The Terminal List (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


- Thank you.
- Madam Secretary.
- Good morning.
- Madam Secretary.
I've devoted my career
to reducing casualties
and improving mental health
in the armed services.
But while we're achieving
success with our conventional
forces, the physical
and psychological burden
is falling on the Spec Ops community
to a degree that feels unsustainable.
Much as we'd like our elite warriors
to be machines, they are not.
We are going to overhaul
our budget request
before it goes to appropriations.
Uh, overhaul in what capacity?
Significant reductions
in lifetime deployments
for our special operators.
- So, recalculating allowances?
- No.
I'm talking hard caps.
Mandatory retirements.
We can't keep riding them
till there's nothing left.
We'll be facing a significant
degradation in readiness.
- And the financial implication
- We'll find acceptable levels.
We've been working
on the budget since June, ma'am.
You're suggesting we restructure
in a matter of days?
All right. Call home,
let your families know
they're running solo
the next few nights.
These operators give their
whole lives to fight for us.
We can give up a weekend
to fight for them.
Let's go.
This is about James Reece, isn't it?
He's one data point.
Yeah, so, if we don't get
this done in the next 12 hours,
BuzzFeed is gonna beat us to it,
and it's gonna be fucking embarrassing.
I'm sorry, guys. I have
another meeting, but thank you.
Get to it. Good job.
Thank you, okay?
How could they miss this?
I spoke with a Dr. Russell in Incirlik.
Apparently he pressed for more testing,
but Reece checked himself out A.M.A.
Said he had to be back for the funerals.
Wait, so no one in
the Navy has seen this.
Yeah, they got this guy running
around, leading a platoon,
and his medicals are optional?
That's absolute negligence.
So what now?
Well, Reece wants to meet.
I want to know why.
Either way, I'll have something set
to drop later this evening.
All right. Are you being safe on this?
I was on the ground
in Sirte when they came for Gaddhafi.
I think I got this.
Maybe I come with you.
And we never see
or hear from Reece again?
He trusts me.
I need that seat.
All right, Reece,
why did you want to meet?
Have you ever heard of Saul Agnon?
Or a company called Capstone Industries?
Hi, guys. May I take your order?
Uh, yeah.
I'll have the little gems
and the striped bass.
- Of course.
- Nothing for me, thank you.
He'll have the bucatini.
Of course, right away.
Capstone Industries?
Kind of place that only has
a logo on their website.
Agnon, he's the VP of Asset Management.
I did a little research
of my own, and all their market
investments, it's, it's, it's fluff.
It's Carnival Cruise Lines,
Planet Fitness, H&M
Wait, so now the backers of
Planet Fitness are involved?
Just listen.
The point being,
they have an investment pool
of $60 billion.
That's way more than can be
accounted for in public holding.
Well, where do they have the remainder?
That's what we need to find out.
What about the Iranians?
It was never about Kahani.
He was, he was top-shelf bait.
it's something domestic.
Something corporate.
And it's not over.
This lead on Capstone,
where did it come from?
- Not important.
- It's important, actually.
If I'm gonna run with
information, I need to know
that I can trust the source.
I'm the source.
There's something I need to show you.
Um I pulled this
from the Engram Clinic.
I didn't want to show it to you
until I had some context.
It's a tumor, Reece.
It's, um, about the size of a walnut.
It's on the node between
the hippocampus and the amygdala.
I spoke with a neurologist, and she said
that symptoms would include headaches
paranoia, memory confusion.
That's not me.
It's time-stamped
to your arrival at the clinic.
Did NCIS give this to you?
No. Holder never mentioned it.
Right now, I'm pretty sure that
we're the only ones who know.
The neurologist recommended biopsy.
Without that, there's no way
to accurately diagnose.
And, um, we both know that you've
been having confabulatory episodes.
That's not something
that you could explain
with, uh, Jahan Kahani or with Capstone.
Look in the mirror behind you.
There's a man,
brown cap, wrap-around shades.
- You see him?
- No.
There's just some people
finishing their lunch.
We got to go. Now.
Wait, Reece! Hey.
You have to
Reece! Reece, wait!
Did you bring your smartphone?
No. Just the burner. What's going on?
They have eyes in the sky.
- You mean like a drone?
- The man that I just saw
is an operator.
Now, he's either here for me
or for you.
Reece, there's nobody there.
You're imagining things.
I ran an SDR to get here.
The only way they could've
tracked me is with UAV.
This is my ride. Get in.
Get in!
Buckle up.
I'm sorry, we're running away
because you think
you saw a guy in wrap-around shades?
We're not running.
Hold on.
Stay here.
You okay, buddy? I didn't see you there.
Read that.
Open it!
That's a professional target package.
Still think I'm losing my mind?
We need to tell the
police what happened.
No cops.
Reece, that guy came
at you in broad daylight.
NCIS is compromised.
Maybe elements in PD, we can't be sure.
Right now, we need to get off the grid.
You know how to use one of these?
Can't be sure
if you're a known quantity.
You need to lay low
until this thing blows over.
Do you have a place to go?
- Do you?
- Yeah.
I'm sorry I got you into this.
You won't see me again.
Give me what you have on Capstone.
If there's a connection to
you and your men, I'll find it.
You know how to reach me.
All clear!
Crash it!
On me!
On you.
All clear!
- Blue! Blue! Blue!
- Blue! Blue!
Going in!
All clear, last room.
- What the fuck was that, Hargrove?
- Sir?
You were on the door.
You should have taken the room.
I'm not paying you to jerk me off, okay?
I need verisimilitude. You understand?
Pull that shit again,
you're fucking gone.
Combined accuracy was 83rd percentile.
Speed, 71st.
Not your best run, but competitive.
Certainly wouldn't want
to be an enemy combatant.
Anyway, my reactions are still for shit.
You want to run it again, sir?
Uh, wish I could.
No. Lunch break's over.
Come on, let's go.
- 2:00 p.m. with Janet Lansing.
- Steve
2:45, al Khalif.
3:30, the Rexeon board.
4:30, Suri Ratanavanh.
- Ratanavanh? Kill that. One minute.
- Steve?
- Call Gary Mathis
- We need to talk.
I said wait, Saul.
Tell him we're divesting.
If they need someone to scream
at, they can find a wall.
Send him in.
You're supposed to be in Santa Barbara.
We have a situation.
Is it that you're not in Santa Barbara?
What sort of situation?
The kind you don't say out loud for fear
of someday hearing it played
back to you in a courtroom.
Well, we're secure here.
Gordo's dead.
Reece isn't.
- I'll deal with that.
- This was supposed to be
done in Syria.
Now we got this psychopath
running around California.
He's not a psychopath.
He's a SEAL Commander.
Have some respect.
This is bad, Steve.
If Reece is out there,
and Holder's a breach
Holder didn't know anything actionable.
He knew me. I'm actionable.
So speak to Hargrove.
He'll set you up
with a detail for the trip.
I'm not going to Santa Barbara, man.
Mike Tedesco can sell
his own goddamn company.
Mike's not a salesman.
He has aspirations.
Look, it's time
to focus now, Saul, okay?
The Plano deal has to make. It has to.
Capstone has sunk
too much money into Nubellum.
The time to sell is right now.
I'm sick of waiting for Elias Ryberg
to grow some nuts, and I need you there.
You're my closer.
Kurt, send Janet in.
- Oh.
- You should come to bed.
I can't. I have homework.
WARCOM's got you
jumping over bonfires now?
That's a Zoroastrian
new year celebration, Newroz.
Well, I can see how that's
operationally relevant.
They got us tagged
to the Syrian Defense Force.
Got to learn a thing or two
about Kurdistan.
She's kicking.
Is she?
Wait a minute.
- Daddy's little ass-kicker.
- No.
She gets her ass-kicking from her mama.
You know if you get stuck
out there, I'll be okay.
My mom and dad will come down and help.
If I do make it back, then I'll
probably just go fishing, I guess.
Even if I have to liberate a bird
and fly myself home, I'm gonna be here.
I'll be holding your hand the whole way.
Well, I guess then I'll be
the only girl with a doula
coming straight from the sandbox.
Is she going to be okay, Daddy?
Yeah. Yeah, she's fine.
She's just, she's stunned.
She's gonna, she's gonna
fly back to her family.
Coming at you.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, I see you've sprung
for the honeymoon suite.
Mm. All right. You were right.
NCIS put a BOLO out last night.
So, if I were you,
I wouldn't go home anytime soon.
Oh, and that, uh, your shooter in L.A.?
Locals ID'd him as Adrian Gordonis.
Former MARSOC, or Raiders,
or whatever the fuck
they're calling themselves now.
Went private with Talos Tactical.
I haven't dealt with them
directly, but I think it's safe
to say they don't operate
with a moral fucking compass.
Jesus fuck. Like, just take a breath.
I don't think the burrito's
going anywhere, brother.
I didn't get my bucatini, man.
I don't know what that means.
It means thank you for this burrito.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
She had some skills, huh?
Yeah. She could sing, too.
And hold a barre chord.
Yeah, she was something, brother.
You know, for the life of me,
I can't remember the day
she drew this picture.
Bro, I don't remember last Sunday.
It was the morning
before Syria, I think.
And, uh
there was a bird.
A starling, maybe?
Cracked into the window, killed itself.
- Sounds like your memory's spot on.
- Mmm.
It's there, but only half there.
The other parts
it's fucking it's muddled.
Mixed with other memories, it's like
like looking through a kaleidoscope.
Well, you did get fucking rocked.
I mean, you still getting
those headaches, huh?
- Did you see the target package?
- Yeah.
I mean
looks like a complete asshole.
You see his little fucking dog?
I mean, what I'm saying is,
I don't really get
a mastermind vibe with this guy.
Yeah. I didn't think so, either.
I'm also gonna take
a dive into Capstone.
We could, but I do already
have someone working on it.
There's a journalist.
And she can help me do some research
without raising suspicion.
- Journal?
- Yeah.
Hmm. That's good to know.
She know you're here?
- No.
- She know I'm here?
Of course not.
You do know you're not
the only one on the line, right?
That I am fucking CIA,
and if it gets out that
you're trying to fucking
wage your own war
I understand.
- in the streets of L.A
- I'm telling you,
you're clean. I promise you.
You're good. She's an asset.
I know what category to put her in.
And there's never been an obligation.
- If you need to walk, I get it.
- Fuck you, I'm not walking.
This isn't an obligation
for me, brother.
I just need to know
we have each other's backs.
- That's it.
- Always.
All right.
All right.
There's obviously a bunch
of fucking people
tracking you right now,
so just lay low, please.
That's what I'm
talking about, all right.
I'm chilling.
And if I find something, I'll buzz you.
Copy. Ben?
You're not going to the golf tournament
dressed like Big Lebowski, are you?
I fucking hate golf.
Well, I'm sitting here wondering ♪
Will a matchbox hold my clothes ♪
Yeah, I'm sitting here wondering ♪
Will a matchbox hold my clothes ♪
I ain't got no matches,
but I got a long way to go ♪
You're gonna miss.
He's gonna miss.
Look at him, he buys this fancy
Scotty Cameron prototype,
thinks it's gonna fix his game.
The man's a genius, you know,
but I keep telling him,
you can't buy feel.
How was your flight over? Did
they treat you right up there?
Did you get friendly
with a minxy little stewardess?
I doubt Elias flew 13 hours
to talk about
sexually harassing flight attendants.
I'm not talking about harassment.
I am talking about the natural magnetism
of having God-money.
Mr. Agnon.
Always good for a laugh.
I'm not kidding.
Plano is one of, what?
Maybe four outfits on Earth
positioned to buy Mike's company.
We'll make you a hell of a deal
on Nubellum.
Capstone Industries?
- You're on deck.
- Hey, excellent.
Uh, do we know
who we're paired with yet?
I asked for Bryson DeChambeau.
You are with Steve Davey.
Who the fuck is that?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Come here, let me explain
something to you.
And now teeing off
for Capstone Industries
is Bryson DeChambeau.
I'm not ashamed to admit we considered
very seriously an offer six years ago.
I had no idea.
Your work has always
been very impressive.
I really appreciate that.
Before Capstone took us
into military contracts,
I had a different plan for Nubellum.
And if this sale goes through,
maybe we can explore
that original concept.
There he goes! Getting excited.
The thing about visionaries
they see an endless
spectrum of possibilities.
Our job as partners, as patrons,
has been to narrow that band just a bit.
Once Capstone came on board,
once Steve started steering
the ship, well,
that's why we're here, isn't it?
I do prefer your current
orientation, Mr. Tedesco.
Uh, of course. Right.
That mean Plano's ready to counter?
Mr. Agnon,
I appreciate your perseverance,
but this was by design
a social visit.
Social. Mm-hmm. Okay.
How about this?
I rented a house off the 16th.
How about I drum up
a little soirée tonight?
Call some friends, some girls.
I got a bottle of Bas-Armagnac
that'll knock you flat.
Then I'll throw
some fresh numbers at you.
If I'm in the ballpark, great.
If not, we'll always have Bryson.
This house,
you said, uh, it is where?
Yeah, I got eyes on.
Easy day, brother.
Easy day.
Excuse me, guys.
- Hello?
- Hey, Jord, it's me.
Katie. Shit. I've been calling you.
What happened yesterday?
Yeah, sorry. You know, I lost my phone.
Hey, are you okay?
Uh, listen.
I was wrong on the Reece story.
I was all wrong.
What do you mean "all wrong"?
you know, I think I got
to get out of town for a bit.
I'm I'm just
kind of burnt out, you know?
No. No, I don't know.
W-What are you talking about?
You're doing this, aren't you?
You're fucking bailing on me, right?
Sorry, Jord.
- You've been good to me.
- Goddammit, Katie.
So this is what I get
for trusting you, for
how are we faring in here?
This is good work.
We'll get there.
I didn't hire you to pussyfoot.
This is going to get us down
to '05 levels.
That's right.
Some would say it's unwise
to unilaterally stand down resources.
Would you say it's unwise?
Lorraine, you have four months left,
and frankly, this might not
make it past committee.
You really want to end on a loss?
Then we'll whip the votes.
It's a win for at least
half the chamber.
What about our contractors?
Think they'll see it as a win?
Well, if you're trying to convince me
to feel sorry for special interests
They have power.
Which means they have a say.
And your legacy is fully intact
without creating headwinds.
This is my legacy.
Leaving things better
than when I found them.
Something's happening out here.
Thought you'd want to know.
And I'm so damn sick of being soft ♪
Saying, "Fox play it nice,"
well, it pissed me off ♪
You don't like the way I am,
well, I can drop you off ♪
Yeah, you put me in the mood,
I'm about to go off ♪
'Cause I'm so damn sick
of being soft ♪
Yeah, I'm sick of being soft ♪
So sick of being soft ♪
Yeah, I'm sick of being soft ♪
Didn't sign up for no rescue ♪
Hey, sweetheart.
Didn't you come to my venue? ♪
I'm Raven.
Sorry that you've been mistaken ♪
- You want some company?
- Hi, Raven.
I do, in fact.
Like a southern lady ♪
Put me in a corner
like no one's baby ♪
You know, I saw you walk in.
My girl Sasha wanted
to come over here and
I said, "No, no. He's all mine."
- You said that, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
What do you say we, um
go in the back
and have a drink in private?
Why don't we sit here and talk?
Oh, I love to talk.
Yeah, you put me in the mood,
I'm about to go off ♪
'Cause I'm so damn sick ♪
What are we talking about?
I'm looking to party.
Think you could help me out?
Yeah, I'm sick of being soft ♪
You a cop?
You know you have to tell me if you are.
I'm not sure that's true.
But I'm not.
Don't leave me in the room
with your girlfriend ♪
I can hook you up.
What exactly are you looking for?
- I've been having headaches.
- Oh, yeah?
How bad?
Real bad.
Wait, tell me, tell me ♪
Well, the DJ's got
some methadone wafers.
Think that'll do the trick?
You tell me calm down ♪
I think that'd do the trick.
It's $100 each.
And it's a really
good price for you.
Just for me?
So damn sick of being soft ♪
Yeah, I'm sick of being soft ♪
So sick of being soft ♪
Thank you, baby.
Sit tight.
Happy birthday, dear Donny ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Come on, boss, what're you doing?
- Come on, boss.
- Let's go, man!
Let's go, get over here, Reece!
Hey, baby.
Everything okay?
Now go down straight
from the job to the party ♪
I'm just remembering.
Now go down ♪
Well, this
will help you forget.
Put some money in the bag ♪
Put some money in the bag,
put the money in the bag ♪
To the bank,
all the teller want to know ♪
Are you ever gonna touch that? ♪
Put some money in the bag ♪
Put some money in the bag,
put the money ♪
In the bag to the bank,
all the teller want to know ♪
Are you ever gonna touch that ♪
Got to say, you never did
like this kind of work downrange.
Downrange, we had rules.
Yeah, too many.
It was never the same after you left.
Hell, I-I thought about walking, too.
You and the teams,
you're like flowers
and fucking dirt, brother.
You weren't going anywhere, and
you certainly didn't need me.
I'm not sure that's true,
all things considered.
let me take this.
I'm gonna let you have all the fun?
Well, someone's gonna
have a hell of a night.
- Here you go, ladies.
- Thank you.
No, no, no, no, no.
I am telling you, it is the best sushi
you have ever had in your life.
Don't be ridiculous, please.
It's a fucking revelation is what it is.
You want to talk about the best?
Have you been to Sukiyabashi Jiro?
Oh, give me a break with Jiro!
He's fine. He he's good, whatever.
But Steve found this guy, Taishi.
We shipped this little guy
over from Hokkaido.
I'm telling you,
this fucking guy speaks fish.
He goes down to the pier, he starts,
like, whispering to the-the mackerels
and the skipjack, and I
don't know what they say back,
but it must mean, "Pick me",
"I'm fucking delicious."
Sounds like something I'll have to try.
Great. I'll make reservations.
I don't have a time line.
I must speak to my board.
Fuck your board.
I'm asking you.
Saul, don't.
It's late.
And as much as I've enjoyed myself, I
have a flight in the morning.
Elias, we've been dancing for months.
You want to golf?
We're golfing. You want to eat fish?
But we've reached the point, my friend,
where I must compel you to either
shit or get off the pot.
Does Plano want Nubellum or not?
I'll call our acquisitions team.
Tell Mr. Horn
that I'll have a proposition
by morning.
Good night.
That was out of line.
A man like Elias Ryberg should be
treated with respect, not disdain.
Do you have the slightest concept
how much money I just made you?
Jesus Christ, Mike.
You should be fucking thanking me.
All right, all of you.
Can I have your attention, please?
fuck off.
I mean it, you're done. Go home.
Everybody, you're done. Go.
We made a lot of money today, buddy.
We made a lot of money today, buddy.
Who's my baby?
Ah ♪
Ya, ya, ya, ya ♪
Ya, ya, ya, ya ♪
Ya, ya, ya ♪
Little darlin' ♪
Oh, little darlin' ♪
Oh, oh, oh, where ♪
A-Are you? ♪
My love-ah ♪
I was wrong-ah ♪
To try ♪
To love you ♪
Ah-ooh, ah-ooh, ah-ooh,
knowing well-ah ♪
That my love-ah ♪
Was just ♪
For you ♪
My dear-ah ♪
I was wrong-ah ♪
To love you ♪
Knowing well-ah ♪
That my love-ah ♪
Was just ♪
For you ♪
For you ♪
There he is.
I'll tell you, that thing
with the bag, Saul.
- Please!
- Listen.
Hey, that thing with the bag, that was,
that was unpleasant
for both of us. Okay?
Help! Help me!
Help me! Somebody, please!
Help! Help
Help! Somebody!
Help me
You done?
Why does Capstone Industries
want me dead?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Okay, don't fucking lie to me.
I'm not lying, I swear
on my mother's fucking grave!
Does it have something
to do with the tumor?
The tumor in my head, Saul.
You have a fucking brain tumor?
Goddamn it.
Un-fucking-tie me. I didn't do anything.
You know, I've seen men
withstand horrible things, Saul.
The likes of which
you can't possibly imagine.
And they kept their mouth shut.
Because those men believed in something.
They had a purpose
greater than themselves.
A cause that they'd sooner die
screaming for than to sell out.
That's not you though, is it, Saul?
You're not a true believer.
You're just you're a guy
who stumbled ass-backwards into a world
that he does not understand.
You do not want to die
for this, Saul.
So tell me.
He does He doesn't
he doesn't tell me anything.
- Who?
- It's data isolation.
Compartmentation. Same as you guys.
- He gets off on that shit.
- Who gets off on that shit?
Steve Horn. There you go.
Get you a little sip.
Go on.
- Steve's a visionary.
- He, uh
he made this fortune in tech and then
he-he moved over into VC.
He, uh, understands people,
markets, war.
I-I'm just an appendage.
A go-between. I resolve things.
How does Steve execute
an ambush in Syria?
Steve has friends everywhere.
Perks of being a billionaire.
- What was his objective?
- Look, that's
that's not my department, but, um
it's all about something called, uh
Project RD-4895.
- What's that?
- RD-4895.
But I'm telling you,
I don't know what it is.
I-I-I just know that it's worth a
a lot of money.
That's not good enough.
No! Come on! Come on!
Listen, man, I'm telling you, man!
I don't know anything!
I'm just a guy! You said it yourself!
I'm just a fucking guy!
All right.
All right, I believe you.
Steve Horn calls the shots and you are
- his little errand bitch.
- Yes!
- Right.
- Yes! That's it.
You don't make decisions.
You didn't want any of this to happen.
I swear to Christ.
Who did you send
to kill my family?
Have a little more.
I want to go home, man.
I asked you a question.
There's a
There's a lawyer out of Jackson Hole.
Marcus Boykin.
He deals in black market
crude all over the globe,
including Mexico.
Boykin hired sicarios.
The triggerman.
The one who got away.
Where do I find him?
Fucking Mexico, I just said that.
- Be specific.
- "What's the address of the sicario?"
That's not a fucking question you ask.
- Does Boykin know?
- Boykin doesn't know shit.
He knows routing numbers for
incompetent fucking hit men.
He's more useless than me.
You know, downrange we like to say
that what we do is for freedom.
But what it really is, Saul
There's evil
in this world.
It's our job to look it in the eye,
'cause most folks don't have the balls.
That's the job. We do it.
All you got to do is pay your taxes
and stay out of our way, but you
Steve Horn,
Capstone Industries
oh, you wanted in on the fray.
Now you're on the battlefield.
This is a methadone cocktail, Saul.
You get a quiet death.
And you're lucky.
It's more than you deserve.
We were looking at a place in Tahoe.
I tell you that?
A little cabin on the west shore.
Lauren had this plan.
She was gonna train
athletes at altitude.
Lucy wanted to live somewhere
she could see all the stars.
That's it. That's all they wanted.
they get nothing.
They get darkness.
In service of some corporate project.
That's why my wife
and daughter had to die.
This is what I don't get.
Why did they have to bring
the girls into this?
An assassination would make waves.
If a combat veteran goes nuts,
kills his family,
kills the doctors, kills himself,
people don't blink.
They needed it to be more digestible.
Steve Horn, he's in San Francisco.
Head of the snake. He can get me
the truth on RD-4895.
But Boykin?
That's our path to the triggerman.
The one who killed Lauren and Lucy.
All right.
Answers or blood.
Shooter's choice.
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