The Take (2009) s01e03 Episode Script

Part 3

(Dog barking) Mum Mum.
Mum, I put them on by myself.
Sleep tight.
(Man) What can I say? It's just not so profitable for us now, Jimmy.
You understand this? There's still a recession out there.
Listen, mate.
There are no new terms.
Your product has become diluted.
Oh, yeah? What, you think we're cutting it before selling it? Test it for yourself.
This is from your last batch.
We're not shifting our position.
Your cousin Freddie said you were a reasonable man, that you'd negotiate.
That's why we came today, in good faith.
Freddie doesn't make the decisions round here.
(Speaking Turkish) Fine.
We'll be seeing you.
It's OK.
We understand.
(Door shuts) - What are they kickin' off for? - I don't know.
- What are you thinking? - Where the hell is Freddie? Huh? (Car engine starts) You don't have to go.
You do know that, don't you? He's expecting me.
He'll suspect, otherwise.
No, I wanna see him one last time.
Come here.
Come here, come here.
And what has that bastard actually left us? Mm? You and me.
- Nothing.
- Right.
Right, well, this is the only way that things can actually change, babe.
Hm? You do know that, don't you, Pat? I hate those fuckin' Turks.
Don't trust 'em.
Oh, neither do I, but we need 'em, don't we, so it don't matter.
Better not balls it up.
What's the matter, you old mare? You're not crying? No.
(Clears throat) Just a bit run-down.
Pat? I'm fine.
JustI've got a cold.
Harry? Come here.
- Got a tissue, mate? - Yeah, sure.
Here you are, babe.
(Cork pops, cheering) - (Freddie) Yes! - Happy birthday! Cheers! Here you are, here you are.
There you go! Happy birthday, my boy! He's growing up nice and handsome, isn't he? Looks just like his dad.
Yeah? (Freddie chuckles) Cheers, mate.
- What do you say? - Thanks.
Oh, you're welcome, my son.
Come on, open it up, then.
Pull it off, pull it off.
- Ooh! - Go on, rip it open.
Quick! Say hello to the devil.
(Gasping and groaning) (Gasps) Hey, Mags, what's this counter made out of? Italian marble.
Blow me! Italian marble! Better not put my fag out on it, then, eh? (Kim) Give it a rest, Mum.
Do you need any help, Auntie Mags? No, I'm all right, love.
Actually, can you get the jelly out the fridge? So, what do you think of it, then, eh, Jimmy? It's my favourite present ever, Uncle Freddie.
Yeah? So, champ, are you gonna show me around your castle? Yeah? Come 'ere! - (Little Jimmy giggles) - (Freddie) Scallywag! (Freddie) Right Oi, don't break that, Freddie.
(Little Jimmy) I'm the king of the castle.
(Freddie) What's that? (Little Jimmy) I'm the king of the castle.
(Freddie) That you are, my boy.
Ha-ha! - So, how many bedrooms has this gaff got? - Seven.
When are you gonna start on the other five kids? You'd better hurry up, eh? And what? End up like you? (Little Jimmy) Stop! (Freddie) What do you mean, stop? - (Little Jimmy giggling nervously) - Give him to me! Justcome here, Jimmy.
- He's got my eyes, hasn't he? - Come here.
Don't you think it's time that we, er we had another one? - Yeah? - Keep your hands off.
We could always run away, you know, the two of us, just start again.
Keep an eye on him, will you? Why, where you going? Just going to lie down.
Got a headache.
- You all right? - All right.
(Sighs) What's wrong with her? I don't know any more.
Come here, mate.
- Jimmy! - Look at the cake! For the birthday boy! (Sobs) Go on, mate.
Give it a good blow.
That's the way! (Clapping and cheering) Is there nothing you won't stop at? - What you talkin' about? - You gonna try it on with Maggie now? - Oh, are you pissed already? - (Doorbell) (Jackie) I saw you trying it on with her.
Who says I have to try? (Ringing continues) Get a lift home with your mum, yeah? I'm off.
- Des.
Come in.
- All right, Jimmy? - How are you, mate? - Yeah, um - What's the matter? - Ozzy's been stabbed.
- What? - He might live.
It's touch and go.
(Freddie) What's happened? - Ozzy's been stabbed.
- Is he dead? - Well, no, not yet.
- I think it was one of the Turks.
One of Ahmet's cousins.
(Monitor beeping) (Des) You have to be ready for 'em.
They'lre gonna come for you next, Jimmy.
Sooner or later.
I know.
- Let's talk in the morning, Des.
- All right.
What's the matter? Can't sleep? I'm scared.
I'm scared for you.
Don't be.
I heard him say it.
They're gonna try and kill you too.
Don't be silly, no one's gonna do that.
I'm not stupid, Jimmy.
It's obvious what's going on here, I mean Nothing is gonna happen to me.
Or you.
Or our little Jimmy.
All right? I promise you.
Eh? Jimmy Jimmy.
Jimmy! - What's the matter with you? - Nothing's the matter! - You seem so far away these days.
- I'm just worried about you! I'm going to go and try and sleep.
Didn't expect this, you know.
Ozzy's got a lot of enemies, it's to be expected.
No, it's a turf war now.
Pure and simple.
You talk to 'em more than me.
What have they said to you? I don't know where this shit's coming from.
Last time the Turks come down the docks, Ahmet was well bloody pleased with everything.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Cracking jokes, tipping the boys, all sorts.
He even invited us both to his daughter's bloody wedding.
Just don't seem right to me.
Why not? I didn't think the Turks had the balls to do this.
Do you remember when we used to tear around here on our bikes? You remember that summer really hot, '76? You was seeing that bird with the squinty eye, weren't you? - Who? Rosie Phillips? - That's it, Rosie Phillips! And I was shaggin' her sister, Lucy.
Fuckin' 'ell, the things that Doris wanted me to do to her.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Yeah, you had that jacket.
- What jacket? - That leatherjacket you always wore.
Always wanted one like yours.
All right, Jimmy.
What are you two gabbing about? Hello, J.
Here, do you remember Freddie's jacket back when we were kids? - Don't.
- The one with the studs? - Yeah.
- Yeah! But listen to this, yeah? He wore it on our first date, and he strutted around like Elvis! (Laughs) What happened to it? Er The old man threw it on the fire.
Told me I had to get a suit, go out earning.
(Jackie) OK, Freddie, come on.
You ready? We gotta go.
You better be ready, Freddie, I'm telling you.
Freddie? Open this door now or I'm gonna clobber you! I'm not scared of you! Freddie! Open it now or I'm gonna call your dad.
Do you hear me? I'm calling him now! And what's he gonna do? He's never fuckin' here! Freddie, this is your last chance before I ring him.
Right! That's it, I'm calling him.
He's running away from you, you stupid old cow! - What? - He's running away with Auntie Maggie! I heard him say it to her.
What?! When did you hear your dad say that? Come on, baby.
Tell me.
When did you hear your dad say that? What? Nah.
I was just thinking.
You know, we've never really seen eye to eye, have we? How do you mean? And I'm I'm truly sorry about that.
I feel I've always been a little bit jealous of you.
Jealous? Yeah, you know.
Me and Jimmy have been mates for so long, then you come along, kinda pissing in our water, innit? Suddenly you're his best mate, the one he trusts, the one he turns to.
Maybe if you weren't such a pissed-up cokehead (Freddie laughs) - No.
No, it's a fair point.
- Yeah.
I'm glad we're getting it out like this, Desmond, you know? I always really admired your frankness.
It's Des.
Where's the ship? Just up here, Des.
(Quiet chatter) You all right, love? See you later, OK? I'll come pick you up from Grandma's.
- You got my mum booked in this afternoon? - No, why? You're not booked in today, Mum.
Put a sock in it, love, yeah? I didn't come here for one of Maggie's special cuts.
- Are you all right? - You tell me, sis.
- Have you been at the bottle already? - Keep your nose out of it, Mum, yeah? - Do what? - Yeah.
- Come on, let's go in here.
- No! I want to talk about this right here in this poncey little shop of yours.
Get it out.
How long you been after my Freddie? (Both laugh) You are joking, right? I've seen it with my own eyes.
You two circling each other like vultures.
- Right, get out - No! I am not leaving till you tell me the truth, you fuckin' slag! Try and front this out, you little bitch.
Been flashing your goods at him for a bloody long time.
- Mum, shut up.
- Don't worry about it.
Now I think it through it all makes sense.
What makes sense? You've always been jealous of me being with Freddie.
- You're mental, Jackie.
- Right from the start.
The way you looked at him! I should have realised - You stupid cow - Oh, God! It's so bloody obvious! You've been pining for him all this time, haven't you? I can finally see it.
What's the matter? Is Jimmy not man enough for you? - Don't he do the business downstairs? - Stop this, Jackie.
Come on.
I know a good place to play.
(Freddie) How's our Maggie doing these days? (Des) What? You're close, ain't ya? You must have noticed she's been down in the dumps lately.
- I don't know what you're talkin' about.
- Oh, come on, Des.
We all know that Maggie and Jimmy have got a few problems.
I mean, it's hardly a secret.
She walks around with a face like a rainy day.
- What are you talkin' about? - Jimmy can't perform, yeah? It's driving poor old Maggie to the end of her tether.
Is that why you need my husband, yeah? Cos yours can't get it up? - You stupid - Fuck off, you little slut! Do you hear me? Fuck off.
Don't touch me.
- I fucking hate your husband! - Oh, yeah.
I'd never let that piece of mongrel scum anywhere near my body! - Yeah.
- Don't you get that, Jackie? Even with your shit for brains! I'd rather die than have that fucker touch me.
Where's little Jimmy? - What? - Where's he gone? Fuck - Freddie? Freddie? - Jimmy? Freddie! Jimmy! - Jimmy? - Freddie! Jimmy! Jimmy's a jaffa, mate.
There's no juice in the moose.
- Don't be an idiot, he's got a son.
- It's not his, though, is it? - What? - Believe me, I know that for sure.
Jimmy, not his dad.
How would you know that? Because little Jimmy, yeah Oh, yeah.
Little fella's definitely mine, without a doubt.
And our Maggie knows that too.
Do you remember when you flew out to Amsterdam to open up the lab there, yeah, about five years ago? Well, that night, I broke in to Jimmy's and I raped Maggie.
Mm? And lo and behold, nine months later You wanna know what the funny thing is? I love that kid.
I really love that little boy.
Maybe even more than my other kids.
And I can't even see him.
(Exhales) God! It feels good to get this off my chest.
(Des screams) It's all my fault.
(WPC) Don't worry, love.
We have every available officer looking for him.
You don't understand.
I've been awful to him.
- My own son.
- It's not your fault.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
(Sobbing) It is.
God, I'm a terrible mother.
Where are we going, Freddie? We're gonna look at the trains.
You like trains, don't you? Oi! What are you doing?! Come away from there! I said come away! (Train horn) (Police radio chatter) (WPC) Two-three.
Any word.
All right.
Roger that, over.
They're OK.
Oh! My Freddie! - Oh, God! - Oh! - Oh, my God! - I'm never gonna let him go again.
Never! It's OK.
It's OK, babe.
- (Sobbing) - (Maggie) Oh, God! Oh, God! What were you doing? Freddie.
Please, look, I'm I'm not gonna hurt you, OK? We just wanna know, yeah? What were you doing running away like that? The shouting.
I just wanted to get away from all the shouting.
(Maggie) You really scared Mummy today.
Promise me you won't go off like that again, OK? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Who's my boy? Sleep tight.
(Monitor beeping) - How are you feeling? - Bloody awful.
How's Maggie and the little 'un? Yeah, they're good.
They're good, thanks.
It's like the crocodile from Peter Pan.
Tick-tock, tick-tock.
They're gonna come for you.
Yeah, I know.
You know who it was? Yeah.
The Turks.
Must have been planning this for months.
Jesus Christ.
Open your friggin' eyes, Jimbo.
The Turks need somebody on the inside.
Someone who can give 'em all we got.
All our roots.
All our contacts.
No, he wouldn't No, he wouldn't go that far.
- Not even Freddie would do this.
- No Not just Freddie.
My little sister.
My own flesh and blood.
Hurts, don't it? (Sighs) I'm already taking care of Patricia.
You've gotta take care of your end.
Cleanly and quickly.
(Exhales) But, er Do you know this for certain? I mean How can you be sure? Don't be a fool.
Do you think he'd think twice about doing the same to you? Freddie's an animal.
When the time comes you have to be able to kill someone you love.
Don't you understand? Ozzy is awake.
He's talking to Jimmy and he knows it was me.
There's nothing to link you.
He knows it was me, this is bloody Ozzy we're talking about.
Pat, it's OK, yeah? Well, gentlemen, I think we can safely say that Ozzy is well out of our reach.
But Jimmy don't know this was you.
Not for certain, anyway.
We haven't been talking much of late, so Your wives are still sisters.
I'm sorry, what's your fuckin' point? We need to cut Ozzy off from his world.
Right now.
- I thought we were gonna speak to Jimmy.
- Come on, Freddie.
You knew this was going to happen sooner or later, whatever we did to Ozzy.
I'd rather it was you than one of the kebab delivery boys.
In Turkey we would seal your filthy mouth with cement.
Oh, yeah? Well, this is the EU.
(Speaks Turkish) - Freddie.
- What's that? It's gotta be you, OK? You're the only one that can get close enough to him.
(Sniffs) - Where is your khazi, mate? - It's upstairs.
(Men talking) (Man) Make sure you cover the whole area there.
All right? Right.
There's an engagement party for my daughter.
It's next week.
Jimmy'll be there.
I can fix it with Tony, so I'm waiting upstairs in the pub.
No, I'm not doing it at the party.
Not in front of his family.
You might not get a better chance, Jimmy.
It's Kim's engagement.
She works for me wife.
He won't be so bloody scrupulous.
Remember what he did to Siddy? I'll figure out a way to get him to come out to my car.
Do you want me to wait in the car park before you? No.
I want you to stay in the pub.
That way he won't be on his guard.
I'm really sorry.
It's the booze.
It makes me paranoid.
- You should do something about the booze.
- Well I'm really trying.
Is he still seeing her? Yeah.
I'm doing this for Kim.
Tonight's her night.
(Muffled rap music) Jesus, Rox, turn that bloody racket down! I mean it, right this minute! I swear I'll chuck that beatbox off the edge.
- Jesus, you can't call that noise music.
- (Volume down) - I quite like it.
- You're getting old, Mum.
Stuff you listen to! What the fuck's wrong with Fleetwood Mac, eh? Your mum used to be a right rock chick, didn't you? Damn right.
I run away with this band once.
I spent five months on the road with them, remember? Oh, yeah! What were they called again? The Gasoline Engines! Do you remember, they were right into their motorbikes? (Laughs) Mum and Dad went completely spare, didn't they? - How old were you? - God, Roxanna's age.
- Fifteen?! No! - Yeah.
And remember the singer dumped me in that camp site in Camber Sands - and I had to hitch home.
- Yeah, and Dad had to come and get you.
(Laughs) (Freddie) And it's definiteIy cIean, yeah? Yeah.
- When are you coming round? - In about an hour.
Freddie I saw I saw a couple of men sitting in a car outsidelast night.
And, um (Laughs nervously) .
l haven'lt got any milk.
Don't worry about it, babe.
I'll check it out when I get there, yeah? Yeah.
Be quick, love.
(Bell rings faintly) And get this, right, Jacks used to turn up to Faces nightclub Oi .
with a copy of Shoot magazine in her handbag, - to tell who the footballers were.
- Shut up, Mags! - All right, girls.
- That's your mum.
- Mags.
- Freddie.
Aw, Dad, that suit looks smashin'.
Yeah? Well, it's my daughter's engagement party, innit? Where's Freddie? I'm gonna drop him off at your mother's before I meet you at the bar.
Oh, you're a diamond.
Oi, Freddie, come on in.
There's a good boy.
Make sure Tony puts a good keg on tap, cos you know how tight he is, don't you? How's Jimmy? I haven't seen him for a while.
Yeah, he's good.
He'll be there tonight.
Right, I'm gonna be about five minutes, yeah? You keep the door locked.
(Freddie screams and yells) Fuck! Oh (Yells) Dad? Are you OK? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine, son.
- Hi.
There you go.
- Ohh! Mags will pick him up later.
Come on, sweetheart.
Hey, your cousin's here already.
- What, little Freddie's here too? - Yeah, we got both the rascals tonight.
Down you go, darlin'.
Yeah, Freddie dropped him off half an hour ago.
Yeah, but don't worry.
They ain't gonna leave my sight.
Be good, junior.
Something bothering you, love? - No, I'm fine.
Maybe see you later.
- Mm.
(All chatting) (Chatter and laughter) Oh, hey! Look at you! Where you been hiding yourself, babe? All right? Oh, I love you! Oh! Oi, it's like Mr Big here's too flash for us riffraff these days.
(Jimmy) Good to see you, J.
(Jackie) You too.
Hello, Uncle Jim.
Is that for me? Thanks.
(Gasps) Oh, my God! Oh, Jesus, is this real?! - (All laughing) - Oh, it's beautiful! Come on, let's have a look! Oh, it's so lovely, it's beautiful.
Thank you! Let's get this stuff off and get that stuff on! (Maggie) Ooh! It's gonna be all right.
Oh, you're so lovely, you are! Oi, shots! Whoo! It's a lovely necklace you got Kim.
- It's nothin'.
- No, she's really made-up.
Well done.
- What's he like, her man? - What, Tony? - He's young.
- Is he hungry for it? Well, they all are these days, aren't they? Can't wait to be earning big time.
He hangs on every word I say.
You're a legend to him.
- If only he knew, eh? - Reminds me of someone.
Nah, you always had a bit more going on upstairs.
Even back in the day.
Let's face it, Tony's never gonna win Mastermind but he will look after my Kim and he's good to Jacks, he drops in on her when I'm not about.
That's what counts.
I always thought that would be us someday.
- Huh? - Old fuckers.
Proppin' up the bar, swapping bull stories about how fat our wives' arses are.
It will be, won't it? Yeah, yeah.
I was thinking we could go for a drive later.
There's a few things I wanna talk to you about.
Yeah, just give it a couple of hours, eh? How's Ozzy? He's good.
He's better.
Yeah, that's what Patricia tells me.
(TV) OJ Simpson, who is suspected of murdering his ex-wife NicoIe Brown Why's he driving so bloody slowly? I reckon he's definitely murdered his missus.
- Grandad? - Yes, mate? Can I go to the toilet, please? You don't need to ask permission, lad.
Course you can.
Mind you don't wake little Jimmy.
PoIice beIieve he is heading to his mansion in Brentwood.
Over 20 helicopters have been following (Laughter) (Jackie) Oi, get some more drinks in, yeah? Go on! (Chatter and laughter) (Inaudible)