The Surrogacy (2023) s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17

[indistinct chatter]
[Edgar] I stand before you today
with important news.
Given the lack of credible evidence
on the part of the prosecution
in the case of the homicide
of the lawyer, Irene Aviles,
the accused, Andres Ochoa,
is to be immediately released from prison.
[women exclaim]
Ooh! Oh, oh.
- Oh, finally, yes.
- [woman] This is an amazing news.
Thank you.
[reporter] Chief of police Edgar Briseno
shocked the city with a surprise
of the impending release
of Andres Ochoa, the man
How beautiful. Is it for me?
- No.
- [Cuca] Who is it for?
- [Cuca] It's for your mommy?
- Yeah.
the accused, Andres Ochoa,
is to be immediately released from prison.
- [reporter] Can we get more details?
- Yes, one question at a time.
Come on.
Let's put this pretty little flower
in a glass of water, all right?
Because that way,
when mommy comes home, it'll look nice.
- Hmm?
- Yeah.
What motivated your decision?
There's nobody home
or it so would appear now.
We've been knocking for quite some time,
but no one's answered the door.
All evidence seems to point
to the call having been faked.
As you know, there was supposedly
an indigenous woman here
who was going to present
shocking proof of blackmail,
how she had been forced
to keep this son of one Carlos Huizar.
[Yeni] As much as it seemed
hopeless and impossible,
an agreement was reached today.
It's a step towards justice,
and not only for Beatriz
but for each and every one of us.
- [applause]
- Thank you.
[Nora] We need to get ahead
of this story before any misinformation
starts circulating
and rumors start flying.
For the most part,
pharmaceutical companies
are only on the news
when they make a mistake.
The medical advancements
we provide, the increased quality of life,
these elements rarely make the front page.
And not to mention the clinical trials
that we've conducted here, too.
In any case, I know,
science is in the hands of men and women
who make mistakes from time to time,
and their failures are ours.
Nah, they're not coming out.
Let's just get out of here.
[Nora] And we made a mistake
while testing a pill
for postpartum depression.
[opening theme music playing]
We take you back now to the field,
to the woman from the testing group,
because of developing reports
of an explosion.
[Ivan] We don't yet know
exactly what happened,
but a strong explosion and fire
have broken out inside the facility.
Details of the fire are still sketchy,
but we suspect,
there are possibly still 15 women inside.
And given what we know
of the organization,
it's possible there may also be children.
[singer] I'm looking down ♪
An empty house ♪
Cradle lies ♪
And lullabies ♪
It's so hard to say goodbye ♪
Broken times ♪
And frozen lies ♪
It is so hard to say goodbye ♪
So long ♪
Farewell ♪
Goodbye cradle love ♪
I've got to go ♪
[dial tone]
Yeni? Uh, it's Carlos.
I've been trying to reach you.
Please call me back as soon
as you get this message, it's important.
I just need to know if you're all right.
[reporter] We are coming to you live
from the scene of the accident.
Emergency crews are now
on scene battling the flames.
- [Carlos] Hello?
- [Julia] My son
Carlos, my son, the place exploded.
[Carlos] Julia, hang on.
I told you, the boy wasn't with Yeni.
But if she dies,
we won't be able to find him, Carlos.
What do we do?
What are we gonna do?
[Carlos] We're gonna stay calm,
and we're gonna have faith that Yeni
and none of the other women
were hurt, okay?
Carlos, the only thing that's important
to me right now is my son.
[Carlos] Julia, we have
to keep a level head,
especially now. I'm going over.
I'll see if there's anything I can do,
and I'll let you know
what I find out, okay?
[reporter] The fire department
is attempting to contain the blaze
as best they can.
And don't you dare lie to me, Arturo.
Did you do this?
- Ow!
- Get in here.
- Let go of me, hey!
- Listen.
- Stop that!
- Quiet!
- You let go of me. Get off me, asshole!
- Hey!
You keep your hands off me.
What are you thinking?
[Nora] What's going on?
First, the spectacle
during the interview, now this?
They set a fire while knowing
very well that Beatriz
was meeting with the other women
of the protocol group.
They were in the building, Mom!
Right. And you believe it was intentional?
Not only that,
she thinks we're responsible.
[Nora] Plenty will jump
to that conclusion and make it known.
I don't need someone
from my own family doubting me.
Do you, Fer?
You don't think I have
good reason to doubt you?
You just want someone to blame,
because you are that close-minded,
incapable of seeing beyond your own nose.
And you have not begun to think
of the ramifications if Yeni
happened to be there too with Carlos' son.
We have to be prepared
for what comes next.
We'll be scrutinized by the press
and the rest
of the pharmaceutical industry.
The company's associates
will no doubt be furious,
because I just admitted we made mistakes,
but all of these pales in comparison
to losing your brother.
If you don't have the stomach
to do what needs to be done,
if you can't lend support
to me in this moment,
then I was right about you.
You're no daughter of mine.
[dramatic music playing]
[Cuca] No, you shouldn't
have left Yeni alone.
You should ve gone with her.
But I'm not as stubborn as Yeni is.
I went to the park
with her to meet Carlos,
but after that,
they just went on without me.
And it's not like we even know
where Beatriz holds her meetings.
Only Keyus knows that
and when I spoke to him,
he said he was looking for Yeni.
And now, both of them are missing.
Don't be like this.
I'm sorry. It's just
Luciano, he reminds me
of when you were little,
before you could understand
what had happened to your father.
Okay. But don't be thinking
about that now.
History won't be repeated.
No, baby,
it's because I'm not young anymore.
I'm simply not
strong enough for all this.
[Sonia] Let's see
what Francisco and Elvin find.
I'll wait here for news.
[Cuca] Okay, sweetheart.
- [ambulance siren wailing]
- [crowd chattering]
We are not clear
of how many people
[Carlos] Excuse me.
- Sorry.
- Excuse me, sir.
[reporter] We're gonna have
to have everybody calm down or else,
we're not gonna able
to figure what's going on.
Please, please, please
Sorry. Sorry.
Just one question, sir, where is everyone?
Who was inside there?
- We'll be making a statement
- But are they okay?
Are they gonna be all right?
I've got family in there.
- Can I
- We don't know yet, sir,
- but just be patient
- Can I see them?
- Where are they?
- [Marcela] Carlos?
- I need you to step aside
- How will I know if they're fine?
- Carlos.
- Marce,
- Yeni, how
- I don't know.
- Is she okay?
- I don't know.
I have absolutely no idea.
I'm here to help.
I'm a doctor, I told them,
but they haven't let me help yet.
Cuca or Francisco,
maybe you could call them
- [phone ringing]
- see if they're on their way.
Maybe they know.
Roberto, what happened?
Did you speak with Ochoa?
[Roberto] Ochoa killed himself.
What is it? What happened? Hey.
Briseno told me
that they found him hanging in his cell.
It wasn't part of the plan,
but he did us a favor.
[Nora] A favor?
More like a last attempt to get to us.
He knew perfectly well how to make sure
that my statement wouldn't disappear.
It would be remembered forever.
How inconvenient.
Almost as much as your
and Briseno's pathetic attempts
to take care of the protocol group.
What do you mean pathetic?
It was necessary to put a stop
to the problem we had once and for all.
[Nora] I didn't think
you were quite so naive as to believe
that you've put an end
to this dismal affair, Arturo.
Beatriz dead in a fire,
Ochoa hanged in prison,
just when he was about to be released.
All that's left is for Marcela
and Roberto to also become martyrs,
so their noble cause can be taken up
by the press and by the public.
Remember what you told me, Nora.
The public forgets very easily.
Whatever grabs headlines today
will be gone by tomorrow.
Not for Carlos.
He'll get over the fact that his love,
Yeni, couldn't get out of there in time,
but if his son
was trapped there in the fire.
Apparently, Yeni was alone,
at least according to Balo.
He hasn't called me back.
Maybe he was killed
or he was injured, I don't know.
You know, it wouldn't be
the first time Balo lied to you.
Well, if you still consider him
to be trustworthy after this,
well, that is your problem.
I'll be clear, you'll have to answer to me
if Carlos' son did perish in the fire.
Not only that, if you threaten Fer again,
I'll make you regret
the day you were born, Arturo.
Hmm? Get out!
[dramatic music playing]
- Keyus.
- Sonia.
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
Yeah, paramedics said that
because he was so close to the explosion,
it was a miracle that he wasn't more hurt.
Marcela told us
that they managed to put out the fire,
but that
but that there were no survivors.
[dramatic music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
Where am I?
Arturo wanted me to get rid of you.
[suspenseful music continues]
- Mom.
- Hmm.
I thought you'd be resting
considering we spent an entire day
doing all of your work for you.
Well, you'd better get used
to this new side of me.
I'm not worried.
As long as you know what you're doing.
I'm not sure what I know.
Mom, I don't wanna believe that you had
anything to do with all of these,
but if Arturo did, then
On multiple occasions,
including ones with your involvement,
Arturo has gone behind my back,
but I have no idea whether your husband
deliberately went against my orders
or if he maybe just misunderstood me.
Fer, we've talked about this before.
Your husband is like a bacteria
that's invaded our family.
First it appeared to be beneficial
but then
it started causing harm,
it started resisting antibiotics.
But no bacteria is eternal.
Now, if you need to stay here
for a while, hmm?
If you think that you and Nico
would both be safer,
you're welcome.
I'm going to rest.
I recommend you do the same.
It'll be a long day tomorrow.
[Nora groans]
[dramatic music playing]
[door creaks open]
[suspenseful music playing]
[woman] I brought you oatmeal and toast.
You should eat something.
[Yeni] What's the point
if you're gonna kill me?
We're not gonna kill you.
Sure, the thought crossed
my mind, but
I realized those people
were using you, too, Yeni.
They thought they could play god with us.
Those monsters took advantage of our need.
My brother and I were
in David's debt, owed him favors.
He was the person who made us
attack you and your father, Yeni.
No one was supposed to get hurt that day,
but well, you know what went down.
David admitted that he forced
my brother to carry a loaded pistol.
And then your dad shot my brother,
but he wasn't dead, just hurt is all.
David paid some policeman
to finish him off.
Your father didn't ruin my life, Yeni.
David brought me to a fucking doctor,
and that goddamned
piece of shit destroyed my leg.
My father was innocent
and you took him from us.
No, Yeni.
It was an accident.
No, you pushed my dad,
made it so that Francisco's
wife would hit him with her car.
You're just like the Huizar's
you claim to hate.
You played god with Lucy and my Dad.
- Listen to me
- [Yeni] You know what else you did?
You stole a parent from Kika, from me.
It was an accident.
You're the one I wanted to kill.
I wanted your dad to be in pain
the way we were when we lost my brother.
I pushed Balo to do it,
to avenge the death of my son.
But I didn't realize those Huizar's
only saw us as puppets they could use.
Arturo was the one who made me take Cuca.
Thanks to him,
I spent three years of my life in jail.
Three. And you know what?
In prison, I made friends.
Got to know Ochoa really well.
And the advice he gave me
changed my life forever.
Truth is, I cared about him,
cared so much
that I wanted to help Beatriz too,
but I couldn't save her.
And now, they want him to get rid of you,
because they can't have
you speaking to the press.
[dramatic music playing]
[reporter] After an exhaustive search,
emergency crews have announced
that there were no survivors
from yesterday's tragic explosion
in which six people
and one child were killed.
The reaction from Huizar Pharmaceuticals
has been swift.
This morning,
the company issued a press release.
What are you doing here, Ma?
I've been calling and calling
ever since I found out what happened
but you didn't answer.
It makes sense that you'd be here
at Julia's parent's home,
but I couldn't make it any sooner.
I spent most of the night
on the phone with the authorities.
The governor will be announcing
the creation of a commission
to make sure that justice is done.
I see.
A commission to cover up the truth of it
and hide what really happened?
That helps by concealing
the whole truth, one of those?
You should know the idea wasn't mine.
All I wanted to know is whether
there was any proof of what happened,
whether that woman, Yeni,
was with Beatriz
at the time of the tragedy.
And no, I won't lie to you.
It was important to me to know
if she had my grandson.
She did.
She had him there.
Now, they're both dead,
her and our son.
Julia, we can't be sure.
We have no idea what happened.
Absolutely no proof.
They just said on the news
that of the bodies they found,
one was of a child.
This is all your fault, you bitch!
- Julia.
- Don't you dare.
Your grandson is dead
because of what you did.
- Do you not get that?
- [Nora] What's wrong with you?
You think after all this,
I'm stupid enough to free Ochoa
if I was also planning
to have his wife killed, Julia?
Please. If I wanted to get rid of her
or the child,
I would have had it done back on day one.
Ma, please.
Get out of my house.
Hey, Julia, wait a minute,
just calm down, okay?
It's not important
what the news says about it.
- That confirms absolutely nothing.
- I don't care. Get out of my house.
Julia, we don't even know.
Look, those bodies could have been anyone.
Ma, please just go, please.
We need to be alone.
[phone ringing]
- Hello?
- [Yeni] Cuca?
- Yeni!
- [Yeni] Yes, Cuca.
Oh, thank goodness you're alive.
[Luciano] Mommy, mommy!
That's right, baby, its mommy.
It's mommy. Here.
[Yeni] Luciano, honey,
someone's coming over to bring you here,
- then we'll be together.
- [Luciano] Okay.
Where are you?
Keyus told me Balo attacked you?
[suspenseful music playing]
Run, Yeni!
[Yeni] I must have passed out
after the explosion.
I woke up at Balo's house.
He wasn't trying to attack me.
Balo saved my life.
I'm at his house with him
and his mother right now.
There's so much
I still need to tell you,
but for now, it's better
if I don't come back.
No. After what they did to Beatriz and
One of the women was trapped
in there with her son.
Where are you, Yeni?
Give me a hint
so I can send someone to get you.
No, I won't.
If I do, it's possible
that Carlos and his family will see.
And Balo told me that Arturo,
Arturo asked him to kill me.
I need you to call Keyus
and tell him to bring Luciano,
because they won't follow him
back here and find us.
[Cuca] How?
Are you just going to stay with Balo
and his mother?
No. They're going
they're going south soon.
I'm gonna stay here without them.
I'm gonna hide in the house that kept
Balo's mother safe all these years.
But you [scoffs]
you trust them?
After all they've done to us?
They're paying us back for the Laundromat.
They used the money to buy
this place and now it's mine.
Cuca, there's someone
who wants to talk to you.
Cuca, you were right,
there is nothing you can do
that will let you forget a son's death.
You are left with the pain forever,
and you get through it
without losing sight
of those around you, those you love.
Thank you, Cuca.
[breathes deeply]
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
[Marcela] How's Julia doing?
Badly, Marce.
She believes that Yeni
and our son are both dead.
Roberto says that identifying
all of the victims
is going to take quite some time.
When a body is that badly charred,
it's impossible to get fingerprints.
And in those cases,
they attempt to retrieve a sample
of dry blood from the victim,
so that they can compare it
with that of a family, member.
And, um
it's just, in Yeni's case,
all we have is Tessa.
I'm not sure what feels worse anymore.
Checking whether
she's really dead or
holding on to this illusion
that they escaped somehow,
that they went far away
and I'll never see them again,
but at least then
they're still alive, right?
Wow. [scoffs]
What a thought to be having.
I feel bad wishing it,
wishing that some other woman
and her baby were in
that building when it exploded.
There's no good way out of this.
I don't know what to think.
I don't know what to do.
There's still a chance, all right?
I'll admit, it seems a slim possibility,
but they still may be alive.
[sighs] Yeah.
I hope you're right.
[Tessa] Dada?
What's wrong?
What's wrong, honey?
I was just bringing
some gifts for my niece, that's all.
Could you take her to her room?
Thanks, Rebecca.
[gasps] Here, take these.
Come on. Here. I'll see you soon.
My present. Can we
Thank you.
Where are we going?
I got you some ice cream on the way over.
Do you remember when we were young
and dad would take us out
to buy us ice cream?
Mom would give us
some stupid contest to see who would
Fer, where are you going with all this?
I mean, what's your plan?
There is no plan. You saw the plan.
I wanna see my niece and eat
some ice cream with you, nothing more.
[Fernanda] I'm sorry, Carlos,
I'm not doing so great
and I feel horrible for not being here
for you when you needed someone.
You've always been there for me.
Carlos, you were my rock
when dad passed away.
Please forgive me, I'm begging you.
I'll consider it.
Where are you?
[doors creaks open]
[dramatic music playing]
[doors creaks open]
- [giggles]
- Oh, hi.
Oh, Yeni darling.
You don't know how much I've missed you.
I missed you too.
Well, even if we speak with each other
every day, it's not the same now, is it?
No. You've been like a mother to me, Cuca,
and better than a grandmother to Luciano.
I really do appreciate you.
But the reality is, Yeni,
that I appreciate you.
Because for Sonia,
I'm not a grandmother or a mother,
I'm like a friend to her.
I always hoped that
she would give me a great grandchild,
but I can't hold out hope forever.
It's not a bad thing of course,
but I'm very happy
to be able to spend time with Luciano.
Yeah, Sonia is just waiting
for Francisco to decide.
Well, I guess she'd better
get used to waiting, then.
[both chuckle]
So, Yeni,
this is where you've been living
for the last three years?
That's right.
But we we'll be leaving again very soon.
I taught Luciano what I know
so he could skip preschool
- but it's time he started primary.
- Mm-hmm.
[Yeni] We can't go on like this.
Listen, I have this for you.
It's for Luciano,
I want him to practice his reading.
Well, practicing reading is supposed to be
a part of his daily routine,
but he's always out with Keyus
who knows where.
- They're out somewhere now.
- [chuckles]
He left it with me
when he first came here.
And, well, I kept it
so it could come back to you some day.
- Hmm. Oh, he didn't forget.
- Mm-hmm.
You know, it's funny but he actually
has a little surprise for you, too.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
- Well.
- Oh, hey!
- Come here, baby.
- [Luciano] Grandma!
- Hi.
- I got this for you.
[exclaims] How beautiful.
Thanks, Luciano.
[mellow music playing]
[singing in Spanish]
[Luciano speaking foreign language]
Grandma Cuca.
[closing theme music playing]
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