The Take (2009) s01e02 Episode Script

Part 2

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Guest : Blek l'Andouille Excuse me! Hello, Des.
Alright, mate? Keep it loud! - What's your problem? - My problem is that little bitch! - Everyone on the estate knows! - Oh, yeah?! - She's a dirty slut! - Oh, yeah?! Look who's talking! Oh, yeah?! - She's got a tart like you for a mum! - How long's this been going on? - Since lunchtime, Auntie Mags.
- Get back inside! I will take her walkies off a cliff.
Get away! - Get back to bed.
- I don't feel well.
Come on, down here, down here.
It's alright, love.
Go to bed, she'll be alright.
What the hell's got into you, Jackie? Sit up.
Freddie - He's got somebody else.
- Kelly Hutchins? No! Not that stupid girl! Someone serious, Maggie.
Tell me.
- This is it? - Yeah.
- This is what they do downstairs? - Yeah.
The kids call it Ecstasy.
- Des Is it Des or is it, Desmond? - Just Des.
Oh, OK, look, what I don't understand, Des, is why the McCoys have sent you to talk to me.
I mean, why aren't the cheeky bastards here themselves.
I run this for them - I'm sorry? - Le's have some rays! Get your gnashers around all this pie and mash.
I tell you, we are bloody caning it out there.
Des, my room boy in the house, gimme some skin.
You must be Freddie Jackson.
I'll take this opportunity to say you're a fucking legend round here.
It's an honour for me.
Shane, Shane Rankin.
Anything you want, snort, E's, bit of the other, gimme a shout.
Mi casa, su casa.
Sometimes he goes back in the middle of the night.
Then he wants to Well, you know.
And I have to pretend that I don't know I'm his second of the night.
That I can't still smell her on him.
I ain't gonna let that bitch take him, you know.
Why do you stay with him, Jackie? He causes you so much pain.
I love him, Maggie.
I'm nothing without him.
I've discussed this with the McCoys and the way I figure it, Yeah? if you guys wanna come in on this, we can open up two separate labs.
Split the risk, double the goods.
And if one shuts down, move to the other.
Whaddya think? What I wanna know is where you're from.
- What? - Where did you grow up? London, Freddie.
East London.
No, no, that's a pork pie, isn't it? We all know that accent of yours ain't from around here.
What is this? Course it is.
What you lookin' at him for? He ain't gonna help you, is he? Come on, where'd you really grow up, posh boy? - W Windsor.
- Right! - You got a problem or what? - I'm sorry, did someone ask you? Seriously, I think we're getting off the point here, Freddie.
- It don't matter.
- No, come on.
My point is, right My point is why this joker thinks he can earn on my turf without my fucking permission?! Let him go now! Shane, you need to tell your weekend warrior to put his fucking gun down and calm down, right? We only want your money! You'd better reconsider cos from over here you're both fucked! Fucked?! Don't mince around the bush now cos you're in fucking London! - You are way outta your league! Yeah? - What you gonna do, shoot him?! - Maybe.
- Yeah, well, go on.
Go on, then.
What?! - I will fucking kill the kid.
- You shoot this piece of shit - and I will shoot you.
- Mother of God! Don't let me die.
- Please don't let me die, please! - Fine.
Have it your way.
Jimmy, you alright? - Alright, Jimmy? - Yes! Fine! I'm dying! Fuck! Jesus, Fred! What planet are you on?! You think too much, that's your problem.
Have you lost the bloody plot? These guys are backed by the McCoys! Oh, sod the McCoys, they're a couple of mick wankers.
- We were meant to do a deal with them! - Jimbo, mate, we have got 75 large in the back of the motor.
- I'm gonna get me some oriental pussy.
- Does this! Does this not register?! Ozzy sent us in there to negotiate like and you end up robbing it - a two-bit post office fucking job! - Nobody's perfect.
So, what am I supposed to tell Ozzy next week? Why don't you just suck him off instead? Well, let's face it, Jimmy, you see him often enough with your cosy, cosy chats.
You might as well take it to the next level! Oh, for fuck's sake.
Jimmy! Jimmy, I'm sorry, mate! I shouldn't have said that! Oi, Jimmy! Come on, mate, let's get some beers, yeah? Go fuck yourself! Hello, Freddie.
I wet my bed.
Oh, come here.
Let's sort you out, yeah? What have we here? What are you doing? - Get of me.
- No, no.
That's not very friendly, is it? I just wanna chat, babe.
Oh, Jimmy.
He's a lucky boy.
- Getting to marry a beauty like you.
- Where is Jimmy? Oh, we had a bit of a falling out.
He's wound tight, isn't he, your boy? He needs to cut himself some slack.
Maybe he just needs to cut you out of his life.
You're drunk.
Go to bed.
Tell me, babe.
Does Jimmy really, - really do it for ya? - Just leave.
Babe? Pretty babe, is that you? Get off me! Freddie? - Where are ya? - Another time, darling.
I am so bloody pissed.
Where are you, babe? - Oh, honey, I missed you.
- Oh, I fucking missed you, too.
Come here.
That kid you shot was taking ten large off the McCoys every week just so that nobody touches him.
Now he's back at his mum's.
He's so scared, he won't even answer the bloody door! Let alone organise another party.
- I'm sorry.
- No, you're not.
So you can stop all that bull shitting now.
This is way past sorry.
- He's becoming a liability.
- No, no.
I can control him.
He can't fucking control himself! How are you gonna manage it? This is about business, Jimmy.
I'll give 'em all their money back.
He gets to keep that.
Tell us about the drug.
The ecstasy.
What do you think? - I think it's gonna be massive.
- So do I.
I've had a chat with McCoys.
They still want us in on this.
They're willing to sweep all this agro under the carpet.
Apparently, your boy, Dez? - Yeah.
- Dez likes you.
He thinks you're on the level.
But they don't want Freddie anywhere near him.
Now, or in the future.
And I'm with 'em on this.
You want me to run this all by meself? - He'll never swallow that.
- Let me worry about that.
I'll handle him.
No, I don't think I can do that to Fred.
Think about your future.
What did he say? It's OK.
It's OK.
I sorted it.
You did? He wasn't fucking happy.
But I brought him round.
You're a fucking diamond, Jimmy boy.
Come on.
Let's go and get smashed, yeah? - You gonna be a while with him? - We'll be fine, won't we, Freddie? Hello, Dad.
How are ya? Bought it from the store.
A bloody failure.
You've gone mad, haven't ya? Leave him alone.
- Oh, dear.
- Come on.
Fucking hell.
How'd you get this far? Tell me about that new drug deal.
- What new drug deal? - With the McCoys.
Oh, no, it's not on any more.
Not what I heard.
What do you mean, not what you heard? Not what you heard? Why? What's he tell ya? He said nothing to me.
No? Hey! Tell me! Hey, tell me! 'One of their boys was talking about it at the club.
He was drunk.
' Don't do this to yourself.
I can't help it.
I just don't want you to keep going through this.
He made me.
He'll think I did it deliberately to fuck him over.
It don't matter what Freddie thinks.
Really? Not if he gets you all banged up or killed.
That's what'll happen if you don't take things into your own hands.
- But he made me what I am.
- Bollocks! No-one made ya.
You're here cos of only one person and that is you.
Yeah, Freddie's helped you but you helped him just as much.
Anyway, it doesn't mean you gotta go down in flames with that wanker.
Cos that's what he'll do to ya.
Listen to Ozzy.
You have to do this.
Why are we trying for a kid? What's the point if he'll grow up without a dad? It's typical of Maggie to bring us here.
Just because she's got taste, you're both dead embarrassing.
Taste? You're having a laugh.
I would rather be stung by wasps than wear one of her old relics.
Mum? - Where are we going? - This is the highlight of the night.
Where's he taking me? - Where are we going? Right? - Right.
Get in there, Jimmy, my boy! It's your last chance alone.
- Nah, sorry.
I can't do this.
- You can, mate.
She's staying.
Come on, girls.
Let's have a good time, yeah? - I'm sorry.
I can't do this to Mags.
- Oh, forget Mags.
- She's probably on her back right now.
- What? You don't - Don't fucking disrespect her.
- I don't mean anything.
All I'm saying is that she probably is knee-deep in cock, mate.
Don't you fucking talk about her like that.
Alright? Easy, Jimmy.
You can't let an opportunity like this pass you by, can you? I'm not you.
Get out of meway.
- Come on.
- Fuck off! You not gonna let me in? Not tonight.
Suit yourself.
It's Jimmy.
What, Jimmy? Jimmy's running the ecstasy deal for Ozzy.
By himself.
- Yeah? - Have you got the ring? Of course.
'I now pronounce you man and wife.
' Ozzy gave me this yesterday and told me to read it out to you.
So here goes.
"Dear Maggie and Jimmy, it's a great shame because I wanted to be there, but the bastards seem to think that if they let me out, I wouldn't come back.
" "But, as a way of saying how made up I am for you both, I wanted to give our Maggie a present that really sets her on her way.
So, Maggie dear," "go to 24 The Drive, South Woodford, on Monday morning because that's where your new hair salon is, Maggie's.
" Did you know about it? Seriously? How you feelin', champ? Great.
- You've done well, ain't you, mate? - Yeah.
She's beautiful.
I ain't talkin' about her.
You and me need to have a chat, don't we, Jimmy boy? - What about? - About you and Ozzy.
I've been hearin' things about you two.
Come on, Jimmy! - I fuckin' love you, Jimmy boy! - Come on, babe, it's time.
Leave some for me! Jesus! Lovely couple, aren't they? I never knew Ozzy could be so generous.
Neither did I.
I need boobies.
Don't make a fool of yourself, Freddie.
Not here.
Fuck this.
Jacks, come here.
Alright, alright! No, I don't understand.
It's like a football team.
- Football team? - Yeah.
Imagine I own West Ham, and you, Freddie, are my manager.
You run the club, you pick the players, you control who's in, who's out.
Alright, so I'm Where does Jimmy fit into all of this? Well, Jimmy's been like your right-hand man all these years, like a first-team coach, and I've decided to promote him.
How can you promote him when I'm the fucking manager? Well, that's just it, Freddie.
Imagine I don't just own West Ham, I own Arsenal, as well, and Jimmy's gonna manage that.
All by himself.
Jimmy's gonna take care of all the drugs, Freddie.
- How long has he been in here? - About an hour.
Just rolled in off the high street.
What's he been saying? Jimmy, my boy! Yeah.
So, this is where you've been running off to all this time, eh? - How you doin', Fred? - I'm alright, thank you.
That is a lovely whistle.
Did you pick that out for him, eh? You guys, you're always really fucking sharply dressed.
Do you wanna go somewhere private? No.
Why? I haven't got nothing to hide from anyone here.
We're all one big happy family, yeah? You, me, the McCoys in Jimmy's great big fucking chemistry experiment.
- I've got an office.
- Have you? I know, actually.
Ozzy told me.
Well, lead the way, Jimmy boy.
Jimmy, do you remember when I first left prison, what I said to you about both of us being special? - Yeah.
- Good, good.
Cos, I really believed it, you know.
I mean, that's how I've always seen it, even these last few years.
You know, both of us have something special.
- Together.
- Look, No, just be quiet for a second, yeah? Don't speak, just for a minute.
You don't really have to say anything cos, cos I know what's happened here.
Ozzy may have persuaded you to do this.
He may have said it was for the best and all of that.
And I admit, alright, I admit, I haven't I haven't been all that reliable lately.
Yeah, but I never, ever expected you to go behind my back like that.
I'm sorry.
Really? Look, it's business, yeah? - It don't change anything - Don't be so bloody naive! Everything is fucked now because of you! Because you chose this! Ozzy is playing you, Jimmy.
Oh, he's playing you.
Same way he got me to play against Siddy.
It's what he's best at.
What you doing? Sit down.
Fuck off.
We were special, Jimmy.
Oh, shit.
What you doing, Dad? I'm just looking for something, mate.
Why don't you live here anymore? I do live here.
I don't Come here.
What's the matter? What's this dark patch? Have you wet yourself? Mate.
Why didn't you tell your mum? Oh, look, come on, let's go clean you up.
He calls for you, you know? "Why doesn't Daddy come home?" "Why doesn't Daddy come back?" And do you know what I say? I said, "Daddy's out with his whore bitch Patricia".
"Daddy doesn't really care about us anymore, does he?" I ain't really in the mood for this, Jackie.
- Really? - Nah.
Well, tough! Tell me, Freddie, when are you gonna stop seeing her? Seeing that childless, stuck-up bitch? Be quiet, Jackie.
Best not do this now, yeah? Why can't you stay at home and be a real father to your children? - Or don't you have that in you? - Just leave me alone or I swear, I'll fucking do you some mischief.
Oh, you're man enough to have 'em but not man enough to love 'em! Just like your own dad! Sorry? What did you fucking say? Do you really wanna know why I go to her? Cos being with her helps me forget what a fucking idiot I'm with here! Go on, then! Run away! Why change the habit of a lifetime? Leave me to sort it out! We'll fend for ourselves! While you go shove all our money up your fucking nose again! You're just a coward, Freddie! - What did you fucking say? - Oh, I said, you're a fucking coward! Thank God for Jimmy or we'll all be done for.
Fucking hell, Jackie.
It's nothing.
He's a fucking animal! Don't be like that, Mags.
He's never done this before.
He's never touched me.
Listen, you have to leave him, right? It wasn't his fault.
It was me.
I was out of line.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
OK? - Maggie, Jimmy's upstairs.
- Where's Freddie? - What? - Where is Freddie? He's in the lounge.
What the hell is wrong with you? You run out of people to bully? - You're spoiling the view, Mag.
- Only scum like you - could do that to his own wife.
- Go home, yeah? Alright? - Before I forget you are a relative.
- I'm no fucking relative of yours, you piece of shit! I'm gonna get her to divorce you.
- What did you fucking say? - She should've done it years ago.
- I swear, I'm gonna make her do it! - All you need to do I'm not scared of you, Freddie! I'm not scared of ya! You're a born fucking loser, Freddie! Everyone can see it now! You need to get a lead and a fucking collar for that one! Get your hands off me! I'm going! Don't go visiting the red light districts.
It's easily done - a room full of boys, all steamed up.
We ain't going to Amsterdam on a bender.
It's business.
Come here, giz a kiss.
I'll miss ya.
And when you come back, we'll keep trying, OK? It took Kim and Mike a year-and-a-half for their first.
Hallo, Maggie! - Jimmy'll be home soon.
- That's not true, is it, darling? Cos we both know that Jimmy is on the plane to Amsterdam.
No You like it hot, don't ya? Please, go home, Freddie.
Hey, babe.
Thought you'd be home.
You must have popped out.
Anyway, we're here now, I'll call you later.
I love ya.
That's how you make a fucking baby.
Yeah? - Want me to get that for ya? - Just get out! - Regretting this already? - Jimmy's gonna kill you for this.
Oh, yeah.
Let's tell him all about it, shall we? Let's face it, we both know what Jimmy's like, don't we? I remember when we was kids, growing up.
Jimmy had this weird thing where he didn't want to play with broken toys Know what I mean? Even if he could fix them so they would work again, he'd just plain old fucking ignore them.
Go, please 200,000 people have gathered in London this evening for an epic It's gonna be a really great year for us, I can feel it, all three of us.
For a long while back there we all thought you was firing blanks, mate! - We all said that! - No, we didn't.
- I never, never said that! - You can all rest assured, I sorted it.
They're counting down! Eight, seven, six, five, five, four, three, two, one! Happy New Year!