The Terminal List (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

The Engram

In the Book of Judges,
Gideon asks God how to choose
his men for battle.
The Lord told Gideon to take
his men down to the river
and have them drink.
The men who flopped on their bellies
and drank like dogs were no good to him.
Gideon watched as some men knelt
and drank with their eyes
watching the horizon
spears in hand.
Though they were few,
those were the men he needed.
Port arms.
Ready. Aim.
Back. Rack.
Ready. Aim. Fire.
Alpha, bring it in.
We got the green light
to move on Chemical Kahani.
Oh, fuck yes.
He's back in Syria.
Intel confirms
another attack is imminent.
- Wait, where's Donny?
- I got him hooked up to an IV
- in medical. He's got a headache.
- A headache?
He's just dehydrated
from the run this morning.
Not the run.
I'm pumping him full of electrolytes.
- He'll be good.
- He's just freaking out
'cause his wife's about to give birth
to Boozer's baby.
Yeah, yeah, fuck you, Lecrone.
It would be an honor
to have a little baby Boozer.
Thanks, bro.
Even if he tapped out at five foot two.
You're a dick. Five foot three.
Hey, guys, let's lock it up.
Donny, how you feeling?
Like a fucking pit bull, sir.
All right.
- Then let's eat.
- All right, boys.
We're gonna enter
via indig fishing trawler,
800 meters off the coast.
We'll be swimming east to our target.
We got a high tide 0232.
It's gonna be a dark one.
Moonlight will be at 14%.
So, kind of like these tunnels,
we're gonna be under 20
or 30 feet of solid limestone.
So, if I was a betting man,
I'd say intersquad comms,
it's gonna be a no-go.
The best way to pass word
is gonna be to drop relays off
at the entry point
and any forks along the way.
We should get comms back up and running
once we hit the access point
here in the crypt.
Yeah, we can trust
these tunnel maps, sir?
Syrian Democratic Forces
gave us a local trooper
who grew up playing in the
tunnels beneath the compound.
It's personal for this kid.
Kahani gassed his whole family.
He'll be accompanying us on the op.
Roger. Five klicks out, sir.
Fellas, let's get ready
to take it topside.
Infield's good.
Chief, your assessment?
Kahani's in under the radar,
so it makes me think that the compound's
probably gonna be lightly guarded.
In the event that shit goes south,
we got Rangers ten mikes out on QRF.
It feels solid, sir.
We keep it quiet. In and out.
No one's gonna even know we're there.
Bravo platoon has just
touched down, as you know.
Cox has given us
the option to stand down
and hand this off
as part of the turnover.
I told him that we did not
come here to coast,
and this motherfucker is ours.
We are Alpha.
Eyes on the horizon, boys.
Let's make it count.
Let's roll.
Lecrone, Fletcher,
maintain comms.
- Copy.
- Good copy.
Access point, 60 feet.
Sir, Zeke's flagging.
EOD up. No comms.
We're going white light.
It's a fucking landslide, sir.
This whole crypt is rigged to blow.
Stay comms external.
Let them know we're negative
on the access point.
Contact, entry point!
- What do we got?
- We've got heavy contact.
Rear. They need backup.
Chief, I'm putting a fireteam together
- and moving to the post position.
- Roger that.
Move it!
Lecrone, what do you got?
Go! Watch your back!
- Fuck! Lecrone's hit.
- Move, move, move.
Roll it, roll it, roll it! Move!
Frag out!
Frag out!
Let's kill that motherfucker!
Fuck him up!
Get these men!
Get them out now!
Coming in!
Fall back to the crypt, now!
On your back, on your back!
- Go left. CCP's on the left!
- Go, go, go.
Forward, clean it up!
Come on!
I got you, brother. I got you!
- Last man!
- Last man!
Give him to me.
Come on!
Sir, you need to spin up that QRF now!
Hey, calm your man down.
What's our casualty status, Ram?
We got two guys K.I.A.
Barnes is barely breathing.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey! Listen to me.
I'll get you out of here.
I got you, brother. I got you.
Mallory's hit!
They keep coming, boss!
Boozer, on me!
Got to make comms,
got to get QRF spun up.
Let's go!
Charlie, get us
to the access point. Move.
Trip wire!
- Right here.
- Careful!
- Where is it?!
- Careful!
- Where the fuck is it?
- Trip wire. Watch your feet!
Crowley, get eyes on that trigger.
I want to know
what we're dealing with, now!
Yes, sir, I'm on it.
What do we got, Boozer?
I have an out!
Get those comms up there, spin QRF now!
Troops in contact. Multiple eagles down.
- No, no, get back!
- No!
Get back, Trooper!
Hey, Picasso, you gonna
let me see what you're drawing?
What was that?
Is she gonna be okay, Daddy?
Donny, you good?
Get up, Chief! Move!
Reece! Reece, move!
Come on, man! Get up!
Cortese, I'm moving to you!
On me.
Check fire! Check fire!
- Move, move, move!
- Commander Reece!
Talk to me, Cortese.
Hey, brother, what you got?
All right, come on, man.
Let's go. Let's go.
Move it, move it, move it! Let's go!
Let me know an ETA on that helo!
Hey! Light that chopper up.
Commander, I have a helo coming in!
I need you on it!
Hey, give me two! Give me two!
Cortese, let's go! Up! Up!
- Get him up! Come on!
- We got to get you out!
Hurry up! Move it, move it, move!
Return their fire!
Let's go! Let's go get some support!
Sir, I need to get you on this first!
I need a head count on my men!
I understand, but I need
to get you off this sand!
Get my boys off this beach!
Sir, you are the last man!
I promise you, I promise you!
- How you feeling on that leg?
- Good, good.
I have no pulse.
Cortese, eyes on me. Look at me!
Cortese, open your eyes!
Stay with me, brother. Stay with me.
- Control the bleeding.
- S-Stay with me.
- More pressure! More pressure!
- Come on, come on.
Come on.
Mrs. Reece?
Your service member
is waiting to speak with you.
- Lauren? Lauren?
- James? Thank God.
Is that you?
They've been calling
the families all night.
What happened? Talk to me.
It's not good. They're, uh
Everybody's gone. They're all gone.
Me and Boozer, that's it.
Everybody else is
Everybody else didn't make it out.
It's a bad one.
I love you.
Just, just come home.
I'm here for you.
This is Special
Agent Robert Bridger, NCIS.
I'm here at Incirlik Air Force Base
with Special Agent Daniel Stubbs
to interview Lieutenant
Commander James Reece,
SEAL Team 7, regarding mission
NUMBER 644: Odin's Sword.
Commander, can you outline
the details of your mission?
We were tasked
with supporting SDF
in apprehending
Dr. Jahan Kahani and any intel
related to his chemical weapons program.
- Tip came in two weeks ago.
- Tip from whom?
Tabari Moussa.
Arms dealer outside of Aleppo.
Our top SDF source.
You red-teamed this operation with
Commander William Cox.
Any flags?
No. No. Moussa's intel
has been pretty solid.
Gave us two clear shots
at Kahani in the last two years.
I'm sorry, did QRF find any sign
of Kahani at the compound?
According to audio logs,
you went dark on comms
roughly four mikes in.
We encountered countermeasures,
IEDs, near the access points.
Comms down is S.O.P.
Was there any sign that he had
even been to the compound?
Can you point
to the area with the IEDs?
QRF found a mobile lab.
Let's stick with the op.
Where were the IEDs located?
Right here.
If it was just IEDs,
it'd be nothing out of the ordinary,
but there were armed loyalists
waiting to ambush us.
They knew we were coming.
Commander, at what point
of the operation
did you notice that Special
Warfare Operator 2nd Class
Donny Mitchell was unwell?
Excuse me, what?
SO2 Mitchell, the youngest
member of your troop,
experienced some sort of
"episode" during the operation,
shortly before he set off the explosion.
you need to understand something.
I have 12 men flying home
in caskets right now,
and you want to ask me
questions about Donny Mitchell?
It was the SDF trooper
who panicked, not Donny.
Our mission logs
say it was Donny Mitchell.
No, it wasn't, okay? I was there.
- It wasn't Donny.
- Easy, Commander.
We're just telling you what we know.
It's too loud, Boozer!
It's too fucking loud!
Ramirez, Donny needs help!
Donny, chill the fuck out!
- Where the fuck is
- Hey, Donny, what's going on?
That's not how it went down.
I never said any of those things.
Maybe this interview
is too soon.
- The Navy wanted us
- All right, listen, don't say Navy.
All right? You're not Navy.
You're fucking wannabe cops.
I know how it went down.
The place was packed with
explosives and armed loyalists,
and our SDF trooper lost his shit.
It's too fucking loud, Ramirez.
- It's too fucking loud.
- Calm down, Donny.
Calm down!
It's too fucking loud, Ramirez.
Donny, look at me.
I'll get you out of here, brother.
I got you. I got you.
All of the audio
indicates it was Mitchell
that triggered the explosion.
Please, take a moment, review the logs.
Then let us know if you want
to amend your statement.
You're in good shape,
all things considered.
Course he is, Doc. Look at him.
My men are built
to take a kick to the head.
How are you feeling,
Commander, generally?
Any blurry vision,
headaches, memory loss?
Memory loss?
With brain trauma, physical
injuries can heal quickly,
neural pathways may take more time.
Add in the stress of grief and loss
You experiencing symptoms, Reece?
No, sir. No.
There are a few more tests we can run.
I'd really like to get
those done at Balboa, if I can.
- I'd prefer to give you an MRI here.
- Yeah.
Well, my men already flew home.
I'd like to get back to their families.
Unless you're grounding him,
I'm okay with Reece flying.
WARCOM can coordinate
once he's stateside.
Okay, Commander.
But until your follow-up, take it easy.
Plenty of rest.
No alcohol.
We're gonna find Kahani.
And when we do, we're gonna scalp him.
Fuckin' A.
That's what Donny would've done.
23-year-old kid was a fucking savage.
For Donny.
Long live the brotherhood.
Can I get a whiskey? Neat.
Who we drinking to?
You a contractor or a reporter?
The Zirvede nightclub stamp
on your wrist.
They don't let service members in there.
You never broke a fucking rule?
I mean, I was there with an airman.
He told me about a transport
that flew out last night
carrying 12 SEALs.
No color guard, no ramp ceremony.
Oh, good, you're press.
Katie Buranek, VoltStreem News.
Hey, let me buy
the next round, Commander.
No. I buy my own drinks, thank you.
I write about team guys.
I did a whole series
about our overreliance
- on spec ops.
- Yeah, I read it.
Commander, people still give a shit
about what goes on over here.
12 SEALs lost and no one
in command even issues a statement?
What are they hiding?
I don't know what you're fishing for,
but you're not gonna get it
from me or from Boozer.
Who's Boozer?
I don't leak stories, Ms. Buranek.
And certainly not to people
who criticize our work.
I don't criticize your work.
I question your assignments.
A Hooten Young on me.
For your efforts.
Smooth and steady, boss.
Smooth and steady.
Reece! Get up!
Come on, man, get up!
- Wake up!
- Commander.
Everyone off-loaded, sir.
Tried to wake you up a few times.
Don't tell me
you're calling a fucking Uber.
Heard a rumor
you were flying in tonight,
so I figured
Oh, man.
Thanks, Ben.
- Let's get you home, brother.
- Yeah.
Maybe we could just drive
a little bit? Clear my head.
- Want to tell me what happened?
- How much do you know?
- Figured the Agency read you in.
- The Agency said shit.
I mean, that's pulling teeth over there.
You know that.
- It was a setup.
- Wait,
- what do you mean?
- Somebody fed us
bad intel on Kahani to draw us in.
Probably. Maybe the Russians.
- Could be Assad.
- Shit.
Who has the capability
to alter our signals?
What do you mean? Like disruption?
Change our digital record.
Alter voices. Deepfake.
Brother, that is
that is a fucking high-level
E.W. capability.
That's God's hand kind of shit.
Listen, I mean, I know
some guys in Persia House.
I can make some calls, see if
there's anything worth seeing.
We'll start there.
All right,
that's enough, sweetheart.
- I'm not done.
- It's way past your bedtime.
Hey, bug.
You're home.
You betcha. I'm home.
Mommy said you wouldn't be home
until tomorrow,
but I knew it was gonna be today.
- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Look at you. Look how tall you are.
I have some new pillows
and stuffed animals in my room.
- I really want to show you.
- Oh, okay.
I also had a really good idea.
I really wanted
- to get a dog.
- Okay.
Lucy, why don't you go lay in bed,
and then Daddy can come
and tuck you in in a second.
- I'll come find you.
- Come on.
Okay, I'll see you in there.
Okay, let's get you tucked in.
I'm glad you waited up for me.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
Oh, um, yeah,
- I'm fine.
- Does it hurt?
It's nothing.
You sure?
Yeah, I am sure.
I'm all right.
What you been reading
since I've been gone?
The Girl Who Drank the Moon.
It's about magic powers.
You want to read some?
Daddy's really tired,
so he's gonna go to bed, okay?
And he needs to take a shower
because he smells really bad.
All right.
What's that over there, a new drawing?
Gosh, you are getting good, kid.
Look at this. You drew this?
I drew that
before you left, Daddy.
I've never seen this before.
I showed it to you.
You liked it.
You're funny.
I am being funny.
I am always being funny.
Anything to make
my little girl smile, huh?
- Good night.
- I love you.
I love you.
All right.
I would have come
to pick you up.
It's okay.
Ben was there.
You know, the only thing they've told me
is that you had a concussion and
and that you have to lay low.
You should get checked out, James.
I can I can make you an appointment.
I'm all right.
Ramirez, hold. Moving to you.
Come on, man, get up!
do you think, Daddy?
- James.
- Huh?
Oh. What?
I was saying
that Mommy and I already
planned your first day home.
Why don't you start
by telling Daddy
about the new activity we've been doing?
While you were gone, Mommy and I
started stand-up paddleboarding.
It's like surfing
and sea kayaking combined.
It's super fun.
And maybe we can ask Daddy
- if he wants to come with us.
- You wanna come, Daddy?
I know you'll like it.
Last time I did surfing, uh
It was a bit of a disaster, remember?
It's easy.
We'll start off at La Jolla Cove
really early in the morning
'cause then are no waves,
- so we can get out to the flat water.
- Sounds like a plan.
We'll go. We're gonna do
some stand-up paddleboarding.
Okay. That'll be fun.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
World-famous cinnamon rolls.
What do you think, should we eat these?
Babe, that's
- Put that That's hot.
- Aah!
- Ah, shit!
- Jesus Christ.
- You okay?
- I'm okay. Sorry.
Tell me about your
This is Reece.
No, sir. That's impossible.
Yes, sir. I'll be right there.
Put it on my desk today.
Not tomorrow. Today.
- I have to go. Reece.
- Captain Howard,
- where is Boozer?
- I'm sorry.
The coroner just took the body.
We're standing by for a meeting.
It's gonna be in about 30 minutes.
Reece, I'll be right by your side.
- Reece.
- Commander Reece,
Special Agent Holder, NCIS. Excuse me.
- Sir?
- Move.
I have a few questions I need to ask you
regarding Petty Officer Vickers'
mental state.
I was with this man yesterday,
and he was fine.
No fucking way he would've shot himself.
- Sorry, yesterday?
- Yeah.
Flew home from Incirlik together,
and he was fine.
Uh, Commander,
that's not that's not possible.
- Vickers shot himself two days ago.
- No, I'm sorry.
You're fucking wrong.
- Hey, you know what?
- Tell him.
Take a breath.
The commander just returned
- from combat.
- Right, yeah.
With Vickers. Yesterday.
PO1 Vickers flew home
with the bodies of your men
two days ago.
Later that night, he took his own life.
Neighbors found him this morning.
Coronado Police were
the first ones on the scene.
I'm really sorry, Commander.
Smooth and steady, boss.
Smooth and steady.
Come on, push it!
Push it!
There's no shame in quitting.
You want to quit?
Ring the bell.
We don't have to do this today.
You could take some time.
I would if I thought it could wait.
Okay. We stick with your concerns
about the operational
intelligence. Come on.
- Push-ups. Ready?
- Ready!
- Down! Down!
- One. Two.
Sir, it is my belief
that this was a targeted attack
on Alpha Platoon.
My troop's been pursuing Kahani
since 2018,
killing two of his Quds Force
lieutenants in that time.
Somebody fed bad intel
to my man in Aleppo.
- This was a trap.
are tracking down Moussa,
and operations in Syria are on hold.
But what I want to know is
what happened on the op itself.
Well, you're the only eyewitness left,
but nothing in this file adds up.
That file adds up.
It makes perfect sense once you realize
somebody has manipulated
our audio record.
To clarify, that is your belief
that an SDF trooper panicked
and detonated an IED, not SO2 Mitchell?
Yes. Yes, sir.
I I stand by my statement.
And if I'm right,
we cannot let our men operate
in that theater.
Not until we figure out
who has that technology,
who has the capability
to do such a thing
and who would set us up.
Tell me, uh
what happened at Petty Officer Vickers'.
According to NCIS,
you question the timeline
of Vickers' death.
I questioned, sir,
why Boozer would shoot himself.
But, yes, my timeline is a little fuzzy.
The commander suffered
a significant concussion
on mission. He's
He's dealing with some repercussions.
And might these repercussions
be affecting your memory
of the operation?
You don't forget an op like that, sir.
No, sir.
Look, Reece,
I admire your commitment.
Moving up from enlisted sniper
to troop commander
is no small feat, and at 40,
you're still the tip of the spear.
But you need to get yourself right.
Lose the five-o'clock shadow
when you're in garrison.
People look to us to set a tone.
Especially now.
Yes, sir.
That's it!
- Follow his lead!
- We've been informed
every SEAL in the platoon
will receive a posthumous Silver Star,
- including Vickers.
- Come on, ladies
Secretary of defense herself
is flying out for the funerals.
Sure the families will appreciate it.
Was it confirmed, sir?
- What, the medals?
- Boozer's cause of death.
I double-checked with the coroner.
They confirmed a self-inflicted wound.
Nine millimeter.
Sir. Sorry, sir.
He shot himself with his team pistol?
It was his own SIG.
I believe it was a platoon gift.
Reece, are you sure you're okay
to go to these funerals?
We could generate a reason
- for your absence.
- I'll be there, sir.
Storm's rolling in.
If you don't want to chat, you can,
you know, just sit there
and watch me set the sail.
That's cool, too.
See anything wrong
with this bullet?
Like what?
The caliber.
I love my SIG.
his favorite pistol
was his custom 1911.45.
He hated the team nine millimeters.
Hated 'em.
We would always debate the virtues.
Nine millimeter versus 45.
Want a higher capacity magazine,
or you want more lead
to throw downfield?
Downrange, he always wanted the .45.
He said if you're gonna
destroy something, destroy it.
Don't poke a bunch of holes
in it. Don't bring a penknife
to a sword fight.
I don't buy it, man.
There's no fucking way
Boozer offs himself
with this SIG. No way.
Whoever set us up
They might be able to fake evidence.
They can't fake Boozer.
Quds have assets killing SEALs
in Coronado?
That's what you're telling me?
Someone does.
May I?
Long live the brotherhood.
Fucking A.
I miss the teams, man.
Maybe Boozer chose the team gun
to send a message.
His way to say goodbye.
You know, why don't you, Laur and Luce
take the boat for a weekend.
Head for the horizon.
Kon-fucking-Tiki style.
Sail down to Marco's ranch.
Take a breath.
You think I'm losing my mind?
I think you got your deck
shuffled pretty fucking good, though.
That being said, I am your brother.
And if you feel
anything is off, anything,
call me.
I know that.
All right. One more beer.
I know it's unfair
what we ask of you,
and I appreciate
the sacrifice you all have made.
Today, a nation mourns with you
and thanks you
as we honor a cherished member
of this community,
Silver Star recipient
Petty Officer First Class
Victor Ramirez.
Ready? Face.
Port arms.
Ready. Aim.
Back. Rack.
Aim. Fire.
Today, a nation
mourns with you and thanks you
as we honor a cherished member
of this community,
Silver Star recipient
Special Warfare Operator Second Class
- Donald Mitchell.
- Ready.
Aim. Fire.
I know it's unfair
what we ask of you,
and I appreciate
the sacrifice you all have made.
Today, we honor the
loss of Silver Star recipient
Petty Officer Ernest "Boozer" Vickers.
- Commander Reece?
- Ma'am?
Mrs. Reece, the admiral's wife
told me all about you.
Said you beat most of these boys
in the local races.
I'd pay good money to see that.
Thank you, Madam Secretary.
May I borrow your husband?
Of course.
I'm not much of a politician.
I speak my mind, and I do what I want,
- press and public be damned.
- Yes, ma'am.
So you know when I say
that whatever you
and these families need
to get back on your feet,
it will be provided.
Thank you, ma'am.
I'm putting you in for the Navy Cross.
- No, I don't deserve that.
- Yeah, you do.
Rangers said they couldn't
drag you out of those tunnels.
You insisted on helping your men.
And it shows the SEALs who are
heading back out into the theater
that we stand by our operators
no matter what.
Ma'am, SEALs are deploying?
See, I was told operations were on hold
while we chase the intelligence failure.
We found your man Moussa.
He had a hole in his head
and Quds Force money in his pocket.
I've been focusing my research
on Kahani's
next move. I'd like to be there when
when we find him.
When Kahani's dead,
you'll be the first to know.
Do you have any 20s on you?
Do you have any cash for the babysitter?
I guess we could
- We could just Venmo her.
- That funeral was empty.
Mallory's wife
didn't even show up. I mean
Boozer deserved more than that.
Did you call the clinic
to schedule the MRI?
I feel better.
We're gonna get through this, okay?
- I promise.
- I'm fine, honey.
I'm all right. I'm okay.
I'm okay.
- What? What?
- You see that gray car right there?
Right there. Just parked.
It was at the funeral.
It followed us here.
- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.
Go inside. Get Lucy.
- Hands!
- Jesus Christ.
I'm sorry, Commander.
I just needed to meet you
away from the teams.
Can I get you a tea
- or something?
- Uh
You got anything stronger?
- I think we-we have a bottle open.
- It's okay.
- This'll be quick.
- Yeah. You know what?
I'm okay. Um, thank you.
And I-I'm sorry about earlier.
- I'm gonna put Lucy to bed.
- Yeah.
Well, that was something.
I've spent the last 18 months
between bases and outposts,
but I never had a gun in my face.
Still, I'm-I'm glad
you reached out to me.
So, for the past two years,
your troop has alternated
between six months of deployment
and six months of training.
That's 67% less downtime
than a normal
I didn't reach out to you
to talk OPTEMPO ratios.
I asked you who I was with
when we met in Incirlik.
No, that's not what
you asked me, though, is it?
I mean, not exactly.
I looked into your friend's death.
PO1 Vickers. "Boozer," right?
Tracked down a copy
of the police report.
This is his death certificate.
Look at the date.
He was already dead
here in Coronado the day
I met you in Incirlik.
I brought up
your troops' deployment pattern
because if overwork
and exhaustion played a part
in your men's death,
I don't think that's your fault.
But there are people
who need to be held responsible
- for that.
- Okay, it's time for you to go.
Listen, I know you think I'm the enemy,
but all I care about is the truth.
And if a broken system
put you and your men
into shitty situations
Thank you for your time, Ms. Buranek.
I appreciate you stopping by.
All right. Well
I'm in town for the next week,
so if you change your mind
We're gonna find Kahani.
When we do, we're gonna scalp him.
Long live the brotherhood.
Long live the brotherhood.
I think something happened to me
on that op.
I need to call the clinic.
- You know what an engram is?
- No, I don't.
It's kind of the
Holy Grail of brain research.
A physical pathway
for the encoding of memories.
This is a visualization
of healthy recall.
Each memory a distinct map.
But when our memory pathways
get disrupted,
it can lead to things like conflation.
Old memories overlap with new ones.
So a memory from a year ago
feels like it happened yesterday.
Your brain can't tell the difference.
- That can be caused by a concussion?
- It could.
With your permission,
we'll take a closer look.
The scan gives us
a detailed map of your brain.
Whole thing takes less than an hour.
We'll come get you once it's over.
Almost ready to begin, James.
You're doing great, James.
Just relax. The next
and longest phase of the scan
is about to begin.
Ramirez, Mitchell needs help.
It's too fucking loud!
We good, Doc?
Is this how you killed Boozer?
Coward's way?
Hi, you've reached
Lauren Reece.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Laur, it's-it's me. It's real.
They just tried to kill me.
They had my gun.
Take Lucy and get her out
of the house now.
Call me when you're safe.
Come on, move!
911. What's the
address of your emergency?
This is Lieutenant Commander
James Reece.
You need to send patrol units
to 423 Cayman Street.
Repeat, 423 Cayman Street.
No, no, no.
I'm sorry.
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