The Terminal List (2022) s01e05 Episode Script


Southeast corner of courtyard,
next to Building 16.
We have reports of
a downed helicopter.
This is Warrant
Officer Liz Riley.
I'm fucking pinned
down. I need QRF now.
Hammerhead, we are moving
north to downed Kiowa. ETA?
- Pretty fucking soon, brother.
- Less than two mikes out.
Requesting fast
mover and support.
Negative, Commander.
Do not attempt a rescue.
The crash site is
overrun with hajis.
Yeah, no shit.
I got to fucking shit so bad.
I told you to stay away from
the street-side kebabs, Donny.
- Come on.
- Return to base.
Rangers and QRF are
inbound. ETA 20 minutes.
- Fuck.
- Do you copy?
She don't have 20 minutes.
Commander, do you copy?
Signal interrupt.
- Oh, Commander.
- Proceeding to crash site.
Cox is gonna
have your balls, sir.
Oh, fucking tell him to get
in line. Donny, clamp it up.
- Do not shit in this car.
- I am clenching. I am clenching.
Move in!
- Move, boss.
- I'm with you. I'm with you.
Friendlies! Friendlies!
Friendlies! Friendlies!
Friendlies! Friendlies!
Move up! Move up!
- Fuckers!
- Frogman coming through!
Friendlies! Friendlies!
Contact on my right!
- I've got your six, boss.
- Hey. Talk to me.
Riley, how you doing?
Seen better.
That a hint of Southern Belle?
Fort Rucker, Alabama.
You leaking?
My back's busted.
Okay, look at me. You
a War Eagle, Riley?
Fuck you. Roll Tide.
Okay. Roll Tide.
What do you say we
get you home, huh?
Is she gonna be okay, Daddy?
We've been all around the block
on this one, but I think
we got to the right place.
Well, I've been wanting to
do business for a long time,
so I'm glad we could
figure something out.
- You, uh, on a plane tonight?
- Tonight.
Okay. Well, I won't take
up more of your time.
- Great to see you.
- Yeah, you, too.
You sure you don't need
a ride, Senator Pryor?
No. My driver's downstairs.
Next time, cigars on me.
You bet. We'll be in touch.
Mike, thanks for waiting.
- It's good to see you.
- You, too.
Even without Pryor, it's
That's not decisive. There's
still a vote on the full floor.
- Listen.
- Lorraine Hartley won't just roll over.
Listen, Mike.
That is the sound of the world
realizing that Nubellum is still
the hottest fucking military
contract on the market.
I did that, okay? And any
minute, one of the those calls
is gonna be Elias Ryberg,
and he's gonna tell Kurt
that he's reconsidered.
I'll sell it to you.
I'll sell you RD-4895
The patent, the research.
It's yours.
Then you flip it
to Plano a la carte.
We part ways, everybody wins.
You get what you want.
I keep my company.
Yeah. I don't think
the board goes for that.
Well, I'll give you a good deal.
We both know that's
what this is about.
Mike, we're selling the
company. The whole company.
Okay? That's the plan.
And the alternative, well,
I like Nubellum with
you at the helm, I do.
Plano doesn't require it.
Damn, Lizard, it's almost 8:00.
I hate morning people.
Even when they
cook you breakfast?
We heading back out
to the house today?
I don't think so.
I think Horn's
estate's a dead end.
It's a hardened site.
It's crawling with Talos.
No easy way to grab him.
I think we need to focus
our efforts on Capstone.
Might actually have a
shot to take Horn alive.
Reece, that's smack
dab in the middle
of the financial district.
You think that'll be easier?
One way to find out.
I think we got us
some party crashers.
Oh, yeah, I see 'em.
This way, please.
I read somewhere that
Gwyneth Paltrow drinks
a $250 smoothie every day.
You fucking believe that?
Maca, ashwagandha
and fucking moondust.
Thanks, Eddie.
I tend to think that, uh, to
maximize one's potential,
you should feed the body,
not the ego, you know?
- Steve Horn. How are you?
- Pleasure.
Special Agent Tony Layun.
This is MacKenzie Wilson
with the U.S. Marshals Service.
We were hoping we
could talk to you about
one of your Talos
Security detail.
Adrian Gordonis.
Oh, yeah, when I
heard Gordo got shot,
I figured someone
would come around.
What was his assignment in L.A.?
No idea. He was off the clock.
Well, the guy works for you.
You didn't know
what he was doing?
Well, lot of Talos operators
work for me, but, uh,
they're called independent
contractors for a reason.
I notice you got quite the
show of force out there.
Is that SOP, or you worried
someone's coming after you?
Well, Capstone generates a
tremendous amount of wealth
and a commensurate
level of animosity.
We have a significant
stake in the growing
African telecom industry, so
Boko Haram and Al-Shabab
have their feelings about that.
There's interest
in Latin America.
- Big man, big problems, right?
- Mm.
Well, you don't get
an office like this
without pissing a
few people off, right?
Did you piss off James Reece?
I'm not familiar with the name.
Well, your boy
certainly knew him.
Gordo was the
first to open fire.
We suspect James
Reece is also responsible
for the death of
your VP, Saul Agnon.
I was told Saul died
of a drug overdose.
Should I be worried
about this James Reece?
Stop pretending you
don't know the man.
According to your tattoos, you
and Reece were in the same unit.
Bone Frog. That's the way
SEALs honor their fallen.
So, either Mr. Horn
here was a frogman,
or he could be full of shit.
Mac's former Army.
Three deployments.
She doesn't care too much
for insincerity. Do you, Mac?
- No, sir.
- Well, I grew up in the shadow
of Fort Bragg, Ms. Wilson.
Most of my friends,
my family all served.
SAT scores sent me
down a different path,
but I've always had a level
of respect for the culture.
My tattoos signify
remembrance, admiration.
You're used to getting
what you want, huh?
A lifetime of success, that's
the only thing you know.
James Reece is used to
hunting and killing his prey.
That's what he knows.
Well, I'm glad I have
you guys on the case.
Listen, I have
meetings, and, uh,
a fugitive task force,
not great optics, so
If you feel my level of
security is inadequate,
please post up on the street
and, uh, make yourselves cozy.
I'll see that my guys
don't give you any trouble.
That sounds great. Thanks.
Never let it get personal, Mac.
Personally, I think
the guy's an asshole.
It's not our job to like him.
It's our job to protect him.
I appreciate you meeting
me on such short notice.
Given the rumors, we thought
we'd nab a profile
ahead of the sale.
I imagine a cover on
The Atlantic will only
help your final deal price?
It's unlikely to hurt, yes.
You founded Nubellum making
drugs for the commercial market.
Namely, Alzheimer's pa
Dr. Tedesco studied neuroscience
at the University of California.
Berkeley. Yes. I got the bio.
I was just wondering
why. Why Alzheimer's?
I-I didn't find any
family history.
Flowers for Algernon.
Read it in undergrad,
and, uh, the thought
of losing one's
self became a bit
of a waking nightmare back then.
I suppose I imagined
I could change things.
You say "back then."
Do you think you've lost
that sense of optimism?
Not at all. Our Human
Optimization program
is the culmination of
Mr. Tedesco's life's work.
It wasn't until Capstone
came on that you shifted
to military nootropics
optimizing soldiers.
Some might say that's a
fairly cynical application
of your life's work.
Our contracts with the DOD
have made us the industry
leader in appetite suppression,
sleep aids, VO2 max agents.
Like I said, a
cynical application.
Excuse me.
Ms. Buranek,
almost everything you're
asking is available online.
Perhaps you'd love to hear
about our new expansion initiatives.
We're expanding beyond
No, I think I got
everything I need. Thanks.
Hey. Hey, what the hell?
Sorry, but I came
here to interview you,
not that pod person in there.
I read your interview
in PharmaTimes.
I felt like you had
some concerns
with the course of action
Steve Horn put you on.
I might not always see
eye to eye with Steve,
but he knows
how to drive profits.
Yeah. That's why he has you
working out of a conference room
while he decides your company's
future from the penthouse.
What's RD-4895?
How much oversight
do you maintain?
If, say, it was generating
tumors among end users?
There are no end users. RD-4895
hasn't reached human trials.
Well, what if it has?
What if it was used on
a platoon of Navy SEALs
that went to Syria two months
ago and never came back?
Would you comment on it?
I genuinely,
very genuinely,
have no idea what
you're talking about.
Memorize this. Lock it in,
and then flush it down the toilet.
When you're ready
to talk, reach out.
This is our target location.
- Horn's only point of exposure.
- I don't know.
You'd have to take out
six operators in open air
without hitting civilians,
get Horn out alive,
and lose the FBI tail?
Are you sure we
need him breathing?
He's got questions to answer.
What did he do to me
and who helped him?
How you doing, Reece?
Are you doing okay?
I'm good.
Hey, these pills
are doing their job,
if I could just
keep on schedule.
We're good.
We're gonna make it happen.
All right.
All right. Well, I'm
gonna go, uh, talk to Ron,
see if we can get a few
more days at the hangar.
I spoke with Mike
Tedesco. He's a weak link.
He doesn't even want the
sale, and I think he hates Horn.
And when I mentioned
RD-4895, he lit right up.
You think he's involved?
Well, he definitely
knows something.
What's your timeline?
It depends.
- Shit.
- What is it?
Listen, we got
two on University.
They got one on Cherokee.
I mean, how many people do
you know that use Cricket, right?
I mean, a few, but come on.
What is your point, Junior?
My point is,
no way they're selling that
many cell phones, all right?
It's a front, man,
I'm telling you.
You got way too much
time on your hands.
Yeah, I got plenty
of time on my hands.
How's it going on the reporter?
We're good,
boss. It's all quiet.
We need more
bodies out here, sir.
We got the bodies we got.
I get it, and I appreciate
everyone's patience.
We're in the right
spot. Relentless pursuit.
Our final due diligence
report indicates several
unsigned invention
assignment agreements.
Where do we stand on that?
We'll make them available
in the VDR by tonight.
Thank you.
I appreciate your effort in
expediting the process, Mike.
However, we must reopen
the question of valuation.
The fundamentals have changed.
Since we made the offer,
your contract with the Pentagon
came under significant threat.
Our contract held.
If you're concerned, maybe
we halt the deal altogether.
What's your number?
Give us the room.
You, too, Mike. Please.
You said the SEALs
shipped out two months ago?
- Yeah.
- I think I might have something useful for you.
No, no. Not over the chat.
Save it until we meet in person.
It needs to be tonight.
Okay. I'll send details.
Don't bring your smartphone.
You reach a price?
I'm sorry if I made waves today.
No harm, no foul.
We'll work it out.
These past few years,
we've pushed boundaries,
and I know that hasn't
always been painless.
But I appreciate
your faith, Mike.
There are people alive today
who wouldn't otherwise be
because of our work.
Well, you kept your promise
that we could do some good.
Thank you, Mike.
I'll see you tomorrow, Steve.
He logged into
the internal server.
Not sure what he copied,
but we think he's
talking to the press.
What's the call?
Convoy's splitting up.
Stay on Horn.
Since we've been on Horn,
have we ever seen
his convoy split up?
Not fucking once. What's up?
I'll let you know.
Attention, all passengers.
Don't forget to use your
Clipper Card for traveling.
I want to be unambiguous
about one point.
If Nubellum was
doing anything illegal,
it was outside my purview.
If you can't reconcile
that with your reporting
Mike, slow down. I trust you.
It's why I came to you. Come on.
RD-4895 is a nootropic
designed to mute the link
between the hippocampus
and the amygdala.
It lets the brain
encode memory data
without associated
combat trauma.
- Combat trauma? Like PTSD?
- Yeah. Yeah.
We started developing
RD-4895 about two years ago.
Inoculation against
PTSD was Horn's baby.
It was his it was
his white whale,
but he froze the project
after animal testing.
I didn't understand
why at the time.
But then about two months ago,
I noticed some
irregularities in our cap table.
- What's a cap table?
- Uh, capitalization table.
It's, uh, an accounting document
that itemizes shareholders
and their stakes in my company.
Uh, I don't follow. What does
this have to do with dead SEALs?
Attention, all passengers.
Only the Yellow Line
Millbrae to Antioch
Will run trains today
How much are we talking here?
Each tranche is 12, 15 million.
But Ryberg's main interest
in Nubellum is RD-4895.
Now, if you think my
drug caused tumors
in those SEALs,
publish your story tonight.
- We can scuttle the whole deal.
- It doesn't work that way.
There's review, editors.
Not to mention
time for Treasury,
- Financial Crimes Enforcement
- How long?
This is a crucial
piece. You did good.
If you could stall the deal
Attention, passengers to SFO.
San Francisco
International Airport train
will be departing
in five minutes.
Did you bring your phone?
I left it in the
car like you said.
I meant leave it at the office.
Come on. We got to go. Go!
Got to move. Move.
Come on.
They knew.
They knew we were meeting.
Hey, breathe,
breathe. There you go.
Your heart is racing. Come
here. You got to calm down.
You're gonna have to calm down.
The FBI agent, I don't
think he's a part of this.
- He could help us.
- The FBI is not the play here.
- Drink this.
- I'm not thirsty.
You're gonna go into
shock if you don't calm down.
You're a war
correspondent. Come on.
You've seen combat before.
I've never been
the one with the gun.
Okay. Well, now you have.
Talk to me. Why did
Horn come after you?
RD-4895 was an experimental drug
developed by Nubellum
Its goal was to stop
the encoding of trauma
on the brain, effectively
preventing PTSD.
It worked in rats,
it worked in dogs,
and then Horn
rushed it into humans.
And it gave us brain tumors.
If RD-4895 works,
Pharmaceuticals is one of
the most valuable
companies in the world.
If it fails, all of Horn's
investment is worth nothing.
He takes a bath to the
tune of 15, 20 billion.
That's why he's
rushing to sell right now.
Who else knew?
Two months ago,
Horn takes 100 million
out of his shares in Nubellum
and parses them out to a
bunch of shell companies.
And what else happened
two months ago?
Those shares were payoffs,
for Syria, for killing my men.
Reece, you got to
let me finish my story.
I got The Atlantic
backing this now.
That means every major news
outlet's gonna be all over this.
I need names. The people
who could profit. Who?
Well, I-I don't have
names. I have companies.
Good. Then give me
the company names.
Reece, I need time.
I can reach out to FinCEN,
uncover the shareholders.
- No, you won't.
- This whole thing's gonna fall apart.
Horn, everybody,
they're gonna be crucified.
This isn't about
your fucking story.
Reece! Come on.
There's a bus station
down this alley.
Reece, you're
not listening to me.
The men who killed
my friends and family
are not going to prison.
Get yourself cleaned up.
If you kill more
people, this story dies.
Horn, everybody else, no one's
gonna give a shit about them.
It's gonna be your
face on the news.
You want people to think
you're a fucking terrorist?
Get out of San Francisco,
or Horn is gonna kill you.
You end up on the
battlefield again, it's not on me.
I swear you time your
calls just to wake me up.
Yeah, sorry, brother.
Listen, you got
access to FinCEN?
I can get it.
I'm gonna send you a
list. It's a cap table, Ben.
Everyone in Horn's network
who profited from RD-4895.
Shell companies. Can
you get me the names?
We are going way
past side hustle here.
I make that call, people
are gonna ask questions.
Can you get me the names?
Send it.
No one uses the word
"defeat" on this one.
We'll circle the wagons
without Senator Pryor
and get a new budget
back to the House.
You know Lorraine.
She's not one to take
a hit and just stay down.
If anything, she You
know what, excuse me.
I remembered there's
something I have to take care of.
Looking for this, Richard?
Kryptex phones in the
Pentagon are normal
but only if they
run on our network.
You're welcome to a lawyer,
but they'll tell you
the same thing.
You should cooperate.
This is Agent Azad, DCIS.
He's isolated payments
from Steve Horn to an account
in your mother's name
for How long was it?
Nearly two years, ma'am.
Which is really strange
because I went to
Maggie's funeral in 2014.
What did you expect?
You were reshaping
a $700 billion budget.
That's my job, Richard.
Lorraine, you know Jessica
gutted me in the divorce.
I just wish you were
as inept for Horn
as you were for me,
you feckless fuck.
But we're gonna use
you to send a message.
You want me to play both sides.
Okay. I will.
But I will need to
talk to my lawyer.
I don't mean literally.
What we are going to do
to you will send a message.
Horn likes to play soldier.
He's got himself a war.
So, names you
suspected were on there:
Marcus Boykin, Saul Agnon
both had a piece of the company.
But you might
want to take a seat
before these next ones, man.
Listen, I had my
guy double-confirm it.
Because these names
it changes everything.
Just fucking tell me, Ben.
It was the admiral.
What do you mean?
Pillar's name was
on the cap table.
So was Howard's
and Commander Cox.
That's WARCOM.
- They pulled all the strings.
- That's ridiculous.
The admiral, your command,
killed Lauren and Lucy?
Same reason they all did.
They thought they
could get away with it.
I'm making you a
shopping list, Liz.
Chemistry equipment.
Some of it, you're
gonna I.D. on Craigslist.
I want you tell them that
you have a kid in high school
who's crazy about science.
Everything else, spread out.
Multiple shops, multiple towns.
Pay with cash, obviously.
There should be plenty
left over from Marco.
We're really gonna build a bomb?
We're gonna build a fucking EFP.
Hey, let's just slow
down for a second, okay?
Take some time to process
what's going on exactly
- Liz, I don't have time.
- Okay, but let's get Ben up here, then.
- Let's get Ben up here so we can think this through.
- Listen to me, listen to me.
When I came for you in Najaf,
okay, we didn't think.
- Don't don't you fucking do that.
- Ben
Boozer, Donny, we
knew what was right.
Now two of those men
are dead because of Horn.
Donny? Donny?
You're talking about
Donny Mitchell?
Donny wasn't even
in Najaf, Reece.
That kid was in
grade school in '07.
That was Raife Hastings.
You're right, all right?
Clearly, my memory's
a little fucked up.
That doesn't change anything.
We have the names.
We don't need to take 'em alive.
Will you listen to
me for a second?
Will you look at me? Will
you fucking look at me?
I know you're going through it.
I know you're
in the thick of it,
and I'm fucking with you, okay?
I'm with you I
want Horn dead, too
But I have no appetite
for cutting down civilians
because they picked the
wrong time for a Sunday stroll.
That is not who we're fighting.
I need to hear you
say it. Do you copy me?
I copy you.
EFPs are incredibly precise.
No civilian casualties.
We need to get it done.
Keep eyes on the eagle.
The convoy is still
parked in the nest.
So is half of San Francisco.
You've got way too many bogeys.
They'll be clear of the blast.
What if they're not?
Then I keep driving.
No go. This is on.
Anonymous tip came into every
major news network in the city.
Mike Tedesco and
two Talos operators
were gunned down
at a BART station.
Call SFPD, get units over here.
I want photos on
everyone up there,
and run tags on
all their vehicles.
- Something's up.
- Yes, sir.
- Plano dropped 18% in an hour.
- Deal's cooked, right?
- Excuse me.
- Oh. Excuse me, sir.
Mr. Horn, is it true Mike
Tedesco was murdered?
How does it affect
Plano's acquisition plans?
You've lost two associates
in a matter of weeks.
Any comment?
Look, like you all, I learned
about Mike this morning,
and, uh, I'm still quite shaken.
Mike was not only a
true friend but a visionary.
He's the very reason I
invested in Nubellum.
And as for Saul,
I'm uncertain what
I'm at liberty to say,
but I was recently notified that
former Navy SEAL James Reece
is suspected in the
death of my colleague.
Yeah. However many you can send.
And tell SWAT to be on standby.
I wish I was fucking
joking. Thanks.
PD's en route. Six minutes out.
Come on!
With me.
Now, apparently Commander
Reece had some sort of
psychotic break related
to wartime trauma.
I didn't think much
of the warning,
but now given Mike,
I, uh, certainly wish
I had given it more credence.
Put your signal on!
Hurry up!
Has law enforcement given you
any indication on
James Reece's motive?
What was his association
with Mike Tedesco?
All I can say is
that James Reece is
mentally and emotionally unwell.
It's a sad, though not
unsurprising, condition
for a war veteran.
- Freeze!
- Whoa, whoa!
- Don't move!
- I'm not. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not.
Now, please, anything else,
you'll have to ask the FBI.
James Reece didn't
kill Mike Tedesco.
- You and your men did.
- Whoa.
Talos offers security.
They're not hit
men, Ms. Buranek.
You think I wasn't aware of you?
Come on, move.
I know you tested
RD-4895 on Navy SEALs,
and I know those
tests caused tumors,
so you had them murdered.
It's all in my story.
If you try to take me out,
everyone will know the truth.
Your fucking deal's
about to fall apart.
Move, goddamn it.
I closed the deal
yesterday, Ms. Buranek.
Given what happened
with Mike, it seemed
indecent to make the
announcement today.
Drive! Drive!
Move! Move!
Get out, get out!
Perimeter up
around the principal!
Come on!
- Go, go, go! Go!
- Go.
Put this on. Put it on!
- Be fucking careful.
- Hey, listen,
you fucking fanboy,
time to nut up.
Light him up!
Time to go! Get up!
Please stop. Please.
Got him, Liz. Meet at
rendezvous point Zulu.
Reece, where are you?
What the hell happened?
Zulu, 20 minutes. Go.
Get out of the car.
- Move. Move.
- Okay. Okay.
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