The Terminal List (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


- I found one.
- What you got?
It's a buck.
How can you tell?
Very good.
All right, so we know
where they drink.
See a game trail?
- Mm-hmm.
- Let's follow it.
See, now we're
getting a pattern going.
You know where they drink,
then you know where they
eat, you know where they sleep.
Now we know the road
that they're gonna take,
so we just find the high ground.
Then we wait 'em out.
All right, keep marching.
There you go. Make your way.
My little gazelle.
Come on.
We can rest at the top, squirt.
I love you.
Encrypted phone.
What are you hiding, Marcus?
You know where they eat?
We know where they sleep.
Now we know the
road they're gonna take,
so we find the high
ground, then we wait 'em out.
If you're precise
in your tracking
and you know what to look for
no buck will be able
to hide from you.
Come on, fuckers.
We need a stop.
We need one stop.
Yes. Yes.
Yes. Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Get it, get it!
Oh, yeah!
Damn right! Yes!
Roll Tide.
You missed a good one.
- Oh.
- Hi.
You ready for Mexico?
Yeah. Listen.
The level of shit that's
about to hit the fan,
even I couldn't tell you.
After you drop
me, you should bail.
What, so you can bogart
Marco's entire mescal collection?
Hell no.
I'm serious.
It's gonna get bad.
Lucy was my goddaughter, Reece.
There's, uh, no depth of shit,
that I won't wade through to
make those motherfuckers pay.
Welcome to Riley Air.
Did you bag that
buck in Wyoming?
Fucking guy posted
his whole life online.
You find anything worthwhile?
Just sent you a
Secret Santa gift.
Next lump of coal?
Well, you tell me.
I'll be in the air.
I'll have something
by the time you land.
Happy trails.
You ready?
What does it tell you?
Dude unloads his whole magazine.
I mean, that's overkill.
Medical indicates
an intracranial mass.
He's probably unstable.
He knows the glass
will throw the rounds.
Had to be sure
the guy went down.
It's not instability,
it's experience.
Yeah, he's experienced.
Eight combat deployments.
Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya.
Silver Star.
Multiple Bronze Stars.
Even an Army Commendation
medal with "V" Device.
Don't get too attached.
Vultures up north
are already circling.
Big cases always go up to L.A.
Well, maybe
Ramsay holds the line.
Name one time
he's held the line.
Boss, you're
pissing in the wind.
Relentless pursuit,
Mac. Relentless pursuit.
I understand that, Terry,
but I'm gonna need more
than a check-in on this one.
At least a spot at the presser.
- Put him on speaker.
- Hey,
I'm happy No, I'm
happy to comply
No. Hey,
I, uh I got
Anthony Layun here.
He just, uh, took over as the
head of our Fugitive Task Force.
Oh, I know Tony. How's it going?
Well, not good,
sir, I understand
you're trying to snake our case.
Look, no one's snaking anyone.
All right? We got a body.
We're more equipped.
When you were in Chicago,
you ever let Milwaukee
take a big one?
Difference is,
Milwaukee didn't know
what the hell they were doing.
- Oh, Tony
- We've got five bodies.
It's our case on that alone.
Or we call headquarters,
see how D.C. feels about it.
Deptula, I want addresses
on all surviving family
members and known associates.
Twenty years in the service
means it's gonna be a long list.
- You got it.
- Junior, get me raw footage from CCTV.
Something I can
run through facial rec.
We already got a
positive I.D., though.
I don't care about James Reece.
I want to know who the
hell was in this car with him.
Somewhere within
the Capstone network is
a project called RD-4895.
Now, their network is huge.
It's something like 100-plus
discrete investments.
I was able to narrow it down
to 27 companies tied directly
to Pentagon assets
or that overlap with
theaters of conflict.
I was able to get health records
for some of the platoon
families, but I need more.
That means research. FOIAs.
Why us?
This is a story of a generation.
It deserves better than
a website with listicles
and video game reviews.
Send your leads
over. I'll take a look.
I already did. Check your inbox.
You're fucking
cocky, you know that?
Shit. I got to go.
- Tell Nathan I need those leads.
- Katie?
- Brian?
- Katie?
Hey, guys!
- Hey, Deb.
- Katie.
- Sorry. I couldn't get the deadbolt to lock.
- Uh
What are you what
are you doing here?
Oh, I You didn't
get my email?
I'm back from Syria.
Uh, I-I just thought this would
be a really nice reentry point.
Right. Yeah. Um
I thought you
meant next weekend.
Well, what a nice surprise.
We can catch up.
You can get some Teddy time.
When he finally wakes up.
Oh, no, I'm so gross.
I haven't showered.
I'm still in sweatpants. Just
give me one second.
I'll be right back.
Look, I'm not gonna lie to you.
The situation's far from ideal.
Now, the Pentagon's new
budget reflects a, a paradigm shift,
with cuts or reallocation
in almost every sector.
Now, if it goes through,
our contract would terminate,
without renewal, in 18 months.
And given Elias Ryberg's
decision to postpone his visit,
I think it's safe to assume
that he now views us
as a risky investment.
Still, it is Capstone's advice
that Nubellum's
board remain patient
and pursue the sale.
Now, you know me.
You know my values.
If I tell you I have something
managed, it's managed.
Do you have any idea
how embarrassing
Santa Barbara was?
Watching your VP's
naked corpse wheeled away
by the police with
a needle in his arm.
Ryberg was there, Steve.
He saw it.
So you'll excuse us if our faith
in your judgment
is a bit shaken.
If Elias wanted out, he'd
say so. He's treading water.
Now, as for Washington,
it's a dynamic machine.
It's also a predictable one.
You just need to know
which dials to turn.
War was never meant to
be Nubellum's business.
I followed you down this path
because you held me
up when I needed it.
And I kept my mouth shut
when you wanted to sell because,
the return was high.
But I'm not going
to sell my business
for nickels on the dollar,
and I'm not going to keep
developing your projects
if there's no market.
There's always a
market for what we do.
Well, I guess we'll find out.
Hartley's new budget hits
subcommittee in a few days.
Until then,
good luck with the VP search.
Hey, buckle up, buttercup!
We're starting our descent.
Ya llegamos.
Hey, Carlos.
How are you, fellas?
I'll grab this first bag here.
It's good to have
you back, mijo.
So good to be
here. Hello, Paola.
- Nice to see you, James.
- You, too.
- So, how was the trip?
- Glorious.
All clear skies and mai tais.
Don't let her fool
you. She's flying
like she's still in Najaf.
Let's go, party people.
Hey, I got dibs
on the pool house.
- Oh, then let's go.
- Vamos.
Your father came to Baja
when he was at a crossroads.
He had that same
look on his face.
He found a renewed
sense of purpose.
As will you.
Thank you.
The Los Angeles incident
was captured on traffic cameras.
And the NCIS agent who died?
Building's Realtor I.D.'d Reece.
Said he came in under
an assumed name.
If there was any doubt
about Reece and his family,
there's none now.
We were late on this, Rich.
Senator Pryor, ma'am.
We've got defectors
on committee.
Conviser as well.
Someone got to them?
Whoever it is, they're
trying to keep quiet.
Your new budget
turns off an awful
lot of spigots.
where does this leave us?
We have zero margin as is.
If you lose a single vote,
your cuts are D.O.A.
Markups, at the very least.
Is there a world
where we push a CR
and then fiddle-fuck when it
comes back from the House?
James Reece was a good man.
He gave most of
his adult life to us,
and he came back compromised.
We won't find a
resolution in the margins.
We need a change,
not a reconciliation deal.
We need
I want the hearing televised.
Ma'am, it's a
closed-door committee.
Then we will open it
up for the final vote.
Let's get these senators
on record making the case
that special interests
are more important
than special operators.
I would like to see
them make that case.
- Amén.
- Amén.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Marco, Paola, gracias.
You really outdid
yourselves with this one.
And tomorrow we have barbacoa.
When you have a shooter
like Reece on the ranch,
you put him to work.
You don't need
me to shoot a ram.
My old man used to
tell me he learned more
about judging
distances from Marco
than he did any sniper school.
Tomás was always too
generous with his praise.
Ha! I'm not sure we're talking
about the same Tom Reece.
You know, doesn't matter
how many times I-I come here,
I seem to always forget
just how beautiful it is.
My gosh.
Last time I was here was
my anniversary, I think.
I remember the girls
caught that big jar of fireflies
down by the trees.
The hacienda is, uh,
sacred to us.
A sanctuary away
from the chaos outside.
Pásame el aguachile, ¿sí?
Mr. Reece,
I told my mom I wanted
to go to the funeral.
I didn't know Lucy was sick,
or I would have
sent her a letter.
She'd have loved
that, sweetheart.
She'd have loved that very much.
James, I I'm sorry.
To the host.
You provide the drink
and the land that
provides the food.
Por la familia.
Por la familia.
Salud, mi amor.
So, here's the question.
What do I have to do to
poach you from Paul's ranch?
When it comes
to taste in bosses,
the quality I value
most is absenteeism.
Oh, wow, they're so beautiful.
Aren't they?
Come on, show it to Daddy.
No business craving
as much as I do.
But besides that, you
got 'em beat, hands down.
So it's done.
Hey, oh, I can help clean up.
I was just, uh, I was
trying to catch the sunset.
How much trouble are you in?
I'm not. Brian, come on.
I saw your research upstairs.
It's a story, that's all.
I just need a couple days.
Thought you might want a drink.
You always were a mind reader.
- Salud.
- Salud.
Ben called.
He traced a payment
from your man's phone
to a bank in Ensenada.
My men are looking into it.
I keep asking myself
what is his purpose?
What is his plan?
What vision could he
possibly have for you
to do this?
I think of the story of Job
and I wonder if perhaps
this is some kind of
bet with the devil
to see if they can break you.
They never broke Job.
But they're getting pretty
damn close with me.
Lucy, come back here!
I figured you'd have
business in mescal.
I mean, once you
got that account,
it was just a matter of time.
- James.
- Hola, sunshine.
Wow. You just go right
ahead and kick the shit out
of yourself last night?
- Man, when'd you get in?
- Thirty minutes ago.
Got two days' clearance.
What, you think I'm
gonna let you just
finish this guy off on your own?
Marco was just filling us in.
Es verdad.
The leader of my
security team believes
he's found Lauren
and Lucy's killer.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Uh, you mind if I
borrow your car?
I want to make a coffee run.
Oh, I'll do it. Brian and
Teddy are down by the beach.
- You should go join them.
- No. It's your vacation.
Just tell me what
you want. My treat.
We'll take two flat whites.
- Keys are by the front door.
- Thanks.
Katie Buranek?
I read up on you, Ms. Buranek.
Portland, Kenosha,
Hubei province.
You have a history of
getting in over your head.
Well, it's the best way to
see beneath the surface.
That's cute.
Where's James Reece?
I don't know.
- I don't believe you.
- Okay.
Based on your work up there,
you seem like a smart person.
So why make yourself
an accessory to murder?
What I witnessed wasn't
murder. It was self-defense.
I'm not talking
about Los Angeles.
James Reece
didn't kill his family.
Why don't you
talk to Saul Agnon?
Ask him how Capstone
Industries gave
an entire platoon of
Navy SEALs brain tumors.
That's the real story.
I'd love to talk to
Saul Agnon, I would.
But he's dead.
I made some calls.
Agnon suffered an
overdose in Santa Barbara
a day after you and
Reece were in L.A.
Found him with a
needle in his arm.
No history of opioid use.
That's curious, don't you think?
And NCIS Agent Josh Holder?
He ate a bullet from
someone else's gun
the night before
Reece went on the run.
So, you know, it's
it's also unusual.
Look, you got a scoop. I get it.
But I don't think you want
to see anyone else dead.
And I'm sure you don't want
to get hit with a felony charge.
I I don't know
where he is, I don't.
if I find out, I
will let you know.
There you go, Ms. Buranek.
Enjoy your family time.
Can I help you?
What's all this?
Let's talk.
You familiar with the
Battle of Messines?
- No.
- World War I.
Brits and the Germans
reach a stalemate at Flanders.
There's this General
Plumer on the English side.
Super patient guy.
He spends five months
building 8,000 meters
of tunnels under
the enemy position.
Packs 'em with 600
pounds of explosives,
and one day
Blast kills 10,000
Germans. Stalemate over.
Fucking Boche didn't
even know what hit him.
Well, that's fascinating.
What the hell are
we doing, Steve?
I've worked really hard
to get under enemy lines.
- You have.
- Look, we both know,
within a year, Hartley's
gonna be out to pasture.
No one's gonna miss her.
So right now you need to decide
if you want to
be a little red link
on her Wikipedia page
or the heir apparent.
Our deal was for information.
That's right.
And I'm changing the deal
to protect my investment.
You understand?
This new budget
threatens my business.
- The votes are locked.
- Not Pryor.
Pryor. Pryor is the one calling
for this type of dwell reform.
I'm not asking you to turn him.
Just get him to me.
This is gonna be really
good for you, Richard.
You just don't know it yet.
Navajas and his gang
contract to multiple cartels.
He's violent, ambitious.
He'll kill anyone
for the right price.
We're sure that he's the one?
According to our
sources, three weeks ago,
Navajas and a lieutenant
left their compound.
Only Navajas returned.
Carrying a wound
to his left forearm.
It's him.
Navajas and his men
train young sicarios
in an old factory
outside of Ensenada.
- How many?
- Sometimes 12, sometimes more.
That's not counting the boys he
trains. There's a storm coming.
It should provide us
the cover we need.
The hills here offer a
view from 200 meters.
You stalk. You wait.
It's maybe one of the
easier shots you'll ever take.
No. A shot's no good.
It's a clear line of sight.
Aarón is former
Fuerzas Especiales.
His tactics are sound.
I-I don't question
your tactics, Aarón,
it's not a tactical issue.
We need to go in,
make contact, hit 'em head-on.
That's the only way this works.
Hey, can I talk to you a second?
Listen, I fucking get it.
I want to bleed this
motherfucker out
just as much as you do.
But this guy
he does not lead us to
the big picture, brother.
Steve Horn does.
Take the fucking
shot. Head north.
When he came for
them, Lauren put her body
over Lucy to shield
her. I ever tell you that?
So, Lucy's last moments were
her mom screaming and crying,
covering her as Navajas
looked down on them.
I want him to know
who's come for him.
It doesn't work any other way.
Okay. Let's go.
We can't ask your men
to put their lives at risk.
We got this. Me and Ben.
This is a chance to wipe
this entire evil off the map.
It's the right thing to do.
We'll be doing
the world a favor.
All right.
We use high
ground for overwatch.
North and south.
No, no, it's okay.
The others approach on foot.
It's nothing. I'm good.
Based on your timeline,
it appears the
tumor is fast-growing.
If it's a glioblastoma,
that's bad news. Also rare.
I won't be certain without
Without a biopsy. I know.
There are excellent
surgeons in Mexico City.
With the right plan,
six to nine months,
you can have your life back.
What are my other options?
Suffering. Death, I suppose.
What about something
to control the symptoms?
Corticosteroids will
reduce the swelling.
Propranolol, topiramate,
they can help with the
tremors and the migraines.
But drugs won't save you.
You should've told us, Reece.
- He couldn't have known.
- Bullshit.
Ask him.
Look, brother, what
you do with your body,
that's your business.
I can't blame you
for playing it close.
I get it. Who the
fuck am I to judge?
I just have one question.
Can you operate?
Aarón and his men can
finish the job, James.
They'll bring Navajas
home in pieces if you ask it.
What would you do
if it were Paola and Antonia?
Wouldn't you want to
look him in the eyes?
I have nothing.
Nothing left to lose but this.
He took everything from me.
All right.
I'll let Aarón know.
I don't know how
you're still standing.
If it was me, I would
be down a dark hole.
There are people that
deserve that hole more than me.
You know, uh, you, Lauren, Lucy,
you're family to us.
Well, after tomorrow,
if you survive,
please don't come back.
You're happy to die
for her vengeance,
but you should have never
brought your friends into this.
Hey, Manuel, Gerardo.
You have four sicarios
heading to the kill box.
Forty feet.
Twenty feet.
Ten feet.
Ready. Move.
Crash it.
Wall! Wall!
Give me suppressing fire
on building two now!
Check him. Is that our man?
- Reloading.
- No.
- How much time you need?
- Ten seconds.
- Ready.
- Moving.
¡Voy a matar! ¡Voy a matar!
¡No, cálmate, cálmate!
¿Donde está El Navajas?
No sé.
I have the children. Go.
Vámonos, niños, vámonos.
That's Navajas. He's
mine. Contain him.
Blue pickup, light it up!
- Move it.
- Moving.
My foot.
Bro, you good?
Fuck yeah! Clean hit! Move!
Fuck you!
Put it down. Put it down!
You know who I am?
Fuck you, navy man.
Is she gonna be okay, Daddy?
I'm sorry, Bri.
I am.
I really didn't think you
guys would be here.
I didn't know
they would be here.
You know, when you
were 17, Mom said to me,
"Don't give her
any of your energy.
She'll just suck you dry."
I promised myself
a long time ago
that I'd be done
worrying about you.
Yeah, well, you also promised me
you wouldn't marry a blonde,
so I guess we're just, you
know, disappointing each other.
Yeah, we're gonna
head back tonight,
but if you want
to stay, you can.
I don't deserve you.
I know.
You're such a dick.
You are.
But I love you.
This looks amazing.
Oh, my God.
Nubellum Pharmaceuticals.
Steve Horn bought a
controlling share six years ago,
shifted the entire slate
into military nootropics.
Major DoD contractor.
Their meds are issued to
all six branches. Best part?
Rumor is, Nubellum's days
away from being acquired
outright for $70+ billion.
- Thanks.
- Thank me with 10,000 words.
Everything good?
Oh, that was a telemarketer.
Hey, you guys want
some more margaritas?
I'm good, thanks.
- I'll take one. Yeah.
- All right.
- Thanks.
- I'll be back.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Guess you were right.
I'm always right, Junior.
Hey, Mac.
Yep, she's on the move.
Reecer, this is everything
I could find on Steve Horn.
I want to know exactly
what he did to you.
- You sure you can't come?
- I wish, brother, but my S.O.
is already asking me questions
about my "irregular work hours."
Well, I would've fired
your ass years ago.
But seriously, keep an eye
on this guy's six up there.
I'll be back.
There's some spending
money on the plane.
My contribution to the hunt.
Marco, you've already
done plenty. Thank you.
She did her best hunting
right here on this ranch.
I think this is
where she belongs.
This was your father's.
I can't accept.
How about you hold
onto her till I'm back?
- Paola.
- James.
- Take care of them.
- You bet.
Que dios te acompañe, mijo.
A ti también, tío.
There you go. One more.
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