The Take (2009) s01e04 Episode Script

Part 4

I broke in to Jimmy's and I raped Maggie.
And lo and behold, nine months later I really love that little boy.
Maybe even more than my other kids.
Give him to me.
Is that why you need my husband, yeah? - Cause yours can't get it up? - I hate your husband! What has that bastard actually left to us? Nothing.
Say hello to the devil.
I'm already taking care of Patricia.
You've got to take care of your end.
You'll have to be able to kill someone you love.
- We need to cut Ozzy off his world.
- We were just going to speak to Jimmy.
This was going to happen.
You're the only one who can be close enough.
A Cup Of La fabrique doOb, HelenScott, kiry, khillaree, olaola, mytom, ricorod.
No! You covered him! He's gone, darling! Mum is here! It was this new toy we bought him.
A pick-up.
As it'd come, rubbed up in that bag, but we didn't think anything about it, did we? No, because Jimmy is a clever boy.
He knows not to play with things like that.
And anyway, he was asleep.
I sware, I sang him something to sleep.
I don't know, you see.
He must have just got up and fetched that bag.
I don't know why he didn't go to sleep.
Was it you, who found him? No, it was me.
Because he didn't want me to see him like that.
Come with me.
Come in.
We've given her something to help her rest.
- Where is Jimmy? - He's in the morguewith the little boy.
Poor love.
I stay with her.
You're going to be fine, alright? Oh, God.
Come here.
Come on, darling, come.
Come on.
Has he gone? Has he really gone? Mum? I am so, so sorry.
God didn't want him to love, did he? Where Where's Freddie? Does he know? The plastic bag was tied to his head.
- What did you say? - The plastic bag, .
it was tied to little Jimmy's head.
- What do you mean, "tied"? - Tied with string.
I got rid of it before anyone saw.
No, he couldn't do that.
Little Jimmy couldn't even tie his own laces.
It wasn't little Jimmy.
It was little Freddie.
Little Freddie did this to him.
I wanted you to be here when I told him that.
- Jimmy, I don't know what to say.
- Just get the fuck away.
He was - He was my baby.
- What can I do? Tell me.
This is what you've created.
Your fucked-up kid has killed my lovely boy! - I'm sorry.
- Well, that's not enough.
That's not enough now! Well, what do you want me to do about it? I never wanna see that little monster ever again.
Well, what does that mean? Jimmy, what does that mean? This is your fault.
He's grown up a fucking killer like you! Look, do it if you're gonna do it.
My little boy.
Freddie, don't move.
Freddie! Freddie, come here! Let me go! I didn't do anything! Mum! - Don't fucking move! - I didn't do anything! - Please, Dad, don't hurt me.
- How could you do that to little Jimmy? He was so fucking little!! How could you do it?! Look at me.
- Why did you do it? Eh? - Are you gonna hurt me? How could you do it? Because you loved him more than me.
What are you doing to him? Fred, get off him! Are you OK? Jesus! What's wrong with you, Dad? Oh, God.
What's going on? Why did you attack him? That poor fucker in there, he never had a chance, did he? - What do you mean? - Well, how come, right, little Jimmy, he's so sweet and angelic and our Our Freddie, he just turns out like that.
I mean, what has our Maggie got that you haven't? - She has Jimmy, yeah? - Oh, that's fucking right, that is.
- Yeah.
- She's got Jimmy.
Jimmy, that's who she has.
I bet that makes a fucking difference to her.
Freddie, wait.
What's going on? Please? Please? Get some sleep, babe.
I'm gonna be gone for a while.
He hadn't even worn these.
- Nor these.
- Leave it, Mags.
He didn't ask to be born.
Poor sweetheart.
- He didn't stand a chance.
- Don't do this to yourself.
What you doing? - What you doing with his stuff? - Packing it away.
- Why? He's not even in the ground yet.
- It needs to be done.
Jesus Christ, Maggie, how can you be so cold? Don't you fucking tell me what to feel! He's gone! And I'm trying to do what I have to do.
Want to hear something funny? I got a new lawyer.
A real hottie.
This bint's really shaken up my case for parole.
Thinks the prison service has been negligent - in its treatment of me.
- That's great.
If I was outside, I tell ya, we wouldn't be in the bloody mess we are now.
Oh, oh, you think I'm being harsh, do ya? I'm sorry about your little 'un.
Jimmy, truly, I am.
But you must realise there's no mercy for the weak out there.
Don't let them see you're hurting cos that's when they come for ya.
You gotta finish what you started.
Take out the Turks and then - take out Freddie.
- That's what I plan to do.
- Good man.
- But not 'cos you fucking tell me to.
I'm gonna do it because all this has gone far enough.
- Sit down, Jimmy.
- Fuck off, Ozzy! - Why is he not dressed? - Cos he's not going to no funeral.
- Why not? - Cos he's too young, that's why.
You're right.
Well, what are we gonna do with him, then? Joseph's gonna have him.
I spoke to him, sorted it.
Oh, thank God.
- Thank God we're all alright.
- Yeah.
Can you imagine what they're going through? What is must feel like to lose a kid like that? - No! - It's OK.
It's alright.
You're gonna have to keep an eye on her at work.
Help her out a bit.
She doesn't accept help.
She ain't built that way.
What's up with your mum? Fuck knows.
She hasn't said anything since we got here.
What are you doing here? I wanted to be here for him.
- I know about everything you've done.
- Really? - What do you know? Tell me.
- I know about you and the Turks.
I know about you and Patricia, about the hit on Ozzy.
I know you were sent to kill me after Kim's engagement.
This is it for you.
After today, you're a dead man.
Something funny? Yeah, Jimmy Jimmy, Jimmy, you think you know so much.
But you don't.
- You know fuck all.
- Really? What don't I know? You should have shot me at the morgue, mate.
But then that's always been your problem.
You've got no balls.
You got no real man's spunk in ya.
Do you know what I mean? Don't forget, if it weren't for me, you would still be working on Cortinas at Kwik-Fit.
When I'm done with you, I'm gonna go after that murdering son of yours and I'm gonna cut his throat.
Alright? We was just saying what a lovely little boy our Jimmy was.
You shouldn't be here.
I have more right than anyone else to be here and you know that.
- Just go.
- Oi.
He was our boy.
Yeah? I know that, you know that, and one day, everyone else will know that.
I'm going home.
Oh, are you pissed again? Nice.
We were never gonna have this, were we, Freddie? What? You never wanted any of this with me, did you? That's why we live in such a shithole, isn't it? I have no idea what you are talking about, but I am going home.
I was the wrong bloody sister.
Tony, Tony, get us another whisky, mate.
Do you know Jimmy wants to kill me? Do you wanna know why? Do you wanna know why he wants to kill me? It's cos I'm the fucking daddy.
Are you hurt? No It's not my blood.
What is going on with you, Jimmy? Talk to me.
I used to feel like you didn't love him.
What? It used to break my heart watching him look it up at you, need your love, but you just couldn't give it to him.
But then you changed.
For God's sake.
Jimmy's gonna kill me.
What? You better get Freddie out of here.
You better get him as far away from here as you can.
Why little Freddie? Why little Freddie? Cos Jimmy's gonna come after him and all.
Why would Jimmy hurt little Freddie? Freddie killed my little boy.
I knew it.
Little Jimmy was your boy, wasn't he? He was your boy, wasn't he? I loved him so much.
Oh, God.
- Jimmy? - Fred.
Look, mate, we really need to meet up, don't we? Sort all this shit out.
Name a time and a place.
Jimmy, boy, you sound so different these days.
Just tell me.
Yeah, there is something I need to tell you, mate.
Stop fucking me about! 6:00pm tonight, see you in the tavern.
No more, please.
- What did you say, fatty? - No more, please.
Don't worry, you'll be meeting your brother very soon.
- Where are we going? - Grandma is gonna be taking you.
You're gonna be staying with her for a while.
What about you and Mum? I don't wanna be by myself.
Look, Fred, alright, .
mate, I am not gonna lie to you, alright? You are going away because of what you done to little Jimmy.
And I know why you did it as well and I'm I'm I'm sorry, actually, because it That's my fault.
You know.
I should have done better by you, mate.
We should have done better by you.
I don't wanna go! I know, but you have to or Uncle Jimmy's gonna kill you.
Do you understand? Mate, you've just gotta be a bit braver.
Come on.
When will Mum see me? She'll come and see you soon, I promise.
- What about you? - Soon! Get in the car, go on.
Here you are, babe.
Look, that should keep you going for a while, yeah? What's gonna happen between you and Jimmy? I don't know.
I brought you up to watch out for each other.
I want it like yours.
What? I want it like your hair.
Sharon? Leave that.
Go and have an early lunch, yeah? Alright.
OK, I'll have to take quite a lot off.
Is that gonna be alright? Do you think Freddie will like it? Cos that's all that really matters to me.
OK, babe, what's going on? I just wanna look like you.
For Freddie.
- I know.
- You know what? I know about little Jimmy.
Freddie told me.
He was drunk out of his skull.
I know it was the truth.
- What truth? - Don't fucking play games with me.
Do you remember when I came in here before? And I said you were making eyes at my Freddie? And to think, you'd already been there.
And not only that, you went and had a bloody kid with him, too.
My little sister.
No flies on her.
Jackie, he raped me.
Don't give me that shit.
- I know you seduced him.
- He broke into our house - and he dragged me from the bath.
- Shut up! And when he'd finished in me, h-he spat in my face, just to make sure - I knew what I was to him.
- No.
And I used to watch Jimmy holding his son like he was the most precious thing in the world.
And all the time, I knew that, um, that that lovely, lovely little boy was born out of Out of rape.
Now, how do you think that made me feel, Jacks? I don't believe you.
How late is he now? Half hour.
When you've poured those first drinks, you go in the back.
Whatever you say, Jimmy.
Thinking about me? What do you want? I've been hurting.
- Just like you.
- What? It's been killing me, actually.
I All I wanna do is be near you and share it Share it? He was He was our boy, Mags.
What? Come on, you know it as well as I do, inside you.
We both made that beautiful boy.
- And I loved him.
- He was never yours to love! Do you understand? My little Jimmy was never yours to love and that is exactly why he was a beautiful boy.
- Oh, don't be like that, Mags.
- How could a cold, bloody monster like you ever love anyone? - What did you say? - Freddie, all you are is a cancer.
You're cancer.
You're cancer in all of our lives.
- There was I thinking - - Are you fucking crazy? Oh, well.
Maybe Jimmy will kill me now.
But he's never gonna look at you the same again.
- What do you mean? - After I've to tell him everything.
Oh, it's the least I can do, innit, after all? Man to man.
Don't do this.
You can't tell Jimmy! All of this, all of it, it's over for you now.
- No, it's not.
- Fucking hell, Maggie! Oh, fuck.
Fucking hell.
Oh, shit.
I Jackie? Help.
You fucking help me.
Maggie's gone mental.
I need an ambulance.
Oi, call a fucking ambulance, yeah? Call a fucking ambulance, you stupid bitch.
Oh, shit.
Where's my phone? Oh, shit.
Where Fucking Give us a minute, will you? Thanks mate.
- Still no sign of Freddie? - No.
- How long has it been now? - Five months.
- What do you think happened to him? - You tell me.
I told you back then, I had nothing to do with it.
You alright? Come here.
So, what's it like there? Fine.
We're making a go of it.
- I bought little Freddie a dog.
- Really? What kind? A Labrador.
Little Freddie chose her.
He's called her Britney.
He takes her for walks by the sea.
You're by the sea, then? Jackie, why won't you tell us where you've gone? - Mum wanna see little Freddie.
- She can't.
Why not? Cos I don't want anyone from round here to know.
It's none of their bloody business.
Can't you tell me? Then why did you go? I had to.
- For little Freddie's sake.
- Little Freddy? Why? It Cos I didn't want him growing up like his father.
What are you thinking? Are you thinking what it's gonna be like when I'm out? No, I was thinking about Siddy.
- And Freddie.
- What about 'em? They used to run things for you, all this time you was inside.
Things didn't turn out too well for them.
One got a bottle in the neck and the other one has disappeared, before I had a chance to shoot him.
What's your point? I'm just thinking out loud, really.
But things don't look too rosy for me, do they? Seeing as I took over from him.
I like you, Jimmy.
I always have.
You've got brains.
The others didn't.
Not like you.
Do you know who you remind me of? Me.
You're gonna be useful to me when I'm out.
Until I stop being useful.
What? Well, that's how it is with you, isn't it? Use 'em and then lose 'em.
Don't make me an enemy Enemy? Friend? It's all the same with you Freddie knew that.
You're making one big fucking mistake - Did you think I didn't have the balls to do Freddie? Is that why you killed him? I was gonna kill Freddie! I was! I didn't need your help! Guard? This is over for you now.
I didn't think I'd miss him.
Not like this.
Well, you spent most of your life with him.
What a waste of time, eh? You can't think like that.
You're more than just him.
I'm glad for you, Mags.
Really, I am.
I'm glad it's all OK now.
But I don't want your fucking pity.
Not now, not ever.
We did something we had to do, and now it's all over.
- Right? - Right.
Rest in peace, babe.
Jimmy doesn't suspect anything? And that's how it's always gonna be.
Thanks, Jackie.
You're my little sister.
Anyway, I better go.
I've got a train to catch.
- How you getting on? - Yeah.
I thank God every day.
I ain't speaking to you again about this.
Next time you piss me about, you'll get a visit in the night.
- I tried to talk to - Shut up! I'm speaking.
I'm giving you a final bloody warning.
Oh, you fu You Jimmy says goodbye, old man.
- What are you cooking? - Chicken curry.
Don't know what's wrong with me, but I could eat your curry every day.
How is she? She's alright.
She tell you where she lives? Wouldn't say.
I think she wants people to stay away from her and Freddie, to be honest.
Probably for the best.
How long's this gonna take, then? I'm Hank Marvin.
Good things come to those who wait.