The Surrogacy (2023) s01e22 Episode Script

Episode 22

I already made the mistake
of helping Arturo when he killed Irene.
We have to fix this.
There are no records of him
going into that building.
Maybe they were deleted.
Because a disguised man at the crime scene
would be the first suspect.
Let's go.
[tense music]
[door closes]
I've tried to protect my inner circle,
which includes you, Nestor.
You're the only one I trust fully,
because you've done nothing
behind my back.
Until now.
Arturo has been very clever,
and you're the only witness
making a case against him.
But you haven't even discovered
the gun he used.
And I still have to help you
kidnap Yeni and her daughter.
[Nora] That's what you'll make him think.
But it's a trap.
A trap to make the police come
and catch him, because he can hurt them.
His companions from Kurul
will have no choice
but to remove his right
to stand trial.
Let's go.
[opening theme playing]
That Keyus' shirt looks
big on you.
[Luciano] Listen, Mom.
Are we going back to our town?
We are, as soon as Roberto
tells me to go ahead with my report.
I want to live here
and go to school with Kika.
Let's talk about it later, okay?
Tell me how things went.
Balo witnessed what happened with Arturo,
not me.
And we need more than a signed statement
to charge someone with a crime.
But the real problem is that
Tessa already knows I'm her mom
and she rejected me.
She's very close to her grandmother,
and I don't know what will happen.
Nora knows I'm her mother
and she rejected Tessa as well.
[knock on door]
[door opens]
[Carlos] Tessa!
Hey, honey.
You look beautiful.
Grandma's coming to see me.
Honey, can we talk?
[door closes]
[Tessa] Grandma.
Ever since my parents died,
I haven't felt so much pain.
I realized
that I don't want to lose you, too.
I don't want that either.
Blood doesn't always
determine who we become.
Look at your dad and aunt.
They lack my character,
but Luciano has what it takes.
I knew it when he was brave enough
to stand up to me
and talk to me like he did.
Whereas you, Tessa,
you did something yesterday
that I despise.
You were about to drop on your knees.
And that is disgraceful.
So, you'll have to show me
what you're made of.
Otherwise, it will be Luciano
who runs the company.
What do I have to do?
I've taught you to manipulate people
to get what you want.
Now you must try
what I taught you with Luciano.
[Yeni] Okay, Luciano.
Let's stay at Keyus'.
Anything you want.
Thanks, Mom.
[knocks on door, door opens]
Sorry for interrupting.
Julia is here to talk to you.
I made you guys some tea.
- Thanks.
- [Keyus] I'll leave you to it.
Excuse me.
[Julia exhales]
How's Tessa?
She's sad.
But don't worry, Carlos and I
won't leave your daughter alone.
I wanted to talk to you
about something important.
I wouldn't want Carlos to keep on paying
for the decisions I've made
I've decided
not to sue you for the surrogacy.
For the sake of our children.
Thank you.
I just wanted to tell you
I've made a decision.
I don't want Carlos to take care of me
or be there for me anymore.
I don't know if you know this,
but Nora and Fernanda
have been a responsibility for him
for many, many years.
And I don't want to be another burden.
Especially now, when I'm convinced
Carlos still loves you.
You don't have to do this.
Listen, Yeni.
I don't want to share Carlos' love
with you.
All I want right now
is to find a way, if it's at all possible,
to share
motherhood with our children.
[emotional music]
I know I've judged you.
And you've judged me as well.
But the truth is,
you can't destroy a marriage
that only shared a roof.
[Yeni] Look.
I'd like you to hear
my side of the story anyway.
Both of us
felt really lonely.
I missed my father,
and he missed you, and I don't know
love bloomed.
[Julia] I understand.
I felt very lonely, too.
I'm so sorry.
Me too, Yeni.
I'm so very sorry.
I think what brought Carlos and I together
was our deep desire to have a family.
I'd love for that to stay the same,
even if we're not together.
It will.
Yeni handed over a letter to the police
where Balo says Briseño and Arturo
forced him to kill her.
[Marcela] Arturo didn't want her to meet
with Beatriz and the other women.
Balo saved her and hid her at his place.
Also, the contracts Arturo had
the protocol ladies' sign.
Anyway, we'll track Balo down
and we'll all have to testify.
[Nora] You can count on me.
[Fernanda] Mom?
I guess you're talking about
what we've been trying to do
all these years.
My testimony might also help
put Arturo behind bars.
And you, Marcela,
feel free to say what you know.
[Nora] We won't enforce
the Confidentiality Agreement
you signed with the company.
Thanks a lot for the information, guys.
We're here for you if you need anything.
Sure, of course.
Nora's up to something.
What are you up to, Mom?
You promised
to protect Arturo, didn't you?
And to take him by surprise
when the police arrests him.
Why should we believe you?
Because when I agreed
for you to come and live with me,
I told
Arturo was like a bacteria.
But no bacteria lives forever.
It's time to root him
out of our family for good.
I'm okay with Arturo paying
for the crimes he committed,
but we can't forget he's Nico's father.
I was thinking about that last night.
And Yeni is Tessa's mother.
But I have a grandson,
like I always wished,
and I owe that to her.
I watched the sunrise from the building
of the company my parents built,
and I remembered
what I promised them when they died.
To make it a worldwide legacy.
But I need my grandchildren for that,
all three of them,
and of course, you two,
my children, to keep that promise.
[Arturo] Son, you can't believe
what Nestor says.
Nestor was the one
who threatened
to accuse me of Irene's murder.
But he has zero evidence against me.
They want to get rid of me.
Nora got me into politics
for the exemptions,
as if I didn't know
I can lose those any day.
Why didn't you say anything to her?
I was playing dumb
to figure out how to defend myself.
I won't let them
take you away from me, buddy.
Your mother took it upon her
to destroy our family
to be with Pascal.
I'll help you, Dad.
- [tense music]
- [Arturo sighs]
Come here, son.
I don't know what happened
since yesterday,
but if they're pretending,
I doubt they can keep it up for long.
What matters is Tessa is feeling better,
and her wellbeing
is what we should aim for.
I'm glad it's Luciano
who wants to see you.
Call him already.
Let's see.
[cell phone ringing]
- Your sister's on the phone.
- Yeah.
I gave her your number and mom's
so I could talk to her.
[Luciano] Thanks, Sonia.
Mom said you wanted to talk to me.
Yes, Tessa.
Your biggest fear is not fitting in.
I know what that feels like.
But at least I don't offend others
to belong to any group of people.
Mom taught me to respect everyone.
[Tessa] And why are you rejecting
my parents and my grandmother?
Because I don't trust them.
And I have to trust Yeni, huh?
[Luciano] You don't.
But being apart
won't change the fact we're siblings
and Yeni's your mom.
[Tessa] Listen.
I'm still not ready to see Yeni,
but could you maybe come to the house
so we can talk?
My grandma is here.
- All right.
- [Tessa] Okay.
I'll tell you the address.
[Luciano] Okay.
Finca de Cerezos, house 82.
Okay. I'll see you there.
Sure. Bye.
What are you doing?
What I promised Mom I'd do.
Helping her with my sister.
I don't know how this will end up,
but Mom has to come forward
about her agreements with Ochoa.
I hope she does,
because that's the first thing Yeni asked
in order to let us get closer to Luciano.
I know.
By the way, I talked to her.
- To Yeni?
- Mm-hmm.
How come? And you didn't tell me?
You wouldn't have agreed
with me telling Yeni you still love her.
- Julia
- What?
You told her what?
- The truth.
- Why?
What's the point
in telling our kids that
we'll tell them the truth from now on
if you and I
lie to each other's face every day?
I don't know what will happen
with Yeni, honestly,
but there's something
I'll never lie to you about.
You can always count on me.
We're family.
Is that clear?
And I'll always be there for you.
I know, and I'll be there for you as well.
We're bound together by our children.
Not just by our children, Julia.
- And by the love, sure.
- We love
I just talked to Luciano,
and I invited him over for a chat.
- You did?
- What?
- What did you do?
- [Nora] Don't look at me like that.
Julia's the one who gave her her number.
Well, Yeni gave me his number.
To talk to me.
[Julia] Yeah.
I didn't think you'd call him so soon.
Grandma talked me into it,
and I wanted to know what he wanted.
Anyways, I still don't want
people finding out he's my brother,
let alone that Yeni is my mother.
Is that what you want to tell him, honey?
- You called him
- [Nora] Carlos.
Carlos, understand her.
Even you guys and Yeni
don't know how you'll handle this.
But it's important
she gets to know her brother.
She might change her mind.
[Nico] I can't go see my uncle
because Mom went to see him.
I know.
I drove your grandma to see your cousin.
But your mom left a while ago.
Why are you still working for Grandma?
I have to be careful on all fronts.
She said Yeni and her daughter's kidnap
was just a trap for your father.
You want me to tell my uncle?
Yes, Nico, because I think
the trap is actually for me.
[suspenseful music]
I didn't hear you come in last night.
Good morning.
You were out like a light.
I would've kept sleeping.
It's okay.
It's Saturday.
Hey, hold on. Come here.
Come, sit down.
I have
very good news for you.
What is it?
Yeni and Luciano
have decided to stay in the city.
Cool, I'll talk to them.
No, hold on.
Also, I wanted
to talk to you about those things
you asked about your grandparents.
always felt
I'd taken their girl away from them,
and I don't mean that
just because we got married,
but also because of the way she died.
Why would it be your fault
if there were birth complications?
It's not that, honey.
The truth is,
your mom
ran Yeni's dad down with her car.
And then she crashed.
When she arrived at the hospital,
she was brain-dead.
You unplugged her?
Listen, honey,
there wasn't much to be done.
And your mom didn't want
to rely on life support.
But there's tons of stories online
about people who're in comas
and come back to life.
Do you think,
if there had been even the slightest hope,
I would've made that decision?
Do you?
Honey, your mom was the love of my life.
And you have no idea how hard it was
having to let her go.
[sobs softly]
[Luciano] Thanks.
[doorbell rings]
Come in.
Grandma and my parents are here.
You don't mind, do you?
No, I don't.
- [Carlos] Really?
- Yeah.
Hey, there.
Did you come by yourself?
I did.
Mom went to the town we used to live in.
Can I give you a hug?
[Luciano] Thank you.
Will you let me hug you as well?
No, I won't.
What's your problem?
It's thanks to her that I invited you.
- Honey
- Tessa, darling.
Don't talk to your brother like that.
It's the truth.
I prefer a sincere hug
rather than a hypocritical display
of affection.
Look, Luciano, I know there's a lot
we have to explain.
Right now, we want you to understand
you'll always be welcome here,
and your mother and I
love you both very much.
Just like
- Like Yeni.
- Yes.
Mom has sacrificed a lot,
and I should make an effort
to make things work.
And you too, Tessa.
[Nora] Anyways,
sit down, Luciano.
Please, sit down and tell us
what you and Yeni are planning on doing.
we're going to stay with Keyus,
while we look for a place to
to live with Sonia.
And you'll still go to school here?
Because I guess, you go to school,
am I right?
I was studying online,
and Mom's also finishing
her social worker course of studies.
Now I'd like to go to a regular school.
Now you'll be able to go!
And to a very good school, too.
The one Tessa attends.
[Luciano] Actually,
I want to go to Kika's school.
If you want to be close to your sister,
it'd make more sense you went to hers.
If he wants to be close to his sister,
he doesn't have to go to the same school.
I mean,
I just want Luciano to know
we fully support him in anything he needs.
Thanks, but I'm fine.
Mom gives me more than I need.
And I'm going to go, but
So soon? Would you like to eat with us
- or stay here longer?
- [Julia] Yeah.
I'm okay, thanks.
I'll grab a cab home.
No, Luciano,
you can't grab a taxi by yourself.
It's dangerous.
I'll drive you if you want.
That's better, yeah.
I'll walk you to the car.
[Luciano] Okay.
The only effort you had to make
was controlling yourself.
You didn't even have
to talk him into coming here.
Yeah, I'm sorry, Grandma.
Now you have to go see Yeni.
[car door closes]
I'm going to miss coming to visit.
But we'll be closer now.
Hm. And closer to Carlos, too.
That's not the point.
Besides, you're the one
who's always been there for us,
and I'm very thankful for that.
For your friendship
and your love for Luciano.
You don't have to thank me.
I'm the one who's thankful.
All these years, you've been my family.
[Keyus chuckles]
Come here.
[Yeni chuckles]
Come on, get in the car. I'll help you.
[Keyus strains]
[door opens]
[Fernanda] Nico?
Nicolás, I need to talk to you, honey.
Please, hear me out, okay?
Sit down.
What is it?
You know I love you
with all my heart, don't you?
And I promise we'll be okay.
your dad's getting arrested.
For murdering a woman
whose name was Irene.
And for an attack against a group of women
who were part of a clinical trial
at the pharmaceutical company,
many years ago.
I'm so sorry, honey.
[Nora] What did you expect me to do?
You told Fer I'd help you.
I have no choice but to be on her side.
And you have to stop that indigenous woman
from making her statement.
As always, you tell everyone
what they want to hear.
Rather, they hear what they want to hear.
You'd better tell me the truth,
because if you bury me,
I'll take you down with me.
Don't you dare threaten me.
Don't forget I'm your lifeline here.
And I'm all you have left.
Not even your children support you.
Turns out your granddaughter
is also indigenous.
You would've known that sooner,
but you didn't trust me!
Soon, Tessa
will go see her mother.
And Nestor
will take her wherever you want.
Make sure you don't screw up.
I want Luciano with me.
I want him to believe
Yeni abandoned him to go with Tessa.
[softly] You heard that, right?
- Mom.
- Hey there.
- Hey.
- I'll help him out.
You didn't go with me
because your foot still hurt.
I'm feeling okay now. I'll help him out.
Thanks for driving him.
I called you a few times,
but I couldn't get through,
and your mailbox is full.
There was no reception there.
He had a very nice gesture.
You've done a great job.
Thanks for that.
You don't have to thank me.
Of course I do.
You've taken care of him,
you've raised him, you've healed his legs.
And you've made him a great boy.
Well, he's my son.
I can see that.
He's got your character and
And those
beautiful qualities of yours.
They're what made me fall for you.
I liked them.
Well, you surely remember
it was all a game, don't you?
What do you mean?
The rules were clear.
You and I, together at the cabin,
while it lasted.
Yeah, while
it lasted.
- Yeah.
- Those were the rules.
- That's right.
- And what happened?
We lost?
I guess we did.
I must confess
I searched for many reasons to hate you.
I couldn't find any.
There weren't enough reasons?
You know what's funny?
I don't.
I wouldn't
change anything.
- Anything?
- Anything.
[upbeat music]
[Carlos pants]
What's wrong?
They're busy.
Let's take these boxes outside.
- We'll buy some time.
- Yes.
Come on.
I think I have something to confess.
What is it?
I love you.
I love you, too.
You do?
Julia came to talk to me.
I know.
I still feel
like the intruder
who is kissing you at the cabin.
It's all very nice,
until we have to go to the outside world.
What does it matter now?
Do you care about what people think?
Because I don't.
After everything we've been through,
I only care about what you think.
What my children think, and that's all.
We know your family will never accept me.
So what?
I don't care.
Those who truly love us
and want us to be happy will support us.
I won't lose you again.
I won't lose you, either.
Are you sure?
[both inhale]
[Keyus grunts]
That's everything.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
There's nothing else.
- We're done.
- Hey, Keyus.
Why haven't you ever told Mom
that you love her?
Oh, Luciano, it's just
You can't force people to love you back.
And I've also learned
my lesson with Sonia.
How do you know
if you don't try?
I don't want to lose her friendship.
That's much more important for me.
your mom loves Carlos.
That's love for you.
When it's reciprocated, it's beautiful.
When it's not, it's a bit sad,
but you'll learn about that soon enough.
To me, you'll always be
my father.
Oh, Luciano.
To me, you'll always be the son I visited
every single weekend, you know?
You won't have
to make the trip now.
Things are going to change
now you're with your real dad.
Some won't.
To me, you'll always be
the one who taught me how to play soccer,
the one who'd always let me win.
The one who cheered for me
when I was scared of being a flyer.
[Keyus] And that will stay the same.
It's just going to be a bit different.
Carlos is a good man.
And he'll be a great father to you.
Thanks, Keyus. I love you.
I love you, too.
- I'll take this inside.
- We're done.
Do you need any help?
No, we're done.
Thanks, though.
I heard what you said to my son, and
I don't know how to thank you
for everything you've done for him.
I don't know how to repay you.
Luciano and Yeni
have always been like my family.
I love them.
And that doesn't have to change at all.
Honestly, I want
to tell you that if you ever need
a friend, someone to rely on,
I'm here for you.
[inspirational music]
We'll clear this up.
I'm not a murderer and you know it.
[man] We're sure,
and once your innocence is proved,
you can return to the party.
I thought you'd be more supportive.
[man] I'm sorry, Arturo,
but we have to be objective here.
You surely understand that the party
comes before anything and anyone.
Yeah, sure, I get that.
[Roberto] This is final.
The news is everywhere, Balo.
Tomorrow's a key day.
Briseño's finally being extradited,
and the police will arrest Arturo.
We need to come voluntarily.
I'll be there with Marcela
helping her out with her statement.
We can talk about your defense,
and we can say you were blackmailed
into committing a bunch of crimes.
Thanks for trusting us, Balo.
You won't regret it.
I thought he wouldn't go for it.
[clears throat]
Fernanda wants to leave the country.
How convenient.
Now her husband is going to be tried,
and surely
she's involved in everything.
Let me dig into this.
We'll draw conclusions later.
I told you Nora was up to something.
Whatever she's planning,
we have to beat her to it.
We must tell her to testify alongside you,
and bring her face-to-face with Balo.
[Arturo] Nora will save your mother,
she wants you guys to flee the country.
I don't want to leave.
You won't.
We'll prove Nora wants to get rid of Yeni
to keep her grandson, Luciano.
You'll have to help me, son.
What are you going to do?
Nora wants some thugs to ambush Nestor
and take Yeni and your cousin Tessa
somewhere to kill them.
She says we can blame Nestor
of handing them over.
But Nestor said he'd call the cops on you.
But Nora doesn't know
that I'm in cahoots with the kidnappers.
I'll save Tessa and Yeni.
Without telling Nestor?
[Arturo] Nestor doesn't trust me
and he'll do anything Nora says,
but if things go my way,
I'll be able to report her.
I need you to come with me,
to record everything on your phone,
because you'll be
the most important witness.
When you upload that video online,
everyone will see who Nora really is.
[suspenseful music]
[closing theme playing]
Subtitle translation by: Bambi Patricia
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