The Surrogacy (2023) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

[native music playing]
[Yeni] After many years,
I'm still afraid the Huizars will find us
and will harm my kid.
I always wake up and wonder if this
will be the last day we will be safe.
Because until now,
we have been able to hide,
or escape from the past.
But you can't run forever.
The truth,
sooner or later, catches us.
I don't get what we're doing here.
You'll understand soon enough.
There's surprises already.
- How are you?
- Good to see you.
- What's up?
- Hey.
You all right?
Fine, thanks.
So, anyways,
what's up with all of this?
Kika probably knows,
but she wouldn't tell us.
She'll catch up with us later.
It's a surprise, Yeni.
- [Yeni] It's a bit suspicious.
- [laughter]
[Keyus] And here comes the surprise.
[Yeni] What's that?
You told me about the Voladores, right?
[music continues]
[Luciano] Today's my first flight, Mom.
Is this for real?
[music continues]
Yay, Luciano!
Relax, honey.
Luciano's prepared a lot for this moment.
It's going to be fine.
Come on, Luciano! [whistles]
[dramatic music]
- [Francisco] Hold on, Yeni.
- [Keyus] Honey! Yeni!
[Yeni] Honey.
[man] You're okay, you're not hurt.
- Honey, are you okay?
- [Luciano] Yes.
- You are?
- Yes.
[Yeni] Let's go.
[man 1] He fell down at the end.
Put that phone away.
Don't record this, please.
Stop recording, please!
[opening theme music plays]
[exhales deeply]
[girl] Are we going to the party?
[girl 1] Cool.
Tessa, come here!
Guess which one's wood
and which one's cardboard.
I don't know.
You can't, can you?
I'm not sure Dominga will fall for it.
Please! They're all super dim,
they're clueless.
She'll fall for it.
- Stop it.
- Can you imagine?
[Tessa] Shh.
I brought you some water.
- Oh, thank you so much.
- Thanks.
Could you come here for a sec?
- Sure.
- Um,
we want to do a TikTok
and maybe you could help us record it.
[Dominga] Geez.
It's super easy.
I have tons to do. I still have to
Dominga, don't be like that.
Dominga, come.
Help us, please.
It's super easy, look.
You just have to hold this,
smash it on your forehead,
and people will think
it's made of wood.
They'll think
we can break it with our heads.
It'll be awesome.
[Jorge] Do it, come on.
Okay, Jorge.
Okay, hold on.
I'll record it.
Let me do it.
- [Jorge] Ready?
- [all] One, two, three!
- [all laughing]
- What's going on?
Dominga, are you okay?
Come on.
What's wrong with you, are you stupid?
You're the stupid one here, Nico.
It's just a prank for TikTok.
Get this, see if it's so funny.
Nico, no!
It's almost 300 contracts
for about 1,337 million pesos
to provide Public Health agencies
with medication.
How much did you say?
1,337 million.
And they just gave them to you?
No, it wasn't like that.
It was for my great political work.
I see.
But there was no tender, right?
They didn't choose us
because we've got the lowest prices,
did they?
Carlos is right.
People will notice
we're hogging so many contracts.
No, Nora.
I assure you they won't.
Do you think they'll buy this?
This'll be on the news.
The government banned
pharmaceutical companies,
supposedly due to corruption
and monopolizing,
but that was last year.
Their main suppliers
haven't stopped receiving contracts.
If it's a political game,
we won't be a part of it.
I agree with Mom.
- [phone ringing]
- In fact, I suggest
we speak to the government,
propose a tender
and if we win, since our prices
are the lowest and most competitive ones,
nobody will say a thing.
- [Nora] I agree with
- Stop recording, please!
Fer. Can we focus on the meeting?
Or do you have
more urgent matters to attend?
Yes, there's something more urgent, Mom.
But you may go on,
seeing as my field's not required here.
Excuse me.
[door opens]
What's wrong with you, dude?
I'll tell my parents to sue you.
- Whatever.
- What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
Are you insane?
[Jorge] He's a dumbass!
[woman] I'll tell your parents
what you did.
You won't say a word.
That's an order.
If you or Dominga say anything,
I swear I'll make sure
my grandmother fires you both.
I will tell my parents.
I don't think so, cousin.
You don't want us telling them
you pushed one of my friends
and Dominga.
It's your word against mine.
No, it's
it's my friends' words
against my maid's
and Dominga's, not mine against yours.
How are you?
[Tessa] Are you okay?
It's not a big deal.
I'll fix you up in my room.
[Yeni] Luciano. Honey, are you okay?
Please, stop recording.
Stop recording, please!
Who sent you that video?
No one, I saw it on Twitter.
Where are they?
The post said they're in Cuetzalan.
When was it filmed?
I'm not sure, it didn't say,
but they just posted it.
So he was in Puebla all along?
I don't know, Fer.
Maybe they just got there,
but that doesn't matter.
What matters is,
now it'll be easier to track them down.
In fact, Roberto and I were thinking
maybe we should contact
the girl who posted it.
She might know something.
Are you still there?
Yeah, I'm here.
I just can't believe it.
Let me know when she writes back.
Sure, but one more thing, Fer.
If we find the boy,
Yeni has to know first, okay?
I'll tell her.
That's why I won't tell Carlos yet.
It doesn't matter.
He'll see it on social media anyways.
I'll take the chance anyway.
I don't want him to ruin everything.
One last thing.
You have to consider that
Yeni may not want to talk to you.
Yeah, she may, but I'm the only one
she's never heard out.
But this time she'll have to.
I'll call you later.
[line disconnects]
- [knock on door]
- Fer. Are you okay?
[Fernanda] Yeah.
Why did you leave the meeting?
I had a phone call. Did you finish?
- Yeah.
- And what did you decide?
I rejected your husband's proposal.
He was clearly hurt,
because he won't get his cut
under the table like he used to.
That's what we decided.
We can't be sure of that, Carlos,
and we can't dismiss
his work on the House either.
Don't forget I've lobbied for bills
that'd work in our favor.
I'm the one who knows about politics,
not Carlitos!
When there's so much money at stake,
his opinion matters more to you than mine?
[Nora] Yeah, it does.
Because he's our advisor now.
And he knows what's best for us,
and also for you.
He's preventing you
from going to jail like Briseño
for acts of corruption.
There are rumors he'll be extradited.
That's another reason
to stay under the radar.
Briseño is untouchable in this country.
And we're not the only ones in debt here.
That may be true,
but we have to be cautious.
It's been too many years.
And everything's changed.
Now everyone's getting
their dirty laundry aired.
I'm talking about the time
he's been away from the company.
After Roberto testified,
you changed the contracts
signed by the protocol ladies,
we had no choice, Arturo.
To at least make sure
Carlos could be our advisor.
We want him
to resume his position eventually
until Tessa
is old enough to replace him.
My children and I have done a great job,
but you insist
on making Carlos weary of you.
This is not what I want.
I prepared myself a lot for this.
And I appreciate it.
Especially in a country that needs
more prepared, experienced lawmakers.
Soon you'll realize
you're betting on the wrong horse.
You know what to expect from me,
but your children may surprise you.
[door opens, closes]
I think I'm done.
Open your eyes.
That's awesome.
You should be a makeup artist.
No way.
I'll be like my grandmother.
- A businesswoman.
- [girl] Mm-mm.
[Keyus] Let's go.
Can you walk?
[Luciano] Barely.
Careful. Careful. Careful.
Give me your hand.
Careful. That's right, let me see.
Give me your foot.
Relax. Are you all right?
Let's see.
Go heat the heating pad we got yesterday.
He'll need it to warm his feet.
Does it hurt? How are you feeling?
It doesn't hurt anymore.
It's just a bit swollen.
I'll call the doctor anyway.
Don't, Mom.
I just sprained it.
A sprain might be a serious issue for you.
What hurts is you ruined everything.
Anyway, I don't think it's serious.
It's not.
Otherwise, we'd have needed a hospital.
Thanks, Sonia.
With some heat and some cold,
it'll be as good as new.
[breathing heavily]
Have you seen social media?
Did anyone post anything?
- No, I haven't
- Have you checked?
Relax. I didn't check, I was driving.
But Kika said everything was on Twitter.
That we were in
Oh, no.
Where's Kika?
She's with Luciano.
- [Yeni] Excuse me.
- Yeni.
Keep scrolling, please.
His name is Pascal
and he wants to know if anybody knows you.
Here, look.
Click here.
Are you on social media?
Kika, you know Luciano can't do that.
Come on, Mom. What's the matter?
This is what you were so afraid of,
isn't it?
Having everyone find out
you have a son like me.
Well, now it's out there, and I'm glad,
because I'm sick of being shut up in here,
like it's my fault I'm different.
this is a good time, now he's gone viral
- and people
- Listen, no.
Come on.
Hear me out, please.
A journalist wants to interview him
- A journalist? No way.
- [Luciano] Why not?
Mom, there's no point
in going against what people do to us
- if we don't speak up.
- [Kika] That's right. Dad.
Tell her what you told me
about the power of social media
to call out injustices.
Yeni, come with me, please.
Kika, we'll discuss this later.
But please, Dad
Later. Stop it.
[Yeni] Don't you think when I say
he can't be on social media
He has to listen to me!
- He's talking back a lot lately.
- [Luciano] Kika.
Answer that journalist.
Tell him I want to do the interview.
[Francisco] Yeni,
you can't keep on hiding
and isolating Luciano.
Or keep him from staying connected.
[Francisco] You can't.
I understand you,
because I've had to limit
Kika's time on social media,
but you
are forcing your son to be homeschooled.
Yes, Yeni, let's face the facts.
Luciano's never been to school,
except the Papantla School for Voladores.
But you know I did that to protect him.
Sure, Yeni, but that bubble burst today.
And Luciano literally flew away.
If you want to stop clipping his wings
and you want to help him fly,
you have to tell him everything.
We're here for you.
We've witnessed the whole story.
Maybe it's time
you come back to the city with us.
Times have changed.
The Huizars can't hurt you so easily now.
And if they try,
you have the proof Balo left you
to take them down.
[door opens]
[Tessa clears throat]
Let me see.
You'll live, Dominga.
My friend
got the worst end of the stick.
We could say thanks to Nicolás,
you guys are even.
Here, put this on.
But don't you dare say
I gave it to you, okay?
- Understood?
- Thank you, miss.
[door opens]
- [door shuts]
- Julia, are you okay?
Why do you always ask me that?
Uh, because
I worry about you?
I'm picking up Tessa and we're on our way.
Do you need anything?
[Julia] No, I'm fine, thanks.
[Carlos] Okay, see you soon.
[soft tense music]
[cap clatters]
[inhales deeply]
- What's up?
- [Carlos] How are you, kid?
How's it going?
- I'm okay.
- Good.
Too bad you came on your bike.
I wanted to catch a ride
to my dad's, but never mind.
If you're taking Tessa, I'll stay here.
Forget it.
I hate riding that thing.
Hi, honey.
How are you?
It's good to see you.
Nico, if your mom
let's you ride the bike with me,
the driver can take Tessa
and I can take you.
Grandma said Nestor'll be my bodyguard
from now on.
Hold on, honey, who said that?
- [sighs] Grandma.
- Okay.
But you have to check that with your mom.
And I'll be staying here for a few days.
You decided that.
No, honey.
You have to ask me or your mom.
Did you ask her? I just talked to her
and she didn't mention this.
I asked her, but she's always out of it.
Tessa, don't be mean.
- Are you sure she said it's okay?
- Yeah.
- I'll ask her.
- Ask her.
- I'll ask her.
- [Tessa] Okay.
Ask her, but next time
try to be on the same page,
so you won't sing different tunes.
[door opens]
- Tessa wants to stay
- [door closes]
while I'd love to go live with my dad.
I just wanted to fly once.
To know what it feels like to be free.
To be able to tell my teachers
I was ready
and I wasn't afraid anymore.
And my classmates,
with whom I trained all these years.
So they could finally see me as an equal.
why did you make me love the ritual
and let me dream I could fly
if you were going to be like this?
I'm sorry, Luciano.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I just wanted to protect you.
You taught me
to be proud of who we are.
But you seem to be ashamed of it.
- I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
You're ashamed.
You'd rather keep us locked up in here
than go out,
and have people say
you're aboriginal and your son's blonde.
I don't take offense
in being called aboriginal.
Even if it's meant as an insult.
And you're the most important thing
in my life.
But there's something you don't know,
and I was
I was waiting until you were old enough
to understand it.
what I don't understand
is why I can't live
like every other boy my own age.
Because of your father's family.
I don't get it.
You said they disowned me.
That you didn't steal me.
Didn't you say that?
[laughs softly] No, honey,
that'd be easier to explain,
because then it'd be only my fault.
But we all have some responsibility
in this story.
Your grandfather and I
decided to come to the city
to start a new life together.
But our plans
doesn't always go as planned.
It was his life or ours.
[Yeni] Your father's family set us a trap
so that I would accept renting my womb.
[Irene]Carlos, this is Yeni.
[Yeni] And in exchange
for your grandfather's freedom,
I became their prey for months,
where they monitored me
like an incubator.
You grandfather got out of prison.
And your father and I had something else.
Until you were born.
And since you weren't perfect,
they abandoned us in a park.
I wish that day they would
have forgotten all about us.
But they have tried to harm us
in every way.
- Grandma.
- [Nora] My princess!
I'm so glad to see you.
I see you convinced your dad
to stay for dinner as well.
He's just waiting for you.
He didn't like
that Nestor's my new bodyguard.
Oh, honey.
Your generation
feels everything
has to be said and posted,
but it doesn't.
You should just say the bare minimum
and let things follow their course.
I think Nestor can keep you company
only when your parents can't.
That's all.
I wouldn't like nothing better
than to be like you.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi.
[Carlos] Listen
I was just telling Tessa
that she rushed to tell you about Nestor.
I was going to ask you, honey.
- You were?
- It's just a precaution.
For when she wants to go to a party
or hang out with her friends, perhaps.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Fernanda] Honey,
I'm walking into the house right now.
What do you say, Mom?
Mm. Okay,
your uncle can take you to your dad's,
but after dinner.
But he has to leave now,
and Dad's waiting for me.
Dad, why don't you stay
so we can have dinner as a family?
You can take Nico after that.
Is that what you want, honey?
I'll ask your mom, and if she joins us,
we'll stay.
- Okay.
- [Nora] Thank you.
Don't give me that look.
- Thank you, princess.
- A bit of family.
- Let's have some family time.
- But I'd made plans.
Well, unmake them.
Nico, Tessa,
you're so lucky
to be here with your parents.
When Fer and Carlos were kids,
we rarely had the chance
to have dinner all together.
Mm. Sure, Mom was always working
and we went to school abroad.
Dad was there for us, though.
Remember the dinners he cooked?
So yummy.
You're just the same.
Honey, you don't live in England
and you can see your dad
whenever you want.
But I want you to let me live with him
since you don't want to live with me.
you spend enough time with your father.
A judge should decide that,
if they got a divorce already.
In the meantime,
you should enjoy moments like this.
- Am I right?
- [phone rings]
[Pascal] Some girl named Kika replied.
She said they're coming to town tomorrow.
Luciano. Honey, are you okay?
Please stop recording!
And who's that girl?
How do we know she actually knows Luciano?
[Pascal] She said she's with him.
I asked for a picture of them together.
I'll send it to you.
[phone beeps]
Okay. What time's the meeting?
Everything okay?
Yeah, sure.
It was Arturo. We were fighting,
and I didn't want Nico to hear us.
Do you think he doesn't notice, Fer?
Honestly, I agree with him.
We don't understand
why you don't get a divorce.
For the same reason
you and Julia are still together.
My son may be asking me to get a divorce,
but I'm sure he'd love it
if Arturo and I got back together.
Everything's okay.
- You sure?
- [Fernanda] Mm-hmm.
Next time, serve her first.
[Arturo] Is your grandma around?
I'd like to talk to her.
She won't pick up.
I said no phones while we're eating.
[Nora] Then you shouldn't get up
to pick up your phone.
Those are very bad manners as well.
She was talking to Arturo,
I'm sure it was very important.
So much so
that it couldn't wait until after dinner?
I think he wants you
to do something on Twitter.
Your father knows very well
I only speak to reliable sources.
Grandma, you're right about that,
but I think it's time
you brought yourself up to speed.
You've missed all the times
Dad was trending.
You sound like a broken record.
Yeah, some people do value
what my dad did to make femicide a crime.
[Tessa] What's wrong with you, Nicolás?
Besides, your dad
wasn't even trending today.
It was that kid,
the blonde one who's aboriginal.
What did you say?
There's even memes of her mom.
But they're totally different.
She does look like an aboriginal.
[Yeni] Luciano. Honey, are you okay?
Please stop recording!
- Stop recording, please!
- [Tessa] Are you okay?
[Yeni] Stop recording!
- Mom, what's wrong?
- [Nora] Tessa.
Leave her.
- [Carlos] Julia!
- Did you see the look on her face?
It's not the first time
one of her depression meds
make her react that way.
Don't worry, darling.
[exhales sharply]
That's my son.
That's my son.
Carlos, that's my son.
That's my son, look.
[Carlos] What should we do?
We have to find him.
Tessa thinks you had another meltdown,
but she's no longer the child
I could easily soothe
every time you were feeling down.
Don't worry, Mom.
We'll talk to Tessa,
we'll explain what we've been through,
and she'll understand
why Julia reacted that way.
But first, we'll look for our child.
He looks very much like you
when you were his age.
I hope Yeni's changed
and she accepts leaving the past behind,
like we've done.
For the sake of the kids.
If you need any help
We don't, Mom, but thanks.
You're doing enough taking care of Tessa.
I don't trust your mother.
She'll scare Yeni away
like she always does.
No, she won't. I won't let her.
He's in Cuetzalan.
He was filmed in a Voladores ceremony.
- I'll go get him.
- Wait!
- [Carlos] What is it?
- I'm coming with you.
If I'd spoken to Yeni,
if I'd told her Tessa is her daughter,
we would've spared ourselves
years and years of suffering.
Let's go, then.
[Kika] Every family
has its secrets, Luciano.
Some, we never get to know.
Even if you're feeling terrible right now,
at least now you know
how you got to your mother's life.
I would've liked knowing
why my grandmother died
being so upset with my dad.
I'm sure it's not as bad as this, Kika.
If my very own family
tried to get rid of me
what can I expect from other people?
I think
there's something they may find worse.
I think I'm gay.
[closing theme music plays]
Subtitle translation by: Gabriela Gebl
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