The Surrogacy (2023) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

Hello, Pascal.
Hey there.
- [car lock beeps]
- Did you read it?
Not here, not here.
I read it. With Beatriz's declaration
Those news outlets are not that important.
That's true,
but it will spread like wildfire.
Be careful.
That's true,
I have a lot of work to do, but
- It's my brother. Leave, leave!
- Yes, yes.
Carlos! Carlos!
Carlos, please listen to me! Please!
- What's up?
- A detailed recount of what happened.
It reached the news,
so the director contacted Mom.
Does it tell the truth?
Does it say that the postpartum
depression pill trial was your idea?
I don't think so.
Does it say it was your fault
that my son was born ill?
It doesn't?
Can you tell me what I did to you?
- Why do you go after me?
- It's not your fault.
- It's what you represent.
- What?
I have been living under your shadow
all my life, and I don't get it.
I've always been more capable than you.
I couldn't even launch the pill as mine.
What're you on about?
I told you to do it!
Mom would have never accepted that.
And you never said anything.
Do you really think this is a competition?
I'm honestly asking, because if it is,
you have the upper hand.
You gave Mom her first grandchild.
But the difference
is that I would never
do anything against you or your child.
Your son and Yeni are still alive
because I prevented David
from giving them to Balo at the hospital.
Ask Nestor. I sent him to rescue them,
and he left them in a park.
[David] We're five minutes away.
[car honking]
Don't you dare move.
[car door opens]
Don't you see me? I'm here to
Calm down. Give us what we want
and you won't get hurt.
I promise I have no cash.
I came from the hospital.
If you check, my wife just gave birth.
You can take my watch.
Don't play dumb, Yeni is not your wife.
[dogs barking in distance]
Irene and David had agreed
on giving him to Balo
to get revenge for his brother's death.
He's my nephew, Carlos.
He is, indeed.
It's not like I put the pill
in Julia's mouth.
We just didn't know what would happen.
But you never told me, did you?
You're just like mom.
Just like your husband.
Just as guilty.
I closed ranks to protect our family,
as you should do right now.
But my family are Julia, Yeni,
my children. Not you.
Mom and I, too, even if you don't like it.
Carlos, please, please, please.
Just as you forgave Julia
for setting Yeni a trap
Please, open your eyes.
Mom protected you from what is coming.
If we don't prevent Beatriz
from taking Yeni to the press
You know it won't affect the company.
It will take you down.
The file for David's death
will also be opened.
- Why do you say David is dead?
- I know it.
Mom stopped the investigation
to protect you.
Witnesses say you were the last person
who saw him alive.
Carlos, please.
[car engine starts]
[car engine revving]
[tires screeching]
[opening theme music playing]
[Yeni] The liquid worked wonders.
I'm glad. The stain is gone, isn't it?
- Yes.
- I'm glad.
- That woman is a bit special.
- Yes.
Pass it to me to bag it up.
[cellphone ringing]
Yeni, hey there. Are you in Puebla?
Just Cuca and I. We have lots of work.
But Sonia stayed with Francisco
to move to a new office.
I need to talk to you. I'm on my way.
All the way here? Is everything okay?
Once I get to Puebla, I'll call you
to get directions to your home.
[line beeping]
[Cuca] What happened?
Let's go, sweetie. You can keep painting
when we're back.
Take this, and this.
- Thanks, Cuquita.
- Be careful.
Be careful, dear. Listen to your mother.
- [Luciano] Yes.
- Very well.
[knock on door]
It didn't work.
I thought he would react
when I told him about David.
You know nothing about your brother.
You had to tell him you're sorry.
Mentioning David was a last resort.
In a way, I did it because I wanted,
not because you told me to.
Good grief.
Someone will give in. If not Carlos, you.
Move your hand.
- [phone beeps]
- [woman] Yes, ma'am?
Call an urgent meeting with the board.
I also need Bustamante, Rosales
and someone from legal there.
What are you going to do?
I'll announce our stance
on what Marcela sent to news outlets.
It has details only insiders would know.
Pascal couldn't verify it was her.
Their trick won't work.
We'll anticipate them.
That will help spread our version, but how
will you disprove what it says there?
On the contrary.
I'll tell the truth.
I must be on the air when
the surrogate stands up the reporters.
Say what?
- Yeni won't get there.
- The idea
Take what you're doing elsewhere. Go.
[indistinct chattering]
The idea is for Balo to handle her,
while you handle her buddies.
You can't be serious.
- You see me laughing, man?
- You should be.
It's a bad joke to dispose of those women
with reporters present there.
When they realize it's an ignorant squaw,
they'll just scram.
I'll talk to Nora.
It's best to free Ochoa.
We stand to lose more than others
from their being advised by Roberto.
No. Creating more reasons for civil unrest
would dig my own grave, which I won't.
[tense music playing]
[Arturo] That's the magic word.
Imagine we redirect public attention
from this city's safety issues
toward an accident
involving a group of women.
Mom, even if that takes care of Yeni,
you'll squander away all you have done
for the company's reputation.
You say it as if I had decided
to make our mistake public.
Marcela is forcing me to
with her anonymous report.
Give them what they want, Ochoa.
Here you go, Mrs. Nuñez. It's ready.
You removed the stain?
Yes, I bought a special liquid
that protected the embroidery.
And I must pay for it?
I'm just charging a bit more
because it took me a lot.
No, I'm not paying for that.
You should've asked.
Yes, of course, you can pay me
the usual rate.
Yeni, where are you going?
I left my son in the car.
[news fanfare music on TV]
Women affected by a clinical trial
are protesting in the capital
carried upon by Huizar Pharmaceutical
over three years ago.
Accusing the family
of forcing an indigenous woman
to raise Carlos Huizar's alleged son.
A son who was also affected
by the clinical trial.
Yeni! Yeni, where are you going?
[tense music playing]
Fasten your seatbelt.
[door opens]
Why was I brought here?
What am I doing here?
Draw your own conclusions.
What do you want?
I want you to divert Yeni.
Beatriz plans
to have her talk to the press.
Get it?
Not yet?
You want to think about it.
There's no time.
Know what I want, fucker?
For you to leave me alone.
I'm fed up with you and your mess.
We would be clean if you had told me
everything your friend Ochoa told you.
You knew they kept in touch with Yeni,
and they would use her against us.
Ochoa threatened me with saying that
I was his accomplice in Irene's death.
I was going down with him, fucker.
But you know what?
I'd rather be dead than in jail.
You can still go back.
For pushing David into the canal.
That couldn't have killed him.
Wasn't he locked up?
My hands are still spotless.
Which, according to David,
isn't your case.
He thought you had killed Yeni, fucker.
But don't worry.
It will stay in this room.
I can also kill you,
and your mother to keep you company,
if you don't obey!
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Luciano] Mom, are you sad?
Yes, sweetie.
[Luciano] Why?
Because the people you trust, hurt you.
[knocking on door]
- Hello.
- [Beatriz] Good afternoon.
- Come in.
- Excuse me.
Come, dear.
Let's do some laundry
while your mom finishes talking.
[melancholy music playing]
Nobody was supposed to know
that part of my story.
Because I have lived under threats.
The only one who could decide
to make it public
was Luciano.
He is the most affected one.
But you ignored the damage
this might bring to us.
[intense music]
I regret having trusted you so much.
I realized that craving for acceptance
- is not okay.
- No, no.
- No, Yeni.
- I don't have many friends,
so I decided to trust you, Beatriz!
And that's why I mentioned you.
Yeni, I came here to beg you
for your help.
I don't really want you to do it.
I don't even know if I
If I want you to know how I feel.
Forgive me.
I went crazy
when I heard on the phone
Andres' screams while being tortured!
They wanted to force me
to give in to Nora.
Yeni, nobody understands you as I do.
We went through the same.
Both of our babies
were born ill because of the Huizars.
But you get to raise him.
You get to see the treatment work.
As do Lourdes and Alicia.
But I must settle with the reflection
of my son's face on yours.
Can you understand
why I need Andres by my side?
He's the only one keeping me alive.
Put yourself in my shoes.
You did the same before your father died!
You did everything to free him.
You rented your belly.
You gave up on your dreams.
You gave birth to the son
of two people you didn't know.
I'm really sorry.
Yes, it's true. It's true that I
That I threatened them,
but I can also fix that.
I can deny it if you help me.
I need Andres with me, please.
Help me push Nora to free Andres.
I need to run away with him.
Do you know how many times I have imagined
us living peacefully in the countryside?
Without fear.
Yeni, you know exactly
what I'm talking about.
[tense music playing]
[tires screeching]
Thank you for letting my car in.
We can avoid any reporters this way.
If anyone were to see you,
they would realize you're the Indian
who Beatriz is talking about.
"Indians" are those
who live in India, ma'am.
"Indigenous," the natives of a place.
But I'm not here
to correct your ignorance.
I'm here to negotiate Ochoa's release.
You're not in the right place.
It doesn't depend on me.
Before talking to the press,
remember, you are at a disadvantage.
Nobody will ever believe
someone like you.
Then, why did you even bother
to listen to my request?
If you are smart,
you should know what is best for you.
Then, you will negotiate with me.
Otherwise, you'll have
to face the consequences.
- Julia!
- I'm here!
Our girl?
She's being fed.
I called you.
I have been getting calls all day.
I bet it's because of the news.
My phone wouldn't stop ringing.
I had to turn it off for a while.
What happens now?
[melancholy music]
No idea.
I talked with our lawyer,
he already knows everything about Yeni.
And now, about David as well.
Can you believe it?
Fer says I'm a suspect.
- What?
- Yeah!
That can't be!
Do you think Yeni will press charges?
I hope not.
And Nora?
I already told her she can't count on me.
That we'll do things our way.
What did she say
about not seeing Tessa again?
What do you think?
She said a lot.
Among them, that she won't
accept our son, but I don't care.
I made it clear
that we're not giving him up
and that I won't give up
until Ochoa is released.
When she was talking like that
about our son, as if he were anything,
like a useless mop.
- It makes me want to
- Carlos, hear me out.
We must go to the meeting
before Yeni talks to the press,
so we can speak with her.
Julia, I don't think she'll listen
after what we did to her.
Even less with Ochoa and Beatriz's issue.
Let's do whatever
she asks us to, whatever,
but we can't end up in jail.
- For our kids.
- That won't happen.
I guarantee it. We'll fix our mistake,
- and we won't end up in jail.
- [cellphone ringing]
- Hello?
- Carlos.
[intense music]
No, no, yes, of course.
We're on our way.
Yes, don't worry.
- Let's go, I'll go with you.
- No.
She asked me to go alone.
No, no, no!
I must talk to her!
I must talk mother-to-mother.
Julia, she's asking me to go alone.
To be honest
I think it's for the best.
She knows you set her a trap.
It'll be worse if you go.
I'll go, ask her what she wants,
and call you back.
I'll do what's best for our kids.
I swear.
I'll call you.
[door alarm beeps]
- How are you?
- Fine, how about you?
Fine, fine.
- Come in.
- I brought Yeni back from Puebla.
- Hi.
- Hey.
[Beatriz] Yeni is speaking with Nora.
If you can't convince her to help us,
she'll be at the meeting
with the reporters.
[Sonia] I hope everything turns out
the way you want.
Unlike Beatriz, you freed your father
without damaging anybody.
Now you will even benefit her.
Yes, but I'm also doing it for my son.
As I'm indigenous, and he's White,
we're looked down wherever we go.
We have gone through a lot,
to keep being the sideshow
of their media circus.
Yes, but you'll still expose it
if Nora doesn't free Ochoa.
I'm betting everything on her word.
Time to disappear again.
So Yeni won't give Carlos his son?
She won't talk about that with the press.
It'd be good if we could
I don't know anything else
about Yeni's private life.
That's not what I was going to ask.
How will you guarantee that Nora
will release your husband?
She'll have to publicly appeal
for his release
to reopen Andres' case
and find Irene's real murderers.
The TV interview Pascal told us about
might be for Nora to do that.
Apparently, we cornered her
into recognizing her mistake.
But we can't trust her.
[melancholy music]
[Briseño] You can't order me around, Nora.
Much less in public.
I support Ochoa's release, though.
I have never ordered
anything in private.
Much less in public.
You're right.
You must announce it,
since you're with the police.
To keep the spotlight on Irene's murder
instead of Ochoa's release,
please consider she was killed
for being a woman.
- What even is that?
- [Nora] It's called femicide.
Arturo will call you to explain it to you.
This crime is not provided for in the law.
That's why I proposed that.
Okay, but
it's time to consider it relevant.
You could even promote
the creation of a new law.
If I were a representative.
We're finally on the same page.
It's time to broaden your horizons.
You can do more for the company
from the outside.
Reach an agreement with Briseño.
Tell him that the announcement
doesn't change the original plan.
Thank you.
[door opens]
[door closes]
I'll stay close in case anything happens.
Yes, I heard you,
but there's no need.
Wait for me in the car.
I know love
makes us weak.
I understand you. Every time I see
Francisco, I can't turn him down.
And he doesn't ask me
what I want him to ask me.
Romantic love may make us weak,
but motherly love is much stronger, Sonia.
I'll be fine.
There he is. Good luck.
And my son?
- I thought you'd bring him.
- That's not why I called.
Don't do this to me. You know
I've been waiting since we talked.
You told me you were discarded somewhere.
I've been searching to meet him.
Look, now I know things
I didn't know before.
You just know a small part of the story.
But now I'll tell you
your incubator's version.
You connected and disconnected me
at your leisure to stop me from being sad
about being forced to leave my dad.
I couldn't allow myself to feel
all the changes in my body, either.
Because anything could affect the baby.
When I thought
that I would finally reunite with my dad,
that I would get my life back,
it turned out I couldn't.
I woke up in a place like this with a son
I didn't ask for.
I haven't even been able to grieve
all my losses during this time.
Because I had to start running away.
The only one
the only one to reconnect me to life,
is my Luciano.
That's my son's name?
I like that name.
See, Yeni, you're right about everything.
All I can do is ask for forgiveness.
I didn't know what we put you through.
The damage
What you keep
putting me through, Carlos.
I spoke with your mother.
To stop me from making everything public,
she accepted to free Ochoa,
and stop chasing us.
- Beatriz, me, my son!
- That's what she told you?
My mom will force you to do that?
No, Carlos, no.
For the first time, I decided it.
And my son?
Did you come to an agreement?
No, don't get it mixed up.
Luciano is my son.
There's no need for an agreement
with you or your mom.
He was raised surrounded by people
who make him feel loved.
He doesn't remember,
but he carries the burden
of being rejected by his real family.
- I don't want him to go through it again.
- Wait a second.
You're wrong, Yeni.
I have never rejected my son.
I love him. Even without knowing him.
Well, just make sure
that your mother keeps her word.
That's why you called?
We're already here.
We could talk about my son,
about us.
There's no "us," Carlos.
But there is a son.
I acknowledge my mistakes,
but I'm still his father.
It's my right to meet him.
Look, do what I'm asking for.
I must go back to Beatriz
and wait for your mother to keep her word.
Otherwise, I'll tell everything.
[line beeping]
Yeni, are you done yet?
[Yeni] Yes, Sonia, but I took a taxi.
We're waiting here to take you there.
No, I'd rather do this on my own.
- Please, Sonia.
- No, Yeni!
You better hurry up and help Francisco.
I want to return with you to Puebla.
Yeni left on her own.
Let's go.
What happened?
Yeni just left, but I must meet my mom.
Can I call you later?
Why? What did she tell you?
Lots of things I don't understand.
But rest assured,
she won't talk to the press.
Did you get to see our son? Is he okay?
No, no, she didn't bring him.
I couldn't tell her about Tessa, either.
We'll have to wait for Ochoa's release.
But your mother will never do that.
According to Yeni, she agreed to do it.
I'll go talk to her to confirm it.
I'll call you back.
Mom, did you read the document?
Every single page.
These are cards with important information
if you need written aids.
They agreed to do the interview here?
Of course,
the cameras and lights are here.
They asked me if you needed makeup.
Mom, I must ask you one last time.
Are you sure about this?
- We must not fear the truth.
- [door opens]
Yeni told me you had a conversation.
Is it true you'll do what she asked for?
Yes, but not for her.
Not to save you, or Julia.
I already told you once.
Seems like you forgot, but I didn't.
I don't want Tessa to be judged
for the way she was born.
I wanted to close this chapter
in a different way,
but there's no helping it.
I must play the hand I was dealt.
- Understand?
- Everything's ready for the interview.
Let's go.
A little closer, please.
[man] Of course.
Thank you. How much is it?
[man] One hundred pesos, ma'am.
Thank you, have a nice day.
[melancholy music]
[tense music]
[Yeni] Hello, I'm here for the meeting.
[closing theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by:
Mariana Rodríguez Mustafa
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