ochoa.
- Let me fix it, Mom.
- [Nora] All right, do it.
But first, ask for the evidence
they supposedly have
on how we supposedly had Irene killed.
Are you busy?
I'm actually waiting for Carlos.
Do you want to see him?
I had to tell Yeni I'm getting help
with Andres's release.
From the start, you were dead set
on telling the truth.
And me, I mostly prefer honesty,
but I decided to lie.
[knock on door]
Want to stay?
Balo is out of jail.
Before telling you, I wanted to know
if Carlos's family agreed,
but now you will know.
Dear Roberto, how long were you planning
to play that ace up your sleeve?
David contacted me to tell me
that Irene had an argument with Arturo
because he made the women
sign the protocol.
A different written consent
from the one she had drawn up.
I changed it because Irene specified
a one-year wait before getting pregnant.
That was the right thing.
The drug would've left their bodies
and those babies unharmed.
But the idea was for the first sample,
your brother's, to fail.
Did you forget?
Things are going according to plan.
It has cost your mother
her blood and sweat.
It has.
Mainly blood.
Don't worry. We'll get off scot-free.
Irene was responsible
for the signed forms.
The idiot must've given them to David,
as she did with Yeni's surrogacy contract.
It's a good thing we got rid of them both.
Arturo, it was you who got rid of Irene?
- [gasps]
- [gunshot]
[Marcela gasps]
What Arturo made them sign
violated the signers' rights.
When were you planning
on telling me this?
It was my last resort to convince
your mom of releasing Ochoa.
Roberto, you're completely wrong.
My mom isn't the police.
Carlos, come on,
you know what we're talking about.
You know how much I'm putting on the line
by helping you.
Weren't we on the same page?
I thought we were straightforward.
We are, Carlos.
We won't use the documents
that incriminate Arturo.
Then give them to me.
Why do you want them?
It's my only leverage to pressure
my mother and make this end soon.
I'm sorry, but I can't.
Are you sure?
Have it your way.
I'm done here.
What are you doing?
I don't have them.
And we don't know if Balo has them either.
- Beatriz.
- [Beatriz] Carlos.
Carlos, I'll tell the press
what you're doing
to protect criminals
like your brother-in-law and Balo.
I told you I'll aid your husband.
I'll keep my word.
I had no idea my brother-in-law
was supporting Balo.
But you knew, and you didn't tell me.
Carlos, come on.
We don't trust your family.
Roberto, I'm not my family.
I told you when we first met.
This mess is theirs, not mine.
I'm glad, since your son isn't dead.
- Beatriz.
- No, no, no.
Your mother got rid of him.
She wants us gone too.
We remind her of her mistake.
Look, Beatriz I'm suffering too.
Not to compare our pains.
I know they are radically different.
But I don't know where my son is
and I don't know what to do.
I'm telling you this
so you understand I'm also a victim here.
I can help you
by telling you where Yeni is,
- but you must help me get Andres out.
- Beatriz, please.
I already told you I will.
If you don't,
you'll be left with nothing, like me.
Sorry, but we already tried your way.
Let's try mine now.
Where are you going? Where are you going?
[both panting heavily]
- [knocking on door]
- [shushing]
- Sweetie?
- [Nico] Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!
What's wrong, honey?
- [Nico] Mom!
- I'll be right there.
I'll be right there, sweetie.
- What's wrong, sweetie?
- Your phone is ringing.
- Really? We're done. Where is it?
- [Nico] Here.
Under the
[breathing heavily]
And the movie you were watching?
[Nico] It was very boring.
[Fer] Okay, we're leaving.
Mom, your zipper is down.
This kid
Tell me how to get dressed
when you do it by yourself.
Pick up your things.
All your toys, sweetie.
[phone ringing]
Where are you? I've called like crazy.
At the movies with Nico.
Really, Fer?
Carlos never returned.
Roberto must've told him.
Why should I have stayed
with you to wait for him?
We're on our way.
how about you stay with Nico
in that room?
No. Let's go, sweetie.
Come on, hurry.
Hurry, sweetie. Let's go.
Say goodbye to Pascal and
Don't leave anything behind.
Come on, let's go, let's go.
See you, champ. [chuckles]
- Let me know if anything happens.
- Okay.
All right, let's go.
[door closes]
[Marcela] Carlos, it's been three years,
but I remember it vividly.
When I finished,
I went to check on the baby
and saw in the trash can his
his hospital bracelet.
So I kept it.
I wanted to give it to you, but
I was sent to tend to a woman
who had been in an accident,
who turned out to be Francisco's wife.
Nora threatened me,
so I ran away from the hospital.
I knew the truth early on,
when Yeni called me.
Because she was left in the park
with your son.
I wanted to help her.
But I was with Irene when she was killed.
Nora knew and threatened me with that.
- They smell like cheese, like cheese!
- Julia, can we talk?
- Yes.
- Hi, sweetie.
Can you watch over Tessa?
Her breakfast is ready, isn't it?
Time for a shower.
A shower, a shower.
Fernanda came here yesterday.
[Carlos] Mm-hmm.
She took Nico in the middle of dinner.
I know you didn't know at the start
that our son was alive.
And that you didn't tell me
because my mom forced you to.
I understand, I do.
Your behavior, your criticism,
the things you did and said.
What I don't understand
is why you never told me.
Because your mother made me feel guilty
for our son's deformity.
- I asked you on christening day.
- If I had told you then,
that Fernanda gave me those pills,
you would have reacted right there.
How much longer did you need to wait?
Because it's been three years.
And I asked you,
I begged you to tell me everything
to put a stop to this.
It was to protect our son from your mom.
Where are you going?
You know that Nora would never accept him.
My only solace is knowing
that any material needs
will be covered by Yeni's love.
That brings me peace.
Because I had to grow up
without parental love. It was horrible.
Now I'm learning to live without yours.
More than once,
I wanted to take it out on Tessa.
Because you love her the most.
I just couldn't.
I have learned to love her
in such a pure, selfless way.
It was the way she looked at me
since she was a baby.
[Fer] Good morning, Mom.
Did you speak with my brother?
He arrived at dawn,
but hasn't come out since.
Arturo was the one who changed
the sample group's consent forms.
How is this news?
Irene would have never authorized
a document that would harm us.
Then you agree
that I should divorce him.
I don't want such a man
to raise my son.
You'll push his father away
just because of some contracts?
I always thought I was like you.
That I had no maternal instinct.
But now I see how wrong I was.
When Briseño showed me
the security footage of Irene's home,
I told him I had seen two people
who had worked for me.
One of them was Marcela.
The other one, Arturo.
In the first police report,
a record proved
Arturo entered the building
on a previous night.
What Arturo didn't know
was that the murder day's record
would be checked.
What could we do?
Start the day with the news
that my son-in-law killed Irene?
And that my daughter-in-law
kidnapped an Indian to bear her son?
As you may see,
I have much more maternal instinct
than you think.
Because I have covered
for you and your brother.
And, yeah.
Now we will do anything
to protect your son,
but especially Tessa.
Julia, I know I haven't explained
how everything started
between Yeni and me.
I think you need to know.
I didn't know, but Marcela gave her
an abortion pill.
My mother gave the order.
When she had the heavy bleeding,
remember she went to the hospital?
The doctor told me it was a miscarriage.
Possibly a miscarriage.
[Carlos] Which I refused to accept.
I was scared
because it was our last embryo.
It was then
that I, cowardly,
made the decision without telling you.
Afterward, Marcela told me
that when she bled,
she must've been pregnant,
and she bled due to the implantation.
It was after that
that she got pregnant with Tessa.
And with everything that happened
and the samples you took,
I got some tests done
and, without a doubt
Tessa is Yeni's daughter.
And the boy is your son.
We need to fix this
without affecting the children.
I'm willing to make amends with Yeni.
First, we must find her.
We don't know where she is.
I mean, Beatriz can find her.
But she won't tell us
until we get Andres out of jail.
Your mother can do that.
Why don't we tell her the truth?
I don't think that's a good idea.
If my mom finds out
that Tessa is not her granddaughter,
we'll lose our power over her.
It's all we have left.
[door beeps]
I'm sorry for coming unannounced,
but with Beatriz,
we decided to harness Balo's release
to push for Ochoa's.
But if we make public
that Balo received help,
he won't give us the consents
David gave him before disappearing.
But it would also benefit him.
With the evidence, we can prove
Arturo's motive to kill Irene.
And he would be free
of any future charges.
He was clear about his conditions
to help Ochoa.
Roberto, I know, but we don't know
if he will comply.
And we can't keep his release a secret.
Will you greet me now?
Can I stay here?
If you don't want me to or I can't,
it's okay, because Lourdes
offered me a place to stay,
- but it's more practical
- Silence.
I missed you.
Me too. A lot.
I had never felt as alone as I did
all this time.
Three years is too much time away
from the people you love.
[inhales] I felt the same.
[knock on door]
Must be Pascal.
- Pascal?
- Pascal.
I told him to come to reach an agreement
on what we will do.
[people clamoring]
Resolution! Resolution!
Resolution! Resolution!
- [Nora] What is going on?
- It's a demonstration, ma'am.
- Against the company, apparently.
- What?
Justice! We claim justice!
[phone buzzing]
- Hello?
- [Ana] Ma'am, it's Ochoa's wife.
She demands to speak with you.
Put her on the phone.
[Beatriz] Nora?
So now you bite back on the hand
that paid for your kids' treatments.
It was only part of the deal.
I'll prove that to the press,
- who are hearing our claims.
- [Nora] We'll assume it.
We'll make it clear that we complied.
But that won't release your husband.
Not that, but how about this front page?
"Nora Huizar disposes of her grandson,
who was also affected by the sample drug."
Yeni is with us, Nora.
And I'll make sure she talks about
how she was forced to rent her womb.
And you made her sign a contract
like those you drew up.
[Pascal] They should've gone
to Briseño's office.
He must explain why he released Balo
and why Ochoa is still in jail.
Beatriz is right.
Briseño will do as Nora says.
We can't stop her, either.
She'll do things her way now.
We can just comply with our part.
Now, I don't know,
but attacking from different fronts
might be best.
You never know with Nora, but
Briseño may succumb to pressure.
We have a problem, Briseño.
Beatriz is outside the company,
making a scandal with the sample group.
[Briseño] That's nothing, Arturo.
I have the kidnapping
of two sons of VIPs on me.
You're right.
You don't need this getting worse.
[Nora] Arturo.
Briseño will convince Beatriz of leaving
quietly before gathering attention.
Now explain to me how Yeni
has kept in touch without us knowing.
Maybe Balo knew, but he never told me.
He was smarter.
[Julia] Help me strap her well, please.
Thank you.
Where are you going, Julia?
Away from you, fortunately.
Julia, I don't really care
about where you go.
But Tessa is staying.
If my mom finds out I didn't prevent you
from leaving, she'll kill me.
That's your problem.
Invent something.
You and Arturo
are even capable of killing.
An embryo. I didn't kill anybody.
He was someone. My son.
Even if he was just a hindrance for you.
Stop acting like Nora's guard dog.
Carlos will quit,
so you will finally take his position.
What is going on, Julia?
Carlos found out you tried to prevent
our son from being born.
He found out you gave me a pill
that produced the deformity.
And that you gave him to Yeni
to take him away from us.
That's what's happening.
Justice for our children! Stop using us!
Mom, we need to talk.
[women] Justice! Justice!
Justice! Justice!
This is the result
of doing things your way.
I did what I could.
Don't worry. From today onwards,
you will take care of it.
I'm out.
I quit. I quit the company and the family.
Julia and I will look for Yeni.
We'll try to find
the son you took from us.
That woman won't give you
your son back so easily.
Now she also feels
like a victim of the sample.
She's willing to reveal
that Julia forced her to be her surrogate.
That's the best you can tell me?
What do you want to hear?
I don't know, Mom, maybe
something about the damage
you did to Yeni.
Or how you gaslighted Julia.
I can't believe it.
You saw me suffering all this time.
How distressed I was
because I didn't know if my son was alive.
And you didn't tell me anything. Anything.
What for?
You only care about this company working.
If something or someone doesn't work,
you just dispose of them.
What a simple mindset you have.
But you're right about something.
That boy was weak from day one
due to his deformity.
That boy is my son,
and you took him away.
Okay, that's enough of your and Fer's
lack of personality and questioning.
You never recognize
that I do everything to save you
- from your stupidity.
- What are you saying?
From what I can see,
the only decisions you make
favor the company,
especially you and only you.
No, they also favor you!
Thanks to this company, you have
more privileges than the average Mexican.
Are you serious?
That's your excuse?
Mom, I quit those privileges.
I would've preferred, a thousand times,
to be with my son.
When I had a close-knit family.
It's a matter of priorities.
To me, this company
is the only thing I have left
from my parents.
And I don't think any of you understand
what we're doing here.
That's why you can't lead this company.
Lots of people depend on our drugs.
And I wasn't going to risk it
by keeping your son
and having people connect his deformity
and the drug we were testing.
So that they wouldn't protest,
as these squaws are doing right now.
- Carlos.
- [Nora] Arturo, let him be.
He'll come back
when he notices the way to his surrogate
is covered with blood.
- Beatriz?
- [Beatriz] That's me. Who is it?
Your husband. Listen to him.
He wants to greet you.
[Andres choking]
Let him go!
It's a call from jail!
My husband is being tortured.
Please help me.
The Huizars want to silence us
no matter what.
Carlos Huizar. Would you like
to say something in relation to
- these accusations?
- Do something.
A minute, please.
- Tell us something.
- Just a minute.
- Beatriz, I
- Do something, please!
I promise I will tell them
everything I know.
I will seek a fair trial for your husband,
but I need some time, please.
There's no time, he'll get killed.
Talk to your mother to set him free today.
I'll have to tell them about the surrogacy
and how it happened.
No, wait, the problem is,
I'm on my own. I just quit the company.
I'll help you, but I don't know
when I'll set your husband free.
But I promise, I'll do anything
Baby number seven is being raised
by an indigenous woman.
But his father is Carlos Huizar.
He was abandoned because he had clubfoot.
Caused by the use
of the medicine of this protocol.
[closing theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Gabriela Gebl
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