The Take (2009) s01e01 Episode Script

Part 1

(Prisoners chattering) (Whistling) (Men shouting and whistling) (Prisoner) Go on, Freddie! (Man) What peop¤e don't know is that the Second World War corrupted the whole country.
After it finished, everybody was on the take.
Well, you had to be, didn't you, just to stay alive.
- So I get to jump the queue.
- Special circumstances.
I'll be outside.
Me and Siddy, we used to work the docks together.
We was, what, ten, eleven years old? We'd go down there on the rob.
The whole black market must have come down there.
Thought you might want this.
Right from the start, I could see that Siddy was good at it.
Yeah, and now that bastard's thievin' off you, isn't he? I'm gonna miss you, Freddie.
No one tells it like it is quite like you.
Shake 'em up.
See what falls out.
Then I'll get word to you.
Bon voyage, my son.
- So you finally hit puberty, eh, Jimmy? - Better late then never, eh? Come here! Oi! Ha! Oh, you better have some nice treats for me in this tin wagon.
(Sniffs) Culture Club, yeah? And who the fuck are these poofters? You need to catch up, Fred.
Get with the times.
The only catching up I'm gonna be doing is all that money I missed out on inside.
(Sniffs) - He'll be here soon, Mags.
- Don't worry, I know.
I'm not even bloody dressed yet.
He's probablyjust round the corner.
- Probably ain't gonna turn up.
- Mum! So I here you're with Siddy now, yeah? Just some car stuff.
Nothing special.
Don't you worry.
I'll be taking care of things from now on.
It's just like old times, innit? All right.
Come on, let's leave your mum to dress up pretty.
Things are gonna be different, Maggie.
Freddie's different now.
He's got plans for us.
Jackie said Ozzy's been looking out for your boy on the inside.
- Grooming him for better things.
- Yeah.
Well Don't mean sod-all out here.
- (Car horn beeps) - Oh, my God! He's here! Oh my God! I'm telling you, that's him.
Quick! God He's here! Freddie's here! (Beeping continues) Freddie! - Freddie! - Oi, oi! Oh, my God! Oh! I missed you! (Freddie) Oh! I missed you so much! ( Lively music) I so missed you.
You look excited, what's going on? I think things are gonna change for us.
Why's that? Hey, mate.
Oi! I'm cuttin' in, yeah? Come over here.
Ha-ha! You've grown, ain't ya? Eh? - Hey! - Got all the lumps in the right places! (Freddie senior) Seems no different to me.
Let him enjoy himself tonight, Fred, he's just come home.
Let's go and shag you back into shape, yeah? Oh! Oh, God, it's like it's - What? Like our first time, babe? - No.
- Oh! - Come on.
No Oh! It's like What's it like, then? What's it like? It's like the It's like the second time! (Laughs) (Laughter) - Hello, Siddy.
- All right? Long time no see.
Oh, God! Don't bloody slow down! Come on! - Ohh! - Hold it! (Moaning from upstairs) (Muffled music) This house looks like shit, babe.
I wanna get you some new furniture.
We're gonna move ain't we, you said? A proper house with a garden.
Let's just hope it's a boy next time, eh? Mm? (Knock on door) Piss off, we're busy! (Jimmy) Siddy Clancy's here.
He's out here waiting for you.
Yeah, nice one! Jesus wept! All right, Siddy mate, how's it hangin'? Shall we step outside? Onto the balcony.
Why don't you sit down? You must be tired after your long stretch.
Help him take the weight off, boys.
That's better, isn't it? Ozzy tells me he's got big plans for you, thinks you're very capable.
But here's my problem, Freddie.
I run things out here.
In the real world, on the outside.
And until you earn my respect, you are just gonna have to wait in line along with everyone else.
If that's all right.
(Laughs) You're a good boy.
All right, boys, I think we've finished.
Thanks for the champagne, Freddie! It was very thoughtful of ya.
Pink's definitely your colour! I thought he was gonna chuck you off that wall.
Yeah? Then why didn't you fuckin' do something? Eh? You got a lot to fuckin' learn, Jimmy.
You got a lot to learn.
What did that bastard do to you, eh? It's all right, it's nothing that we can't sort out.
Come on.
All this time I was inside, Jimmy, how did people treat you? - What do you mean? - People like Siddy, how'd they treat you? All right, I guess.
- Nothing special.
- Yeah.
Nothing special.
Well, you are special, Jimmy.
We both are.
Get out the motor.
Who lives here? Er, Mickey Daltry.
My old partner.
He's gone up in the world, hasn't he? Look, I know you're sore about what happened butbut he's with Siddy now.
What's the matter with you, Jimmy? Just popped round for a cup of tea, mate.
- (Woman talking on TV, indistinct) - (Doorbell) - Mrs Daltry? - Yes? These are for you.
- Oh! Thank you! - We're old friends of Mickey's.
It's lovely to finally meet you.
He told me he was getting married again but I've been abroad, see? Malta.
Oh! Please, come in.
Well, I'm Freddie, this is my cousin Jimmy.
Er, Mickey's just doing the lawn, I'll give him a shout.
Sorry, boys.
Do you mind? Your shoes, we just had this laid.
Make yourself at home, boys.
(Pop music, woman talking) Ooh, take a look at the fuckin' gaff.
What is that madwoman doing? - Aerobics.
- You what? It's all the rage.
Keep fit.
- Here they are, back from Malta.
- (Freddie) All right, Mickey! How's things? Good to see you, Freddie.
Why don't you go and make us all a cup of tea? Do you want some biscuits, boys? Got some Garibaldi in.
Smashin'! Oh, I bet she keeps you fit, Mickey, she's built like a bazooka.
Well, I heard you were out.
How you doin'? Strange thing, Mickey.
I done four years inside, you never once come see me.
Sorry, Freddie.
I really meant to.
You see, I thought you'd at least come once, you know? Just to explain why you didn't turn up that day.
Do you remember that day? I was on the way there, I swear.
By the time I got there, the filth were all over you.
Yeah, then you ran away.
I heard that.
Also heard, yeah, that the rozzers only discovered half of our dough.
Strange, innit? I hear you're with Siddy now.
Yeah, that's right.
We're close.
Right Right, well (Clears throat) The way I see it is, seeing as we're all going to be working together again, soon, that we put all of that shit behind us, right? Yeah? Start again.
Yeah? Come 'ere, big boy! I missed you, come on.
- It's so good to see you.
- Ohh, you done well on my money! What? I said you done well on my fuckin' money! (Jimmy) Fred, you can't do that! (Electrical crackling) You didn't give a single penny of all of this, yeah, to my kids.
You didn't give a single penny of this to my missus! Mickey! Baby, talk to me! - You bloody animal! - Well, he always wanted to be on TV.
You've gotta face the truth, Jacks.
Mum, she really doesn't need this, OK? No! Cos what she bloody needs is to get her head out the sand and face reality.
Look at this place! Go on, then, Mum.
Spit it out.
I'm sorry, love, but he is shagging around again.
- No.
- That's why you ain't seen him.
- It's not true.
- How long has it been? One week? Two weeks, since he was last here? - Look, it's none of your bloody business! - Yeah, it is my business.
You have got to start looking after them girls proper, not running around after him like some bloody lovesick teenager.
You're just jealous of what me and Freddie have.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
- How do you reckon that, then? - Because you never had it with Dad! You bloody stupid little mare! You got no idea! Why do you think I know what's going on here? Look, he's not shagging around, all right?! All right, babe.
You keep believing in him! What good did that do? Jackie! What are all these? Dexedrine? They keep me happy.
(Sobbing) How long you been taking 'em? It hasn't been easy, sis, with him inside.
There's been some long nights to get through.
Mum's wrong, you know.
It is gonna work this time round.
- I'm gonna make it work.
- So where is he, Jacks? They mean nothing to him! You know, the other girls they're just slags! You have to stop this with the pills.
Doctor doesn't want to give me any more.
Specially now.
I'm pregnant.
Wellbabe, I mean - Yeah.
- That's a good thing.
He doesn't even know yet.
Listen, right (Pills rattle) I'm gonna clean you up.
Get you ready for his mum's anniversary do, yeah? Make you look great.
And you're gonna be strong tonight, OK? You're not gonna let Freddie see you like this.
- OK? - Yeah.
(Freddie) Do you remember the time Jimmy ran away? Oh, my God, yes! No, you half-inched the old man's snout so you got a slap.
And then he hid down the coal chute for two days.
- How did you find him again? - I really I just can't.
- What? - I can't.
Go on, how did you find him? - Well - Go on, go on.
No, me and Freddie had just started going out and that's when we used to, you know.
(All talking at once) What the hell is she doing here? She thought - Hang on a second.
- Just look who he's brought here.
- Come on.
- I'm coming with you! On their 40th wedding anniversary an' all.
Fuckin' heartless ponce.
Oh, Freddie.
Kitty - Have you met my son Freddie? - No.
But I've heard all about you.
Oh, yeah? All good, I hope.
You know, you remind me of, um, an actress in a movie that I just watched, actually.
Really? Is it Officer And A Gentleman? People say I look like that Debra Winger.
It's called Deep Throat.
Now why don't you turn around and do one back to whatever hole it is that my old man keeps you? You can't talk to her like that.
- Kitty Kitty! - Just leave me alone! Nice one.
Mum's in the bogs crying her eyes out cos you brought your little slut to the party.
You're getting above yourself, son.
Everywhere I go, people are talking about it.
Oh, yeah? What are they saying? No one gave you permission to do that to Mickey Daltry.
He was protected.
Oh, fat lot of fucking good that did.
If you ever speak to Kitty like that again - Mm? - .
I'll finish you off meself.
- You all right, babe? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- (Jimmy) You all right, mate? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's cool.
You all right, Mum? Oh, I'll sit there, shall I? - Who's your bird, Teddy? - My name's Patricia.
Patricia Reynolds.
Yes, Ozzy's sister.
Well, I'm pleased to meet you.
I'm Freddie.
Let's not fuck around.
I haven't got the time.
Siddy here's been working on a job for the last year.
Big job, meant to come off next month.
But it seems now you've turned one of his key players, Mickey Daltry, into a vegetable.
Yeah, well Me and Mickey had some unfinished personal business.
It got a bit messy.
And who was it gave you the nod to do that? Was it Ozzy? No, I, er I did it off my own back, actually.
I will buy him a new TV if you want.
This is what's gonna happen, Freddie.
You step out of line again, you get no more passes.
You understand? What Ozzy wants you to do now is take Mickey's place and join Siddy's crew.
From now on, you do exactly what Siddy says.
And he gets to decide what your cut is.
OK? You're pushing your luck.
Yeah, well, that's what I'm good at.
Well? What did he say? I'm going on a bank job with Siddy.
What? Siddyjust Siddyjust let you off about Mickey.
At some point, either on the job orjust after it, he's gonna kill me.
Now, I wanna ask you a question, and I want you to think seriously before you answer.
Cos you're the only one that I trust.
(Maggie panting) Oh, Jimmy! Ah! (Crash) (Panting) - Oh! - Did you knock that screen down? I don't care! Stuff the screen! Ah! Ah, ah, ah! What's the matter? Tell me.
Going on a big job.
- Lots of money involved.
- What kind ofjob? It's a security depot.
- With Siddy's crew.
- What? You're doing this cos of Freddie, aren't you? He's got you into this, hasn't he? Why do you let him use you like this? - This is my decision! - Yeah, right.
What do you want from me, Mags? Do you want me to be respraying stolen Cortinas all me life? Eh? Is that how we're gonna buy an' 'ouse? Freddie's always looked out for me, whatever you think of him.
How dangerous is it? I can handle meself.
Eh? Come on, I don't wanna argue.
I know.
I'm doing it for us.
(Phone ringing) (Fruit machine bleeping) The Cedar.
Yeah, hang on.
- Freddie? - Yeah? Hello? Did you talk to Siddy and Pat? - Yeah.
- So it's all sorted? Yeah.
Keep an eye on the gold.
Don't make it obvious, just keep a count on what comes back.
Hey, look I wanna take someone with me, yeah? Watch my back.
l don'lt trust him, Ozzy.
l'lm no good to you in the river, am l? - You got someone in mind? - Yeah, my cousin Jimmy.
I'll talk to him.
- And Freddie - Yeah? You attack one of my boys without permission again and I'll cut your balls off.
You wanted me to shake things up.
Thank you, Father.
Good night, you.
Sweet dreams.
Daddy? You're not gonna go away again, are you? No, babe.
Good night.
(Freddie growls softly) You know, whenever I hold you I can't help but get horny these days.
Look, you haven't got time, Freddie.
I've used softener on this so it shouldn't itch, all right? Do you think it's gonna be a boy? It feels different to the other two.
I want it to be a boy.
Come here.
- Listen, I'm really worried about tonight.
- Don't be silly.
I know you're doing this for all of us, and for him inside me.
But I want you back safe tomorrow.
OK? (Yelling) Who's the key man?! Open the safe or we're gonna fuckin' kill ya! (Freddie) Stay close to me, my son.
Don't worry, babe.
Your Jimmy'll be just fine.
He'll stay out of trouble.
- Is it always like this? - Oh Every bloody time.
We're gonna make you burn! I can't remember it! (Screams) - I can't remember it! - Tell us the bloody combination! No! Don't! Don't do that! (Sobbing) I can't remember it! Well, it's not gonna bloody help him is it? What the fuck are you talkin' about? Just give me five minutes with him, yeah? (Man sobbing) This had better work.
Here you go, mate.
It's all right.
OK, so, let's keep going through this slowly, all right? OK.
Last Friday you woke up and you had breakfast.
What did you have? (Man whimpering) Rice Krispies.
I always have Rice Krispies.
And then you drove into work and what was the weather like? Erm Oh, cloudy.
And who was the first person that you saw when you got into work? Peter.
I had a cup of tea with Peter.
Th-Then we spoke aboutfootball.
Mmm! Oh! I thought the poor sod was gonna have a heart attack! - I thought he was a goner myself.
- Exactly.
I thought he was gonna keel over.
Thank God our Jimmy took him in the bog.
- And sucked him off! - (Laughter) That's not all you had to do, was it, babe? - Oohh! - (Girl) What did you do, Jimmy? He only remembered the first three numbers after I blew him.
- Had to work much harder for the last two.
- (Laughter) No wonder he's onlyjust sat down! Here, Kelly, you got any Nivea? Here, Jimmy, take us through it again, will you? Freddie, come here, mate.
- Let's get pissed.
- (Others laughing) I want you to enjoy yourself tonight.
Have a drink, have a toot.
Cos after this, you and your little tit of a cousin are going home with nothing.
Rightt How d'you work that out, then? Do you think I've forgotten what you did to Mickey? I'm keeping back your shares for his family cos let's face it, you've been pulling my fucking dick ever since you come out.
So you can forget about the money.
You are lucky to be going home tonight.
(Echoing chatter and laughter) God damn you, Freddie.
Course, this was back when me and Ozzy was doing the Bethnal Green run.
We was still using the fruities as a front.
I'll tell you something about Ozzy, though - here's a man who could never take a piss in a public toilet.
- (Laughter) - Straight up! (Chatter fades out) Oi - Ozzy says hello.
- What? (All yelling) (All shouting) - Come on! - Fuckin' shut it! This muppet's had his day! Right? So let him bleed.
Fuck off home, calm down.
Your money'll still be here in the morning, all right? (Gasping) First time? No.
Why did my Jimmy go, then? Why didn't he go himself? Freddie's got a record, Mum, they're hardly gonna let him in, are they? - You want to get some food inside you, girl.
- Not today, Mum, all right? - You want some coffee? - Yeah, please.
How do you have it, Jimmy? Black? I always think only poofs have milk in their coffee.
- Black's fine.
- Good man.
Oh! Ohh! Stay the fuck in your seat.
(Gasps) Now Talk to me about this stinking mess you and your cousin have created.
Who gave the nod to take out Siddy? Well, someone must have because it sure as hell wasn't me.
Freddie had to do it.
Siddy was gonna kill him.
Really? Hm.
Let me fill that up for you.
That's why Siddy wanted him on the job, so he could finish him off afterwards.
(Freddie senior) Back in our day, Joseph, you couldn't even look at someone without proper permission.
Everything worked out all right cos we had rules.
Snotty little buggers who come after us, they didn't want any of that.
And what's happened? All I can say is it's been a long time coming.
Siddy was waiting for the right moment.
He told everyone, we all heard it.
- What right moment? - To take you down.
Become the boss.
What? Siddy told everyone he was sick and tired of working for you.
That's why everybody thinks Freddie was acting for you.
That's what they're all saying out there on the street.
So if you decided to, um take care of me and Freddie - I mean, say we were found - Headless.
In the Thames.
Well, then everyone would realise what a fuckin' mess this really is.
And I don't think that'd be good for business.
Freddie's lucky to have someone like you.
You're clever.
You make a good team.
More coffee? Yeah.
- (Whispering) - (Quiet chatter) Hello, babe.
It's gonna be OK.
It's gonna be more than OK.
(Maggie) So (Jimmy) Sorry.
(Maggie) Mum! (Jimmy) I'm starvin'! - You all right? - Yeah, great.
- Mum! - Better late than never.
- That looks great.
- All right? - Smells great.
- (Chuckles) - Just give me some more of that gas.
- You're not allowed any more.
- Don't give me that, you bloody slag! - Hey, Jackie, come on.
(Gasping) I remember you from school.
You had no bloody mates then either.
Now, you just stop that, Jackie.
I'm ever so sorry, love, she's not herself.
And you were covered in spots.
Now go and get me some fucking gas, spotty! Sod you, Jacksie Strummers! - I'm really sorry.
- (Jackie moans) - Jackie, you can't say that.
- I can, I'm in pain! - It ain't like it's your first, is it? - Oh, you can piss off too! D'you know what? I bloody will! - Mum! - No, you suit yourself.
- Come on! Come on, it's all right.
- I'm in so much pain.
I know, I know.
Where is he, Mags? Why isn't he here yet? I don't know.
- (Strains) - Mum! (Freddie) Mum! Mum? Why didn't you open the door? How come you're not dressed? What about the hospital? (Whimpering) He left me.
He's set up home with his little trollop.
Come on, shh-shh.
He's taken everything, even the Flymo.
Ohh Right.
Erm Jimmy, will you, er, take Mum upstairs and, er, help her get dressed, yeah? - Why, where you going? - I'll meet you down the hospital, yeah? - Jack's about to drop.
- I know, I know, I know, I know.
What do you want? It's a housewarming present.
Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot, I didn't realise it was serious between you two.
She's made me listen to some of her music, you know.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
There's that new black bird, "Sade".
You ever heard of her? Nah.
I'm more of a Pink Floyd man myself.
Course, she keeps me on me toes upstairs.
You know what I mean? Yeah, she's got an arse like an apple, mate.
She got good taste an' all.
She's makin' our gaff look like something out the magazines.
Course, your mum She never understood any of that stuff.
(Straining) - (Jackie moans) - I don't think I could do this.
- Babe, you could do anything! - I'm not gonna do it yet.
- I want more than just this, all right? - Yeah, I know you do.
- (Straining) - Nearly there now.
(Screaming) Little Freddie.