The Terminal List (2022) s01e02 Episode Script


I can see the rising sun ♪
The devil's still on the run ♪
All the pretty things burn out ♪
Heart is beating in my head ♪
Feeling numb with every breath ♪
Smoke and fire all around ♪
Finger on the trigger,
finger on the trigger ♪
Over, and we all fall down ♪
Finger on the trigger,
finger on the trigger ♪
I see time is running out ♪



A beautiful place to rest, mijo.
It's not the time to be alone.
I don't want to leave 'em.
But there are other ways to commune.
[LIZ] And that is when I told Lucy,
"No goddaughter of mine
should ever worry
about getting mud
on her church clothes."
[BEN] All right.
I got one.
- Hell no.
- What do you mean, no?
No, you're banned from this.
Banned from what?
These are remembrances.
You want him silenced?
I'll choke his ass out right now.
- [BEN] Don't worry.
I'll be good.
So, back when I was in the teams,
after every op,
Lauren and Reece would hold
these amazing barbecues.
And this one time
I think it was
right after Sabrina
had just left me officially
Uh, which wife was this?
- I was not in the best of headspaces.
And like a good friend,
Reece bought, what,
four or five cases of beer?
I think I had
four or five cases of beer.
End of the night rolls in.
Everyone's leaving. I look over there,
and there's this amazing,
pristine red couch
just fucking calling my name.
I, of course, bed down for the night.
Next thing I know, it's the morning.
Way too fucking early.
And I looked up.
And there's
There's Laur holding little Luce
wondering why, uh,
her living room
smells like a urinal.
It was 'cause you pissed yourself.
[BEN] I, um
[MARCO] Let's raise a toast.
To the Reece family.
Three generations,
I'm thankful to have known.
We owe our lives to their love
and their bravery.
[BEN] Hear, hear.
[LIZ] Hear, hear.

I tell you, brother
the world is definitely
a shittier place without them.
I, um I think I'm gonna go.
You're going home?
[LIZ] Already?
I want to go home.
My driver will take you.

[LAUREN] Who needs sunshine?
We got to work with this.
[REECE] Hey, Picasso, are you
gonna show me that drawing
- or what?
- It's not done yet.
Well, what if it's not done
before I have to leave tomorrow?
If you don't show me that drawing,
I'm gonna sing a song.
You don't think I will?
I like fast cars and shop dreams ♪
- Chased a lot of crazy things ♪
Left behind
my share of broken pieces ♪
Oh, thank you.

This morning I turned 36 ♪
- Thirty-six?
[REECE] Excuse me,
- I wrote this song four years ago.
- Mm.
It was raging, the river ♪
Rolling, the thunder ♪
The hell was that?
Is she gonna be okay, Daddy?
Yeah. I think she's just stunned.
She'll, she'll fly back to her family.
[LAUREN] You don't have to lie to her.


Sorry to bother you, Commander.
I'm Special Agent Joshua Holder.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I remember you.
NCIS has been assigned
to your family's homicide.
Has there been an update in my case?
Well, actually, I'm here
to discuss a discrepancy
in the report.
The, um the murder weapon,
your SIG P226,
that was taken out of a gun safe
in the garage, correct?
No. No, I-I told them. It
was taken out of a handgun safe
in my bedroom. [SNIFFS]
Mind showing that to me?
Thank you.
I was mainly curious
How do you think these assassins
got into your safe?
They must've copied my print.
Wow, that'd be really
sophisticated, wouldn't it?
'Cause you can't beat this safe
with a, uh,
partial pulled off a Coke can.
Yeah. No shit. That's what
I've been trying to tell you.
It's a highly sophisticated adversary.
It's why it's so important
we find the killer who fled.
Well, we pulled 30 sets
of prints at the clinic,
and we're running
all through Bureau of Prisons,
- through NCIC.
- Okay.
- As I said,
we're working on it.
Mind showing me the garage?
This safe, who knows the passcode?
Just me.
You know, I wonder, in the event
that the gun was stowed in this safe
No, I already told you. It
wasn't. It was in my bedroom.
Come on, man.
What have you guys been doing all week?
You chasing your tail?
It's my job to exhaust
- all possible leads, Commander.
I tell you, NCIS was always happy
to make quick work when one
of my boys got in a bar fight.
I'm gonna tell you something.
You missed it on Boozer.
He didn't kill himself.
All right? If I was downrange,
- I'd be busting fucking doors down
- Commander.
- pulling people out by the head.
- Commander.
I sympathize with the position
that you're in here.
I truly do.
But we are not downrange,
and there's a process back home.
All right.
I'm meeting with the admiral.
I called ahead.
- [COX] Reece. Come on in.
[PILLAR] Have a seat, son.
Beautiful funeral.
Hopefully our last for a while.
Yes, sir.
Something you wanted to discuss?
NCIS, sir.
I'm not sure they're qualified
to handle this case.
I was told the inquiry
into Odin's Sword was complete
and that you agreed that it was Mitchell
- who set off the IED.
- No.
I'm talking about my family.
The case is in Criminal Investigation.
Should be Counterintel.
I believe what's happening
may be personal.
I've been tracking Kahani for years.
There's no one better to put him down.
He and Quds know that.
Son, Jahan Kahani
is not working in Coronado.
The man's a chemist, not a spymaster.
He sent a kill squad after Boozer.
After me.
Whoever killed my family
is still out there,
and the entire community is at risk.
You're clearly speaking freely,
so I will, too.
You're putting us
in an untenable position here.
Two weeks ago, you came in insisting,
despite evidence to the contrary,
that an SDF trooper
set off the IEDs in Syria.
I have since recanted that, sir.
After we went to the mat for you.
Now you want us to, what,
get into a scuffle with NCIS
over some harebrained notion
that Quds Force is picking off SEALs
- right under our noses?
- Sir. Sir, you're not listening to me.
You're not listening
to yourself, Commander.
Now, we got you out
of the Odin's Sword inquiry
with a job intact.
Hell, Captain Howard
has made a full-time job
out of covering your six.
But the truth is,
we just don't know
what's going on with you.
And given the fact
that you couldn't protect
your men nor your family,
- we can't
[COX] Reece!
Let go, Commander.
[KATIE] Agent Holder.
Katie Buranek, VoltStreem.
The liaison's office
said I could meet you here.
No, they didn't.
I spoke with Brenda Freeman.
If Brenda told you anything,
it's that NCIS doesn't allow reporters
anywhere near our crime scenes.
Well, I was with Commander Reece
the day before the killings,
and he waved a gun in my face.
You want a witness statement,
it's yours,
if you can tell me what the hell
happened in there.
Off the record.
Okay. Coroner pegs T.O.D.
Of the wife and daughter
within 30 minutes of Reece
arriving at this clinic.
30 minutes before or after he arrived?
That's unclear, but it's
well within the margin of error.
Meaning someone either
killed them after he left,
or Reece could have done
his family and then come here.
When I spoke with Reece, he seemed off.
Hence the gun in your face?
Yeah, but not like a man
ready to kill his wife and kid.

Good Lord.
Yeah, not a pretty one.
All right, so someone comes in,
fires on the doctors.
Bang, bang.
What happens in here?
Well, this is where Reece
supposedly brawled
- with two masked assassins.
- Supposedly?
[HOLDER] Well, there's no body.
And according to Reece,
he left one of his assailants
lying right here in a pool of blood.
Shot him three times.
Could somebody have
cleaned up the evidence?
I was first on the scene.
I saw no indication
of this attacker, of any
attackers, living or dead.
All right, well, does the
clinic have security cameras?
No. Client confidentiality.
What about forensics?
[HOLDER] None, except for the bullets
from Reece's own nine millimeter.
All right, so why is he walking free?
Because none of this makes any sense.
The guy's carrying a knife
wound, I don't have a knife.
Plus the security footage from the home
shows Reece leaving calmly,
then returning panicked.
James Reece either fought
with someone in this room,
or he fought with no one in this room.
I convince myself one thing,
then the other.
What I do know
is that James Reece believes
- his version of the events
- Mm.
and he was getting
his head checked for a reason.

I thought I was clear.
I have nothing to say to you.
There was no sign of an attacker
at the Engram Clinic.
No dead body. How do you explain that?
Meet me at the side gate by the garage.
Did you check with EMS?
I mean, sometimes they have directives.
They might remove the body
before an investigator even shows up.
[KATIE] No, I checked with EMS,
the M.E.s, CSI.
Well, I'm not fucking crazy.
I didn't say you were.
But you need somebody
to help you prove it.
You were attacked
after your MRI scan, right?
- Yeah.
- All right, so I assume that means
that you didn't have a chance
to see the results.
Kind of had my hands full.
Well, this is a release.
If you sign it,
I can access your medicals,
prove you had a clean scan.
It could help our case.
Prove I have a clean scan,
help our case.
How is that gonna help our case?
No one wants to believe me
anyways. No, thank you.
The agent on your case
wants to believe you.
- You've met Josh Holder?
- Yeah.
[SCOFFS] No, he's an NCIS agent.
The only thing he wants
is to nab a SEAL
and get his name in lights.
Then why are you walking free
when he was first on the scene?
Do you keep your research with you?
What research?
Last time we spoke,
you said you had a copy
of Boozer's police report.
- Do you have it?
- Yeah, I have it.
I want to see it.
I can get my own confidential
medical information.
I know you don't have a copy
of the police report.
Show it to me and I'll sign this.
You said Holder was first at the clinic?
He told me he's just trying
to make sense of it.
All right, thank you.
I will be in touch, Commander.
Wait. Uh, what kind
of phone do you have?
Uh, one of these.
Wait, wait, one of what?
Wait right here.

Let me see your phone.
Let me see it.
Put your phone on airplane mode, okay?
Don't turn it off. Airplane mode.
This is a Faraday Bag.
If you've ever been inside of a SCIF,
you understand how they work.
Unencrypted smartphones
are essentially tracking devices
that happen to make phone calls.
That's how I used to get
half my intel overseas.
Keep it in the bag. This
this is a prepaid phone.
You're gonna use it to contact me,
but don't call me on it,
don't text me on it.
What you're gonna do
is use cash to purchase
a Google gift card
Write this down, please.
Use it to set up a Threema account.
Don't use WhatsApp. It's compromised.
Has been for years.
Okay? Threema, T-H-R-E-E-M-A.
Uh, pen.
I'm gonna give you
my confidential username.
Access me on Threema using this.
Memorize it and then lose it.
Uh, yeah.
That's a lot of caution.
If I'm right about Kahani,
we're not being cautious enough.
Okay. Thanks, Commander.
You can call me Reece.
If you're gonna be telling my story,
you might as well use my name.
All right, Reece.
Hey, hang in there.

The fuck are you?


Dearly beloved ♪
We are gathered here today ♪
To hold onto our hearts ♪
As this soul drifts away ♪
Ashes return to ash ♪
Dirt returns to dirt ♪
And it's after, those still stuck ♪
Carry all the hurt ♪
But I am free ♪
I am free ♪
Oh, I am free ♪
I am free ♪♪
What, I catch you sleeping?
GMT+3, bro.
Oh, I'm on fucking
Yemen time. What's up?
We got our guy.
Our guy?
[BEN] Reece, this
- this is a target package.
- You said it.
If Quds is targeting SEALs in Coronado,
they'd need an asset on the ground.
Make sure investigations go their way.
Agent Josh Holder, he's the NCIS guy
assigned to both mine
and Boozer's cases.
Think about it. He was first
on the scene at Boozer's,
even though he told me CPD responded.
And, get this:
he beat the EMTs to the MRI clinic.
That doesn't happen
unless he's in the area.
This is the fucking triggerman.
He's the one who got away.
Let me ask you something.
How you feeling?
I'm fine.
These are great for headaches.
Just one.
Any more will put you on your ass.
Trust me.
First of all, your surveillance is shit.
If you got this close with
that fucking whale you drive,
your cover's blown.
Come on, man.
I may not be Agency,
but I'm not an idiot.
I took Lecrone's rig from the teams.
He didn't see me.
Mm. Drinks light beer.
That is suspect.
Where you at on this?
I looked him in the eyes, Ben.
It's him.
What's the play?

- Roy? Roy Boehm?
- Carmen?
- Nice to meet you.
You said you were interested
in the two-bedroom?
- Uh, that's right.
- Terrific. I have a show unit ready.
- Let's head upstairs.
- Great.
Actually, I was hoping we could
take a look at the beach first.
- Great.
- Come right this way.
Bellogente's really a community.
Plenty of transplants like yourself.
And since I can tell
you're an active guy,
we have a rooftop pool
Heated a fitness center
and one of the best
surf breaks in San Diego.
Only thing this guy will
be surfing is the Internet.
- Bike path.
- Mm-hmm.
What kind of security do you have?
Well, the doors are always locked.
- Ah.
- It's a very safe neighborhood.
No need for an alarm system.
I promise, break-ins
have never been an issue.
- Well, um, I'm ready to head up.
- Let's do it.
All of our units have
been freshly remodeled.
Upgraded amenities,
eco-friendly windows.
We actually retrofitted
the whole building
- with solar last year.
- Oh, is that right?
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
- Green Revolution.
We have a few units
that face the courtyard,
but obviously the real prize
is the Pacific.
[LIZ] Hey, it's Liz.
My boss man's out of the country,
and I'm just sitting
on my thumbs with gas to burn.
Thought I might swoop
by San Diego, pick you up?
The friendly skies are open.
I'm I'm just missing my girls, Reece.
Talk soon.
[DEALER] One to call.
[MAN] You don't have to do that.
You're the big blind.
So, you're gonna be in
on this hand no matter what.
[DEALER] You can keep your cards.
Oh, well, thanks for the tip.
Better check.
- [WHISPERS] Check.
- [DEALER] Check.
20 to call.
20 to call.
You've got to be kidding me.
You duck my calls for a week,
and I really think something's wrong,
you know, that maybe
you're in trouble, but no.
No, you're parked at a poker table
ripping off college kids, right? Hello.
[KATIE] Shut up, dude.
[DEALER] Okay. Better check.
- [KATIE] All in.
- All in.
[JORDAN] Uh-uh.
Get out of the water, bud.
You're swimming
with a great white right here.
- [DEALER] Sir.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Good job.
- What the hell, dude?
[KATIE] I'm working, Jordan.
What do you want me to say?
I want you to say that the last
six months haven't been a waste.
That putting you up in Syria and Turkey
at a thousand dollars a day was to your,
my and ultimately VoltStreem's benefit.
That hotel room that you put me
up in Aleppo was a shithole.
They should have paid me to stay there.
Right. But they didn't
pay you, did they?
I paid for it, and your security.
And then, somehow you land
the biggest story of the year.
- Yeah, 'cause I'm good at my job.
- And then you go dark.
Meanwhile, I have to get updates
on James Reece on ABC7?
Well, ABC7 doesn't have a signed
medical release from him.
Tell me.
There are some questions
about Reece's mental capacity.
I'm just waiting on the police
to turn over the crime scene.
Did he do it? He kill the family?
That's what I'm working on.
You know, I named my ulcer after you.
- Ulcer Katie.
- You worry too much.
Listen, you're good
at impact work, right?
And I'm done sitting on this.
VoltStreem's biggest
advantage is immediacy.
So, you've got 24 hours,
then I want something I can run.
Yeah, she's got this.
Rabbit's on the move.
I'll let you know if he 180s.
Happy hunting, my friend.

[BEN] Shitbag just hit the freeway.
You are good to go.
Day of Judgment, God is calling ♪
On their knees,
the war pigs crawling ♪
[BEN] Beer.
Begging mercies for their sins ♪
- [REECE] Anything?
- [BEN] Nada.
It's just an unhealthy
obsession over babysitter porn.
Oh, Lord, yeah ♪
No, man. I'm good.
I just didn't sleep last night.
Well, I wouldn't either if I was
staying at that house, man.
You should just crash here.
It may come as a shock,
but I have not washed
those sheets since
you last slept in them.
Dude, you've never washed those sheets.
You're ringing.
Hey! You're ringing.
- Fuck.
- Washington.
[REECE] Who's calling me
from Washington?
[BEN] Good question.
What's up, Rick?
Hey, brother.
Look, uh, your friend
is waiting in the back for you.
[REECE] Madam Secretary.
I heard about what happened at WARCOM.
You're not helping your case
assaulting an admiral.
Isn't busting down SEALs
a little below your pay grade?
I'm not busting you down.
Gerry can be a hell of a blowhard.
Wasn't your father a SEAL?
[REECE] Yes, ma'am.
It's a special pride,
a military childhood,
but also a special burden.
You drink Irish, Commander?
I'm not too picky these days.
Can you bring us a pair
of Yellow Spots, please?
[RICK] Yes, ma'am.
[HARTLEY] You know, the SEALs developed
some of their hit-and-run
assault tactics
using Army helicopters.
Imagine the coincidence,
if your father, a young SEAL,
and my father, a veteran pilot,
crossed paths?
My father hated to fly, ma'am.
Maybe it's because he flew with mine.
[RICK] Ma'am.
It's on the house.
Did WARCOM talk to you about my theory?
He didn't just feed us
a line of bullshit in Syria.
I have reason to believe
he has at least one asset
inside NCIS San Diego.
Beyond that, I don't know,
but we need to act on this.
And now, to make sure my platoon
- is the only one he can get to.
Kahani is not
a threat to you, Commander.
- [REECE] Ma'am, we don't know that.
[PATRON] Rick, turn the news on.
We do, in fact.
[REPORTER] Iranian weapons
specialist Dr. Jahan Kahani
was killed in an elite
U.S. military operation
conducted in northern Syria.
This attack comes just weeks
after a failed mission
to capture Kahani resulted
in the death of 12 Navy SEALs.
The Pentagon released
the following statement:
"The world,
especially the Syrian people,
can sleep soundly knowing
that one of the Middle East's
top chemical weapons experts
is no longer a threat
to those who value freedom."
I know what it's like
when war follows you home,
but I hope you'll be able to find peace
knowing this mission is over.
Good night, Commander.
Investigations are still
ongoing into the failures
of the prior attempt,
Operation Odin's Sword.
What? You got something?
- Yes.
Our boy pulled your biometrics
out of the team database.
Yeah, that makes sense.
I'm his lead suspect.
Except Holder pulled
your prints two days
before the fucking murders.
He could be our guy.
One way to find out.
Knife wound, left forearm.
Brought you something.
For the girls.
And Boozer.
Hey, there.
[RECEPTIONIST] Are you with the police?
No. I'm press. I called earlier
- about James Reece's brain scan.
- Yeah, I replied.
We need to assign
a new doctor to the case
before we release any information.
Oh, I kind of need it yesterday.
- I'll be right back.
- Thanks.
Hey, Jordan.
Yeah, I fucking got it.
No, no, no, listen. I need you
to find me a neurologist
up in L.A. right now.
Oh, trust me, the story gets better.

[REECE] This is Boozer's favorite gun.
Kimber, 1911.45.
Grew up in Texas shooting this baby.
If he was gonna kill himself,
he'd have used a 1911.
You dumb fucks killed him
with the wrong gun.
Let's take this nice and slow.
Stay calm, you stay alive.
- You understand?
I-I didn't I didn't kill your friend.
- Yeah, you did.
- No, I didn't.
You killed my wife
and you killed my daughter.
- You tried to kill me.
- No, Commander, I didn't kill anyone.
- Show me your arms.
- I didn't kill anyone.
Show me your arms.
Turn your left arm over.
Turn your other arm over.
Maybe you didn't kill them,
but you covered it up.
Who do you work for?
Put your fucking hands in.
I asked you a question.
Don't fucking cry.
Don't you fucking make me ask you again.
Who do you work for?
[BOOZER] Come on.
This is getting boring, boss.
He can bullshit us all day, man,
but we know what we fucking know.
There ain't no question we got
all four aces on this turd.
[JAAFAR] Allah Ykhalik, La taatheni.
Allah Ykhalik, La taatheni.
Not right now, goddamn it.
He's got amnesia, boss.
[JAAFAR] I beg you, I beg you.
[HOLDER] Commander?
Why can't you just be straight with me?
[HOLDER] Commander,
who are you talking to?
Listen, okay? Just listen.
I'll-I'll I won't charge you.
I-I'll just it all goes away.
- Oh, it just goes away?
- Yes.
You took my thumbprint
off of SEAL biometrics.
I was doing my job.
I was assisting on Odin's Sword.
- You fucked up.
- Commander,
I'm a federal agent.
A federal agent.
But I dialed 911. That's the police.
There's no fucking way
you would be first on the scene.
No. Not unless you were already there.
Dispatch called us.
They know you're Navy.
Of course they called us.
They know you're Navy.
Don't lie to me.
I'm not.
Fuck. Come on, goddamn it.
I fucking knew it at Boozer's
'cause I knew he didn't
fucking kill himself
and I knew it in the tunnels
with Alpha Platoon
and I fucking know it now. Okay?
- Commander
- You fucking set me up.
You're unwell.
[DISTANT] You're unwell.
You're unwell.
If what you say is true,
then there is no assassin.
Then I killed my family.
No. No.
You can convince me of a lot of things,
but you can't convince me of that.
Commander, no, don't.
- Don't.
- Don't fucking move. Lift your chin up.
- No!
- Lift your fucking chin up.
[WHIMPERS] Saul Agnon. Saul Agnon.
Saul Agnon. Saul Agnon. Saul Agnon.
What? What?
- What are you saying?
Saul Agnon, he this guy,
he's the guy who pays me.
- What?
- That's his name.
He gives me information,
I-I get money in-in an account.
That's all I know. That's all I know.

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